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COUPLE appear on streets of world, and everyone sees their OWN ideal couple (man-woman; man-man; woman-woman---but each in the SAME person, the one on the RIGHT; the one on the LEFT is NEVER described), and then, after being around for a while (OH, they don't make a SOUND---their LIPS move, but no one can "read" them) and they look in amusement at what's presented them (tit, cunt, cock, ice cream, vibrator, diamond) and what WOULD happen?) and one day they're just NOT there---like US in farthest Nepal, or Sahara LAND-yachtsmen to the Mauretanians---DYING of starvation and this RACE from another WORLD is AMONG them, obviously ABOVE them, but they just (SOUNDLESSLY) look on and are amused, and one day they're gone and what would the initial, continuing, and FINAL impression of them BE (a dream, a fantasy, a hallucination, green men from another world, their own superegos, or even GODS). Nothing should be really SAID, everything should be done by IMPLICATION, so that the READER could fill in his own fantasies, too. They're always dressed in the ideal clothes, also: tuxes to the rich, jeans to the hippies, naked to the natives, and it's not clear to the reader whether they appear to everyone SIMULTANEOUSLY or one after another, and they travel by means of transportation which would be just as mysterious to US as a plane would be mysterious to the Mauretanians. They're not able to recognize our sicknesses, or mental aberrations, they'd just wag their mental tails at everything, like pleased dogs, but OBVIOUSLY they would be communicating with EACH OTHER but not with anyone ELSE. And ALL the possible ideas of their cause and provenance should be listed so that EACH is equally possible, so that no one is able to say, "Oh, he DIDN'T say they could be---for example, Liz and Dick---so it MUST be them." People would fall in LOVE with them, but not be able to communicate with them; people would suicide for them, be ready to kill for them, but nothing would be able to harm them. Caught in a disaster, they vanish leaving no remains. They laugh at heat and cold, loud noises and stillness; everything that our senses DISCRIMINATE between, THEIR senses would accept as "something else.