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MONDAY, 5/18/98: Awful White Castle hamburgs and TV to 10PM, bed 10:35 and toss till 11:30! Up for swig of Kahlua and 1 mg Rohypnol and to sleep about 11:55PM. Set alarm forward from 6AM to 6:30.

TUESDAY, 5/19/98: Wake 5:45 and pee. Light out. Lay til 6:15 and up to start packing, more and more. Breakfast and pills and new underwear and decide to take remote beeper (so no new phone message needed) and found LAST NIGHT that Spr-V might want AUTHOR index! Hope Suzie brings her ATT card. Fix up place presentable and out at 7:30. Bag HEAVY. Check for single for PATH entry. Subway crowded with business-folk. To PATH at 7:45 and one track for Hoboken. Train in fast. Everyone off at Exchange Place and to Hoboken at 8:10. Small ticket line and NOT $4.40 senior BEFORE 9AM, so $7.50 DISCOUNT because I SAY I return 4-7PM Friday. Onto train with FOUR tickets at 8:15 and write this to 8:27, ready to leave? Leave at 8:29 and pleasant ride past HUGE white-flowered TREES (black locust, says Mack) to Summit at 9:05AM and Suzie's not there! She comes and we leave at 9:15. GREAT trees and rhododendrons on Route 17 to Easton and north on 33 and 380 to Binghamton, stopping at Bingham Family Restaurant in Lenox at 12:15PM for tuna melt, lemonade (all second-glasses free up here!), and bumbleberry pie containing Northern Spy apples, "rasberries," blackberries, and rhubarb. Suzie recommends "" for cheap travel. Arrive 5:05, unpack and happy hour from 5:30-6:40: Betty and Dan Kamprath, Jo Sears, Jan and Jo, Mack and Betsy, me and Suzie. Suzie goes to Geneseo to meet a friend. We go to Deloris's Restaurant for my honey-dipped chicken, macaroni salad, and "hot bacon" salad dressing that's not discernibly bacon at all. Lemonade for $1, not charged for second glass. TOTAL bill $6.21! Drive back by 9PM, LOTS of deer in fields. White-flowered honey or probably BLACK locust have BEANS in autumn. Read "Infinite Jest" to 10:35, shit, FULL, and bed TIRED at 10:40, blocking light through door-window with jacket propped by broom handle.

WEDNESDAY, 5/20/98: Wake about 7AM and lie VERY comfortably until 8:30. Up and shit. Phone my place and Spr-V and look over middle falls and walk to upper falls to CARPETS of English daisies. LOTS of pictures and up to bridge to TRAIN whistle JUST as we step on a track! Down to feel tower vibrate. Then up to photo FROM bridge with 6-7 others who magically appear! Down to see a couple staring across canyon and Susie spots the DEER panicking on a lower level. LONG drama 1-1:20PM: she swims across, climbs, back in water and UP UNDER upper falls for TEN MINUTES of struggle, SURE to drown, then back (scares a river otter or a beaver?) to shore, more panic, down below US, up slope to be spooked by two couples beside us, and crashed down and across water AGAIN to opposite shore, run along ledge, flop into water, white tail up, and finally to a ledge out of sight, where we ASSUME she gets back up. To rainbows at foot of middle falls and back to lodge to have half-sandwich, apple, juice, small sherry, and chips, STILL full. Then drive to Wolf Creek, out BOTH sides amid school groups of whites and blacks, and back about 4:30. Hot and exhausted to shower and out to happy hour 5:15 and chat and laugh and tell tale of day (turkey vultures soaring over Wolf Creek Glen) and to Lorraine's on Main Street in Castile (pronounced cast-AISLE) for liver and onions and bacon, awful mashed potatoes they bring me instead of macaroni salad, good salad with blue cheese, mediocre hot fudge sundae, FAT clients and large woman's party in next room. Out at 8PM, back via a few deer, and watch most of "CBS 50 years" on TV to 11PM. Bed 11PM. Suzie was 48 about April 27.

THURSDAY, 5/21/98: Copious not-AWFUL reflux during night. Wake 7:15 and shit. Lie and laze and think to 8:20, voices outside. Out at 8:35 to find it chilly and Suzie's down at falls. Mack comes out, but the Kampraths have yet to appear at 8:40. Breakfast at Deloris's, one French toast and one sausage (and half from Suzie) and juice and hot chocolate NOT enough, so add a toasted English with a CUTE mustached guy in blue tee-shirt and nice chest and arms and bright eyes with wedding band and friend who reads papers. More fat clients. Mack late because he had to drive back for his TEETH. Back 10:15 to check messages from amplifier ($189 WITH tax) AGAIN, with Pope and Sherryl demanding Sunday Brooklyn Bridge party. They're planning driving to "the other side" with elaborate three-car pickups. Drive, park, walk, walk to lower falls, lunch, walk in 58E COOLER day, Kamprath STILL fussing with his Global Positioning tool as Jo and Jan gab about whose car's going where with who. Sun comes out BRIGHT and Suzie brings lunch and piles anti-bug stuff into my bag. Sit to 10:55 and day begins to warm up and my right thumb-joint's sore and I'm TIRED already and fed up with chipper talk among 9 of us. So we're off to trail 6 and walk above LOTS of roars from lots of lower fallses, and down to wet OPEN (they thought it was blocked off) footbridge and photos and across and back for flowers: dame's rocket, may apples like codpieces under two leaves' bifurcations, mitrewort tall, foamflower fuzzy, Herb Robert neat and pink with blue lines, bramble, forget-me-nots, five-petaled, 5-stemmed, 5-branched, 5-leaved unknowns, and many more. To cars at 12:45 and Mack's COLD, so we're back to Pinewood Lodge, then down to Trailside Lodge, warm from last night's still-burning fire, 12 woodchuck/groundhogs, one of which climbs a TREE to our amusement. They're back for me and Suzie to get car and go to THIS side of lower falls, and we stop at ALL Big Bend overlooks before we're back at 4PM to lie till 5 and happy hour to 6:10 in Room A and to Deloris's for WHITE chicken and biscuits of which I eat LESS than HALF and still feel STUFFED. Back for deer and clouds at 8:50, read to 10:20 and down to LIT wet falls to look, and write this and pee and bed at 11! Took picutres through #17, so FORTY taken in two days!

FRIDAY, 5/22/98: I wake at 6:30, lay and think and up at 7:15 and dress and shit and pack. Leave 7:50AM and stop at Stony Brook til 9:05AM, looking at pool IN river and campgrounds, and east to Mom's Diner for omelette and hot chocolate until 10:45AM, then to Corning for glass-blowing exhibit, Glass Museum to 1PM, and phone for messages, getting Bernice Selden index, then into car for long drive to Route 81 at 3:45PM when we stop at a roadside rest for sandwich and juice and chips and cookies lunch thanks to Suzie, and to Summit at 6:15PM for 6:37 train to Hoboken and pee before train to WTC and subway home by 7:45PM, tired and phone!