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1/18/93: 9:25AM Africa into S9 135,729 still 4 batches. Start #1 at 9:40, #2 R1 at 10:15, #3 R2 at 10:45, #4 R2 at 11:15. 11:28 Search FREEZES. NOTHING works! RESET and it's NOT been kept. Have to REDO searches. 11:45 R4 for Plyriter. EDIT Plyriter to 12:45. R5 starts 202,417 char, 5 batches. 1:50 FINSIH with AFRICA. Start PLAYS #1 to R6 at 2:45, #2 R8 at 2:55, #3 R9 at 5:10, #4 P1 at 5:45, #5 P2 at 6:20. 6:45 start FUTURE NOVEL P3 set up PERFECTLY: no headings, ALL TRS paragraphs. SIMPLEST! #2 P4 at 7:25, #3 P5 to 8PM, #4 P6 to 8:30 and OFF at 8:40. 11:20PM to COMMO. FILES: AEA55U.ZIP said to be superior to Lotus 1-2-3. 394k, with READ.ME, INSTALL.EXE, in 3.8 minutes get 7 ASEASY files. COPY READ.ME PRN
PAINT DTPV20D.ZIP, 256-color paint. 355k. EST 3.4 minutes, ORIG est 4.2, IS 4.08 minutes. DTPV.EXE and DTPVINST.EXE. Should I PAY for DSZ: $20 check to Omen Technology, P.O.Box 4681, Portland OR 97208. PAY for PKUNZIP?? Again, directions to COPY DTPV.DOC PRN. to print documentation. Tried Hypertext: DIR for Hypertext.doc, HTHELP.DOC 151k; HTTUTOR.DOC 16k; HYPERTEX.DOC 102k. But these are GIBBERISH. In HTDOCS.EXE I entered PARABLE. HTREAD.EXE. HYPERTEX.EXE is a menu. Look at ASA55U.DOC at 2.6k, get ASEASY.ZIP, which I unzip to ASEASY.EXE., and ASA55U.ZIP, goes to ASEASY.MAN (along with SAMPLES.DOC) gives BOX.WKS, GRAPH.WKS, INSUME.WKS, LEASE.WKS, SOLVE.WKS, and TILE.WKS, and I don't want ANY!? To 1AM TIRED. Well, TRY "ASEASY." Confusing, off at 1:15. Mahjongg from COMMO has NO mouse! BUT it's BOARD 63039, release 3.4. WON FIRST ONE, is it EASIER?? Bed at 1:30AM.

1/19/93: 10:30 to COMMO OK. 10:40 change DENSITY and plug and to TRS for LETTERS. Pages I NEED: 1, 24, 35-38 [TAB to ENT, newspaper columns are FOUR columns], 60-61, 400, 600, 680, 919, 920, 970, 971, 972, 990, 991. NOW on TRS: ESC-1 puts X at end of EVERY LINE in file. 11:25 P7 at 23k, off at 11:30. 11:35 THEN it HITS me: ALL OLD SCRIPSV's can be copied into transfer, DELETE can ISOLATE groups of pages (Actualism 1-15 from SCRIPSV1, 16-20 from SCRIPSV2, etc) and done IN pieces---that will hopefully be IN 44K! GREAT!!
11:50 PERM copy into transfer. 11:55 could only copy 130 pages; it GREW?? PERM at 133=98%; transfer at 130-99%. 1) Indexed-book list 600-610, P8 into INDXBKLS, start 12:05. Copy PERM into COPY, REMOVE 600-610, copy into transfer. 12:40 2) VIDEOTAPES 851-859.9 and 868-870 into N1, 59k in VIDETAPE to N2. 2:10 start 3) STAMPS, pages 400-425, into N4 for 15k. 4:40 start 4) Restaurant Chronicle into N6, RESTCHRN, 91k, three batches, into N7 and N8 b7 7PM, then 5) Booklist 751-771, to N9 28k.

1/24/93: 1:20AM onto COMMO. 31362/3 1/19 Ed Talenti is OK for Teresa's. 31395-6 Patrick Eckman on Bouley. 31643 respond on Bouley. 31645 ORDERED reinker. 2:30AM AQUA1031.ZIP AQUARIUM 106k, AQUA.EXE, right and left arrows change fish directions. it's TACKY. SHOME331.ZIP screen saver. $10. 173k, SHOMESAV.EXE program, SHOCFIG.EXE util. 1/23/93: Public beta of IBM's OS/2 of sys ver 2.1 build 6.479, 30 megabytes, "OS/too heavy." DOZENS of files. Rolf, next day, pans it, saying WINDOWS-NT is coming which will become standard. Off 3:05AM!

1/25/93: 11:45PM on COMMO. 1AM 3-DEMON.DOC, "C" color, mazes, couldn't get into it. 1:17 CASTAWAY, or SAMERICA to 1:25. CRYPTOLO is WORDS. CYCLOPS says to call "The Guide" BBS, 718-336-5084, say "Sir Jonathan sent me." EGAVGA.PB at 1:55 can't exit. RESET, and at 2AM GLIFE is FABULOUS. Play to 2:20. LOYD game. 2:30 can't exit STARTURK, so I shut machine OFF.

1/26/93: 9PM on COMMO. Harvey Fishman says OK to Teresa's. 9:15 download EGATRK30.ZIP, 117k for $15. Try it for about an hour, doesn't quite grab me. Patrick Eckman says Jerry Kretchmer of Gotham opened Duane Park. Another message says that MITSUMI CD-ROM is OK for $199. 12:30AM, search for GAME! WILLY.ZIP has been replaced? 1) LIFEGAME.ZIP, evaluating health risks, 55k, 12:50, I get to 80.34 years by 12:58, no keep. 2) 3-DEMON.ZIP, pacman in 3-D. 3) BEYOND12.ZIP is Tetris-like. 4) BRAIN/ZIP "travel thru brain" 5) CASTAWAY.ZIP Adventure. 6) CRYPTOLO.ZIP Cryptologic Scrabble. 7) CYCLOPS.ZIP Pinball, actually CUTE, but too random. 8) EGAVGAPB.ZIP, or was THIS the cute pinball? 9) ESCAPENY.ZIP NY adventure. 10) GLIFE12.ZIP Life, execute GLIFE. 11) LOOPER.ZIP pinball. 12) LOYD.ZIP "like opening screen" 13) STARTURK.ZIP Star Trek spoof.

1/28/93: 3:40 on COMMO. 31867 to Eckman: to Duane Park tonight. RJ Kulman ribbons are $9 each, re-inkers are MESSY. "I'll let you know. 4:05 SOLWIN2.ZIP at 11k is solitaire. SOLWIN.EXE and SOLWIN.HLP. GOLF is FUN. Off at 5:45PM

1/29/93: 10:35AM on COMMO. 11:30 WIN doesn't WORK again! 11:32 WIN from COMMO doesn't work except for HOURGLASS. 1-202-456-1111 (between 9-5) for White House comments. Rolf says I should research SMARTDRV in DOS manual. New windows added CONFIG.SYS /DOUBLE.BUFFER and STACKS 9,256. Other confused notes, but at 11PM windows WORKS and I get to bed at 2:25AM after MINESWEEPER.

2/1/93: 10:55 to COMMO, 1483 on Bouley. Off at 12.

2/2/93: 10:15 RECHECK and make SAVE TRS 6 and DELETE 1) FUTURNOV and 2) LETTERS, 2 screens! 10:45 (and breakfast at 11:30) 3) Plays, down to 1 2/3 screens. 12:35 look to FINISH with PERM. Finish BOOKLIST at 4:30 and have lunch. BB=57k. Start 600 baud at 5:15, and the WORDS LOOK OK! Stop 5:27.

2/3/93: 11:10 to WP, at 12:10 try 1200 baud. "*(Break char/seq recorded)" and VERY SLOW!! Is 600 max?? SECOND 1200 baud try OK! But STILL no PERM!! 11:50, was COMMO.PER!! 1PM "Please wait" and screen going CRAZY, and keys FROZEN. "PAUSE" gives blinking cursor, but ANY from there REPLAYS frozen screen. 1:05 RESET, 2PM FINISH PERM, down to ONE SCREEN. 2:15 Make "DD" for copy of SCRIPSVB of 405k in 9 passes. 1200 working 2:37-2:43: SIX minutes. COMMO/DD THRU TEMP into DREAMS. 70,000 words. Spelling check thru page 288. DD2 down to 316k, to DD9 at 8PM.

2/4/93: 9:20AM to 12:15, editing.

2/8/93: 4:40PM on COMMO. NOT WORK at 1200! Ted Young away till 2/14. Go through all by 5:25. 5:30 try 2400. MOVIE IS one file, how to get first 44k off? How to RECONVERT to SCRIPSIT?? Done to page 22 by 7:20.

2/9/93: IDEA! Put * before CR in TRS 200 pages, and in WP REPLACE * with CR! Try 4800. 12:00 put CAP ESC/2 for # before each line. STOPS at page BOTTOM! REPAGE to 83. But "no more lines" for F1., so repage to 82. Note corrections to some film titles. 1:20 finish "insert #" MM1 to MOV1, to page 71, in just 90 seconds. MMs to MOV2 by 2:05, FAST. Try 9600?? THAT takes 45 seconds, STILL less than the 25 seconds INTERNAL transfer time, so it SEEMS safe, and none of the characters seem to be lost (despite Tzippy's insistence that it's dangerous and I MUST advertise for an 8" diskette drive in Computer Shopper).

2/12/93: 3:30 in MACREX, go to PRINT. "Reading Printing Subprogram" for a LONG time with turbo light ON, then FREEZES, with cursor blinking! Hit ESC, nothing. Hit ENT, nothing. NOTHING works. Reset. Try AGAIN, AGAIN turbo light on, then off, then flickers, then freezes. 3:40 reset again, how to GO?? Try M and S and all that is OK. Try with HT index. NO DAMN GOOD! 3:55 try turning machine OFF. 3:56 and MACREX line is busy. WHY does only MX, read in MX HTA?? Drive A HAS HTA.MBK. Find ZPRINT.EXE. 589 files: too many?? 7 megabytes? Try ZPRINT from MACREX-5 and freezes. Finally get through to MACREX and she suggests, from 5.2 diskette, COPY B: ZPRINT.EXE, and ZPRINT should be 163794 char. And it WORKS! Phone her back (which she appreciates), and she's glad.

