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1 Taxi to Sete Quedas
2 Taxi from Sete Quedas to Iguacu
3 Iguacu to Asuncion to Montevideo to Buenos Aires
4 Tigre tour and wander city of Buenos Aires
5 Fly to Bariloche, night at Hotel Llao-Llao
6 Boat and bus and boat to Argentina-Chile border and Puerto Blest and Peulla
7 Boat to Encenada and Puerto Varas with Chilean students on bus
8 Wander Puerto Varas and bus to Puerto Montt, fly to Santiago and Pollo D'Oro
9 Taxi to Vina del Mar and Valparaiso, meet Hans
10 Fly to Lima, tour of Pachacamac, eat at Tres Monedas
11 Lima's churches and bed early, ill
12 Fly to Cuzco, city tour, exhausted to bed
13 Bus to Macchu Picchu, wander Inca road
14 Climb small hill and Huanya Picchu and back to Cusco
15 Cuzco to Lima, dinner and show at Crillon
16 Mass at three churches and fly Lima, Montego Bay, New York City, bed at 1:30
17 Get cold at work, read ALL mail
18 Sick at home, read all magazines, sleep much
19 Less sick, see Moorman, read all day, sleep little
20 Read Vathek, and record four hours of Bruckner
21 To work, well enough, and Ron Flemming comes over in PM, bad cough
22 "Supernatural"*, type some and sleep some and read Times 10-12
23 "Journey Beneath the Desert"*, send bills, read Famous Writers
24 Write 8 letters: Bill, Larry, Mom, McGowan (Mensa member), Paul, Joan, Cyndy, and books
25 Work on Famous Writers
26 "On Borrowed Time"*
27 "Fidelio" at Met
28 Work on Famous Writers V
29 Work on Famous Writers V, to Cafe Nicholson, Latin Quarter, Shepheards with Madge for
30 Finish Famous writers V
31 Write 5 letters: Bill, Paul, Tony, Ellis, Gil

1 Overtime till 6, "Pawnbroker" and "Umbrellas of Cherbourg"
2 Overtime till 7:30, lousy show at Bridge, mail 8 pieces of bills and travel ads
3 Overtime till 8:45, clean apartment
4 "Don Giovanni"*
5 American ballet 8:15, "Unidentified Flying Objects"*
6 "Condemned of Altona" at Lincoln Rep, 2PM, "Phone Call from a Stranger"*, write Rita,
   JJ, Laird, Chuck Hinkley, Anita Prince, Helen, Walt Swan, O'Shea, Ginny, Tony Gil,
   Kasai, DSI, three others, for 15 letters written February 4-6
7 "Passion" at MMA (or "Madame du Barry")
8 Overtime till 12:30
9 American Ballet 8:15, overtime till 7:30
10 Overtime till 8:30, tape to Bill, Orders to Margo, Charisma to Broussard, two letters
11 Overtime till 9:30
12 Overtime 10-6:30, "Darling," "Bedford Incident"
13 "Wars of the Roses"* 8-11:45, Finish "Three Gothic Romances"
