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Alzheimer's List


So many happened FOR this list, recently, that I had to start it on 8/17/99

8/14/99: "I'll bring slides to Games Group," but I'm going to Dalai Lama first.
8/15/99: "I'll take the #4 or #5 to Dalai Lama," find myself on N train.
8/16/99: Wash my face and put my head on pillow to hear bathing-cap rustle.
8/17/99: "I know there were others, but I've forgotten them!"
8/23/99: 2:30PM: I'd FORGOTTEN I'd had a 1PM DENTAL appointment!
8/26/99: Call Bill Peterson about "first VP" on 9/7 and OF COURSE it's 9/28!!
8/29/99: Had to search LOTS to recall "Standing Order" call/name(NOTEBOOK-21)
8/31/99: Remembered MONDAY's flower watering at 3:30PM today, TUESDAY!
9/1/99: 1:30PM: realize I await Sherryl's 1PM F train on MANHATTAN-bound side!!
9/3/99: 5PM: FORGET Visa card at Classic Video shop!
9/7/99: 6PM: FORGET my bag in the back of Vicki's car when I leave her!!

THEN I FORGOT ABOUT THIS LIST!!! Resumed on 5/31/09, almost TEN YEARS LATER!

5/24/09: Forget to put living-room phone on hook; Ken calls futilely.
5/25/09: Absorbed in Spider, realize at 7:20PM I WON'T be seeing "Ruddigore."
5/28/09: Had to look up one of her MOVIES to remember Norma Shearer's name.
5/30/09: Thought and thought and THOUGHT before I remembered "Placido Domingo."
5/30/09: WHAT did Spartacus and I argue about that he hung up on me?
5/31/09: Could NOT remember William Hurt's "Altered States," or Chayevsky!
6/11/09: Had to go to Internet to remember Gracie Mansion: kept saying GETTY.
6/19/09: Mildred had to tell me it was FLORENT Restaurant we liked that closed.
7/18/09: Had to check movie book to recall Matt Damon's name.
8/9/09: Leave my Schwab Visa card at the Chester ticket-purchase counter.
8/9/09: Couldn't remember my ZIP CODE for Chester Lost and Found!
8/9/09: Thought for MANY minutes before recalling Odinsky's name.
8/12/09: FORGOT that NEO had a DIFFERENT input-wire from AlphaSmart!
9/1/09: Forgot to take Charles's tickets to him at Bronx Botanic Gardens.
9/3/09: Said 35872 before correcting to 31872 for my gym number.
10/16/09: Rode toward ATLANTIC AVENUE instead of Manhattan from Borough Hall.
10/17/09: Got to "After Miss Julie" at 2:30PM for 2PM curtain!
11/16/09: Remember only at gym that I FORGOT to Sunday-water plants yesterday!
12/22/09: Half a block toward Carolyn's I remember I forgot her 2009 letter!
1/11/10: FINALLY remembered "Mel Gibson" and called Piri for SCATTERGORIES.
1/12/10: Tell Rita and Fred I passed stone; but I never told them I HAD one!!!
1/21/10: Can NOT recall Clive Owen's name from "Duplicity" for Charles.
3/16/10: Had to look at MEDICAL to remember the word "diverticulitis."
3/26/10: Reported two HH meals missing; found them: had put two on UPPER shelf.
4/13/10: Charles said I showed slides at Tuesday Evening Club; I don't remember.
6/29/10: Realize that I thought AUGUST 1 (Picasso closing) followed JUNE 30!
9/8/10: Went to gym without wallet: NO ID except for laundry-marked clothing!
9/15/10: Find that I'd entered $255 as deposit on 8/26 and AGAIN on 9/1. AGH!
9/15/10: Told myself to deposit $153 at HSBC after Sharon; totally forgot it!
11/19/10: Tell Spartacus to call me before noon SATURDAY---for SUNDAY'S PLAY!!
12/28/10: Marj says, "I totally should have forgotten---[remembered!]"
7/11/11: Sit by TV for breakfast; go to bedroom for bridge; put on shorts; sit by TV; have to go BACK to bedroom for bridge!
10/4/11: Think for SECONDS before I come up with Arthur C. Clarke's name!
10/5/11: Can't think of the name Prime Timers for Richard Fier.
10/8/11: Can't think of the name AlphaSmart for Marj.
1/19/12: Can't think of French for "check" (addition) and "pineapple" (ananas).
1/19/12: Recommend "Howl's Walking Castle" before "Howl's MOVING Castle" comes.
3/9/12: Somehow left with NO Friday breakfast and TWO Friday dinner pill-sets.
5/28/12: Thought: "Take ALZ printout on Friday," but Friday is RESVERATROL!
5/29/12: Astounded to find I'd SENT IBMRTW to website LATE LAST YEAR!
6/2/12: Netflix: "Movie for Saturday." Me: "It's MONDAY already! NO, SATURDAY!
6/17/12: At 10:21PM I finally remember Ryan Gosling's name, forgotten at noon.
9/25/12: At 4:30PM play Taipei when I should have left for Grimm's dinner!!!
12/30/12: Susie must remind me we meet Steve at 6th and 23rd, not 4th Ave!
1/2/13: Forget to take one rubber band off crotch, causing great pain!
1/2/13: Read laundry slip at 1/18 return rather than 1/08.
1/3/13: Forget I don't have storage on laptop to process more photos!
1/4/13: Realize I forgot to record shows I DEMANDED to record yesterday!
1/8/13: Forgot to take my WALLET in order to get a HAIRCUT!

Let file sit untended, but started taking notes for it again on 3/4/13.

Today: Searched for names of Gerard Depardieu and Jude Law.
Before: Searched for names of Matt Damon and Leonardo di Caprio.
Sopranos’ names: Hildegard (of Bingen) Behrens and Gynneth Jones.
8/17/13: Can’t think of “rehabilitation” session for Ken.
10/7/13: Looked up Russell Crowe’s name.
3/13/14: Can’t remember Archetypal level for HOURS!
4/6/14: Funereal flower in dark purple? And Hugh Dancey from Maltin.
4/24/14: Find card I lost 4/11, just against bed leg; why couldn’t I find it when I looked for it THEN?
5/15/14: Find A Voce in Zagat’s. And FORGOT CCOMP on Dell, not Toshiba.
5/17/14: Can’t think of MANUEL’S first name.
6/16/14: Forgot to take night pills.
6/18/14: Forgot to swivel Venetian blind SHUT at night lowering.
6/20/14: Couldn’t remember Alec Guinness’s name.
6/21/14: Couldn’t remember Catherine Deneuve’s name; MUST restart this listing!
6/22/14: Can’t think of E Street Band lead singer’s name. Bruce Springsteen on 6/16 from internet!