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1 "Shadow of a Doubt"

2 Famous Writer lessons, talk to Bill

3 NY Ballet 8:30, overtime till 8

4 Shopping with Bill for bed, "Black Narcissus"*, NY Ballet 8:30

5 NY Ballet 2:30, Eddie over 10PM, shower, bed at 2

6 "None But the Lonely Heart"*, "20,000 Years in Sing-Sing"*, $30 for sheets, pad, blankets

7 "Charade" at RCA, Eddie over

8 "Best of Cinerama," dinner at Cafe de France, bed at 1:30

9 Overtime till 8:15, bed at 11:15

10 Mensa meeting 8:30-11, "Tom Jones" 12-2

11 Buy bookcase and bed, "The Third Key," "The Leopard"

12 NY Ballet, 2:30, "The Victors," "Golden Boy"*, Hungarian Philharmonic at CH 8:30

13 SNOW, lousy "Sicilian Vespers" at PH Concert Opera Society

14 Overtime till 7, "Dialogues of the Carmelites" American opera at Carnegie Hall

15 ELT's "Cyrano," dinner at Great Shanghai

16 Eddie over for LOAF all evening

17 Bookcase comes, shift books 7-10

18 Read "Island" and "Same Door"

19 To Marty's to tape records, 1PM-1:45AM

20 "Forty-Second Street" (good only at end) "Golddiggers of 1935" with Joan, robbed of $300

21 Overtime till 7, dinner at Blackamoor with Warren, Virgil Fox at PH

22 Cocktail party at C. Ray Smith's 411 E. 50th, with Bill, and to "Best of Cinerama"

23 Tape recording at Dick Hsieh's 7-12

24 Versions of "Romeo and Juliet" on TV

25 "Dr. Strangelove," write Mom and Directory 84, get bed in, play Diplomacy, Austria ends 6th

26 Lincoln Repertory 2:30, "After the Fall"

27 Eddie over, wow

28 "Lilies of the Field," "Two For the Seesaw"

29 Overtime till 8

30 Overtime till 8

31 Shopping: 2 towels, 4 sheets, 1 blanket, 2 pillowcases, 8 ties with Eddie, cold coming

1 National Ballet of Canada, "The Inheritors," "Blueprint for Executive Success," cold coming

2 Cold

3 Cold, overtime till 7:30, "Hound of the Baskervilles"*

4 Cold, ELT's "Shrike," overtime to 6

5 Cold, "Lohengrin" at Met, overtime till 7:15

6 Cold going, cold sore coming, overtime till 6:30, bed at 10, toss till 12

7 Cold going, cold sore, TV

8 Cold sore going, finish "Collected Yeats"

9 Work on job-card program, bit of Famous Writers, Vienna Symphony at Carnegie Hall

10 "Chusingura," "Winter Light," bit of "Fanny Hill"

11 "Kings of the Sun," "One Two Three" with Bill

12 "Otello" at Met

13 Overtime till 8, bed at 11

14 Read "Dandelion Wine," Mensa at 8:30

15 Read "Franny and Zooey," "Edge of the City"*

16 Read "The Centaur," Bill over for Statistics Study, Joan, Langley, Marty, "Beyond the Fringe"
17 Work till 1:15, bed at 2, "Ataliah" PH Concert opera

18 Overtime till 7:30, "Semiramide" at CH American opera

19 "Onegin" at Met, work till 1:30, bed at 2:15

20 overtime till 9, dinner and talk with Moselle, bed at 1

21 Read "Triumph," San Francisco Ballet, Eddie over at 12, bed at 2

22 6:15 bus to Howard's

23 "Marco's Millions" at 2:30, "Holiday"*

24 Fix apartment and write letters , bed 11:30 

25 See "Twice a Man" (Phew)

26 ELT's "Plain and Fancy," Eddie's first Chinese meal

27 Talk to Bill, read "Life," "Harpers," eat, bed at 1:50, "Male Animal"*

28 Type 24 pages of jottings, bed after taping at 12.

29 Read "The Greater Trumps," type letters to Edward and Don

1 Fix apartment, sweep, shower, record music, wash windows, bed at 12:40, toss till


2 Plasterer in apartment at 7:40AM, send FW Section II

3 "Orpheus," "Beauty and the Beast"

