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1 Catalog music, "The Hucksters"
2 TV all evening
3 "So Proudly We Hail"*, dinner at Warren's with Ron and John
4 3:30 leave, 6 in Philly, meet Laird, eat there, "Die Walkuere," to Allegro, Drury Lane,
   bed at 2:30
5 Talk till 5, to train to Paul at 8, to Robert's, Hut, to Frank's, where we talk till
6 11-2 talk to Frank, to Paul's for dinner, then Hickory House for beer, to station, home
   at 12, bed at 1
7 "Desire Under the Elms," sundae with Bill, finish "Strangest Things"
8 ELT's "Devil's Disciple," overtime till 7:30, come vibrationally at John's, bed at 2
9 "Land of the Pharaohs"*, write 50 letters to Chambers of Commerce
10 "Barber" at Met, overtime till 7
ll Write Rita and Laird and Frank, Paul, Larry, David Somers, "Stage Fright"*
12 6-9 John's 19D, "Broadway Melody"*, dinner at WoPing with Warren and Dan
13 Photo me, buffet at Le Pont, finish "Free Fall"
14 Send $500 to Famous Writers, finish "Phenomenon of Man"
15 Cocktails at David Goodstein's, meet Edward Moulton-Barrett, Bob Lowenstein, then to
   Club 47 till 12, home to bed
16 Dinner at Fedora's with Shiela and Joan, to Bergensfjord till 9, then home, bed at 11
17 Talk with Bill 8-9, overtime till 6:30, eat at Poachers Den, to John's for sex, "They
   Met in Bombay"*
18 "AIDA," great, buy YMCA membership, eat in cafeteria
19 Finish "Living Time," call at 7:45 from Helen, "Man in the Cocked Hat"*
20 Up at 12, to Bob Teitel's for Diplomacy, home at 8:30, "Boris Godunov"*
21 Sleep 9-12, 1-4, 4-8
22 Dentist at 5 Playboy with Don Lortie, proposal for DCSLOG 2-3
23 "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf," dinner at Reidy's good
24 "Abe Lincoln in Illinois," supper at La Savoie awful
25 Overtime till 12, bed at 1:15
28 Walk in snow 11PM, meet Phillip Schrach, talk to Bill for 1 hour
27 "Obsession"*, clean drawers and fill scrapbook, "Love of Three Kings" on NBC opera, up
   at 12:15
28 Dentist at 5, overtime till 2:30, up at 6:30, work at 7:15
29 ELT's "Royal Gambit," call Harry Baird, up at 11, work at 1:25
30 Wine tasting 5-7, up at 6, work at 6:45
31 Up at 8:45, work at 10, overtime till 10, bed at 10:30

1 Up at 5:15, to DC at 8:30, see ASTIA, Schofer from NTC, Schrumwasser for Walter Reed,
   home at 8:30, bed at 9:30
2 Up at 10:30, Ibsen's "Master Builder" on TV, Bill over, bed at 11:30
3 Research for trip
4 Dentist at 5, "Enemy Below," "Saint Joan," talk to Joan for 1.5 hours
5 "Adriana Lecouvreur," overtime till 7:30
6 To Harry's for scallops and sex and sleep there from 1:30-7
7 Study for trip
8 Marty's for recording till 3AM
9 Marty's until 3, watch "Count Ory," "King's Jester"
10 Lee and Sol, then to Ronnie's and to Beverly's and Sayat Nova, Britania, cab back for
   $9 at 1:30
11 "School for Scandal" with Gielgud, Richardson, Strauss, dinner at Edouardo's
12 American Opera Society's "Maria de Rohan," dinner at Playboy, get list from Harry
13 "Down There on a Visit," "Travels with Charley," books
14 Fire on 72nd and 1st Avenue at 4AM, read, bed at 9PM
15 "My Little Chickadee," write Mom, Laird, Larry, Winterthur, Schmucker looks at
16 Dinner at Parlor on 72nd, fair, cab to National Ballet Co in Brooklyn, then to Pip's
   and subway home, bed at 3:30
17 "Life and Loves of Mozart"*, Bill over 3-6, gets mail
18 "Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison"*, plan trip
19 "Traviata" at Met
20 ELT's "New Girl in Town," "Black Magic"*
