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1986 2 of 2

7/5/86: Out at 11:50, onto "ship" line at 12:15: HOT! In at 12:25: Esmerelda Sun-Tue 2-6PM. 12:27: Graziela of Philadelphia is closed. 12:30 onto Amerigo Vespucci line. 12:32: "15 minutes to open." I'm at the HEAD of the line. ON at 12:40, lovely. Onto LIBERTAD line at 1:00, onto ship at 1:15, Built in 1953, 366' long; 28,935 square foot area of 57 sails; 135' highest mast; 12-knot engine; 18.5 knots fastest under sail in 1966. Off at 1:30. Onto Christian Radich line at 1:30, onto ship at 1:58 and off at 2:08. Onto Nashville line at 2:10 and into a "group" at 2:25, and it's HOT. Nashville ONLY OPEN Saturday and Sunday. On at 2:50 and out at 3:13, after three water fountains and MUCH TOO MUCH military emphasis. To Subway at 3:30 VERY hot and tired. At 3:40 out at Bowling Green; 3:45 Stilt dancers at Custom House; 3:50 Souvenir shops on State Street; New York Plaza at 3:55 for Black Singers; 4:00 past food shops; Broad and Pearl at 4:05 for Japanese Drummers to 4:20, GREAT Engetso Daiko (versus Soh Daiko last weekend). 4:25 $1.10 for 16-oz beer. To Coentes Slip 4:30 for 3-pipe Lanedas, constant sound from Sardinia. and Italian bagpipes Chiamela and flute Zampionia. 4:50 Neapolitan Tamariata (tambourine dance), incredible Arabic, Jews'harp, cantillation, castanets combination. I drew the clacquer in the back of "The Crazy Iris." Then 5:05 to 5:10 a GREAT magician, including cigar into sweater, to whom I gave $1,and 5:37 into station and 5:38 onto train, tired AGAIN, but then a GREAT meal at Silverbird and we're going DOWNTOWN when we're told that the concert is in the Great Meadow, not the Sheep Meadow, so we're right THERE at 81st Street! Among 800,000 people! After to Dobson's for a Fuzzy Navel and Strawberries and Russian Cream where I pay for both their desserts (Marck Smith and Kelly) because they paid for my dinner partly. 1AM very tired home, but manage to get 1/2 hour in at the Planetary the next morning, then the body with Barbara, then a somewhat better brunch at Cafe Luxembourg, then nice talk with Mary over coffee-Amaretto in her apartment, down to Port Authority and onto ENORMOUS bus-line at 6:30 (notes in back of "Black Rain"), 7PM onto bus, 7:05 bus leaves, 7:35 off bus which had gotten lost; 7:45 to section 33, and 7:47 into seats, for glitzy but fun show!!

7/7/86: INCREDIBLE coincidence: 1) Population Council says TODAY that the five BILLIONTH inhabitant born on earth TODAY. 2) Myrna Loy, in "Too Hot to Handle" I watch two hours LATER, says "Send it (newsreel) out to 5 BILLION exhibitors"!

7/26/86: Many apartment INSECTS: 1) black ANT Thursday, followed by 2) waterbug Thursday, 3) spiders in web below a/c, and 4) flying ant on ankles 9AM today!

8/1/86: Watch TV; list of NOT-SAME IEs: tie/flier/bier/experience/difficulties!

8/2/86: What's this about "life on other planets" and "we're alone (as intelligent beings) in the cosmos? We live on an INTELLIGENT PLANET and we don't listen to it or consult it, why should be be TRUSTED with beings EVEN MORE subtle, different from us, advanced, or FOREIGN?

8/9/89: GREAT food at Yvonne's: appetizers of boar pate, venison pate, apple soup!!, rillette, and wild mushrooms! Main of goose!!, duck, boar, bear!!, and sole. Desserts of strawberry-raspberry pie, peach-sour-cream pie, creme caramel, chocolate mousse, chocolate-kahlua cheesecake! and pecan pie!!!

8/11/86: Sunday: up 10:30, Rolf's 11:15-1:30, Dennis 1:40-3:50 on Tuff Love; "Love me, love my shit," and "You won't let me be UNHAPPY."

11/25/86: DESSERTS at Barbetta's: Mont Blanc is meringue, chestnuts, and cream; St. Honore is caramel, zabaglione mousse, and a chocolate cake base. Really???

12/1/86: Porno notes: 1) Why are sex practices that EMASCULATE: a) stuffing balls, then cock, into OWN ass, and b) stuffing cock, then balls, into OTHERS' mouth, "seen" to be sexy when the cock is made to appear as a CUNT???
2) Why play records of WOMEN groaning and screaming toward orgasm to titilate MEN for MEN? Straight songs are silly for men.
3) "Janitor" and "Rawhide" so UGLY and silly---such VIOLENCE with the "attacked" so OBVIOUSLY PARTICIPATING?
4) Ugliness of bleeding pimples on slapped ass in "Rawhide."
5) Showing ugly fat queen or Times Square shots in PREVIEWS.
6) Good face, poor body; good body, poor ANGLES; good angles, bad COCK; good cock, poor CUM, etc. Good sights, AWFUL dubbed sounds, NOT synchronized. Like that "SUCK my cock" during a FUCKING scene!
7) Birthmarks and tattoos and poor lighting and unfocussed sequences.
8) Cock is so CLEARLY indicative: a) SO UP for Chris Burns in s/m in Rawhide; b) so DOWN when being fucked.

12/9/86: 6PM: Passed small bit of BLOOD in urine (about 1/2 inch in "stream," partly clotted). I'd come at noon and 1PM, twice quite unusual now.

12/9/86: Chanterelle menu @ $73. Start: Fish ball--strong (lemon); Fish mousse on pumpernickel wedge. Appetizer: Hare terrine/leaf/toast/cranberry!
Shrimp dumplings - OK. Salmon in green sauce---BEST of meal: Quilted Giraffe- good. Saddle of pepper-coated venison noisettes---TINY, hard, VERY peppery.
St. Veran--Trinal wine for $20. Triple creme/goat and two other cheeses. Chocolate and cocoanut ice cream and coffee.
Ala carte @ $58: Canard consomme: crisp onion/celery/duck & liver chunks. Squab in pot with mushrooms and gravy and GOOD TOP, with a glass of nouvelle beaujolais. Creme brulee with THICK SUGAR and LIGHT CREAM, which I must learn to distinguish from creme caramel, which is clearly now not the same thing! Three chocolate truffles, three butterfliex/walnuts/cookies/pecans. We're FULL for $193, over $200 with taxi, and it's NOT a place to go BACK to. Not GREAT!!