4 John here at 7, dentist at 6

5 Overtime till 7:30, hamburger at Hamburg House, "Salut a Moliere," "Pieton de L'Air," CC 8:30

6 Dances by Tudor at Juilliard Concert Hall 8:30

7 Eddie here, out of bed at 2, "America, America," "Dead Ringer"

8 Breakfast with Mozelle, "This Sporting Life," "Love with the Proper Stranger"

9 With Joan, dinner in Tortilla Flat, to "Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World," GREAT, and talk

10 Everest slides at 8 at Hunter Auditorium

11 Dentist at 6, "La Vie Parisienne" at CC 8:30

12 Overtime to 7, "Falstaff" at Met, "Ninotchka" (end)*

13 Eddie over at 11, bed at 2:30, Mensa at 8:30

14 Wake at 9:30, up at 12:15, Eddie leaves at 2:30

15 "But For Whom Charlie" at 3:30, "Homage to Shakespeare" at PH 8:30

16 "Frau Ohne Schatten," PH Concert Opera at 7:30

17 Recording at Dick Hsieh's

18 Scrub bathroom, ELT's "Clerambard"

19 Overtime till 7, "On Approval," "The Suitor," two hours of musicals 12-2

20 "Cav" and "Pag" at Met, overtime till 7:15

21 Flemish Masters at Duveen, Surrealist 69 of Ferro, Slatkin's, Frassati, good, Dance Theater of Nikolais, GREAT!

22 Met auditions in afternoon, NY Public Library 6-8, "Tosca" at Met

23 "Macbeth" at Met

24 "Charlie Chaplin Revue": Dog's Life, Pilgrim, Shoulder Arms, Bill dinner at 6:30

25 Fill out Income Tax

26 Movies 2:30-7:30: "Crime of Monsieur Lange," "Les Dames du Bois de Boulogne," "Visiteurs du Soir (Devil's Envoys)," "Bizarre, Bizarre"

27 Read "Short Stories"

28 "Requiem" at Met matinee

29 "Seven Days in May," "Le Million," "Quai de Brumes"

30 "Beckett"

31 Incredible conversation with Langley at Beekman Tower, Thomson's "Mother of Us All" at CH American Opera, Langley: Oakes Foundation Apartment, European trade, flu, typhoid

l Harry Baird back, read "Short Stories"

2 Read "Short Stories," "True Glory," "Hymn to Nations" at NOON

3 Read "Short Stories," Eddie over, wash dishes

4 NY Pro Musica, YMHA at 8:30, shopping for Velikovsky books with Bill, read "Kama Sutra"

5 Re-read "Worlds in Collision," YMHA Nabokov at 8:30

6 "Oedipus and Akhnaton," 9AM, Moorman for shots

7 Overtime till 8, Philharmonic Orchestra at CH at 8:30

8 ELT's "Of Mice and Men," overtime till 7:30

9 "Zecca, Cohl and Durand" and cartoons 12-2 at MMA with Yaciuk, "Exodus," reread "Ages in Chaos"

10 Re-read "Earth in Upheaval"

11 Gallery of Modern Art for Tchelitchew, "World of Henry Orient" at RCA, "Titanic"*

12 "Immoralist" in eve, Tavern by APA at matinee

13 Overtime till 7:30, Charisma meeting, Academy Awards

14 Mail letters to AMSA register, CH questionnaire, Miller tickets, HBC, others

15 Overtime till 8, "Baby Want a Kiss" at Little Theater 8:30

16 Write Arthur Stevens, Don, Mom, Rita, Paul, Jim Schmucker

17 Mensa, Chicago Symphony and Beethoven 7 at CH at 8:30

18 2:40 "Right You Are If You Think You Are" at Phoenix

19 "Scapin" at Phoenix

20 Charisma meeting at 8

21 Recording at Dick's 7-11, Mensa lunch, noon, Playboy Club

22 TV, New York Fair opens

23 "Beauty and the Devil," "Beauties of the Night"

24 8:15 New York State Theater, Midsummer's Night's Dream"

25 New York World's Fair (1)

26 "West Side Story" at City Center, Bill's for slides, cruise till 12

27 SBC Family Dinner at Plaza

28 Meeting at Male Travel, Bellini at American Opera CH at 8

29 Hubley cartoons, "Of Stars and Men," Eddie over for photos

30 Free "Trojan women" with Joan, fabulous 9-way sex-at San Remo, over pizza, bed at 1:30, EFLA all day, see "Our Town 1970" with GREAT wooden model of Litho City