21 "Born Yesterday"*
22 Pack, Newark, Wilmington Lairds
23 DuPont Experimental Station, University of Delaware, Longwood Gardens, Hag1ey Museum
   Philly, "Diamond Head," "Sodom and Gomorrah"
24 Edgewood in great snowfall, Larry, John Appelgate, I talk and eat in Acropolis in
25 To Aberdeen, DC, Richmond (in at 7), walk streets, to Eton's, bed at 1
26 Up to snow, tours closed, wander museum, catch bus to Norfolk (3-6), sleep in awful Y
27 Miss AM bus, get on at 11:45, ride all day
28 Into Atlanta at 6AM, ride bus to see city, bed early

1 Atlanta to Mobile, sleep Mobile
2 Bellingrath Gardens, to New Orleans, dinner at Galatoire's, meet Pat Crene
3 Tour of New Orleans, dinner at Commander's Palace
4 Breakfast at Brennan's, row boat, dinner at Antoine's, night club tour, meet Jerry
5 Bayou tour, Playboy club, New Orleans Symphony with Maria Tallchief
6 Send package to Bill, New Orleans to Natchez, Confederate Pageant
7 Home tour, travel to Memphis
8 Memphis museums with Don Reynolds, travel Little Rock to Hot Springs with Edith
9 Bath in Hot Springs, travel to Dallas, meet Brice Evans, to Gene's, BJ, bed at 2
l0 Phone BJ and Jean Peak, leave at 12:30 for Houston, get to Off-Main, lousy, bed 12:30
11 Raining, they cancel tour, write long, mail to Bill, see SBC, "Days of Wine and Roses,"
   dinner at Maxime's, Houston Symphony
12 City tour in AM, San Jacinto in PM, catch 7:30 bus to Pecos
13 Get to Carlsbad Caverns, tour there, to full Y in El Paso, walk Juarez, to Tucson at
14 Tour of Colossal Cave, Saguaro Forest, Tombstone, Dave picks me up, we look at sex
   books and I jerk him off, after Merry-Go-Round dinner
15 Check PO, Garden of Gethsamane, museum, drive to Mt. Leman, eat Mexican food, to Corner
16 Read "Peanuts," come three times, listen to music, call Jim Winter, to Sonora Museum,
   to dinner and museum opening of Wyeth, see night clubs, to bed
17 To Tumacacori, to Nogales bull fight with Marge, Leslie, back after ribs to pack and
18 Write, check PO, 12:30 bus to Phoenix. check in full Y, walk to Main Line, Playboy
   Club, drive with Dave Little to horrid bars, bed
19 Tour to Grand Canyon via Montezuma's Castle, Oak Creek, walk trail, rim after dark,
   see slides, bed 10:30
20 Up late, race along rim to Yavapai Point, race back to bus, trip via Prescott museum,
   bus to Backstage, done coming back hitchhiking, bus to San Diego
21 Into San Diego at 6, to Y at 8, take tour at 10, then to Balboa Park, Lubach's, and
   Artur Rubinstein, bed at 11
22 To Zoo all day, cocktails at El Cortez, dinner at Brass Rail, Tod Browning and San
   Diego Symphony, Brass Rail, Bill Peck picks me up
23 Day with Jim Stouder on music and reading, "Les Liaisons Dangereuse," "No Exit," wild
   party with Natalie, bed at 3
24 Mexico and Hi Lai, Blue Fox, Coranado, Jack
25 Bus to LA, phone troubles, dinner at Windsor, bus to San Luis Obispo
26 Hitchhike to San Simeon, bus to San Jose, dinner with Bernie and dancers
27 Tour SBC, Carl takes me to Palo Alto, "To Kill a Mockingbird" and tiny balcony
28 Take laundry in, buy books, drive with Carl, looking for houses, to Olympic Club
29 Call Gio, to San Francisco, meet Goodwin and Verena, Electra, sleep at Goodwin's
30 With quartet to Palo Alto, with Carl to piano lesson, then to SF for Rendezvous, bed at
31 Write, "David and Lisa," argue with Carl

1 Palo Alto to San Francisco to Merced to Yosemite, walk at night, bed at 9:30
