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1 New Years on Market Street in San Francisco, and up to see Gary off and cable car to a
   closed Buena Vista and eat at MTF's and move flight up, fly to LA, eat at Surf Room and Carl and cops and five-minute raid at Brownstone
2 Up at 11 and hunt for bread and pack lunch and get to "Beach North of Malibu" for "Art of Love" by Fromm and octopus and cold. Back to hamburgs and meet Rob Pendleton and John Olson and home early.
3 Wait for Luke till 12 and get bus to Exposition Park for two museums, rather sketchy,
   eat at Casa Mica, tasty tacos and meet Merle and back early to bed
4 Into town with Carl, wander Central LA, look and cruise in Library and bus to Huntington Museum and Library, great, and help Carl and eat at Chatham and bed early
5 Get haircut and groceries and laundry and back for breakfast and Rob calls and I tour
   UCLA with him and talk here and I get to bed early
6 To town-with Carl and bus tour of U-I studios and talk with Dean Stockwell and lunch in commissary and trip to Marineland and back for "Exodus" and almost WALK home
7 Up at 10 and breakfast after bed at 2AM, out and Rob and Carl and I to Disneyland and free tickets and back and tuna here and I try to get Rob and fail. "Facts of Life,"
   "Let No Man Write My Epitaph"
8 On beach and up canyons and to airport and fly here, C16
9 Due back at work, "Nosferatu" at New Yorker
10 First day back at work, "Marius," "Fanny," and "Cesar"
11 Camphorated oil on me, JJ's birthday
12 Robert Tenenbaum, baby oil on me, write movies
13 "Connection," play with JJ at 8:30
14 "Variety" at 6:30
15 "Europe" with Marty at 7
16 "Foolish Wives" at New Yorker
17 Wrote Carl, Laird, David Ward, Paul, Larry, "Well-Groomed Bride" and "The Great Waltz"
18 Write Mom, "Black Monday" on Play of the Week (POTW)
20 Call Jack Reardon and Julian, type
21 type
22 "Cat People," Mrs. Suydam at 6, type
23 Jim and JJ and Marty lunch at 12:30, type, Jack Reardon at 11:05 at St. James, and
24 Type and "NY Scrapbook" on POTW
25 Shorts at Cinema 16 twice
26 Correspondence courses
27 Central Plaza and Five Spot with David Ward and party at Lee's till 3, stamps
28 David Ward to "Invitation to a March" with Jim, and home to read "Lolita"
29 Clean apartment, Bill comes over, David Ward leaves, enter Paul McLean
30."Conquest" (Garbo), steaks and to JJ's and to Brooklyn Heights, start on SSS program (survey analysis)
31 "Tristan and Isolde" at 7:45, Jim Gahr and Steve Simon and Paul

1 With Paul to Beekman Tower and Top of the Sixes and Jim's and Fleur de Lis and Bon Soir
2 Coney Island, Aquarium, Four Seasons, Fonda del Sol, "Journey into Fear," "Tiger Shark"
   at New Yorker, to Tower Suite and Gay Vienna
3 "Tannhauser" at 8
4 Dinner at Coat of Arms and down to Village and Cafe Wha and Thompson's and back at 2
5 "Show of Shows" and "Two Seconds" at New Yorker
6 Sick, no food all day, no work
7 Sick, eat only lunch, "Four by Tennessee" on POTW
8 Call from Walter Alford and read "Jacob's Room"
