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DIARY 8700
AL 37


1. Pat Teller will call back, when she does she wants us to meet, and I suggest Tuesday before or after WWW, and she says she'll check with her husband, who ALSO works at LTS, and call me back for a firm date.

2. Carozza is busy and will call back tomorrow. Maybe she's unhappy with me?

3. Ginny Crofts and I talk for a long time, she's now in charge of SCIENCE editing, and will get in touch with me maybe when she has a math book to do.

4. Linda Schaffner takes Jan's name to have the designer of the McGraw-Hill style book get in touch with him about his needs for New York University.

5. NYU for Jan, leave word, he calls back, thanks me for the contact.

6. Althea Strail at McGraw-Hill is very happy with Knickerbocker, no chance.

7. Mary Lefkarites will call back, called at 6 and tried rooting out lots of names of groups that offer trips through Hunter, but we BOTH think that going through OFFICIAL channels might be good to get an in with Hunter.

8. Called Ron Tiekert and got Tom Aloisi who said things were very quiet, more desks than people, 20-30 new Math Centers in the fall, and that "I'm waiting to get directions for the next couple of months from Charles Walthur."

9. Carol Sims at Dutton, and she refers me to Engstrom, whose line is busy.

10. It took me two calls to get through to Althea Strail.

11. Avi no answer at first, then he's napping from a hard day last night, he's been robbed a second time, NOT going to summer school, looking possibly for a trip (even with me), will call back when he's more awake.

12. Fran calls, and then I call Gateway to cancel the Carozza option I took.

13. Call NYC parks for "Turandot" tonight, but they say "Weather permitting" and it's obviously raining, so I don't set foot outside the building all day.

14. Called Bob Grossman at 8:30 to ask why he wasn't at the opera; no answer.

15. John Connolly will call back about canasta after he gets weeks' schedule.

16. Bob Rosinek IS design director at Schiffli, will call him for lunch Tuesday; he's sorry to hear about me and John splitting, is willing to have me talk about it.

17. David Sears calls about the Canedo, Jack Howells, mid-60s fat gay owns it, and DAVID may be moving permanently to London, like Fred Courtney.

18. Joan Casarino, no answer after being busy after 9:30, left word at service to call.

And my half the phone bill was "only" $12.43 last month, MORE, I'm sure, this month.

DIARY 8995
AL 38


SIX of the messages were blank: no one left their name; Michael later said he thought my machine didn't work with a pay phone, but it worked for ME!

Rolf called for me to climb Mount Slide in the Catskills with him; called him.

Steve Abramson of ACC called to get my social security #; called him next AM.

Fran called to say NYC-Tokyo now $630; RTW, using Saigon: $1651.40, but that there will be THREE more increases: November 1, January 1, and March 1.

Steven Pearlberg called, but didn't say anything; he's still at Arnie's.

BILL HYDE called for Herman Adler's address, and that took a lot of doing, since there were four in the book, and then I looked up his request for the Pocher of Italy prices for auto models in various hobby shops. Wrote him.

Avi called to say that grass was available, but the guy never DID meet him, and I talked a long time to him, comparing notes from his and my lives.

A wrong number made a joke out of it, Martha answering, Frank telling a joke.

Arnold called Saturday AM to chat, and twice more: giggling and BREATHING.

Bob Rosinek called to talk, giving his work phone number. I talked long with him the following TWO mornings, he still wants to get together about Seth.

Bob Grossman called, saying he thought I should have been BACK by now.

And then Mark Kraus of Trans World called, saying he had work for me to do.

To get through to Arnie, since neither he nor Steven was home, I called Norma, and hold HER to have him call me, which he did, not being able to get through between 5 and 7, since I was solidly on the phone.

Shelley Dobbins didn't have my new number, so he left a message with Bill Kirkpatrick, but he couldn't fit me into his schedule, though he tried Friday.

John Capella called, and I called Kingsborough AND him to find class CANCELLED!

One bit of luck, since I would have had to have missed 4 of the 13 classes!

Someone, I guess Bob, told me to read the Baltic cruise in Sept. 30 New Yorker, and I saw that Arnie had it, so I can borrow it from him when we get back.

Then, on Friday, Ron Tiekert called to say that I should call him or Tom on Monday about a complicated freelance job too much to leave a message about. So I'll have to leave a note with JOHN to call him. And I call the tape recorder repair shop and find that my bill is $48! How perfectly AWFUL!

DIARY 9067
AL 39


11/13 (!) 2:45 am: My mind simply WON'T stop. "Castle Keep" roared to a climax at 1:45. I finally finish putting my French stamps until 2:15 and crawl into bed without smoking or coming. But the list of things to do builds in my brain:

1) Price the US stamps for Cyndy's collection
2) Add the South American stamps from Sergio
3) Sort through Sergio's "Europe" envelope for new ones for me
4) Write Cyndy and send her $$
5) Call Sergio, clear my takings, return his, give him new, get his new
6) Write to Paul and Mike for stamps
7) Soak and sort and fix MY stamps in
8) Call for Kingsborough refund
9) Write Elaine and Mom and Rita
10) Tape to Bill and Arnie
But still my mind whirls: all the effort of PEOPLE for "Castle Keep," all the PEOPLE that have handled my stamps, all the THINGS I'd like to do, the places to visit, and the people to meet and love. AND
12) the articles to the New York Times AND
13) Inquire of Interplanetary Noose about my story AND
14) check out the tape recorder AND
15) check out buying a camera AND
16) the Do list that I already have listed---
And then the next morning, while I'm lounging in bed, I think of the old saying "Ad astra per aspera" (To the stars through work?) and think that it might PHYSICALLY be "Ad astra per ASTRA" (To the stars THROUGH THE STARS), and think of Babbitt Brighton building a ship to explore a black hole, which is NOT an antimatter core but the doorway to a new creation, as the womb of Kali is the black hole through which the white hole of creation comes out through her stomach, or whichever way it goes. I DO WANT TO WRITE!

DIARY 9120
AL 40


Friday, at Cedar Tavern, when Polly offers me the job to "do research" for TDI if there's an opening, I took the wrong way (she actually meant that I could work on the writing [in the office] of the blurbs for the trips), and came up with a great list of possible future trips that I'd like to organize:
1. Palaces (visit 50 in order to pick 5-10) in India.
2. Cattle ranches (did Pat call them properties?) in New Zealand.
3. Private castles in Germany along the Rhine (up little side rivers).
4. Circumcontinentalization of (at least west coast) Africa.
5. Circumcontinentalization of (adding west coast) South America.
6. Farr-offf islands: Reunion, Comores, Easter, Galapagos, Christmas, Tonga, New Guinea, Andaman, Nicobar, Seychelles, Maldives, Tristan da Cunha, Antipodes, St. Helena, St. Paul (antipodes to NYC), etc.
7. Northwest Passage, from Greenland to Alaska.
8. China.
9. Small towns throughout Nepal.
10. Around the island of Ceylon.
11. All the capitals of Russia.
12. Sete Quedas, Lake Argentina, new ruins in Peru, Lake Titicaca in South America.
13. Obscure US: Canyon de Chelly, Canyonlands, Olympic Rain Forest, Hot Springs, Multnomah Falls, Badlands, Wisconsin Dells, etc.
14. Islands to the west of Great Britain, from Channel Islands to Shetland Islands.
15. Scotch, Irish, and Welsh castles and palaces.
16. Poland/Rumania/Yugoslavia/Czechoslavakia/Hungary/Bulgaria/Armenia.
17. Middle of Pyrenees/Alps/Appenines/Juras.
18. Arab nations: Iraq/ Iran/ Saudi Arabia/ Trucial States/ Afghanistan/ Turkey/ Egypt.
19. Searching for the Garden of Eden site in Eastern Turkey/Tigris/Euphrates.
20. Japan in depth, from Hokkaido to Kyushu/Inland Sea in detail.
21. Out-islands of Indonesia: Sulawesi/ Flores/ Ambon/ Timor/ Sumba/ Ceram/ Tanimbar/ Sul.
22. Australia as a whole/New Zealand/better Pacific isles.
23. Out-islands of Hawaii: Lanai/Molokai/Niihau/Kaula/Kauai/Maui/Hawaii in depth.
24. Out-islands in Caribbean: Carriacou/ Barbuda/ Anguilla/ Saba/ Aves/ Margarita/ Tobago.