1 GE and Travelers Insurance, GM, frigid eating, Dick, Maria, Mozelle at NY Fair (2)

2 EFLA 9:30-5

3 Met Museum with Bill, "Grand Olympics," ballet of "Othello," "The Witch"

4 Read "Buddhism," FORGET about it

5 Mensa, "Charisma"

6 Read "Japan," send Mom Mother's day gift, "Fair Guide" and two tickets and itinerary

7 Read "Hinduism"

8 Read for trip

9 Bill on corner at 11, spend $40 on junk, home to read for trip

10 Fair (3) with Bill

11 "Hamlet" at 8, GREAT, buy tickets for "Funny Girl"

12 Write Paul and JJ

13 Call from Eddie, "I don't love you anymore", NYS theater, NY Ballet at 8:15

14 Ready for trip

16 Leave for Tokyo


15 Talk at work, read mail all evening

16 Sick as a dog out of work, no eating, in bed, Mensa meeting 8-11

17 Talk at work, read all "Life," "Time," "Harpers"

18 Paul here at 5:30, walk East River to 96th

19 Paul and George here, to Overseas Press Club, walk to 79th, meet Arno

20 Loaf, clean bathroom, to Bill Flanders and Bill Waukenfuss's, GREAT

21 Brunch at Top of Sixes, Paul pays $6.50 for me, MMA, home to read "Short Stories"

22 Dinner with Arno and Bill at Shanghai, slides, talk, walk Arno down to 79th, home 12:30

23 Eddie and Bobby for Hudson Macy's fireworks, started in 1957, TWO DIE, home at 12

24 "Lady Eve," "Palm Beach Story" at New Yorker 6-9 with Joan, Pat Burrell, here for pizza, bed at 1

25 APA play, "Lower Depths," wow

26 "Hamlet" in CP with Mozelle, bed at 2

27 TV all day, MOVIE LIST, "The Bacchantes"*, "King of the Zombies"*, "Anatomy of Love"* "Valley of the Kings"*, bed at 2 after pizza and the papers

28 "La Poupee," "Good Soldier Schweik," to Bill's for Justy, slides, cart home, come twice over magnificent images

29 "Los Tarantos," TV

30 RTW slides in SBC, "Three Sisters"

1 "From Russia with Love," "The Mouse that Roared," clean apartment, bed at 12, "She Stoops to Conquer"*

2 Up at 4:15, into George's car at 5:30, from Bill's at 6:30, thru Portsmouth to Maine at 11:15, Bed at 12:30 with George

3 Big breakfast, wash dishes, to Woodstock, Fredrickton, Hartland, buy strawberries, eat, joke, bed at 12

4 Eat, to Katadin in RAIN, rain, rain, pass hikers, build two fires, home at 10, bed at 11:30

5 Oatmeal for breakfast, out at 8:30 to Fort Knox, around Providence, to Duckett's at 10:20, eat and subway home at 12

6 Mom and Rita here, leave work 3:45 for bus at 4 for plane at 5:30, eat at deli, walk CP, bed at 12

7 Mom and Rita to fair, me and Joan to dinner at Le Relais, gone, home at 8, no Mensa meet

8 "Funny Girl" with Mom, Rita, Pat, Dick to Olivia, dinner at Champlain, cab home in rain at 11:30

9 New Yorker for "White Zombie" and "I Walked With a Zombie" from 3:15 to 5:45, down to eat in Chinese Restaurant on Bleecker, and to "The Fantasticks" and bed at 11:30

10 Leave work at 11:30, to Hilton and Aida's for lunch with Carl and Mike, to Yorktown at 3:30, take 1440 test, to NYC at 6:30, read magazines and bed at 11:30

11 Up at 9:30 to get suits from Hong Kong for $19.90 duty, write JJ, Fred, "SciAM,"  University of Akron, Bill, see "Susan Lennox"

12 Mass at St. Catherines, New Yorker for "Things to Come" and "Transatlantic Tunnel," NY Fair for DuPont NY State, home at 1, tired (4)

