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1984 3 of 3

THURSDAY, AUGUST 23: 8:20AM: Dream of being in charge of a large group of recruits (talk yesterday of authoritarianistic solution to problem of undeveloped blacks) (though my recruits are white), one of which I want to just bat against the wall to drive some sense into his head. I want to circle them around me and have them VOTE on how they think I'm doing, but I realize THAT'S silly and try to come up with some way to convince them that this is for THEIR good and we're in it all TOGETHER for the benefit of us all: it needn't be difficult, it can be FUN. Wake at 7:10 and lay til 8:50, up and shave and down to eat, very cute Arnaud Dagoin serving the chocolate at the place he set up for us away from the large group of Americans that were there for dinner last night too. Paul says the high-voiced glassed faggotty desk clerk says the guy serving breakfast is NOT the son. Sad. Good jam but solidified honey. Quick look at SPECTACULAR stalls (looked at WINDOWS last night) and get slides and book of GREAT carvings, and out at 9:25 to race toward Toulouse for Dick's 11:15 plane. Trip said to take 40-60 minutes takes 1 1/2 hours by Paul's super-cautious driving---EVERYONE passes us! I keep looking for D2 turnoff but we ENTER Toulouse and pass Hotel d'Aerogare: finally ask two cops who say "take a U-turn, you passed it!" There's a TINY sign (6" x 18") for the Aerogare and lots of winding twists to Air Inter departure, but thankfully it's a small airport and we dash to gate FIRST and THEN he goes back for his ticket, getting through the gate (NOT last) at 11:05. Out to collapse with relief in car. We travel on and off autoroute (signs VERY confusing, or ABSENT!) to Montauban, seeing that the Ingres museum is open at 1:30, and we park and see the Place Nationale and find Gavroche for lunch, very old-style but dating from 1973. Decent lunch from one waitress waiting on 16 tables, and out at 1:40 to Ingres for lots of studies and nice bodies, but not at all his best work, though some of the "school of" is just as sexy. Look at some Bourdelle downstairs, then photo the War Memorial and NOT the unsightly-placed Centaur (but the FIRST isn't in Michelin and the second IS) and meet Paul after seeing the church and its associated archeological exhibit. At 1:55 up through Caussade to Cahors, meeting a traffic jam for half an hour outside town. Park outside the Wilson Hotel and Paul gets a room and goes out to check the johns as I go across to old bridge and clamber up hiss to get good photos, then to the north to see the Barbicane and Tour St. Jean and church between and views over the Lot River. To the Tavern at 6:05 to find Paul had been there, then to cathedral and nave- domes and rather ratty cloister filled with a Nancy Theater group setting up for 9:30 free performance. It starts to rain AGAIN and back to room to shower and change and rest and get to restaurant at 8 to be served first but still slowly. My soup is VERY thick and creamy, like a sauce, but the chicken and mushrooms come in a THIN sauce, like a SOUP. Hardly seeming to be worth one star. Out to watch pretentious kids talking the world off, and look at Paul's johns and back to sleep about 10:40, still snuffling from cold.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 24: Wake at 7:40, obviously needing the 9 hours sleep, and breakfast and drive up 653 in the rain toward Figeac for Peche-Merle. In at 10:40 and look at good exhibit (better be for 25F!) and get into good-musiced movie at 10:50 to SEE how they drew these things 30,000 years ago. Down into cold cave at 11:10, last of 25-maximum group, and GREAT colors and DELICATE stalactites; on ceiling and STRAIGHT columns and DEEP holes and GOOD lighting. Buy book and slides to REALLY remember it and out VERY impressed (Paul too) at 12:25. Continue east through BEAUTIFUL Vallee de Cele, and see "elegant woman" outside La Pescaliere and she's from Louisiana, and we lunch together, they with omelettes, me with 160F MENU of kidneys in good green salad, stew of pleurottes with a fuilletade, then fatty lamb and squash, then St. Hectoire (boring) cheese and small warm fruit tart. Out at 3 and continue to Figeac, then "straight" (curved mountain roads) down 922 and 122 to Gaillac at 6PM for wine tasting, then to Albi at 6:45 for shabby hotel and I've been coughing and sneezing and HAVE A COLD, and TIRED, so I flop on bed for NAP for an hour. Paul's back at 7:45 to shower, and we eat, but I can't TASTE! His brain rich and my melon mushy and ham SMALL. His beef en daube toughish and my quail au feu de bois startlingly bloody at ONE hip but the rest is OK and I'm not very hungry anyway. Out to walk around for a few blocks but my knees feel weak and I'm SO tired I just get back to hotel to sleep at 10:40. Cough a lot and prop myself up with the pillow and finally fall asleep about 11:30.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 25: Wake at 3:30 and piss and drink, feeling slightly better, and when I get up at 8 I'm practically CURED. Shower and pack and down to eat 8:55-9:15 in a VERY slow pace (they're serving ROOMS, too, I guess) and out to car in DRIVING rain to decide to AVOID all of Albi and head straight for Beziers, using up spare time for lunch before my 12:25 train. But it keeps on raining and the roads are FULL of ups and downs and curves, and Paul wanted to go through Castenets and Lacoune and small towns and by 11:10 we're just in Bedarieux, so we plan two-star lunch and my getting the 3-9:30 connection, but then route 909 is straight and bigger and it clears up to spectacular clouds and we zip down to town by 12:05 and fly through town and get to station at 12:15, and Paul thinks to continue with car to Narbonne. I dash for wrong train, see 15-minute line for TGV reservations, and get on 12:25 train, content with two French until THREE LOUD GERMANS get on at Agdi. Off with relief at 1:30 and get AISLE seat on TGV and on at 2 to sit in FULL window and LIAR says HE has it (HE's later displaced by RIGHTFUL owner) and I move to SAFE forward- going seat. Decent quiche and beer for lunch, more citied countryside, nodding some, watching cute Antoine and ugly Christophe and pimply Dominique and two other sons of a single mother. Off at 7 and get CAB to JJ's, Porsche in front. Drink water and tell him about trip and phone six places before L'Aquitaine. Out at 9 and have warm OK sweetbreads, white Graves, decent sole in curry, and GREAT five sherbets (prune, cassis, pear, strawberry, apricot) and GREAT creamy chocolate ice cream, five strawberries, a cake, and two cakelettes. JJ's hot brugnons OK, he pays 610 because I paid him BACK 1000F. Tired home at 11 to brush teeth and fall asleep SURPRISINGLY quickly, waking for the first time only at 7:15.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 26: Dream of pricing hotel rooms: at the "top of the hill" they were $75 (or 75 dinars or 75 francs), but lower down they settled into $31, until I came to one, comfortable but empty, where the owner was willing to fill a room at something like cost to get SOME income and said $21, so I took it. As I was "signing in" some women came in who I assumed were ALSO checking in, so I handed them a copy of the form I was filling in, and I said "Sign this." They took out other forms and said, "No, we have to LEAVE these," and I was embarrassed to find they were either WORKING there or were signing OUT. Later I was riding in some sort of land or sea conveyance and the two women in the back made it clear they were the authors of a book of fiction that described how "two molecules of sugar could reflect themselves (obviously from the theory of "reflected bodies" I read in the Out-of-body book yesterday) and I saw two rings slightly DISPLACED , yet transparent and connected (like vague impressions of two DISCS formed together in Peche-Merle), and I said "You know that the current issue of Scientific American has an ARTICLE that describes research into this "slippage" that allows growth were not expected---as I know THEIR book spoke of these crystals as LENSES that produced GREEN growth (Peche-Merle again). THEN I lay there fantasizing how I could mold MY Second Body into a BEAUTIFUL MUSCLE-BUILDER'S body and help satisfy THREE classes of sexual yearning: 1) my OWN, 2) those "sex-hungry ghosts" that wanted nothing but sex in the "new dead" region, and 3) those sex-crazed LIVE men who were lonely and would like company even if SLIGHTLY out of form---and fantasized FEELING MY Second Body hands HELPING First Body cocks achieve "untouched spontaneous orgasm," and if ANY of my "thoughts direct energy" to producing results, what a kick THIS would be: combined ESP and sex and OBE and HUMAN! Write this to 8:20. JJ's up about 8:50 and I get all stuff SIZED and stuffed into bag by 10. Shower and eat breakfast and count hours and put dop kit into bag and leave at 10:55, weighing in at 40 lbs of luggage! Pick up some friend of his mother's at Val de Grace at 11:10 and get to Orly at 11:25 and onto LONG line at counter 7 at 11:30: obviously everyone BELIEVED them when they were told to check in at 10:30! I catch up with this by 11:40. To desk at 12:15 and told "computer can only take smoking and non-smoking and assign a seat." I say the computer is STUPID and get 27F, obviously the middle of the middle. Good thing I brought something to READ! Catch TOTALLY up to date at 12:45, first time in AGES, really concerned about baggageless foreign dark young hoods lurking about baggage-laden passengers. I sit outside totally jammed departure gates but departure information for FF771 hasn't gone up YET. I've crammed my suit jacket and camera into plastic clothesbag that I jammed into SHOULDER bag, and I have LITERALLY TWO bulky pieces: bag stuffed totally full and handbag stuffed totally full. I'm thirsty and sweaty and weary ALREADY, thinking how AWFUL this crush-output IS from Orly on Sunday Afternoon. GOT to go through customs at 12:50. Through a TOTALLY AWFUL crush of families saying goodbye, Italians pushing from side, everyone pushing from back and other side, people shouting and crying out (thank GOD there are no KIDS), FINALLY PUSH through at 1:10, worst of all, and make for gate 30J to see LONG line waiting! Disgusted at 1:15, starting to get arthritis-cramp in next-little finger on right hand! Get through THAT by 1:35, meanwhile last passenger from Belgrade that was supposed to leave at 12:55 just boards at 1:30! "Last-minute" arrivers expect to see NO line and breeze right through and are rather disconcerted to see that THEY have to wait in line TOO! Shades of ME! Well, with departure AT LEAST 2:30 and landing at 4, I STILL don't get to Ken and Shellie's! Maybe relief? Hands sore NOW lugging around my "handbags!" At 1:40 decide to read---not so much WORRIED about flight as JUST PLAIN TIRED! At 2PM I jump up to stand to wait for BUS. People leave "line" before we board busses at 2:40, still standing. Sit at 2:45 and leave at 3, reaping benefit of getting on early by FILLING over TWO crowded compartments with my (limit of) 40 lbs! Write this at 3:10, finally having gotten three tiny glasses of lukewarm but GREAT-tasting water. We start backward at 3:15, taxi and taxi, and finally off at 3:56, saying flight time of 7 1/2 hours; I count to 450 and settle in. "Slow" takeoff and very slow climb, funny feeling of fits and starts though I'm essentially at the PIVOT of the plane. Some slight tremor and I get terrible fears, even trying to tune into my HAPPY self at HOME about 9 hours from now! My bag brought down the cabinet-door just before takeoff and the steward grabbed my bag and put it on the floor in front of me, putting my brown bag up top. At 4:45 I ask for it to write this. Pilot blows into microphone: 3:26 minutes OVER ocean, 7:23 for flight, into NYC 5:25PM. Forecast of clear-air turbulence keeps seat-belts fastened. So flight is two hours France, England, and Cork, 3:26 ocean, and two hours Nova Scotia, Maine, and New England. AWFUL TWISTS. Kid in front of me screams and screams, woman across crosses herself, another buries her face in her hands as the plane pivots on one wing and the sun-beams from the right windows cascade across the left inside cabin, and I feel worst fears in ages, gripping my seat and glancing wildly from side to side, hardly remembering the actual content of my terrified thoughts. Land at 5:37, taxi to 5:49, and into cab VERY quickly with NO customs trouble at 6:03. Hard to relax; unpack & bed at 10PM.
MONDAY, AUGUST 27: Wake at 2:10AM and up at 4:30. Busy day again, and class.
TUESDAY, AUGUST 28: Bed at midnight, wake at 5:40, up at 5:55;INTO LIFE AGAIN!
Financial Notes: PRE-spend on 41-day trip (and JJ has paid for Tunis and Paul Bosten has paid for Paris car):
5/22 CIEE deposit $ 50.00
6/12 10 rolls of film and developing 64.33
6/15 CIEE remainder 408.00
6/25 Car rental (Bordeaux) 139.00
7/2 French railways pass 345.00
7/10 Les Pres et Sources de Eugenie-les-Bains 196.40
Total $1202.73
Traveler's Checks 3000.00
Cash 69.41
TOTAL TAKEN: $4272.14
Brought back: 264.91
TOTAL SPENT: $4007.53
minus 650 francs into dollars 71.24
TOTAL SPENT: $3935.99
divided by 41 days TRIP COST $96/DAY!
Left with 21# bag and 6# shoulder bag, back with 44# of both!