DIARY 9195
AL 41


In the frenzy of play and movie going of the past few weeks, I've seen a great number of performers, but sitting in "Death Wish" and seeing a television camera with the call letters WZAZ, which are the SAME letters that were on the microphone for the Georgia-based radio program that broadcast the game in "The Longest Yard," I jot down a number of similar people in the back of "Expedition to Earth" that I finished late on 12/30/74:

1. Peter Boyle was "Frankenstein" 12/27 and the bartender in "Friends" 12/29

2. Nigel Davenport was Mary's husband on 12/28 and a doctor in "Mind" on 12/29

3. WZAZ in "Death Wish" on 12/30 and "The Longest Yard" on 12/29

4. Donald Sinden was the hero of "London Assurance" on 12/11 and "Island" on 12/30

5. Steven Keats was a gun seller in "Friends" on 12/29 and son-in-law "DW" on 12/30

6. Vincent Gardenia was "God's Favorite" on 12/25 and detective in "DW" on 12/30

DIARY 9268
AL 43


1. Godfather (72) 86 70s
2. Sound of Music (65) 84 60s
3. Gone with the Wind (39) 70 30s
4. The Sting (73) 68
5. The Exorcist (73) 66
Birth of a Nation (15) 50 (perhaps) 10s
6. Love Story (70) 50
7. The Graduate (68) 49.7
8. Airport (70) 45
9. Dr. Zhivago (65) 44.4
10. Butch Cassidy/Sundance Kid (69)44
10 over 44 million

11. The Ten Commandments (56)43 50s
16. Ben Hur (59) 36
18. My Fair Lady (64) 34
20 over 33 million

24. Cleopatra (63) 26
36. 2001: A Space Odyssey (68)20
64. Snow White (37) 16
95. Pinocchio (40) 13 40s
200. Big Parade (25) 5.5 20s

DIARY 9342
AL 44


EXTRAVALGANCE is an Extravaganza in Travel.

AUSTRELEGANCE is Elegance from Australia.

EXTRELEVENCE is Extra Irrelevance.

"The pitfall is" seen as "The pitifall is"

Erethism: abnormal irritability or responsiveness to stimulation

DIARY 9353
AL 45


1. Topics to be covered, please contribute, including list of further topics.
2. WHY is everyone so down on the topic?
3. Male masturbatory plateau
4. Implements and methods of mast.
5. S/M methods of mast.
6. Spontaneous, untouched orgasm.
7. Group masturbation and orgies.
8. Dangers of excessive.
9. Premature ejaculation and mast.
10. Time, lengths, frequencies, distance, quantities, and "best after 5 days."
11. Intensities from best to worst.
12. Masturbation at different ages.
13. Masturbation in literature
14. Contributions to date, NEXT list of topics.
15. Masturbation and animals (with and by)
15. Female masturbation.
17. Masturbation fantasies.
18. Masturbation and movies, straight, gay, porno.
19. Masturbation onstage
20. Masturbation contests: beauty, endurance, strength.
21. Programming with grass, poppers, bidis, music, porno, spoken words.
22. Feeling your whole body.
23. Masturbation and infants.
24. Masturbation and anal penetration, learning and doing.
25. Masturbation in public.
26. Masturbation and obscene phone calls (doing and getting).
27. Watching masturbation (voyeurism).
28. Slang expressions for masturbation (U.S. and foreign metaphors)
29. Masturbation and pornography.
30. Recording and exchanging masturbation tapes.
31. Aphrodisiac effect of talking (and writing!) (and reading?) about/during mast.
32. Mast. and semen: its look, quantity, spread, taste, consistency, indication of general health; self-diagnosis by means of reading, for physical, mental, and MORAL health.
33. Masturbation as a road to a mystical experience.
34. The idea of dying during masturbation.
35. Supernatural, extraterrestrial, extraempathetic links to orgasms.
36. Records SET in terms of MOST and BEST.

DIARY 9390
AL 46


Admittedly I had the NOTE to call Lloyd on my desk for some days since the schedule had arrived, but I CHOSE to try Lloyd for the FIRST time the VERY day he got the tickets and schedule sent to him by Daisy, and he'd just found that "Ivan" and "The Sleeping Beauty" weren't coming because the sets were too heavy to transport. I said I'd call him again; when the revisions came! Admittedly I had called Rolf a number of times since he'd left the note on my answering machine last weekend, but I chose to call at 10 pm yesterday, the very MINUTE he arrived back from a week away, and he put the stuff out of his car and called me back.

Not MUCH of a coincidence was my calling Marty and his calling back to say that he'd wondered how my interview at the New School had gone.

Called Bob Grossman this morning and asked him about Equity Library Theater's production of "Do I hear a Waltz?" JUST as he was going through New York Magazine wondering what off-Broadway productions might be interesting to see.

Usually when I call Paul Bosten he responds by saying "I was just thinking about you," but I think that's more public relations than anything else.

Then there was the bit of showing Bob Grossman my writeup of my first sex experience in New York on the very day that he had been thinking about HIS first trick on the beach and in the bushes in Chicago when he was about 17.

Then I showed Art the phrase "That's an entirely different story" in my New York article when he said he found himself using that phrase over and over in HIS New York article.

Then there was going through the Latham material to select things for McGraw-Hill on the VERY day that I met George Allen at the Joffrey Ballet.

Then there was passing who LOOKED very much like Martin Mayer in the Brooklyn Heights subway station ONE DAY after I'd seen him at the New School, and the slight coincidence of knowing Sidney Offitt from Arnold's party.

Then Bob Rosinek usually has some coincidental thing to say whenever I call him, but that doesn't work when he calls me, since I don't think that way. But that's quite enough for the period of less than a week, isn't it?

DIARY 9498
AL 47


I'd been so proud of finally cutting down my do list to seven items [exercise and meditate; do writing list; call Kevin; wash windows; see Art's stamps; file scrapbook; send tape to Bill] that I was extremely loathe to add anything to it. But then, typing DIARY 9486 (so MANY pages ago!) I came across so many things that I wanted to remember that I wrote a NEW do list. It had 17 items at THAT time, and it's SINCE grown to 23 items, and I guess that's the end of THAT short list. Anyway, the new list, just to show where I am, since I never save the lists THEMSELVES (that would be a BIT much) (though I've done it a few times in the PAST, certainly), is here:
How many weeks WORKED in 1974---benefit year inquiry for more unemployment benefits
Arnie: contacted Bramson agency about ship work?
do income tax
fix apartment
Ron Greenburg: Whaddya Know?
cut grass, avocado, poinsettia
plant grass
clean and repot many
wash dishes
letters to Mom, Rita, Paul, and many others
Logical Technical Services: how is it going? Tellers, too
buy file cabinet
schedule an orgy
package from post office
souvenirs away
buy bedroom rug
sort out ALL sex stuff into sections of good and bad
file Travel Agent magazine
glue chair together
letter to Ron Miller for when he gets back from his cruise
get haircut
So now I have a list of 30 items, some of which will take ages to do, and we're back into the cycle again, and I'm gradually beginning to feel all typed out, so that there's not MUCH to do still more.

