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1 Up at 1, to Arno's at 2, to Luke's at 3, to Bob's at 5, to Downey's at 7, to "Oh What
   a Lovely War," to Group till 1:30
2 Up at 2, make breakfast, talk to Bill, talk, to dinner at Edouardo's, buy round puzzle
   at Serendipity, Bill over till 2, bed
3 "Alcina" at CH at 8, they leave at 2, 1 fix apartment, come to CHIN, to the Mask
   (dancing) with Bill to 2:30
4 John Parker calls, over at 10, to Gantry with Bill, to Mask, West End, home at 3, bed
5 Overtime till 6:30, home for Blender, to Libby Aronowitz's and Judy Bart's to cook
   steaks and eat and out at 11 and bed at 12, how early
6 "That Man From Rio," Topkapi 6-10, bed at 1:30
7 Poughkeepsie, up at 6:30, "Last Savage" at Met, bed at 12
8 Dinner with Joan at Finale, to Bradford's 9-11, to Libby's party 12-1, home with Arno
9 Wake at 7:30, out of bed at 10:30, read "Cue," Bill on phone 12-1, Joan 1-3, Arno 3-4.
   Read and bed at 7:15, sleep at 8:10
10 Wake at 7:10, out of bed at 10:40, read magazines till 8
11 Dentist at 6, dinner at Harbin Inn 7-9, to Bill's for "Torture Garden," home, bed at 1
12 To Dan Cook's for photos and slides, home at 11:30
13 "Roots" at ELT, read "Magic Christian"
14 Read "Candy"
15 "Colditz Story"*, read "Book of Mormon"
16 Talk to Eddie, Arno, Joan on phone for three hours, to Party at Al Fidi's till 3:30,
   time tapes
17 "Tartuffe" 2PM, to Joan's 5-11:15
18 Stokowski at CH at 8:40, come twice 6 and 11
19 "Hamlet" with Olivier, "Citizen Kane" 6:30-11:30
20 "Americanization of Emily," "Night of the Iguana"
21 Talk to Bradford 9:15-9:30, to Arno, Joan, Bill, till midnight
22 Magazines and clean apartment
23 See Urban for photos, Boston Symphony at CH, write Helen, Laird, Hsieh, Paul, with Bill
   to Showplace and harbor till 4AM
24 Write Mom, Rita, Don, JJ, Up at 12:30
25 Joan's for Ouija Party till 4, sleep 4-7:30
26 Home SICK all day
27 Type 20 pages of tapes
28 Type 20 pages of tapes
29 Begin Famous Writers 3
30 To Audubon Terrace Museums (Indians, Spain, Numismatic) with Joan, Party at Luke's
   10:30 to 4, and bed at 5
31 Up at 1!

1 Stokowski at CH, quick Cornell pickup
2 Overtime till 8:30, dinner with Arno, home, bed at 10:45
3 "Rock and Roll" on Electronovision, "Muscle Beach Party," THROWN OUT of RKO 23rd St
   theater, Moorman for toe
4 Met for "Cosi Fan Tutte"
5 Party at Burt's with Larry, Al, Carl, home at 3 after two monopoly wins
6 Libby's party, fabulous Morgan Museum and Metropolitan with Joan, bed at 3
7 Judith at APA at 7:30, fill out month's list and find 19+ days per month I'm OUT
8 Monopoly at Al's 8-11:30
9 Met "Salome," overtime till 6:30
10 To Hartford for Andersen Labs and Combustion Engineering, back at 10: 30 and make chili
11 Monopoly party here, chili for Judy, Libby, Bob Teitel, Marty, Joan, and me, Monopoly
   till 12
12 Monopoly at Al's 8-1
13 Carl's party at 10, Joan and I to Whitney, American Crafts Museum, Early American Arts,
   and MMA for "Nosferatu" and meet Ronny Schwartz
14 Home from Ronny's at 12, paper, eat at 3
15 Bill over 9-12
16 Overtime till 7, clean new-painted bathroom
17 "Bill of Divorcement"*, overtime till 7
