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1 Up at 11:30, Laird, Zoltan Ovary, Bruce over, Marty over, read "Anecdotes"
2 "Siegfried" at 7:30, overtime till 6:15
3 "El Cid"
4 Read Anecdotes, bed at 10
5 "Gotterdammerung," bed at 3:15
6 Up at 11:45, first haircut since Dec 2, write Don, Mom, Paul, finish "Anecdotes," bed at 2
7 Clean bathroom, dinner 6:30 with Zoltan and WILD party
8 Overtime till 7:15, read "Lord of the Flies," "Judgement at Nurenburg," bed at 3
9 Carnegie Hall: "Iphigenia in Tauride"
10 Dentist at 6:30, $9 for x-rays, $7 for cleaning
11 JJ's Bbrthday
12 Huge fuss at work about job cards, to Philly from 9:30-12
13 Magnificent Barnes Collection, and dinner at 333, back 9:30-12
14 Sports on TV (Skiing, water-skiing, barrel-jumping), to YMHA for Modern Fiction
15 One month from flu shot, "Waterloo Bridge"*
16 Paul comes at 12, to Club 19, Cherry Lane, wander village, "Ugetsu" and home at 3:30
17 Dentist 6:30, drills two deep ones on lower right, "Gentleman's Agreement"*
18 Bed at 8:30
19 Finish "Magnetism" and bed at 12
20 "The Heiress"*, "Majority of One"*, settle trip to Florida with JJ
21 "Cinderella" (Bolshoi movie), New York City "Midsummer's Night's Dream" ballet; YMHA: "Elizabetans"
22 Dentist at 6:15, fill two deep ones, to Zoltan's for supper
23 Overtime till 7, lunch at Red Door
24 Dentist at 6:30, one front one, "Weekend at the Waldorf"*
25 Bed at 9
26 "La Forza Del Destino"
27 Shopping for Doré, "The Bridge," "Breathless," pack for Florida
28 To Florida and walk streets
29 Fontainbleau and Junior's and beach
30 Beach and relax
31 Car and Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale

1 Car and Florida Keys and Everglades
2 Bus tour of town and Hotel Carillon, Mario
3 Boat tour of town and Hotel Deauville
4 Car and Vizcaya and Sans Souci
5 Fly back on lousy plane, bed at 3
6 Up at 8, first speed-reading class, 1000 words per minute, "Samson" at Carnegie Hall,
   bed at 1
7 Up at 7:30, "Monte Carlo Story"*, bed at 10, dentist at 6:30, fill two upper left
8 Unpack clothes and wash dishes, bed at 12:30
9 First haircut since January 6, second haircut in three months
10 Look at Doré, read "Tales for Today and Tomorrow"
11 "Seven Sinners," "The Rains Came," JJ 6-8, YMHA: E.E. Cummings
12 Dinner at "21", drinks at Four Seasons for JJ, bed very high
13 See JJ off on "France," "Golden Apple," reading, class up to 1400 words per minute
14 Dentist at 6, fill two lower right
15 Buy books at Metropolitan at 20% off, meet John Lloyd, "Can-Can," "Blue Denim" and Club 19
16 Mario over
17 Call Manuel, "Lover Come Back," buy theater tickets, "Metropolitan"
18 Read "Fancies and Goodnights" and "The Sun Also Rises"
19 Work till 7:45, "Night of the Iguana"
20 Reading course, down to 990 WPM, "The Caretaker," wander streets with Mario, bed at 1:30
21 "La Notte," and Mario and bed at 2:30, dentist at 6, fill two upper front
22 "Song to Remember," "Sing to Me Through Open Windows," "Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Momma's Hung You in the Closet and I'm Feelin' So Bad"
23 "Hollywood Cavalcade," House of Strangers," Sports Exhibition at Coliseum
24 "One Million BC," "You Can't Cheat an Honest Man," Mario over 3-7, "Black Tights" and sundae at Cookery and look at bar on 8th, bed at 2
