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8/21/89: OOB PAGE: OOBA P.44: EXERCISE 1: General Belief Work
Myself: I'm smart, great, good, inquisitive, investigative, determined, somewhat lazy, opportunistic, sometimes difficult to be with. I want to learn how to have OOBEs for the reasons noted on NOTEBOOK 490. I'm willing to try, figuring that SOME people have had oobes, so why can't I?
AFFIRMATION: I CAN have oobes!
Work: I've finished most of my work for 1989 and have lots of time for new interests.
AFFIRMATION: I CAN have oobes!
Relationships: I don't have a special one now, and I'd like to get one. Maybe I can find one in the neighborhood by oobes! At least I can find the hidden cuties!
AFFIRMATION: I CAN have oobes!
SEX: VERY important; would like to share more with others, even if only voyeuristically.
AFFIRMATION: I CAN have oobes!
My body: Increasing aches and pains. Would like to get OUT of it to enjoy more mobility.
AFFIRMATION: I CAN have oobes!
My worth: GREAT worth, great mind, great intuition: I think this will WORK, so I repeat: AFFIRMATION: I CAN have oobes!
Aging: WEED out negative thoughts about it. I know more and can share more. I feel less driven and more relaxed, capitalize on the relaxation and learning and: AFFIRMATION: I CAN have oobes!
My children: got none.
Health: Just took the third annual HIV test, and scheduled Dr. Chin for 8/12 appointment to find what's curable and what isn't. ALL is curable; I'm going to be FINE.
AFFIRMATION: I CAN have oobes!
My intuition: I'm quite intuitives, and I think I'll get something by doing all this!
AFFIRMATION: I CAN have oobes!
My spouse: got none.
My power: got a lot, could channel it more effectively, like into having oobes as soonest.
AFFIRMATION: I CAN have oobes!
Men: Love 'em; wanna see more of 'em; let's get out there and look at them, maybe touch?
AFFIRMATION: I CAN have oobes!
Women: Can leave 'em alone. No rapist I. Will avoid them and not trouble them at all.
AFFIRMATION: I CAN have oobes!
Money: Would like more of it; if I can go into the future obviously I can get LOTS of it!
AFFIRMATION: I CAN have oobes!
To summarize: AFFIRMATION: I CAN have oobes!
p.60: EXER.2: Examining Relevant Beliefs
Subject Area 1: THE RETURN TRIP: Am I at all uneasy about leaving my body because I think I might wind up not coming back? No; if I'm wise enough to leave it I'm wise enough to return to it. No one's ever been "lost in space." There's no problem in my mind about the return trip.
Subject Area 2: DEGREE OF DIFFICULTY: In general, how easy or difficult do I believe it is to induce oobes? I think the FIRST one is the hardest, but so MANY people have them SPONTANEOUSLY that there MUST be a way of inducing them, and I'll do anything I can to go along with anyone's thought-out approach to it
Specifically, how easy or difficult do I feel it's going to be for me to induce fully conscious oobes? I don't think it's going to be EASY, but it's not going to be IMPOSSIBLE, either. I'll phone the guy on Governor's Island to find how he's getting along; I'll take an intensive course if Rick sends me information on it, and I'll conscientiously do whatever exercises he recommends, like this.
Why do I feel this way? This attitude has worked for me in the past, it should again in the future with this. I've gotten "esp" experiences from Actualism, so I can from oobes.
Subject Area 3: PREREQUISITE TALENT: Do I believe that doing oobes requires some sort of talent? No, since people (like Vicki) can do it spontaneously, why shouldn't I be able to do it if I APPLY myself toward that end. To what degree do I believe I have what it takes to become an astral adventurer? I love to travel on the GROUND, and would love to get to even MORE and more exciting places (and times!) I have enthusiasm; I'm willing to do anything within reason to facilitate my learning how to have oobes.
Subject Area 4: FEELING SAFE. How safe do I feel in my life? VERY safe; I've never had problems about being gay and confessing it appropriately (like to the writing group-guy on the phone just now who offered me a "nice girl in the neighborhood." I feel safe TRAVELING, so I should be able to transfer that to feeling safe in ASTRAL traveling. I love the unknown and the new. Wonderful!
Do I feel that the world is a threatening place? No at all; I KNOW it's an exciting place; talked some guy into going to Costa Rica when I said that everyone told me not to go to Guatemale, and I did and had a VERY safe time.
Specifically, what am I afraid of in my world? Disease, sickness, and death, so I do whatever I can to forestall all three of them. oobes should help me.
