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I go downstairs to get my mail and chatter with some passing friends
and laugh a bit with Josie---she's the lively gal who brightly tends
my mailbox, trusted to her care. Returning---pausing-------not aware
of what is waiting for me there----I spend a time on "Market Trends"
before I look at HOW much more I've gotten on this cloud-filled day.
"Ah, there it is, the envelope!"  The day's no longer quite so gray.
"Restifo"'s on the mailing label----I throw the rest upon the table,
and-----just as fast as I am able----I read what "River" has to say.
The cover's great!  That tree so sharply battles with the cover's hue,
my eye----alighting here, alighting there----does NOT know what to do.
A quiet thought by E. M. Smailer,  a second "Hinge" from Mykia Taylor,
a lovely oil by Joseph Easter----much thanks, Elaine, my dear, to you!
The letters here are quite a treat, the best one that of Harper Brown;
so much---yet still?---on Lazarus, that critic holding strange renown.
B. Crook's woodcut (it is smashing), Palmer's "Wizard's Trade" so dashing
---I hear a mighty River splashing----NOW Elaine has charmed the town!
It starts directly on the first page, with a quote from Mrs. Browning,
then jolts the reader with that photo-----Mikhail Horowitz's clowning!
But could it be the Christmas season?  Maybe that's the proper reason?
A joyfulness brings all of these on:  no one's in a mood for frowning.
"Napolitano"----Mister Heller's-----strikes a splendid cyclic note----
not anyone could hope to better-----what he's saying-----how he wrote.
The form is absolutely right-----though possibly the thought is trite.
But his expression is so bright, I DON'T think he has missed the boat.
Again much thanks, Elaine my friend, for quite an eye-astounding issue.
(I'm sure that there is no one who, uncavalier, will DARE to hiss you!)
You have, indeed, outdone yourself; you may now put this on your shelf,
and (thanks to your creative elf it's all so good), Elaine, we KISS you!