DIARY 9499
AL 48



I even had to take a note on how many pages I was specifying on which diary page, and of course I have to type that note:

DIARY 9480, specified to page 9491 (11 pages)
DIARY 9481, specified to page 9495 (4 pages)
DIARY 9483, specified to 9497 (did 2, added two)
DIARY 9486, to 9498.
on the NOTE: "THIS on LAST page. " Where am I now?: LAST last (see DIARY 9500), the page that I DID say I'd get to on the last line of page 9481!


Took some sample sentences from New Century's OYOs to illustrate WHY the series comma SHOULD be used, to make English (written) clearer:

"When I call your home, your mother or your sister tells me you are out." If series commas are NOT used, that sentence is VERY unclear. WITH, it's PERFECT. "The judge added up seven, four and two and got a total of thirteen." looks horrible without the series commas. Hit Tom Aloisi with this in case he, or anyone else, ever asks why I like them. Now to mention the clarity of "We had corn and peas and carrots" for two vegetables; "We had corn, peas, and carrots" for three vegetables; and "We had beans, corn, peas and carrots" for CLEARLY three vegetables, not even NEEDING the extra "and" to make it clear.

DIARY 9542
AL 49


Start with VELIKOVSKY (3 spellings of first name) 1974-2-27, P. 9, col 1.
Geometrodynamics had no entries; nor did Ouspensky or Gurdjieff.
Wheeler talked about creating new universe in 4/4/71 Times, P. 7, col 1.
Also 4/26/73, P. 17, col. 1.
Bach's boy's choir voices changed at 18; London 1969 study at 13.3 years!
LATER menstruation at HIGH altitudes. Got this from looking at ALTITUDE!
Miracles uncovered only an article about the two by Mother Elizabeth Seton.
Then PARAPSYCHOLOGY; broken into psychic healing, clairvoyance, telepathy, psychokinesis, and precognition.
Edgar Mitchell: 1/9/74, P. 35, col 1, or ESP in the Apollo project.
Jean McArthur---psychic, teaches meditation.
Marjorie May---predicted winning horses
Stanley Krippner---studying ESP
Eileen Roberts---English medium
Maxine Asher---psychic looking for Atlantis
Kenny Kingston---psychic
Bill Clark---healer
B. Roll---Director of Psychical Research Foundation.
I was on the thing for 36 minutes, mainly paging through the 124 articles on parapsychology. Great system. I requested a printout-mailing of Wheeler.

DIARY 9546
AL 50


I recorded them at random on a pink slip, so I'll transcribe them in no order:
Director---John Dexter---Equus
Actress in a play---Ellen Burstyn---Same Time, Next Year (Bob's delighted with his Wednesday matinee ticket!)
Actress in a musical---Angela Lansbury---Gypsy (only one of 3 I SAW)
Actor in a play---the two blacks John Kani and Someone Tschumi in Sizwe Banzi
Actor in a musical---John Cullom---Shenandoah---with cracks about reviewers
Director in a musical---Geoffrey Holder---Wiz
Choreographer---George Faison---Wiz
Best score for a musical---Charlie Smalls---Wiz
Supporting actor in musical---Ted Ross---Wiz
Supporting actress in musical---Dee Dee Bridgewater---Wiz GIVING WIZ 6 TONYS!
Book for musical---Shenandoah---beating out Wiz
Scenic Designer---Carl Toms---Sherlock Holmes
Supporting actress in a play---Rita Moreno---Ritz (Let me chauw you my bids) show you my beads
Supporting actor in a play---Frank Langella---Seascape
Special Award---Neil Simon, who looked and sounded dreadfully dreadful.
So there were 16 awards to plays: 6 to the Best of the Best: THE WIZ
2 each to Shenandoah, which won't get me to it, and to Equus, which I've seen.
The six singles: Seascape, Sizwe Banzi, Same Time, Ritz, Gypsy, Sherlock Holmes.
There were 451 voters for the categories.
The rest of the show had lots of no-talent people entertaining, except for the star turns by Lansbury, Alexis Smith, and Larry Kert, still beautiful.
The touted Bridge of Thighs went only about 10 feet into the orchestra, the crowd looked like fun, and now with Bob Grossman I think it WOULD be fun to attend one, though I'm sure it's difficult to get in. Best quote of the evening: by someone awarded acting awards for the Wiz: "If the children of God are the flowers of earth, it's been a ball to stroll in your garden."
So I now want to see the Wiz, Same Time, and probably Art and Nancy for the Ritz.

DIARY 9588
AL 51


Got MOST by 5/87!

Norma MacLaren: Mosaic (the ball that becomes arrays of dots with plunky sounds).
Norman MacLaren: Pas de Deux (both for the beautiful images and those crazy panpipes).
D.W. Griffith: best scenes from "Intolerance" "Birth of a Nation" "Judith," etc.
S. Eisenstein: best scenes from "Potemkin" "Ten Days" "Last Days" "Strike" "Mexico," etc.
Stanley Kubrick: trip sequence from "2001."
Walt Disney; "Fantasia" Bach, Tchaikovsky, Mussorgsky sequences.
Fred Halsted: best sections from "Erotikus," "Drive" "Bijou" "Brothers" etc.
Busby Berkeley: best scenes from "Footlight Parade" (By a Waterfall), "Young and Healthy (42nd Street) (see Page 10-11 in Brandon Films (and "Great Ziegfeld")
Leni Riefenstahl: best scenes from "Triumph of the Will" and "Olympia"
Max Rheinhardt: "Midsummer Night's Dream"
Various science fiction: best of "War of the Worlds," "When Worlds Collide," "Things to Come" "Dante's Inferno"
Various disaster: best of "In Old Chicago," "San Francisco" "Rocket Man" "Poseidon Adventure" "Towering Inferno" "Earthquake" "Night to Remember"
Various spectacle: best of "Ten Commandments" "Land of the Pharaohs" "Thief of Baghdad" "Quo Vadis" "War and Peace"
Various trip sequences: "Soylent Green" "Dumbo" "Three Caballeros" "Yellow Submarine" "Zardoz"

have 26 of 45 5/20/87

DIARY 10238
AL 52


1) Mystic Moods: a) I am, it is
b) Middle transition of Stragglers and Newcomers
c) The first day of forever
2) Moody's "Question of Balance": And the Tide Rushes in
3) Moody's "Days of Future Passed": Nights in White Satin (Between sheets, jerking off! "Letters I've written (generating seed with DNA messages of heredity) never meaning to send (swallowing!)"
4) McArthur's Park
5) Bridge over Troubled Waters (3164-3527)
6) Tubular Bells: Side Two without ending (3528-4768)


1) Tubular Bells: Side Two without ending (0000-1379)
2) Mystic Moods: a) Spiritual Awareness (1380-1770)
b) The Seventh Plane (1771-2170)
3) Moody's "In Search of the Lost Chord":
a) Departure (2175-2259)
b) House of Four Doors (I) (2260-2673)
c) House of Four Doors (II) (2674-2835)
4) Moody's "On the Threshold of a Dream": The Voyage and Have You Heard (II) (2840-3414)
5) Moody's "To Our Children's Children's Children": Watching and Waiting (3415-3755)
6) Berlioz: Harold in Italy (Side 1, Band 2) (3760-4511)
7) Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker Suite (Christmas tree) (4512-4762)