TUE,JUL.17: Tower Air flight off at 8:37PM, only 2/3 full. Nice flight.
WED,JUL.18: Meet Paul Bosten at Orly airport at 10AM, Metro to Jean-Jacques'. Change money and metro to Cluny Museum, walk across Seine to see stained glass in Sainte Chapelle, and to the Cathedral of Notre Dame, the treasury (and lots of rude tourists!) and under the plaza for a new museum of old France. Walk via St. Etienne du Mont (1200 AD) and dine with Jean-Jacques at Chez Toutoune.
THU,JUL.19: Rent car, drive to Versailles for the Hall of Mirrors, apartments of the Kings and Queens, the Trianons, and Marie Antoinette's "farm." Dinner at great super-elegant three-star Taillevent with Paul and Jean-Jacques.
FRI,JUL.20: Paul & I drive to Chartres Cathedral and stroll ancient town, then stop in the "flower-town" of Vendome and continue to Tours for an evening.
SAT,JUL.21: Fabulous lunch in garden of La Grande Monarche before seeing Azay- le-Rideau floating on the Indre River. Drive to Langeais and stay in a chateau just outside town, which tonight has a fair with fireworks along the Loire.
SUN,JUL.22: Visit wonderfully furnished Langeais Chateau before touring the gardens at Villandry and continuing to Chenonceaux, its main room forming a bridge over the River Cher. Dinner at the Hotel France in Loches before seeing the chateau and gardens in the walled town on the hilltop above modern Loches.
MON,JUL.23: Revisit church and old Donjon in Loches, then east for a tomb in Montresor and a 15th Century painting in the church of Nouans-les-Fontaines. Blois Chateau is rather a jumble, but Chambord is enormous and dazzlingly elegant, many rooms newly furnished. To Orleans for sightseeing and dinner.
TUE,JUL.24: Wonderful Orleans Cathedral before driving through the country to see the Romanesque churches of Germigny-des-Pres (800 AD) and St-Benoit-sur- Loire (1067 AD), where St. Benedict's relics have been since the 7th Century. Drive north to lunch near Fontainbleau, return the car in Paris, climb the Arc de Triomphe, have Paul's farewell dinner, then a drink atop Tour Montparnasse.
WED,JUL.25: Paul leaves, I return to Cluny Museum, then to Grand Palais for Menil Collection (from Texas!), back for dinner with JJ at Les Marronniers.
THU,JUL.26: To the permanent collection of the Petit Palais, then to the tombs of the Kings and Queens of France at St. Denis. JJ and I to an Art Deco diner.
FRI,JUL.27: Bourdelle Museum and the Catacombs of Paris, then to the Jeu de Paume Museum and my wallet is taken (with $400!) on the Metro. JJ drives us to dinner at Linda (an old American friend) and Alain Mercier's apartment.
SAT,JUL.28: Train alone to Bayeux for a tapestry of the Norman Conquest of 1066. See Cathedral and Museum, then train for Rennes for dinner and hotel.
SUN,JUL.29: Wander Old Rennes, Cathedral, Museums, then train to Carnac for prehistoric megaliths of Kermario and Menac (much bigger area than Stonehenge in England). Train to Nantes for beautiful gardens and a great restaurant in which you grill your own steaks and toast cheese for a dish called Raclette.
MON,JUL.30: Museum and Cathedral and Chateau fill a busy morning, then train to Angers for the Chateau containing the incredible Apocalypse tapestries, the remains of Roman frescoes in the Prefecture, & gardens & churches & museums.
TUE,JUL.31: Last few Angers museums, then train to Bourges for the Palais Jacques Coeur and Hotel Lallement and Bourges Cathedral; I'm starting to TIRE!
WED,AUG.1: Gardens and photos today (raining hard yesterday), great lunch in the station at Dijon, & end in Nancy for parks, the Place Stanislas, & dinner.
THU,AUG.2: Lorraine Museum incredible, Beaux Arts Museum mediocre, and great lunch at Rotisserie de Chapon Fin before train to Paris, where Malcolm and Rebekah Groome from New York meet me at JJ's before dinner at Tour D'Argent! View is great, decor is extraordinary, but food isn't quite worth $70 each.
FRI,AUG.3: Rapid train (120 mph) to Nimes for Roman amphitheater and ruins and relics. Wander town and have "local" dinner at serendipitous restaurant-find.
SAT,AUG.4: Archeology Museum and old tower in park completes Nimes, train to Lourdes to watch film, see the church & grotto, watch candlelight procession.
SUN,AUG.5: Train to Pau & fabulous Chateau, train and bus through Pyrenees to Canfranc in Spain (spectacular mountain-peaks), & back to Lourdes procession.
MON,AUG.6: Bus to highest train in Europe: to Lac Artouste at 6000 feet in the Pyrenees, to the Col de Portalet through wild countryside, return to Lourdes.
TUE,AUG.7: Bus to Grotto of Betarram, tour by train and boat and foot through caves. Afternoon tour to Gavernie Falls (1200 feet!) in Pyrenees. Fabulous!
WED,AUG.8: Train to Toulouse, Ax-les-Thermes (picturesque), and bus south to the Principality of Andorra, unfortunately ALL devoted to duty-free shopping!
THU,AUG.9: Leave early through SNOWSTORM in the Pyrenees, back to Toulouse for medieval Augustinian Museum, Natural History Museum, Jacobin cloisters,dinner.
FRI,AUG.10: St. Sernen church, then rapid train to Paris to meet Paul McLean (his brother's charter is 24 hours late!) and good dining with JJ and Paul.
SAT,AUG.11: Plan some of rest of trip with Paul, great lunch at Closerie de Lilas with JJ, Paul, Dick (brother); to Pere Lachaise cemetery, fly to Tunis!
SUN,AUG.12: Tacky Majestic Hotel after midnight, move to Meridien Africa in morning. Bardo Museum for mosaics, Baghdad Restaurant for lunch, I wander souk (ancient Arabic markets), try to get oriented in large confusing Arabic city.
MON,AUG.13: Train to ruins of Carthage, continuing to touristy Side Bou Said for La Pirata lunch, wander town, Dick swims, back to Tunis, dine in L'Orient.
TUE,AUG.14: I try finding ways of touring Tunis, hire taxi for $60 to see aqueduct of Oudna, ruins of Thuburbo Majus, incredible temples and ruins of Dougga.Blistering sun & dusty desert discourage my seeing much more country.
WED,AUG.15: Paul & I share $100 car-rental for day to Kairouan, fourth sacred Arab city after Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem. Grand Mosque from 700 AD, ancient water reservoirs, Mosque of Mohammed's Three Hairs, great lunch at Hotel des Aghlabites. Back exhausted. Nap before souk dinner (with dancers) at M'rabat.
THU,AUG.16: Dick's been sick and wants to see Spain, so Dick and Paul leave for Barcelona. I move to Hotel du Lac, see the market, back to Bardo Museum.
FRI,AUG.17: Bus tour to camel market in Nabuel, what terrific local color! Many other markets, then to a beachfront hotel for lunch, followed by walled town of Hammamet with forts dating back 1000 years. Back to dinner in Tunis.
SAT,AUG.18: Bus to zoo, flight back to Paris and JJ's; I'm getting VERY tired.
SUN,AUG.19: Better after sleep, repack, train to Bordeaux to meet Paul and Dick for walk around old city, have delicious dinner, and see some nightlife.
MON,AUG.20: Wine exhibit and museum, tour the Opera House, Beaux-Arts Museum, and churches. Les Noailles for lunch then a bus tour of Sauterne and Barsac wine-growing districts, seeing Chateau d'Yquem and La Tour Blanche, return for another two-star dinner: Bordeaux is almost as good an eating-city as Paris!
TUE,AUG.21: We three drive rented car into Medoc, seeing Mouton-Rothschild and Lafite Rothschild and Margaux. Great local lunch, then south to Eugenie-les- Bains for one of the best restaurants in France: Michel Guerard's sumptuous spa where he invented nouvelle cuisine and serves lavish traditional dinners. This was the best dinner of the trip and most luxurious hotel we've stayed in.
WED,AUG.22: Luxuriate in breakfast on our balconies, wander the village, then drive north to Puymirol for lunch, then to Auch for gourmet dinner at hotel.
THU,AUG.23: Spectacular carved choir stalls of Auch Cathedral before driving Dick to Toulouse for his plane to Paris for his return to Washington tomorrow. Paul and I drive to Montauban for lunch, Ingres Museum, Bourdelle statues; and north to Cahors, beautiful old town with souvenirs from a picturesque past.
FRI,AUG.24: Drive toward Figeac for Peche-Merle cave, containing cave-drawing about 30,000 years old: mammoths, bisons, human hands. Fascinating cave formations, too. Drop in on La Pescaliere & a couple from Louisiana for lunch, continue through Gaillac (for wine) to Albi,a favorite place of Paul's to eat.
SAT,AUG.25: Paul drives me to Beziers, where I catch a rapid train to Paris. Paul will return to Paris September 1 for a week before returning to Tokyo.I fill JJ in on my trip and we eat another great meal in a Parisian restaurant.
SUN,AUG.26: Return to NYC, my Tower Air flight delayed two hours;home at last!

