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1 Dinner at talk at Grandma's, watch photos of the moon on TV
2 Fly home and dinner at Lisa's, unpack
3 Cancel magazines, note to Rita, 9 letters in all
4 Type 25 pages, resolved (1) #days/2=E, greater than C (I exercise at least every other
   day, and I exercise more often than I masturbate) (2) Type 10 pages per day; bed at 3AM
5 Finish "Naked Lunch," bed at 12:30
6 Type to page 55, work till 8
7 Type to page 72, Chuck over at 3-6, Party at Al's at 9-1:30
8 Type to 87, "Chelsea Girls," start "Sot-Weed Factor (SOF)"
9 Type to 102, TV 2 hours, SWF
10 Type to 110, TV 1 hour, SWF, order suits at Dorfman's
11 Type to 120, Call Mom and Rita, SWF, 4 mail to Margot and Cedric
12 SWF
13 Work to 8:30, SWF
14 Type to 129, finish "Sot-Weed Factor" (GREAT!)
15 Type to 145, finish "Art of Loving," Start "Neurotic Personality of Our Time"
16 Overtime to 8:30, talk to Madge and Lisa on phone
17 Type to 153, Talk to Lisa, Marty over
18 Type to 165, Another LSD insight in typing FIRST SESSION 32
19 Type to 180, End of first session, talk to Eddie and Lisa
20 Work to 6:30, bed at 10
21 Type to 192, with Doug to eat at Never on Sunday, to "Chafed Elbows" at Gate,
   Market Place to 1:45
22 Type to 197, to Met for Goya with Liz, bed at 9PM!
23 Type to 220, Two pages to Bill
24 Type to 235, notes to Arthur Deronian, Mimsy, O'Shea, Chuck H, Cyndy, Brian, 10 in all
25 Type to 250, on schedule!
26 Type to 265, work till 7, send Rita junk and four pins: Button, Unbutton, Belly, "Not
27 Work till 6:30, "Die, Die, My Darling"*
28 Type to 295, Clean apartment
29 Type to 310, to Al's to read his "Yolanda" and he my "First Session"
30 Don O'Shea and Helen and Kathy come at 9, eat sandwiches, talk, drink frozen daiquiris
31 Walk to closed Yorkville Hungarian, eat in Praha Restaurant, good for $3.50, them to
   play and I babysit 8:30-11:45, bed at 1, to Physics exhibit in PM