25 "Anna Christie," "Dinner at 8," Mario over
26 Overtime til1 7, read EB, Mario and I talk 9-12
27 Reading, read EB, Grandma over to talk, down to Wall Street for John Glenn
28 Dentist 6 for packing, visit Bill, write Mom and Don

1 Read "For Whom the Bell Tolls," "Giant Behemoth"*
2 Overtime till 7:30, mope with Graeme
3 Sunny AM in park, Joy Pottle at Town Hall 5:15 with Graeme, "The Light in the Piazza," Peppermint Lounge, Webster Hotel with Mario
4 Up at 12, Antiques Fair at Madison Square Garden, "Carousel," "King and I"
5 Overtime till 7:30, "Man for All Seasons," cold coming
6 NY Library reading room, "Gideon," cold coming
7 Bill's to 8, Mario till 12, dentist at 6, cold almost here
8 "Europa 51," clean apartment, cold here
9 Overtime till 6:30, cook ribs, Mario here till 11:30
10 Children's Hour and shopping for shirts and ties, Martha Graham, Town Hall, NY
11 "A View from the Bridge," call John Connolly, walk Schurz Park and Central Park
12 Type tapes till 7:30, down to Village to Cornelia and 8th and Lions Head and Fawn and 8th and I come home to oil, bed at 12
13 Reading class, "Die Lustige Witwe" at Carnegie Hall
14 Type and Mario over and walk from 11-1, down to his place
15 SBC Family Dinner at The Colonnades of Essex House, reception at 6, dinner at 6:30
16 Call in "sick" and type tapes and see "Joan au Bucher"
17 Shopping for shoes and shirts, Italian club, Mario, Martha Graham, Tower Suite, and
   "Ghosts," Bells, "Romance Sentimentale," "Sennet Comedy," "Un Chien Andolou,"
   "Juggernaut," "Autumn Fire," "Knife-Thrower" at Charles
18 Record restaurants, Bronx Zoo and Harlem and Bill's, Town Hall: Salzedo
19 Drink at Stefan's, dinner at Pre D'Oro, to "Lower Depths"
20 Reading class, home to photograph, come, eat late, record tapes
21 Write Paul
22 "Paura" at MMA, Wright drawings, "The Searching Wind"*
23 "Dracula"
24 "Norma"*, wander Wall Street, Central Park, McSorley's, Bleecker Tavern, Samovar Cafe, bed at 4:45
25 Inwood Hill Park, sex, "Cold Wind in August," eat at La Marionetta, "The Joker"
26 "Electra" (Opera at Met), dinner at Larre's, "Day the Earth Caught Fire," bed at 2,
   come on tape
27 Reading class, part of "Tender is the Night," bed at 1:30
28 "Turandot," wine tasting, dinner at French Shack, bed at 12
29 New York Philharmonic, meet Doug, bed at 1
30 Town Hall for Lester Trimble, dinner at City Center Club, "Walk on the Wild Side," all
   with Bobbie Baskowitz on my birthday
31 Clean apartment, take pictures, see "Zero de Conduit," "L'Atlantide," bed at 1:15

1 "Les Liaisons Dangereuse," "The Pirate," "Johnny Belinda," YMHA: Aldous Huxley, bed at 3
2 Write Mom, JJ, Don, phone Larry, Bill, "Too Many Crooks," "Min and Bill," bed it 3
3 Reading class cancelled, Bill over, bed at 10:30
4 Work on tax, letter to Laird, bed at 11
5 "Through a Glass, Darkly"
6 Anna Balos, Soprano, "Hunchback of Notre Dame," "Shorts by Shirley Clarke"
7 Read, fix things up, in disgust get to bed at 7PM
8 Up at 8:30, read paper, "Last Year at Marienbad," TV most of day
9 Overtime till 7, "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying"
10 Reading class, "Cenerentola" at Carnegie Hall
11 "Two Women," "Guns of Navarone," between 6-10 45
12 Overtime till 7, to Charles for "Shadows" and "Lost World"