Subject Area 5: SAFETY AND OOBES. How safe do I feel about leaving my body? This seems a strange question since I've never BEEN out of the body. But I THINK that I'd feel safe in leaving my body: as many say, I can always "stick around" until I prove I can get in and out. I can take short trips, taking stock of landmarks, so that I could get back PHYSICALLY, independently of the innate "homing system" that all astral travelers report so confidently. Do I feel that leaving my body might be dangerous in any way? No, if there WERE danger, I think the people instructing how easy and safe this has always been would have put in SOME cautionary material. Since there isn't any, I can't see that I would be the first to wander into some forbidden area or situation.
Subject Area 6: OUT OF BOUNDS: To what degree do I feel that deliberately inducing oobes is a natural or unnatural activity? Being gay, what tolerance have I of OTHERS proclaiming ANYTHING an unnatural activity? Is there any doubt in my mind about the wisdom of tampering with this stuff? Since you really can't TOUCH anything, and nothing can touch you, there's no POSSIBILITY of tampering, let alone the "wisdom" of tampering.
Subject Area 7: DESIRE: Just how much do I really want to have these experiences? I WANT TO, I REALLY WANT TO. I'LL try ANYTHING to have them!!!
How strong is my desire? VERY strong; VERY compelling; VERY convincing--VERY!!
Why do I want to leave my body? For my adventures, for my knowledge, for my intuition, for my wisdom, for my development, for my excitement, for the satisfaction of my curiosity.
Subject Area 8: VALUE: How important do I this this work is? VERY important: if people learn how to DO it, nuclear secrecy and espionage would become a thing of the past: a state devoutly desirable. It could be the most important work on earth at this time for simple racial survival. How do I rate the value of this work compared to other work in my life? For the EXTRA value, it's tops. I have to index for income, continue with Actualism, talk to friends, but for a NEW project, this is of the highest priority. Specifically, why do I think this work is important? I already answered that at the start of this.
Subject Area 9: COMMITMENT: How willing am I to give this work some priority in my life? I'm NOW devoting my ENTIRE time to this work. What higher priority can it have. I HAVE my affirmation: I CAN have oobes! I'm doing these exercises NOW; nothing has a higher priority AT THIS MOMENT IN MY LIFE. Am I ready to commit time and energy to working with oobes? I HAVE done and I AM doing and I WILL do exactly that. Just how much priority am I willing to give this project? For the next 30 days I will faithfully do EVERYTHING Rick specifies in his book.
Subject Area 10: GOOD AND EVIL: Describe my ideas about good and evil. Evil (darkness) will be totally defeated by good (light): there will be TOTAL light and NO darkness. Darkness CANNOT stand against the strongest of lights. Do I believe there are evil forces out there that we should worry about? No, even contrary to Actualism I don't believe in DISEMBODIED dark forces, but I sure believe in EMBODIED dark forces: politicians, despoilers, murderers, spies, plotters, schemers, rapists, child molesters, criminals of all shapes and forms How might my beliefs about good and evil affect my upcoming work with oobes? Since I believe light SUFFUSES the universe, my belief can only HELP oobes.
Subject Area 11: OWNING MY POWER: What do I believe about my power to create my reality? I was grateful to est for promulgating what I'd always believed: I have the power and the responsibility over my own creativity and reality. I can use this power to help me attain oobes. In what areas of my life do I feel powerless? Solely in infinitely postponing my own death, though I have fantasies of continuing after death, hoping to create upper, surviving levels through my work with Actualism and even oobes. To what degree do I feel I own my power and can use it to bring what I want into my life? MY power is MY power; it seems tautologically true that I can use it for anything I want.
Subject Area 12: OTHER LIMITING BELIEFS: Write down any other limiting beliefs or issues that come to mind when thinking about doing oobes. I'd already said that I was skeptical about traveling into the future, since the time-traveler would have TOO MUCH INFLUENCE over the world. It would be GREAT, but I'm skeptical about it. But I'm NOT skeptical about the BASIC IDEA of oobes; too many people have ACTUALLY had them to deny their existence; so the basic idea is: if THEM, why not ME!?

