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FRIDAY, 9/29/95: Suzie here 10:20AM, stop at Catskill Game Farm 1-2:30 for lunch, to Garnet Hill by 5:20PM, HUGE pork dish, and brownie sundae and wine dinner and bed at 11PM.

SATURDAY: 9/30/95: DREAM, which I put (for organization) on the next page, but the sense of violation causes a quick survey of previous senses of violation: 1) wallet stolen in Paris Metro, 2) wallet stolen in Sofia Cathedral, 3) money taken by trick on Upper West Side, 4) money taken by New Orleans trick, 5) wallet missing (with attendant credit-card cancellations) in NY City Center, 6) apartment theft of binox and such, 7) apartment theft of booze and class ring, quite a list, for me STILL such a trusting, naive traveler! And I fume to 3:20AM and write to 3:25AM, after peeing, wetting inside-nose (sad I've forgotten Vicks, but I can buy some today), and lament stuffed-stomach feel and look after dinner of coffee liquor, snacks, mushroom-barley soup, mixed salad with blue cheese dressing, a bread-loaf end, Pork Mackintosh (four lovely small loin cutlets) with apples and onions, plus lyonnaise potatoes and brown-sugared carrots and a brownie sundae and 1/2 bottle $13 Zinfandel and two cups of raspberry tea! Ending at 8:15, bed at 11:15, still stuffed, and now at 3:27AM cool and ready for bed again. 7AM another DREAM: I encounter a young kid with a short, smartly upcurved erection, and we fondle and suck so pleasantly I wake with a hardon. Down at 8, eggbusters (taste less) French toast, hot chocolate, bacon, juice; to Watch Hill 11AM-2PM, good views, back to work 3:50-6, dinner of (buffet) roast beef, fish, raspberry pie and tea, work 7:05-10:15PM, and bed.

SUNDAY, 10/1/95: Wake at 7:15, shower, down at 8:15 for cheese omelette and LOTS of stuff, to Sugar House after working 9:20-10:15, lunch of tuna (yesterday ham and cheese), ride back to work 1:15-5:25; happy hour #2 to 6:30, spinach heavy soup, salad, bison ravioli APPETIZER I couldn't finish, and up at 7:30 after 1/4 piece of coconutty carrot cake and tea, read two New Yorkers, undress for bed at 10:40, write this, do two crosswords to 11:10PM, STILL FEELING OVERSTUFFED!

MONDAY, 10/2/95: Wake, pee, and at 2:30AM record a dream (see next page), and wake to continue an "interview" in my head about Tsi-Dun, bars, baths, Homogeniuses, and other gay "activist" activities. TIRED and STILL stuffed! Watch says 5:30 when I wake, and it's STOPPED. Up and shit and sun is on lawn, so I'm down for breakfast at 8:30AM! Phone John, who's getting ASME stuff for me tomorrow, and breakfast of bacon omelette and up at 9:05 to dress for Snowy. Leave 9:30, start up 10:10, top by 1:10, TIRED, and down 2:15-5PM, bath to 6:20, phone Loonen, dine 6:30-8, look at index and do some 8:15-9:45, put stuff away in 79E room! Bed at 10:40PM.

TUESDAY, 10/3/95: Wake at 6:30 to shit, legs sore. Up at 7:45, scrambled eggs for breakfast, NY Times puzzles and pages to 11, then climb Balm of Gilead and back at 2 to find OJ's verdict: Not guilty! To work 3-5:50, painful happy hour with Mack with his cold and Betsy pre-Alzheimers! Dinner of portabellos, carrot salad, white wine, and smoked salmon, and sherbet. Up to room at 8:30 to read more New Yorkers to 10 and write this. OH, made a Thursday appointment with Richard Sime for indexes for five readers! Read MORE New Yorkers till bed at 11:20PM!

WEDNESDAY, 10/4/95: Wake at 6AM and have dream (see next page). Wake to continue a fantasy-story in which I undam a stream to flow through suddenly blooming gardens, set up a laser show to decorate a bare doorway, and send music through an old stereo system. Fix an aging Hispano-Suiza with a hairpin, and fix up a ruin into a fabulous show palace with costumes, sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures. Then it's suddenly 7:15, RAINING out (and yesterday I SAID I'd declare today a rainy day!) and write this to 7:20 and start PACKING for Suzie's early return for Pope-trafficked retrieval of her cat at 5PM. I've been counting "hours to home" at about 30, but now it's only about 8 hours! Breakfast and drive continually to Manhattan where I take subway at Chambers and home 3PM.


SATURDAY, 9/30/95: I'm coming back to my hotel, late, and hear a hubbub from the chapel off the lobby: the Mayor's had a late meeting and they'll be coming out past me! I climb some side stairs to get a better view, but guys push in front of me so I can only get a vertical shot of the rear of a phalanx of altar boys and a few priests in green chasubles chanting with militantly raised fists. I'd climbed the stairs with my hard suitcase of luggage, a shoulder bag, and a plastic bag of recent purchases (much like the load I took from Suzie's trunk here at Garnet Hill at 5:30 this past afternoon), and find someone's stolen my suitcase! I see a woman carrying TWO dark suitcases running downstairs, and I try to chase her, but my other two bags are too bulky, so I quickly survey what I've lost (mainly clothes and some souvenirs, a pain to replace and of SOME value, but my money and tickets and real valuables are still mine), but I have an outraged sense of violation, and I wake with "It's ONLY a dream."

MONDAY, 10/2/95: I'm addressing some group about Sage and Mattachine.

WEDNESDAY, 10/4/95: I'm coming to visit Dick Hsieh who decides to give me $10 to help someone sweep water and woodchips off an aluminum-foil floor which will soon become a general store selling groceries to a horde of coming visitors, and get a mop to soak up water, recruit someone to open shutters, and somehow we're on CPW where I'm visiting a trick's apartment on an upper floor of a Gothic building overlooking Central Park.