12/21/86: AT MMA: New architectural art: get TINY windows on ROLLER and do BUILDINGS of different colors, masking out tops with stencils:

12/23/86: Parioli Romanissimo: 1) SWEET kir, probably free. 2) Carpaccio de Agnello @ $12.95: 12 quarter-sized ovals, three pearl onions, and red pepper puree, GOOD. 3) Ucelletti---veal birds, cheese, peas, mushrooms, $27.65, GOOD! 3) Zabaglioni and raspberries $13.95, GOOD, and CHIANTI wine-glass for $5.50, for a total of $60.05, $4.90 tax, $10.05 tip, for a total of $75, with GOOD round roll and SOURDOUGH (like Palio) and cookies and chocolate truffles atend.

12/25/86: 4:45AM: Edgardo calls. All's fine.

12/26/86: Song: And I wanna live for ever.

12/27/86: Regina calls with details of Marty's death at 55. Wednesday PM, after dinner, walking to 72nd toward mother's lobby, Marty "feeling faint," and then a "massive heart attack," and couldn't get blood pressure up. Into cardiogenic shock. Into coma, and died in 10 minutes. Tried resussication for 25-30 minutes. Turns out that he MAY have had a painless heart attack the previous Friday PM at the Met, and she seems to be thinking of suing the Met opera doctor who didn't put him into intensive care with monitoring. And Monday had been their second anniversary!