13 Read "The Affair," bed at 11
14 Finish "Tender Is the Night," finish "The Affair," start "Steinbeck," into park at
   night, "Watch on the Rhine"*
15 "Union Pacific," YMHA: Robert Frost
16 Lunch at L'Aiglon, income tax due, flight wine-tasting, finish "Steinbeck"
17 Lunch at Larre's, wine tasting and dinner at Bobo's, Town Hall for Monteverdi "Salmo," good
18 Bill over, walk in Park, send Mom Easter flower
19 Laird in, "Plays for Bleecker St." with "Lust, Infancy, Childhood," to Café Rafio and
   deLys for fantastic evening of dance, bed at 3
20 Radio City for "Moon Pilot," dinner at Deli, afterward to party at Albert Fuller's,
   after "St. John's Passion" at Carnegie Hall
21 Up at noon, to Metropolitan with Zoltan and Julius, after to Zoltan's for spaghetti and
   records, home at 12 with paper, bed early
22 Out to active park from noon to 6, home to TV, bed at 11
23 Bill over 10-1, lunch at Ermitage
24 Reading class, watch TV 8-1
25 EFLA briefing at 11AM
26 EFLA ALL day, watch taping of PM TV show with Bette Davis and Helen Hayes
27 EFLA in Am, find SSS bug in PM, Dramatic Workshop, send Mom birthday present
28 EFLA award showings, movies at Hunter, Town Hall, Bill's Bbrthday
29 MMA: "Best Years of Our Lives," "Carve Her Name with Pride"*
30 "Unconquered*," "Make Mine Mink," "Saturday Night and Sunday Morning," experience in John at Waverly
MAY (Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Italy, San Marino, Monaco)
1 10:15, eye exam and order glasses, reading class, "A Free Soul," Mom's birthday
2 Film-makers at Charles 7-12, overtime till 7, bed at 2
3 "Original Amateur Hour" TV program, overtime till 7:30, write Mom, Paul, JJ
4 "To Kill a Mockingbird"
5 Read "Carpetbaggers," sit in Schurz Park
6 "Witness for Prosecution"*, Read E.E. Cummings, eat only one meal today
7 Overtime till 8, bed at 12
8 Write Don and Mom
9 "Psyche, Lysis and Charmides" at Charles, overtime till 8:30
10 San Marino for lunch
12 Leave for Europe
30 Return from Europe, bed at 12
31 Wake at 5, put stuff away, Cafe Chauveron, talk all day till 7, bed at 8

1 Up at 6, talk at work till 7, "Suddenly Last Summer" with Mozelle, bed at 1
2 Come three times, photos, loaf, sort souvenirs, break mirror, read "Stranger than
   Science," bed at 11
3 Read "Great Gatsby," Mom and Chuck call
4 Call John, overtime till 7, come, shave beard to photography
5 Dinner at Sayat Nova, to Cafe Britania
6 Read "Little Me" and come thrice
7 Tour of Brookhaven
8 Appointment with dentist UN5-3157, type 10 pages
9 Type 10 pages, "Dangerous," "Force of Arms," "Only the French Can," rent bicycle and
10 Type 10 pages, read "Totem and Taboo," TV for 4 hours today, "Golden Bough," mail Hurok and BOM
11 Dinner at Gripsholm, with Marty to Cassis
12 Art show for Gourmets, miss a lecture, overtime till 7, type 10 pages
13 Type 10 pages
14 "San Francisco"*, Chuck over
15 Lunch at Chateaubriand, supper with Bill, "Day the War Ended"
16 Far Rockaway with Bill, read "Strange Interlude"
17 Finish "Winter Tales," walk 70th to South Ferry with Marty
18 Marty and Stu over, E62nd St for "Bedside Manner," "Day at the Races," "Night at the Opera"
19 "Duet for Two Hands," type tape
20 "Girl with a Suitcase," "The Mark," "Underwater Adventure," "Midsummer Night's Dream," bed at 3:15.