1 To Fedora's, walk Village, see FIRE with O'Sheas, bed at 1 after daiquiris
2 Up at 6:30, they leave at 7:30, lunch at Le Gourmet
3 To Act I, Penthouse Club with Madge, talk about US for REAL for ONCE
4 Type to 330, Town Hall 8:30, Seymours and Blue Bunny closed, bed at 2:45
5 TV 2 1/2 hours, read papers
6 Start "Stranger in a Strange Land (SIASL)," TV 8-10
7 Snowstorm, continue SIASL, to "Blowup" with Miriam
8 Read PL/I Primer
9 Dinner at Madge's 6:30-12:30, to sleep at 3, John Schneider was in BOMOP with me!
10 Hammer at 9AM, dinner at Glucksterns, see "Grand Prix," to Claudia's 12:30-3, Market
   Place is closed
11 Marty's dinner at 8, Finish "Stranger in a Strange Land"
12 Soak stamps, 6 hours-of TV, read papers, puzzle
13 Start "Let us Now Praise Famous Men (LUNPFM)"
14 To Al Robert's 8-1, tumble on sofa but nothing comes of it but dinner and music
15 "Peter Grimes" at Met and dinner with Doug at Top of the Met after measure at
17 Pete over for slides 9-12, Bill comes in at 12:45
18 Met with Lisa and Bill, talk ALL evening, Pete over 10-12
19 Met with Howard and Bill, eat at Upstairs Chinese, home 9-12 to talk
20 Talk to Arno and Lisa, Eddie, read LUNPFM
21 Talk to Madge
22 Bill and Howard over
23 Dinner with Bill at Larre's, I to Lisa's while he tals to Ray Rayes
24 Hammer at 9AM, read LUNPFM
25 Finish "Let Us Now-Praise Famous Men," Finish "Neurotic Personality of Our Time," Start
   "Self-Analysis," to Peter's 11-1AM
26 Read "Self-Analysis"
27 Ralph Gray calls, Lunch at Pak-India with Doug On this day I have 58, for the 58th
   day of the year, and 29E, which says I exercised 29 times, which makes me on schedule
   and yesterday was 26C, so I only masturbated 26 times, which is ALSO on schedule, but
   the last number of pages typed was 330, so I'm behind impossibly on that score
28 See Chuck, lunch at Gay 90's with Jim Maher, dinner at Grand Ticino with Chuck 6-12:30

1 Al's and "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum"
2 "Man for All Seasons," Lutece!!, talk 10:30-12 in Central Park
3 Ralph Gray over at 8:30-11
4 To MMA with Pete, send 10 pieces of mail, no letters, eat in Brazil restaurant and to
   Moroccan Village on 8th till 3:30
5 Finish "What You Should Know about Psychoanalysis," and "Teleny" 3:30-5:30AM!, up at
   12:30 to "Life and Times of Verdi"*, talk to Lisa
6 Overtime to 6:15, Lisa over 7-10:30, talk all the time
7 TV 10-11 on homosexuals
8 "The Bible," dinner with Miriam at Italian Pavilion
9 Bed at 9:30
10 Hammer 8:15-9:45 with Ritalin, "You Know I Can't Hear You Wben the Water's Running,"
   lunch with Lisa at the Veau D'Or
11 Bicycling in CP with Al and Alan, to Milt's, Scrabble, "Shameless Old Lady," "Quiller
12 Martha Graham, talk to Madge 4-8, dinner at Rainbow Room
13 Write Mimsy, overtime to 8PM
14 "Ulysses" for $5.50, dinner with Lisa at Herb Evans, Walk home through CP
15 Lunch with Doug at Petite Marmite
16 Froomkin fuss when I'm in charge, overtime to 1OPM
17 Madge and I here for talk 6-1AM
18 With Pete, to "Macabro" and "Wild Angels," to Moroccan Village, 67 Barrow with Joe
   Easter and Terence O'Sullivan to 3AM
19 Joffrey at CC at 8, Cyndy here 2-6 and eat at Beer Garden with her and Madge
20 "Ipcress File" and "Gambit" after dinner with Madge
21 "After the Fox" and "The Idol" alone, notes to Fred Clanagan and Rita
22 "Goal," Management training class by Barry Gordon after work
23 "Sand Pebbles" free with Pete
24 SBC Holiday, 2 and 5:30PM, the old "Ben Hur" at MMA, Meet Gerry Rodriguez
25 Joffrey at CC at 8:30, "Against the American Grain" from Don's talk, neck with Madge to
26 To Be-In in CP
27 Write Bill, Fred, Seavers, and five others
28 Write Lisa, Paul, John Crano, Mom, Cyndy and 2 others
29 Management Training #2, to Old Vic and Garden with Pete
30 Haircut, bed at 10:15
31 No Hammer this week, dinner at now-lousy Great Shanghai with Madge, walk, talk, bed at

APRIL - 5 behind (in exercising)