9 "Black Cat" and Bill reads my stuff
10 Fantastically costumed TV Urban League Ball
11 Call from Alford, "Miracle in Milan," "All the Way Home," play, Glenn s and Fabio
13 "The Sound of Murder" on POTW, write Mom
14 "Uncle Tom's Cabin"*, "Chinese New Years," "Mardi Gras"
15 "Keys of the Kingdom"*
16 Bill over
18 "Love Game," "The Rest Is Silence," JJ fixes apartment
19 Write Mom, Carl, Paul, Laird, EB, Don, David Ward, see "School for Scoundrels,"
   "Tailor's Maid," "Anatahan," "Sins of Lola Montes," "Uncle Tom's Cabin"*
20 "Films of Maya Deran," letters to ACM and NY tax
21 "Goodbye Mr. Chips"*, three for me
22 Mario and JJ and "Niebelungen Ring" on WBAI
23 To Cornell Heights, Pa., at 4PM, bed at 12:15
24 Back to NY at 1, "Pursuit of the Graf Spee," "And Then There Were None," read "The
   Waves," bed at 3:15
25 "Great Ziegfeld" at NY Historical Museum and walk park in rain and fog, paint
26 "Henry V" on TV
27 "Story of Gosta Berling" (Garbo)
28 "Facts of Love," "Entertainer," "Shadows"

1 "Oscar Wilde," "Battle of the Sexes," "Of Mice and Men"
2 "La Gioconda" with JJ
3 Sick
4 Sick, Ordnance lessons, "Anthony Adverse"*
5 Sick, "Back to Bataan"*, "Henry V" on TV
6 Sick, "Ceiling Zero"*
7 Sick
8 Sick, "American in Paris," "Red Badge of Courage"
9 Sick, Golub exhibit, "Black Sunday," "Carry on Nurse"
10 Paint, "Road to Utopia"*, "The Picture of Dorian Gray"*
11 Cherry Lane, "Maedchen in Uniform," "Beatrice di Tendi"
12 "The Star"*, "Henry VI" on TV
14 Clean apartment
15 Laird stays here, "American Dream" and "Death of Bessie Smith" and La Fonda and Central Park
16 David stays and Laird here, "Don Carlo," "The Mummy"*
17 6AM, Mrs. Ward here, "The Cousins," "The Wild One," 14th St bar and the Hat and 42nd St.
18 Marty's for music
19 Marty's for music, "Henry VI Part II" on TV
20 "Wozzeck" at Met, "Dracula"
21 Lecture at second session SRI, "Days of Thrills and Laughter"
22 "8x8" and bed early STILL sick
23 IRE Convention and Herb Wenger talks, "Black Pirate"
24 "To have and Have Not," read "Thought Reader"
25 Met Museum for French Glorious Century, clean apartment, letter about Summer Camp
26 Write "Painting Burner" (later "The Connoisseur"), "Boris Godunov"*, "Henry VI Part
   III" on TV
27 Set up list of New York places to see
28 New York Public Library and walk to 3rd, "Cry Baby Killer," "Young Stranger," read
   "Metamorphosis" and "History of Orgies"
29 Send Mom Easter flower, ballet at City center: Agon, Ivesiana, Modern Jazz, Episodes
30 "Masochism in Modern Man," book, "Time Out of War," "Crime and Punishment USA," "The Eagle"*
31 "Ballad of a Soldier," "Gorgo," "The Hypnotic Eye," "I'm All Right, Jack," "Silent
   Enemy," "Raisin in the Sun"

1 David Ward's trip, move furniture, "Cool Wind Over the Living"
2 Easter Parade in snow, "Great Barnum"*, write Laird, Larry
3 "Waiting for Godot"*
4 Two hours overtime, "Henry VI, Part III," letters about MOS and R&D Translation Project
5 1.5 hour overtime, "Purple Heart"* Ballet: Electronics, Allegro Brilliante, Liebeslieder
