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Most of my dreams prior to the 1980s are included in my daily journals and my trip journals. Dreams are placed unpredictably in the 1970s.


Dream of 10/16/73: I'm exercising in the LIVING room, on the edge of the rug, back to the windows, at night, and there's a FLASH of light and the jangle of bells hanging from a PUSHED BABY CARRIAGE coming toward me from the study into the hall. I chill, panic, freeze, then rush to see who's PUSHING the carriage (which I haven't SEEN, only KNOW it's behind the wall). No one. Into bathroom, flicking on light, one of the mercury contacts so that I can't hear the sound, and there's the same even-lighting, color-in/color-out effect as on Spiro Agnew on color TV the night before, when the woman upstairs was walking back and forth changing the reception, going from an intense blue to a somehow just-as-intense gray without any of the color quality. The same lighting change takes place in the bedroom, and I have the same fearful feeling as I had when I had those dreams as a kid and wanted DESPERATELY to turn on the light and it wouldn't work, and while I'd FIGHT to tell myself that there wasn't actually anything WRONG, I just wanted the light ON so that I could PROVE it. Frightening in the extreme, but though I tried to call out, I don't believe that I made any sounds, and I seemed to come out of it as out of a regular dream, not in any start or relief NOT to be sleeping. And I hadn't smoked the last two nights, I think, which gave the dream a chance to get through.

Hoarse woman growls "HOLD IT" as elevator at Court Street closes. OBVIOUSLY she's more important than the 25 of us IN the elevator and the 5 people waiting DOWNSTAIRS.