In summary, Tunisia is nice for a week, but there's no reason to go back. Yet France is unendingly exciting and novel, filled with sights and foods and wine. I saw lots of places I wanted, but there's still Chamonix, Annency, Metz, other 2- and 3-star restaurants, and more cathedrals, museums, sights, & countryside. Even with all the "activity," the trip was "relatively cheap" at under $96/day!

9/1/84: Now that I've read the LAST entry, THIS one isn't going to be THAT different! [7/4/12: That sentence doesn't connect; sorry!] Wake and read "Byte" and get depressed that I can't POSSIBLY keep up with computer progress. Check out "The Good Fairy" and see that I saw it LESS THAT FIVE YEARS AGO, not even on TV, and I can't REALLY remember anything about it. Have so much to DO to "get back from the trip" (including thinking about the NEXT trip), that I sit and brood about it and don't ACT on anything. Which is the ironic paradox: when I'm BUSY, I don't think about how busy I am; when I'm doing NOTHING, I worry about how busy I SHOULD be. Last night was a delight with Michael (not least because Kevin was so devastatingly beautiful), and I think that I should "go places with Paula" and "set up more events with Michael," and "get to know Malcolm socially (and sexually?) better." But then the "cosmic angst" hits yet again: I want to keep up on astronomical discoveries, follow the guage theory in quarks, read books, go to movies, hear new music, attend performances, follow dance and opera and art and museums, and there just isn't the TIME. Which leads to death, out-of-body experiences, Actualism, lovers---and finally crashes against the "final" question: What is the PURPOSE of all these things I want to cram into my head and mix around and synthesize?
Answer 1: I want to be HAPPY, but the echo back is "But you're just one person; happiness is just IN YOUR OWN HEAD; what does THAT have to do with--"--well, with WHAT? Progress in absolute evolutionary advancement? Stacking up good feeling to make the universe revolve more wonderfully?
Making other people happy (but that doesn't ANSWER the question, it only MULTIPLIES it: if the happiness of ONE person is problematic, the happiness of a THOUSAND persons is a THOUSAND TIMES more problematic.
WHY is happiness to be desired?
Well, at least it FEELS better than UNHAPPINESS.
OK, that's a start.
Oh, we're in a dialogue!
THAT comment sure killed progress for awhile!!
Shows how easy it is to become sidetracked, sometimes when something good is CLOSEST to be revealed.
Which begs for the question: WHAT is it that's THINKING: Do I come up with these thoughts, or do these thoughts "come from" somewhere or something or someONE else?
That ALSO killed it. Now I'm hungry.
So eat. (Thirty minutes pause.) (I never DO return to this!)

9/19/84: Almost a month back from the trip and I'm still struggling to "catch up!" Feel good to have decided to forgo the Australian trip, not to travel again until Ireland in May with Susan McMahon. VERY eager to return to the "now I can do WHAT I want WHEN I want" mode with all the OUGHTS out of the way.

9/24/84: Ever watchful for (face it!) new ways of keepings lists without having a list of "things to do," I decide to do AT LEAST FIVE things EACH DAY until I feel "caught up." Today, the first day, was marvelous:
1) Replaced cracked pot in french windows (washing them into the bargain).
2) Replaced the weather-stripping in the french windows.
3) Scrubbed fingerprints off the hallway wall (and first shot at water-drips).
4) Scoured the bathtub (and walls and sink into the bargain).
5) Found "blank" slideholders and put in rest of French & "bottom-slipt" porno.

When I finished THOSE, I got a HEADSTART on tomorrow, so for 9/25:
1) Spot-scrubbed dirty spots in living room and at doorway, and vacuumed, too.
2) Phoned Rolf to get $1500-$2000 from accounts (but didn't finish yet).
3) Told Dennis about "Lakme" dates and made a date for dinner & "Ghostbusters."
4) Phoned Michael Blackburn to get start on "Margaret Meschio's Africa Slides."
And now I can begin to tackle "the stack" in bloody earnest!!
5) Typed summer-gathering notes for George AND class-notes for myself!

10/12/84: At this moment, the TIME option in the upper corner reads 21:05:40, probably the LONGEST time on (playing LIFE) the computer's ever been!