2 Up at 5:30, walk till 10, tour till 6, dinner, late for firefall, bed. at 10
3 Dinner at Roger Young, pack, out at 8AM, into Fresno at 12, at 12:30 to LA, call Walt
   Swan, his place, bed nicely at 1
4 Write in Pershing Square in AM, Forest Lawn tour, dinner home, great sex, bed at 11
5 Wash dishes and clothes, over to "Fantasia," dinner at Little Vienna, home for sex and
6 Out for laundry, breakfast, clean windows, house, go shopping, back to write, doze, to
   Young's for dinner, party here, bed at 4
7 Up at 12, breakfast, fix apartment, drive to Santa Monica, back to Gorge, Bill's for
   dinner and home to sex
8 Laundry fuss, write, hamburgers, watch TV for Academy Awards, long talk, shooty sex, bed
   at 11
9 Up at 6, mope through AM, ride bus to Las Vegas, walk town, lose $10, bus at 11:30
10 Travel to Albuquerque, get haircut, play chess, see old town, walk, to bed at 10
11 Bus through New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma
12 Into St. Louis at 11, take city tour, shower, sleep at 9:30
13 Putz around room, bus to Museum, tour, movies until 5, write a bit in Pprk, "Freud,"
   Playboy Club, Golden Gate, bed at 1
14 Worry, read papers, shower, "How The West Was Won," St. Louis Cathedral, bus to
15 Into Charleston at 3, Y full, see Capital, river walk, to Columbus, talk with Don to
16 Breakfast at 6:30, with Don to classes, tour OSU, museum, dinner, Rathskeller, bed at
17 Bus at 9 to Dayton, Edward picks me up, tour of reactor, dinner at Ann's, Barry and I
   to "Airport" and "The Birds"
18 Look at SBC, Dayton Museum with Barry at 2:15, bus to Cincinnati "Lady's Not for
   Burning," concert, and midnight chicken
19 Up at 10, mail to Bill, eat lunch at Woolworth's, bus to Eden Park, museum, flower show
   till 4, Birgit Nillson concert, Rathskeller to 12
20 Up and catch 9:30 bus for Indianapolis, see War Memorial, Heran Galleries, 4:30 bus to
   Chicago, in at 9, bed early
21 Breakfast, walk to Illinois Ballet, "Sundays and Cybele," cab to Modern Dance, walk to
   supper, Y, bed
22 Check PO, read "Freud," write, see SBC, ride to Evanston, Y for dinner, Scrabble, bed
   at 9
23 Up at 7:30, come good, Merchandise Mart, Conservatory, Museum of Natural History,
   write, Playboy, Sam's, Jim and Mark Twain hotel, sick sex.
24 To Y at 8, eat, to Art Institute 10:30-5, great, read, write, window watch, bed
25 Wash, pack, catch noon bus to Des Moines, get into Omaha at 12, in bath, in hall, in
   bed for three, bed at 3
26 To Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 9:30-3, tour falls, write, to Omaha 8:45-1, bed at 1:30
27 Up at 8, shower, pack, check bag, get to Joslyn at 10:30, lunch of pancakes at 12, on
   bus to Kansas City, in at 6, out at 6:30 for Denver, Manhattan at 10
28 Denver at 9, check in Y, read paper, shower, to Ice Capades by thumb, to "Ugly
   American" and "Wacky Professor," good steak, bed at 1
29 Laundry out, to tour office, take Rocky Mountain tour, Buffalo Bill's tomb, Lariat
   Trail in AM, write cards and letters PM and COME GREATLY, read "Aeneid," bed at 11
30 Mount Evans tour, Central City, Berthoud Pass, read a bit, come, to "Importance of
   Being Ernest," bar is closed, bed at 12:30

1 Read and finish the "Aeneid," out to mail packet, see Art Institute, read "Out of the
   Silent Planet" and "Guns of August," bed at 10:30
2 Laundry out, to Pikes Peak tour, to Garden of Gods, Air Force Academy, Will Rogers