13 Rita here, "Midsummer's Night's Dream," as movie

14 Sail-past of Operation Sail: Rita faints and home to chili and soak all stamps

15 Band in Central Park, roam walks

16 "Unsinkable Molly Brown," "Bolero" at RCA, to Joan's for dinner, Washington Square, to Steve's apartment, home at 1

17 To Mrs. Schmeltzer's, to Teitel's for dinner, Scrabble, talk, bed at 11:30

18 Up at 7:10, Rita leaves at 8:30, read "Short Story Masterpieces," Cedric Crofts comes
   over for "Tosca" and I came four times over slides

19 Come three times over slides, finish "List of Adrian Messenger," newspapers, Arno calls, bed at 11:30

20 Dinner with Joan at CP Zoo, walk Broadway, "Funny Thing Happened On Way to the Forum," Sardi's for drink, bed at 1:30

21 Dinner for Mrs. Lee, Mensa meeting, Saunders at 8, 71 Thompson St, Spring subway

22 Help Dick move books, write Bill, "Mammy"*

23 Call Eddie 7, over 9 for souvenirs, leave at 12

24 Read magazines 6-10

25 Read "Eros Denied," good Chinese dinner after Dick and Maria Hsieh's wedding 4-10, fix apartment

26 "Tarzan, the Ape Man"*, finish "Tutankhamen"

27 "The Best Man," "The Pink Panther," finish "Selected De Sade"

28 8:30 at Selma's 123 E. 75th, "Monsieur Verdoux" at Paris Theater series

29 Slides at IBM 6-8, to Arno's for talk, talk, talk

30 "Othello" in CP with Mozelle

31 "Five"*, watch photos of three-foot craters on moon!

1 Read "Noted Witnesses for Psychic Occurrences," dinner at Fedora's, "Hamlet," three hours in Peppermint Lounge with Joan, bed at 4

2 Eddie over at 9, stays, type 10 pages

3 Type 15 pages

4 Type 20 pages

5 Terry Maguire over at 8, start "Coffin"

6 "A Ghost Sonata by Strindberg"*, finish "Coffin for Demetrios"

7 To Marty's for records (eat lousy at Damascus Gardens), bed at 1:30

8 To Brooklyn Museum, Botanic Gardens, rain, type 12 pages, do 15 and 16 for Thu and Fri

9 2 hours of sun, type 22 pages, do 18 and 19 for Sat and Sun, Fred C over at 9:30

10 Prague Pantomime Theater at PH, lunch at Ginza with Bob Bassford and Fred, Arno at night

11 "Charisma" meeting at 7 here, lunch with Joan and Yaciuk at Ginza 12:30-2:30

12 John Connolly over, come twice over slides

13 Kraig over at 9, write Bill 4 pages, "Dark Victory"*, write Mom and Brice

14 Warren's at 8:10

15 Warren's weekend at Fire Island with Sam and Billy (and Billy and Keenie)

16 Warren: weekend at Fire Island, read "Candy"

17 "In Which we Serve"*

18 "Charisma" 7:30 here

19 Share in Philadelphia

20 Share in Philadelphia

21 Phyllis Diller on TV

22 "Major Barbara," "Twelfth Night"

23 To Fair with Marion and Henry (5)

24 Overtime to 8, to Arno's to 11:30

25 "Charisma" 7:30 here

26 "Alchemist" by Ben Jonson on TV, "Devotion,"* overtime till 7

27 Come twice over slides

28 "Random Harvest"*, "You Can't Take It With You"*, John Connolly and two friends over for slides 10:30-12

29 Read "The Silent Past"

30 Write Mom, O'Shea, Hsieh, Jim, Bill, HBC, Paul, Peck, Laird, GB Service

31 "Folies Bergere" (and good, too), overtime till 8

1 "Charisma" 7:30-12:30

2 Alvin Ailey in Central Park with Selma

3 First Dance Quartet and Ximinez-Varga in Central Park with Joan

4 "Limelight" with Mozelle

5 Laird and Marty over 3-7 for slides, "Hellzapoppin"*, Dance in Central Park

6 Fair with Joan 1-6 (6), read "Tombs, Temples and Hieroglyphs"

7 Read "Stories for the Sixties"

8 "Charisma" 7:30-11:30

9 Kirov "Sleeping Beauty" at 8, overtime till 7

10 Overtime to 7, Bill's 8-11

11 Come thrice over 8 magazines

12 Read "Life Against Death"

13 "Gate of Hell" and "Eclipse" at Thalia, New York State Theater Rehearsal at 5,
   "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow," "Master Spy"

