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COINCIDENCE FILE, not really up-to-date, but it is what it is.

12/1/09: TAPING "Tristram Shandy" and I READ about it in McCourt: Voyager!

12/2/09: 2PM: Spartacus: "39 Steps" at 3PM today. Me: I'll call Sharon and cancel. Put phone down. Phone rings INSTANTLY: Sharon: Sorry, Bob, I don't feel well, can we make it 5:30 Friday? INCREDIBLE!

1/9/10: Brooklyn Heights library: 1) looking for 915.XXX and 914 is there and 916 is there---and 915 is with the clerk, who's looking at THAT PRECISE section. 2) look for many books, but only Winterson is available; look at New Fiction and THERE is a COMPLETE COLLECTION of Ballard short stories and a NEW Bradbury!!

1/10/10: Marj complains: her dentist PHONES if she doesn't respond to the 6-months' check cards after 2 years. I can't say about DiMatteo, because I respond, but remember MILDRED says SHE hasn't been to DiMatteo in two years, and phone her and she says DiMatteo does NOT call her.

1/12/10: Remark to Rita at 8PM about how Ed and Anne Vallish are "the last of the older generation," and she calls back at 8:30 to say Anne died today!

1/20/10: On 1/19 I became aware that EUR2MOS from 1988 is lacking final pages. Call Marj to complain about life's complexities about meeting Charles for Kit's invitation to the Met's Bronzino show, and MENTION EUR2MOS and she KNOWS she did the addition, so I don't have to scan the pages or even HUNT MORE for it.

2/15/10: "If I have enough cash, I'll buy the tickets now," to Spartacus about two dance tickets for $56. I have PRECISELY $56 in cash in my wallet.

2/20/10: "If I do one of my around-eighty travel files per day, I'll be finished when my trip starts." There are EXACTLY eighty days counting 2/20-5/10/10!

3/13/10: Find that my "black-spot infestation" on my pillow are fragments of my FACEMASK, just HOURS before the exterminator is puzzled by my specimens.

3/20/10: Shut off Netflix movie to see Congress PASS HEALTH-CARE BILL THEN!

3/23/10: Shut off Netflix movie to see Obama SIGN health-care bill!

3/24/10: Sharon and Spartacus said I should show my slides more widely; at noon I get an announcement for "writers and photographers" for site!

4/26/10: Have lunch for the first time in AGES at Grand Canyon. Go to Tuesday Evening Slides for a China show, but they're sick: show will be of Grand Canyon!

6/1/10: Get to gym VERY late at 3:55PM, and NO ONE is at the desk! Wonderful!

6/15/10: Double whammy with Marj: called her at 11:25AM, JUST when construction noise started next door; AND on the very day she sent the next pack of files.

6/25/10: Friday meeting with Sharon PERFECT for TWO reasons: 1) she's not in next week, so my next session is 7/7, 2) Eugenio arrives 6/30, with NO Sharon!

8/3/10: Note 11/9/06: CHICAGO6, "Edgerton;" NOW it's Edgartown for Isensteins!

8/23/10: Doublet: Leave word with Ken about MV phone-call expense on the DAY he gets the bill for $7.11, AND then he brings up his talking to his doctor and looking at the CDC listing for vaccines needed for the Diversity trip, which I had been about to start researching. GREAT!

9/30/10: Another doublet: Cancel lunch with Carolyn JUST before Leon calls about Elsie's stroke AND a dance performance this afternoon, which he seems VERY happy that I'll be coming to. Then Workoff calls at 11:35AM, saying "At 11AM I thought to call you," and thus I must call MARJ and tell her about the TWO coincidences.

12/31/10: I phone Ken at 6:15PM and he says he EXPECTED ME TO ARRIVE at 6:15PM!

1/24/11: Phone Spartacus at 12:05PM and at 12:09 he discovers that "Camille" with James Franco starts at 12:10!!!

3/1/11: Spartacus phones in the MIDDLE of my problems with my mouse and my computer' Marj calls the SECOND I find that my mouse DOES work! Wild!

3/5/11: Going to "Iphegenie en Tauride" on subway, and READ ABOUT someone going to THE SAME OPERA in New Yorker magazine!

4/15/11: My to-Friday-postponed Sharon session on 4/15 is at 4:15PM.

8/23/11: Call Rita about TURKEAST on THE DAY AFTER she returns from Canada!

10/7/11: Talk to Marj re "Just DO it," and see TWO T-shirts in/near gym after!

10/9/11: Come up with two-letter resolution: DO IN AM!

12/16/11: Ask docent about copper Dead Sea Scroll, and he wrote a BOOK on it!

2/2/12: I take out a bag for the recycling room and see the back of the guy from 20B walking toward his apartment, and wave to him. As I return past the elevator, it opens, and the guy from 20G walks out.

3/7/12: Read about TED in New Yorker, and then next day Google a TED lecture by Lisi, the originator of the E8 theory of everything.

3/12/12: Think, "I lay to 12," and look at clock at PRECISELY 12:00!!

6/17/12: Note that Beverly and I come out AT SAME TIME two consecutive days!

7/25/12: Marj reports towels disintegrating in Minnesota on the SAME DAY that a T-shirt from Montreal disintegrated on my body! BOTH quite UNIQUE events!

10/11/12: Sharon says she was JUST about to leave when I show up at 4:31PM.