21 Leave work at 3 for "Touch of Mink" at Radio City, home to watch "Merchant of Venice," bed 10
22 "Love and the Frenchwoman" and "Forbidden Fruit" at Thalia, stop at Exodus, talk till
   4:15, Third Avenue and bed at 5:30
23 Up at 1, dinner at Delancy's, "Lolita," walk back to "Hiroshima," book, and bed at 4
25 Write Carl, Laird, Franco, Mom, finish O'Neill's "Three Plays" and "Malcolm"
26 "Piece of Blue Sky" on TV, Bill over, read "The City and the Pillar," write Paul,
   haircut, bed at 1
27 Macy's fireworks, cruise back at 10: 30, bed at 12
28 "The City and the Pillar," "John Brown's Body" on TV
29 "Rabbit, Run," Bill over to type
30 "Nineteen Stories" by Graham Greene, "Lives of the Artists," "Little Mary Sunshine,"
   bed at 3:30

1 "Ship of Fools," read, to Bill's to sleep and his mother and Harriet Texido here to
2 Dentist at 6, cruise 9-11:30
3 Get Bill's bike for two months
4 Read "The Agony and the Ecstasy," fireworks from Empire State Building
5 Start "The Idiot"
6 Dinner with Laird, Filmmaker's Festival at Charles
7 Filmmaker's Festival at Charles
8 "The Idiot," "George"
9 Dentist at 6, cruise
10 Lunch at Serendipity, basement wash room incident with unknown doll
11 Luiz
12 Stravinsky at Lewisohn: Fireworks, Two Scherzos, Firebird great, Rite of Spring
13 Lunch At Monsignore, write Mom, Bill, two clothing ads from Esquire
14 "Bringing up Baby" at MMA, dinner at Fedora's, wander village
15 "Prehistoric Women"*, construct construction with string and cardboard
16 Paint apartment
17 "Victim," "The Idiot," paint apartment
18 "National Velvet"*, paint apartment
19 See Lee at NY Medical Center, dinner at Never on Sunday, Britania, end of "Crusades"*
20 Clean apartment to music, wash windows
21 "Naughty Martine," "Of Life and Love," Bon Dance, dinner at Great Shanghai
22 "End of Innocence," "Purple Noon," "Three Strange Loves," "Devil's Eye," bed at 11
23 "Birth of a Nation," lunch at Maria's Cincin, write Bill, bed at 1:30
24 "Illicit Interlude," "Secrets of Women," Sutherland at Lewisohn
25 Psychology Program #1 at Thalia, and cruise a bit
26 Write Mom, come twice over swim suits, 10 pushups, 15 situps, 15 pulls
27 Finish writing "The Connoisseur," 15 pushups, 15 situps, 15 pulls
28 Thalia for "Aren't We wonderful" and "Summer to Remember," finish "The Deserter,"
   Peters and Peerce at Lewisohn, "Back to the Wall," bed at 3
29 Walk west 40's and 50's, see "Sky Above and Mud Below," cursedly work puzzle, bed at 2:30 Overtime till 6:15, "Intolerance," and cursedly work puzzle, bed at 1
31 Overtime till 6:30, "Eternal Return," "The Strange Ones"

1 On line for "Tempest," cruise and bed at 11, toss till 2
2 Washington DC, up at 6:15, start at 10:30, out at 5, home at 9
3 To "Tempest" at 5:30, cruise bit after, nothing
4 "Destry Rides Again"*, read "The End of My Life"
5 "Zanzabuku"*, finish "Vanity Fair," write Bill, EB, Playboy, Laird, cruise 10-1, talk
   to Jim Gahr
6 "Broken Blossoms," "Ricky"
7 "The Truth," "Night People" at Thalia, cruise and no dinner
8 "All Fall Down," "Five Finger Exercise" (1000th movie and 940th title), Fernando
9 Bed at 9:30
10 999 shows or 939 movies, listen to tapes, record movie list, bed at 1:30
11 Walk up to 116th, to 125th and 7th, down to canoe on upper lake, sit watching boats in park, supper at Never on Sunday, home at 12, with Marty, bed at 2
12 Ferry to Staten Island, come twice during day, disgusted and do nothing
13 1001 shows or 941 titles for "Way Down East," and 13 in gang-bang in park
14 Cinerama "Brothers Grimm," talk with Sheila, Marty's father dies
15 Bed at 9, but trouble sleeping
16 Listen to Bill's tape and do nothing
17 Leave 10:30PM for Seattle, plane off at 11:30
18 Seattle with Mozelle, World's Fair, stay at Olympic Hotel, bed at 1:30
19 Seattle up at 8:30, to Fair for 3 hours, to Mt. Rainer, drive to fair and Mozelle
   misses plane!
