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The Travel Imperative

I'd lived in Ohio, with brief trips to Pennsylvania to see relatives, until my junior year in high school, in 1950, when my aunt and uncle drove their respective nephews (though my uncle's "nephew" turned out in the end to be his SON from a prior marriage!) to California. I remember my astonishment at the city streets of Chicago: whole blocks of storefronts with no empty lots at all! Then further west were the never-ending plains of Nebraska, the spectacular Wasatch Mountains outside Salt Lake City, and the even more spectacular Sierras. Lived in Salinas during the school year 1950-1951. The Army ROTC sent me to Summer Camp in North Carolina and the Reserves sent me to Fort Meade, Maryland, which I left for a two-day weekend in New York City in 1956, where I fell in love with the city. I moved there the day after I graduated from Akron University.

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