1 Hammer, read "Story of 0," dinner at Bernstein's GREAT 8-3:30
2 Up at 12:30, Howard over 4-8, watch "Death of A salesman" on TV
3 Write Fred, Larry, O'Shea, three others
4 Work on Income Tax
5 Pete over at 7:30, we go out for long walk in CP, he goes off, I get home at 11:30
6 Overtime to 10PM, Eddie over to show cunt-licking films to 12:30
7 Dinner with Madge at Jager House, sit in "The Beach" at 70th and Second to 11, here to 3
   in bed
8 Buy $50 speaker for tape recorded with Pete, roam streets with Pete and Joe Easter to 11
9 Write Grandma, Brian, Gene, Rita, Channel 13
10 Overtime to 9, home to Academy Awards to 12:30
11 Al for pork chops at 7, stay to 12 playing chess
12 Overtime to 12:30, working on International Lead Zinc Research proposal
13 Overtime to 6:30, Cyndy and Edward call, lunch at Lutece
14 Dinner at Who Ping with Pete, "The Investigation" on TV, great, Joe Easter over 12-3AM!
15 Up at 9, meet Bob Burton at 10:30, Jose, Ralph Gray, peace march, with Madge, Stu,
   Claudia to Golden 20's to 3AM, bed at 4:30
16 Up at 10 to Joe's for 2 each, painting, dinner in Cuban Victor's, talk to Al, Joe, Pete
   on phone, TIRED
17 "Born Free" with Joe and Hammer at 6:45, Joan Dublin's apartment, overnight at Joe's
18 Pete's for recording of Tchaikovsky's 1,2,3 Symphony and "Born Free," See Beardsley
   exhibit with Roger Evans after work
19 Lunch with Doug, watch 13 stars for Channel 13, 8-10
20 Bed at 10:15
21 NYC Ballet 8:15, overnight at Joe's
22 All day at Joe's
23 NYC Ballet 7:15, all day with Madge 1-12, all night with Joe
24 Hammer 6:45PM, bed at 11PM
25 Dinner at Larre's with Miriam, tell her I'm gay, Royal Ballet's Dream and Song of the
26 Ballet: Sleeping Beauty
27 "Toys in the Attic"*
28 "Orpheus in the Underworld" on TV at Pete's, cook chili
29 Marty Jerri, Stu, Claudia, Madge over 6:30, fix apartment all day. They stay until 2AM
   Madge into cab at 3AM after waiting one hour
30 Up at 1PM, walk park, sit in sun till 5PM, song feast at Bernstein's, stay till 1AM

1 Madge over, we finish chili, she reads LSD 1 and 2, leaves at 11:30, Lisa calls, till
2 Ballet:Les Sylphides, Shadowplay, Les Noces, with Joe, dinner at Joe's, overnight at
   Joe's nice, lunch with Doug at Larre's
3 Lunch with Pete at Schraffts, sell ticket to ballet and dinner with Lisa at Esplanade,
   to Riverside Church Organ debut with Doug
4 To Pete's for "The Crucible"* from 9-11:15, meet Kevin from Lindblad, home at 12
5 Madge and I to Stu's for Rufus and LIFE, great trout, fantastic evening of drink, talk
   to 2
6 Call Joe at 2, to his place all day for portrait, HERE all night for slides, bed at 1
7 Up at 10,11,12, to his place for more portrait in rain, rib dinner, I leave at 11, bed
   at 12
8 Fix apartment, send out 8 pieces of mail
9 With Lisa 7-10, start "Not Like the Sun"
10 Al calls and I call Eddie
11 American Ballet with Les Sylphides, a fabulous Harbinger, Romeo and Juliet pas de deux,
   Les Noces, after with Jean and Pete and Joe to Ginger Man
12 Town Hall with Pete, walk to his place and quiet bedtime
13 Joe paints me 11-3, bed to 5, cab home, to Madge's, to Stu's for La Fonda, home, talk
   to 1
14 American Ballet Swan Lake, and to Al JeKenta, BOY, dinner at French Shack, bed, home at
   12, "The Mummy"*
15 Edward comes, Terry over 6-8, Ed comes at 9:50, we gab till 12:30
16 Royal Ballet's Giselle with Fonteyn and Nureyev, dinner at Joe's, Sleep at Joe's,
   Despite Ed
17 With Ed to Village and to Keneret, walk all over, home at 11
18 With Joe to "The Hunt," home at 11:15 to sleeping Ed
19 Ed leaves at 6AM, to Joe's for dinner, to Al's for TV of "Crime and Punishment"*, and
   "Tales of Hoffman" from 8-1AM
20 Joe paints, we go into CP to sit, Pete over for dinner, we walk me home, I'm in bed at