14 New York Film Festival: "Hamlet," overtime till 8

15 "Inheritance," "Fail Safe"

16 Kirov "Raymonda," 7:30, overtime and bed at 2:45AM

17 "Hands over the City," "Salvatore Giuliano," JCAS presentation to Collins

18 "Une Femme Est Une Femme," "Bande a Part"

19 Loaf around apartment, "Nothing But a Man," "Lilith"

20 "Taira Clan," "The Brig," "Pasazerka"

21 "L'Age D'Or," "Diary of a Chambermaid"

22 "Enjo (Conflagration)," "Att Alska (To Love)"

23 Kirov "Cinderella" 8:30, "Alone on the Pacific (My Enemy, the Sea)"

24 "La Vie A L'Envers," "Prima Della Revoluzione"

25 "Kanjo To Kare (She and He)," "Cyrano and D'Artagnan"

26 New York Film Festival ends with "Mahanagar," Wwite Mom, Film, HBC, EB, Met

27 Fair with Joan 12-11 (7)

28 Thalia for "Miss Julie," "That Hamilton Woman," and to MMA for Dreyer's "Praesidente"

29 "Charisma" here 7:30, class 6:20-8

30 "The Guest," "The Silence," "Tortilla Flat*"        34 movies through month!!

1 Overtime till 7, dinner with Joan at Italian place, to "The Hustler" and "The Stripper"

2 NYC Opera, overtime to 7, eat at 6th Avenue Deli, "Marriage of Figaro"

3 Read "Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow," come three times over magazines, talk to Bill, Eddie, Jim, Bill

4 Fair with Bill (8) 11-9

5 "Raduga" at PH, overtime till 8

6 Type 10 pages

7 Fair with Bill (9) 5-10:30

8 Connie Francis reception at Plaza with Jim, "Natalia Petrovna" at NYC opera, David takes $24

9 Study 360, come twice

10 Study 360 ALL DAY

11 "Dr. Faustus" at Phoenix, "Mein Kampf"* type 10 pages

12 Type 10 pages

13 "Ben Franklin in Paris" with Joan, class 11 6:20-8

14 ELT, dinner, slides with Bill

15 "Boris Godonov" at NYC Opera, NY Public Library 6-8

16 NYC Opera's "Fledermaus"

17 CH for London Symphony, sort out old letters

18 "Hole in the Head"*, "Faust and the Devil"*, read "SciAm"

19 YMHA for Sontag #l, read magazines

20 NYC Ballet

22 Bill over 6:30-10:3O

23 NYC Opera's "Salome," YMHA "Iliad" with Bates I

24 NYC Ballet, Met "Lucia" at matinee, "Sword and Dragon"*

25 "Scott of Antarctica*, Mike 1OPM-1:15AM, to Oran's on l9th, and to Village

26 YMHA, Sontag II, and magazines

27 "Mary Poppins," Ted James 12-3:15, class III 6:20-8

28 Met "Samson and Delilah"

29 YMCA for "Odyssey" with Bates II

30 NYC Opera's "Madama Butterfly," Ted calls at 12:15

31 Make opera list, "Quiet Flows the Don," "Pudovkin," bed at 12:10

1 To Kraig's for story info, New York City Ballet, Lincoln Rep's "Changeling"

2 "State of the Union"*, 8PM to Stef Caruana's place, YMHA for Sontag III

3 "Suddenly Last Summer" and "Memory of Two Mondays" at ELT with Arthur Miller, Eddie, Jim

4 "Keeper of the Flame,"* "Carmina" atCity Center with Joan, who gets sick

5 CH for Detroit Symphony, YMHA for "Aeneid," and Bates III

6 Sort ticket stubs, bed at 3AM

7 "Duel," "Yanco," "La Traviata" at CC, finish opera book, talk to Bill and Ted James