11/13/84: Notes from Hofmann: LSD: My Problem Child, McGraw-Hill 1980(or later)
I ask if Delysid is AVAILABLE from Sandoz in the US?
P.70:Because of the freshness of sensory perception in youth and the still- unlimited capacity for experience, spontaneous visionary experiences occur much more frequently than in later life. For this reason as well, psychostimulating agents should not be used by juveniles.
P.93: My egotism had kept me separated from mankind and had led me to inner isolation. I had loved only myself, not my neighbor; loved only the gratification that the other offered me. The world had existed only for the satisfaction of my greed. I had become tough, cold, and cynical. Hell, therefore, had signified that: egotism and lovelessness....Amid flowing tears, I was enlightened with the knowledge that true love means surrender of selfishness and that it is not desires but rather selfless love that forms the bridge to the heart of our fellow man. Waves of ineffable happiness flowed through my body. I had experienced the grace of God....God is in everything.
P.97-98: In one great crystal instant I realized that I was immortal. I asked the question: "Am I dead?" But the question had no meaning. Meaning was meaningless. Suddenly there was white light and the shimmering beauty of unity. There was light everywhere, white light with a clarity beyond description. I was dead and I was born and the exultation was pure and holy. My lungs were bursting with the joyful song of being. There was unity and life and the exquisite love that filled my being was unbounded. My awareness was acute and complete....I knew and understood all there is to know and understand. I was immortal, wise beyond wisdom, and capable of love, of all loves.....There was no time, no place, no me. There was only cosmic harmony. It was all there in the white light. With every fiber of my being I knew it was so.....My guide smiled and told me he understood.
P.117:...and I waited then expecting that up there in the next moment something completely powerful, unheard of, not yet existing, would appear or happen---would I behold a god? But only the expectation remained, the presentiment, this hovering, "on the threshold of the ultimate feeling."
P.168: The orientalist had been in Samarkand, where Timur rests in a coffin of nephrite...whose dowry on entry was a cauldron filled with the multitude of severed heads had perceived even his own. It was encrusted with stones...."Now I know why you were sitting in the armchair without your head---I wonder whether I should not strike out this detail since it borders on the area of ghost stories."
P.169: We came close to the ultimate door. Of course this door...will in fact only open for us in the great transition from life into the hereafter.
P.196-7: If one continues with the conception of reality as a product of sender and receiver, then the entry of another reality under the influence of LSD may be explained by the fact that the brain, the seat of the receiver, becomes biochemically altered. The receiver is thereby tuned into another wavelength than that corresponding to normal, everyday reality. Since the endless variety and diversity of the universe correspond to infinitely many different wavelengths, depending on the adjustment of the receiver, many different realities, including the respective ego, can come (sic) conscious. These different realities, more correctly designated as different aspects of the reality, are not mutually exclusive but are complementary, and form together a portion of the all-encompassing, timeless, transcendental reality, in which even the unimpeachable core of self-consciousness, which has the power to record the different egos, is located.
P.209 (end of book): I see the true importance of LSD in the possibility of providing material aid to meditation aimed at the mystical experience of a deeper, comprehensive reality. Such a use accords entirely with the essence and working character of LSD as a sacred drug."

11/24/84: Now there's the "coincidence" (HA!) of working with "Desire of God" AND getting to the point where "I've done everything I SHOULD do so now I can just go from day-to-day with what I WANT to do." "Desire" should (oops, it's getting complicated---better to say "Desire" DOES) relate to WANT, yet both the ENERGY and the TIME-SITUATION-NOW deals with the slimy liney over which a WANT slip-slides over into SHOULD. LOTS of examples and applications: when I make a DO list, it STARTS as what I WANT to do but ENDS as what I SHOULD do, and thus becomes DUTY or WORK and no longer FUN. FUN is critical here! FUN is hardly ever connected with SHOULD, only with WANT. As long as I can do what I WANT, I have fun. When I'm doing what I SHOULD, some of the fun (obviously connected with SPONTANEITY) goes out of it. Lists obviously aren't spontaneous! Consider the poor movie-critic or restaurant-evaluator-for-a-living whose PLEASURE then slides into DUTY---the FUN goes out! Consider me when I put a specific museum on my do-list: when I DO go, it's out of DUTY and sometimes even the WAY I go through (chronologically, thinking "I SHOULD see everything") militates against fun. Witness some of my pleasure when I just decided to ROAM the Museum of Natural History or the Metropolitan Museum or Art rather than SEE it. Or the pleasure in just LISTENING to the Concert Operas rather than slavishly following the libretto so I can understand what's being sung line-by- line---at which time I'm not hearing the MUSIC. Even STAMPS, almost an ULTIMATE want, slips into a should when I get COMPULSIVE (even in the NATURE of the word there's a SHOULD, a COMPULSION) about it and do it rather GRIMLY TO FINISH it, just as I GRIMLY SET OUT TO FINISH OFF A DO-LIST before I can start to LIVE. EVERYTHING should be done as LIVING, almost synonymous with WANT, rather than as DUTY, which is SHOULD! Even floats into my head that DYING is more of a SHOULD than a WANT, and I'd love to get rid of THAT from my DO-LIST!! How to switch over to "WANT to be reborn, or live eternally in a way I can recognize" and CONSTRUCT that out of Actualism, rather than slaving under the YOKE (the ULTIMATE yoke) of "I've GOT to DIE!" So these are the thoughts UNDER my "don't put them onto a do-list." These are the thoughts that come up when all I SHOULD do gets so small that I can think of how it feels to do ONLY what I WANT to do. "Background" comes in here, too: remember how awful I felt when I had no BACKGROUND of anything to do in my empty apartment after I finished with IBM: then I went to a movie or bar because there was nothing else to do and I had to FILL the time SOMEHOW. Then the background became WRITING: when I had DONE all I SHOULD do, then I SHOULD write. And ultimately productive writing never got done. Now that writing's "out of the way" as a background, there's the COMPUTER: as with what writing was, there will be ALWAYS something hanging over that I NEED to do with the computer that isn't CRUCIAL, so it's there to "usefully do" when I've finished with what I SHOULD do. That's LIFE!

12/1/84: Just to start out the month: have been VERY good in getting things done: keeping up with indexing, ALMOST completed installing the Perimetron (though I have yet to USE it), tackling the financial records (though I'm not FINISHED yet), and doing resumes and finishing correspondence. But now I settle into the familiar "Get up in the morning and take all day just to MAINTAIN": piss, dress, comb hair, drink water, raise shades, make bed, cart telephone around, type dream, have breakfast, finish current task, go to the gym, watch a TV movie, make phone calls, do an index, go to the Ohio Ballet tonight, wish I had a recorder for films on at 7 and 11, still haven't gotten to the telephone and cassette-recorder that Arnold bought for me this week, and still lots of indexes to be done, and still the computer-journal to catch up with, two or three phone calls to be made for that (including the VERY exasperating Nathan Roseman for paper and ribbons), and then the list of VERY long-range things to be computerized, except that I'm thinking WHEN I get to the line-length tailoring program I have to remember not to break on long- hyphened words, because when I run-on the line (if the tailoring is longer) I'll always leave a SPACE, but I don't want to have to post-edit long- hyphened to long-hyphened. Even typing THIS I now feel impatient to "get on with it."

12/5/84: Tibet slides at Museum of Natural History: Tibet opened in 1979-80. Shambhala's in the north of Tibet, has Kala-Charka, the Wheel of Time. A ruler who will come from Shambhala will establish a new Golden Age. In 1950 Tibet was "liberated" by China. Dalai Lama fled in 1959. Jokan shrine has an image of the Jo-Rimpoche, brought to Tibet in 700AD. There are 10,000 monks in Drepung, north of Lhasa. Rice-seed translates into Drepung. Tsongapa's image in Ga-Sho. Gelugpa means virtuous. He went to Gyangtse and Xigatse (pronouncd "Shigatsee). Kumbum stupa shows the chakras. Pride turns into the Buddha- knowledge of equality of all beings. In Xigatse is the Tashilumpo, most active monastery with 500 monks. Rombok monastery at 16.5 thousand feet, image of Padma Sambhava. Avalokishvara is the patron of Tibet. In the 17th Century the 5th Dalai Lama built the Potola Palace. In Yarkot is a mandala of the Kala-Wheel. Yargot valley in eastern Tibet. Tombs from the 9th Century, now being excavated. 775AD: Samien, first monastery. Mantras usually in ancient Sanskrit, and rituals in CLASSICAL Tibetan, different from MODERN Tibetan word.

12/9/84: Mt. Kilimanjaro program on TV: In Masai, Kibo means White Mountain. The Swahili name is Kilimanjaro. Crater is 1.5 miles across; summit has 1/2 the usual amount of oxygen in the air. Glaciers are MELTING. Inner crater is 3000 feet across. Most recent eruption about 200 years ago. Thin air allows much MORE infrared and ultraviolet light! Leopard point, PHOTO of frozen leopard from 1920 and CURRENTLY there are still bones there. In the alpine desert are bones of dead eland at 13,000 feet. In the Karanja Valley at 10,000 feet are giant lobelias 6 feet tall and pink everlasting on the ground. Giant groundsels grow to 20 feet, mostly DEAD below with only foot-high blooms on top, which are related to cenicios and daisies. Lammergeier is a bearded VULTURE! At 9500 feet are HEATHER trees, 12 feet high. Lichens called "old man's beard." At 8000 feet, heather trees grow to 40 feet. At 6000 feet is a moss forest. 6000-10,000 feet is an evergreen rainforest. Great program!

