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Clippings and letters in black scrapbook;
Graduate Record Examinations Score, January 1957, 94.1% on aptitude test.
Laboratory Assistant in Physics second-semester appointment, February 20, 1957, $270 salary.
University of Wisconsin offer of "teaching assistant in physics for 1957-58...$1750 for academic year," February 25, 1957.
Military Ball program, March 9, 1957; Army Chairman: Cadet Major Robert Zolnerzak.
University of Chicago offer of "Assistantship in Physics for 1957-58...$1500 in addition to Entrance Scholarship up to $720," March 18, 1957
Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies offer of Atomic Energy Commission Special Fellowship in Nuclear Energy Technology...stipend of $1800 for expenses...all fees and travel paid," March 22, 1957.
United States Senate notice of National Science Foundation Honorable Mention award for Predoctoral Fellowships, John W. Bricker, March 25, 1957.
Military Ball Chairman letter from Lt. Col. Charles Davis, 25 March 1957.
Happy Birthday column in Akron Beacon Journal, March 30, 1957.
National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (later NASA) offer as Research Intern at $4480-$5335/year, April 1, 1957.
University of Chicago award of "Graduate Scholarship of $ connection with an assistantship," April 1, 1957.
Congress of the United States letter on nuclear fellowship, April 9, 1957.
"Will Study at Columbia" Akron Beacon Journal article, with photo, undated.
Ticket stubs: 1) Adelphi Theatre, April 18, Mezzanine D8 $4.85 "Brigadoon." 2) Rivoli Theatre, April 20, Orchestra T108 $1.75 "Around the World in 80 Days."
Spring 1957 Grade Report, 5 A's and WDs from Latin and Applied Psych.
Twenty-four articles published in the Buchtelite.
Wrote a prompt book for "Bell, Book, and Candle" for University Theatre class.
Verve: Buchtelite Literary Supplement, Co-Editor: Bob Zolnerzak, May 22, 1957.
Akron Beacon Journal article and photo for Cadet Inspection May 23, 1957.
A-Key awards to 13, including "Zolnerzak, a Physics major in Liberal Arts, has a high scholarship average, is active in University Theater, ODK, Tel-Buch, Buchtelite, Phi Sigma Alpha."
Honorable Discharge from USAR, as Sergeant, 9 June 1957.
Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, 1956-57.
Honors Convocation Program, date obscured.
Department of the Army Citation for Superior Cadet Ribbon Award, 1956-57.
Baccalaureate Service program June 9, 1957.
Second United States Army Second Lieutenant reserve commission 10 June 1957.
Joint Commmissioning Exercises program 11AM June 10, 1957.
Commencement program, Bachelor of Science, with Distinction, 8:15PM June 10, 1957
Graduated from Akron University and moved to NYC; graduation and commissioning: 6/10/57.
Letter (carbon copy) on my new typewriter to Mom and Rita of June 12, 1957.
University of Akron letter: four-year grade-point average 3.740, 3 out of 368 graduates.

M 57-01-04 Paris Incident
M 57-01-11 Henry V
T 57-04-15 Leave Akron for second and third day in New York City
T 57-04-16 IBM tour
M 57-04-17 Funny Face
P 57-04-18 Brigadoon
M 57-04-20 Around the World in 80 Days
E 57-06-10 Commencement and Commissioning at University of Akron
D 57-06-11 Theater Under the Stars in Central Park
T 57-06-11 Move to New York City!!!