6 International Auto Show, "Hunchback of Notre Dame" on TV, "Candide" (BOOK?)
7 Do nothing
8 Day at Marty's, fix apartment
9 "Never on Sunday" with John Connolly
10 Re-read pocket books, cook foul lover, type 15 pages
11 3 hours overtime
12 2 hours overtime, "Lost Weekend," "Roman Holiday"
13 w hours overtime
14 Laird here? "Tosca" as priest
15 Laird here! Brooklyn Levant with Laird and Marty, Palladium
16 "Great Ziegfeld," "Tales of Hoffman"
17 1 hour overtime, films at Living Theater, Academy Awards, Wingless Victory"
18 2 hours overtime, "King Richard III"
19 2 hours overtime, read "Das Kapital," Durrenmatt's "Suspicious"
20 "Suspicious," "Queen Christina," to work at 3AM
21 Bed at 1:45, up at 6:30, "Unholy Three," bed at 12, Goodwin wakes me 1-2AM
22 "Would-Be Gentleman," "Universe" at Educational Film Festival, in "Carmen" as soldier
23 Park and "Seven Masterpieces," "Elmer Gantry," "Apartment"
24 Work till 7, Bill comes over, cops prod through park
25 Work till 10 at Time-Life with tape-printer
26 Send Mom birthday present, work till 9 and meet Manuel
27 OT till 6, circus with Jim and John, and then here till 6
28 "Hallelujah"
29 Spent $62 on Cortlandt St., Martha Graham: One More Gaudy Night, Diversion of Angels, Visionary Recital, and American Ballet Evening: Swan Lake, Miss Julie, Don Quixote pas de deux, Points on Jazz
30 "Carnival of Flanders," "Walls of Malapaga," "Eugene Onegin," "World of Apu"

1 1.5 hr OT, Mom's birthday, "Body Snatchers," "Curse of the Cat People"
2 "Gone with the Wind," bed at 2, 3 hours OT
3 To bed at 10 and up at 5
4 American Ballet evening: Theme and Variations, Lady from Sea, Glazunov pas dix, Fancy Free
5 Work till 7 and TV and FM till 12 and bed
6 Work from 10-10, read paper and bed at 1
7 Work from 11-7, "Sundowners," "Sunrise at Campobello"
8 Films at Living Theater, "Tarnished Lady," eat at Corner of Hawaii, "Woman in the Moon," "Trip to the Moon"
9 Home-work for once
10 Clean house and read "Sex Activities of College Men"
11 OT, and part of "Rise and Fall of the Third Reich"
12 OT
13 Work 11-9, watch third one, bed at 5 after work
14 Up at 1 and into Park, "Introduction to Psychology," letters to Paul, Mom, Army, WQXR
15 "San Francisco"*, "Carnival"
16 OT on Pepsi-Cola
17 OT on Pepsi-Cola
18 OT on Pepsi-Cola
19 Carl here, "Vampyr" (6:30), bed at 3:45
20 "It Happened in Naples" "Butterfield 8"
21 Museum of Modern Art, "The Sea Around Us"
22 OT till 11:30
23 Carl here, and Malmaison and Kelly's and bed
24 OT till 1
25 10PM to hospital with nosebleed, home at 12
26 Work with bloody nose, home at 7 and bed at 11
27 To work at 11 and work till 10, when my nose drips, but Pepsi-Cola almost ready
28 Pepsi-Cola hitting the deadline, in at 12:30, out at 10, bed, "Gold Diggers of 1937,"
29 Work on Pepsi-Cola
30 Work on Pepsi-Cola
31 Work on Pepsi-Cola

1 Work on Pepsi-Cola
2 Work on Pepsi-Cola
3 Work at 11 and work all night
4 Work until 7 and night, then bed at 11
5 Films at Living Theater
6 Work late on Pepsi-Cola
7 Work late on Pepsi-Cola
8 Work late on Pepsi-Cola, and clean place for Rita
9 Work till noon, clean place, fly home, talk with Mom and Rita
10 Sleep till 11, up to eat, get downtown to Larry's and go to picnic and Hale House,
   great, and back home to more talk and early bed
11 Rita graduates, we eat at Grandma's, home, pack, to airport, supper on plane, to
   Central Park, statues, tower, bed
12 Home at 1PM and lunch and visit Museum of Natural History, out to walk through, Central Park Zoo, see "Atlantis," wandered Times Square, supper at Hector's, and home
13 Subway to Statue of Liberty, lunch there, bus up Fifth to Macy's, subway to Radio City "Pleasure of His Company," and RCA and on TV and we have a power failure, and I work 10PM to 5AM