12/16/84: 1:17AM: Just got back from Marty and Regina's wedding, having given them a check for $100 for a gift and spent $12.75 coming back on a cab, and having a visionary experience riding along the Hudson after midnight: passing 20th Street and thinking VERY strongly of the relationship with Ron Schwarz: sitting on the floor in his townhouse listening to the music, feeling his taut body, exchanging love-talk with his somewhat strange southern voice, and that's MINE, and nothing can take it away from me! As is the memory of Don Maloof in his penthouse on 79th and the River looking over "Operation Sail" on July 4, 1976, before Ernie took him to the West Coast---and now I think of Adam Blumenstein and his kiss in his shorts in his apartment on the Promenade of Brooklyn Heights. And this isn't even looking at my two REAL lovers: John Vinton who drove me the length of the West Side Highway in his rusting red Volkswagen to take me to Brooklyn Heights to his elegant apartment where we sat spraddle-legged on the floor and smoked grass from his hookah and got stoned and caressed each other's bodies. There was ANOTHER incredible lover---not Nye Wilden, he of the hurt James Dean look that lasted only two times, but the second through the night of bliss that I never wanted to end (as I didn't want the evening in Elyria, or whatever, Ohio to end with whoever it was that I met in Mother's in Akron)---and I (drunken) think NOW of the guy I paid for the room in the Hotel Dixie for $6 that I could have HAD FOREVER had I played my cards right, or the other loves met in bars or baths or orgy-rooms---Tsi-Dun overlooking the river or the city, or in whoever's apartment in the village with all the munchies and meeting Bob Grossman, for whom I refused to make a muscle to my everlasting chagrin. Who WAS the other I was thinking of in the cab??? Jerri Gropper through Don van Eman, and his fantastic letter dated "Teusday" that I still have somewhere, that caused me an entire heartsick day in IBM seated next to Richard Johnston. Extraordinary memories, after having just read (on the way UP there) the "On Old Men" by Hesse which obviously triggered much of this. Hank Thurston of the hurt look, Jean-Jacques that I messed up, as I did Joe Easter, and the last of Dennis Southers. Names and occasions and places and feelings---all SO strong when under the "state-specific" of alcohol, even more of grass, which brings up the incredible evenings with Bob Rosinek, and then John Connolly comes to mind with his heaven-reaching arms as he roars into a muscled orgasm. If I'd left all the typos I'd be twice as long and half as sensible. And I go NOW to Malcolm Groome in my class, with Michael Blackburn, and then to Michael Lange (would I have a SCREENPLAY for HIM!), and Biff Warren, beautiful at Russell's service, and others too beautiful and fleeting to mention, stemming from Eric Cohen's obvious "takenness" with me this evening at Marty's wedding (now at 1:28AM!).

12/16/84: 6:40PM: Already feeling a bit of the listlessness that comes from having everything done, even though everything's not YET done. But now typing up final notes and getting ready for TV tonight, having given up Thalia today.