20 Back 11:30 from Seattle, "Orphans of the Storm," to work at 12:45, groped on rock on point and watch lightning
21 "Haunting of Hill House" read, bed at 9:30
22 Fix apartment and listen to tapes and write Bill
23 To Thalia for Second Psychology program, cruise till 11
24 Overtime til 9, finish testing IBM Hagerstown "Encore"*
25 Type new movie list 2-9PM, work puzzle till 2
26 Up at 11, breakfast at 1, soak stamps, finish puzzle, hear tapes
27 Trip to Poughkeepsie for nothing, "America," "Ditte, Child of Man," "Waves" (Redes),
   good double
28 Come twice, sweep apartment, start Stwisters
29 With Sheila to "Girl with the Golden Eyes," Fedora's for ribs, outside White Horse,
   Seven Steps, Black Pussy Cat, Folk sing valley, and HER place, bed at 3
30 Arias and Arabesques and Wallingford Riegger, bed at 11
31 "Morning Star Ballet," bike to Bill's and talk till 1:15, sleep there, up at 9

1 Cursed by hemorrhoids buy books, home at 4, out at 5 to stupendous "King Lear" in
   Park, bed at 1:30
2 Still hemorrhoids, at 11 to "Music Man," home to skiing on TV, talk with Marty 8-12
   re-meet Luiz
3 Luiz over 2:30-4:30, in park till 6, meet Bill at 8 for dinner at Fedora's, park till
4 Picture puzzle 6-1:30
5 Dinner at Fleur de Lys, "Le Plaisir" and "Picnic on the Grass" at Thalia, see Sheila at
   29R in Century building
6 Bolshoi "Swan Lake," Poughkeepsie 12-6:15, finish "There Is a River"
7 Poughkeepsie 9-1, lunch at 4, American Ballet in Park, dinner at 11, bed cold and tired
8 Finish picture puzzle 11-5, call from Sheila, cold, write Peace Corps, Don O'Shea, Mom
9 Lousy program at Charles, "King of the Jungle" (Crabbe), Second City on TV, Bill for
   dinner, Dance program in CP
10 Bolshoi "Giselle"
11 "Timon of Athens," dinner at Leonardo, bit of Alvin Alley, roam park, Penthouse Club
   with Sheila
12 Poughkeepsie 10-6, read "Pincher Martin," fix apartment
13 Bolshoi "Spartacus," overtime till 7:15
14 Grant Preston-Thomas calls, over for dinner, meet Bill, go to Coney Island, ride rides,
   get on express, local, bed at 2
15 Grant calls at 11, Sheila and he and I go around Manhattan on Day Line, Fedora's for
   dinner, Leon Bibb at Bitter End, take her home, incredible male sequence on subway
16 "Frankenstein 1970," "Gung-Ho," "Operation Disaster," TV all day, one meal, watch
   premier of WNDT until 11
17 Bolshoi "Ballet School," "Paganini," "Walpurgis Night," work 10-3
18 "Rendezvous with Juliet," "Letters from My Windmill" at Thalia, photos of trousers and come thrice and sweat into bed.
19 Thalia Psychology Program #3, dinner with Bill at top of Baxter Hall
20 Write EB on learning, Regency Square for v-pants, Life, subways about conductor, type magazine list, come twice, bed at 1:30
21 Bolshoi "Bayaderka," "Diana and Acteon," "Mazurka," "Don Quixote," 3 "Dying Swans," "Gayne," "Odds Against Tomorrow," bed at 2
22 Shopping, get two suits and jacket and 9 ties and wool sweaters, back to plan trip for
   $99, read paper, bed at 1:30
23 Bill over, opening of Lincoln Center, "It Should Happen to You"
24 Lousy dinner at Bit of Bali, take Sheila home, "Now I'm not only sexless, but I'm
   loveless", poor Sheila
25 "Invitation to the Dance" at MMA
26 Plan bus trip
27 "Love is My Profession" and "Passionate Summer" at Thalia, opening of Sign of the Dove, drop $25 with Sheila there
28 Fix apartment
29 Write Don, JJ, bills, Conn, Bill, Howard over, dinner at Clark's, "Wrong Man," "Song of
   My Heart" (Tchaikovsky)
30 "White Sheik," "I Vitelloni," "Sign of the Cross"*, do jeans in Park, meet John
   Connolly and Jim M.