14 "Tabu" (Murnau) at Cinamatheque, overtime till 7:30
15 Edo wiring proposal, "A Home of Your Own," "Zorba the Greek," two hours on phone with
16 ACM meeting, home at 9: 30, read FW VI
17 Finally figure trip finances, I owe Cathy $125!
18 Mensa meeting, sell 27 books, give 1 to Selma, meet Alan Collos and Seth Klavens
19 Make check to Burpee and Ellerton, letters to five others
20 Make movie list up to date
21 Come four times
22 NY State "Don Rodrigo" at 7:45, SBC holiday
23 Overtime till 10:15
24 Overtime till 10:30, eat Hopple Popple (lousy) omelet
25 Paul in town, Margery's engaged to Jackson at New Shen Lee with Madge, she's here till
26 "Street Scene" 8:15, Antiques Show at Madison Square Garden, "Thunderball"
27 Dali Exhibit with Paul, "Monkey Business"*, At Madge's 2-6
28 Overtime till 9:30

1 Overtime till 6:30, FW I out
2 Try to give away ticket, but go alone to "Demetrius and the ShoeShiners" and meet Vince
   Glenn and Estelle Rose, find file cabinet on sidewalk and I walk Second Avenue at 1AM
3 "Dialogues of the Carmelites" 7:45, bring filing cabinet HOME
4 Read The Hobbit," not so good
5 To boring Langley's with Madge, eat in Finale, see "White Devil," look at Village, read
   paper, bed at 4
6 Up at 11, write Paul, Mom, Ellis, Hsieh, Joan, part of Bill, watch Camera Three, Skating
   on Sports, "Stuart Little" and "War of the Roses" 8-11:30
7 Finish LONG letter to Bill, come thrice over slides, oil file cabinet
8 Sweep and clean apartment, overtime till 8:15
9 "Danton's Death" 7:45
10 Overtime till 7:15, to TV preview theater LOUSY, meet Azak Eryol, in the END, bed at 2
11 "Love for Three Oranges" 8:15, getting ill, Overtime till 7:15
12 Sick in bed
13 SICK, 102.9 temperature
14 VERY sick
15 Recovering, see "Love of Sunya" with Gloria Swanson
16 Bunraku at 3:30
17 "The Consul" 8:15
18 Mensa Meeting
19 Up at 12:30, "Raintree County"*, "The Hurricane"*, bed at 4AM
20 Write to Rita, seven travel offices, 3 others
21 Overtime till 8 -
22 Bunraku at 8:30, Overtime till 7:30
23 Overtime till 7:15, "Tannhauser" at Met
24 Read "Out of the Deeps"
25 Read "Lovecraft"
26 Work 9AM to 11:30PM this Saturday
27 Ballet at Met, "Caucasian Chalk Circle" at Lincoln Rep 2PM, work 9-1PM, Famous Writers
28 Fix apartment, "Queen Kelly"*, FW I return after 4 weeks
29 "Man Who Played God," write Brumas, UN, Broder about Teitel, Mint, other, for seven
30 Joffrey Ballet, overtime till 7:30
31 Overtime till 12:15!

1 8:30 Joffrey Ballet, overtime till 8:15, "Mutiny on the Bounty"(1935)*
2 Finish two Lovecraft books, "King of Kings"* (Jeffrey Hunter)
3 2:30, Joffrey Ballet
4 Type 3 pages, Read Wells's "In the Days of the Comet"
5 Read Wells's "Food of the Gods," type 4 pages, Steve calls for tomorrow
6 Steve over at 7:30, walk East River, Carl Shurz Park, sex, he leaves 12:15
7 Overtime to 8:30, type 3 pages
8 Read Solomon's "LSD," TAKE LSD 8:30PM-3:30AM with Arno, SBC holiday
9 No sleep 3:30-12:30, then to Madge's and Russian Tea Room and Circus, sleep at 12:30
10 8-page letter to Bill
11 Overtime to 7:15, work on FW II
12 Miriam over, to Finger Eaters (poor), she helps me with FW II until 12:30
13 Income tax, "Khovanchina" (poor) and "Galina Ulanova" at Thalia
14 Evening at Teitel's, Send FW II, get Plisetskaya's autograph, see Allied Chemical
   exhibit, "Chapayev," read till 3AM
15 "Seven Footprints to Satan" finishes after home at 3, come over Brumas slides, TV for