M 84-01-01* Life Goes to the Movies (second half)
B 84-01-02 Nabokov: King, Queen, Knave
M 84-01-03* Major Barbara
E 84-01-04 Gothic On Hudson lecture
M 84-01-06 Basileus Quartet
R 84-01-06 Chinese on Elizabeth Street with Joe
M 84-01-07* Nicholas Nickleby (2 days)
B 84-01-08 Nabokov: Laughter in the Dark
M 84-01-08* Slap Shot
B 84-01-09 Nabokov: Eye, The
R 84-01-09 Mitali (Actualism)
M 84-01-10 Boy Friend
M 84-01-10 On Your Toes
E 84-01-11 Club Mid lecture (Brooklyn?)
B 84-01-12 Chardin: Science and Christ
D 84-01-14 Washington Ballet
M 84-01-15* Magic Flute (Salzburg)
M 84-01-15* Outback
O 84-01-15* Magic Flute (Salzburg)
B 84-01-18 Nabokov: Invitation to a Beheading
E 84-01-18 Brooklyn and Manhattan lecture
E 84-01-18 Brooklyn Borough Hall lecture
M 84-01-18 Right Stuff, The
P 84-01-18 Dreamgirls
R 84-01-18 Via Brazil
E 84-01-19 Phillips Exhibit and Folk Art in IBM Gallery
M 84-01-19 Creepshow
M 84-01-19 Knightriders
M 84-01-19* Salt in the Wound
R 84-01-19 Palatine
M 84-01-21* Heroes of the Telemark
M 84-01-24 Man Who Fell to Earth, The
M 84-01-24 Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars
P 84-01-24 Red Hot and Blue at ELT
R 84-01-24 McDonalds for Chicken McNuggets---awful
M 84-01-25* Black Angel
B 84-01-26 Huxley: Mortal Coils
R 84-01-26 Second Avenue Coffeeshop
R 84-01-27 Argentine Pavilion
M 84-01-28* Olympia, Part I
M 84-01-28* Olympia, Part II
M 84-01-28 That Sinking Feeling
P 84-01-28 Real Thing, The (Jeremy Irons, Glenn Close)
I 84-01-31 Start series of 10 Rolfing sessions with Michael Blackburn
M 84-02-01* Don Carlo (Met)
O 84-02-01* Don Carlo (Met)
R 84-02-02 Argentine Pavilion (Actualism)
B 84-02-03 Clarke: 2010
M 84-02-03 Draughtsman's Contract
M 84-02-03 Gray Fox, The
M 84-02-03* Jokers
D 84-02-04 Twyla Tharp: Sue'sLeg/NineSinatraSongs/TelemanConcerto
M 84-02-04 True West
M 84-02-06* Both Ways
M 84-02-06* Tom and Jerry
M 84-02-07* Risky Business
R 84-02-07 Vintages
D 84-02-10 Murray Louis: CalligraphForMartyrs/Aperitif/FrailDemons/Strav
B 84-02-11 Orwell: 1984
M 84-02-11* Dear Insepctor
E 84-02-12 Actualism Bodywork in center first of series
E 84-02-12 Limelight for $10 entry
R 84-02-12 Green House Cafe
B 84-02-14 Huxley: Science, Liberty and Peace
M 84-02-15* Celebrity
E 84-02-17 Swenson's for hot fudge sundae
M 84-02-17 Crab Tambour, Le
R 84-02-17 Japonica
M 84-02-18* Crime Without Passion
P 84-02-18 Thurber Carnival at ELT
R 84-02-18 Nyala Ethiopian Restaurant
B 84-02-20 Chardin: On Happiness
B 84-02-21 Huxley: Mortal Coils
M 84-02-21* Comedy of Errors (BBC)
O 84-02-21 Stravinsky:SacreDuPrintemps/Rossignol/OedipusRex
R 84-02-21 Molfeta's
B 84-02-22 Chardin: On Suffering
R 84-02-22 Japonica (Actualism)
M 84-02-25* Arsenal Stadium Mystery
E 84-02-26 Museum of NaturHist: SilkRoutes&Trade/NABirdDioramas/Primates
R 84-02-26 Hunan Tower
B 84-02-27 Huxley: Discovery, The
E 84-02-28 Beaux-Arts exhibit at National Academy of Design
R 84-02-28 Trianon, Le, in Helmsley Palace
M 84-03-01* Compulsion
T 84-03-03 Niel's house in Monticello for 2 days
M 84-03-04* Streetcar Named Desire (Ann-Margret,Treat Williams)
B 84-03-05 Collier: Best of John Collier, The
D 84-03-05* ABT DonQuixote (Baryshnikov and Harvey)
B 84-03-06 Blackwood: Bright Messenger, The
M 84-03-06* Eating Raoul
M 84-03-06* James Dean
P 84-03-06* Gin Game, The
B 84-03-08 Chardin: Letters to Leontine Zanta
M 84-03-08* Laura
P 84-03-08 Up in Central Park at ELT
E 84-03-09 Paul Bosten's Birthday party
M 84-03-09 Dangerous
M 84-03-09 Sex Tool
B 84-03-10 Binyon: Flight of the Dragon
E 84-03-10 Brunch at Michael Blackburn's
M 84-03-10* Laurel and Hardy's Laughing 20's
M 84-03-11* Wuthering Heights
R 84-03-11 Amsterdam
B 84-03-12 Blackwood: Human Chord, The
R 84-03-12 Heights Cafe
M 84-03-13 Rains Came
M 84-03-13 Suez
R 84-03-13 Bacchanalia/Peters
R 84-03-15 Molfeta's (Actualism)
E 84-03-16 Sergio's Apple II computer
O 84-03-17 Francesca Da Rimini (Scotto, Domingo)
R 84-03-17 Auberge Suisse
M 84-03-18* Gala of Stars 1984
B 84-03-20 Wilde: De Profundis
E 84-03-20 Florence Miller's African slides
M 84-03-21* Yeomen of the Guard (Joel Grey)
R 84-03-22 Windows on the World with Helen O'Shea
M 84-03-23 Brainstorm
M 84-03-23 Dead Zone
M 84-03-23* I'll Get By
M 84-03-24* Tiger in the Smoke
M 84-03-25* Underwater
B 84-03-27 Matthieson: At Play in the Fields of the Lord
M 84-03-28* Troyen, Les
O 84-03-28* Troyens, Les
E 84-03-30 Personal Computer Show at Madison Square Garden (free)
M 84-03-31* Forbidden Cargo
P 84-03-31* Coriolanus
M 84-04-01* Flight #90: Disaster on the Potomac
M 84-04-01* Samson and Delilah
B 84-04-03 Dyson: Weapons and Hope (from New Yorker)
M 84-04-04 Never Cry Wolf
P 84-04-04 Noises Off
R 84-04-04 Golden Nut
R 84-04-04 MIldred Pierce
M 84-04-05 Greystoke: Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes
E 84-04-06 Actualism Pot-Luck at Malcolm Groome's
B 84-04-08 Chardin: Let Me Explain
M 84-04-08* Drake's Venture
M 84-04-10* Eddie and the Cruisers
M 84-04-10* Never Say Never Again
M 84-04-11* Gondoliers (BBC)
E 84-04-13 Actualism Willkie Hall Easter Event
M 84-04-15* Pique Dame (Philadelphia)
O 84-04-15* Pique Dame (Philadelphia)
S 84-04-15 Rolf over for 10 porno movies
M 84-04-16* Tender Mercies
I 84-04-18 Finish LIFELIST UP-TO-DATE
M 84-04-19* Voyage Round My Father, A
B 84-04-22 Auel: Clan of the Cave Bear
M 84-04-22 Wise Blood
O 84-04-22 Czardas Princess
R 84-04-22 Opera Espresso
R 84-04-22 Swiss Chalet
R 84-04-24 Lenny's Clam Bar
B 84-04-25 Auel: Valley of Horses
R 84-04-25 Takezushi Gyosai
R 84-04-26 Le Bistroquet
B 84-04-27 Gorey: Blue Aspic
R 84-04-27 Gianni's
R 84-04-28 Empanadas Etc (Actualism)
M 84-04-29* Two Gentlemen of Verona (BBC)
P 84-04-29 Touch of a Poet at ELT
R 84-04-29 Abbey Restaurant
R 84-04-29 Hee Sueng Fong Dim Sum
B 84-04-30 Maclean: Watcher, The
M 84-04-30* Experiment in Terror
M 84-05-01* Grateful Dead: Dead Ahead
M 84-05-01* Under Fire
M 84-05-01* Winner's Circle (porno)
B 84-05-02 Vidal: Kalki
E 84-05-02 ASI Meeting
R 84-05-04 Bootsie, Winky and Miss Maud (DC)
T 84-05-04 Washington Actualism Trip
R 84-05-05 Bootsie, Winky and Miss Maud (DC)
T 84-05-05 Corcoran/NatGalArt/Air&Space Museum/Hirshhorn/Lincoln Memorial
T 84-05-06 National Portrait Gallery/Capitol
M 84-05-08* Heat and Dust
M 84-05-08* Last Days of Pompeii (Regar)(last part)
M 84-05-08* Richard Pryor Here and Now
M 84-05-08* V: The Last Battle (last part)
B 84-05-09 Lessing: Marriage of Zones Three, Four, and Five
D 84-05-09 Quebradance in Port Authority Terminal
E 84-05-09 Tamasaburo at Japan House
I 84-05-10 Program line-length program 10AM - 11PM
I 84-05-11 Program line-length program 10AM - Midnight
I 84-05-12 Program line-length program 10AM - 3PM
M 84-05-12* City Streets
O 84-05-13 Metropolitan Opera Gala
I 84-05-14 Dr. Bornstein HIP exam
M 84-05-14* Magnum Griffin Vol I (p)
M 84-05-14* Rumblefish
P 84-05-15 Pal Joey
R 84-05-15 Saratoga Turf
B 84-05-16 Gardner: Grendel
I 84-05-16 Russia-China Slides at Michael's
B 84-05-17 Purdy: Mourners Below
M 84-05-17 Bounty, The (Gibson)
M 84-05-17* Met Gala at Arnie's (my first VCR tape)
B 84-05-18 Gardner: Aha Insight
M 84-05-19* Mary Burns, Fugitive
I 84-05-20 Michael Blackburn and I talk at Fanelli's 3-7PM
M 84-05-20* Damnation Alley