14 Up at 11:30AM, "Rhapsody in Blue" Stage Show, to supper at home, subway to Coney Island, swim and rain and Aquarium and home in rain and supper at Nathan's Famous
15 Clear day, so we went up Empire State Building, lunch in Automat and tour of UN, then  brief time in MMA and back to Zoo and home to eat and "Camelot"
16 Subway to Freedomland, great place, home by cab at 1AM
17 To Palisades Park and break glasses, "Elephant Walk," "Naked Jungle," to Bitter End,
   supper in Village, then home
18 Mass at St. Patrick's, lunch at Mayflower, then to Guggenheim, then Metropolitan, home, to airport, and cruise from 8 to 1AM, meeting Warren Strauss
19 "Macbeth," "Othello," late supper
20 Lunch with Fabio, to Warren's at 8:45
21 "Midsummer's Night's Dream"
22 Paul here
23 Supper at Aldo's and see New Campus bar
24 "Spellbound"
25 Read Conrad Hilton's "Be My Guest," see "Gypsy Baron" and "Tales of Hoffman" at Thalia
26 "Last Angry Man" and "The Goddess" at Thalia
27 "Mr. Universe"* "Hitchhiker"*
28 Macy's fireworks over Hudson
19 "Fiorello," and Central Park, singing
30 Dinner at Fantasia, TV, bed at 11

1 Lewisohn Ballet and clean apartment GOOD, bed at 1:30
2 "Footlight Parade," "Damn Yankees," "To Paris with Love"
3 Write
4 Read "Rise and Fall of the Third Reich"
5 Buy Army stuff, "La Dolce Vita," walk in rain
6 "Peter the Great," "The House I Live In" at Thalia, work till 8:30
7 Work till 7, pack till 11, Don comes at 12, bed at 2:30
8 Up at 6:30, bus leaves 9:30, Summer Camp starts, Camp Drum at 6:30, meeting at 9
9 Wake at 5, eat at 7, talk with Burch and Greenburg and do much of nothing and work till 8 and clean things up and bed at 11:30
10 Wake at 5:30, eat at 6:30, have fun with AR's and TR's and fire drill and quit at 6 and see "Naked Edge"
11 Bivouac and set up and nothing to do
12 Talk with guards, but still hours of nothing
13 Talk with Tilley about Ordnance and wild party at night
14 Rain and nothing
15 Up at 4 and check mess gear, pack, motor pool, quit at 1, shower, to Alexandria Bay and Ottawa
16 Bus tour of Ottawa and Parliament Buildings and drive back at 7:30
17 Look at PX and mess gear, spend lovely eve in library musicing and reading
18 All day on carbine range, pulling targets and telephoning, dinner at Morgia's
19 Nothing much, and afternoon at library, then "Secret of Monte Cristo," and buy $121 at PX
20 AM at shop, PM talking with Captain and buy tape recorder and evening at library
21 Nothing and spend evening packing, eat in Officer's Club, lounge in library, bed at
22 Up at 4:45, loaf around Battalion Hq, back till 9, leave at 11, here at 6, to "Fanny"
23 "King of the Dark Chamber," and Goldman Band
24 Mario's, "The Golem," films at Living Theater
25 Marty's, films, music, bed at 12
26 Up at 7, work till 7, see La Puma "Forza," fix apartment, bed at 1
27 "Tomorrow Is Too Late" and "The Forty-First" at Thalia, eat at Corner of Hawaii,
   meet Freddie
28 "Justine, "The Blacks"
29 "Balthasar," Jazz at Lewisohn, "Cardinal Richelieu"*
31 "Prix de Beaute," "Jimmy"

1 Chuck, talk, Van Cliburn at Lewisohn, bed at 1
2 "Room Service," Lewisohn, bed at 11
3 "Night Must Fall"*, cleaning, writing
4 Iturbi at Lewisohn
5 Cloisters, Cabrini Shrine, Hispanic Museum, Spanish movie, Rodgers at Lewisohn,
6 Read "The Rebel," Bob Seaver and wife over, "Dracula's Daughter," "Pffft"
7 "Foreign Correspondent," "Thirty-Nine Steps," "Inspiration"
8 "Marie Antoinette"*, write Larry, Helen, Paul, Mom, "Cue," and Va
9 Fred and supper at Joe's, on MacDougal, buy books, read Penguin "Ronald Searle"
10 "Someone Like You"
11 Read "Snows of Kilimanjaro"