18 Poughkeepsie 5:45-8:15, "By Jupiter" wonderful at ELT with Ron
19 Cleveland Symphony at CH at 8:30
20 Glen Mac's at 8, and to Ron's at 12:30
21 Home at 10:30, to Anouilh's "Colombe," to Joan's with Bill
22 Home all day, send out "Statistics on Charisma"
23 Overtime till 6:30, finish "Tiahuanaco"
24 Ron leaves for 5 weeks, overtime till 7:15, "Dante's Inferno"*, particularly after 50
   and after 100 minutes
25 Dinner with Joan at Champlain, "My Fair Lady" as movie
26 Bed at 9:30
27 "High Spirits" with Carl, to Harbor 12-2
28 "Swing Time"*, and to Coney Island with Joan 7-1, Nathans, feel bored and tired all day

1 Dinner at Al's 6:30, movie series 10:30, cold coming
2 Sore throat
3 YMHA at 8:30
4 "Katarina Ismailova" at CC, cold and cough
5 "Ernani" at Met, Combustion Engineering signed contract
6 Party at Joan's, Met for Indian sculpture with Bill
7 "Ballad of Baby Doe" at CC at 2:30, "One Potato, Two Potato," "Any Number Can Win," cold
   gone, only cough
8 Movie series: "Harlot" and "Tangier," cough through Meehan at work
9 Cold going, doltishly watch TV 7:30-11, "Eye on New York," Joey Bishop, Eliot's
   "Wasteland," "Laurel and Hardy"
10 YMHA at 8:30, Bill calls 11:30-12:30, Joan calls 12:30-1:10AM!
11 Houston Symphony at CH at 8:30
12 "Midsummer's Night's Dream" at City Center, Flower Show with Joan at Coliseum at 6-8
13 See Roosevelt and Old Merchant's Home, Met for "Vanessa," party at Libby's, "Monkey in
   Winter," "Seduced and Abandoned"
14 "War and Peace" at APA, "Porgy and Bess" at CC mat
15 Movie series
16 ELT's "Lorenzaccio" with Eddie
17 TV 8:30-10, bed at 10
18 Dinner at Joan's, movie series: "Sleep" from 8:30-12:30, talk with sleeper on subway
19 "From the Terrace," "Desire Under the Elms"
20 Paintings at Met with Joan, "Girl with Green Eyes," "Woman of Straw"
21 "Dreigroschenoper" at CC at 2:30, "Bell' Antonio," "Pumpkin Eater"
22 Stokowski at CH at 8:40, Bill over till 12:30
24 Watch TV 8-11
25 Overtime till 7:30, "Tosca" at Met
27.Dinner at Madge's
28 "Saint of Bleecker Street" at City Center matinee, "Susannah" at City Center evening
29 Films by Anger at movie series, letters to NYC Ballet, Lindblad Travel, YMHA, others
30 Dinner at The Leopard with Joan ($28.90 with tip) and drinks at Four Seasons, bed at
31 With Bill to "Love Goddesses" and bed 12:45
1 Paul Taylor, "Circle of Love," bed at 12:15, Ron returns from five weeks
2 American Ballet
3 American Ballet in mat, Arno's surprise party at Luke's at 8 ,dinner and play with Ron
4 "Lizzie Borden" CC matinee
5 Stokowski at CH at 8:40, Academy Awards
6 Dinner at Ron's, sex sex sex from 10:30PM-8:30AM
7 To Hartford and Combustion Engineering and fly back
8 Overtime till 8:15, to Arno's for snack, with Bill and him to "Four by Anger," AGAIN
9 "Red Desert," "White Voices"
10 Ballet matinee, to Joan's for dinner, to Nikolais' Galaxy Ballet, home at 1 to papers
11 Ballet at Met, to Guggenheim for Klimt and Schiele, and MMA for Op Art, and
   "Homunculus," dinner at Joan's
12 Philadelphia Orchestra at CH at 8:30, overtime till 8:15
13 San Francisco Ballet, Ron leaves for 11 days, try 15 people to see ticket and finally
   sell $2.50 ticket for $2.00, work 11-3:30AM!