2/13/93: DD: "disk full" on ONE 416k file? Must want to keep BOTH at once!

2/14/93: 8:57 onto COMMO. Download PKZ204G.EXE for compressing files. Note that MAS has 2.8 gigabyte capacity. 2/13/93 file of COMMO 5.41 is COMMO541.ZIP which I may need. Download HOSTIL11.ZIP, strategy game, and PKUNZIP can't handle it, so I expand PKZ204G, which gives NEW PKUNZIP, which I use and get HOSTILE, with MANUAL.DOC and READ.BAT. 10:30 it's STUPID: I can't DO it.

2/18/93: 11:40AM: SCRIPSVB didn't HAVE Met Operas, Now Voyager list, or others! is SCRIPSVA the "missing pages"? COPY to EE, TRY 9600 and it WORKS in 45 seconds! So it's ABOUT 1 second/k. 42 seconds to "G"et it, 55 seconds to "X" transfer it, but the COPY only goes 48k in 85 seconds, 35k is 60 seconds, so the COPY is the slowest factor. Transfer EE1 through EE9.

2/19/93: 1) "Retrieve" sequentially LISTS contents of FILES for "deletion"!
2) FINALLY get an "expert"-level Minesweeper done in 11 minutes. NONE SINCE!

2/21/93: COMMO starts GREAT Yo-yo cats bis [susurration] and Cat Centricities!

2/22/93: 12:20 onto COMMO. FREEZES on "Enter first name." ALT-X, try AGAIN, and "busy" at 12:25. Start message 1732, last on 2/14! To 2185. MY messages 1196 about "Spring Gathering," and 1218: Ed Talenti OK, Harvey Fishman OK. At 1:05 I start Mahjongg to 1:55.

2/23/93: 10:10AM: COMMO: NO responses yet, NEW messages and files, and OFF at 10:30 to finish printing movie-list and catch up with Dreams, Actualism, and Notebook! 10:35PM onto COMMO. 2206 Jan Werner has a SOFTEACH conflict. 10:42 to Mahjongg won at 10:59. Onto Minesweeper and off at 11:27.

2/24/93: 10:27 onto COMMO. Matt Kahn coming. My 2237 OK, my 2242: TRS-IBM up to 9600.

2/25/93: 3:08 onto COMMO. BW100-93.ZIP for "best BIF(?)" to 3:28. Win the FIRST Mahjongg that I try by 3:36. Play Minesweeper to Tzippy's call at 6:45. RJ Coleman is a technie who'd help me, as is Harvey Fishman. She talks to 7:30, recommending OPTUNE for BASIC maintenance, defragmenting. DPMI now standardizes multi-tasking and CD-ROM files. Get a message from David Weinstein that Tzippy says is a joke about "super-scripsit" and "NEWDOS," but he responds AS IF it were serious, so who knows? 2294 my response to his 2277.

2/27/93: 1AM onto COMMO. My 2356 thanks Tzippy, and 2357 David Weinstein talks about ANTICS, which I go to. Off at 1:15 to Mahjongg; win game 389 at 1:45AM!

2/28/93: 10:35PM onto COMMO. HOMEBIZ.ZIP to read. Off at 11:14. Win Mahjongg game 394 at 11:44PM.

3/2/93: COMMO manual on Translate Table. OD (13 decimal) is CR on TRS. 10:47 to COMMO. 2480 Leslie Hersh is coming. 11:27 inflate HOMEBIZ.TXT. Get "Syntax Error: IF(0 > 39" like lots of others and off at 12. Back on at 12:45, get LIFEF file to line 7.33 page 9. At 1:32 an AHA: Global B[TAB] replaced by global [ENT]B[TAB]! Mahjongg game 398: 2 E's UNDER H3. Minesweeper 11PM to 2AM, THEN win Mahjongg game 398 at 3AM.

3/3/93: 11AM: Restore LIFELAST to TRS, and it's 1) one file each year, 2) NO tabs, 3) some HUGE blanks at ends of movies. 1977 to LLF, and at 11:30 I try putting LLG at END of screen, and it WORKS! So I don't have to exit COMMO each batch and do TEXT IN and then RETRIEVE and home-home-down for NEXT transfer, just LET IT SIT, and it RECEIVES when I hit the next TRS "X"!! TIME SAVING! Transfer 1971 to LLL through 1984 to LLT from 11:55 to 12:17! Then to CURRSYS/SCR for 1963 through pre-1959. SAVE LIFEMORE on TRS-8, which is then full. Reduce blanks by doing 25b to ENT, then 12b to ENT, then 6, 3, 2, and 1. Then at 2:06 get *Please wait* and it FREEZES. NO keys work. Print screen does! Other keys only CLICK. Bible p.20 CTL-ALT-DEL works for soft reset, but it goes into BIOS (I guess I clicked the DEL key one more time). At 2:15 LIFEBAK renamed from saved WP51 file, and it HAS the blanks still, so I do it MORE scientifically with 31, 15, 7, 3, 2, and 1 blanks to delete. To 2:24. Save LIFEMORE 153 pages to TRS-11. Start WP SORT with type, and find that the date field (2) has THREE words, one for year, one for month, one for day, so I use THAT. Then alphabetize by TYPE and ALPHA by doing 1, 3(1), and date. 4PM to COMMO. 4:27 to Mahjongg till 6:50!

3/4/93: 10:15AM onto COMMO. 10:35 onto Minesweeper until 12:15! KEEP TRACK!!!

3/5/93: 9:45AM onto COMMO. "Please enter your first name" ON "single number dialer" BEFORE ring??? NO keys work, then "Time expired, did you enter your name correctly?" ESC, ESC gives "Please enter your first name" on BLACK, and at 9:50 it GOES. 10:10 after "(click)" 3 (?) To LIFEBAKT, 153 pages, and list the YEARS there. Find some items that have to be corrected. At 10:30 fix LIFE to add to LIFEBAKT, and SAVE OK COPY on TRS-9. I'm missing 1978-1983, which is on LIFELAST. Transfer LIFELAST 11:55 to 12:44 (breaking for breakfast). 1:15 to LIFELISN for 91-12-16 to 92-01-09. 1:30 to LIFELIST-ADD. LIFEG to 4/5/92 to 3PM. Update LIFELIST to DATE by 10:40, and ALL files have 982k! Sort into LIFEBYTP at 11PM, by 1,1; 2,1, 2,2, 2,3; 3,1. Save to 5.25 diskette. Movies from page 88-213 (126 pages). 11:20 do LIFEBYNM, by 1,1; 3,1, 3,2, 3,3; 2,1, 2,2, 2,3. 11:25PM it's 55 seconds to "examine," 125 seconds to sort, and 40 seconds to transfer sorted records. I'd tried putting in [-], but that messed up sorts, so I took them out again.

3/6/93: 10:25AM decide to make LIFELIST into multi-subdocuments with table of contents, but don't follow it through. 1:15PM again *please wait* freezes. It seems to happen when I'm doing a LONG search-and-replace and it tried to SAVE! GOT to make files SMALLER! When I restart I have NO idea which corrections had been SAVED, but I find it was THROUGH "China Seas." ALL corrections now IN LIFEBYNM.

3/7/93: 11:35 onto COMMO. First BUSY! Goes through 17 tries before I get through. 2857 AWFUL response by me, drunk from Potbelly Stove, which I confess in message 2858. 2859 lovely Cat Centricities. 2860 to Mark Mernyk about Uncle Edward and WWI AF maps, to which he responds later for me to TRY him. I win Mahjongg by 1:12AM and try Minesweeper to 1:40AM before quitting.

3/8/93: 11:52 onto COMMO. 12:30 to Mahjongg, which I win at 1:35.

3/9/93: 10:45 onto COMMO. 11:03 download HERBBOOK.ZIP, Execute HERBS. 11:15 to Mahjongg, and end at 12 with NO win.

3/10/93: Start saving screen prints on WWII maps, quoting parts of messages, GIFs and how to view them, Buckaroo Banzai the Novel.

3/11/93: 10:10AM onto COMMO. My 3082 reply to Eckman's 3001 GIF. Mike Haney in West Virginia! "Fantasy Archives" to Jim Volin. Off at 11:15AM. 9:45PM to Minesweeper. 12:55 to Mahjongg, win by 1:25AM. Onto COMMO. Ye-Gods, I say "members has." Off at 1:34, noting ECKMAN is MEMBER has!

3/12/93: 11:07AM to COMMO. Tried TEN times and "No carrier." ESC and try seven MORE times and BOTH freeze at "Delay until next attempt :1" 11:17 re-enter COMMO and NO dialing works. 11:19 re-enter COMMO and this THIRD time works! 11:30 to Mahjongg and win by 11:43AM. Then catch up with COMPCHRO to 1PM, NOW, and I'm STARTING to feel vaguely up-to-date, yet I remind myself that I STILL have the COMMO update to do, maybe try more of the WINDOWS orientation, still have lots of WP to learn, still all the SCRIPSIT files to transfer, as well as GAIN and INDEXING HANDBOOK, not to mention little odds and ends like the MEDICAL lists, which I think I don't have yet, and I still have a little stack of four index-cards with which to update THOSE lists. And my "SAVE" file is growing larger, I'm running out of metal files in which I'm mentally filing all the stuff I need to save from computers and to get the COMPUTER/INDEXING stack off the floor at last, not to mention the TRS stuff filed on bookshelves and the magazines sorted through and saved or discarded. At least restarting the Actualism meditations has helped my FRAME OF MIND to accept that this computer stuff will take a LOT of time to finish, and yet again I'm at the point of finishing DOWN TO THE BOTTOM of the page; things back to "normal"??