21 Dinner with Maos and Joe at New Shen Yee, to Zoo with little Bobby, Joe's for dinner,
22 Wake at 8:30, stay at Joe's till 12, walk home, work at 2:30, finish "Nothing Like the
23 Ballet: Monotones, Brandenburgs, Paradise Lost, Dinner at Topkapi with Miriam, lunch
   with Jim at Gay 90's
24 Rosey Sheik at 6, dinner at Joe's, to Pete's to meet Kevin and Jay
25 Read "Short Friday," Finish "Fundamental Particles"
26 Ballet Gala on TV, read "Psychedelic Review"
27 To Joe's after lovely dinner at Kevin MacDonald's, Finish "We the Living"
28 Joe's all day with very mild hangover, Pete over for dinner, Pete and Jean here for
   Round-The-World souvenirs
29 Read "Geometrodynamics," see "Man of 1000 Faces"
30 SBC Holiday, to Dick Campbell's for pornography, buy slides for $25, meet Paul Paterson
   at Sheraton, dinner at Topkapi with Roger and Paul Joe and Pete and to my place
   for all slides, come three times

JUNE - 19 behind on exercises
1 With Pete to St. George for steam and hot rooms and pool, walk Promenade
2 Madge calls for dinner with Dick and Maria at 456, we talk, break up 10-12:30, wait for
   Joe till 2:30, home
3 To Riis Park at 12:30 with Pete and Joe, home to nap and at 9 walk to Joe's, stay
   all nite
4 Paint in AM, walk CP, Pete over for stuffed cabbage dinner, walk home with Pete thru CP
5 Read magazines, fix apartment, phone Bill, MOM, Larry, Paul
6 Ballet Folklorico of Mexico with Miriam after dinner in Fish Place on 53rd, walk thru CP
7 Walk home with Doug, to Pete's 8-11, he's refused job at General Aniline
8 to Joe's for dinner 7-9, wander Riverside, cab home at 10:30
9 Interrupted Journey at Kennedy after waiting for Larry and flight, arrive 3AM
10 Change to 1900 Lincoln, Swiss, Belgian, Jap, Vermont, Netherlands, Art, Photos, and
   Industrial Design, Gyrotron and Laterna Magica 1:30PM-1:30AM
11 Man-Planet, Life, Oceans, Poles, Scandanavian, Iran, Brewer's Puppets 12:30-9:45
12 Kaleidoscope, Jewish, Mexico, India, Ceylon, UN, Indians, Greece, Telephone, Canadian
   Pacific, Marlene Dietrich 9AM-1AM
13 France, Quebec, Ontario, Canada, East and West States, Aquarium 9:30-12
14 Labyrinth in rain, Man in Community, Habitat, Olympic, Hovercraft, Britain, Man the
   Producer, Satay 9-1AM
15 US, Tunisia, Morocco, Ethiopia, Italy, Canadian National, Africa, Arab, Burma, Germany,
   "Lulu" at opera, at fair 9-7
16 Czechoslovakia, Cuba, Kodak, Monaco, Haiti, Yugoslavia, Provider, Pulp and Paper, USSR,
   "Jenufa" at opera, at fair 9-7
17 Air Canada, Maine, Korea, Australia, move to YMCA, Larry leaves, read "The Magus," see
   lousy Erich Hawkins
18 Hotel in Montreal, "The Old-Fashioned Way," "My Little Chickadee," fly to NYC
19 Joe over 9-11, Finish "The Magus"
20 Pete over for dinner 7-10, Walk the river, I look at slides till 2AM
21 Fly to Rochester for Eastman and fly back, bed at 10:30
22 To Stu and Claudia's for dinner, talk 8-11, bed at 11:30
23 To Joe's for dinner, walk in foggy park 7:30-11, then to bed
24 Joe sketches me in apartment, people in CP, we take picnic to "Comedy of Errors," very
   funny, home to bed at 12
25 Walk home at 12 and to Herman's for dinner, talk 3-11PM, train home, begin Zen
26 Paul comes, dinner with him and Pete and Joe in Good Table, to Joe's for sketching,
27 I type stuff for Joe, he here for lousy dinner, Paul in at 11, bed at 12
28 Paul leaves at 7AM, come, to bed VERY early at 9:45
29 Type fair stuff for Bill Woolf and others
30 "Honeypot" with Joe at Eddie's East, to his place later

JULY - 31 behind in exercising, and at this point I forget about it
1 To Riis Park for GREAT burn 11-4, Joe's for dinner, Hawaii with Joe, Pete, Kevin, To
   Joe's; "Hawaii" was the 31st movie in 26 weeks, a new low?