I 57-06-12 Begin work at IBM Service Bureau
M 57-06-13 Sous Les Toits De Paris
M 57-06-13 We11-Digger's Daughter
M 57-06-14 Prince and the Showgirl
E 57-06-15 Coney Island
M 57-06-17 Daddy Long-Legs
M 57-06-17 Desiree
M 57-06-19 Antoine and Antoinette
M 57-06-19 Harvest
P 57-06-21 Kaleidoscope
E 57-06-22 Statue of Liberty (with Red Skelton)
E 57-06-23 Coney Island
P 57-06-24 In the Golden Days of Good King Charlie
P 57-06-25 Iceman Cometh
P 57-06-28 Romeo and Juliet (flambeau falls in CP)
E 57-06-29 Cloisters
E 57-06-29 Palisades Amusement Park
M 57-06-29 Boy on a Dolphin
M 57-06-29 Lure of the Swamp
D 57-06-30 Jose Greco
E 57-06-30 Boat trip around Manhattan
E 57-07-01 Move into 449 Second Avenue, Apt. 1A, New York 10, New York
P 57-07-02 Threepenny Opera
E 57-07-03 All-Brahms program at Lewisohn Stadium
E 57-07-03 Latin Quarter
E 57-07-04 Metropolitan Museum of Art
M 57-07-05 Lost Continent
M 57-07-05 Red Balloon
P 57-07-06 Patience (Gilbert and Sullivan)
E 57-07-07 Far Rockaway Park
M 57-07-07 Concert of Stars
M 57-07-07 Dirty Hands
M 57-07-07 Gunslingers
M 57-07-07 Night Affair
M 57-07-07* Rocketship X-M
M 57-07-07 Wayward Bus
P 57-07-08 Happy Hunting (Merman) with a FREE TICKET!
M 57-07-09 Beau James
P 57-07-09 Separate Tables
P 57-07-11 L'il Abner
R 57-07-11 Rockefeller Center Rainbow Room
S 57-07-12 John and Jack at my apartment
P 57-07-13 Most Happy Fella
S 57-07-13 Julian Gerard
E 57-07-15 Beethoven at Lewisohn
R 57-07-15 Paul's
E 57-07-17 Mayflower II
M 57-07-17 Island in the Sun
P 57-07-18 No Time for Sergeants
R 57-07-20 Monte's
S 57-07-20 BJ Strong
M 57-07-21 Naked Eye
M 57-07-21 Twelve Angry Men
O 57-07-21 Amato Opera
M 57-07-22 End as a Man
M 57-07-22 Gold of Naples
P 57-07-23 Bells Are Ringing
R 57-07-24 Fedora's
E 57-07-25 Picasso at Museum of Modern Art
P 57-07-25 New Girl in Town (Gwen Verdon)
P 57-07-26 Two Gentlemen of Verona in CP
R 57-07-26 Simple's
M 57-07-27 Invasion USA
M 57-07-27 Two Thousand Years From Now
T 57-07-27 Hudson River cruise to West Point
D 57-07-29 ABT Sylphides/BillyKid/SwanLk/OffnbUndrd
M 57-07-30 Silk Stockings
M 57-07-31 Something of Value
R 57-07-31 Regent's Row
B 57-08-01 Willingham: End as a Man
M 57-08-06 Curse of Frankenstein (English)(midnight Screamiere)
P 57-08-06 Visit to a Small Planet
R 57-08-06 Brass Rail
M 57-08-07 Stella
P 57-08-07 Damn Yankees
E 57-08-08 Believe It or Not Odditorium
P 57-08-08 Tunnel of Love
M 57-08-09 Designing Lady
M 57-08-10 Pride and the Passion
P 57-08-10 My Fair Lady
P 57-08-10 Ruddigore
E 57-08-11 Central Park Zoo
E 57-08-11 Hayden Planetarium
M 57-08-11 Affair to Remember
M 57-08-13 Ten Commandments
M 57-08-14 Newsreel Theater
P 57-08-14 Auntie Mame
M 57-08-16 Face in the Crowd
M 57-08-16 Monkey on my Back
T 57-08-17 IBM fishing trip in Atlantic off New Jersey for bluefish
E 57-08-18 Bronx Zoo
M 57-08-18 Barber of Seville
M 57-08-18 Boheme, La