3/13/93: "Coming to Teresa's" list, 80 Montague: 797-3996; started with 1) BZ, 2) Ed Talenti (he and his wife MAKE pizza), 3) Harvey Fishman, 4) Matt Kahn, 5) Leslie Hersh says OK 3/2, 6) David Weinstein says MAY 3/3, 7) Patrick Eckman may come later he says 3/4, and 8) Larry Seltzer, an opera singer, who may come after performance with Amato Opera Sunday.

3/13/93: 3:10AM to Commo, 3:30 to Mahjongg, 4:30 off. 6:18PM to Commo, my #3233, listing eight, with snow saying BOTH Sunday AND another. Larry Seltzer has a GIRL friend. ACALC1 for Planetary locations, download at 6:42. No pictures. 6:48 to WIN and Mines, 8:10 to Mahj, win at 9:40. 12 to Commo, WIN Mahj at 12:20, Mines to 2:40!

3/14/93: 10:30 to Commo; David Weinstein says no, Matt says no, Harvey says no, at 10:40AM we're at MOST 3: me, Ed Talenti, Patrick late. 11:25AM onto Commo, off at 11:27. 3:45 Larry MAKES it 5:15-5:30. Lewis Offsink stuck in Rockaway, I'm off at 3:53 to go to Teresa's. Larry Seltzer over 7-12:20, and I Mines 12:25-2:25AM. He loads PCPLUS2.ZIP, ROGUE1.ZIP, DRACULA.ZIP, EGATREK.ZIP, and ORGY1.ZIP. Plays with other bulletin boards, which seem rather silly. He notes: in PCPLUS2, after Alt-P, type Alt-N for N81 and Alt-E for E71; I have to add "and 5) for 9600." DIR: PCPLUS2, then PCPLUS, then enter: now in terminal mode. K in protocol adds linefeed to ASCII protocol options, which must be entered with (A). DELIGHTED to see a data transfer from the TRS WITH LINEFEEDS!

3/15/93: Mines at 10:45AM, reducing number left, till I'm down to 27, 17 (goof), 17 (random error), 24 (random), and finally WIN at 557 seconds!! On 2/19 I'd won in "eleven minutes," probably around 660. Get down to 3 and goof, 31 random, 47 random, 37 random, 45 random, 48 goof, 21 random, 49 random, 4 random, 22 random, 37 random, then win another (#3) in 467! #4 in 541. #5 in 566! #6 in 484, #7 in 572 at 10:40PM (almost twelve hours, taking time out to eat), finally #8 in 505 at 12:30AM, over 13 hours!! Hope it's OUT of my system!

3/17/93: Onto commo with re-inker response at 12:10, off at 12:40.

3/19/93: Onto commo 1:27, #3606 about John Vinton, ICHING.ZIP at 116k DL at 2:15. #ICHING.EXE. 2:28 start reading document, off at 2:40 to Mahj, win at 5:45, to Mines; at 9:27 I win at 543!

3/21/93: 6:30 onto commo, 6:37 DL AQUAMAN per Eckman and 7-year-old son, 7:20 to Mines, 7:55 win Mahj. To my #3600 Larry responded "Heh heh" and to my #3605 "It happens all at once," so I have to CHECK BACK, and 3600 was my "Grrrreat" and 3605 was my "contortionist" remark. 3753 they want to play CDs or cassettes. I'm back to PCPLUS and forget protocol! Try XMODEM, and get raw ASCII with NOTES, not linefeeds. Try ASCII and it GOES. 1:32AM work till 2AM bed.

3/22/93: 2:50PM copy format for INDEXES. WIN can't follow GAMES! Commo at 3:15 and at 3:35 transfer INDEX01 OK, 69 pages; at 4:30 start INDEX02 in six batches for 62 pages, then INDEX03 to 5:15, stopping for lunch, in five batches, and INDEX04 in six batches for 79 pages, end at 6:45. Win Mahj.

3/23/93: 10:05AM to NOTEBOOK, 10:23 to WIN OK, NO Mines progress to 11:15, and there's CONSTANT creaking upstairs! 11:20 try COPY FUTURNOV to PROCOMM, "Gain," but STILL: HOW to copy 1/4 and ERASE 1/4 to copy SECOND quarter? Now I'm down to FOUR files on ONE SCRIPSIT screen. ASCII to SCRIPSIT from 11:30 to 12:03 while I breakfast. Transfer FNOV1 in five batches, FNOV2 in 4 batches, then Dr. Gain from 2:26 to FNOV3 in five batches, FUTURNVL to FNOV4 in four batches to 3:30. EE is SCRIPSVA, NOT extended into pages---MEDICAL at end of it. 3:40, SAVE SCRIPSIT: IS this "most recent?" Use DELETE to see which pages are on the file. Check PAGES and find that I'm MISSING 8 pages of DREAMS: 329-336; 4 pages of ACTUALISM: 368-371; and 26 pages of NOTEBOOK: 608-633, for a total of 38 pages I must have ERASED from the INDEXES file not realizing it was NOT an index! NO TRS saves PAST 1/9/92! AGES ago! 1) CAN'T get "search" for old TRS storage. 2) Try Terry for "page copier" and they don't HAVE one! 4:11 to SCRIPSV1. WAIT, I should PUT IN pages numbers and dates! 6:04PM: NO, have to fuss with EACH PAGE, probably easier to do it in WP! At 6:10 it hits me: I should be at the Village Playwrights!!! 8:25 BACK from VP, do seven batches of SCRIPSV1. At 10:35 I remove duplicate TEMP and PERM pages from SCRIPSV2. At 10:42 it starts PRINTING, KEEPS printing screen, just FROZEN at "repositioning" with cursor going WILD. Ctl-Alt-Del RESETS it! I don't need PERM. Takes only four batches for 54 pages. At 12:27 I SAVE SCRIPSV2 and RESTORE SCRIPSV3. PERM not needed AGAIN, for 45% of file! TEMP=65 pages to start. Make DD=SCRIPSVB. At 12:45AM WIN works. 12:53 TIRE of Mines, to Mahj. 1:02 WIN Mahj. To commo, THEN remember to change cables to COM1. LOTS of trivial messages: Chi Chueng coming? Off at 1:45AM.

3/24/93: 1PM on Commo; 1:10 start formatting old BACKUP diskettes. Talk to Arnold. 2:20 start back on SCRIPSV3, four batches, to 3:20 to SCRIPSV4, with NO PERM on it, temp=68 pages. Four batches, from 42 pages down to 37 pages, for 145k. 4:10 start SCRIPSV5, 62 to 41 pages; then at 4:20 TRS is FROZEN. Nothing works: RESET. 4:22 GOING again. Must re-initialize TERMINAL. Continue to lunch from 4:45 to 5:20. 5:50 start SCRIPSV6, stopping, exhausted, at 6PM.

3/24/93: 11:59PM to Mahj, 12:26AM to Mines, off at 3AM, TWICE missing by ONE!!

3/25/93: 11:05AM to commo, #3992 "oowww" to my #3937 "Talent I got." 11:25 to Mines, at 11:43 get 440, best since 3/15! 12:05 win Mahj.

3/27/93: 1:45PM on commo. Matt:"N" for new,"D" for download.Paintshop Pro 1.02 in Dir99, PSP102B.ZIP 226k, & COLLECT2.ZIP 316k for stamp collectors. DL both. It's NEAT to have commo SET for MAS, and procomm SET for TRS xfr! Off at 2:20.

3/29/93: 12:53AM onto commo. #3236 Meteorology. Chi Cheung coming! 1:42AM WIN Minesweeper at 429! Win Mahj at 2:32AM, then go to BED.

3/30/93: 11:37AM: SCRIPSV6 in nine batches, xfer done at 12:52. Edit pages to 1:45. SCRIPSV7 in nine batches to 2:45, 86 pages. 2:59PM: "No room on backup drive." "Please wait." "Not ready reading drive B" cycle. PUT diskette in drive B and hit "4" WRITES on B and STILL "please wait." B has 0 used. Wrong when C has less than 100M left?? SCRIPSV8 GOES at 3:07, end at 3:38. SCRIPSV8 has eight batches to 4:32, and I'm on page 308, at 4:58 hit "pgdn" and it FREEZES on "repositioning." ECS, F1, F7 not work. Go to lunch: at 5:20 it's STILL "repositioning." Save to SCRIPSVZ after reset. OK through page 296. But the "repeating keys" feel LOGY now. Get to page 459 by 5:35 when Tony and Regina phone me for a free Met standing-room ticket for 6:30 "Die Walkere"!

3/30/93: 12:35AM (3/31) to Mines, 1:25 to Mahj, 1:32AM win board 500! To commo, busy to 1:39, tried 20 times, then GET it. #4257 to Chi Cheung. NTDEMO.ZIP 480k "March Beta" Windows NT demo and GEOCLK50.ZIP 306k Moving World Clock downloaded to 2:08AM. GEOCLK, LHA e GEOCLK50, GEOSETUP. 2:17 PSP102B gives README.TXT, directs to Windows, "Program Manager," "File," "Run" C:setup. 2:24 try "File Manager and it BLANKS. RESET freezes on LOGO, TWICE! Off machine in disgust at 2:27AM.

3/31/93: 11:47AM to SCRIPSV8; 12:15 finish it. 12:32 107pp of SCRIPSV9 in eight batches to 1:19. 1:30 AGAIN get "Drive B not ready." I put in a blank and hit "retry" and it's "please wait." Enter works! Finish at 3:30 after John fusses about word-wrap and ranges, not solving it. Start SCRIPSV0 at 81 down to 79 pages in eight batches, ending transfer at 4:27, eat at 4:32, EDIT by 5:30. EE was unLFed SCRIPSVA. Decide to SAVE EE till SCRIPSVA is REDONE. SCRIPSVA takes nine batches, transfer done by 6:47, CHECK to page 266 by 7:03, when I MUST leave.

