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Chapter XVIII

            Terrible changes had been and were going to be made. The law had been passed; it had not been accepted by the people but it had been passed by the blinded representatives of the people. It was the law of the System.
            "Everyone who is a human being---that is---robots excepted, will from this 19th day of February, 2014, not be allowed to set up permanent residence on any of the planets, satellites, asteroids, or any heavenly bodies existing in space. All people residing on said bodies of matter in space will cease to carry on their respective businesses, close their homes, and come IMMEDIATELY to the Earth from which they came.
            “Rockets themselves will not be forbidden to travel the space-ways, but they will be banned if any of them carries humans that will eventually want to live there, even for a short while. If anyone is found outside of the Earth's atmosphere with a supply of oxygen in their possession, that same oxygen will be taken away from them and they will not be allowed to board the ship to return to Earth. The death sentence is required by the Congress of Worlds of anyone who doesn't abide strictly with these rules.
            “The Congress of Worlds reserves the right to amend this law anytime they see fit without requiring the people to think it just or unjust. Signed and Dedicated on this 20th day of February, Year of Our Lord, 2014.”
            The law was bitterly opposed.