1 Sheila and hilarity, start of cold
2 "Mr. Roberts" at ELT, "The Magician" and "Amphytrion" at Thalia, overtime 11:30-1:15
3 Cold here, B\bed at 9, toss till 2
4 Bed at 10:30, read "Lost Worlds," Metropolitan art classes start
5 Bed at 6, up at 10:30, bed at 2, sick
6 "Longest Day," "Little Hump-Backed Horse," "The Wicked," "Nudism," "Short Strips"
7 "Pagliacci" and "La Forza del Destino" at Thalia, "Rigoletto"*
8 Talk with Janet Schlesinger, cold almost over?
9 Finish "Lost Worlds," try to call Eileen and Lotte
10 "Long Day's Journey into Night" at Tower East
11 City Center's "Passion of Jonathan Wade," quick dinner at Potiniere du Soir, drinks at
   Carnegie Inn with Mozelle, bed at 3:30
12 Shopping with Bill, "Henry V" on TV, Laird over, walk park, bed at 2:45
13 Pick up suits, "Mr. Arkadin," "Three Coins in the Fountain," "To Each His Own"
14 Six Brandenburgs at Lincoln Center; three short films at Met
15 "Barabbas"
16 "Goliath and the Barbarians," "Goliath and the Dragon," "Louise" at City Center
17 Dinner at Chez Gisele with Sheila, Eleanor Steber at Philharmonic Hall at 8:30
18 Bed at 8:30, Bill calls at 9:30, eat and up 11-12:30
19 To Marty's for dinner and his cousin Steve and "Louise", home at 3, "Apollinaire," bed
   at 4
20 Type tapes
21 "Forbidden Planet"*, "Lohengrin" (Italian film)*, "Unconquered"*, bed at 2:15
22 Lunch and see Lotte, work till 6:30, "Bamboche" backstage
23 "Potting Shed" at ELT with Bill after work till 7:30, home through park
24 "Wings of the Dove" at 8:15 after work till 7:30
25 With Sheila to dinner at Mayan, drinks at Cafe Nicholson ($12 dinner), to Tenement,
   spend $22.50, bed at 1
26 "The Insect Play" by Kapek on TV
27 "Magnificent Rothschilds" and "Beebe Fenstermaker"
28 Painting all day, "Tristram" at YMHA
29 68th St. Library till 8
30 FIRST GRAY HAIR, Smeterlin at PH at 8:30, dinner at Fontana de Trevi
31 Dinner at Albert's French, "Fantasticks," Trude Heller's Versailles, bed at 2

1 "Turn of Screw" at City Center at 8:30, work till 8
2 Ibsen's "Wild Duck" and "Anna Lucasta"* on TV
3 Shoot five rolls of film, New York Philharmonic at PH 8:30
4 Letters to BOM, Bhaskar, rent, Laird, Mom, Met, dinner at Great Shanghai, Koto at PH
5 Write Don, work on Writers Test
6 Pick up six rolls of film, see "Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner"
7 Overtime till 7:30, lunch with Marty and I pledge $1200 for recording of Joanne Burks
8 Company named "Versailles," clean apartment and write Paul, EB, Famous Writers, foot of 7lst
9 Marty over to talk business, bed at 10
10 "Mutiny on the Bounty" at 2:30, "Gypsy," Larry here, dinner at Gay Vienna
11 Beekman at 11, "Merry Widow" at City Center, "Candida" at YMHA, Larry's birthday
12 Sheila over, Dorfman
13 ELT's "Elizabeth the Queen," overtime till 8
14 Overtime till 7:45, D'Oyly Carte's "Mikado," to La Pont, 59th and First, till 12:15
15 Flu shot, play GO with Dick Goppelt till 8:30, Sheila talks till 12
16 Dinner with Marty, Rita, Liz and Joanne Berks, home to bed at 8, John Rob calls at
   11:30 and stays till 12:30
