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I, Bob Zolnerzak, confess to having an exceedingly interesting life.

Born and educated in Ohio, I moved to Manhattan to attend Columbia University on a Master's fellowship from the Atomic Energy Commission in Nuclear Energy Technology. At the same time IBM hired me as one of only three summer programmers, and I became hooked on computers, which at that time required rooms of equipment for capabilities exceeded by your simplest laptop today. An IBM-sponsored trip around the world, as well as three IBM-funded LSD experiences around the universe, showed me there were better lives than a nine-to-five IBM job offered.

My book on my LSD experiences was refused by 128 agents (well, two took me on, but they got nowhere with publishers). Through the years I had gay lovers and hundreds of brief encounters, dozens of extraordinary vacation trips that took me to all seven continents, all fifty states, and all provinces and territories of Canada until the creation of Nunuvit. New York City provided people, plays, museums, galleries, orgy rooms, numerous gay organizations, movies, clubs, encounter groups, and personal-development channels such as Aureon, est, Actualizations, and Actualism, an Agni Yoga offshoot that empowered me for over fifteen years.

Through all this I wrote: wrote stories and reviews and essays and plays. Happenstance led me to the occupation of book indexing: freelance work that paid well enough to enable me to travel anywhere at any time I wanted. Neither a how-to book on indexing techniques nor a science-fiction novel written for a contest were ever published, but I continued to write, and write, and write. And on trips I took slides and videotapes which added to my cache of preserved experiences.

But then I wanted to share these experiences, and ZolnerZone was conceived.


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