M 86-01-02* Inch by Inch (p)
M 86-01-02* My Cousin Rachel
R 86-01-02 O'Keefe's Pub (Court St.)
R 86-01-03 Henry St. Breakfast
R 86-01-03 Memphis
R 86-01-03 Original Sal's Pizza
E 86-01-04 GMHC data preparation
E 86-01-05 Met Mus for Lichtenstein, India, Kertesz, Kennsett, St.Gaudens
R 86-01-05 Met Museum lunch
R 86-01-05 Rangoon Kitchen (same as 2/3/83 "Burmese Gardens")
M 86-01-06* Loving Couples (Stephen Collins)
M 86-01-06* On the Razzle (Stoppard)
M 86-01-07s Different Story
R 86-01-07 Montrachet with Susan
M 86-01-09* Indiscreet
B 86-01-10 Casteneda: Fire From Within
R 86-01-10 Le Cygne with Joe
D 86-01-11 Kenneth Rinker at Joyce
M 86-01-11s Adam at 6AM
R 86-01-11 Joanna's
M 86-01-12* Apple
M 86-01-12* Dead Man's Folly (Christie/Ustinov)
P 86-01-12 Blood Knot
R 86-01-12 Arriba Arriba
M 86-01-14* Hindenburg
D 86-01-15 Clive Thompson at Joyce
R 86-01-15 America
D 86-01-16 Ohad Naharin at Joyce
M 86-01-16 Baby, It's You
M 86-01-16 Chilly Scenes of Winter
M 86-01-16* Shop Around the Corner
R 86-01-16 Roxanne's
E 86-01-17 Sharon McKnight at Don't Tell Momma
R 86-01-17 La Milonga
E 86-01-18 George Pierson's House-Warming
E 86-01-19* Pope Hill on David Susskind
M 86-01-19s Club Med
M 86-01-19* Happy End (Brecht/Weill)
P 86-01-20 Conversations (Marj Mahle) workshop
R 86-01-20 Westside Cottage
M 86-01-21s Men of the Midway (p)
M 86-01-21s Nights In Black Leather (p)
R 86-01-21 Quilted Giraffe with Susan
P 86-01-22 What's a Nice Country Like You Doing in a State Like This?
R 86-01-22 Sandra's
M 86-01-23* Italiana in Algers, L' (Horne/Montarsolo/Ahlstedt)
O 86-01-23* Italiana in Algers, L' (Horne/Montarsolo/Ahlstedt)
M 86-01-24* Jabberwocky
M 86-01-24* Twilight Zone - The Movie
M 86-01-24* White Cliffs of Dover
D 86-01-25 Santiago Ballet(DobleCorchea/Storm/ThreeDances to Japanes Music
M 86-01-25* War Gods of the Deep
M 86-01-26s Bullet Videopak 8 (p)
M 86-01-26s Magnum Griffin Vol I (p)
P 86-01-26 Gertrude Stein and a Companion
R 86-01-26 Caribe
M 86-01-27* Mata Hari
I 86-01-28* Shuttle blow-up 11:40-5:10PM
M 86-01-28* Murder with Mirrors (Hayes/Davis)
M 86-01-28* Sextette
P 86-01-29 Conversations (Marj Mahle)
R 86-01-29 La Mirabelle
B 86-01-30 Parfit: South Light ("Antarctica" borrowed from Rolf)
R 86-01-31 India Palace
D 86-02-01 Atlanta Ballet
B 86-02-02 Chardin: Activation of Energy
M 86-02-02* Action in the North Atlantic
M 86-02-03* Cleopatra (Colbert)
M 86-02-03* Soldier's Story
M 86-02-03s They All Laughed
M 86-02-03s Warriors of the Wasteland
M 86-02-04* Lassiter (Selleck)
M 86-02-04* Sleeping Beauty (wonderful costumes)
D 86-02-06 Saddler's Wells (Choros/Petrushka/Flowers of the Forest)
E 86-02-06 Sadahiro Yamaguchi arrives for 5 days, 5 days away, 5 days here
P 86-02-08 Mrs. Warren's Profession
R 86-02-08 Seoul House
E 86-02-10 Richard Leakey at Mus Nat Hist
M 86-02-10* Peter the Great (8 hr TV)
M 86-02-10 Repo Man
M 86-02-10 Stranger Than Paradise
R 86-02-10 Caramba
M 86-02-11* Body and Soul
M 86-02-11 Ran (Kurasawa)
M 86-02-11* Under Siege
M 86-02-11* Wrong Man
R 86-02-11 Vienna '79
B 86-02-12 Heidegger: Early Greek Thinking
M 86-02-12* Blade Runner
M 86-02-12* Murder Is Easy
M 86-02-12* Pit and the Pendulum
M 86-02-12* Sorry Wrong Number
B 86-02-13 Blackwood: Day and Night Stories
E 86-02-13 Michael Blackburn's House-Warming
M 86-02-13* Dune
M 86-02-13* Philadelphia Experiment
E 86-02-14 Actualism: start of 4th Advanced!
M 86-02-14 Go-Masters (Thalia)
R 86-02-14 Perretti's
R 86-02-15 Pennyfeathers
R 86-02-15 Sung Wu (2nd and 8th)
O 86-02-16 Gran Scena at Town Hall
R 86-02-16 Hamburger Harry's
E 86-02-17 Washington's Birthday party at Sherryl's
P 86-02-18 Lie of the Mind
R 86-02-18 Sawadee
M 86-02-19* From Beyond the Grave
I 86-02-20 HIP: flu!
M 86-02-20* Dr. Terror's House of Horrors (last 1/2)
M 86-02-21* Hold Your Man
M 86-02-21* Topkapi
M 86-02-23* Sadie McKee
M 86-02-23* Welcome Home, Bobby
P 86-02-25 Jerry's Girls
B 86-02-26 Tolkein: Silmarillion
P 86-02-26 Precious Sons
B 86-02-27 Chardin: Letters from a Traveller
B 86-02-27 Tolkein: Smith of Wootton Major & Farmer Giles of Ham
B 86-02-27 Tolkein: Letters
M 86-02-27* Ritz, The
M 86-02-27* That's Dancing
M 86-03-01* Tripods (6 hrs)
B 86-03-02 Blackwood: The Lost Valley
I 86-03-03 Dentist Auerbach
P 86-03-03 Hay Fever
R 86-03-03 Jezebel
I 86-03-04 Cum three times!
M 86-03-04 Chan Is Missing
M 86-03-04 Dim Sum
M 86-03-04* Fire in the Sky
B 86-03-05 Blackwood: Shocks
E 86-03-05 Boulez "Repons" at Columbia Gym
R 86-03-05 Ideal Cuban
M 86-03-06 F/X
P 86-03-06 Connections (Marj's revisions)
R 86-03-06 Landmark Tavern for dessert
R 86-03-06 Westside Cottage
M 86-03-07* Interrupted Melody
E 86-03-08 ProspectParkTour:BAM/WilliamsburgSavingsBank/StFelixStMethodist
E 86-03-08 Sherryl's March party
M 86-03-09* No Nukes
M 86-03-10* Adventures of Huck Finn
M 86-03-10* Dress Gray
M 86-03-10* Lifestyles of Rich and Famous Best for 1986
M 86-03-12s Adam and Yves (p)
M 86-03-12s Cousins (p)
M 86-03-12s Head Trips (p)
M 86-03-12s Sailor in the Wild (p)
D 86-03-13 Chinese Dance at BAM
M 86-03-13s Closed Set (Joe Gage) (p)
M 86-03-13s Flesh 1995 (p)
M 86-03-13s Inches (p)
M 86-03-14s Janitor (p)
M 86-03-14s King Size (p)
M 86-03-14s One Two Three (p)
M 86-03-14* Ring of Fire (end)
D 86-03-15 Chinese Dance at BAM
