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I've always found it natural to record my dreams as soon as I wake from them, which could be often in the course of a night. Otherwise, many of the best details would have vanished from memory.

In the Short Fiction of ZolnerZone, "Dreams" records my earliest dreams, many of which made permanent impressions on me. Incidentally, "mympths" is my attempt at spelling a word I "knew" from about age 3, but at various times I may have spelled it "mymphths" or "mympts" or other ways. Sorry about that.

Travel, for reasons I've yet to determine, produces unusually vivid dreams, few of which are connected to the travel itself. Maybe being freed from everyday considerations frees my mind to voyage to unusual dream states.

Some are trivial, a few are transcendent. Enjoy them; but, be warned, many are not for prudes.


           Decades of Dreams