4/1/93: Back to SCRIPSVA at 12:45. SCRIPSIT is 405,074, or 10 batches, ends at 2:09! 1:35 finish SCRIPSVA, 384k. NOW check what's AFTER SCRIPSVB. B6:GENSYS? From 1/14/82! D1 is MATHSHEE, but it would be HELL to reformat! E10 is COORDINA, but it's not THERE! from 4/11/86. SCRIPSVB from 99 pages (leave at 2:12 and back at 3:55) to 99 pages and 441k. At 4:58 COORDINA/SCR won't restore. Try and try, finally at 5:25 I say RESTORE 0 TO 4, and it has INDEX001 files! Tackle GENSYS at 5:38: five files: EB outline of knowledge, 2) Stamps, 3) Ultimate stamp collection, 4) Total philosophy, and 5) RECORDS list! FORGOT about these! 5:41 KEEPS SAYING "Drive not ready reading drive B. 1) Retry, 2) Cancel. WHY?? Because last SAVE was to B? LEAVE SCRIPSVB at p.286. Transfer GENSYS to 6:30. Fix GENSYS files to 7:03. 11:42 to p.286, to 12:26AM. To MAS 12:27AM, 12:42 to Mines; 1:05 to Mahj, win at 1:25AM! Bed.

4/4/93: Mahj on at 8:20 and off at 9PM.

4/5/93: 4:42 to MAS. FLYGAME2.ZIP; my 4457 on Cristardi's. Flygame at 5:12; 5:38 to Mines; 6:11 to Mahj: win#1 at 6:26; win#2 at 6:32 (Board #515), win#3 at 7:50 (Board 526) and off. 11:44PM to FLYGAME to 6228. 12:03AM to mines, winning at 434 at 12:25 (best was 429!). To Mahj and win #528 at 12:46, win #529 at 12:56; win #530 at 1:06, and #539 at 2:13AM, and to BED.

4/7/93: 5:20PM find TRAVELER with 3 files: EURO2MOS, OLDSLIDS, and FRNBYCAR. Takes eight batches to 6:53, when I find AIDSCOPY. Five batches, but most are elsewhere already! AIDSHOUS in two batches. Leave unpaged till I find what is merely a duplicate of other files (Trick, AIDSXX). Off at 7:48. Onto commo at 11:31. #4513 me to Matt on FLYGAME, #4514 to Chi Cheung; off at 11:50.

4/8/93: Onto commo 12:30. Modem "blank": phone machine on! 12:43 in MAS hit "M" and get Macro processor (Matt says I hit Alt-M by mistake). Print Harvey Fishman's comment. Larry Seltzer uploads Wizard, or CATABS12.ZIP 463k, and CATABYSS.EXE unpacked at 1PM and I'm off at 1:20PM. 11:35PM to Mines, and win at 436 at 11:51! 12:08 NEW record at 428! 1:47 win Mahj Board 549.

4/9/93: 9:40AM try to create NEW directory, concluding finally I can only create a SUBdirectory. By 12:40 copy 24 files into \MY and save on B. STILL to check *.WPF. 4:20 read MASB1, getting it from 305 pages down to 60 pages by 7:06PM. To #26587 at 7:37 ENDING MASB1 and DELETE it. \WP51\ still has LIFBAK at 981k and SCRIPSVZ at 358k. To commo: MASB.001 IS MASB1. 7:44 to MASB.002, 392 pages. 8:49 to 270 pages, #27169, and there's a PURPLE band and it FREEZES. Ctl-Alt-Del resets. BACK to MASB.002 at 11PM. 12:19 to 110 pages.
NOTES FROM MAS: 11/14/92 message to ME. Get DUAL spindle from Analogique Systems Labs, 17 W. 17th St, 10th flr, (212) 989-4240? On 9/19/92 Matt talked of software DISKETTE marketing. Matt: board PUBLIC 6/86, running INTERNALLY from 6/84! 12:42 to 28133, p.8 of MASB2T. 11/19: FART40.ZIP!

4/10/93: 10:51AM to MASB2T. 10:58 to commo: MAS/Teresa's banner! Thank Matt on 4635. 11:12 MAS FREEZES on my reply: CD/HE/LP/DC/144 cycles on modem, and PC BEEPS. EGAVGA.BGI wants to be overwritten by FART40 and I say NO and it GOES! SHOTFOOT.ZIP is funny: printed. 12:04 back to p. 13. By 12:30 I'm starting on MASB.003 at 357 pages. 1PM to page 300. 1:51 find I've READ 12/8/92 and beyond ALREADY, so I'm FINISHED. DD is GOOD SCRIPSVB, But SCRIPSVB is MISSING resume. Let "Lifexxxx" and "SCRIPSVx" stay. 4.9M in commo "1" stack. 57 *.zip files! \MACREX-5 has 600 files! Use DELDEX 36 times to get down to 120 files! 3:15 to TETRIS for 5-6 games, highest only 1000 points. 3:45 to Mines and off at 4 for GYM: GOOD for me. Back at 6 and talk to MV, then to update 1COMPCHR, trying out SECOND re-inked ribbon, VERY dark, SO FAR no extra-light spots. Finish at 8:45PM, feeling GOOD about what I've done so far! Can I play more games now??

4/10/93: 8:52PM try for Mines and WIN blanks! SOFT reset NOT work. HARD reset NOT work. At 8:54 it's OK for Mahj. Win #550 at 9:01. Win #551 at 9:11! Win #553 at 9:30!! Windows freezes again. Shut OFF, better? YES! 9:50 to Tetris, which I play to 2:20AM, 4.5 hours, and win new record EIGHT TIMES!!!

4/11/93: On COMMO at 10:52AM and it's BUSY till 10:56AM. Tell Larry Seltzer to contact Paula Lerner for jobs on message #4739. My message #4732 says that I transferred all my files. My #4728 "Thanks, Matt." My #4734 "whistle-pig response. #4746 Larry HEAR, not HERE! #4749 about Tetris (and NO ONE AT ALL responded), ask about downloaded deletes in #4756, and off at 11:50AM. Back at 10PM to Mines, and feel that it's really too random: 10:07 to Mahj. 10:42 win #558; 11:41 win #567.

4/12/93: On COMMO at 11:50PM. Mel Wolfson recommends SHEZ89.ZIP. 12:19 WIN freezes from COMMO. Shut machine off and it works. 12:38 to Mahj, 12:55 win #569 and go to bed. Early!

4/14/93: 4:13PM win Mines at 455! 4:40 win Mahj #573.

4/16/93: Onto COMMO 6:35PM. SHEZ89.ZIP tags files and deletes in 1 step. Matt says MAS is pronounced Em-A-Ess, and can we get a ROUND table? I send #5081 and 5082 to Tzippy. Warner says DF460.ZIP is BETTER than SHEZ. Download it & PKUNZIP it into \DF. 7:42 BACK to commo; 7:44 to WIN. 8:57 to Mahj, and at 9:13 WIN #575.

4/17/93: Onto COMMO at 11:47AM. To print zipped files: COPY XX.DOC PRN
Send #5119 to George Rie, 5120 to Matt and "list", 5121 private to Tzippy, 5122 to ALL about Teresa's and off at 12:10PM. On at 6:56PM, send #5135 to Tzippy "Thanks for Ambrose," and off at 7:05.

4/18/93: 2:10AM to COMMO, #5162 to Tzippy, download DAZL50J.ZIP to C:\DAZL, and it's executed by DAZZLE, and GREAT. \commo\dazzle is 50h. Off at 2:47AM. Onto commo at 10:40AM, #5173 to Tzippy, 5168 record MM122.ZIP, 5174 to George Rie to 10:50AM. 2:30 onto COMMO, #5183 to Matt, 5185 to Larry Seltzer, sorry. Mines from 11:30PM to 12:45AM, then to Mahj, winning #576 at 12:55AM, #577 at 1:03AM, #580 at 1:25AM, and #583 at 1:45AM. OFF at 2:15, exhausted.

4/19/93: Yesterday at Teresa's were only me, Rolf, Harvey Fishman, Matt Kohn, and Mark Mernyk, all three fat and bald. No notes from Alex DeLuca and Chi Cheung who'd also said they'd come. Dine 5:15-6:45 and my place to 11:45PM!

4/20/93: 9:45PM to COMMO,5292 to Matt, 5293 to Fishman on book,5294 to Tzippy, 5296 to Larry, 5297 to Leslie Hersh, 5298 to Larry about Park Plaza, 5299 to Tzippy's "story." At 10:20 download 2COL46.ZIP compressed print at 36k and PCXDMP80.ZIP at 119k for screens to PCX files, viewer/converter/ manipulation. Also OURSYSOP.ZIP a GIF of 13k. Off at 10:25, to WIN. 10:44PM miss by 4, 10:54 miss by 37, 11:05 miss by 5, 11:17 miss by 31, and at 11:24 WIN at 402 seconds! To Mahj and at 12:15 win #27939 and at 12:34 win 27942. Bed.

4/21/93: 1:41PM to COMMO, 5345 to Tzippy. Delrina's number for OCR/WinFax Pro 3.0 is 1-800-268-6082 M-F 9-5 PST. Can fax Mark OCRable(?) fiction pages at (718)434-1927, regular fax 434-2694. Send 5346 to Mark, 5347 to Larry, 5348 to Larry HE does Indian, 5349 to Eckman on Carmines, 5350 to Matt "connection." Download KAYAK.ZIP 220k and off at 2:15PM. Catch up on pages by 4:04PM: NOW!

5/10/93: 12:40PM 1) Receive fax from Joe, OP: FHNG:1 "Not automatic receive."
2) HIS sheet went "off" 12:43.
3) Receive: "Connect" 60-90 seconds and OK. 12:44 got; Visible despite "error."
4) "Fax reception status" Gex, try, no answering. 12:59 not worked.
5) 1:38 try with KEN'S fax. 13:35, two errors, not worked.

5/28 or 29?? No, after. Boot from A at 2:40. Copy C to D of Macrex-5 at 2:15. Copy C to D of WP51 at 2:20. Copy D to E of WP in 2 minutes. WP51 at 2:30.

6/6/93: 12 guests at MAS: Elia Sinaiko and Susan, Chi Cheung (cheerfully jabbers away with me about travel), Paul and Paula Seldes, Mel Wolfson, Matt Kahn, BZ, Mike Shuster, Larry Seltzer, Lew Offsink, Harvey Fishman.

6/11/93: DISK III, 34.2 mb of COMMO + 5.66 mb WP51 leaves 3.072 free.