M 86-03-15 Dreamchild
B 86-03-16 Chardin: Making of a Mind
E 86-03-16 D'Orsay Museum exhibit at Brooklyn Musuem
M 86-03-16s Blade Master (p)
M 86-03-16s Moving (p)
M 86-03-16s Rawhide (p)
P 86-03-16 Gala of Stars (WHAT?)
R 86-03-16 Wendy's
I 86-03-17 Bob and Sherryl for chili, with Joe and Arnold and Rolf
R 86-03-18 French Culinary Institute with Susan and Joe (became Ferrendi?)
M 86-03-19* Alice at the Palace (Streep)
M 86-03-19* Follies in Concert
M 86-03-19* Sandy's tape to Pope
M 86-03-20* Little Big Man
M 86-03-20* Spencer Tracy Legacy
M 86-03-20* Towering Inferno
M 86-03-23* Android (not end)
M 86-03-23* Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (March)
M 86-03-23* Empire Strikes Back
M 86-03-23* Gerty Gerty Gerty Stein Is Back Back Back
B 86-03-24 Blackwood: Wolves of God
M 86-03-24* Academy Awards of 1986
M 86-03-24* Once Upon a Time in America
E 86-03-25 Jacob Javits ConventionCenterPreview Presentation withSpartacus
R 86-03-25 Lotfi's Couscous lunch
R 86-03-25 Westside Cottage
M 86-03-26* Lohengrin (Met)
O 86-03-26* Lohengrin (Met)
D 86-03-27 Romance at BAM
B 86-03-28 Blackwood: Pan'sGarden(LASTBlackwood!)(18Huxleys+16OthersLEFT)
R 86-03-31 Right Bank
E 86-04-01 GMHC proofread data
M 86-04-01* Black Angel
M 86-04-01* Desperately Seeking Susan
M 86-04-01* Mrs. Delafield Wants to Marry
M 86-04-01* This Man Must Die
M 86-04-01* Where There's Life
B 86-04-02 Chardin: Toward the Future
E 86-04-02 GMHC proofread data
M 86-04-02* Sunday in the Park with George
M 86-04-02* That's Dancing
B 86-04-03 Heidegger: On the Way to Language
B 86-04-04 Huxley: Literature and Science
M 86-04-04* Ox-Bow Incident, The
M 86-04-04* Promise, The
E 86-04-05 Javanese Gamelon at St. Ann's
M 86-04-06* Damnation of Faust (Philly)
O 86-04-06* Damnation of Faust (Philly)
B 86-04-07 Huxley: Collected Poetry
P 86-04-07 Biloxi Blues
R 86-04-07 Westside Cottage
M 86-04-08* My Two Loves
M 86-04-08* Three-Cornered Moon
B 86-04-09 Huxley: Worlds of Aldous Huxley
D 86-04-10 Paul Taylor: Arden Court/Byzantium/Ab Ovo Ad Nuts
R 86-04-10 Westside Cottage
E 86-04-11 Actualism Easter Gathering at Dimele Center
M 86-04-11* Elektra (Rysanek)
O 86-04-11* Elektra (Rysanek)
D 86-04-12 Hartford Ballet (Speakeasy/UntitledPilobolus/Murmurs oftheStorm
I 86-04-12 Halley's Comet closest to us at 2AM
E 86-04-13 Met Mus for Nurnberg Exhibit
M 86-04-13* Bird of Paradise
R 86-04-13 Met Mus Restaurant lunch
M 86-04-14 Animation Festival at Metro
M 86-04-14* Spiral Staircase (Plummer/Law)
R 86-04-14 Heights Sea Grille
M 86-04-15* Circus of Horrors
B 86-04-16 Huxley: On the Margin
E 86-04-16 GMHC work
D 86-04-17 Anthony Morgan at Riverside
M 86-04-17* Eraserhead
M 86-04-17* Rambo First Blood Part II
E 86-04-18 Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Museum
R 86-04-18 Brooklyn Museum lunch
E 86-04-19 Bronx Botanic Gardens
M 86-04-19* Falcon and the Snowman
M 86-04-19* Odyssey
R 86-04-19 Bronx Botanical Gardens Snuff Mill lunch
B 86-04-20 Huxley: Young Archimedes
M 86-04-20s Faces (p)
M 86-04-20* Lisztomania
M 86-04-20s Rodeo (p)
M 86-04-20* Shape Up with Arnold
B 86-04-21 Huxley: Along the Road
M 86-04-21* Baby
M 86-04-21* Plenty
E 86-04-22 GMHC 6-9
M 86-04-22* Coca-Cola Kid
M 86-04-22* Dark Alibi
M 86-04-22* Return to Oz
B 86-04-23 Huxley: Two or Three Graces
E 86-04-23 Exploratorium exhibit at IBM Gallery
I 86-04-23 SNOW IN AM!!
M 86-04-23 Animation Festival--19th Annual
M 86-04-23* Figaro (Live from Met)
O 86-04-23* Marriage of Figaro (Live from Met)
R 86-04-23 Adventists' restaurant lunch
D 86-04-24 Paul Taylor
M 86-04-24s Behind the Green Door (p)
M 86-04-24* Olympic Highlights of 1984
M 86-04-24* Zardoz (yes, twice)
M 86-04-24* Zardoz
B 86-04-25 Bradbury: Complete Poems
M 86-04-25* Koyaanisqatsi
M 86-04-25s Studhunter I (p)
M 86-04-25* Sure Thing, The
B 86-04-26 Huxley: Jesting Pilate
E 86-04-26 Sherryl's "Fun After 40" party
M 86-04-26s Barbarella
M 86-04-26s Wet Shorts (p)
B 86-04-27 Helprin: A Dove of the East
M 86-04-27* Robin Hood (Disney)
M 86-04-28s Falcon Videopak #5 (p)
M 86-04-28s Falcon Videopak #4 (p)
M 86-04-28s Studhunter II (p)
E 86-04-29 GMHC 6-9
M 86-04-29* Reckless
M 86-04-30* Goonies
M 86-04-30* Rope
R 86-04-30 La Petite Ferme
B 86-05-01 Clarke: The Odyssey File
M 86-05-01* Mask
M 86-05-01* Sitting Pretty
R 86-05-01 Shezan
B 86-05-02 Golding: The Paper Men
I 86-05-02 Arthur Ellenbogen dies at 8:45AM
R 86-05-02 Burger King lunch
M 86-05-03 Prisoner 11AM-MIDNIGHT!
B 86-05-04 Huxley: Proper Studies
B 86-05-04 Stapledon: Nebula Maker and Four Encounters
M 86-05-04 Prisoner 3PM-11PM (17 hours in all)
D 86-05-05 ABTGala(Thm&Var/SwnLkActII/AnstsiaPDD/NtcrkrPDD/WlkThsWy/FrnsDR
B 86-05-06 Huxley: Do What You Will
M 86-05-06* Boomerang
E 86-05-07 Brooklyn Botanic Garden 1:30-4:30
R 86-05-07 Cranberry
D 86-05-08 Novensemble dance group
E 86-05-08 Wildenstein for Princeton Art
R 86-05-08 La Cirque $50.80 lunch
E 86-05-10 Barbara Lea at Lower East Side Church
R 86-05-10 Christine's
B 86-05-11 Huxley: Brief Candles
E 86-05-11 Actualism Earth Day Brunch
E 86-05-11 Queens tour with Bernice and Valda
R 86-05-11 Villa Gaudio (Queens)
M 86-05-12s People that Time Forgot
M 86-05-12* Rocket to the Moon (Odets)
M 86-05-12* Thief (Caan)
R 86-05-12 Leaf and Bean lunch