Recorded and played back (for transitions) 10 pm - 1:40 am 11/10/75

DIARY 10281


1. Oct 4 - Oct 10, 1970 (Brook room)
a. Oct 5: Ampersand Mountain (UP 10:30-12:30, down 1:45-3:45)
b. Oct 6: Canoeing on Blue Mountain Lake, Eagle Lake, Utowana Lake
c. Oct 7: Elk Lake
d. Oct 8: Avalanche Lake
e. Oct 9: Cedar River Flow

2. May 21 - May 23, 1971 (Balsam with Arnie and Norma) (Earthquake)
a. May 21: Castle Rock
b. May 22: Chimney Mountain and Puffer Pond
c. May 23: Cedar River Flow
[October, 1971, spent in India]

3. May 19 - May 22, 1972 (Green Room upstairs/Rain)
a. May 19: John's Pond

4. Oct 9 - Oct 14, 1972 (Balsam)
a. Oct 10: Ampersand Mountain (up 2 hrs, down 2 hrs)
b. Oct 11: Canoeing on Forked Lake
c. Oct 12: Adirondack Museum (Rain)
d. Oct 13: Upper Sergeant Pond

5. Sep 29 - Oct 5, 1973 (Lakeside with Ben and Lucy at start)
a. Sep 30: Mount Snowy
b. Oct 1: Canoeing on Blue Mountain Lake
c. Oct 3: Buttermilk Falls
d. Oct 4: Vanderwacker Mountain

6. Sep 29 - Oct 5, 1974 (Balsam)
a. Sep 30: OK Slip (with elder Webbs)
b. Oct 1: Indian Falls (not completed)
c. Oct 2: Black Bug Pond (popcorn snow)
d. Oct 3: Sawyer Mountain and mushrooms on Rock Lake Trail
e. Oct 4: Uncas Trail to Black Bear Mountain and Bug Pond

7. Sep 28 - Oct 5, 1975 (Lakeside)
a. Sep 29: Uncas Trail to Black Bear Mountain
b. Sep 30: Moose Pond past Santanoni Preserve
c. Oct 1: John's Pond
d. Oct 2: Upper Sergeant Pond from Forked Lake Road
e. Oct 3: Goodnow Mountain
f. Oct 4: Catlin Bay on Long Lake

8. Oct 2 - Oct 11, 1976 (Water's Edge)
a. Oct 3: Hour Pond
b. Oct 4: Cedar River Falls and Bridge
c. Oct 5: Goodnow Mountain
d. Oct 8: Adirondack Museum (Rain)
e. Oct 10: Silver Staircase

9. Sep 29 - Oct 7, 1979 (Water's Edge II)
a. Sep 30: Chimney Mt.
b. Oct 1: Cascade Pond
c. Oct 2: Buttermilk Falls and Goodnow Mt.
d. Oct 3: Lake Lila and Nehasane
e. Oct 4: ADK Museum
f. Oct 5: Pottersville (Dennis) and Tupper Lake (John)
g. Oct 6: Tirrell Pond

10. Sep 28 - Oct 2, 1982 (Water's Edge III)
a. Sep 29: Cliffhanger and Minnow Pond---show Russia-China slides
b. Sep 30: Blue Mountain---show U.S. slides
c. Oct 1: Upper Saranac, Ely's Chapel, Lake Lila---show Mexico, Italy, and
France slides
Oct 2 Jerry Rodgers and sister Rhoda stay with JV till 10/6

11. Sep 28 - Oct 2, 1983 (Water's Edge IV) (James Manning)
a. Sep 29: Owl's Head (water tower) (show Tanzania, France, EPCOT, Hemlock
Hall slides)
b. Sep 30: Forked Mtn. brook (beaver dam) with Barrie and Grover (James on
c. Oct. 1: Bug Pond, ADK Museum, Blue Mtn trail, flight, (with Fran Bowell)
(John on "Stories of Warren County")

12. Sep 28 - Oct 2, 1991 (Garnet Hill #1 - Room 6)
Barrie and Bruce Rolliston Daines, with Suzie Mead and Joe Easter

DIARY 10750
AL 65


Meditating for the first time in weeks this morning, and I come up with the idea of another CONSTANTLY UPDATED list on the books, movies, plays, operas, ballets, dance performances, and people I meet and have sex with, so that I can just RECORD all those things about once a week and then THROW OUT all the programs and listings and sheets that I might have saved up---and so I won't have to face that pile of junk from a year and a half on the sofa for a week and a half already. And then it puts things TOGETHER, more accessible than the datebook list, showing HOW things like movies and books and other activities will fit in together, seeing which takes the forefront when, making it easier to update the INDIVIDUAL lists later in the year. And then it puts everything in WRITING---which brings me back to the thought of what I'll LOSE when or if everything goes up in a FIRE, but at least it'll be a LIST that I might be able to SALVAGE, rather than boxes and boxes of papers and programs and lists that really have little INTRINSIC value except as a RECORD of what I've done, and a record can be better kept on a list of a sheet a month, rather than a pound of SOUVENIRS for a month. I can still keep extraordinary things like "last and first performance" programs, still keep tickets stubs and matchbook covers, but for the rest, most of it can be thrown out or filed in the bookcases so that I have a better IDEA of what I have, rather than stacking things away in the closet to just vanish into the dust except as something to keep track of when the end-of-the-year updating time comes, or when painting, or when moving. It's a way of clearing things out, putting MORE things in writing, keeping LESS space occupied with it, making the DATA more accessible, which is what I think is the most important part of it. And AT LAST I'm also caught up on the diary pages for this sequence of time---just in time to get the OTHER things out of the way in preparation for the trip to Florida, when, again, things will get OUT of hand and have to be caught up with AGAIN. But the cycles are fun, and that's what life is all about, and I've managed to make a whole page, down to the bottom, out of THIS topic, too.

DIARY 10972
AL 69


Huxley: Letters of Aldous Huxley 964
Huxley: The World of Aldous Huxley 544
Huxley: Proper Studies 349
Huxley: Music at Night 366
Huxley: Ends and Means 330
Huxley: Brief Candles 320
Huxley: On Art and Artists 319
Huxley: Young Archimedes 312
Huxley: Do What You Will 310
Huxley: Texts and Pretexts 309
Huxley: Limbo 292
Huxley: The Art of Seeing 273
Huxley: Two or Three Graces 272
Huxley: Themes and Variations 260
Huxley: Along the Road 259
Huxley: On the Margin 218
Huxley: Mortal Coils 207
Huxley: The Collected Poetry of A.H. 166
Huxley: Literature and Science 118
Huxley: Science, Liberty, and Peace 63____In living room (20)
Nabokov: Details of a Sunset and Others 179
Nabokov: Tyrants Destroyed and Others 238
Nabokov: Look at the Harlequins 253
Nabokov: A Russian Beauty and Others 268
Nabokov: Transparent Things 158
Nabokov: Speak, Memory 310
Nabokov: Nabokov's Quartet 125
Nabokov: The Gift 378
Nabokov: Pale Fire 224
Nabokov: Nabokov's Dozen 175____ In living room (30)
Nabokov: Pnin 190
Nabokov: Bend Sinister 241
Nabokov: The Real Life of Sebastian Knight 173
Nabokov: Laughter in the Dark 160
Nabokov: Invitation to a Beheading 223
Nabokov: Despair 222
Nabokov: Glory 205
Nabokov: The Eye 111
Nabokov: The Defense 256
Nabokov: King, Queen, Knave 224
Clarke: Coming of the Space Age 14 Blackwoods
Clarke: Profiles of the Future 232
Clarke: Voice Across the Sea 218
Clarke: The Coast of Coral 208
Clarke: The Making of a Moon 200
Clarke: The Exploration of Space 190
Clarke: Man and Space 189
Clarke: Interplanetary Flight
Clarke: Into Space 123
Clarke: Boy Beneath the Sea 64
Hesse: My Belief 393
Hesse: Stories of Five Decades 328
Hesse: Autobiographical Writings 291
Hesse: Reflections 191
Hesse: Wandering 109
Maslow: Toward a Psychology of Being 222
Maslow: The Psychology of Science 151
Maslow: Religions, Values, and Peak-Experience116
Heidegger: Being and Time (504) 446
11/26/86 decide NOT to finish!
Kant: Critique of Pure Reason (589) 551
Kant: Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics 133
Kant: Philosophy of Immanuel Kant (101) 71
Brown: New Mind, New Body 421
Aurobindo: Life Divine I 632
Aurobindo: Life Divine II 438
Boehme: Mysterium Magnum I 407
Boehme: Mysterium Magnum II 399
Boehme: Signature of All Things 295
Evans-Wentz: The Tibetan Book of Great ??? 254
Niven: The Mote in God's Eye 560
Gaddis: J.R. 726
Gaddis: The Recognitions (1021) 535
Updike: Picked-Up Pieces 519
Donoso: The Obscene Bird of Night 438 68 as of 6/22