16 Finish "King in Yellow," Seavers and Madge to Mama Leone's and carriage in CP and
   Serendipity and home at 2AM
17 "Moment of Truth," "The Loved One," work on FW III
18 "Contempt," "The Knack," Academy Awards on TV
19 Bolshoi at Met, overtime to 7, "Swan Lake" with Plisetskaya
20 Bolshoi at Met, "Outward Bound," "Don Quixote" with Plisetskaya
21 Eat at Ruc, see "Cat Ballou" and "Ship of Fools" with Miriam
22 Type South American notes
23 Type South American notes
24 Type South American notes, start FW III, "Heartbreak House"* 8-11, bring opera list to
25 Send Mom birthday present, fix programs, "Song of Love"*
26 Leave SBC 1:30, wait for tickets 2-4PM. see "King Rat," "Tenth Victim," MARAT/SADE!!
27 Bolshoi at Met, "Viva Maria," "Naked and the Brave"
28 Bolshoi at Met, overtime to 6:15
29 Fix PROGRAMS still
30 Fix PROGRAMS and finally finish 19 pieces of mail out, and not one letter, all
   bills or for me

1 Paul Swan, HO-BOY, what a SHEW! study for trip to islands
2 Send Mom and Grandma Mother's dDy gifts, write Rita (4 pages), EB, and Collector's Guild
3 "Gospel According to St. Matthew" from 2:30-5, read "Human Sexual Response," WOW
4 Bolshoi at 99th time at Metropolitan Opera House, "Dracula, Prince of Darkness," "Plague
   of the Zombies"
5 "Phedre" after dinner at Maxwell's Plum with Otto and Miriam, before Marty's from 11-
   2:45, Wollensack to repair
6 Haircut, read much of "Olympia Reader"
7 Party at Al Robert's 8:30-1, read "Olympia Reader," Marty's "Roberto Devereaux," "Stella
   Dallas"* 1:30-3:30AM
8 Bolshoi at Met for 100th time, last time at old Met, write Mom, Bill, Dave Somers
9 Slides come and I come, work on FW III
10 Work on FW III
11 "Doctor Zhivago" at matinee, to Real-Time ACM meeting
12 With Mike to Fleur de Lys, Hartford Museum, here to 11, Read "Sodom" and "A Night in a
   Moorish Harem"
13 Read Olympians: "Flesh and Bone," "Loins of Amon," "Secret Life of Robinson Crusoe"
14 Read "Desire and Helen," sort letters into file, Mike over 4-9, Marty's "Dame Blanche"
15 Finish FW III, Write Bill
16 Send FW III, Type Olympia notes
17 Great CBS reports on LSD at Spring Grove, Olympia notes, Call Hans
18 Finish typing Olympia notes
19 Interview, at William Alanson White Institute
20 Fix Scrapbook file
21 Fix writing file, Marty's "Fra Gherardo"
22 Hellman's "Autumn Garden"*, Fix writing file
23 Write Bill in answer to tape
24 Write Bill, Grandma, Paul; NY Library 1-7 for NY "Times," periodicals, reading room
25 NY ACM Meeting, talk with Miriam afterwards to 11
26 Fix apartment
27 Record tape for (readings) Bill
28 Write Mom, Marty's "Daici"
29 Cruise 7:30-11:30, Work on FW IV, re-read "Methuselah's Children"
30 Read "Cradle of Erotica," cruise 3-8 this Memorial Day Monday
31 Read "Women", cruise 10:30-12:15

1 Ron Schwarz back in NYC, "Tales of Terror and the Unknown" by Blackwood, bed at 2AM
2 Read "The Collector," bed at 10PM
3 Don Flemming over 9-11:30, "The Red House"*, bed at 2AM
4 Marty's "Guarani," work on FW IV, FW III back
5 FW IV, Museum Natural History 3-5, CPW 5-6, Madge and Lee's to Lo Ping Look 7-11, home
   tired, "Inferno"*
6 Write Paul, Bill
7 Time-Sharing at SRI 6-8:30, (1 of 4)
8 To Mike's for nothing evening
9 Send out FW IV, read "Queer Case of Murder"
10 Hammer 1 (4:15), "Thousand Clowns," "Never Too Late," "Dirty Limericks," get 200 slides
   from Bill
11 Party at Eddie's to 4AM, come thrice while fixing slides noon-5