2 Joe finishes my portrait, we walk park, eat dinner, I leave at 10, tired
3 SBC Holiday, sore shoulder for one week, read "The Worm Ouroboros," 7 mail items out
4 SBC Holiday, With Joe to Botanical Gardens, later to 456, fireworks on Mulberry like
   MAD, write three mail, to Mom, Mimsy, other
5 Joe over to dinner, meet John Connolly on walk, two Mail out
6 To Joe's for dinner with Pete and get home at 12
7 Clean out "art" drawer, play solitaire for one hour, damn
8 To Joe's at 3, paint to 5, sex to 6, "Deathwatch" and dinner at Pilgrim Inn
9 Read "Canada," type trip notes, type trip list
10 Dinner at Pete's, lunch with Sivesind, bed at 11:30
11 Paint picture in tempera of five colored cities connected by brown roads, blue sky,
12 Dinner at Joe's
13 Overtime to 9:30
14 Brian calls, to Riverside Drive to see friends of his, home at 1:30
15 With Joe and Pete and Brian and Fred and Bob Lundblad to Brooklyn Museum, Fedoras, and
   "Fortune and Men's Eyes," and to Ralph Gray's
16 I sleep at Joe's, he paints, we Frick, CP, eat at Pantheon, get to bed at 11:30
17 Phone Joe and be lazy
18 WILD party at Lloyd's and Jack's 6:30-11:30, with much beer!
19 $500 and Expo forms to Rita, Eddie calls 11-midnight
20 Visit Arno, talk to Joe 9-10, eat, bed
21 To Joe's for dinner, Pete, Bill comes over for talk to 12
22 Joe paints, I continue "Hercules, My Shipmate," we prance in rain at King John in CP
23 To LOVELY home as guest of Elaine of Philly
24 Call Joe and Pete and Laird and Marty calls, come three times on slides
25 Laird sends Don Satker to talk of programming 6:30-9PM
26 Write JJ, Lisa, John, Rita calls
27 Exercising is down to 17 minutes
28 Eat at Bilbaina, to Al's for slides, talk to 1AM, back to Joe's
29 Joe paints, Laird down, eat at Ruc, see Laird's Expo slides, talk to 1AM
30 Walk to Joe's at 3, Laird's friend over, dine in Manana
31 Rita comes at 8, eat, talk, bed at 12

1 Rita burns plastic, we eat steak, get to Philharmonic in Sheep Meadow with Joe, snack,
   bed 12
2 Quick lasagne on 2nd Ave Pizza, to CP for Neil Diamond, walk home, talk till 11:30
3 To Al's for phonograph, Al has tuna and noodles, to Stu's with Puffy and Pia and
4 Record Rita's records, eat pork chops, meet Joe and Jeanette for "Privilege," good, bed
5 Pete calls at 9:45, to Riis with Donna and Al to 5, eat at King of the Sea, play cards
   with Al and Rita to 11:30, tired
6 Wake at 11:30, read Times, eat, bicycle in CP, to Joe's, to Singapore Sam's, Fugs, Cafe