15 San Francisco Ballet
16 San Francisco Ballet, "Young Lions," "Seven Thieves"
17 "Crusades"*
18 Loaf (Easter)
19 Overtime till 8, with Joan to Bitter End for "Guild," The Uncalled For Three, and The
   Womenfolk, bed at 12:45
20 Overtime till 6, buy clear umbrella, "Operation Crossbow" at RCA, bed at 12:45
21 Bed at 10, watch Chekov's "The Wedding" on TV
22 Juror at EFLA till 6:30, Monopoly here 7:30-11:30
23 New York City Ballet, Overtime till 7:45
24 EFLA all Day, Party at Carl's at 9
25 Ron returns, got Mom's Birthday Gift? Karl and Guy and I at Karl's till 2
26 Stokowski at CH at 8:40, overtime till 8:15
27 ELT's opera with Marty, "Trouble in Tahiti" and "Down in the Valley," dinner at Karl's,
   walk in rain till 11:30, bed at 1
28 Royal Ballet at Met, talk to Joan 11:30-12:30
29 Karl over at 8 and wild sex 11-1
30 Royal Ballet at Met with Joan, eat in Hectors and home at 1:30

1 To fair with Joan and Kathy and Pat 10AM-11PM (10)
2 To Guggenheim and Cloisters and Village and Top of Gate with Guy and later with Joan,
   home at 11:30 after Gielgud at 8:30
3 Tired and watch TV and end of "Greed" and bed at 12:30
4 Read "SciAm"
5 Royal Ballet at Met, get "Charisma" from King, overtime till 8:30
6 Bill over
7 Madge at 67th and Broadway at 9AM for Princeton, lovely trip, end with "A Man's a Man"
9 Royal Ballet at 2:30, "Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte," "Witchcraft," "The Lovers," "Woman in
   the Dunes," bed at 1
10 Talk on phone 7-12
11 Karl over
12 Royal Ballet at Met 13 overtime till 7, clean drawer, "Little Caesar"*
14 Type 10 pages
15 Concert with Karl, (mandolins), type jottings, bed at 3
16 Type 30 pages, Gerry over 3-8, TV 8-10
17 Overtime till 8:10, "La Maternelle"*, Chuck Hinkley calls
18 With Chuck Hinkley to.Chauveron and talk about South America, talk here till 1
19 Overtime to 7:30, Moiseyev at Met
20 Overtime till 8:10, Bed at 11:15, but asleep at 12:30
21 Up at 5:30, awake, up at 6:30, to hard day with Brownell, Meehan, Breedlove and Zydel
   and Dearborn and O'Reilly, and to "Little Me" in Mineola, bed at 2:15
22 Finish "Hart's New York" and "Annotated Alice," bed at 1:30
23 Bronx Botanical Park with Jim, Jean, and Andy
24 Overtime till 8, Chauveron with Arno and Bill
25 Finish "Annotated Alice," overtime till 6, "Fabiola"*
26 ELT's "Trial" With Bill and Chuck, talk with Chuck 12-1:15
27 Overtime till 7:30, home to read and loaf
28 IFIPS, clean apartment, Chuck over at 9, to Oscars for dinner, he leaves at 12:45
29 Mom calls, read part of "Modern Art," bed at 11, after getting paper at 9:30
30 Trip to Coe and Cutting Gardens
31 Read "Fellowship of the Ring"

1 NYC Ballet, overtime till 7:30, "Corn is Green"*
2 Overtime till 11:45! Bed at 12:45
3 Overtime till 9
4 Slides at Mozxelle's 7-10, dinner for 9 at Fleur de Lys 10:30-12:30, home at 11:45 after
   Evan's walk across park
5 To Van Cortlandt Manor and Dyckmann House and Cloisters and La Fonda, great, with Chuck,
   bed and hug to 2
6 "Yellow Rolls Royce with Joan and Jean, and Puerto Rico Day Parade on 5th, "Pocketful of
7 Overtime til1 6, groceries, HORRID visions of death, bed at 12, dreading plane ride on
8 Up at 6:45 and get to Armonk with Judd, back with Cerni at 5:30, to Cafe Engage with
   Joan and Jean and friend till 1, change plans to bus!