DIARY 9567 - FILE AS 11240(?)
AL 76
4/30/75 (REDONE 8/31/76)


1) Everyone but Jerry grinned at the joke. He must have missed the _____.
_____ joint _____ point _____ noise

2) It's hiddden.

3) We will sing songs until the bell _____ .
_____ clucks _____ hangs _____ rings _____ winks

4) ID words: Present + id = President
Valuate + id = Validate + u
Proved + id = Provided

5) "I thought the name was NASSAR until the threatening words turned out to be OR ELSA."

6) Two marvelous quotes from Pound's translation of Sophocles' "Women of Trachis": "You can't count on anything for tomorrow; you have to wait till today's over," and "No joints, no strength in them."

7) Freon is a heat-absorbing chemical that is commonly used in the coild(s) of a refrigerator.

8) Art's gift of the "Poetical Dictionary" has an intriguing quote from "Shakefpeare's Cromwell" that speaks of the "full fed friars, That neither plough, nor fow, and yet they reap the fat of all the land, and fuck the poor?" And on page 283, from "Shakefpear's King Richard II" that starts "Dear earth, I do falute thee with my hand" [now, THAT's some high-falutin'] later says "But let thy spiders that fuck up thy venom---with ufurping fteps" yet.

9) Reading "Autobriography of a Yoga" and write about "remember" on P. 169n and pass a car sold by Rumplik. Re-Member: re-become a member of God: God's hand; God's MEMBER.

10) Aesir comes from the Old Norse ASS: GOD!

11) Frank Church, head of the CIA-investigating Senate Committee: "The Watchdog Committee just wasn't watching the dog."

12) Cousin Brucie on Channel 13: "Monty Pyton" is the biggest thing since the Mormons took over Britain (Normans?)

13) Typing "MOB INDEX" and it comes out MOB OMDEX - 33!

14) A Lexicon and Concordance of Bicentennial Massachusetts

15) Arnie: Walter Matthau loses his crotchiness---no crotchITIness.

DIARY 9607
AL 77


1. Stringing magazine articles on dozens of pages (expanding file space) just to be "forced" to read all the ads!

2. "Regulating" agencies comprised of the OWNERS of the businesses they pretend to regulate (airlines, utilities, labor boards), causing prices and wages to go higher and higher for the mere paperwork involved in increasing prices!

3. Shipping companies who think they "own" the oceans by flushing out their tanks IN the oceans to cause 90% of beach pollution; cruise lines that dump their garbage into the Caribbean, one of the most beautiful areas in the world.

4. Anyone who litters, particularly dog owners with their dog's shit in front of someone ELSE'S apartment doors and curbs; parents training their kids to do it.

5. Ballet companies that refuse to show only their new stuff, but insist on dragging worthless past pieces along into the distant future.

6. "Charity" organizations (Workmen's Circle) who BILL you for VOLUNTARY contributions (American Ballet Theater), forcing YOU to remove your "contribution."

7. "Charity" organizations (WFV, Cancer Care, Churches) who BLACKMAIL you by sending you a book, signed, that you must return, or greeting cards, or return address labels, then imply that you've done them damage by not returning them.

8. "Professional" publishing houses who permit books to be published with errors of content, editing style, or spelling, simply to adhere to a schedule.

9. "Pornographic" movies that don't take every opportunity to edit out the boring scenes and include as many come shots as time permits.

10. People who treat public theaters and auditoriums as their own living rooms: eating, talking, smoking, arguing, banging things, as if they were alone.

11. TV and movie listings that don't include the DETAILS of the shows.

12. Index cards produced to NOT tear apart, and then to leave scraps on sides.

13. ERA women who still wanted to be treated as ladies, having both sides of kindness.

14. TV stations who don't show the movies advertised only a week before.

15. Government agencies (business certificates) with 5 windows, 3 charges, 2 official stamps, 4 forward referencing phone numbers, for ONE simple formality.

16. Banks that use THEIR rules (writing numbers on backs of checks, getting forms for foreign currencies) to make YOUR banking tasks more difficult.

To 90,000 series: 91281

DIARY 10093
AL 78


10/5/75 5:50 am: FLARE: Free-Lancers, Associated, Reporting Employment or Free-Lancers' Association for Reporting Employment.

1) People:
BZ: President, Organizer, Money-Maker.
AB: Public Relations, Forms, Contracts, Mailing, Accounting
RH: Legality, Consultant, Treasurer, Finances, Contracts

2) Organization: Subtitle S, or whatever, PAYING all 3 of us a SALARY of $200/week, SET UP AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE COMPLETELY ABOVE BOARD.
a) to minimize "we'll SUE you now that we know what you're doing"
b) to minimize "now that we know what you're doing, we'll do the SAME"
c) to minimize "NOW we know what you're doing, we don't NEED you"
d) to minimize anyone stepping in and saying "You can't DO that."

3) Startup:
a) Check legalities
b) Draw up organization based on a)
c) Draw up forms based on a) and b)
(1) Contract: We're with FLARE, can't EVER set up a competitor.
(2) Contract: You take 1%, 2%, 5%, that's IT.
(3) Contract: WE (FL) get only contacts; you(FLARE) handle ONLY unemp.
(4) Government W-2, W-4 form liaison.
(5) FLARE forms
(a) Weekly income, taxes, paying.
(b) Quarterly "benefit statement"reports(for estimated taxpayers)
(c) Yearly "here's what you need for taxes" report.
d) Ads: in VV, Times, Publishers Weekly, LMP, Writer's Digest, etc?
(1) Send $1, $2, $5 for FLARE information?
(2) Send $1, $2, $5 for FLARE taxation information?
(3) Send $1, $2, $5 for FLARE Employment Benefits information?


4) Running:
a) 10 people will pay $500/year---for ads and postage.
b) 100 people will pay $5000/year---support one person barely.
c) 1000 people will pay $50000/year---support 3 people GRANDLY.

5) Possibilities:
a) "We're not interested in size, only service: LTD MEMBERSHIP: $5/year
b) Blue Cross/Blue Shield; Ref exchange; Jobs; Supplies: DEDUCTIBLE?
c) Vacation and Travel Planning and Group CHARTERS.