   Memorial, Clearview Mountain Zoo with Liliana, to Duffy's and Rodeo
3 Mt. Estes tour via canyons, I climb hill and back quickly, read "Perelandra"
4 Bus to Cheyenne, eat, read and finish "Guns of August"
5 6:30 bus to Salt Lake City, read, late dinner, sit, talk in the Beehive, beer, bed at 1
6 Buy books, read "The Inheritors," "Day in Life of Ivan Denisovitch," "Status Seekers,"
   organ at noon
7 Salt Lake City tour, Cottonwood Canyon, Brighton Ski lift, Bingham Copper, Salt Lake,
   walk to Gala Ballet
8 Organ recital, fuss with Wasserman, mail books, eat, bed at 7:30
9 Up at 3:15 for bus to Ashton at 12:15, hitchhike to Yellowstone, meet Parsons, bed at
10 Up at 4, marvelous tour through Yellowstone, cold, back at 2, finish "That Hideous
   Strength," eat at 7, bed at 10
11 Up to lights out, out at 8, paying $5, hitchhike to Ashton at 9:45, eat, read "Vipers,"
   bus to Pocatello at 3, Twin Falls at 6, Pendleton at 2
12 Portland at 8, Y across street, read papers, finish "Generation of Vipers," eat at
   Robert's, write, see Oratorio to 10:30
13 Up at 8, breakfast fancy, tour of shrine, Columbia River, dam at 10-2:30, "Battle
   Beyond the Sun," "Hercules and the Amazon Women," write
14 Write in room, read, call Jensen's, lunch, Art Institute, drive with them, ball game,
   roses, "Tight Little Island, "The Balcony"
15 Go tour town, Lambert's Garden, get haircut, "Mondo Cane, "Stark Fear," wash hair, bed
   at 10
16 Up at 6, pack, Portland to Spokane, Spokane to Butte
17 Butte to Fargo
18 Fargo to Minneapolis at 6AM, see Walker Gallery and "Hamlet" and "Sweet Bird of Youth"
   and "Miracle Worker," try Happy Hour, bed at 1
19 Up at 10, Minneapolis Art Institute, "The Miser" by Moliere, rib dinner, write, bed
20 Up at 6:30 bus to Milwaukee, continue on to Detroit
21 Detroit at 2, fuss till 3, eat at 4, tickets at 5, read 6-9, bed at 9:30
22 Up at 6:30, lay till 7:30, to Edison Institute after Ford tour 1:30-11, dinner at
   London Chop House, try Club 1011, bed at 12
23 Up at 8, cab to Cadillac at 9:30, get to Top of Flame, down to Computer Conference with
   Cathy till 5, to Windsor, Canada, buy Wedgewood, find Etna Baths, bed at 11
24 Buzz at 7:30, to Chrysler plant, out Jefferson Beach, to Wayne State, Yamasaki library,
   Historical museum, Art Museum, to "Boris Godonov," Top of the Flame, Greek Restaurant
   With Eili
25 Up at 10, decide to spend day writing, I do, lunch at 1:30, doze 2:30-4;30, call Eili
   at 6:30, "Divorce-Italian Style," "Fox and Hounds," Northland Shopping Center, home at
   3, get trade in hall and bed at 3:30
26 Up at 10, to Zoo, quick tour, bus to Belle Isle, rent bike, up to "Critic's Choice,"
   "The Hook," eat at Mayflower, bed at 12
27 Up at 8, cash check at 9, to Ford at 10, Greenfield Village 12:30-4:30, write, eat
   $1.19 steak, write, bed
28 Up at 6, no water, check out, see Zoo, Art Gallery in Toledo, get to Akron 6:30, talk
   to 12
29 AM to Akron U, Helen, Drs. Sumer, Thackeray, bus to ICWU, dinner at Grandma's, play
   Careers, bed at 11
30 Argue stupidly in AM, Mom, Grandma, Rita, me to cemetery, dinner, to Marion's, to
   Helen's, play with kids, home at 9, pack, get to bed at 11
31 Up at 6:45, to station, Helen, through Ohio, Penna, New Jersey to New York, talk with
   Jim till 12:15, come, bed at 2:30

1 Up at 9, fix apartment, come, out to "Too True to Be Good," eat banana cake in balcony,
   picked up by Genelle Courts, to Bill's, get mail, read it till 11, sandwich, papers,