9 With Chuck and Jean and Gene and Joan to Coney Island, bed at 1:15, dizzy, sick, tired
10 Pack, shower, come, catch bus at 11:30, ride all night, sleeping well between 1-7AM
11 Rita graduates, Mom at 11, pick Rita up, talk, look at "Art" book, sit, fish dinner,
   graduate 8-10, home to give her $2000 gift of scholarship
12 Bed at 12:30, up at 11, eat good breakfast, to Firestone Met Park, Walter's, Summit
   Beach and Gorge, to Smorgasbord, Walter over, talk till 12, bed at 12:30
13 Up at 9:30, read, Mass, dinner at Grandma's, to Helen's , Manners, home to pack, bus
14 Lost 20 days at work, home at 10, work at 12, come three times over good "Greyhuff
   Review," bed very tired at 10
15 Overtime till 7, mail to Bill, Champion, PH
16 Letters to Bill, Paul, Walt, go to East Side Airlines Terminal
17 Write Bill, Rita, Lincoln Rep, and Ron over 8-11 ** Whew **
18 Overtime till 7, "Plisetskaya Dances" (twice), "Dimka," get Champion pix already
19 All fantastic day at Palisades Park with Joan and Serendipity Singers and free pass to
   76 rides
20 Loaf and walk Central Park, pick up Thalia Schedule
21 "Old Acquaintance"*, fantastic evening of Psychedelic Theater 7-11:30
22 Begin "Perennial Philosophy"
23 Cocktails at Ron's 6:30-10:30
24 "Children of Paradise" (3 hours), "Italian Straw Hat"
25 Continue "Perennial Philosophy"
26 Type 20 pages, finish "Perennial Philosophy," "Canticle for Liebowitz"
27 "Love's Labor's Lost" in CP
28 Arno at second evening at Psychedelic Theater 7-10:45, dinner at Aida's with Joan and
   Judd and Madge
29 "Seance on a Wet Afternoon," "Boy Ten Feet Tall," "Old Man and the Sea*"
30 Write five pages to Rita

1 Call Dorfman about suits, write five pages to Bill
2 Read Bible
3 Spend $76 on mirror and clothes and groceries
4 With Madge and Mike and Joan 9:30-12:30, visit Raynham Hall, Sagamore Hill, Vanderbilt
   Mansion, Sunken Meadows and Coney Island for NO fireworks
5 Up at 12:30, Read "Cloisters" and "SciAm"
6 Overtime till 7, work 12:30-4:30AM on Combustion Engineering as machine goes down
7 To work at noon, overtime to 8
8 All Day at Combustion Engineering and home at 8 to telegram: "Walt no comes," start "The
   Two Towers"
9 Forum of Twelve Caesars with Chuck, "Mary Poppins," bed at 1
10 Clean apartment, Joan types, Chuck, Arno, Bob, Carl, John, and I sit 9-12:30
11 Finish "The Two Towers," "Serengetti"*, to Trude Heller's and Charles with Joan
12 Overtime till 7:15, finish "Return of the King"
13 Overtime till 11:30, snack at Serendipity with Andy Gyenes
14 Overtime till 8, loaf, watch TV
15 Bernstein at PH, overtime till 8;15, with Herman Wouk's mother
16 To dinner at Peter Allen's with Chuck and 8 others till 12, and to bed exhausted