6/18/93: 7:40: format b: automatically formats 1.44mb. About 2 minutes each.
7:55 to WIN and it RESETS!! Logo comes on and it resets again!! Try commo at 7:58 and get "no carrier" 8 times. At 8PM try wp51 and it's OK. Go to WIN from there and it resets. At 8:02 try cd\games and Mahj OK. 8:28 WIN still bombs. Try cd\windows and win and bombs. 8:39 FIND 4/93 windows user! "WIN/B" resets. CD\WINDOWS has NO loadfail, and at 8:44 WIN/B loads!

6/27/93: 11:25 to WIN, BLANKS again. Do WIN/B. Blanks. CD\WINDOWS WIN /B. Blanks. CD\WINDOWS TYPE BOOTLOG.TXT | MORE, then WIN and it BOOTS! Try WIN /B and it boots. CD\WINDOWS. TYPE BOOTLOG.TXT and WIN /B and it LOADS!

7/3/93: PKUNZIP D-10INST.ZIP into DIR10.HLP of 1.44mg, INSTALL.TXT of 2k, WHATIS.TXT of 3k, and FILE_ID.DIZ of .5k. To register domain name, ftp to NIC.DDN.MIL and get netinfo; us-domain.txt. No fee.

7/6/93: 11:52PM, starts saving and BLANKS, WITHOUT reset/restart. So LAST ten minutes are lost. Then last save clobbered any updates mods and four hours are lots. NOTHING is saved in editing!!!!! Try FM.BAK and it has some saved. FM.MBK is ruined. 12:38 crashes, AGAIN as I try to read FMS.

7/7/93: List of saves, from 7:15 at entry 400 at 4911 to 11:23 of 4840/4840.

7/7/93: 7:40PM: Print ONE page and go to PRINT for MP 2-200 and it RESETS!

7/8/93: 12:51PM: Just SITTING in front of index, NO beeps, blinks off and NO reset. "Reset" button doesn't work. Turn off. 12:55 turn on. Loads to CD\MACREX-5, hit MX, bombs. Reset not work. Turn off. CLICKS off at 4:46PM, DOES restart.

7/21/93: Call Macrex at 1PM, can't do nested keywords. 7PM, no more than 100 characters in keyword! Macrex-6 has LONGER.

7/22/93: 8:25AM: TOTAL shock: where CA's total/max WAS 963/1042, NOW it's 963/19042!! 12:35PM down to 13xxx! 5PM opens at 1063/10579!

7/24/93: 9:30AM: Connect OLD printer. To WP, SHIFT/F-4, 3 environment, no.
To "Using WP p.268," SHIFT/F-7, is NOW Panasonic KX-P1124. SELECT: Tandy DWP II is THERE. Try separate page; did printer FREEZE? Turn off and on. Try 7: Printer init; lots of PRINT jobs; CANCEL them. 10:03AM: Can't get WP to print. Try thru MACREX. To Print: Printer options - default. Try Tandy DWP IIB, G has printer RUNAWAY! 10:33 STILL won't print document. CAN use old printer by just hitting GO for each page!! 12:10 go to format and paper and put continuous, and it prints on every page! At least it STOPS at end, now.

8/3/93: 10:41AM: Crashes, LONG pause for restart.

8/4/93: ECKMAN has and uses AmiPro. Record names of programs to maybe download.

8/14/93: 9AM EXACT, goes to SAVE in EDIT and dies! Restarts, and it's a PAIN to check. First NOT saved! Dies in SAVING at 9:08! PS.BAK has 67154, PRIOR to PS.MBK at 62001!! Start PXN and save on NEW diskette. 9:15 quit and let it COOL!

8/15/93: Larry Seltzer asking for Internet use. PANIX is $100/year for basic access. My clock was stopped for 1:20, so I'm "off at 10:40PM"

8/15/93: Harvey Fishman says NOT NEC CDROM, but Toshiba 3401!

8/16/93: 10:12AM: Just SITTING at C-prompt, resets and loads.

8/16/93: 6:15PM: Dies in distant thunder, lose 10 minutes. 6:18 bombs again. Turn off.

8/17/93: Buy and attach GROUND wire to bedroom radiator. Works ok??

8/19/93: Commo at 10:25AM: is all new Panasonic drivers for Win 3.1. EVOLITE.ZIP is life simulation game. ACC-KB2.ZIP is Microsoft Access knowledge database program information. FAXER11.ZIP send faxes SIMPLY. is biorhythms. BIOCAL99.ZIP is biorhythm calendar. BCYVRA.ZIP is flight simulator scenery of Vancouver Canada. 11:43AM: PKUNZIP file, DUPE FILE.ID Y and it blanks and restarts! Copy files for Rolf.

8/19/93: 5PM: 1) Try ALL accented letters and DWPII prints NONE.
2) Try accents ALONE and DWP prints NONE.
3) Try HEX 8 = bkspce and it doesn't work.
4) Try "Printer" hex characters, not print.
5) It DOES underline and boldface.
6) DOESN'T do cents, degrees, pound-symbol, or accents.
7) DOES print o,126 tilda and | as a vertical.
5:53PM to AmiPro install. Look at goodies. Use quickstart tutorial. 7:15PM: If you have SCSI that uses direct memory access (DMA), you must include in [386Enh] section of SYSTEM.INI file---Virtual H DIRQ=OFF. MUST have Smartdrive installed and must NOT disable double-buffering by removing or remarking out the \D option in config.sys file. ---- Whatever THAT means!!

8/21/93: Download lots of stuff, try them, but when I try to RUN ACC-KB.HLP it crashes and blanks. PKUNZIP BIOCAL and crashes at 2:32AM. Off at 2:40AM.

8/22/93: Work on lifelists, making corrections [John Connolly 58-02-10!!].

8/23/93: Lifelist work, deleting A's and C's, making them all E's.

8/25/93: CRASHES between 3:50-4:15PM, with the AC on, and beeps at lunch.

8/25/93: 11:37PM: Crashes in Solitaire, NO beeps, NO reset!

8/27/93: FAN on, air conditioner on, and it bombs at 5:56PM, WORST INTERFILING time! Reset, load \Macrex-5\mx cs and "Can't read record 25, batch 1; hit any key," and I hit key and it resets AGAIN. List cs1, and csa is the same for the first few batches, so I can SAVE from cx.mbk 10590 at 2:22PM, ONLY 363 records. WHY did ^{The }^ not work? At 6:06 try reading in CS and it BOMBS at 7-8 batch! 6:07 bombs EARLIER, at FIRST batch! 6:08 try IO, goes OK, hit Q, starts saving and BLANKS. 6:11 QUIT: JUST NO USE!! Then I thought: I can read cs.mbk to csa1, all batches, and REPLACE wrecked batches of cs1 with csa1. OK!

8/28/93: John Vinton helps me remove case, direct FAN onto chips; NO CRASHES!

8/29/93: 3:45PM Move csa1 to cs1 and then cs2 is bad in last record. csa2 to cs2 is OK. Starting at 4:05, MAKE 11 saves of records from 468 to 1102 end.

9/3/93: Download BDG.ZIP: "Big Dummy's Guide to Internet." Unzip to BDG.TXT. Using "type" OFFSETS lines, but LIST works! Find that ^HOME chooses LINE#. I scan it and it looks great.

9/4/93: Download MERITCRZ.ZIP and SCSIHLP.ZIP. Make directory CMP for COMPUTER stuff. MERITCRZ is STUPID. Put SCSI.HLP into \nc\acc-kb.hlp, and it turns out that Microsoft ACCESS is a DATABASE program. Not interesting.

9/6/93: 11:15PM: STILL crazy: In COMPCHRO printing was still set on PANASONIC, and printed junk. Change to Tandy DWPII and FORMAT changes, putting PAGES off! Re-format to line-width of 0 and 0.7 and it's OK again. NOW at 11:46PM 9/6/93!

9/7/93: Michael Sussel of Invention Factory: BBS $150 annually, or $120/year only for reading. Download GEORGE.ZIP at 227k for Internet. ELMDOCS.ZIP unzips to ELMUGD.DOC (User's guide), ALS.DOC, CFG.DOC, FRM.DOC (forms mode), FTR.DOC (filter), REF.DOC (Reference guide). Others downloaded and kept on card.

9/15/93: In \my\dreams, character 79 must be SPACE or it turns (one LESS than SCRIPSIT: "character 80 must be space or it turns"). FORMAT 1 7 is 0" and 0.7". In my\notebook, character 81 must be space, one MORE than SCRIPSIT, and the "screen-shift" is AWKWARD. FORMAT 1 7 is 0" and 0.5" so 0.6" is PERFECT, and change BOTH files, in the middle, to MAKE it OK (though in typing THIS, I find that it STILL shifts SOMETIMES, but at least when I hit END, it NEVER moves the whole screen into oblivion! Also started working on a PLAY, switching leads to the PRINTERS, and the Panasonic prints ITALICS very nicely!

9/15/93: MAS people on PANIX: Mike Schuster, Ted Young, Harvey Fishman, Jim Volin, George Rie.

9/16/93: Make 57-page MACREX-5\INDEXSAM of index-format samples 8:30AM - 1PM.

9/21/93: Download SCOAST.ZIP roller-coaster screen saver. Try SCOAST87.SCR and it's not very good. .SCR described on pages 154-155 in MS-WIN book.

9/29/93: Download DIFFRAC2.ZIP, fractal images in GIF format. CSHOW uses SPACE to display and ESC out. See card.

10/15/93: Download HISTDOCS and unzip in COMMO, and then make NEW directory.

10/26/93: Download NEWYORK1.ZIP. CSHOW NEWYORK1.PCX, then type IN NEWYORK1.PCX and hit ENTER, then SPACE, and it's LOVELY. See card.

11/4/93: Download FYI_QA.ZIP "New Internet" and EPINBALL.ZIP Pinball game.

11/6/93: Making MAHJ table, find reference to board 965. To MAHJONGG, at board 1071, and change to #965 and look to find my comment was wrong. Decide that I want TOO MUCH COMMENT to make MAHJ and WIN (for Minesweeper) into WP5.1 TABLE format---not to mention trouble of going to 3-4 tables rather than ONE sheet of paper, wholly visible. Also decide to move "saved cards" from desktop to the still-full-of-TRS left Indexstrip box. GOT to make CHART of DIRECTORIES!