   bed at 3
2 Read "Life," fuss with apartment, come, Bill gives cereal, peanut butter, dinner, I come
   four times, bed at 11
3 Bank, laundry fuss, work at 10, talk with people, Andy says "wait", home to work, to
   Warren's for dinner, talk, limp sex
4 Bring clothes from Warren's at 10, come, scrub, wash, finish apartment, see "Great
   Battle of the Volga," "Dancing Around the World" at Thalia
5 Errands, buy tickets, "Black Fox," "Playboy of the Western World," "The Gondoliers," MMA
6 Study Famous Writers, finish "Italian Short Stories"
7 Write letters, sort souvenirs
8 Shopping, Bill's, get Thalia schedule, phone Paul
9 Salinger's "9 Stories," "Catcher in the Rye," "Goodbye, Columbus"
10 "The Genius and the Goddess," first day back at SBC
11 "Antic Hay"
12 "Strange Interlude" at 6PM
13 Diplomacy at Bob Teitel's, with Joan, till 12:30
14 Lunch with Joan, meet John Jensen, "Two Daughters," "Sound of Trumpets"
15 "55 Days at Peking" (12-2), "Hud" (2-4:30), "The Trial" (5-7), "The Brig" (7:30-9:30)
16 "St. Matthews Passion" at 5
17 First FW lesson due
20 Philharmonic Hall 8:30
21 Wrestling
22 "Shoot the Piano Player," "Viridiana" at Thalia
23 Philharmonic Hall at 8:30
24 Talk to Bill 2 hours and 22 minutes
25 Macy's fireworks in Hudson, "Antony and Cleopatra" 8:15
26 Chuck over 7:30-12:30
28 "Gray Eminence
29 "Cleo from 5 to 7," "The Island," "The Traitors," Godzilla vs. King Kong," read "Devils
   of Loudon"
30 "Wilson," "Tales of the Uncanny and the Supernatural," fix apartment

1 Dance in Central Park, Sophie Maslow and Paul Draper
2 Re-read Appolinaire, Jim over for puzzles, pornography, bed hungry
3 Shiela in work, cocktails at Regency, dinner at Frey's, Lewisohn for wind and Czech
4 Type 6 pages, soak stamps, fill movie list
5 Type 19 pages, sort books in order, Bill for dinner, "Cardinal Richelieu"*
6 "Attack of the Crab Monsters"*, sun on roof for 1 hour, type 13 pages, with Marty to
   CafĂ© Kashmere, "Exodus," bed at 3
7 Come twice over drawing cocks on erased books, type 21 pages, 15 reps of exercise
8 Do nothing, feel lousy, throw cocks away
9 IBSYS class, "La Belle Americaine," "Coming-Out Party" at Thalia, dinner of chicken with
   Bill, lunch in Park with Cathy and Antony Gray, meet Eddie, bed at 3
10 Up at 7, IOCS class, lunch at Larre's with Cyndy and Peg Casey, 16 reps, bed at 10
11 Buy Scrabble, play long game at night, curse
12 13 reps, record music
13 "Dr. No," Radio City, "Come Blow Your Horn," type 10 pages, Bill over for algebra
   lesson, walk to 57th, Sutton Park
14 Finish "Mort D'Arthur," finish "Krafft-Ebbing," type 10 pages
15 "8 1/2", Chinese vase shops, dinner at Oscar's, lunch with Dick at San Marino, music,
   Central Park, Malachy's, bed at 2
16 "Land of the Pharaohs"*, Eddie Jimenez over 9-1, bed together
17 "Charge of the Light Brigade"*, type 5 pages
18 "As You Like It" at 8:15
19 Fishman on WNYC, Teitels over 9-2 for Scrabble, type 2 pages
20 Type 7 pages, soak 1500 stamps for $1, "Lonelyhearts," "Eclipse of Sun," "You Were
   Never Lovelier"
21 Marty's for vocal music, eat at Wo Lung, "Inherit the Wind"*
22 "Across the Bridge"*, Western Ballet Company in Central Park
23 Dinner on bus, subway, party at Palley's with Shiela, ugh
24 "La Clemenza di Tito" at PH
25 Mensa test
26 "Concerto Grosso" at PH
27 Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon series, record at Marty's, write Bill
