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     Anything written for Famous Writers must have two characteristics: a certain point of view, and a certain length. To take the second, less important, characteristic first, most lengths assigned by FW are much too short. I realize the reason for this: if I can condense a character into 250 words, certainly I could give much MORE to a character in 5000 words in a novel, so the condensation practice will be good for me. Yet even in a condensation there are only SO MANY WORDS, and DETAILS take words---thus it's up to me to evaluate WHICH details I can give and which details I cannot give, since I CAN'T give ALL the details. WHICH details I give must depend on the point of view.
     Points of view are very many, but for my purpose they can be divided into two mutually exclusive classes: the OMNIscient author and the NOT omniscient author. To bring up a non-related point, LIFE is what I would like to portray, and in life NO ONE is omniscient. Long ago I wrote a list of five reasons WHY I enrolled in Famous Writers. Are these the REAL reasons? Of course not; I'd be a fool if I said I could cite the REAL reason for ANYTHING I did, and I think ANYONE would be a fool if they said THEY could. IN LIFE THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS OMNISCIENCE. In fact, in life there is VERY little reference by any individual to his background. Few people think to themselves about the reasons WHY they are this way. Their thoughts are involved, like Sally's, with pimples; like Martin's, with his job; like Clarence's, with sex. The CHARACTERS couldn't even tell you WHY they're doing what they're doing. I think an author's quoting their thought is "prying" enough, but quoting REASONS WHY is beyond everyone, and beyond my point of view as a non-omniscient author. Why have omniscience in stories if it doesn't exist in life? It's difficult enough to "create" life as it is. WHY was Scarlett O'Hara why she was? WHY were the kids in "Ship of Fools" such bastards? Reasons may be given, but are these the REAL reasons? Would ANYONE know the real reasons? Culture today is too Freud-oriented, believing there are ANSWERS hidden somewhere. Each answer would take seven books, and no one answer is 100% correct. What can one do in 250 words??? If I read a book in which EVERY answer was given, it would be the most non-controversial, non-interesting, forgettable book ever written. Half-answers can only be given through actions (and the thoughts of the reader). Beyond this no author has any right to go, unless the author advances into the field of utter unreality. We have to live with reality, with not knowing; so I as an author must live with reality, with not being able to know.
     P.S. Didn't think I was SUPPOSED to REPEAT what you gave in sketches. My plots DID come EXACTLY from the Study Guide. How can I use IMAGINATION if you slap me DOWN when I get IMAGINATIVE? There are LOTS of other characters I'd FAR rather write about than the two you GAVE me, but I did WRITE about them!