E 86-05-13 GMHC 6-8:30: last time
M 86-05-13* Bad Boys
M 86-05-13* Second Serve (Redgrave as Renee Richards)
M 86-05-13* Treasure of the Amazon
B 86-05-14 Jerome: My Life and Times
R 86-05-16 Maxim's lunch
E 86-05-17 Great Adventure with Actualism
E 86-05-18 AIDS Walkathon 10-12
E 86-05-18 Palladium for AIDS Walkers
E 86-05-18 Ukranian Festival from Sherryl's
R 86-05-18 Bruno's
B 86-05-19 Ballard: Myths of the Near Future
E 86-05-19 Jupiter Symphony with Phyllis
I 86-05-19 Dentist Moskowitz
M 86-05-19* Humoresque
R 86-05-19 Wylies II
B 86-05-20 Huxley: Texts and Pretexts
M 86-05-20* China Seas
M 86-05-20* Comfort and Joy
M 86-05-20* Mon Oncle
M 86-05-20* Painting Churches (Thompson, Morelt, Hart)
B 86-05-21 Purdy: Narrow Rooms
B 86-05-21 Purdy: Two Plays
B 86-05-21 Reade: Martyrdom of Man
E 86-05-21 Jazz and Donnell at noon
R 86-05-21 Checkers for ribs
R 86-05-21 Yaholom Cafe lunch
E 86-05-22 Memorial Service for Arthur Ellenbogen
M 86-05-22* Bill Cosby Himself
R 86-05-22 Maxim's for lunch
R 86-05-22 Washington Square Coffee Shop
B 86-05-23 Huxley: The Olive Tree
R 86-05-23 Gross Deli lunch
R 86-05-23 Tennessee Mountain
M 86-05-24* Born to Dance
M 86-05-24* Hizzoner (LaGuardia play)
M 86-05-24s Return of the King
M 86-05-24s Virus
E 86-05-25 Hands Across America: anti-hunger
E 86-05-25 Palladium 10PM - 3:45AM
E 86-05-26 Memorial Day Battery Park Picnic
B 86-05-27 Huxley: Music at Night
I 86-05-27 Dr. DeGuzman at Hip
R 86-05-27 Heights Pizza breakfast
R 86-05-27 Nick and Ray's Pizza Too lunch
E 86-05-28 Coney Island 7:15-12:15
R 86-05-28 Gargiulo's
D 86-05-29 Dinosaur Dance Company
R 86-05-29 Hard Rock Cafe
R 86-05-29 La Carabela at Casa de Espana - lunch
B 86-05-30 Huxley: Ends and Means
M 86-05-30 Dream Is Alive, The (Mus Nat Hist IMAX)
M 86-05-30 Living Planet (Mus Nat Hist IMAX)
R 86-05-30 Columbus Wok's Cafe
M 86-05-31* Bordertown
M 86-05-31* Lonely Are the Brave
M 86-05-31* Man on the Flying Trapeze
M 86-05-31* Midsummer Night's Dream (which?)
M 86-05-31* Mysterious Island
M 86-05-31* Old-Fashioned Way
I 86-06-01 Stamps all day, as well as 6/3 and 6/5
I 86-06-04 Rounds and GH, both poor gay bars
M 86-06-04 Short Circuit
M 86-06-04 Sweet Liberty
R 86-06-04 Le Perigord
R 86-06-06 Le Bernardin for lunch with Joe
B 86-06-07 Huxley:Themes and Variations(last book by Huxley except Letters
E 86-06-07 Kenny's birthday party at Paul's
I 86-06-07 Mom calls: I MUST come to Akron for her tic operation
P 86-06-07 National Lampoon's Class of '86
R 86-06-09 Breezewood lunch (on way NYC-Akron)
R 86-06-09 Chrystiles (Akron)
T 86-06-09 Bus to Akron 7:45 - 9:20PM for $83
R 86-06-10 Glastonbury Abbey (Cleveland Clinic)
T 86-06-10 Drive Mom to Cleveland Clinic
B 86-06-11 Chardin: The Heart of the Matter
M 86-06-11 European Vacation
R 86-06-11 Clinic Inn (Cleveland Clinic)
R 86-06-12 Foley's (Akron)
R 86-06-12 Top of the Town lunch (Cleveland center)
M 86-06-13* Times Square
R 86-06-13 Swanson's lunch (Akron)
T 86-06-13 See678Crosby/89Oakdal/691Payn/393Thornton/1221Dietz/StrklndCust
M 86-06-14* His Girl Friday
T 86-06-14 Bus to New York 8:30-8:40PM for $76
M 86-06-16* Life of the Party (Carol Burnett)
M 86-06-16* Monte Carlo
M 86-06-16 Roanoak (3 hr)
M 86-06-16* Search for Trojan War 1 & 2
P 86-06-19 Middle of the Road
R 86-06-19 Cambodian Restaurant
I 86-06-20 Count 29,087 stamps in albums by 2AM
R 86-06-20 Loeb Boathouse for Fuzzy Navel
R 86-06-20 Polo lunch with Joe Easter and Richard Nixon
M 86-06-21* Back Street
M 86-06-21* It's Love I'm After
M 86-06-21* Paris, Texas
M 86-06-22* I Wake Up Screaming
M 86-06-22* Scaramouche
R 86-06-23 Roxanne's for dinner (free fromIncentra's Gaylord for my bike!)
I 86-06-24 Dr. Lemme at HIP
E 86-06-25 Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims tour 6 - 7:15
I 86-06-25 French slides for Spartacus and Kit with Fuzzy Navels to 1:11AM
M 86-06-26* Aces High
M 86-06-26* Lost in America
M 86-06-26* View to a Kill, A
M 86-06-26* Vision Quest (not end)
R 86-06-27 O-Ho-So
E 86-06-28 Soh Daiko Japanese Drums at Central Park bandshell
E 86-06-28 Woods (gay bar at 2nd Ave and 4th Street) 10:30-1:30
R 86-06-28 Gotham Bar and Grill with Sherryl
M 86-06-29s Godzilla 1985
M 86-06-29* McCabe and Mrs. Miller
B 86-06-30 Burroughs: Snack (at NYPL)
B 86-06-30 Huxley: Letters (LAST OF HUXLEY!!)
M 86-06-30* Vidal in Venice
R 86-06-30 Sichuan Pavilion lunch
R 86-07-01 Tony Roma's
D 86-07-02 Gus Solomon's Jr.
R 86-07-02 Amazonas
E 86-07-03 Rolf's roof for Statue of Liberty Rededication fireworks
E 86-07-03 Staten Island Ferry of Holiday Harbor 1-3:30
R 86-07-03 Le St. Jean de Pres with Susan
E 86-07-04 Pier 17 for fireworks--the greatest
E 86-07-04 Westbeth office and pier for tall ships
R 86-07-04 Red Cadillac
B 86-07-05 Oe: Crazy Iris
E 86-07-05 Amerigo Vespucci, Liberdad, and Christian Radich ships visited
E 86-07-05 Gala Concert in Central Park (500,000?)
R 86-07-05 Silverbird
E 86-07-06 Closing Ceremonies in GiantsStadium in NewJersey for 1986 Fest!
R 86-07-06 Luxembourg lunch
I 86-07-07 Dentist Mohajer
M 86-07-07s Death Follows the Psycho
M 86-07-07* Too Hot to Handle
M 86-07-08s Beyond Atlantis
M 86-07-08* Mad Love
M 86-07-08* Return of the Soldier
M 86-07-08* Shooting Party, The
R 86-07-08 Texarkana
B 86-07-09 Mahabarata, Book 1