DIARY 10298
AL 79


Started keeping the list in June, and it got too long, so here it is HERE:

6/27: GOT to be another pair of clean socks; there IS, in the back of the drawer!
6/30: GOT to call Tom Aloisi at 4:30; look at the clock and it's 4:29!
7/24: GOT to be another bidi---look through the drawer and there IS!
7/30: Pope: I want Personality Profile. Hang up. Me: It's right HERE!
8/1: Bob Rosinek comes IN to the Sheraton as I LEAVE to the new seminar hotel.
8/4: Get a NEW message minder (and tape) FREE because they "misplaced" my old one.
8/4: Call Eddie to get Richard's number; Richard is LIVING at Eddie's and ANSWERS!
8/5: No change for $10 bill, so the Carnegie Hall Cinema guy gives me $3 ticket for $2
8/20: Want a TM Stress Release class, see that it isn't, go anyway, and it IS!
8/21: Want to tape record me AND music, and then grok that that Y gizmo DOES that!
11/11: "Quantum jump" explained to Arnie; he gives me City; FIRST article HAS Quantum.
11/15: "Pity Linda's not dancing Sunday." Art: Oh, but she IS, I'll put your name down.
11/16: "What a pity "Little Giant" is on with E.G. Robinson." It's Abbott and Costello!
11/23: "Lhamo Tibetan Opera has left, wanna see Yass Hakoshima." "OK." "Here's FREEBIE"
11/24: Read about G's "Including postage" on SUNDAY, Bill talks about it on tape MONDAY.
11/25: FROM ARNIE: He takes "Rock Opera" to Azak's, who MET the author on Saturday, and copied Arnie's name and phone number on the back of HIS card on SUNDAY.
12/10: Called Richard (no answer) for Eddie; 1 hr later Eddie calls.
1/17/76: Meditating: let my body say when 20 minutes is up by opening eyes; eyes open, mind says "Too soon," it's 20 minutes and 5 seconds.
2/4: Michael Blackburn talks of "You have to DO something" just when I read the Betty Book page on the SUBWAY that says the same.
2/8: Type "parallel time" not on DIARY 0627 just after seeing the SAME "parallel time" used on Space 1999.
2/8: Type "family sex" note on DIARY 0629 just AFTER reading "Time 3000" about the same thing.
2/13: Index, type first half "be nice to have about 500 cards," I tear 622 8-ply strips = 500!
2/16: Shower and wash my hair Monday 5PM "just to do it" since Thursday shower, and Michael calls for baths tonight!
2/17: Carnegie Hall Cinema due to start at 8:35, I get there hungry at 8:47 and have time to eat before movie starts at 8:50!
2/21: Call Arnie, talk to Michael Ralph, say "Let's get together," and Michael and Steven ride up in St. George elevator with me.
3/29: Guy and Dennis arrive in suits for first time; Rolf arrives an hour later int he first suit I've seen him in.
4/9: Dennis and I wash hands a dozen times---first time in years---today! (Me from typewriter ribbons, he for party tomorrow).
4/16: Dennis, Art's at 8. Art: Make it 8:30; can't get in touch with Dennis, we both arrive at lobby at 8:25.
4/21: Stephen Waite at Town Hall; I'd forgotten; You get TDF? No. Here's a freebie; they're in and Marcia passes, offering me a freebie.
4/27: Dennis has my somatotype: code 13.45 at age 28. And 74% and 64% compatible (69% average) in all but intellectual biorhythms.
5/6: Go out to John at 5:45 for first time in WEEKS about Hemlock Hall; he has a typed sheet in his hand ready to give me.
5/19: Just writing a note to John about baking dish that pot seedlings were in when he comes upstairs at 10PM and says Yes.
5/31: 1) Tune in JUST where I left off "Fledermaus" on 5/29; 2) Art calls "Don't come up" just as I want to call "Can't come up." 3) Dennis requests pancakes for breakfast just as I wonder how I'm going to give him breakfast with only two eggs!
6/20: Dennis and I meet in Times Square subway after YMHA and 41st St dances; 6/21 I meet Guy and Dennis outside Carnegie Hall Cinema!
7/2: Four chapters gone from $35 book, but he says I can get it from Weiser's for $30, Save $5.
7/3: Talking of taking Catherine to Guy's in crowded place and Guy and Dennis come walking up 6th Avenue!
7/14: Typing: hit t, strike over with white, hit A, like this á; hit "white t" and black above only goes: leaving me with a!
7/31: Just take off message service and Arnie calls.
8/22: Dennis mentions picking up a comic book on subway Thursday evening, first time in YEARS. I picked up a comic Friday afternoon on way to Dennis's!

DIARY 11164
AL 80



ABT 4-29-61 Tallchief, Fernandez
NYC 9-25-63 McBride, Villella
BOL 0-12-63 Riabinkina, Tikhonov
NYC 12-5-63 Hayden, Bruhn
NYC 1-5-64 Verdy, Ludlow
NYC 5-13-64 Tallchief, Prokovsky
NYC 0-20-64 Wilde, Ludlow
NYC 11-1-64 Paul, Prokovsky
NYC 10-8-65 Hayden, D'Amboise
NYC 0-10-65 McBride, Villella
NYC 2-9-66 Lander, Young
BOL 8-5-68 Plisetskaya, Fadeyechev
NYC 1-10-74 Kent, D'Amboise
BOL 9-17-74 Plisetskaya, Godunov
BOL 9-19-74 Plisetskaya, Godunov
BOL 9-20-74 Sorokina, Akimov
STU 6-17-75 Kiel, Klos


ABT 4-29-61 Serrano, Bruhn *
LS 7-1-61 Tallchief, Bruhn
BOL 9-21-62 Maximova, Vasiliev
BOL 0-12-63 Struchkova, Lediakh
NYC 6-1-65 Farrell, Rapp
DAN 12-1-65 Simone, Bruhn
BOL 4-20-66 Plisetskaya, Tikhonov
BOL 5-4-66 Maximova, Vasiliev * *
CP 9-2-66 Lander, Marks
BOL 5-28-68 Plisetskaya, Liepa
BOL 5-29-68 Filippova, Tikhonov
NYC 2-12-69 Farrell, Rapp
ABT 8-9-74 Makarova, Baryshnikov
BOL 9-26-74 Sorokina, Tikhonov
ABT 5-9-76 Makarova, Baryshnikov *
ABT 7-6-76 Makarova, Nagy

3. SWAN LAKE (11)

ROY 9-15-60 Beriosova, MacLeary
KIR 9-18-61 Fedicheva, Vikulov
BOL 9-6-62 Plisetskaya, Fadeyechev
BOL 4-19-66 Plisetskaya, Fadeyechev
ABT 5-14-67 Lander, Marks *
CAN 3-2-68 Smith, Kraul
ROY 5-14-68 Sibley, Dowell
ROY 5-15-68 Fonteyn, Nureyev
ROY 5-26-70 Mason, Nureyev
ROY 5-24-74 Bergsma, MacLeary
STU 6-11-75 Kiel, Cragun


ABT 7-29-57 Serrano, Lland
NB 4-5-59 Arova, Grebel
ABT 5-4-60 Koesun, Douglas
ROY 10-1-60 Page, Hynd
NB 11-8-63 Arova, Grebel
MO 11-21-64 Company
MO 4-11-65 Company
ROY 5-2-67 Beriosova, MacLeary
ABT 5-11-67 Wilson, Young
CAN 4-30-74 Stefanschi, Tennant
ABT 7-6-76 Makarova, Nagy *