Typed on 3/15/94: MANY old notes that I just HAVE to get rid of---before playing games?

11/11/93: COMMO had 751 files BEFORE, now 694; (and on 3/15/94: 77! HA!)

11/17/93: On DWP, computer goes "bing" and it SKIPS PRINTING 3/4 page!

12/4/93: Try Vicki on Procomm, COM1 was 7E1 for TRS link, ASSUME COM2 at N81! I want to download her ABOUTWEP.DLL, but then her modem isn't connected! DRAT!

12/15/93: Find that BLOCKING and then PRINTING block is way to print screen in WP WITHOUT double-spacing on DWP---but then on 12/16 it DOESN'T WORK!!

12/23/93: DOS text conversion of MASB.001 goes to 578 narrow pages; I WIDEN format and get 403 pages. SAVE as 12231542.92, then save as MASB1. Quit 6:45.

1/6/94: Print 7761 movie records from LIFEMOVI on 138 pages: 100 minutes!

1/19/94: FINALLY go though CINDEX instructions in 1.5 hours: looks GOOD! Spend a half-hour on AMIPRO and it's NOT that easy, making TEST.SAM to 5PM.

2/4/94: In DOS: up-arrow at c-prompt gives LAST-entered STRING.

2/4/94: At last! In LONG "type file|more" ctl+C BREAKS it!

2/4/94: Commo BACK to 97 files.

2/4/94: 2DD diskettes need FORMAT B: /f:720. 2HD diskettes give 1.44K bytes.

2/7/94: Send NEW PKUNZIP to Bob Baksa, and I had to restore D: C:\zip\QM*.*.

2/25/94: 1:40AM: Red battery-light on AGAIN. 12:30PM: STILL can't find WHY pages CHANGE in Tandy/Panasonic SWITCH! FORMATS are same, but Panasonic's LINE goes to 82 characters! Solution: Make ALL page-breaks HARD on shorter (Tandy) format---whole page visible, no "81 off screen," and PRINT sheet on PANASONIC! Paged DREAMS, ACTUALISM, NOTEBOOK, and COMPCHRO to 3:15PM! Then to COMMO to read about InterCom Online (718) 252-6720 for 30-day free usage period before $5/month charges. Dan Herschlag. Mel Wolfson is interested. David Weinstein is doing Internet. ICO at 3:30 is "down till AT LEAST Monday." 3:36PM try WINFAX for Arizona. It GOT there! 5:15 look at WP51\SC and put 1430K DREAMS together by 7PM, for 331 pages. Started ACTUALISM from 7:05-7:25, pages 201-246.

2/26/94: 11:55: Finish ACTUALISM to 670K and 169 pages by 12:35, then do NOTEBOOK to 1224K and 307 pages to 1:40, then COMPCHRO to 66K and 19 pages to 2:05, then BON MOTS to 16K and 6 pages, and say to leave REST there until I "need" something! Look at WP51\FN\FNOV1 from 2:30-4PM, keeping notes in box, then at 4:30 look at IX. Global search for - replace. Superscripts and special characters in text means it MUST be printed on the Panasonic. INDEX01 OK by 11:45PM, except for spacing.

2/28/94: 12:20 start on MP.FAX. Make LS\ACCOUNT with 25 titles. To 1:30. Make three pages to WINDOWS/INDEXPK. "Page too wide." Reducing margins does NOT help! At last, at 3:25, I say PRINT, in WRITE, and it DOES it! Continue editing INDEX02 from 11:15-12:20 and from 4PM-5:20, getting to page 54 of INDEX03. So MANY page numbers: p.427, p.54 [533 #23!].

3/2/94: 3:45 to 4:30 to page 101; to 5:55 to page 42 (706).

3/3/94: Start on INDEX04 at 11:40AM, make format 0,0.8 from page 52 on. I make the note "Double space for page-breaks." Remaining tasks: 1) Double-space all BUT "single-space groups." 2) Check pagination for wrong breaks---TRY to keep to SAME pages so as NOT to have to RENUMBER front matter pp xiv-xxviii! 3) Combine to ONE 1046K file & SAVE. 4) ONE LAST spell check of WHOLE book. Find NEW BLANKS on pages 70, 173, 310, 521, 635, and 703. Find that I have to NOT head pages i-xxxiii! SPELL check counts 148,289 words in 1,059,096 bytes, and I have to LIST errors to correct in SECOND copy! KEEP ERROR-CARDS! End at 1:35AM!

3/8/94: Fill cards with new page-numbers in case I have to change them AGAIN, and "fill in" the blank pages. Find that FORMAT gives LEFT adjust on printer! Then find that HEADINGS don't agree and go though checking CHAPTER N and also PART N, and that 1-N is CENTERED. Still need "cover page" and PRINT IT ALL!

3/15/94: NYPL CATNYP is (212) 391-0808; I try N81 setting and get "no carrier," though when I DIAL, I get the modem-shriek. Lewis Offsink ALSO sent to ICO. GOPHERN.ZIP 84K is Internet Gopher Intro. LIVEWIL.ZIP living-will forms. I find that, after "goodbye" from COMMO, ALT-D returns to DIALING menu.

3/15/94: After MAS or Intercom goodbye, alt-d for commo DIALING DIRECTORY.

3/16/94: Print INDEXING HANDBOOK from 10:40AM to 9:06PM, pausing between 12:30 and 3:40, typing 827 pages in SEVEN hours, noting that 1) full-adjusted leaves SPACES, 2) page numbers SHIFT from 0" to 1" width, but TITLE doesn't. Still corrections to be made. When I shift from "full" to "left," it LOOKS better but it CHANGES the formatting, making LONGER pages. I EDIT to 3:25!

3/16/94: at 12:30 I shut the printer off and it DOESN'T restart, as it sometimes does, for still-unknown reasons!

3/18/94: Download JIGSAW20.ZIP, for cheetah, balloons, and kitty. Poor.

3/23/94: 9:30AM: QJB-2305 WORKS in ICO. Look at CD-ROM LIB 14, 01, 10 (DL COMPILER.ZIP), 46, and 56. Library/text/arts/music: skim gothic-faq,; Library/text/science/physics: sci.physics.faq(2). Then Library/text/entertainment/games: billians-faq, dum-faq: no carrier at 11:18!

3/26/94: Print from CINDEX gives bold, ital, underline, supers, subs, NOT SC!

3/28/94: In CINDEX with PATHAN, find I'm using DEMO version, maximum 100 entries! Install new, open PATHAN.NDX, and it's ready for record 101! WHEW!

4/1/94: 7:10PM, MAS: modem cycles CD/144 and keyboard's frozen. Goes 7:16!

4/4/94: 9:45AM to WP, make DOS-text resume, try to add as an attachment and hit NEW and get "Floating-point error." When I try to CLOSE Winfax I get "Being used by another application." Try attaching later and get "Too wide or too narrow." I find how to use it and make NOTE for it. 4:10 get fax from Terry! Try OCR and it takes a half-hour to EDIT ONE PAGE! Then takes 15 minutes to make it OK in WP! SURELY I can retype the whole page in less than 45 minutes!

4/10/94: Try to finish HAIR index and boot FAILS after installing-statement "Smartdrv double buffering manager installed." Call Matt who says it must be AUTOEXEC.BAT or CONFIG.SYS. I don't find a "A boot disk" and RELOAD MS-DOS-5. Using DOSSHELL I minimize A.B and C.S to let me GET to Cindex and finish index. Then do a "from last date" backup on 28 diskettes. Try a few tries, trying to learn HIMEM and SMARTDRIVE from manuals, and finally get it running through trial and error. MAS suggestions will have to wait for a later time. Package everything up and keep it for later research.

4/13/94: At 10:03AM: Try WRITE in WIN: "Application error. Program caused general protection fault in module user.exe at 0002:09FD" click. And again. at 10:45: 8 tries node 4: no carrier; 4x on node 5, 4x on node 1. PHONE Matt. 10:47: Intercom: nothing. 11:32 to commo in disgust.

4/22/94: Actually READ the CINDEX guide through page 110 from 12:30 to 5PM!

4/23/94: Look at Bulletin 38 for we 37 consultants to MAS: DeLuca, Rose, Schuster are MDs, Rie a retired MD; Haney is in Washington; Joel Knox works for Dekker Medical!; Lyons does SCUBA-teaching in BROOKLYN; Pappalardo is an optician; Schweitzer is a McG-H Network manager; John Simon has Argonaut Magazine; Sinaiko has a PhD in psychiatry, Vesely is in Vienna, and I'm last on the list.

4/24/94: Look at GOPHER document: ENTER to view document, PgDn to next page, "a" to add to bookmark list, "v" to VIEW bookmarks.

4/28/94: GOT to get organized! My "computer" stack gets bigger and bigger, and I figure I MUST come up with a "project file" in my white filing cabinet, with a folder for EACH TASK I should tackle, and a FILE for previous/new RESULTS!

5/2/94: In DOS: ATTRIB filename.ext /s (in c:\>) gives its DIRECTORY LOCALE!

5/5/94: DL,, and, for DLLs.

5/14/94: Try POP21, 3-d pictures, but try to install, and POPOUT freezes! Try WIN, and "Application has violated system integrity due to invalid general protection fault and will be terminated." Can't get it to work.

5/16/94: 2AM: Red "replace battery" light on. Turn off all BUT the box; will it recharge overnight? 10AM still on. "Test" 1-2 seconds, it's still on. "Test" 4+ seconds, it went off! 5/18 1:35AM, NO red light. 6/14: 1AM on, long-test: off!

5/18/94: Go through MAS directories 92-98, little new on them; note that member John Simon (HA!) is, if I want to ask him about ECHO.

5/18/94: DL AWARD23, but it's a "BBS DOOR PROGRAM," not for ME.

5/18/94: MAS from 12/15/92 - 5/15/94, 17 months, 510 days, and I do 236 calls, about once every two days, for 114 hours, ABOUT ½hr per time.