I 86-07-09 UCIC agrees to KILL my unpaid $270 bill for automobile insurance!
M 86-07-09 Europeans, The
R 86-07-10 Cellar in the Sky with Joe
B 86-07-11 Ibuse: Black Rain
R 86-07-11 Clark Street Station coffeeshop for breakfast
R 86-07-11 Swiss Chalet
D 86-07-12 Paris Ballet at Met
E 86-07-12 Bon Festival at 105th and RSD
R 86-07-12 Alo-Alo
I 86-07-14 Dentist Mohajer
M 86-07-14* Hands Across the Table
M 86-07-14* If I Had a Million
M 86-07-14* Kipling (McCowan)
D 86-07-15 Paris Ballet at Met
M 86-07-15s Command, The
M 86-07-15* Lifeguard
D 86-07-16 Kirov: Swan Lake
M 86-07-16* Dracula
M 86-07-16* Fletch
M 86-07-16s Never-Ending Story
M 86-07-17* Cities at War (London, Leningrad, Berlin)
M 86-07-17* In Search of the TrojanWar
M 86-07-17* Wake Island
R 86-07-17 La Casbah (LOUD!)
M 86-07-18* Dollmaker (Fonda)
B 86-07-19 Chardin: The Appearance of Man
E 86-07-19 Bronx Zoo and Jungleland 12-6
I 86-07-21 Dentist Mohajer
M 86-07-21* Disappearance of Harry
D 86-07-22 Alice at Met with Joe
M 86-07-22s Time Travelers
R 86-07-22 Westside Cottage
M 86-07-24* King Kong (Lange)
O 86-07-24 Oberto (CP)
R 86-07-24 Greener Pastures
B 86-07-25 Chardin: The Vision of the Past (LAST CHARDIN!)
R 86-07-25 Miss Grimble's
R 86-07-26 Gargiulo's with Marty and Regina
M 86-07-27* Sting
M 86-07-28* Unknown Chaplin (3 hr)
M 86-07-29 Butch and Sundance: The Early Days
M 86-07-29 My Beautiful Laundrette
R 86-07-29 Eleanor's
B 86-07-30 Hegel: Monarch Notes
I 86-07-30 HIP for Kassin for eyes
M 86-07-31 Aliens
R 86-07-31 American Place
E 86-08-02 Actualism Summer Picnic at Croton Point
B 86-08-03 Music, Listening to
M 86-08-03s Champ, The
M 86-08-03* Pumping Iron
R 86-08-03 Blue Nile with Marty and Regina
B 86-08-04 Sheckley: Dramocles
M 86-08-04* Flight of Dragons
M 86-08-04* I Love Lucy (12 episodes)
R 86-08-05 Le Bernardin lunch with Susan
E 86-08-06 Dinner at Rosemary Feitis's, with my Fuzzy Navels
R 86-08-07 Shun Lee Palace
B 86-08-08 Sokol: New York City Opera
R 86-08-08 One Main
E 86-08-09 Catskill Game Farm with Marty and family
R 86-08-09 Yvonne's (in Catskills)
M 86-08-10s Amazons
M 86-08-10s Night in Heaven, A (Chris Atkins)
M 86-08-10s Vampires (Gordon Scott)
M 86-08-12* Spanish Civil War (6 hrs)
R 86-08-12 Water Club with Mary
R 86-08-13 One Main
M 86-08-14s Triumph of Hercules
R 86-08-14 Tastings
E 86-08-15 Blackburns and Dorothy picnic in CP
I 86-08-15 Buy NEC VCR for $486
M 86-08-15s Men of Big Sur (p)
M 86-08-15s Opposites Attract (p)
M 86-08-16s Beyond Atlantis
M 86-08-16s Bijou (p)
M 86-08-16s Fade In (p)
M 86-08-16s Muscle Motion (p)
M 86-08-16s Stay Hungry
M 86-08-16s Thousand and One Nights, A
E 86-08-17 Hoebermann's Anniversary in Croton-on-Hudson
E 86-08-17 Unity in Fisher Hall
M 86-08-18s Below the Belt (p)
M 86-08-18s Cruisin' the Castro (p)
M 86-08-18s Dude - Le Beau Mec (p)
M 86-08-19* Diane
M 86-08-19s Erotikus (p)
M 86-08-19s Hot Truckin' (p)
M 86-08-19s Spokes (p)
M 86-08-20s Daddy Dearest (p)
M 86-08-20* Heat of Desire
M 86-08-20* Hurricane (Lamour)
M 86-08-20* Last Woman, The
M 86-08-20* Tex
M 86-08-20s Trick Time (p)
M 86-08-21s Blue Skies
M 86-08-21s Boys of Venice (p)
M 86-08-21s Getting It (p)
M 86-08-21s One Size Fits All (p)
M 86-08-21s Quadrophenia
R 86-08-21 Front Street Cafe
B 86-08-22 Hooper: Three-Pound Universe
M 86-08-22s Chip Off the Old Block (p)
M 86-08-22s Frat House Memories (p)
M 86-08-22s Jobsite (p)
R 86-08-22 Cafe Americano
R 86-08-22 Miss Grimble's
M 86-08-23s Big Men on Campus (p)
M 86-08-23s Cruiser, The (p)
M 86-08-23s Hang 10 (p)
M 86-08-23s Two By Ten [2 x 10] (p)
I 86-08-24 Claudia Bernstein (42 years old) calls!
M 86-08-24s California Boys (p)
M 86-08-24s Frat House One (p)
M 86-08-24s Sgt. Swann's Private Files (p)
M 86-08-25s Discharged (p)
M 86-08-25s Malibu Days/Big Bear Nights (p)
M 86-08-25s Outpost (p)
M 86-08-25s Santa Monica Boulevard (p)
M 86-08-25s Windows (p)
M 86-08-26s Dream Boys (p)
M 86-08-26s Seven-Card Stud (p)
M 86-08-26s Trophy 4: Mark (p)
I 86-08-27 Glass frames with Susan
M 86-08-27* Faces of Death II
M 86-08-27* Mapp and Lucia (4 hrs)
M 86-08-27* McVicar
M 86-08-28* Rocky IV (end of 49 movies in 14 days!)
M 86-08-28* To Live and Die in LA
R 86-08-29 Foster's (Rhinebeck)
T 86-08-29 Train to Poughkeepsie for Vilma and Rhinebeck
E 86-08-30 Ralph Metzner day #1 at Omega Institute
R 86-08-30 Delhi Pub (Delhi, NY)
T 86-08-30 Avi's in Delhi with Leonard Kean
E 86-08-31 Ralph Metzner day #2
M 86-08-31* Zorba the Greek
R 86-08-31 Omega Institute
E 86-09-01 Omega:HughPrather/JonathanWolken/RogerWoolger/Emmanuel
E 86-09-01 Vanderbilt Mansion/Roosevelt Grounds to River
R 86-09-01 Banta's Steak and Stein (Pouchkeepsie)
M 86-09-02 Sixteen Days of Glory
M 86-09-02 Visions of Eight
M 86-09-03s Boy's Town (p)
M 86-09-03* Faces of Death I
M 86-09-03* Faces of Death III
M 86-09-03s More Than a Mouthful (p)
R 86-09-03 Bienvenue
E 86-09-04 IBM Gallery 4:30
M 86-09-04 Sherman's March
R 86-09-04 Souvlaki on McDougal St.
B 86-09-05 Burroughs: Place of Dead Roads
R 86-09-05 Dallas BBQ
M 86-09-06* Dark Journey
M 86-09-07* Oresteia (Agamemmnon, Libation Bearers, Furies)
M 86-09-07* Red Dust
M 86-09-07s Shadow of the Hawk
M 86-09-08s Buster and Billie
M 86-09-08* Quo Vadis
R 86-09-08 Country Life lunch
R 86-09-08 El Internacional