   Cino, bed at 1
7 Palisades Park with Al to 12 midnight, feel ill
8 Dinner at La Fonda, see "Black Comedy," cab home, tired, at l
9 Soccer at Yankee Stadium, record to 1:30
10 Al picks up record player, I sleep to 11:30, see "Titus Andronicus" and picnic in CP
11 Dinner at Joe's, Electric Circus, 10-2:30, barefoot, and to bed at 3:30
12 Fix apartment all day, Larry comes at 8, To Jan and Judd's for dinner, drink to 1
13 Leave at Noon, to Gloucester
14 Gloucester to St. John, Nova Scotia
15 Ferry to Digby, to Peggy's Cove
16 To Sydney, no room, to Newfoundland
17 Drive up gravel roads, relax with waves
18 to Steady Falls, onto Peninsula, Staplesville
19 Ferry to Sydney, see "Snow White"
20 Louisbourg and Mining Museum, to Skir Dhu
21 Around Cape Breton, stay at Silver Dart
22 Ferry to Prince Edward Island
23 Tour Prince Edward Island, see "Anne of Green Gables"
24 Ferry to Nova Scotia, see Moncton Bore and Hopewell rocks
25 Explore Fundy, down to Boston
26 Rome at noon, Joe over to pork chop dinner, stays to 12
27 With Al and Joe and Dick Law to Old Vic to 6, drink, come three times over Pete's
28 Dining with Pete at Lazlo's, "Alfie," "Naked Prey"
29 Shop for vibrator, shoes, pot, home at 7:30, TV 8-11
30 Ballet in CP with Joe and Dick Law, interview at IBM
31 Read magazines

1 To Joe's in evening
2 To Cortlandt area with Joe and Pete 12-5PM, home to READ all evening, NO ONE CALLS
3 To Riis Park for lovely day, to Dance Festival in CP and to Joe's
4 SBC Holiday, To Riis again, to Coney Island with Joe, home at 12
5 To Joe's for pork chops, corn, talk, TALK about him and me and I stay over
6 To work at 11, in AM, decide TRANSFER TO IBM, to CP dance in evening with Joe and Peter
7 Look for apartment and nothing at work, "Young Cassidy"*
8 to Joe's and dinner at Harbin Inn, Walk river
9 Joe sketches, we hunt for apartment along CPW, with John to San Gennaro, his place,
10 Joe sketches full study, again we apartment hunt, I have TERRIBLE DEATH AND MENINGITIS
11 Class 1:30-6:30, Joe here for hour, good Marlene Dietrich in "Angel"*: 38 movies in
   37 weeks
12 Dinner out with Joe at Fine and Shapiro, wander, sleep there, leave $1 book there
13 HERMAN transfers to IBM, drink and eat in office, pinochle with Barbara and Stu and
   Claudia to 1AM, walk Barbara home
14 Get Learner's Permit and suit, home to loaf, finish Sunday Times, Phone Mom and Rita
   45 min!