28 "Things to Come," "War of the Worlds," Mozart "Requiem" at PH, Eddie over
29 At work till 7:30, Movie of "Cleopatra" at 8
30 Write Seligman, send Mensa test, "Don Quixote," "Tillie's Punctured Romance," Shiela,
   bed at I
31 Write Mom, Britten's "Rape of Lucretia" at PH, bed at 11:30!

1 Type 10 pages
2 Type 12 pages, Philharmonic
3 Type 8 pages
4 Type 12 pages, on roof for 1 1/4 hours, Luis over till 2, Philharmonic Symphonies
5 Eddie over, type bar list, wander East River
6 Work till 7, eat, to Ballet in Central Park, cruise 57th, bed at 1
7 Work till 7, type 13 pages, bed at 11
8 "A Man's Castle"*, type 10 pages, call from Mom, call from Bill (Ohio, Maine), bed at 11
9 "The Thrill of It All," Eddie over 7-8 for RCA, fix place up, to Serendipity, bed at 3,
   sleep at 4
10 Wake at 8, again at 11:30, out of bed at 1:20, breakfast, downtown to shop, home at 5,
   read "Free Fall," paper, bed at 12:15
11 Up at 10:30, loaf, breakfast, up on roof for 1 1/2 hours, type 23 pages
12 Vesey for Bill's stuff, lunch at Serendipity with Joan and Teitels, "Winter's Tale"
   (CP) 8:15
13 To Midtown International Center with Marty, fix, scrub apartment, write note to Bill
14 "Connoisseur" to Harpers Bazaar, start on Writers Course, bed at 11
15 Write Seligson, Eddie over at 10, bed at 11:15
16 Home at 7, walk to Schurz Park, Eddie over at 10
17 Read "Tropic of Capricorn," "Another Country," Eddie leaves at 3, bed at 5AM
18 Up at 11, read "The Nephew," cold, puzzles in paper till 7, finish trip diary, bed at
19 Cold: write O'Shea, Laird, JJ, Alan Fricker, Bill, Paul, Frank Kameny, bed 10:30, fire
   at 11
20 Cold: home from work, letter to Seligson, "Jane Eyre"*
21 "Passion for Life" and "Monsieur Vincent" at Thalia, "Elizabeth the Queen"*
22 Mensa test 7PM, "All This and Heaven Too"*, visit Warren at Blackamoor
23 Clean apartment
24 Type 20 pages, send "Connoisseur" to "GQ," bed at 11:30PM, sleep at 1:15AM
25 Type 22 pages, "Go West," "Big Store," "Immigrant," meet Jack Lowery, bed at 2
26 Call Rosey Sheik, Paul Taylor at Central Park
27 DEVOUR "City of Night" 6-1:30, after Lawrence and Bill
28 Fix apartment, watch March on Washington
29 "Alice Adams"*, type 20 pages
30 Type 20 pages
31 Type 40 pages

1 Type 40 pages, "Alexander Hamilton"*, watch six innings of baseball!
2 "Yojimbo," "Requiem for a Heavyweight," Dance at Central Park: everyone
3 Central Park Dance, stopped after "Games" for rain, call Harry Baird
4 Dinner at Oscar's, walk Central Park, Lewisohn Center, 42nd Street, get luggage, bed at
   2, David Leinbach arrives
5 "Island of the Dead," "Horror Chamber of Dr. Faustus" at New Yorker, Paul, Playboy, call
   Ellis Duell, bed at 3
6 Sex with John Connolly and David, Blackamoor Room, checkmate, home, tired at 1
7 Walk river, 63rd, 5th, Tiffany's, St. Patrick's, Empire State with Bill, Fedora's,
   Village, Four Seasons, Le Pont, Beekman, bed at 3
8 "Body and Soul"*, read "Illustrated Man," David Leinbach leaves at 3, bed at 1:30
9 "Something Wicked this Way Comes," bed at 1
10 "Lovers of Teruel" and "Waltz of the Toreadors" at Thalia, "Exterminating Angel" at PH
   at 9:15, do someone in Central park 12-12:30, bed at 1:30
11 See Duell for $50, I'm IN Mensa, PH at 6:30 for "In Midst of Life," City Center Ballet,
   bed at 12:30
12 Section 1 assignments out to Famous Writers
13 "Curse of the Demon" and "Day of the Triffids" at New Yorker, PH 9:15, "The Terrace"
