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Chapter X

            Professor Matthew Sinto, assistant observer at the Williard observatory in Idaho, threw up his hands in despair. "Why don't they stop coming? Don't they realize what they are doing? They will upset the ever-important Balance."
            He sat at his desk, burning the midnight oil in his quaint old lantern, sifting through the notes that had been compiled after years of research and trials. Before him, on his desk, lay the papers on which hung the fate of Mankind everywhere. If anyone would have believed him, listened to him, it would not have turned out as it did. His superior at the observatory had scoffed at his far-flung theories, partly because he didn't really want to believe it and partly, the greater part, because he didn't want his subordinate to make a stir in the scientific world. He thought that the glory of finding out some soul-shattering facts should have fallen to him, the better known of the two, the one who had worked the harder, the one who now had the leading job in the most vital observatory on the American continents. So, mostly out of pride, the doctor in charge of the Williard observatory continued to scoff and make Professor Sinto doubt his calculations; until, when he DID see the light, it was too late and the world and its cousins were on the downhill grade that led to destruction and chaos.