17 Up, come at 10:30, finish "Modern Art," Diplomacy as Germany, in 4th, 9-4:30
18 Sleep to 11, to Greyhound packages, Museum of Natural History, "Sandpiper" at RCA, home
19 Up tired, work to 9:15, read "Kiss Kiss," "Salome"*, bed at 2, tired
20 Overtime till 8:15, start "Last Exit to Brooklyn"
21 Overtime till 6, wash dishes, finish "Last Exit to Brooklyn"
22 7:30, "Machineries of Joy"
23 Finish "At the Dawn of Civilization"
24 Madge, Joan, Pat over at 5 to play Monopoly till 2AM
25 "Coriolanus" in CP, with Joan after American Museum of Natural History
26 Overtime till 8, read "Study of History"
27 To Joan's for bookcase, eat at Fish 'n' Chips, home at 11
28 Overtime till 8, rearrange books
29 "Saratoga"*, "Beginning of the End"*, overtime till 8
30 "36 Hours," "How to Murder Your Wife"
31 Loaf, to Madge's at 9 for fantastic party, particularly Peter Coraggio

1 Fair 11AM-12AM with Joan, Madge, Barb (11)
2 To Joan's to say goodbye, home with Madge, return through CP
3 *ash dishes, read "SciAm," clean apartment
4 Write Bill, Walt, Paul
5 Write Bill, Mom, Moorman at 10AM for blood test
6 Write Don
7 Continue with "Study of History"
8 To Fair with Madge 10AM-11PM, great (12)
9 Dinner with Madge, talk long with Peter Coraggio, but no LSD offer
10 PH in CP, great, Beethoven 9th, "Marriage, Italian Style," "Only One New York"
11 Call Moorman about blood test, come thrice, overtime till 6:30, Moorman 7-8:30
12 "Not of this Earth"*
13 Shopping 11-30-3, to Jim's 5-10, party with Jimmy Brown and HIDEOUS ride home 2-3 WOW
14 Come twice over new nude books and mannequins
15 Paul arrives this PM, with Win at 11, with Madge to board ships 1-4, walk UN park 5-6
16 Paul here? "Lord Jim," "Behold a Pale Rider," lunch with Roy Jackson and Ron Scher
17 Overtime till 7, PH in CP, fantastic fellow on crutches
18 Pack and fix apartment
19 to DC 9:30-3, dinner at Jockey Club, to Hideaway, bed at 1
20 To Smithsonian Science and Technology Museum, Kennedy's Tomb, Medical Museum, and at 5
   to Rehoboth Beach with Hugh Gettinger and Rick Sommers
21 Glorious day in sun, night in Nomad's and Pink Pony, and with Rick, wow
22 Trip back to DC 11-2, to NYC 3-7:30, unpack, loaf about
23 Waste evening by circling seats from stubs to seating charts in "STUBS," WOW
24 PH in CP and stay till 1AM watching them take it down
25 Haircut, "Adam's Rib"*, "Winter Meeting"* 9-1:15
26 "Troilus and Cressida" in CP
27 Overtime to 7, drive route 22 to Hyland Inn in White House for 2-hour meal, and stop in
   adequate $4 motel with Miriam Kaplan
28 To goose farm, Onyx Cave (lousy), Blue Rocks (lose keys), Roadside America, and lovely
   meal at Shartlesville Inn, to Hershey and good night in amusement park and late supper
   and bed at 12