12 Wrote Madge to Bronx Zoo 1-6, there for dinner, talk 8-12, bed at 2
13 Talk with Arno 6-12 he's over to see ALL slides, Eddie calls
14 Peter Monteleone, to SRI II, lunch with Ron, Jim and Mike
15 Jose over 9-11, Selma and Arno call
16 ACM meeting on L6 6-11, bed at 11:30
17 Don Flemming over 9-12, wander East side and river, Hammer II (4:15)
18 Clean apartment well
19 Type 20 pages, write Bill, send Rita $500, Joe calls, not come over
20 Type 20 pages, "Testament of Orpheus," "Diary of a Country Priest"
21 SRI III, bed at 10:30, lunch at MMA with Miriam
22 Band Concert and party in Central Park with Madge 7-12
23 Bed early, type five pages
24 1.5 hours of Hammer, "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf"*, Hammer III and IV
25 Slide show with Arno, "Slender Thread," "Flight of the Phoenix"
26 FW V, Hans back in NYC, Eddie over, to Coney Island 8-2, bed at 3, slurp
27 TEA: 6:30-8:30, home at 11
28 SRI IV, and Al Roberts over 10-12 about South America
29 Write Laird, David Somers, Mom, "Cue," Ross MacLean
30 "All's Well That Ends Well" in CP

1 Exercise at 7, sleep 7:30-12, bed at 12:30, Hammer V
2 To Van Cortland Park, Lakes, rip shorts, to CP 1-7
3 Meet Peter Ream
4 SBC Holiday, Independence Day
5 "1l Successo," "Il Federale" at Thalia
6 "Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines" with Miriam
7 To Peter's for talk, only, 9-12
8 To Chez Pepe's in Brooklyn with Eddie, Hammer VI
9 To Riis Park with Peter, and he and Brundage over in PM for slides to 12, "Desparate
10 David Somers and Cedric Crofts and Laird over, to Bridge for movies, Fedora for dinner,
   wander Village and Bon Soir to 1AM
11 Hammer VI, Subway to Water Street to Sloppy Louis', World Trade Center area, Chinatown
   tours, Times Square, Sixth Avenue, cruise Sutton Place to 1:30AM
12 Cocktails at Tower Suite, dinner at Mama Leone's, see "Russian Adventure," bed at 12,
13 David Somers leaves for Europe 7:30PM, come twice, bed at 10:30
14 "Mysterious Island"*
15 Hammer VIII
16 Riis Park with Peter, he meets fellow, with Eddie to Seymour's from 11-1, after Eddie
   late here, wild place
17 Work puzzles all day, UGH
18 On TV 13: "Eh, Joe," by Beckett, "Bedlam Galore, for Two Or More," by Ionesco
19 "Anna Karenina" on TV 13
20 Write Bill, bed at 9:30, Why?
21 Phone Mom, she comes next week
22 Hammer IX, last? To Marchi's with Madge, see "Endless Summer," great surfing film,
   bed l2:30, tired
23 Read Wyndham "Short Stories," "Gay Divorcee"*, "Story of Vernon and Irene Castle"*
24 Finish "New Golden Bough"
25 "The Wanting Seed" by Burguess
26 Start "Man Without Qualities"
27 Try "Measure for Measure," but it rains, de-sex apartment till midnight
28 "Measure for Measure" in CP, Mom and Rita in at 11:15, Eat late snack at 3rd Avenue
29 Fish at Oscar's, "Black Orpheus," "Purple Noon" at York, walk past Plum, Fridays, and
30 Bus to Cloisters, St. John the Divine, cab to Albert's, bus tour of village, walk,
   Crazy Horse from desperation, it was lousy
31 Delancy Street, eat at Katz's, walk Chinatown, Rita and I to concert in Central Park

1 Rita and Mom to Wall Street and Staten Island Ferry, chili at home, Scrabble, talk,
   ONLY evening at home all three alone
2 Mom and Rita to UN, dinner at College Inn, Mom at Bingo, Rita and I at NY Philharmonic
   in CP and rain, Monopoly after
3 David Somers in and to Ruc, he leaves, we play Scrabble
4 9AM Health Center, dinner at Mama Leone's, "Mad Show," Arthur's, home at 1:30 by cab