M 86-09-09* Antarctica
M 86-09-09s Bigger than Life (p)
M 86-09-09s Members Only (p)
M 86-09-09s New Wave Hustlers (p)
M 86-09-10* Back to the Future
M 86-09-10* Dance With a Stranger
M 86-09-10* Eugene O'Neill: Glory of Ghosts
M 86-09-10* Exposed
M 86-09-10* My Man Adam
R 86-09-10 Lotus Blossom
D 86-09-11 Vanaver Caravan at Riverside: Full Circle
M 86-09-11* Chorus Line
M 86-09-11* Curious George
R 86-09-11 Metropolis
M 86-09-12* Onion Field
M 86-09-12* Tron
M 86-09-14* Mystery of Kaspar Hauser
M 86-09-14* This Is Arena de Verona
M 86-09-15* Hitcher
M 86-09-15* King of the Gypsies
R 86-09-15 Le Regence lunch
B 86-09-16 Brown: AIDS, Cancer, and the Medical Establishment
E 86-09-16 Pavarotti at Madison Square Garden for Mary and me free fromMarty
M 86-09-16s My Chauffeur
M 86-09-16s Oceans of Fire
M 86-09-16s Smooth Talk
M 86-09-17* Jagged Edge
M 86-09-17* White Nights
M 86-09-18* Enemy Mine
B 86-09-19 Calvino: Mr. Palomar
M 86-09-19* Twice in a Lifetime
R 86-09-19 Cafe Pierre lunch with Sherryl
M 86-09-20s Pirate, The
M 86-09-20s Yanco
E 86-09-21 AIDS Benefit at Adonis
R 86-09-21 Heights Sea Grill lunch
M 86-09-22* Brazil
M 86-09-22* Napoleon
M 86-09-23s Gayracula (p)
M 86-09-23s Kismet
M 86-09-23s Stranded
M 86-09-23* Torvill and Dean
R 86-09-23 Cafe Pierre lunch with Mary
M 86-09-24s Down on the Farm (p)
M 86-09-24* Harvest of Despair
M 86-09-24s His Little Brother (p)
R 86-09-24 Chantal Care
M 86-09-25s Magnum Griffin Vol I (p)
M 86-09-25s That Boy Next Door (p)
M 86-09-26s Getting Off Campus (p)
M 86-09-26* Rocket Attack USA
M 86-09-26* Young Sherlock Holmes
R 86-09-26 Cafe Pierre with Susan
E 86-09-27 ECK Conference at Marquis
M 86-09-27s Bring Your Own Man (p)
M 86-09-27s Firsts (p)
M 86-09-27* Mystery of Edwin Drood (Rains)
M 86-09-27s Totally Awesome (p)
R 86-09-27 Atrium Cafe at MArriott
E 86-09-28 Park Slope Artists' Open House
M 86-09-28s King Solomon's Treasure
R 86-09-28 Raintrees lunch
P 86-09-29 Connections (Marj Mahle)
R 86-09-29 Westside Cottage
E 86-09-30 Cooper-Hewitt for "Hollywood" exhibit
E 86-09-30 David Hockney photos at ICP
E 86-09-30 Weber photos at Robert Miller Gallery/$54SwissPanorama:Rizzoli
R 86-09-30 Le Perigord lunch with Mary
R 86-09-30 West End Cafe with Norman Mapp singer(or Norman Mapp Singer)
E 86-10-02 Orchid Club of Staten Island with David Frost and lover
M 86-10-02* Runaway Train
M 86-10-02s Tub Studs (p)
R 86-10-02 Pier 76 (Staten Island)
I 86-10-03 Show Palace 9-12:30, and meet Mike Selleck
R 86-10-03 Top of Sixes
D 86-10-04 Riverside Dance
E 86-10-04 Met Mus for IsrealAntiquities/PianoArt/FrenchDrawngs/USSRPaintngs
R 86-10-04 Chirping Chicken
M 86-10-05* Ice Pirates
P 86-10-06 Ninety Nine [99] Commerce (Marj Mahle)
R 86-10-06 Arriba Arriba
I 86-10-10 Joe Easter stays here for a month after he loses his apartment
M 86-10-11* Orphans of the Storm
I 86-10-13 Doris and Joy for Russia-China slides with Dennis
M 86-10-13* Nicholar Nickleby (1947)
M 86-10-14s Hustler of Muscle Beach
M 86-10-14* Rosemary's Baby
D 86-10-15 New York Theatre Ballet Company at Riverside
M 86-10-15 Eureka (Roeg)
M 86-10-15 Insignificance (Roeg)
R 86-10-15 College Inn at Columbia
I 86-10-16 Buy spare keyboard and Daisy wheel and ribbons
R 86-10-16 Thai Taste
P 86-10-19 Juggler of Notre Dame (Marty's company production) at St. Barts
R 86-10-19 Heights Sea Grill
I 86-10-20 Dentist Mohajer
E 86-10-21 Vienna: 1900 exhibit
R 86-10-21 McGraw-Hill Cafeteria lunch with Helen Ferguson
M 86-10-22* Human Comedy (1942)
M 86-10-22* Prisoner of Zenda (Granger)
E 86-10-23 Pier Antique Show with Joe
M 86-10-23* Courage (Sophia Loren)
R 86-10-23 Raphael
M 86-10-24* Deadly Tower
M 86-10-24s Zastrozzi
E 86-10-25 Actualism meeting at Rutgers Church
R 86-10-25 Rizzo's
E 86-10-27 AIDS program at "Russell's Church"
M 86-10-27s Lost World
M 86-10-27s Titanic
R 86-10-27 Jams
B 86-10-28 Aurobindo: Life Divine, Vol I
I 86-10-28 Dr. Gertner at HIP
M 86-10-28* Dennis Southers cataract operation!
D 86-10-29 Joffrey Ballet: Arden Court/Esteemed Guests/Italian Suite
R 86-10-29 Castellano
M 86-10-30s Deathquake
M 86-10-30* Young Frankenstein
R 86-10-30 New Deal with Susan
M 86-11-01* Awakening, The (Heston)
M 86-11-01* When Worlds Collide
I 86-11-02 Joe Easter shows me his new apartment
M 86-11-02* Day of the Triffids (1980BBC, Dohn Duttine)
R 86-11-02 Zodiac Club on Brighton Beach Boulevard
E 86-11-03 AGMA Benefit at NYS Theatre
R 86-11-03 Felidia
D 86-11-04 Joffrey Ballet: Parade/Round of Angels/Valentine/Cloven Kingdom
M 86-11-04* Devil Doll
M 86-11-04* Rage of Paris
M 86-11-05* Vengeance (Brad Davis)
R 86-11-05 La Cote Basque
E 86-11-06 Wine tasting 7:30-10
M 86-11-06s Clash of Titans
M 86-11-06* Edge of Darkness (6-hr BBC)
R 86-11-07 Hanada Sushi Bar
D 86-11-08 Joffrey Ballet: (what?)
M 86-11-08s Bandits
M 86-11-08s Reflections in a Golden Eye (no nude on TV)
M 86-11-08s WarGames
M 86-11-09* Land of the Pharaohs
M 86-11-09* Sweet Charity
M 86-11-09* Three Days of the Condor
R 86-11-09 Mexicali (Restaurant #115 on Day #313)
M 86-11-11* Unnatural Causes (Agent Orange)
P 86-11-11 My Papa's Wine
B 86-11-12 Clarke: July 20, 2019
D 86-11-12 Joffrey Ballet: BirthdayVariations/Untitled/LoveSongs/LightRain
M 86-11-13* Down and Out in Beverly Hills
M 86-11-13* Legend