12 Read "Mountolive," "Manon Lescaut," "Cry the Beloved Country"
13 "Midsummer's Night's Dream" in Central Park, read "Advise and Consent"
14 Read "Clea," in Met line 2 hours, bed at 10 and dreams of killing
15 Pack and "Rocco and His Brothers"
16 Bus to Baltimore, stay at Alcazar, see Martick's and Pepper Hill, bed at 2:30
17 Bus to Boonsboro, in at 2, walk, ride to Humbertson's and talk, eat, read "Black Book" and bed at 2
18 Up at 10, to Westminster for Janie and back at 5, talk, sing, bed at 1
19 Up at 9, walk in woods, mow lawn, four boys come over, Scrabble till 1
20 Up at 10, to bus at 12:30, back at 3, NYC at 8, fix apartment
21 "Tol'Able David," "19 Trees," "No Sun in Venice," "And God Created Woman" at Thalia, meet JJ
22 Read "Brave New World Revisited"
23 Thalia Art Program, "van Gogh," "Van Rijn," etc, and Lionel Gibson
24 "Fountainhead"*, fix desk file
25 Street party on 70th
26 "Star-Spangled Rhythm"*, "Topaze," "Fric-Frac" at Thalia, "Pit and Pendulum," Tower
   Suite, Penthouse Club
27 Read "Decameron," "La Traviata," "Cavaleria Rusticana" at Thalia
28 Play reading at Dee's, "Negress," from 6:30-10:30, bed at 1
29 Read "Anna Karenina"
30 Read "Anna Karenina," sweep apartment
31 Read "Anna Karenina," "Vampire Bat"*

1 "The Premise," Len, Andy at Gaslight, Bitter End, bar, bed at 4
2 Up at 2 and "Anna Karenina," Sonnambula, Pas de Dix, Western Symphony, Apollo at City Center
3 Wander East River and correct "Wall" and walk to Bill's and "Treasure of Sierra Madre"*
4 "Carnival," "Ice Capades," "Queen of Spades," Ed Baynard till 4
5 "Anna Karenina," to Village with Ed to Olatunji, Nina Simone and Dirty Julius', wander
   village and home at 1
6 Read "Anna Karenina" and "The Disappearance," "Barclays of Broadway"*, bed at 3
7 Clear Army forms, bed at 11
8 "The Blacks" (book), "Richard II" in Central Park
9 Read "Day of the Triffids," see peeping football on TV and Miss America on TV
10 Museum of City of NY, walk all Central Park, "Night of the Hunter"
11 "October Country," EB
12 EB, part of "Ulysses," Part of "Canterbury Tales"
13 Read "Wonderful 0," Aunt Helen phoned, part of "Canterbury Tales"
14 Kirov Gala #1, get suit and coat
15 Kirov Gala #1 AGAIN, Blue Angel for Dick Gregory, Clancy Brothers, with Don, bed at
16 JJ calls at 9, out to Jones Beach for day, Gay Vienna, "Volpone," Top of the Sixes, Don collapses
17 Up at 12, burning sunburn, read "Medicine for Melancholy," "The Child Buyer," and
18 Kirov "Swan Lake," dinner at Faison D'Or, "Le Chien Andalou," "Spies," "Starwatch"
19 Work 9-2
20 Kirov "Giselle," off work at 12, clean apartment
21 "Electra" at City Center, work till 4AM
22 Up at 9, to work at 11, Carl comes for lunch, we walk park and Columbia, supper at
   Esther Eng's and bed at 10
23 "Son of Frankenstein," finish "Canterbury Tales," Indian sarod at Hunter, Jim, John,
   Martin here
24 "L'Avventura," Washington Square Art Show, Feast of St. Gennaro on Mulberry, "Star Is  Born," "Abandon Ship"
25 "Lady From Shanghai"*
26 Kirov "Sleeping Beauty," with Eileen Bradley, and drinks at Beekman Tower, home at
27 "Eumenides" and "Choreophores," wake at 8:50, 6-day bike race, bed at 1:30, call
   Dorfman, lunch at Sager's (6th)
28 Kirov Gala #2 with JJ, lunch at Champlain, bed at 1AM
29 Lunch at Chateau Henry IV, dinner at Le Valois 6-10, bed at 11, toss, come, read, bed at 1:15
30 Fix souvenirs, come four times, watch "Snows of Kilimanjaro," read paper till 1:15

1 Up at 11, breakfast, out to "Come September," "Dial M for Murder," record a bit "Embers"
2 "Rififi" and "It Happened in Broad Daylight" at Thalia, idea for novel-film on tape
3 Get suits and rugs
4 "The Lottery," "Sins of Rose Bernd," "Nana"