29 Regain travelers' checks and to Lancaster and watch buggies and drive around ALL day
   and eat late and home by 10, good weekend with Miriam Kaplan, Bill over 11-2AM
30 Night #1 in Central Park., wonderful evening, due much to Dennis Wayne
31 Night #2 in Central Park, again for Dennis Wayne, sit in park in rain and decide to say
   NO to Murray for Supervisorship and Project Coordinatorship

1 0vertime to 7:30, try to go to park, but it rains, home to read "SciAm"
2 Night #3 in Central Park, standing by castle walls, but IN for Alba-Reyes, Bill still
3 Movies with Bill and John, "She," "Any Number Can Win," end at the Camp for tea and walk
   thru park and to bed at 12:30
4 They leave, I read all day, loaf, come
5 To Fair (13) with Madge (painter paints) 10AM-10PM
6 Whole day fixing apartment after painter paints, except for fantastic come shower with
   bathroom mirror
7 Read "Venus in Furs," overtime till 8
8 Toe operation, read "Against Nature"
9 Toe Dressing 1 5-5:30, overtime 5:30-9:30, leave two JCAS runs, home to dinner, hear
   tape from Bill
10 Overtime till 8:30, eat, bed at 10:30, Madge calls 11-12:15, fire engines, John calls
   1-1:15, what a NIGHT
11 3PM: "Wedding March" and 9:30 "Thomas the Imposter" at Film Festival, party at John's
12 Phone Mom, write Rita, Bill, DSI, Selma, Bill Peck, Boe, Jackson, Laird, Paul, Frank
   Hollfelder, and Joan 5-12PM
13 "Les Vampyres" at 5PM
14 Toe dressing 2 at 3:30, then "Buster and Beckett," "Of Human Bondage" at Film Festival
15 Overtime till 8
16 Overtime till 9
17 Walt flies in, walk Beekman, River, Third Avenue, Village, eat in Oscars, bed 1, tired
18 "Red Beard," walk 70th to Frick, 5th to Rockefeller Center, to Staten Island, back,
   thru Central Park at 1:15
19 Walt leaves, write Bill
20 Overtime till 9:30, dinner at Playboy Club with Miriam
21 Toe Dressing 3 at 5, "Winters Tale" on BBC*
22 "Flaming Angel" at CC at 7:45
23 Overtime till 7, Walt not in, prepare for party
24 Install rheostat in living room, party with 11 people, from 8:30-1:30
25 Up at get 8 DSI photos at 10:30, to MMA's "The General," to RCA for "The Great Race"
26 To MMA for Pudovkin's "Storm Over Asia"
27 Buy bed spread, TV 8:30-10
28 Toe dressing 4 at 5, overtime till 7:15, "Pique Dame" at Met
29 TV 9-10
30 Overtime till 8:15

1 Madge's Chinese birthday, Mom's wedding
2 Dinner at Judd's
3 Type 20 pages, "Marked Woman"*
4 See Pope Paul VI, watch TV all evening
5 Toe dressing 5 at 5:30, "Sunrise" at Cinamateque, overtime till 7:15
6 "Faust" at Met, overtime till 7:15
7 "Barber" at City Center at 8, overtime till 7:30
8 NYC Ballet, and after to Libby's, bed at 4AM
9 "Love Eterne," snacks and drinks and dinner with Madge and family, there noon-midnight