P 57-08-21 Long Day's Journey into Night
R 57-08-22 Copain
P 57-08-24 Pirates of Penzance
P 57-08-24 Theatre Macabre
R 57-08-25 Simple's
S 57-08-25 Jerry Gropper and Don van Eman
R 57-08-29 Downey's
M 57-08-31 I Was a Teenage Werewolf
M 57-08-31 Invasion of the Saucer Men
M 57-09-01 Sun Also Rises
R 57-09-01 College Inn
M 57-09-02 Eroica (Beethoven)
M 57-09-02 Saint Matthew's Passion
M 57-09-03 Life Begins Tomorrow
M 57-09-03 This Strange Passion
M 57-09-04 Dance Program 1 at Thalia
R 57-09-05 Port Arthur
M 57-09-06 Brute Force
M 57-09-06 Killers
M 57-09-06 Pajama Game
R 57-09-07 Regent's Row
S 57-09-09 Ralph Gray
R 57-09-10 Le Cheval Blanc
M 57-09-16 Twenty Million Miles From Earth
M 57-09-16 Twenty-Seventh Day
M 57-09-17 Aleko
M 57-09-17 Moussorgsky
M 57-09-20 Blood of a Poet
M 57-09-20 Queen's Lover
E 57-09-21 Thompson's Gallery
P 57-09-21 Carousel
S 57-09-21 Roger
M 57-09-23 Dreams Money Can Buy
M 57-09-24 Curse of Frankenstein (English)
M 57-09-24 X the Unknown
E 57-09-25 UN
M 57-09-26 Search for Paradise
I 57-09-28 Take Polaroid pictures of Wall Street
E 57-09-29 Village Art Show
M 57-10-03 Anna Cross
M 57-10-03 Potemkin
M 57-10-04 Paris Waltz
M 57-10-04 Tales of Hoffman (British)
M 57-10-05 James Dean Story
M 57-10-05 Restless Breed
P 57-10-05 I Knock At the Door
T 57-10-05 Train to Newbergh, NY
M 57-10-08 Lili
M 57-10-11 Mort du Cygne, Le
M 57-10-11 Rimsky-Korsakov
M 57-10-13 Last Ten Days
M 57-10-13 Paris Incident
I 57-10-14 Flu for three days
M 57-10-16 Children Are Watching Us
M 57-10-16 Moment in Love
I 57-10-17 St. Luke's Hospital five days with flu
M 57-10-24 Pit of Loneliness
M 57-10-24 Seven Deadly Sins
M 57-10-30 Girls, Les
M 57-10-31 Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
P 57-10-31 Look Back in Anger
D 57-11-01 Chinese Action Dances at Brooklyn Museum
D 57-11-02 Dancers of Bali
M 57-11-06 Echo
M 57-11-10 Citizen Kane
M 57-11-10 Informer
M 57-11-15 Strange One
M 57-11-15 Torero
M 57-11-16 Giant Claw
M 57-11-16 Night the World Exploded
P 57-11-16 Under Milkwood
M 57-11-18 Death and the Maiden
M 57-11-18 Oedipus Rex
M 57-11-18 Pablo Casals
M 57-11-20 Hotel
M 57-11-20 Twentieth Century
P 57-11-20 West Side Story
P 57-11-21 Mary Stuart
M 57-11-26 Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
T 57-11-27 Fly to Akron for Thanksgiving
M 57-11-28 Pal Joey
P 57-11-30 Reluctant Debutante(AU)
T 57-12-01 Fly back to NYC
M 57-12-03 Charley's Aunt
E 57-12-05 Black Watch
D 57-12-10 NYC Ballet: ScotchSym/Firebird/Unicorn,Gorgon,&Manticore
P 57-12-12 Cave Dwellers
D 57-12-14 NYC Ballet: Nutcracker
M 57-12-17 Late George Apley
M 57-12-18 Sayonara
M 57-12-19 Olympia, Part I
P 57-12-19 Country Wife
M 57-12-20 Peyton Place
M 57-12-21 Man Who Could Work Miracles
M 57-12-21 Noah's Ark
M 57-12-21 Things to Come
P 57-12-21 Compulsion
T 57-12-22 Bus to Akron for Christmas
T 57-12-30 Bus to NYC