5 Mom cooks fish, I talk South American trip, Rita and I to "Shop on Main Street" and
   "Billy Liar" till 1
6 Radio City and "How to Steal a Million," dinner at Eduard's, Serendipity, TV, Easy
7 Lunch in CP Zook walk Mall and Lake, home with Chinese food to Monopoly and TV all
8 Mom cooks chicken, Rita and I to "Richard III" in CP
9 Rita to WaxMuseum and RCA, lunch at Playboy, cab to village, eat at Fish 'n' Chips, Mom
   sick, home to Scrabble, TV of "The Rivals"
10 Mom gets tickets, we eat at College Inn, taxi to CP for Mitch Ryder, cab home, finish
   Easy Money
11 Dinner with Madge at Harbin Inn, to her house for whole family, Riverside stroll and
   "These Three" on TV to 2
12 Mom to airport terminal at 10, tuna and noodles at home, "Union Pacific" and "Oklahoma
   Kid" at New Yorker till 1
13 Rita sees "Funny Girl" and I work to 6 and Hungarian Restaurant, "Princess Ida" at 74th
14 Coney Island all day for a ball, Nathan's ending in rain, home to TV, dominoes,
15 "Cavalcade" at MMA, dinner at La Crepe, work later, Cheetah, Brasserie until cab home
16 Dinner with Madge and Janis in Chinatown, "Madame White Snake," Cafe Britannia 1:30,
   cab home at 2
17 Ride to airport at 1:30, I work to get TOBIAS ready for mid-month billing TONIGHT, nap
   at home to 10
18 Reread "City of Night," loaf around fixing up apartment, call Arno and Eddie
19 Put all apartment stuff away and finish THIS calendar for last 4 weeks, tired
20 Letters to Dave, Rita, others, Party at Franks in Bronx, meet Luiz
21 Luiz leaves at 2 after wild sex all night. Puzzle, TV, loaf
22 Wait for Luiz, but he never shows up. Finish "Man without Qualities"
23 Put sex stuff away, come over slides, reread "A Thirsty Evil," finish "A Haunted House"
24 Read "If It Die," by Gide, get Charisma opinions tabulated
25 Start "Three Prophetic Novels" by Wells and "Tolkein Reader," letters to Bill, Al over
   to talk about his trip to South America, write to Hollywood Hospital
26 Finish "Three Prophetic Novels," party with Eddie for Raul, To "Charade," Wait for
   Luiz, no come, see Rosey Sheik for one filling only
27 Up at 11, soak stamps, finish "Tolkein Reader," "Secret of the Incas"*, "Times," wait
   for Luiz
28 Up at 11:30, finish "Times" puzzle, breakfast at 2:50, "Midsummer's Night's Dream"
   in English*
29 Read "Totempole" to 1AM, two stories off to Data Processing Magazines Science-Fiction
30 Lunch at Ground Floor with Mike, dinner at Office Pub 6-9 with Miriam, "Stonehenge"*,
   Luiz over 12:30-2AM
31 Overtime till 8:30, start MU, bed at 11PM, exhausted

1 Start "Catch-22," write Bill, $20 to Cathy, $800 to Bill
2 To Dance in Central Park, start of sniffing, sneezing, blowing nose
3 11AM, Cathy married, 1-5, Cathy reception, to Madge's 5-6, dinner at Jan and Judd's
4 Cedric returns, sleep to 11, read Sci Am, read up on Canada, read "Times," work puzzle
5 Read all "Esquire," letters to Rita, Bill, Helen, to Dance in CP
6 TV 7:30-10, type Canada notes, send them to Bill
7 "The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming;" "Stop the World, I Want to Get Off,"
   walk CPW
8 "Resurrection," "Chelkash" with Mike after quick dinner at the Ile de France on 72nd
9 7AM to 4th Annual NY Avant Garde Festival in Central Park, to Ground Floor, rather poor,
   damn, with Dick, Maria, Madge, Jeanette, afterwards to Tower Suite
10 Joffrey Ballet at CC at 8:30, finish FW V, "Not Improbable," and outline