5/19/94: Memo to SimCity not load---they don't care. Intercom doesn't have a bulletin board. Don't worry, yet, about paying more money.

5/25/94: Internet correspondence with Bernice and Marck Smith! On 6/10 add another client to Merrill Peterson list: Gaye Farris from NWRL.

5/25/94: Try "The Backroom", get 21-day trial, over now!

5/26/94: Roget's is in COMMO\NEWROGET.TXT, load into WP and SEARCH!!

5/27/94: USC.EXE: ultimate solitaire: Klondike is REGULAR; MonteCarlo is 5x4 grid with pairs, easy to win; Four Seasons is UP a corner, DOWN in cross: 11-2AM.

6/1/94: PIANO100: PIANO.EXE kick: piano to compose songs with pc's speaker!

6/3/94: DL QPEG14B, views TGA, GIF, PCX, and BMP: UNZIP with -d option.
DL HOCUS: multi-level wizard game, can't get past START of level 2! Cute!

6/7/94: CSHOW874: viewer for GIF, RLR, PCX, IMG, TAM, BMP, JPEG, TIFF, and others.

6/13/94: CINDEX actually working well: changes DO appear to be instantaneous and global, as opposed to MACREX's "put it in three places, do a SORT, and MAYBE it'll work this time, but not QUITE like it worked LAST time." Still wish I could EDIT from pr/scr; could DELETE from EDIT in ONE combination; figure what I want MY function-keys to do. But when THAT'S solved, begin to get into PRINTER-RIBBON problem: el-cheapos SMEAR after a few passes! Back to Daisywheel??

6/14/94: INTERNET is truly staggering! Even printing the MENU-pages from Intercom is overwhelming in detail and possibility. No impulse to try "Backroom," or "American Online," or "ECHONYC," but will soon have to RENEW membership in Intercom. Old respondents quiet: nothing from Don O'Shea, Sandy, Merrill, or even Bernice recently. MAS keeps talking about subjects in which I have no interest, but the downloads are fabulous. No sign of my uploading "Indexing Handbook" anytime soon. Not to mention my plays, my fiction, my philosophy, my everything-organizer. I guess I see it as this huge VORTEX which will totally engulf me if I get too close to it. The retreat July 1-5 will be an interesting time to try to sort things like this out. Now that all my indexes are finished for the moment, I have TIME to get into the computer, updating all my lists---maybe I should even transcribe some of the LIFELIST goodies from this half-year so far. STILL haven't gotten a satisfactory "where is" list, and lots of space to clear off and diskettes to reallocate, and even a new BACKUP to keep up to date. Again the endless list of things to do, and this isn't even a "WHERE AM I NOW", except computer-wise. At least I haven't crashed in the heat so far, with the fan on anytime it seems vaguely hot. Good noise screen, too, as upstairs people REALLY getting on my nerves recently: both water-in-bath and noise-wise. AND can I drag myself away from the computer to try catching up with videotape-watching, or even videotape-MAKING from my South African trip, feeling guilty that I don't have that together to show Edgardo, arriving day after tomorrow, just before a hectic week of Stonewall 25 events and Gay Games activities---I'll NEED a rest at the start of July after the busy June is finally over, NON-computer-wise!

6/5/95: Almost a YEAR after the previous page, and I sorted through LOTS of stray notes and will transcribe them below, but I'm STILL having a problem with the right margin, EXPANDING it for pages 20 and 21, and REDUCING it again here on page 22 so the right-edge doesn't come whipping in when I type a word that goes over the 80th character. I'll just "take them as they come" and sort them AS I type them, and who KNOWS how they'd fit into the previous. [Moved them to date-order on 6/18/14!]

6/24/94: 9:10AM: Second or third time at 9AM or 2PM or DAYTIME, I&C NO Carrier! through five or more tries. Looks like only MIDNIGHT is safe!

7/19/94: Backup-prepare. 12:10-12:45PM clean Macrex of 638 files. Del *.IND clears 209 files! del *.hed and *.inf gives 135 files. del *.mbk and *.bak down to 130 files. Then clean CX. Backup C: D: /m /s gives D 90k free!

7/23/94: CLARITY on PC: 1) Complete "card-file": a) expandable, b) deletable, c) INSTANT access. 2) Expand \ZIP to 44 megs and a) save on Bernoulli, b) start commo6 or YZIP and build THAT to 44 megs. c) continue with Xzip, Wzip. 3) delete unzipped files from commo. 4) make MASTER <dir> list.

7/30/94: 10:30AM: AHA! Xcopy ALL c:\ into c:\TRAP and then DELETE everything I don't think I need. If C:\ DOESN'T work, RESTORE C:\TRAP to C:\!

8/5/94: 5:30PM, in CX WR B: Something WRONG with print? Shut it off, try DIR, and THEN it works.

8/8/94: AT LAST read of [JUST:LEFT] and ADD it to my\dreams to NOT flush-right!

8/8/94: Find that CTL-V in WP can type a' and get á!! or CTL-2 WITHOUT "key."

8/10/94: Try to get overstrikes on TANDY printer, but NOTHING works!

8/17/94: WP overstrike é works, try ö (o + "!) and è and ì and ñ and á.

9/7/94: WP note: F1(help); CTL-V(compose) GETS 255-character ALT-list!
including bullets: ·(*.) •(**) °(*o)---the DEGREE symbol! and (*O)

9/7/94: 8:30AM: Install Cindex 6.0 to \C6 OK. Must FIRST "view/form? and it prints OK. To 9:10AM: WHY is it always so COMPLICATED!! Try set FORMAT and set TYPE and get no help. Breakfast at 9:18AM. BACK at 11:35AM, to 12:10PM.

9/12/94: \WINSOCK\=windows socket and TCP/IP stack. "Must have a packet driver and network card or a free comms port." IP address=Internet IP addr. Network mask. Getting too complicated, not for me, delete.

9/18/94: 11:38PM: Playing solitaire: Klondike: "SYSTEM ERROR": Memory parity error detected/system halted. FAN was off? CTL-ALT-DEL not work. RESET OK.

9/28/94: 12:35AM: In Mas, type password, and it FREEZES. CTL-X resets computer, but MODEM still cycling. Turn modem off/on and it's OK.

10/16/94: Matt tells me to boot from floppy and running SYS to copy new MSDOS.SYS and IO.SYS and COMMAND.COM files to C:. And it WORKED GREAT!

10/16/94: 3:45PM: commo:no carrier. Freezes 2-3 times. 3:48 NO; FORGET it!

11/?/94: Keep trying to figure how to STOP printing so I can RESTART, but nothing seems to work, have to try SHIFT-F7,4,5 sometime.

1/19/95: AOL: PW Bobzee. "Account not currently active." call 1-800-827-6364.

1/20/95: 11:48PM: Try MAS 3-4 times, then 4-5 freezes to 11:57PM. DL DESCENT.

6/1/95: In DOS: REPEATED up-arrow gives FURTHER BACK commands! GREAT!!

6/5/95: Put in the two previous pages of added notes until midnight and then:

6/6/95: 12:30AM finish, going to Akron TOMORROW, at this point, and tried 11/?/94 sequence to stop printing a PAGE, and it said "No more jobs." All the files seem to be in good order, with a lot of Internet addresses to look at when Intercom FINALLY gets a MOSAIC scanner. And I guess simple CHRONOLOGICAL filing will be best for all the Internet notes and download cards and lists. But I have to REGENERATE interest in uploading IH---AND have to skim THOSE pages to REALLY update COMPCHRO---just ENDLESS work centered around the computer. Let alone learning AMIPRO, getting practice with WORD after getting WORD-FOR-Windows from Barbara after getting back from Akron, and getting my own Web-site for my writings along with everyone ELSE filling up the Internet with our long-suppressed dreams, writings and plays and handbooks and news.

8/20/95: 1:22PM: Set correct DATE and TIME, and it's WAY off by May, 1996.

10/28/95: Hassle ONE HOUR trying to SPEED-UP cursor movement. Finally went to Windows Setup and reinforced "maximum speed" and then it was OK!

11/18/95: Find three examples of possible disk-error or Internet-Intercom interference: 1) DREAMS-72, 8/10/95 dream, "she can get for me" transformed into "she can%^B(( [HPg]r me", where the ^B and [HPg] were bold.
2) NOTEBOOK-78, 8/23/95 note, "having wonderful sex" ->"having P ^\^\^B%( sex"
3) same "thought of ideas" -> "t^U^^P' ^B(^U^^^S^ as", where P=back para-end.

12/7/95: 11:30PM: RED LIGHT on computer-battery pack. Not seen since.

12/9/95: 10:15AM: Find that the muffin-fan has STOPPED.

12/9/95: 10:30AM: In "Spell" hit "4" New Supp Dict and say "NEWA" and it starts ENTERING new words. But it soon accepts no MORE words.

1/8/96: ANOTHER ^UP<HP>3^\ in place of walki on DREAM 78, which was LAST transcribed 1/4, and I DID have a "misdial" on 1/7!

2/9/96: 9:30AM: HARD WHIRRING sound from muffin-STILLED computer---about 30 seconds. WAS it my hard drive? Muffin RESTARTED! AFTER a while, FAN-sound increased---MAIN fan going off? Starts whirring AGAIN at 9:32AM. Stopped fan.

5/15/96: 8:40AM: DREAMS lines off by one and page 83 has Don't(*'+P*+'ript.

6/4/96: 11:40AM: Turn on SCREEN and get 0128)/SYSTEM HALTED in large print. Hit RESET and it's OK. 5:25PM: In Windows, exiting, only CURSOR blinks. RESET

6/7/96: 6:45PM: Re-inked ribbon FREEZES and printer goes CRAZY. (See TRIPS over 26 days printout.)

6/11/96: 10:10AM: Retrieve LS\INDX95 and it FREEZES. Ctl-Alt-Del works.

6/13/96: 6:42PM: It's warm. To Windows to CLOSE, and windows blink off and only cursor blinks. Shut it OFF.

6/14/96: 8:15AM: Freezes on RESTART at "Hit <DEL>". Hit RESET and get...
8:15AM: Freezes under "256 kb cache memory". Hit RESET and it's OK. UGH!!