10 "Cav" and "Pag" at city Canter, NYC Ballet in matinee
11 "The Old Glory" (TV by Richard Wilbur), come with slides from Bill
12 "Cinderella" (TV by Royal Ballet), come with lovely slides from Bill
13 Fuss with Charisma, finally, glorious slides come from Bill
14 Met "Arabella," overtime till 6:30
15 Look at trip a bit, finally
16 Fair with Madge., 9:45-12-.45, longest and NOT best day (14), bed at 2
17 Marty's wedding, pick up Lib at 2:30, scream till 6:30, read paper till 9
18 Overtime to 7:45, "Gallow's Humor" on TV by Richardson, letter to Bill
19 Toe dressing 6 at 5:30, continue to read "Anomalies"
20 Great TV evening: Trevor Howard in "Eagle in Cage," Beethoven's 9th, "Bob Hope vs.
   Phyllis Diller," and "My Name is Barbra"
21 2:30 to R.P.Sheik, "Return of Dr. X"*
22 Read "Anomalies"
23 Leaves with Madge and Mom, Pop, cousin, to Bear Mountain, Bronx Botanical Gardens,
   dinner in Chinatown, TV to 11
24 "Danton's Death" at Lincoln Rep with Madge, finish "Anomalies and Curiosities of
25 Overtime till 7, Eisenstein study for "Que Vive Mexico" at 8, read "Justine"
27 "Capriccio" at CC at 8
29 Madge's birthday, to La Caravelle for dinner, Rat Fink Room 9-11:30, to Red Onion and
   bed at 3:30, WHEW, $46.75 spent for evening
30 China and finances with Madge after Staten Island, before Dom, wild with dancing

1 Polaroid shots all evening, whew, "The Drapes Came" (one hour TV play)
2 Proofread Charisma 8:30-3:30
4 "Miss Julie" at CC at 8
6 "Tales of Hoffman" at CC at 8:15, buy slide projector and stuff from downtown. SLIDES
7 Martha Graham 2:30, write Mom, Joan, EB, Peck, many others
8 Proofread Charisma 7:30-12:30
9 Toe dressing 7 at 5:30, New York Blackout, Eddie over, walk CP, talk, he sleeps over
10 Work over at 12, Otto, Cathy, Phyllis, Madge, Miriam up for Easy Money and party, then
   to "Help" and "The Train" with Madge
11 Sick yesterday on onion dip, proofread Chrisma 8:30-1:30 with John and Selma, wow
12 John Meyers for proofreading and talk 8:30-2:30, when will Charisma end?
13 Finish "Eros," work with slides, come thrice
14 Work with slides 11:30-9:30, WOW
16 Eddie over for slides
17 Martha Graham at 8:30
18 Order shirts at Wohlmuth
19 Mensa meeting, party at Phyllis's 11-1. "Here Comes Mr. Jordan"
20 Party at Ron's 7-11
21 Gentil over, study for South American trip, he sees slides
22 Bed at 9:30, after "Salute to Stan Laurel" 8:30-9:30
23 "Disraeli"*
24 Royal Danish Ballet
25 TV Parades 9-12, Gallery of Modern Art 12-5:30 for Busby Berkeley 3 hours, to Madge's
   for dinner of turkey and much else, TV: San Francisco's "Nutcracker," "UN day with
   Bernstein," and "Tour of DC with Ladybird," home at 12
26 Search for chair 12-6, finish FW III
27 Shampoo rugs, type South America notes from EB, "Spirit of St. Louis"*
28 Send FW 111, $5 to Corporal, write Chuck, Rita, Joan, others
29 Eddie over for Spanish lesson and $50 8-11:30
30 Overtime till 9

1 Royal Danish Ballet
2 Royal Danish Ballet
3 "Mikado" by Sadlers Wells Opera*, overtime till 7, bed at 11:30
4 Radcliffe tour, eat at Casa Cellini, "Juliet of the Spirits," Serendipity, all 6-1AM
   with Miriam
5 Stamps all day, got Rita's Birthday gift?
6 Write Mom, Gil, Bill, overtime till 7
7 "Fanciulla" at Met
8 Royal Danish Ballet
9 Write EB, UN, Bill, others
11 Radcliffe tour, Judd and Jan's wedding at 5
12 Lincoln Rep, Got Xmas gifts? "Country Wife"?
13 John Connolly over in PM
14 NY ACM meeting, see Bob Teitel again
15 Mahler at Philharmonic after dinner at Playboy with Madge
16 Send Christmas cards
18 "Madame Bovary"*
19 Royal Danish Ballet
20 "Siegfried" (movie at MMA), then to Marty's
23 Leave at 5 for airport, leave for South America
24 Land in Rio, meet Tony, walk city
25 Bus with Cathy, to Niteroi
26 Drive with Jose and Cathy and Tony around Rio
27 With Terri to Sugar Loaf, all day and evening
28 Petropolis
29 Fly to Sao Paulo, rain, night tour
30 Fly to Iguasu, first day at falls
31 All day at Iguasu Falls, boat tour of river