11 Breakfast at 12, to "Fantastic Voyage," back by way of Met, TV, the "Times"
13 Joffrey at CC at 8:30, "War Game" at New York Film Festival at PH
14 Leave for Canada
15 Top of Grouse Mountain, ride Vancouver, dinner at Royal Towers
16 LSD #1
17 Taxi to Capilano Canyon, Cleveland Dam, "Sound of Music"
18 Dinner at Neptune's Locker
19 Bill arrives at midnight
20 LSD #2
22 "Torn Curtain" with Bill
23 To "Millionairess" and "Our Man Flint" with Bill
24 To Vancouver and Jazz and Paul Anderson, Muktuk, Reindeer Meat Balls, Quail
29 LSD #3
30 To Grouse Mountain again

1 Leave to Vancouver
2 Fly to Akron, visit Marion's, chicken at home
3 With Helen to Rita at U, lunch in Sewers, ham at home
4 To Marion's and kids (lovely) at 3, dinner there, home
5 See and stay with Dad and Grandma and Grandpa
6 Dinner with Helen and Jimmy and talk all evening
7 Fish with Rita and Mom out
8 Leave for NYC
9 Return from Canada, with Madge to Riverside and TALK, to "La Comedia," "Bolshoi Ballet"
10 Talk to Arno 9-10:45
l1 With Madge to A La Fourchette, to Italian Festival at Madison Square Garden
12 Read all old mail
13 "Magic Flute" at NYS at 7:45
14 Noh at Columbia at 8:30
15 Mahler's Third, "Morning Glory," "Kitty Foyle"
16 Noon to 5:30 with Liza, Letters to Bill and 4 bills
17 Liza over 8-1AM, talk and eat at Manana
18 Grandma comes to Taft Hotel, 11-6PM we talk, shop, eat at Joe's, look at ALL my trips
19 Party at Al Roberts, home at 11 after dinner at Tibbs, slides, MY slides come, so do I
20 Buy Florsheim shoes, 4 Wohlmuth shirts, home at 8, Liza and Arthur over 11-12:30, I
   talk to Lisa at her place to 3!
21 Chinese Ball till 2 at Waldorf, after dinner with Madge at Chauveron 8-10
22 "Abduction" at NYS 8:15, Laird and Noel over 5-8, eat at Vorsts, Write Bill, EB, Mom,
23 Read "360 Concepts and Facilities," write Hospital report, Mimsy, Brian, Gene, Laird,
24 Get stereo figures from Marty
25 Owego 7:50AM-7:30PM, and six pages to Bill, Phone Lisa
26 Party at Janos's 7-9, leave with Madge, come here and talk about love till 1AM, I send
   her home in cab
27 Home to Englewood with Sunny to Helen and Ernie and stay all night
28 With Madge to eat at Friday's and see "Repulsion" and "The Collector," walk 1st Ave to
   86th, I'm to bed at 2
29 "Tosca" at NYS at 8:15, price stereo at Audio Unlimited
30 To New Whitney Museum with Lisa and to Marty's 8-12

1 Eat with Dick and Maria and Madge at La Potiniere du Soir, watch LSD on TV, Marty calls
   about Mobil job, bed at 12:15
2 Eat with Doug Flynn at Soerabaya and home to talk to 10.15, TV to 11:15, bed
3 With Madge to Lisa's to 8, eat in Esplanade, listen to LSD tape, I take Madge home at
4 To Lisa's with Arthur Deronian till 8, then eat at Casa Minasso to 11, talk, home at 12
5 Albee tickets from Lisa? See "Delicate Balance" after search for low hi-fi prices
6 Write Bill 5 pages, write Rita 3 pages, TV for 4 1/2 hours, Mom calls
7 With Madge to La Cote Basque, adequate, talk: go to Ohio for Christmas? Come on vacation
   with me? Bed at 12:30
8 Write to John, three pages to Mimsy, clean apartment
9 Lunch at Weinerwald with Herman, paste in photos
10 Look at 457 W. 50th for $55,000, get 7AM time on 360/50, up at 5AM, to Lisa's with Gene
   and Liz and Arthur and to Yorkville Cafe
11 To Doug and Earle's at 9:30, watch TV and talk 11-2AM
12 Up at 10, talk till 12, out for walk, Earle home, Hugh and lunch at 4, Fred over for
   dinner at 10, bed at 1AM after organ!