17 Les Boutiques de Noel at mansion on 70th, Brooklyn Museum with Bill and Sheila, Horse
   Show on TV, "Missile to the Moon," "House of Wax"*, "Down to Earth"*, Dorfmans, bed at 3
18 "Casta Diva"*, Write Fred, fix bookcase
19.Write JJ and "Connoissuer" to "Saturday Evening Post," Michael Kane at YMHA
20 American Opera Society's "Rake's Progress," "Month in the Country" on TV, Main Library
21 D'Oyly Carte's "Pirates of Penzance," Main Library, buy books
22 Read "A Night to Remember" and "Sometimes, Never," Paul here, to Dirty Dicks, bed at 2:30
23 Tired at work, dinner at Asti's, and "Billy Budd" and La Pont, Warren, East 47, bed 3AM 24 Trousers at Dorfmans, 3rd Avenue Antique shops, Park Avenue, nap, Potiniere, and Gay 90's, Third Side with Sheila and her sister and Paul, bed at 3
25 Up at 12:30 and fix apartment, "Jules and Jim" and "Taste of Honey" with Bill,
   "Sundae," Dirty Dick's, Carl's birthday, read "Nightwood"
26 "The Connection," "Count of Monte Christo," "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane," tour to Greyhound in Cleveland
27 Main Library 6-10, "Bombard Story," Anouilh's "Colombe" on TV
28 D'Oyly Carte's "Iolanthe," bed at 1:30
29 "Meistersinger," Warren Strauss, dogs, Christmas spray, bed at 3
30 Bolshoi at Madison Square Garden, dinner at Miramar, quarrel with Sheila, bed at 1

1 Radcliffe and sign for Famous Writer's Course, with Warren to Edouardo's, his dogs, him in bed
2 To Met with Warren, eat at Christino's, listen to music, he comes, bed at 1
3 Bhaskar
4 ELT's "Our of This World," overtime till 7:45
5 "Hiawatha"*
6 "Pelleas and Melisande at Met"
7 "Rosenkavalier" at Met, Fred here at 1AM
8 Radcliffe tour, "Boccaccio '70" refused from bars, Fred here
9 Finish "Ronald Firbank" and "Nostradamus," Fred here and leaves at 1, YMHA: Gilbert
10 Read "Rich Nations and Poor Nations" and "Pigeon Feathers"
11 Marvelous "L'Italiana in Algeri," overtime till 7, receive FW material
12 Le Pavilion from 6:30-9:45 for $49.50, Playboy Club
13 "Ballo" at Met, dinner at Playboy, Rita's birthday
14 Overtime till 10:30 on McKinsey, Laird here
15 Waked at 5:30 for McKinsey, home at 12:45, "Painted Veil" (Garbo), Laird here
16 Work on McKinsey 11AM-11PM, Laird here
17 "Story of Three Loves," "Rhapsody"
18 "Lawrence of Arabia," overtime till 7:15, with Cyndy to Playboy until 2:30
19 "Lovers of Teruel"---twice
20 "Don Giovanni" at Met, lousy dinner at Playboy
21 Walk through park with Warren, good supper at Cafe du Soir, bed at 12:30
22 Read magazines and Young's "The Medici, Volume II"
23 Photos at Met museum, "Devil's Disciple"
24 "Alice in Wonderland"*, to Warren's for dinner, formal, then mass, then Regent's Row , Arty's
25 Michael's, then Warren's, sleep through day. "Crimson Pirate"*, finish "Madness of
26 To Warren's for turkey salad, see apartment on 35th, to Hick's for sundae, bookshops
27 Sheila over, which wrecks night, read part of Midtown study
28 "Two Minutes to Noon," make up PHOTO scrapbook, "Roaring Twenties"*
29 Joan Sumner over in AM, write letters in PM, bed at 12
30 Letters and scrub
31 "My Lucky Star"*, Happy New Year on TV