15 Joe's for pork dinner, wander to Rizzoli, home at 10:30, sex, bed
16 Joe paints, I start "Varieties of Religious Experience," loaf , to Claudia's for food
17 Up at 11, read paper, apartment hunt, see "Vinyl," "My Hustler," bed at 1AM
18 FIND 1703! Dinner at Joe's and visit Arno and overnight at Joe's
19 "Meyerling" and "Grand Illusion" at Thalia, sign lease at 309 West 57th St, Buy air
   conditioner, stay at Joe's
20 Joffrey at CC at 8:30, Many Gance films and "La Dixieme Symphony," Dinner at Joe's,
   sleep in BED
21 My apartment shown in a mess, "La Fin Du Monde" and "J'Accuse" from 4-8:30, home to
   clean, I bed at 10:30
22 Up at 5:15AM, to Poughkeepsie, back at 6, 320 is rented! Read magazines, bed, tired, 12
23 "Napoleon" 1-5, "Zauberflaute" at Met, "Little Foxes"* to 2:15, Joe stays here
24 Joe here to 6:30, Puzzle with Joe, "Le Coq D'Or" at City Center, Prepare for move
25 "La Gioconda" at Met, dinner at Vorst's with Joe
26 Joffrey at CC at 8:30, Pas de Trois, Pas de Dix, etc
27 Pack up for moving tomorrow
28 Joffrey CC, 8:30, packing all day, move 4-7PM, sleep at Joe's
29 Wait for movers 1-5, no come, to apartment and to Joe's for night
30 Move 11:30-1 and pay $90 and put stuff away, Joe and Pete over, sleep at 1703

1 Joffrey CC at 2:30, with Al, to Israel day in CP
2 Dinner at waffle place, to "Romeo and Juliet" at Met with Daisy
3 Get table from 320, last thing. To Joe's for lousy chicken and junk here at 9, Arno over
4 "Nobody Waved Goodbye" and "My Name is Ivan" at Thalia, dinner, good, at Joe's 6-8
5 To Poughkeepsie and home at 7:30, rest and work
6 Herman and I dine at Wienerwald, Claudia and Stu and Herman come over to 1AM
7 Shop for carpets with Pete, Spend $567. Dinner at Joe's, "Monkey Business,"
   "Million Dollar Legs"
8 Rome to work, "In This Our Life"*, "Dunkirk"*, "Leather Boys"*, bed at 1:30a
9 Dine with Pete at Sun Luck West, to Games, Home to "Tale of Genji"*, bed at 1
10 Three mail out, "Ziegfeld Girl"*
11 Joe over for Streisand, talk to 12
12 "Loves of a Blonde," "Endless Summer" with Avi and Joe
13 Loaf, watch people through spyglasses, Lunch with Dick at good Barbetta
14 Rugs come, Pete helps me lay them, to Joe's and Lois's and Joe's
15 Home with Joe to eat and settle rugs, clean up, see "The Trip," Frankenstein Conquers
   the World"
16 Overtime to 8, Manhattan Ballet, UGH
17 Finish windows, scrub, bed at 2 after watching and coming, TERRIBLE
18 Buy 20x50 binox, clean apartment more, send change of address letters
19 Shopping with Joe at Door Store, et al, Eat at Boulevard, home to binox
20 Buy bookcases and cabinets, to Joe's for dinner, to Sally and David's for Peter and
   Paul, "Pushkin" and drink scotch and milk
21 Buy stereo and TV and chair and bedroom drapes, to Joe's for FABULOUS duck
22 Shopping on orchard and Allen with Joe, clean apartment
23 Clean apartment
24 Clean apartment and watch "Kismet" on TV, sweep rug and wash dishes
25 Sweep rug and clean bathtub
26 "Morocco" "and Shanghai Express" with Dietrich with Joe after dinner, sleep over
27 Peter's Birthday, Wander CP, east side with Joe, sleep over
28 Mail out, buy stamps, "After the Rain" with Joe and Elaine, "Kim"*
29 Soak and sort stamps-ALL day
30 "Dutchman" and "Shakespeare Wallah" with Sharon
31 Joe over, we wander town, Start "The Book"

1 To Stu and Claudia's for TV, dinner, STAMPS, cards to 1:30
2 Public Theater at 8:30, "HAIR," eat with Joe at Joe's in Village
3 Harkness Ballet at 8:30, eat at Yangtze
4 Install stereo! To party and dinner at Donna and Wendy's
5 Peter over, Chapaqua with Joe
6 "Hansel and Gretel" with Daisy, Doug sees apartment
7 Send out 22 pieces of mail