8 Clean apartment, to Ted's 6-11, he calls at 12

9 Up at 8:45, Lincoln Labs 10-4, YMHA Sontag IV

10 Fly to Utica, Class IV 6:20-8 with Ted and Ed (These classes are at New School on Velikovsky

11 With Linda Zumeta to "Carmina" at New York State, walk gfggy park, and to Serendipity

12 NYC Opera, "Carmina," still great, overtime till 7:15

13 NYC Opera's "Faust," disappointing

14 NYC Opera's "Carmen," poor, John's at 8-3:30, with Bob (Puppets) and George

15 NYC Opera's "La Boheme," good, "Hamlet at Elsinore"* 8-11

16 YMHA Sontag V

17 Hartford 7:30-5:30, come twice, first of US Physical Fitness exercises

18 Overtime till 6:30, read magazines, STUPID

19 Write Don, Mom, Paul, Dick, David; in Maryland, Ohio, Washington, California, Arizona

20 Mensa. meeting, meet Arno at hotel at 8, meeting 8-10:30, party at Al's 11-12:30, and Monopoly with me until 3:35AM, boy

21 Met Don Pasquale, type 9 pages, monopoly 10-2PM

22 Bleed (after exercise?), type 20 pages, YMHA for J.T. Farrell, Monopoly 11-1

23 "Hoodlum Priest"*, on phone 9:30-12:15: Bill to 11, Joan to 12, Eddie, come twice over lovely book

24 Dinner at Joan's 5:15-6:15, Joan here for typing, blender 9-1, class V 6:30-8

25 Bill over with blender and cock books, 9-1

26 Dinner at John Connolly's, with Adair, Bob Payne, George, John Bohannon, 2-11:30

27 "Land of the Lost Volcano"*, read magazines till 2

28 Up at 12, magazines to 4, exercise, lunch, Monopoly 8-11, paper to 12:30, Ted calls, over 1:30-3, bed at 3:15

29 Up at 11, breakfast, meet Bill at Guggenheim at 2, to Met 3-5, retype RTW, bed at 12:30

30 Buy tapes, Broxodent, gloves, YMHA for Stephen Spender

1 ELT's "Ernest in Love" with Eddie and friend

2 Met "Figaro"

3 Poughkeepsie 8:45-7:45, "Ruddigore"

4 To Bill's at 5:45 for slides, eat at Great Shanghai, to Mareno Institute 236 W.78 at 8:30

5 Radcliffe 1:30-5:30, to Pat Burrell's for party with Joan, Lester, Paul, Laura, to Renata for Film Maker's Festival at 12-2, home at 3

6 YMHA for Truman Capote (reading "In Cold Blood"), Lincoln Rep's "Incident at Vichy"

7 YMHA for Simon

8.Class VI 6:20-8

9 Met "Boccanegra"

10.Poughkeepsie 7:30-8:15, YMHA for Robbe-Grillet

11 Cold coming, dinner at Arno's, Group Therapy 1 in Washington Square 10:30-3AM

12 Cold coming, Radcliffe 2-5:30

13 "Man and Superman" at Phoenix, cold nearly here

14 Cold HERE, sleep till noon, movie 12PM in bed, "Cartouche" and "Crazy Desire"

15 Dinner with Bill at Great Shanghai, ELT's "Yellow Jack"

16 Wait 65 minutes for cab 9-10:05 to get typewriter to repair

17 In bed ALL day with COLD

18 Met "Hoffman," to Group Therapy 2 12-2

19 Shopping with Bill 11:30-5, "Trial by Jury" and "Pinafore" at CC at 8:30

20 Psychic session in PM with Arno

21 Day in Poughkeepsie with Pepsi Cola, ELT Dance program, movies 12PM, lousy till 2

22 "Hard Day's Night," Shot in the Dark"

23 Read magazines and Velikovsky

24 Work till 2, bring typewriter home, play Monopoly, "Yolanta," see "Zizi" on Broadway

25 To Marty's 11-2, Jack Ajami, dinner at his aunts, home at 3:15

26 "Nutcracker" at 8:15, wake at 12 and Monopoly 1-6, UGH

27 TV 10-11, read paper 11-1, Monopoly 1-7, exercise 7-7:15, TV 7:30-10, Monopoly 10-12, bed at 12:30 UGH

28 Clean apartment

29 To Poughkeepsie at 7:15, watch TV all night: "Madame Curie"

30 In Poughkeepsie, drive home 5-7, Paul and Cal in at 10, Arno and Bob Conkey in till 1, talk till 2:30

31 I work 9-3:30, home to drive to Brittanny du Soir at 8, I walk home and bed at 11:30, fancy New Year's Eve