R 84-05-20 Silver Palace (Actualism)
I 84-05-21 Dentist Auerbach
M 84-05-21 Faust (Murnau)
M 84-05-21 Haunted Castle (Murnau)
M 84-05-21 Pool Shark (W.C.Fields)
M 84-05-22* Concert for Bangladesh
M 84-05-22* Star 80
B 84-05-23 Bailey: Initiation Human and Solar
I 84-05-23 National TV news with my Indiana Jones comment!
M 84-05-23 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
M 84-05-26* Xanadu
M 84-05-26* You and Me
I 84-05-28 Stamp albums (2) expanded into four albums
B 84-05-29 Leary: Flashbacks (Pope's library book)
R 84-05-30 Tuesday's West
M 84-05-31 Dresser, The
M 84-05-31 Educating Rita
M 84-06-01* City on Fire
E 84-06-02 Great Adventure with Actualism
B 84-06-05 Lem: His Master's Voice
M 84-06-05* Teenage Cavemen
M 84-06-06* Mikado (BBC)
M 84-06-07* Gambit
M 84-06-07* Land Unknown
M 84-06-08* Where Time Began
P 84-06-09 Internal Combustion (Malcolm Groome)
R 84-06-09 Christine's
B 84-06-10 Lem: Futurological Congress
B 84-06-11 Clarke: Exploration of Space
R 84-06-11 Cog Au Vin (Actualism)
B 84-06-12 Clarke: Challenge of the Spaceship
I 84-06-12 Dr. Bornstein
P 84-06-12 Death of a Salesman
R 84-06-12 Nirvana II
B 84-06-13 Clarke: Making of a Moon
M 84-06-13* All the Right Moves
M 84-06-13* Liquid Sky
P 84-06-13 Gotta Getaway (Radio City Summer Show)
B 84-06-14 Clarke: Voice Across the Sea
E 84-06-15 Met Mus of Art 1-8:40
M 84-06-15 Way Down East
M 84-06-15 Wind, The
R 84-06-15 Songdo
E 84-06-16 Chrysler Building Cloud Club
R 84-06-16 Tangy (Chinese Fast Food)
M 84-06-17 Star Trek III: Search for Spock
M 84-06-17 Uncommon Valor
R 84-06-17 Godfather's Pizza
R 84-06-18 Hisae's
B 84-06-19 Burroughs: Dead Fingers Talk
M 84-06-19* Idolmaker, The
M 84-06-19* Moonlighting
B 84-06-20 Fowles: Mantissa
M 84-06-20* Larry
M 84-06-20* Somewhere in Time
M 84-06-22* Ruggles of Red Gap
M 84-06-23* Black Bird, The
M 84-06-23* Eye of the Devil
M 84-06-23* Maltese Falcon
B 84-06-25 Golding: A Moving Target
M 84-06-25* Brideshead Revisited (2 hrs)
M 84-06-25* Rear Window
M 84-06-25* Silkwood
M 84-06-26 Brideshead Revisited (2 hrs)
B 84-06-27 Lem: More Tales of Pirx the Pilot
M 84-06-27* Bat, The
M 84-06-27* Brideshead Revisited (1 hr)
M 84-06-27* Night Must Fall (Finney)
M 84-06-29* Little Lord Fauntleroy
R 84-06-29 Armando's
O 84-06-30 Gloriana
E 84-07-01 Party at David Hoch's
M 84-07-02* Knock on Wood
M 84-07-02* Take This Job and Shove It
R 84-07-03 Songdo Gardens
R 84-07-04 Saigon
I 84-07-09 HIP Dietician
D 84-07-10 Alvin Ailey ConcrtoinF;Cry;Precipice[Dupond/Lourdieres];Rvltion
R 84-07-11 Indian Dining (43rd and 6th)
E 84-07-12 Kyogen
R 84-07-12 Caramba
R 84-07-13 Sukothai
E 84-07-14 Actualism Summer Gathering
T 84-07-17 Fly to meet Paul Bosten in Paris
R 84-07-18 Chez Toutoune (Paris)
T 84-07-18 ClunyMus;SnteChapelle;NotreDame:Treasry;Parvis;StEtienneDuMont
R 84-07-19 Taillevent (Paris)***
T 84-07-19 Europacar to Versailles: Hall of Mirrors,Apts;Trianons;"Hameau"
R 84-07-20 Restaurant du Musee (Tours)
T 84-07-20 Chartres; town;Vendome "Flower town"; Tours
R 84-07-21 Le Grande Monarche (Azay-le-Rideau)
T 84-07-21 Azay-le-Rideau;Langeais;stay in Chateau;fair&fireworks on Loire
R 84-07-22 Chenonceaux Castle grounds lunch
R 84-07-22 Hotel France (Loches)
T 84-07-22 LangeaisChteau; VillandryGardens;Chenonceaux;LochesTown&Gardens
R 84-07-23 L'Assiette "buffet" (Orleans)
T 84-07-23 LochesCht&Dnjn&Ch;MontresorTmb;FouquetOil;Blois;Chambrd;Orleans
R 84-07-24 Bivouac near Fontainbleau
R 84-07-24 La Chaumiere des Gourmets (Paris)
R 84-07-24 Tour Montparnasse (drinks)
T 84-07-24 OrleansCath;Germigny-des-Pres;St.Benoit-sur-Loire;ArcDeTriomphe
R 84-07-25 Les Marronniers (Paris)
T 84-07-25 PaulBosten leaves;ClunyMuseum;GrandPalais:MenilCollection;relax
R 84-07-26 Berkeley (Paris)
R 84-07-26 Restaurant a la Gare (formerly Rougeaut) (Paris)
T 84-07-26 Petit PalaisCollection;St.DenisTombs of Kings and Queens
I 84-07-27 Wallet stolen on Paris Metro
R 84-07-27 Rendesvous Denfort-Rochereau (Paris)
T 84-07-27 Bourdelle Mus;Catacombs of Paris;Jeu de Paume; wallet stolen!
T 84-07-28 Train to Bayeux:tapestry;cathedral;Ducal museum;Train to Rennes
R 84-07-29 La Raclette (for Brazadere) (Nantes)
T 84-07-29 Rennes:Cath;MadleineD'Lafayette;BeauxArts&FlklrMus;Auray;Carnac
T 84-07-29 Walk: Kermario/Menac;HitchhikeAuray;Nantes:Jardin des Plantes
M 84-07-30 Hercules (Ferrigno)
R 84-07-30 Pub (Angers)
R 84-07-30 Trattoria (Angers)
T 84-07-30 Nantes:Jardin;Beaux-ArtsMus;Cath;Chat;Angers:ApocalypsTapestrs
M 84-07-31 Search for the Green Diamond
R 84-07-31 Piq'Assiette (Bourges)
T 84-07-31 Angers:Beaux-ArtsMus;HotlPince;Bourges:PalaisJacquesCoeur;Echvn
R 84-08-01 La Gastrolatre (Nancy)
R 84-08-01 Station-restaurant (Dijon)
T 84-08-01 Bourges: Cath;photos;Dijon;Nancy:Cath;pepiniere;PlaceStanislas
R 84-08-02 La Tour D'Argent (Paris)***
R 84-08-02 Rotisserie de Chapon Fin (Nancy)
T 84-08-02 Nancy:LorraineMus;Beaux-ArtsMus;HotelDVille;TrainParis:TourD'A
R 84-08-03 Au Grand Respire (Nimes)
R 84-08-03 Sidewalk Cafe (Nimes)
T 84-08-03 TGV: Nimes:Amphitheatre;Beaux-ArtsKlee;MaisonCarree;walk town
T 84-08-04 Nimes:ArcheologyMus;MagnoTowr;Lourdes:Cath;grotto;crypt;procssn
R 84-08-05 Hotel Terminus (Lourdes)
R 84-08-05 Regalty (Pau)
T 84-08-05 PauChat;Oleron;FortDuPortalet;ColDeSomport;Canfranc;LourdesPrc
T 84-08-06 Bus:Eaux-Bonnes;Train:LacD'Artouste;PicDuMidiD'Ossau;LourdesBed
T 84-08-07 GrottosBetarram;GavarnieFalls;PontNapoleon;LourdesPhtos/Proces
R 84-08-08 Restaurant Quebec (Andorra)
T 84-08-08 Toulouse; Ax-Les-Thermes;L'Hospitalet;ANDORRA:modern and awful
R 84-08-09 Richelius (Toulouse)
T 84-08-09 PyreneesSnowstrm!;Toulouse:AugustinianMus;NatHistMus;JacobClost
R 84-08-10 Les Vieux Metiers (Paris)
T 84-08-10 Toulouse:St.Sernin;Montpellier;TGV to Paris to Paul McLean & JJ
R 84-08-11 Closerie de Lilas (Paris)
T 84-08-11 Paris:Pere Lachaise Cemetery; fly to Tunesia with Paul and Dick
R 84-08-12 Baghdad for lunch AND dinner (Tunis)
T 84-08-12 Tunis:HotlMajestic/MeridienAfrica;BardoMus;incredblCLOSDSouks
R 84-08-13 L'Orient (Tunis)
R 84-08-13 Pirata (Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia)
T 84-08-13 Carthage Ruins;SidiBouSaid;Train back to Tunis
R 84-08-14 Baghdad (Tunis)
R 84-08-14 L'Orient (Tunis)
T 84-08-14 Taxi:OudnaAqueduct;ThuburboMajusRuins;DouggaTemples;backtoTunis
R 84-08-15 Hotel des Aglabites (Kairouan)
R 84-08-15 M/Rabat (Tunis souk)
T 84-08-15 Taxi:KairouanGrandMosque;AglabiteBaths;3HairsMosque;SoukM'Rabat
R 84-08-16 Hotel du Lac Restaurant (Tunis)
R 84-08-16 L'Orient (Tunis)
T 84-08-16 Tunis: HotelDuLac;MarketTour;stamps;BardoMuseum;wander town
R 84-08-17 Hotel du Lac Restaurant (Tunis)
R 84-08-17 Hotel Tanit (Nabuel)
T 84-08-17 Nabuel CamelMarketBus;TanitBeachfront;HammametForts&Beach&Beer
T 84-08-18 Tunis ZoobyBus;Walk back;fly to Paris
R 84-08-19 St. James (Bouliac near Bordeaux)
T 84-08-19 TGV: Bordeaux(ALONE in car):walk town w/Paul &Dick;BouliacDine
R 84-08-20 Licel les Noailles (Bordeaux)
R 84-08-20 Rouzic (Bordeaux)
T 84-08-20 Bordeaux:WineMus;OpraHseTr;Beaux-ArtsMus;Sautrnes;Barsac;Rouzik
R 84-08-21 Eugenie-Les-Bains---greatest dinner ever???***
R 84-08-21 Haut Medoc road lunch (outside Bordeaux)
T 84-08-21 Haut MedocDrive;LongLostDrive:LesPresSources:Eugenie-les-Bains