5. ETUDES (10)

ABT 0-13-61 Lander, Marks, Fernandez
ABT 0-14-61 Lander, Marks, Fernandez
ABT 2-5-66 Lander, Marks, Kivitt *
ABT 7-14-68 Lander, Marks, Fernandez
ABT 7-25-68 Lander, Kivitt, Fernandez
ABT 12-4-69 Koesun, Kivitt, Young
ABT 12-4-69 D'Antuono, Ebbelaar, Young
ABT 8-9-74 D'Antuono, Bujones, Kage
ABT 7-19-75 Van Hamel, Kivitt, Marshall
DAN 5-26-76 Honnigen, Kehlet, Ryberg, Jascobsen


KIR 9-14-61 Fedicheva, Vikulov
KIR 9-15-61 Fedicheva, Vikulov
BOL 9-21-62 Plisetskaya, Fadeyechev
ROY 5-9-65 Beriosova, MacLeary
ROY 5-7-68 Fonteyn, Nureyev
ROY 5-27-70 Sibley, Coleman
ROY 5-26-72 Mason, Nureyev
ROY 5-21-74 Sibley, Coleman
ABT 6-14-76 Kirkland, Baryshnikov

7. GISELLE (8)

ABT 5-3-60 Alonso, Youskivitch, Serrano *
KIR 9-20-61 Makarova, Semenov
BOL 9-10-62 Kondratieva, Fadeyechev
BOY 4-28-65 Beriosova, MacLeary
ROY 5-16-67 Fonteyn, Nureyev *
STU 6-24-67 Haydee, Madsen
BOL 5-7-75 Timofeyeva, Liepa
ABT 6-9-76 Makarova, Baryshnikov, Van Hamel * *


ROY 5-5-65 Seymour, Gable
DAN N-24-65 Laerkesen, Holm
ROY 4-24-68 Park, Nureyev
ROY 4-30-68 Fonteyn, Nureyev *
STU 6-18-69 Haydee, Cragun
ROY 5-12-70 Fonteyn, Nureyev
STU 5-11-71 Kiel, Cragun
ROY 5-24-72 Seymour, Wall


ROY 10-7-60 Beriosova, MacLeary
KIR 9-26-61 Kurgapkina, Semenov
KIR 9-9-64 Sizova, Soloviev
ROY 4-26-67 Wells, Wall
ROY 4-22-70 Fonteyn, Nureyev
CAN 4-25-73 Kain, Nureyev
BOL 5-17-75 Semenyaka, Gordeyev *
ABT 6-15-76 Makarova, Baryshnikov


NB 4-5-59 Markova
BOL 9-21-62 Plisetskaya
BOL 9-21-62 Plisetskaya *
BOL 9-21-62 Plisetskaya * *
BOL 5-8-66 Plisetskaya
BOL 5-8-66 Plisetskaya
BOL 6-11-68 Plisetskaya
BOL 5-21-73 Bessmertnova
BOL 9-21-74 Plisetskaya
BOL 9-21-74 Plisetskaya

1. Bolshoi Ballet 27
2. American Ballet 24
3. Royal Ballet 22
4. New York Ballet 11
5. Kirov Ballet 6
6. Stuttgart Ballet 5
7. Canadian Ballet 3
8. Danish Ballet 3
9. National Ballet 3
10. Metropolitan Opera 2
11. Central Park 1
12. Lewisohn 1

1. Maya Plisetskaya 16 (5 of them)
2. Rudolf Nureyev 10 (5)
3. Toni Lander 8 (4)
4. Natalia Makarova 7 (4)
5. Margot Fonteyn 6 (5)

DIARY 11214
AL 97


N = not ACTUALLY in one sitting

N 3:42 5-2-61 Gone With the Wind
N 4:15 5-21-74 The Sorrow and the Pity
N 4:30 6-12-63 Eugene O'Neill's "Strange Interlude" 6:00-8:30; 9:30-11:30
N 4:30 6-16-63 J.S. Bach's "St. Matthew Passion" 5:00-7:00; 8:30-11:00
N 4:30 11-27-70 Ravi Shankar concert 8:30-1:00 am
N 4:30 7-29-63 Cleopatra (Taylor)
N 4:45 11-29-62 Die Meistersinger
N 4:45 3-21-60 Parsifal
N 4:55 3-11-74 Berlioz' "Les Troyens" 7:00-11:55
N 4:55 12-9-61 Die Walkuere 7:00-11:55
N 5:00 6-25-57 Eugene O'Neill's "The Iceman Cometh" 7:30-12:30
NN 5:00 4-30-71 Samurai (Parts I, II, and III)
N 5:15 1-5-62 Gotterdammerung 7:00-12:15
5:30 2-2-76 Resurrection of Eve :15; Behind the Green Door 1:10; Sodom
and Gomorrah 1:45; Resurrection of Eve 1:25; Behind the
Green Door :55
5:45 2-3-76 Sur; Behind the Greek Door; Superstuds; Reflections of
Youth; Good Hot Stuff
6:00 1-10-61 Marvel Pagnol's "Marius, Cesar, Fanny"
NN 6:20 4-27-68 Bondarchuk's two-part "War and Peace"
N 6:31 9-13-65 Feuillade's "Les Vampires" 5:07-9:00; 9:50-12:28
7:00 6-9-70 Great Ziegfeld 3:00;Ziegfeld Girl 2:00;Ziegfeld Follies 2:00
7:35 6-18-75 7 films: Station to Station 1:10; Demi-Gods :35; Everything
Goes 1:10; The Night Before 1:25; Demi-Gods :35; Erotic
Films of Peter de Rome 1:35; Adam and Yves 1:05
8:23 9-1-70 Clint Eastwood Quartet: For a Handful of Dollars 1:38; For
a Few Dollars More 2:12; Hang 'Em High 1:50; The Good, the
Bad, and the Ugly 2:43
N 8:40 9-30-81 Nicholas Nickleby 2:05-6:05 (-15); 7-11:40 (-30)
11:11 11-29-74 Jewel Gay-Film Festival; 9 films: Casey :30; Everything Goes
1:05; Bob&Daryl&Ted&Alex 1:05; The Back Row 1:20; Erotic
Films of Peter de Rome 1:35; American Cream 1:15; Left-
Handed 1:25; Eroticus 1:45; Drive 1:11

DIARY 11239
AL 101


1240 goodies - on desk


1. Pain in neck---gone
2. No erection
3. Shoulder heaviness
4. Stomach gas
5. Ear itch/infection
6. Teeth/gum troubles
7. Ear/glasses sore
8. Leg cramps
9. Fucked-in-ass pain
10. Sucking/gagging pain

DIARY 11239A
AL 102



1. the cat running upstairs
2. the dog barking next door
3. the woman walking upstairs
4. the radio in the back court
19. rustlings in performances
35. helicopters flying too low near apt.
38. that someone from the orgy has VD

walk in NYC and see

5. people littering
6. people being destructive
20. abandoned buildings
21. open fire hydrants
22. burnt-out cars


7. cockroaches in my apartment
13. TV news reports of some world stupidity
24. the electricity go off in my apt.


8. kids screaming at each other

notice that I'm

9. eating too much
10. jerking off too much
14. not writing
15. not keeping up with journal
16. collecting too much junk
17. reading too many books
18. seeing too many movies
27. not keeping up with reading
28. thinking of something else when I should be working


25. that there's too much to do in too little time
26. that I have nothing to do
29. that I've lost something
30. that I've forgotten something
31. that I can't find something
32. that I can't remember where I put something

36. get rejection notices in the mail
37. shop for something and can't find it
39. leave things too long on the DO list

notice that my friend

11. Arnie is talking too much
12. BobG is complaining
23. Art is being demanding
33. Rolf is avoiding me
34. Avi is being hurt by my casualness

DIARY 11241
AL 103


12/10: Called Richard (no answer) for Eddie; one hour later, Eddie calls.