R 86-11-13 Hanada with Joe
I 86-11-15 Replace kitchen tiles
D 86-11-16 Israel Ballet
M 86-11-16* Candide (NYC Opera)
M 86-11-16* Fly, The
O 86-11-16* Candide (NYC Opera)
R 86-11-17 Tripoli
M 86-11-18* Wagner (Burton)
D 86-11-19 Lar Lubovitch: Mozart Concerto #622/Blood/Brahm's Symphony
E 86-11-19 Museum of Natural History for Art in Ice Age
E 86-11-19 Nan Golden "Sexual Dependency" at Burden Gallery
R 86-11-19 La Colonna lunch
R 86-11-19 Palio
I 86-11-20 Hearing for IRS payment
M 86-11-21* Hustler (second half)
R 86-11-21 La Metarie
E 86-11-22 Elizabeth Kubler-Ross at Riverside Church
E 86-11-22 NY Library for Max Ernst and New Yorker Exhibits
P 86-11-22 Flamenco Puro
R 86-11-22 Mont Blanc
B 86-11-23 Aurobindo: Life Divine, Vol II
E 86-11-23 Chrysanthemum exhibit at Bronx Botanical Gardens
R 86-11-23 Bronx Botanical Gardens Snuff Mill lunch
M 86-11-24* Blood on the Sun
M 86-11-24* Fantastic Voyage
M 86-11-24* Forbidden Planet
E 86-11-25 AT&T Infoquest/ Opal Lobby on 52nd and Lex
I 86-11-25 Show Palace 9-1AM
M 86-11-25* Night People
R 86-11-25 Barbetta
B 86-11-26 Heidegger: Being and Time (decide NOT to finish)
B 86-11-27 Heidegger: Basic Writings
M 86-11-28s American in Paris
M 86-11-28s Snow White and the Three Stooges
R 86-11-28 Brasserie Bijou (was and is Ruelle's)
M 86-11-29* Brat Farrar
M 86-11-29* Nazi Agent
E 86-11-30 South Street Seaport and Living Christmas Tree
M 86-11-30* Fire and Ice (Bakshi)
M 86-11-30* Nutcracker (Vasiliev, Maximova, Gordeyev, Pavlova)
R 86-11-30 Anita's Swedish Brunch
R 86-11-30 Sloppy Louie's
E 86-12-01 Sartre Reading 8PM with Joe
M 86-12-01* Backstage at the Kirov
M 86-12-01* Four Seasons (Maazel conducting)
M 86-12-01* Spartacus (Vasiliev)
R 86-12-01 Arturo's Pizza
R 86-12-01 Cafe Mondain
E 86-12-02 Met Mus for Van Gogh
M 86-12-02s Brother Sun, Sister Moon
P 86-12-02 Broadway Bound (Simon)
M 86-12-03* Anna Karenina (Plisetskaya)
M 86-12-03* Carmen (Plisetskaya)
M 86-12-03s Terry Fox Story
M 86-12-03* Western Light (Music)
R 86-12-03 La Colombe D'Or
B 86-12-04 Boehme: Mysterium Magnum, Vol I
M 86-12-04* Little Hump-Backed Horse
M 86-12-04* Turandot (Marton)
O 86-12-04* Turandot (Marton)
R 86-12-04 Cafe Saint-Martin
R 86-12-05 Miraku
E 86-12-06 AIDS controversies at Hunter
M 86-12-07* Permanent Vacation
M 86-12-07s Something for Joey
E 86-12-08 Ralph Lauren's shop
I 86-12-08 Buy Scottish paperweight for $60
R 86-12-08 Perigord-Park lunch
M 86-12-09* Murders of the Rue Morgue (George C. Scott)
M 86-12-09* Napoleon (Guitry)
M 86-12-09s Swiss Family Robinson (1960)
R 86-12-09 Chanterelle with Dennis (Restaurant #173 in 354 days)
D 86-12-10 Alvin Ailey LarkAscending/LoveSongs/ForBirdwithLove/Revelations
M 86-12-10* Guadalcanal Diary
E 86-12-11 Champagne tasting at gym 7-9
I 86-12-11 Game of Life started on index-cards
R 86-12-11 Grand Canyon
B 86-12-12 Boehme: Mysterium Magnum, Vol II (end of mystics!)
R 86-12-12 La Petite Auberge for Actualism Christmas Party
M 86-12-13* It's a Wonderful Life (color)
B 86-12-14 Hegel: Annotated Selections (3 books to go!)
M 86-12-14* Glitter Dome
M 86-12-14s Smokey Mountain Christmas
D 86-12-15 Dennis Wayne Dancers
R 86-12-15 hamburger Harry
M 86-12-16* Before Stonewall
M 86-12-16* Rmtha: Change, The Days Ahead (8 hrs)
D 86-12-17 Dennis Wayne Dancers
M 86-12-17s Move Over Johnny (p)
M 86-12-17s Preppy Summer (p)
M 86-12-17s Route 69 (p)
R 86-12-17 Hunan House
I 86-12-18 Marty Sokol dies at 56 years old!
M 86-12-18s Blonds Do It Best (p)
M 86-12-18s Brian's Boys (p)
M 86-12-18s Brothers Should Do It (p)
M 86-12-18* Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde (Tracy)
M 86-12-18* Fledermaus (Chicago Ballet)
M 86-12-19s Fade Out (p)
M 86-12-19s Falconhead (p)
M 86-12-19s Hotel Hell (p)
M 86-12-19* It's a Wonderful World
M 86-12-19s Tuareg: Desert Warrior
E 86-12-20 Actualism Class Christmas party here 5PM to 12
I 86-12-21 Marty Sokol services
M 86-12-21 Vendemaire (Feuillade)
R 86-12-21 Diane's Uptown
M 86-12-22s California Summer (p)
M 86-12-22s Falconhead II (p)
M 86-12-22s Family Affair (p)
M 86-12-22s Golden Years (p)
M 86-12-22* Great Waltz, The
M 86-12-22s Last Surfer (p)
M 86-12-22s Leo and Lance (p)
M 86-12-22s Ziegfeld Follies
E 86-12-23 Met Mus 6:30-8:45
M 86-12-23s Diary (p)
M 86-12-23s New Breed (p)
M 86-12-23s Pipeline (p)
R 86-12-23 Parioli Romanissimo
M 86-12-24* Gods Must Be Crazy (party here for 6 people)
M 86-12-24* Holiday
M 86-12-25s Leather Bond (p)
M 86-12-25s Men and Steel (p)
M 86-12-25s Something Wild (p)
M 86-12-25* Swiss Miss
R 86-12-26 Argenteuil
M 86-12-27s Thinking Big (p)
M 86-12-27s Tough Competition (p)
M 86-12-28 Miserables, Les (1925) (7.5 hrs)
M 86-12-28* Yellowbeard (Martin Hewitt as Dan)
R 86-12-28 La Fondue
B 86-12-29 Hegel: Phenomenology of Mind (decide to STOP READING)
M 86-12-29s Catching Up (p)
M 86-12-29* Curlew River
M 86-12-29s Sizing Up (p)
M 86-12-29s Strictly Forbidden (p)
B 86-12-30 Sartre: Being and Nothingness (decide to STOP READING)
M 86-12-30s Big Surprise (p)
M 86-12-30* Choose Me
M 86-12-30* Death Stalker
M 86-12-30* Fantastic Animation Festival
M 86-12-30s Rough Cut (p)
M 86-12-30s Sleaze (p)
R 86-12-30 Fortune House lunch
B 86-12-31 Misner and Wheeler: Gravitation (decide to STOP READING)
R 86-12-31 Ville de Saigon