5 "Beast from 20,000 Fathoms"*
6 Read "Ulysses," bed at 2:30
7 MMA for Assemblage and Male and Female, "Elixir of Love," "Titanic," "Jim Thorpe, All-
8 "Breakfast at Tiffany's," stand at 42nd and Broadway Preview Theater for TV, bed at
9 Read "The Homosexuals," bed at 1:30
10 "Scarlet Pimpernel," "Stranger in the House" at Thalia, read "Sixth Man," bed at 1
11 "The Cat" and "Sinners of Paris" at Thalia, bed at 1
12 Dinner at JJ's, Ballets USA: Afternoon of Faun, Concert, Moves, NY Export Jazz, bed
    at 1
13 American Ballet: Etudes, Caprichos, Combat, AGAIN "The Concert" at Ballets USA
14 American Ballet: Etudes, Moon Reindeer, Rossini Divertimento, "Louisiana Story" at
    NYC Museum
15 Read "Tropic of Cancer," Marianne Moore at YMHA, start ticket mobile
16 8:20 at Asia House for Japanese Imperial Dancing (Martha Graham in audience), write Laird, Paul, Mom, Don, bed at 1
17 Sweep floor, get to Rij Staffel at Chinese Inn, back exhausted, bed at 10PM
18 Up at 7, pack, get to cab, bus, plane, wait while fog lifts at 10:30, to Montreal, wait
   in nice airport till 3, fly to Quebec, haunt Dufferin Terrace, Gil and bed at 12
19 Up at 12, move down Grand Allee, eat at Old Homestead, take bus to St. Anne de Beaupre and Cyclorama, back to Wax Museum and eat at Vendome, bed at 11
20 Up at 9:10, breakfast quickly, bus tour of town. walk over Plains of Abraham to museum and out to walk lower town, getting to eat at 3, "Master of the World," "Atlas" at the Capital, then out to buy ticket and rush back to "Gaieties 61," have supper, bed at 12
21 Up at 10, see Ursuline Convent and Laval and walk to PO for stamps. take Ferry to Levis after eating at Kerhulu, wander Levis, back to Dufferin Terrace, eat in Chateau, then to weightlifting till 2:20, walk home till 3:10
22 Up at 10, pack, take bus to Montreal. lunch at Y and leave at 1, via Drummondville,
   getting in at 5, check in at Y and walk WAY down St. Catherine and WAY up Dorchester and end at Tropical for mad show, bed at 1.
23 Up at 10, buy plane ticket and walk through churches and Mont Royal and St. Joseph's then read a bit and walk a bit and see "Thief of Bagdad," bed at 12, bored
24 Up at 9, pack, through museum and bus to Wax Museum, back to walk through incredible old hospital ruins, plane from 5-6, then home
25 Clean up after rugs and Bill comes over and come over pictures of me
26 "Made for Each Other," Lekakis exhibit, make movie list, bed at 1
27 Type jottings, "Carmina Burana," "Oedipus Rex"
28 Type jottings, see Magritte and Chinese Exhibit at Met, Bill and Jim, pick up rugs
29 "Neapolitan Carousel," "Princess Comes Across," "Only the French Can," Purdy's
   "Malcolm" at YMHA
30 "Leda," "Frantic," leave work 2:30, to Met for Chinese movies and exhibit (bed at 3
31 At 9, up 3rd to 125th, down to 9th, to 126th, to 8th, to 135th, to 7th, to 145th, to
   Lenox, to l25th, and bus home at 11, what a sad Halloween

1 Yugoslav cartoons with Sylvia at MMA, news for an hour, then "West Side Story"
2 "Il Tritico"
3 "Prince of Foxes"*, "Dancing in the Rain" (Yugoslav) at MMA with Sylvia
4 Shop for $50 in Cortlandt area
5 Horse show, write Mom, Don, Laird, YMHA: Shadow Theater
6 Lunch at Chateau Henri IV, supper at Copenhagen, "I'm No Angel," "Horse Feathers"
7 Haircut, fix doors, and re-read "Breakfast at Tiffany's"
8 Finish "Point Counterpoint," model with clay, photograph me
9 Work till 7:30, Lever House Sculpture Exhibit, "Carmina Burana"
10 Escoffier's, meet Mr. Mendelsohn, to Jim's for awful "party," call Dorfman
11 Work with paints, and go to Fawn and Club 19, Larry's birthday, New Canaan with JJ
12 Through park to Natura; History Museum for Biology of Man and Forests, then to