1/17: Meditating: let my body say when 20 minutes is up by opening eyes; eyes open; Mind says "Too soon," it's 20 minutes and five seconds.

2/4: Michael Blackburn talks of "you have to DO something" just when I read the Betty Book page on the SUBWAY that says the same thing.

2/8: Type "parallel time" note on DIARY 10627 just after seeing the Same "parallel time" used on Space 1999.

2/8: Type "family sex" note on DIARY 10629 just after reading "Tier 3000" about the same thing.

2/13: Index, type first half, "Be nice to have about 500 cards." I tear 622 8-ply strips = 500 cards!

2/16: Shower and wash my hair Monday 5 pm "just to DO it," since Thursday shower, and Michael calls for BATHS tonight.

2/17: CH Cinema DUE to start at 8:35. I get there HUNGRY at 8:47 and have time to EAT before movie starts at 8:50!

2/21: Call Arnie, talk to Michael Ralph, say "Let's get together" and Michael and Stephen ride up in St. George elevator with me that evening.

3/29: Guy and Dennis arrive in suits for FIRST time; Rolf arrives an hour later in the first suit I've ever seen him in.

4/9: Dennis and I wash hands a dozen time---first time in YEARS---TODAY! (Me from typewriter ribbons, he for party tomorrow.)

4/16: Dennis, Art's at 8; Art: make it 8:30; I can't get in touch with Dennis; we BOTH arrive at lobby at 8:25.

4/21: Stephen Waite at Town Hall; I'd forgotten: "You got TDF?" No! Girl passes and says "Here's a freebie." They're in and MARCIA offers me a freebie.

4/27: Dennis has MY somatotype: code 13.45 at age 28! And 74% and 64% compatible (69% average, hm?) in all but intellectual biorhythms.

5/6: Go out to John at 5:45 for first time in WEEKS about HH; he has a typed sheet IN HIS HAND ready to give to me.

5/19: JUST writing a note to John about baking dish that pot seedlings were in when he comes UP stairs at 10 pm and says YES.

DIARY 11243
AL 104




DIARY 11244
AL 105


1) Frank Loesser (composer) died July 28, 1969; lived at 161 E. 70th St.

2) Greta Garbo lives at 450 E. 52nd Street

3) Sophia Loren robbed of $600,000 worth of jewels 10/12/70 from 22nd floor of Hampshire House, 150 CPS; apt bought for $150,000, decorated for $250,000.

DIARY 11247
AL 107


(in Personal Box)

1. Bette Davis, 4/26/62, last page of "Faulkner" gotten at talk-show taping at 66th

2. Birgit Nilsson, 4/19/63, front of her program at University of Cincinnati, backstage

3. Arthur Miller, 11/3/64, "A Memory of Two Mondays" program at ELT

4. Maya Plisetskaya, 6/?/68, Metropolitan Opera House envelope in Time Square area

5. Bruce Marks, 7/28/68, Metropolitan Opera House program front, at ABT performance

6. Robert Sheckley, 6/28/74, back of Galaxy/If rejection slip, mailed to me

7. Mabel Mercer, 4/10/75, back of her card for the St. Regis Room "Best wishes to Bob"

8. Richard Cragun and Marcia Haydee, 7/30/76, in Trans-Lux East, on ABT cast listing

9. John Updike, 2/15/77, in "Assorted Prose" from 2nd floor bookshop

10. Arthur C. Clarke, 11/28/77, in "Of Time and Stars" from him in Sri Lanka

DIARY 11249
AL 109


1221 Dietz Avenue, Akron, Ohio PR 3-2174

Physics and Mathematics Liberal Arts College University of Akron

Average: 3.7 Hours: 105


Physics Club Founder and President
Newman Club Publicity Chairman, Treasurer, Member of Newman Honorary
Scabbard and Blade (National ROTC Honorary) Secretary and President
Associate Editor of Yearbook---3 years
Feature Writer for Newspaper
Verve Editor
Phi Eta Sigma (National Scholastic Honorary)---3 years
Phi Sigma Alpha (Local Equivalent of Phi Beta Kappa)---2 years
Independent Students' Association---Float Chairman
ROTC Band---Executive Officer
Omicron Delta Kappa (National Men's Activities Honorary) member
Theater parts in "Barretts of Wimpole Street" and "Solid Gold Cadillac"
Stagehand for "Admirable Crichton," "Our Town," and "Tender Trap"
University Theater member
Le Cercle Francais
Philosophy Club
Art Club


Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities
Association of Army Medal for Outstanding Senior ROTC Student
Second Place in Ashton Oratorical Contest (see DIARY 11251)
Foster Scholarships---2 years
Rosenblum Scholarship
Distinguished Military Student in ROTC
On Dean's List eight straight semesters


University Library---2 years
Clerk-Typist in Labor Union Office---2 years
Physics Laboratory Instructor---2 years


Personnel Sergeant in Army Reserves
Associate Member of Junior Chamber of Commerce
Pendulum Club (Local Young Adult Discussion Group)---3 years

DIARY 11250
AL 110


(Chinese in Personal box)

Before-dinner drinks

Cold smoked spare ribs with soy sauce
Soup with ham and shrimp balls and fish balls and Chinese cabbage
Carp, smoked and deep fried
Shrimp, soy and tomato sauce
Roast duck
Chicken and soy sauce
Chicken and wine
Sour cabbage and carrots
Shrimp balls
Hot beef in oyster sauce
Sweet and sour pork
Pork and Chinese noodles
Lion's head
Pork and Chinese mushrooms and bamboo shoots
Mushrooms and vegetables
Roast pork fried rice
Chinese jello and fruit
After-dinner drinks

DIARY 11258
AL 111



One class ring, ruby, University of Akron Class of 1957, initials REZ
Two sweaters: brown and gold mottled, black and white vertical stripe
One thermometer-barometer from Hoffritz
Twenty-five neckties
One fleur-de-lys tietack
One black sport jacket from Dorfman (sample attached)
One gray plaid suit (jacket, vest, trousers) from Dorfman (sample attached)
One gray wool suit (jacket, trousers) from Dorfman (sample attached)
One black summer suit from Brooks Brothers
One black (turning green) suit from Bancroft
One pillow case
One fifth Irish whiskey
One pint Crème de Menthe
One watch
One belt and silver buckle, initials REZ

Police notation: left 9 am 1/20/64, returned 12:05 am 1/21/64.
Police came at 2:10 am.

DIARY 11261
AL 114


I used 25 of them; I sent 10 to Bill; I was left with 15 of these:

1. Computer versus brain.
2. Levels and sources of current US income.
3. Sizes of auditoriums, stadia, concert halls, opera houses, theaters, perhaps over 2,000 or 3,000
4. Effect of ions on "feeling of well-being."
5. How do children learn. (given to---Bill?)
6. Number of movies, where, revenues, and audiences.
7. Swedenborg: How DOES breathing affect the brain?
8. Hyperdrives and space-warps possible?
9. Validity of handwriting analysis.
10. Homosexuality in the United States
11. Fig leaf on statuary? (one-page summary)
12. Music and computers.
13. Cayce thought.
14. Velikovsky latest.
15. Nuclear codes on computers.
16. Great privately owned art collections. (Bibliography sent)
17. Latest LSD research---10/21/66.
18. Longest book and most prolific author.
19. STP information.
20. Great stamp collections.
21. God is? (bibliography only)
22. Fastest reading, typing, shorthand, etc.
23. Use of YOUR services?
24. What steps would I take if I wanted a fictional novel published?
25. LSD---two years after.

DIARY 11362
AL 117