6/17/96: 9:50AM: In WP: 1) try to print p.91 of DREAMS and "Disk full." 901K available on disk and DREAMS only 387K? Duplicate page to SEPARATE file and say "print" and it just DOESN'T. In print try 4, "ctl printer" and it says "printer not accepting characters"--and the PLUG was out of the printer back!

6/21/96: 11:35PM: AGAIN exit from Mahjongg to Windows and it CRASHES with blinking cursor.

7/4/96: 1PM: Tell Cindex to WR B: and it DOESN'T DO IT! Find we'd inadvertently UNPLUGGED it when fussing with the hard-drive install! Fixed 1:15.

7/4/96: MAS from 3:55PM to 4:06PM, and InterCom STILL gives character string, so I leave a message on the VOICE phone, which starts a month of trying and finally on 7/15 Dennis picks up the modem. I guess I told him I was leaving for Akron the next day and said I'd phone him when I got back, but I only phoned him 8/16 when I got tired of having no modem and BEGAN to have time to work with it. He said some character string change had let it connect again!

12/28/96: 4:30PM: Hard-drive D is GONE, and Bernoulli boots onto drives D and E as before. I'd gotten a few blue-screen messages over the previous few days, which I wasn't able to "print screen" from, but I'd just said "Don't destroy the damaged area" and continued as well as I could. I'd spent lots of time transferring files from C onto D, all of which are lost but thankfully on backup Bernoulli's, from which I retrieved C6 for CINDEX and MAHJONGG from GAMES. Working through "Program Manager" in Windows, my last directory of Drive D was a few SMALL files, and when I went BACK into Windows, the icon for D was simply GONE. Owen said it was a hardware problem when I talked on 12/30/96: he said he'll start shopping for a 2 gigabyte hard disk for me, since anything bigger than that runs into addressing slowdowns. He said they had been special-priced down to $200, but when he called back a few days later to say that the cheapest he could find was $250, I asked "They'll probably go done again soon?" He said Yes, he'd search for me.

1/8/97: 1:30PM: Ribbon A freezes---SECOND one to do so from "over re-inking?"

2/6/97: Owen Long: In Iomega Controller, Safe Mode, Device Manager, 1,x not working. Remove home page. [I don't have ANY idea what this means 9/26/97!]

4/1/97: 1:50PM: Typing "VP greeting" page, screen FREEZES and printer STOPS before last line. NOTHING works. RESET and it's OK after that.

7/12/97: 12:30PM: Printing page 3 of "Caves" and it "burps" and leaves OFF last 1/2 page!

8/12/97: 2:35PM: Fan HAD stopped. HD C: Free 202mb, 15.6 free. HD D: 303mb - 189 = 124mb free. C6 4.40mb. CD 15 dir. CT (301) 7.74mb. CTT (8) 2.68 mb. CX (16) .416mb. DOS (190) 2.11mb. GD 17 dir. "Recycled" has cavetrip.doc? 386sparPar 20mb. SEEMS OK!! To AT&T to try attachment to Vicki from C:/!

8/17/97: 6PM: Mouse FREEZES. Dr. Data: ALT-F4 to shut down: restarting OK.

8/18/97: Mouse STILL misbehaving.

8/19/97: 10AM: "Print all 14 pp" and it prints part of 12 and STOPS! and keeps doing LONG pauses BETWEEN prints, and LONG time before LAST LINE!

8/30/97: Windows did not detect a mouse!! Disk A did NOT boot, so B IS the "boot-spot." But mouse MOVED to Cindex!! How to "click" Cindex FROM windows WITHOUT a mouse??

9/1/97: 12:47PM: In Cindex: "Command" line went RED, and NOTHING worked: Not ESC, not ALT-F4. CTL-ALT-DEL gives "Close program." At 12:53: "Index may be mis-sorted or damaged---Resort?" OK. Back at LAST, nothing lost!

9/22/97: Page 16 of Isoquinoline index: leaves OUT r and ADDS space. ODD!

9/26/97: Single-page of Medical: leaves OUT 15 lines and prints LAST 5 CHARS!

9/26/97: Call Owen about 5th time to replace mouse: have to HAND-ROLL ball!!

9/26/97: New fan on new motherboard really ROARS at some times, not at others. Sounds of IBM HD clicking on and off, but I copy some files (through WINDOWS!) from E to C and they seem to GO OK.

10/4/97: 10AM: In FreeCell mouse just doesn't click! Owen: "If this is the FIRST time this has happened to you, you're VERY lucky." Do END TASK at each "stuck" program and it'll RESET. RETAINING knobs on PLUG had become loose!! Alt-F4 doesn't work. Hit "shut down" and it DOESN'T. Try Ctl-Alt-Del and get message "do it again and you'll lose it.”

10/10/97: 6:30PM: Go to dinner with Cindex on and return to find it's RESET!

10/13/97: 5:30AM: Mouse MOVES but won't "click." RESET fixes it.

12/19/97: 1) 11:20AM: Printer won't print. 2) 11:35: Again mid-page REBOOT, NO message! 3) Noon: Ribbon conks out! Try RESTARTING WP, CONNECTING printer, no good. Reboot; SAME MESSAGE. "Printer has 13 jobs!!" Cancel!!

1/5/98: 10:30AM: Turn monitor off after DREAMS at 10:25AM. Turn it back on at 10:30 and NOTHING HAPPENS! Check PLUGS. Owen: Just DIED; it happens. He'll get me a 14" screen and come Wednesday at 9AM. On 2/13 it's SIX years old!

3/18/98: Fan VERY loud: hope it STAYS loud for Owen. 3/19: Owen here, fan QUIETER: need new POWER SOURCE. 3/21: Fan working almost perfectly silent!
3/22: 7AM: Fan at loudest and GRINDINGEST! 3/23: 9AM: QUIET again!

5/18/98: 1:20AM: First JUNO problem: no connection!

6/27/98: 3:45-4:15PM: WHAT'S WRONG with printer! AH, was TANDY printer!!!

7/2/98: Find ANOTHER DREAMS WP5.1 "Error on p.67 throwing off REST of pages.”

7/16/98: 3:10AM: WP69 of DREAMS MESSED in third line GA(^[ zx^U/^Uc^]trug!

7/29/98: 5:10PM: Try to RESET monitor to 16 bit-high color for Photoshop CD, from 156, and get message that 16-bit DOESN'T WORK with my hardware or software.

8/2/98: Saving HALF-DOZEN WP-printed ERRORS atop file-box below left desk leg.

8/10/98: 11:50AM: Printer PAPER runs out and it prints ERRATIC, then screen FREEZES and ctl-alt-del NOT work. RESET and it RESUMES printing ALONG THE WAY.

9/21/98: 3PM: Printer WON'T go, so I repeatedly save B: to GOOSE it. After 4-5 times it freezes. Must ctl-alt-del twice, and then restart WP5.1 AGAIN.

10/27/98: Juno is UPGRADED and then it FREEZES on "2 messages received." Now ALL connections take 7-8 MINUTES to get their crazy ADS on---but it's FREE!

11/10/98: 9:15AM: Turn on screen and it's FROZEN, with time at 6:46AM. Ctl-alt-del says "Explorer"! Ctl-alt-del brings down GRAY-screen and it freezes. RESET and it REDISTRIBUTED icons! WP OK at 9:25AM.

12/30/98: 10:30AM: Put monitor on and it's FROZEN. Ctl-alt-del AGAIN has "Explorer," but NONE of end/task/shut down/cancel WORK. RESET is OK.

1/7/99: I change "ALTERNAT" keyboard for REGULAR keys (by mistake) and can't SAVE or do ANYTHING. RESET, and realize it's "permanently" undone when I can't get past WP's "Duplicate system, Y/N" and it beeps and returns to icons! LOST!! Reload WP (since I gave the diskettes BACK to Susan) from BERNOULLI file after saving OTHER files??? A half-hour later JOHN comes over and I try to show him what's wrong, and Y/N WORKS and I get back on and take OUT ALTERNAT settings. But HOW did it change back?? Just TIME??

3/16/99: 10AM: SUMMARY: 1) MANY pages printed badly on EACH index: saved bad pages starting 5/7/98, counting SIXTY-ONE misprints to date, as many as FIVE per print-job, VERY annoying: simply MUST be WINDOWS trying to FUCK WordPerfect! 2) Ready to get RID of multi-icons from HOLT Grades 6-12, hoping THAT won't mess up anything. 3) GOT to save \WP51\ on Bernoulli SOON now!

7/7/99: 3:30PM: printer REFUSES to print 16-19 of TR/SCOTLAND! Not "multiple page" not "this page" works. 3:40 try RESET! Printer "jerks" twice during reset, as usual. "Has 17 jobs!" "Cancel." and then 16-19 prints OK!

7/16/99: 9:35AM: Printed OLD dream page, wrote NEW dream and said "print page" and printer DIDN'T, and got NOTEBOOK page up and started typing and got BEEPS! CTL-ALT-DEL gives "WordPerfect" but neither END, SHIFT, or CANCEL works. Hit CTL-ALT-DEL again and it works OK. My ANSWERPHONE messages ERASED!

9/11/99: DREAMS 11&12 off, and computer ERROR on p.11 had to be FIXED!

2/19/00: Find 8 characters changed in 12th line of DREAMS - 11 when I find DREAMS - 14 starts one line DOWN. From PRINTER error on index last NIGHT??

3/4/00: 5:50PM: Printer STOPS printing p.81 of 86pp job! NEED 81-86 of RESTA19S!

3/10/00: Prints start of TRAVEL pages ON BOTTOM of SEX pp! Reprint SEXES 8 and TRAVEL 1.

7/10/00: 6:30PM, playing FreeCell---battery beeps and screen blinks MANY times, so I finish and shut computer DOWN. Battery goes to RED, then GREEN? I find a red-warning light on, and find that it should be replaced, so I DO, but then I don't think I successfully dial-out on my modem, connection wrong?

7/12/00: 6:20AM: Red & green light on battery. Shut computer down; red STAYS on.