8 Overtime till 7, Cyndy and Larry over, eat at Britany, they stay, talk to 12,
   lunch at lousy Maude Chez Elle
9 Lunch at Teheran, dinner at Channel 7, "Norma," but Suliotis GOOFS
10 Harkness at 8:30, lunch at Toledo
11 Buy 16 records at Goody's, 4:30 train to Poughkeepsie, party to 3AM at Van Moore's
12 Sleep in Lord Nelson, horse ride and train back at 4:30, talk to Joe, Avi over, "This
   Special Friendship" with Eddie
13 "La Dolce Vita"* with Joe and sweep apartment
14 "Nude Restaurant" 3-5, come good, finish "Games People Play"
15 Harkness at 8:30, after dinner at Joe's
16 Harkness at 8:30, Don O'Shea in, dinner at Brittany, talk till 2:30
17 Don and I eat at Pantheon, see Albee's "Everything in the Garden," drink till 12:30
18 Talk to Don to 1, out shopping at UN, Pottery Barn, home to clean closets
19 Arrange scrapbook and "Desk Set"*, dinner at Joe's, Lazy day
20 Arrange letters
21 With Ellen to Claudia's and dinner, Coup d'Etat, Pinochle, bed at 1
22 Arrange Slides
23 SBC Holiday, arrange stubs and souvenirs, dinner at Donna's, "A. Man and a Woman"
24 SBC HOLIDAY, Buy records with Pete, Fill movie list, see "Reflections in a Golden Eye"
   with Joe
25 Sweep and fix windows, party at Marty's, Jerry's, get SICK ENOUGH
26 TO GO TO ROOSEVELT HOSPITAL 10:30-11:30AM, UGH, Joe comes over
27 Stu and Claudia and Sharon over all evening
28 Wax bookcase and cabinet
29 Driver's training class
30 Joe over for "Iceman Cometh"*, overtime to 7

1 Read "Velikovsky Affair"
2 Rent car and drive W86, Cloisters, Wall Street, 57th St, Village, E85th, dinner at 456
3 Azak over 3, Tom Thompson and friend from CAMI over at 8, Dinner at Joe's, walk park,
4 John Connolly over 8-3:30 with Ivan and Paul (Jamian), we go to Mile's at 541 Hudson,
   home at l
5 Joe and I to dinner at Caravelle (good meal), and see" Elvira Madigan", bed at 1AM
6 Driving school 8PM, to Claudia's till 1, bed at 2, tired
7 American Ballet Theater after overtime to 7
8 Kevin and Peter over after dinner at La Grenouille, Joe and I TALK
9 Shop for sofa and cover and rugs, home to stamps and opera list
10 American Ballet Theater, drive 10:30 to New Hope, see Elaine, Rutgers, back for ballet
11 Clean and sweep apartment
12 People from work over to 8, to Azak's for dinner, neck, home at 12:30
13 Driving school 8PM, lunch at La Venere West, clean apartment, drapes come
14 Lunch at Tiki Village, 12 mail items out, Lunch at Glucksterns
15 People from work here, then I to Azak's on Park for dinner and song to 12
16 Scott out to fix it, Christmas shop with Peter to 6, to pheasant at Joe's, sleep there
17 Joe off to Philly at 8, I home at 10, fix apartment all day, all mail BUT Xmas cards
18 Send Christmas cards out
19 Joe over for dinner (pork chops), put drapes up
20 Dinner with Joe at Victor's, party, GREAT, at Jeanette Gregoire's to 11
21 to Gladys' and get film. from Eddie, to Claudia's for beef, Cold coming
22 Bob Strongbridge and Arno, Pete, Joe, Bob Conkey over for film, then to Arno's to 12
23 Sick in bed with cold
24 Sick in bed
25 SBC Holiday, sick in bed
26 IBM HOLIDAY, move around, but weak
27 To work, return film to Eddie, see "Million Dollar Brain," bed at 1:30
28 Sick still, stay in, Joe over to talk of his paper, see "Mourning Becomes Electra" at
   Met, bed at 12
29 Party at Ellen's, to work, but nap 5-7, Ellen's till 2AM
30 Sleep to 10, shop all day with Peter (give him Bion shirt) for crepe-maker, but no GET,
   Azak over at 10, Arno over for slides, to George's to 4, bed at 4:30 (John Gessner's)
31 New Years Eve at Claudia's, up at 12:30, read "Times," to Ellen's and Claudia's till
   4AM, bed at 4:30