13 "Julius Caesar" at NYS at 7:15, after to NYC at 5, GREAT day in Jersey
14 To Lisa's to 7:30, write Rita and Helen
15 Dinner at Chauveron 8-11:20PM with Herman and Walleen, Fantastic talk
16 ACM meeting, write Bill letter, TV one hour, Leonid meteor shower obscured at 12 by
17 Madge and Eddie and Lisa on phone
18 Pick up Woh1muth shirts, type junk
19 With Lisa and Liz to MMA for "La Roue," eat at Manana, bed at 12
20 Marjorie's wedding 4PM, to Madge's at 2:30
21 "Lucrezia Borgia" at MMA, write Grandma, phone Mom
22 Take book to Eddie at 9:30, eat with Marie Morrisee and Gene and Liz and see "The
   Defector," and to Serendipity, bed at 1:15
23 All day at FABULOUS Bell Telephone Labs plant at Holmdel, write Joan 4 pages
24 Write Bill 4, Laird 2, Seavers 4, Frank 4 long, SBC holiday
25 Dinner at Dick's 3PM-1AM, GREAT feast, SBC holiday
26 "Napoleon" at MMA, chili here, paper at 10, end at 12
27 Madge cooks ribs here, 4-10, Scrabble 10-12
28 Talk to Liz 8-1AM
29 Talk to Gene 6-8:30, to Chateau Henri IV, Bells to 12:30
30 Lunch with Doug at Blarney Stone, "Chusingura" and pizza with Liz and Gene and Lisa

1 Write Paul, Mimsy, Mike, bed at 11 after listening for PanAm strike at 11:15
2 Work to 11:30 with Madge via PanAm 5:45-12:05 to Barbados, stay at Hotel Windsor
3 Barbados to St. Vincent to St. Lucia, check into Villa and cab to beach 3-6:30, after
   market in Castries
4 Switch to Blue Waters. Swim and walk cliffs and eat and laze
5 Tour around St. Lucia 10-5:30, GREAT
6 St. Lucia to St. Vincent, check in at Sugar Mill. SNORKEL! and swim on beach
7 Snorkel at Young's Island and laze
8 Tour of west road of St. Vincent in rain 10:30-5:30
9 Play cards in rain, ride around locally in Moke
10 Ride up east road in Moke 2-6
11 Rain stops, snorkel in AM and in PM, Arthur Quinn leaves
12 St. Vincent to St. Lucia to Antigua to NYC 8-2:30PM, home TIRED and read mail
13 Read magazines, watch "Sleep of Prisoners" on TV 11-12:30, bed VERY tired
14 Awful day at work, sleepy, shop, get haircut, clean up apartment
15 Clean apartment fully, fix travel file, read "MacBird"
16 Write 39 Christmas pen-letters. Fabulous "Ofoeti" on TV 13
17 Dinner at Hsieh's to 12PM
18 Work 8:45AM to 6:30PM this Sunday on Olin Mathieson, Cobol Payroll Conversion
19 Read Dick Hsieh's "Conan the Conquerer"
20 IBM Family Dinner at Hilton Hotel 7-10PM
21 Read Dick Hsieh's "Skullface" by lousy Robert E. Howard
22 Write to Don O'Shea and Bill Hyde, "Fahrenheit 451," "Night Games," two shows at $5.00
23 SBC Holiday, Madge over at 3PM, drives me to Newark for plane to Akron 6-7PM, talk to
24 Shopping for Christmas in O'Neils with Rita, play with blocks
25 Play with blocks all day, watch TV, to Henry and Marion's in evening
26 Henry and Marion and Greg and Gary over 4-8 for Sloppy Joes and Larry and Bernie over
27 Evening at Larry's 8-1, afternoon at Marion's romping in snowy woods
28 All day in Cleveland 10AM-12PM, Art Museum, Natural History Museum, Aquarium, "Man of
   La Mancha"
29 Dinner and day at Seaver's with Broske and Ball 2PM-3AM, talk to Edward, Ann, Dan,
   David 12-2
30 Dinner at Crano's with Mungos
31 Larry over for New Year's eve cards 8-1AM, take gift to Dad