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Chapter VII

            "Please, everyone, get off the train, get off the train!"
            No one seemed to heed the exasperated station agent. He had seen the bubble in the city collapse, and he knew from reports sent in that the other subway was unmanned. Here, in the East rocket port, was the only means of egress that many---no one knew how many--- had from a doomed city. No one seemed to mind, he thought as he tried to hurry the lucky survivors onto the loading ramp. They're safe so they don't care about the others. The agent was about to lose his temper when he saw that the last person had debarked from the car. He looked around for the operator, who was nowhere to be seen; then he knew---the operator's family had come in on that last train and he was probably rejoicing at their mutual safety. He sighed, he couldn't blame the poor guy; if he were able he would be with his wife and family too. Tears came into his eyes as he realized for the dozenth time that day that he would never see his wife or family again---they were dead, the house in which they were living had caved in on itself and only he escaped. He felt like crying as he climbed into the driver's seat of the car.