14 PH 3: "Electra at Epidarus," PH 9:15: "All the Way Home," Laird over, bed at 1:30 after
15 PH 6:30: "Trial of Joan of Arc," type 20 pages, finish "Essays of Huxley," bed at 12
16 PH 6:30: "Rogopag," PH 9:15: "Servant," bed at 12:45
11 PH 6:30, "Il Mare" with Mozelle and Jack MacFarlane, type 10 pages
18 PH 9:15: "Muriel," lousy, type 10 pages, I wake when Mom "calls" at 5:30AM today??
19 PH 9:15 "Dragees au Poivre," last one, type 10 pages, bed at 12:45
20 Type 20 pages
21 New Yorker Serials, "Chandu," 8:30, John Connolly for Charades, type 20 pages
22 Type 20 pages, Read "The Fire Next Time," "House on Haunted Hill"*, write Mom
23 "Blood and Roses" and "The Innocents" at New Yorker, Dinner at Joan's, beer with Joan
   and Langley and Marty, bed 1:30
24 Out with Ray and beautiful Jim(?), type 6 pages, bed 2:15, Jim 5:30-7, Bill 7-8
25 "Red Shoes," good "Faust" at Thalia, City Center Ballet: Concerto Barocco, Firebird,
   Swan Lake, Donizetti Variations
26 "Grasshopper," "Lady with the Dog" at Thalia, type 10 pages, bed 11:15, TIRED
27 Circus with Bill and Mozelle, bed at 12:45, up at 11, at LAST
28 "Our Man in Havana," "Best of Enemies" at Thalia, "Fires on the Plain," "Woman in the
   Window" at New Yorker, type 24 pages
29 Type 40 pages, finish "Collected T.S. Eliot," call from Eddie
30 Type 20 pages, start "Worlds in Collision"

I Type 20 pages, "Velikovsky"
2 Type 24 pages
3 New Yorker 6:15, "Intolerance" with Bill and Joan and Langley
4 Type 20 pages and FINISH US TRIP, WITH 604 PAGES
5 Finish "Worlds in Collision," "The Haunting" with Joan and Marty and Langley, bed at 4
6 Read "Ages in Chaos," "Look Back in Anger" and "Tomorrow Is My Turn" at Thalia, Eddie
   over at 10, bed at 1
7 Bleeding intestinally, "Wreck of the Mary Deare"*
8 Read "Earth in Upheaval," "Mr. Skeffington"*
9 "Bulgaria" at PH at 8:30, one hour to read "Life," boring program, read "National
   Geographic"s. bed at 1:15
10 Stars of Bolshoi at Madison Square Garden: Chopiniana, Ballet School, Swan Lake Pas
   de Deux, Walpurgis  Night
11 Type 13 pages of jottings
12 Madison Square Garden, finish "Women and Thomas Barrow"
13 City Center at 8:15 for "Nightingale" and "Jeanne D'Arc au Bucher," write David, JJ,
   "Christine" and "In Old Chicago," bed 2
14 Carnegie Hall at 8:30, Royal Philharmonic, write Grandma, Helen, New Orleans YMCA,
   bed at 1
15 Eddie over, Jim, Bill, bed at 12, sleep at 1:30, up at 4 and 7
16 Work at 11:15, walk for steak, Martha Graham: Phedre, Secular Games, Circe
17 Two hours of TV, bed at 10:45
18 City Center "Gentlemen Be Seated," overtime to 7:30
19 Martha Graham: Acrobats of God, Diversions of Angels, Legend of Judith, read "The
   Universe," bed at 1:30
20 Work on Famous Writers, "Fall of Rome"*, bleeding intestinally
21 At 5 to Circle in Square for coupon, to "Newsweek," get tickets, eat in Flame Steak,
   "The VIPs," Tower Suite with Joan, bed at 1:30
22 Wash dishes, buy groceries, fix apartment, work on Famous Writers, work on notebook
   US Trip
23 Lay in bed 7:30-8:30
24 "Ballad of Sad Cafe," call from Bill
25 Fly to Maine for Bill
26 Bill's Mother's funeral
27 Maine
28 Fly home 7PM-midnight
29 "Wuthering Heights"*
30 F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Vegetable" at ELT, sandwich at House of Hamburg, Le Pont
31 Finish "Please Don't Eat the Daisies," and "Lust for Life"