"Desire" and "Million Dollar Legs," and to YMHA for poetry, then home
13 Escoffier's for wine, fix up apartment
14 "Antigone" on TV, write ballets and Paul, Escoffier's opening for Muhl
15 Overtime till 10:30, bed at 12, supper at House of Hamburg
16 Overtime till 6:30, paint three pages, Escoffier's: "Le Bas," bed at 12:30
17 Clay sculpt, to "Summer and Smoke," work Show-Crostic, bed at 3
18 Up at 12, out to Bohrod and "Men" galleries, buy glasses, bedspread, junk, get to steak supper, "Flower Drum Song," home to paper, bed at 2
19 "Dark Mirror," too much TV
20 Clip writing, tally tickets till 2:30, nuts, Escoffier's
21 Overtime till 8, "Antigone" on TV, "Golden Earrings," bed at 1:30
22 Overtime till 6:30, fix apartment
23 Read EB on music, YMHA: T.S. Eliot as critic
24 Overtime till 7:15, meet Tim Namoosis, Paul Taylor Dance Company, bed at 3
25 Carl's birthday, up at 11, read EB, write a bit, YMHA: T.S. Eliot as poet
26 Up at 11, write a bit, buy "Writer" magazine, "Your Past is Showing"*, write Mom and
27 Overtime till 6:30, to good wine at Escoffier's, get "Writer," oily come, Sardi's East
28 Overtime till 9:30, write Met for "Ring," bed at 1
29 Overtime till 7:15, "Trouble in Paradise," "Devil is a Woman," "A Kid for Two
   Farthings"*, bed 3
30 Jim's birthday, O\overtime till 7:30, "The Apple," Club 19, walk home, bed at 1:30

1 Omelette place for lunch, Maharajah for dinner, "Tunes of Glory," "Big Deal on
   Madonna Street" at Thalia, walk 95th and Broadway to 50th and Third, bed at 2:30
2 Last crew haircut, Radcliffe house tour, writing, "Macbeth" and "Loves of Carmen"
3 Town Hall
4 Overtime till 10, sculpt
5 Overtime till 1, "La Sonnambula"
6 Overtime till 10:30, Radcliffe houses, "No Time for Comedy," "They were Expendable"
7 Overtime till 10, bed at 11:30
8 Overtime till 7, call on Young and Rubicam, bed at 10:15
9 Up at 11:30, "Alice in Wonderland," read EB, "Immediate Disaster"*
10 Write, read, "Wizard of Oz"*, YMHA: W.H. Auden and Pro Musica
11 Carl in town, supper at Dresner's, "Drunken Angel," "Fireworks," talk with Chuck, bed
     at 12
12 To work at 10, work till 10:15, see cartoon show at Price, bed at 12:30
13 Overtime till 10, Rita's birthday, bed at 12:30
14 Overtime till 7, watch Bernstein on TV and read "Slang," bed at 11
15 Saw Dr. Moorman for flu shot, "Black Friday"*, met Manuel, OT to 8, "Colossus of
   Rhodes," "Thunder of Drums," and D'Avino films
16 Up at 10:30, write a bit, with JJ to Coney island, write Mom, bed at 1:20
17 "Gulliver's Travels," "One That Got Away," "The Sorceress," "Messiah," bed at 2:45
18 Dinner with Mozelle at Potiniere du Soir, Analytical Services disbanded, "The High
     and the Mighty," work at 9:45, bed at 1
19 Work at 9:15, read "Whitman", "The Thief"*, bed at 1
20 Overtime till 7:30, "Lloyds of London"*, bed at 11
21 Overtime till 8, read "Melville," bed at 10:30
22 Party at Jim's (8-1:30), party at Phi Delta Gamma for SBC, bed at 1; I'm in
     Applications Services
23 Up at 11, write, "Monte Carlo Baby," "O'Henry's Full House," "The Egg and I" (all *),
     bed at 1:30
24 "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town," Bill over for dinner, walk in park in snow
25 "Little Minister," "HMS Pinafore"*, "The Sword and the Dragon"*, "James," the
     author, read.
26 Overtime till 12, on Simmons
27 "Das Rheingold, overtime till 7:30
28 "Dreiser," the author, finish Pepsi Two-Card, bed at 11
29 "Die Walkeure 8-12:30, "Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone," sculpture exhibit
30 "Midsummer's Night's Dream" (puppets), "La Dolce Vita," "The Innocents"
31 Anderson supper at Delphi, "La Perichole" at Met, Times Square 11:20-12:20, write
     ten pages