R 84-08-22 Cliffside swimming pool (Puymirol)
R 84-08-22 Hotel de France (Auch)
T 84-08-22 Eugenie Hotel to noon; Puymirol;Auch townand stroll and dinner
R 84-08-23 Gavroche (Montaubon)
R 84-08-23 Taverna (Cahors)
T 84-08-23 AuchCath;ToulouseArprt;Montaubon:IngresMus;CahorsWalk&BridgeSee
R 84-08-24 Albi Hotel (Albi)
R 84-08-24 La Pescaliere (Dordogne region)
T 84-08-24 Peche MerleCaves;Figeac;Gaillac;Albi; I have a COLD
R 84-08-25 L'Aquitaine (Paris)
T 84-08-25 Beziers Drive;ToulouseTrain;ParisTGV;dinner in Paris with JJ
T 84-08-26 Fly Orly to NYC after $96/day trip
R 84-08-27 Cantina
M 84-08-28* Boy and His Dog, A
M 84-08-28* Pippin
B 84-08-30 Monroe: Journeys Out of the Body
M 84-08-30* House That Wouldn't Die, The
R 84-08-31 Dobson's
M 84-09-01* Good Fairy, The
M 84-09-01* Invasion of the Body Snatchers (McCarthy)
M 84-09-02 Knockout! (p)
M 84-09-02 Metropolis (Morodor)
M 84-09-02 Pleasure Beach (p)
M 84-09-03 Purple Rain
M 84-09-03 Young Warriors
R 84-09-03 Kentucky Fried Chicken
M 84-09-04 Dreamscape
R 84-09-04 Nedicks
I 84-09-05 Appleton-Century-Crofts forces me to lose $6300 in billing!
M 84-09-05 Never-Ending Story, The
R 84-09-05 Water Street (Norwalk, Conn.)
B 84-09-06 Barth: Letters (absolutely staggering)
M 84-09-06* Andrea Doria: Last Chapter (safe)
M 84-09-06* Best Friends (Taylor/Burnett)
M 84-09-07* Execution of Private Slovik
M 84-09-07* Turandot
O 84-09-07* Turandot
R 84-09-07 Sukothai
E 84-09-09 Met Mus Art 1:15 - 5:15
I 84-09-09 Bill Wolf dies of kidney failure
M 84-09-10 Another Country
M 84-09-10* Scarface (Muni)
R 84-09-10 Manhattan Market
M 84-09-11* Black Swan
M 84-09-11* Scarface (Pacino)
R 84-09-13 Gann
M 84-09-14* Marcus-Nelson Murders
M 84-09-14* Tosca
O 84-09-14* Tosca
I 84-09-18 Finish typing France-trip pages
M 84-09-18* Green Mansions
M 84-09-19* Cannonball Run
M 84-09-19* Five Million Years to Earth
R 84-09-19 Everything Yogurt
B 84-09-20 Marquez: Chronicle of a Death Foretold
E 84-09-20 Red Parrot bar
M 84-09-20* Tightrope
E 84-09-21 South Street Seaport with Dorothy Kent for Actualism
M 84-09-21* Silent Running
M 84-09-22* Hired Wife
E 84-09-23 South Street Seaport with Actualism
M 84-09-23* Emmy Awards of 1984
B 84-09-24 Eiseley: Darwin and the Mysterious Mr. X.
I 84-09-24 Dentist Auerbach
M 84-09-24* Clemenza Di Tito
O 84-09-24* Clemenza di Tito
M 84-09-26* Carmen (Vergara, Trussel)
O 84-09-26* Carmen (Vergara, Trussel)
R 84-09-28 Palenque
E 84-09-29 Party for Roseanne and Mark at Malcolm's
M 84-09-29 World's Fair program at Thalia
R 84-09-29 Maxwell's Plum
E 84-09-30 Atlantic Antic 1984
M 84-09-30* Murder, She Wrote
B 84-10-01 MacPherson: Black Box
I 84-10-01 HIP nutritionist Ms. Derrick
M 84-10-03 Ghostbusters
M 84-10-03 Moscow on the Hudson
R 84-10-04 Myond Dong Korean (with Bob Rosinek)
P 84-10-06 Cyrano
R 84-10-06 Rincon Argentina
P 84-10-09 Ma Rainey's Black Bottom
R 84-10-09 Larre's II
R 84-10-09 MacDonald's
B 84-10-11 Heidegger: The End of Philosophy
M 84-10-12* Seance on a Wet Afternoon
M 84-10-12* To the Lighthouse
M 84-10-13* Tidal Wave
O 84-10-14 Life for the Tsar
B 84-10-15 Updike: Rabbit Is Rich
M 84-10-15* Suspect, The
R 84-10-15 Il Cantone
M 84-10-18* Nairobi Affair
M 84-10-19* Atlantis, The Lost Continent
M 84-10-19* Madeleine
D 84-10-20 Atlanta Ballet
P 84-10-23 Hurly-Burly
R 84-10-23 Celestial Empire
B 84-10-24 Burroughs: Ruski (?)
B 84-10-24 Burroughs: Cities of Red Night
P 84-10-24 Glen Garry Glen Ross
P 84-10-25 Bells are Ringing (ELT)
R 84-10-25 Bahn-Thai
M 84-10-26* Daybreak
E 84-10-27 Reich's Desert Music at BAM
E 84-10-28 American Consciousness at Actualism
R 84-10-28 Green Kitchen
B 84-10-29 Burroughs: The Burroughs File
O 84-10-30 Lakme
I 84-10-31 Finish 156 1/2 hours of stamps in month of October
R 84-10-31 La Fonda
I 84-11-01 Africa slides at Michael's
R 84-11-02 Devon House
B 84-11-04 Johnson: He
I 84-11-05 Computerize list of indexes done
M 84-11-06* End, The
R 84-11-06 My Little Chickadee
E 84-11-07 Chinese rocks at Brooklyn Botanic
E 84-11-07 Light in Asia show at Brooklyn Museum
M 84-11-07* Wild Geese
M 84-11-09 Conan the Destroyer
M 84-11-09 Terror in the Aisles
D 84-11-10 NorthCarolinaDanceCo(Giuliani/Satto/FragileTrophies/SnakeWLegs
I 84-11-10 Wash windows first time this year!
B 84-11-12 Hoffmann: LSD: My Problem Child
I 84-11-12 Work first two diagramless puzzles
M 84-11-12* Last Voyage, The
M 84-11-13 First Blood (Stallone)
M 84-11-13 Terminator
M 84-11-13* Titanic
R 84-11-13 Tibetan Kitchen
E 84-11-14 Photograph Chinese rocks at Brooklyn Botanic
D 84-11-15 Jones/Zane: Secret Pastures
R 84-11-15 Tripoli
I 84-11-16 Dr. Lemme at HIP
M 84-11-17* Bedtime for Bonzo
E 84-11-18 Barbara Lea concert
M 84-11-20* Heritage (3 hrs)
M 84-11-20* Lulu in Berlin
O 84-11-20 William Tell (CH)
M 84-11-21* You Can't Take It with You (Robards/Dewhurst)
E 84-11-22 Thanksgiving Dinner at Sherryl's
E 84-11-24 Bronx Botanic Gardens chrysanthemums with Sherryl
E 84-11-24 Party for Elaine Hyams at Joanne Towne's
M 84-11-25* Ewok Adventure, The
M 84-11-25* Terry Fox Story
R 84-11-25 Chrisa's Cafe
E 84-11-26 Bronx Zoo with Dennis
R 84-11-26 Jasmin's Era
E 84-11-28 John Vinton at Hayden Planetarium
R 84-11-28 Burger Joint
E 84-11-30 Carmina Burana at St. Ann's
M 84-11-30* Firecreek
D 84-12-01 OhioBallet:ConcrtoBarcco/ScensfmChildhd/SongsWOWords/LightBreez
M 84-12-01* Ninotchka
M 84-12-01* Testament
B 84-12-02 Alper, Mara: Morning Will Find Me Singing (good!)
B 84-12-03 Chesi: Faith Healers in the Philippines
E 84-12-05 Museum of Natural History for Tibet
R 84-12-05 Taco Villa
B 84-12-06 Wu: Journey to the West, Vol 4
I 84-12-06 Tax accountant for one hour for $60, worthless
M 84-12-06* Elvis (Kurt Russell)
R 84-12-07 Los Panchos
I 84-12-10 Russell Paul Schofield dies
M 84-12-10* Dark, The
M 84-12-10* Days of Thrills and Laughter
I 84-12-11 Buy VHS at J&R
R 84-12-11 Jane Street Seafood Cafe
I 84-12-12 Buy TV at A&S
E 84-12-13 Service for Russell Paul Schofield
R 84-12-13 Squid Roe
M 84-12-14* My Favorite Blonde
I 84-12-15 Marty and Regina get married
M 84-12-16* Jewel in the Crown (6 hrs)
M 84-12-17 Starman
M 84-12-17* Tomorrow
M 84-12-19* Blade on the Feather
M 84-12-19* Few Good Men (p)
M 84-12-19* Great Muppet Caper
M 84-12-20* Christmas Carol (Scott)
M 84-12-20* Forces (p)
M 84-12-20* Lena Horne
M 84-12-21 Dune
M 84-12-21 Last Starfighter
R 84-12-21 Sweetwaters
E 84-12-22 Christmas Party at Sweetwaters
M 84-12-22 Two Thousand Ten [2010]
R 84-12-22 La Grande Corniche
M 84-12-23* Matter of Size (p)
M 84-12-23* Matter of Size (p)
M 84-12-23* Peter and the Wolf (John Curry)
M 84-12-23* Style (p)
M 84-12-23* Young Olympians (p)
B 84-12-24 Hesse: My Belief
M 84-12-24* Alien
M 84-12-24* Starflight
M 84-12-24* Vatican Midnight Mass
M 84-12-27* Divine Madness (Midler)
M 84-12-27* Golddiggers of 1935
M 84-12-27* Great Ziegfeld
M 84-12-27* Pirate, The
M 84-12-28* Much Ado About Nothing
M 84-12-28* Suddenly Last Summer
M 84-12-28* Thief of Bagdad
M 84-12-28* Winner's Circle (p)
M 84-12-29* Last Days of Pompeii (Rathbone)
M 84-12-29* Man in a Cocked Hat
M 84-12-29* No Time for Love
M 84-12-30* Birth of a Nation
E 84-12-31 New Year's Eve at Sherryl's with Dennis and Bob
M 84-12-31* Duellists
M 84-12-31* Sleeping Beauty (Reeve/Peters)
B 84-12-31 Sukothai