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Imagination stranger than fiction?


7/4/72 (not-yet-displayed journal-pages-with-titles): I see a boat, and think it might have a bomb in it, exploding and blasting the whole of the Wall Street area and I'll have a perfect view of it, though maybe being vaporized WITH it. Then I visualize the World Trade Center towers tipping one against the other, both crashing into the canyons in slow motion, sending up sprays of water as debris hits the rivers: again a perfect vantage point.

4/3/73 (same as above): MIDNIGHT notes: VERY odd idea of NEXUS point. There's one INSIDE us, located at our very CENTER of being with STRAIGHT LINES to every part of the body. A "doubling company" finds a way of SLOWLY CREATING a "nexus point" that can be CARRIED around, but which IS YOU. To ship it, you make its ONE parameter, the RADIUS, much less than 1, and it's very small. You can make it bigger than you CLOSE to you, too. You can turn it around, but it's always a "nexus point" of how your body is MINUTE BY MINUTE. But it gets complicated. If you HOLD a miniature of you, that MINIATURE will hold ANOTHER miniature, which will hold ANOTHER miniature, and---better---YOU should begin to feel a hand around YOUR waist of the GIANT "nexus point" that holds YOU. If the ONE comes into being SLOWLY, the smaller ones will come into being slowly, and the larger will gradually take OVER the earth with SIZE and WEIGHT, in time---the UNIVERSE WILL TURN INTO YOU!


10/3/78 (same as above): [Arthur E.] talked of the Pope's dying, saying that there are only TWO popes left, according to an old prediction, at which time the church will have internal strife about how it's come AWAY from Christ and how it should RETURN to Christ, and there will BE no more popes, and I predicted that what would happen would be a NON-Italian pope, which the Italians would take to mean no pope for THEM, even though the prediction was by a non-Italian, too.


Many more can be added to this, if the requests warrant it.