1 "Color Psychology and Color Therapy" by Faber Birren
2 Write O'Shea, Laird, Mom, Mensa, EB, BOM, to Jim's with Judy and Linda
3 Jim's, wake at 10, Eddie, leave at 4:30, "Lord of the Flies"
4 Records at Dick Hsieh's, "War of the Worlds" on record, home at 1
5 Jack Thompson from Pittsburgh, Bill's, we to Village
6 Music listening and "Rebel Without a Cause"*
7 Overtime till 7:30, music, rest of "Rebel Without a Cause"*
8 National Ballet in Brooklyn
9 "Don Giovanni" at 8:15
10 "Bright Leaf"*, Mary McCarthy at 8:30
11 Read "Atlas of Men," come come
12 "Calamity Jane" on TV
13 Pittsburgh Symphony at Carnegie Hall 8:30
14 Mozelle's for Mexican slides
15 Bill over for popcorn, he sent off "Directions 84" in my name
16 Proofread trip, start Teitel's book
17 Make book, opera, recital, play list ALL day
18 Make TRIP list, when will this ever END?
19 "Aida" at Met
20 ELT's "Kismet"
21 "Rigoletto" at Met
22 Mensa, Kennedy shot!
23 Finish "Legacy of the Ancient World"
24 Abe Kipnis, Kennedy on TV, and "Philosophy"
25 Shiela and Eddie over for Kennedy's funeral on TV, "Rienzi" at PH
26 Bill over
27 "Boris Godonov," Russian movie on TV, Le Pont with Paul
28 "Luther" and Playbill Bar with Joan and Langley, Cloisters and St. John the Divine with
29 RAIN, PH, cook dinner for Paul, walk flooded CP, take to Le Pont till 4:14, bed 4:30
30 Up at 10, MMA for "Pygmalion," art, "City Lights" with Chaplin, "Fantasia" with Eddie,
   to party with Henry Nagle and Tom Trahane, bed at 3, after duet shower

1 Paul enters at 11:30 with me and Eddie in bed, breakfast with Paul, to Dance Educators
   of America at Waldorf, Ballet Folklorico
2 Talk with Andy Gyenes till 7, lunch, TV, read, bed
3 "Boheme" at Met, buy three loverly books $2
4 "Casa Ricordi"*
5 New York City Ballet, "Brahms"
7 Carmegie Hall at 8:30 for Mahler, Radcliffe tour 1:30-5:30
8 "Royal Wedding"* Fishman's at 3, back at 8, work puzzle
9 "Magic Flute" at Met, gab with Andy Gyenes 5-7
10 "Herodiade" at American Opera Society, dinner at Playboy with Marty
11 ELT's "Till the Clouds Roll By"*
12 "Fledermaus" at Met, "Kanal," "Ashes and Diamonds," with Mozelle
13 Buy candy for Grandma, "Story of Painting" for Rita, earrings, bracelet, necklace for
   Mom, for $5.60, $16.40, $14.80, see "Knife in the Water" and "Bandits of Orgosolo"
14 Radcliffe tour 2-5:30, nudes
15 TV all day, Jeff Duncan dance company in PM
16 Eddie over 7, send Christmas cards
17 Overtime till 7, talk with Andy Gyenes till 8:30, to Cattleman for dinner till 11, wash
   dishes, bed
18 Start "We Have Always Lived in the Castle," overtime till 7
19 Finish book
20 Teitel's for food and Scrabble, bed at 2:15
21 "Manon" at Met in mat, "Ladybug, Ladybug" with Bill, "Atlas and Cyclops"*, bed at 10
22 TV, get jottings sorted, "Great Expectations"*, "Fabiola"*
23 TV till 9, clean apartment, scrub painted bathroom, buy $29.50 in liquor
24 Herman and Mozelle and Cathy and Dick over 12:45-7:45, with Bill to St. John the
   Divine, bed at 3
25 "Friendly Monsters Collection"*, Eddie over
26 "Trovatore" at Met, overtime till 7
27 "Sonnambula" at Met
28 Christmas Party at Mozelle's at 8, Bill over, FINISH TRIP DIARY!!!
29 Soak stamps, sort all souvenirs into Abroad, Personal, Non-New York, US Trip
30 "Kiss Me, Kate"*, come thrice over photos
31 "Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore," walk Times Square 11:15-11:30, Third Avenue
   11:40-12:10, home, bed

1 Day: Wilmington, Philadelphia, Edgewood, Richmond, Norfolk, Atlanta, Mobile, Natchez,
       Memphis, Hot Springs, Dallas, Grand Canyon, Phoenix, San Jose, Oakland, Dayton,
       Albuquerque, Cheyenne
2 Days: Houston, St. Louis, Columbus, Cincinnati, Yosemite, Omaha, Yellowstone,
3 Days: Akron
4 Days: New Orleans, Tucson, San Diego, Palo Alto, Salt Lake City, Portland
5 Days: Chicago
6 Days: Los Angeles, Denver
7 Days: Detroit

Nights on Bus: Norfolk-Atlanta (2/27), Houston-Pecos (3/12), El Paso-Tucson(3/13),
               Phoenix-San Diego (3/20), Los Angeles-San Luis Obispo (3/25), Las Vegas-
               Albuquerque(4/9), Albuquerque-St. Louis (4/11), St. Louis-Charleston(4/14),
               Omaha-Denver (4/27), Salt Lake City-Portland (5/11), Portland-Butte (5/16),
               Butte-Fargo (5/17), Minneapolis-Detroit (5/20)