p.63: EXERCISE 3: Identifying Restricting Beliefs. I CAN have oobes! p.67: "The idea is to get as excited and pumped up about this work as possible." THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I'M DOING THIS MOMENT!!

p.68: EXERCISE 4:Formulating Affirmations and Visualizations. All my affirmations are currently positive ones. So this exercise has already been accomplished.

p.73: EXERCISE 5: Using Your Affirmations and Visualizations. See next page for CONCRETE LIST FOR DAILY WORK ON OOBES!

p.139: EXERCISE 6:Meeting Reincarnational Selves. Try this and the following ones AFTER my first series of oobes.

p.140: EXERCISE 7:Traveling Through Time.

p.140: EXERCISE 8: Visiting ChildhoodSelf

p.141: EXERCISE 9: Meeting an Older Me

p.142:EXERCISE 10:Experiencing EternalNow

And from inside back cover: Vern Meyer, 212-825-0841 after 5:30.

8/21/89: Type note misdated 11/10/89: CONCRETE LIST FOR DAILY WORK ON OOBES
1. p.73: Set aside a time each day to do mental work. Relax the mind. Say my affirmation with feeling. Allow myself to believe what I am saying as I say it: I CAN have oobes! Repeat the statement over and over. See the event actually occurring. See myself moving effortlessly out of my body. FEEL the exhilaration and excitement accompanying my success. Work about twenty minutes. Don't miss a day. Do my affirmations for a week or so prior to using the induction techniques. I can try them NOW!

2. p.84: Record my dreams. I've always done this; continue. p.87: Dream appreciation. APPRECIATE them. p.88: Directing dreams. First decide what kind of dream I want to have: Tonight I will have a dream about having an oobe!

3. p.92: Have a LUCID dream, in which I REALIZE I am dreaming.

4. p.103: TECHNIQUE #1: a) Wake from sleep of 3.5-4 hours. b) Deliberately stay awake for a short period of time (5-30 minutes) before trying oobe. c) Make oobe just prior to dawn. d) Give myself simple concise suggestions designed to initiate oobes:

"I am going to have an out-of-body experience. I am going to let myself go to sleep, but I am going to bring this waking consciousness with me wherever I go. I am going to leave my body with full awareness."

e) Repeat this, letting my mind drift. f) Record experiences.

5. p.108: TECHNIQUE #2 (from hypnagogic state): a) Tell myself that I am going to catch myself in the act of going to sleep and then lift out of my physical body. Let myself relax into sleep and observe the process:

"I am going to become alert and aware in the middle of falling asleep, and then I will lift out of my body."

6. p.110: When I find myself in a lucid dream, I can convert it to a consciously experienced oobe by realizing that my physical body is asleep in bed and I am somewhere else. Stay light and playful. Tell myself that I am going to wake up within a dream & realize I am dreaming. Then convert to oobe.

7. p.111: TECHNIQUE #3: Shout: "I'm dreaming" when in a dream. Then oobe.

8. p.111: TECHNIQUE #4: Tell myself that I am going to fly in a dream and realize that I am out-of-body. Imagine myself soaring joyfully over mountains or valleys or wherever I wish.

9. p.112: TECHNIQUE #5: IN a lucid dream, tell myself that I am going to return to my physical body WITHOUT waking up. Then will myself to float right out in the room.

10. p.116: Ask myself "Am I dreaming or not?" 5-10 times a day. Do it in dream!

11. p.117: Focus on my body as I am falling asleep. When my body feels immobile, imagine that I have another, movable body that can separate from my immobile body.

12. p.117: Next time I'm dreaming, I want to remember to recognize I'm dreaming. Wake up and sleep with this thought.

13. p.123: Meet my inner self. p.125: Meet teachers and guides. p.126: Increase clarity of awareness. p.126: Fly. p.127: Meet friends. p.128: Astral sex.

9/8/89: ELEVEN DAYS since I last did ANYTHING on the computer! Well, not really, since I typed a dream on 9/2, SIX days ago, that I hadn't PRINTED out.

9/11/89: Well, it's come at last: I've read all the books I want to read, bought all the books I can, scheduled all the restaurants until I'm actually ahead of schedule for the month, phoned everyone I can think to phone (with Spartacus on a trip and Rolf in Wisconsin for two weeks, Alice not home and just talked to Joe, there's not much left!), did an index about a week early (with no others left to do, although Joanne Kane is supposed to phone me tomorrow about a final estimate on all HER jobs), went to the gym, ate lunch- dinner, washed dishes, and sat down at the computer to type the last dream note on 309, and now it's 7:13PM and I have absolutely nothing that I WANT to do. Oh, sure, I'd thought 1) I could go through and find out how much I lost on the sale of stocks when I liquidated my "regular" stock account, 2) I could go out cruising somewhere, 3) I could actually work on some writing, 4) I could play WORM for the first time in ages---and that's what I'll do NOW! So I played until 9:17PM, getting onto the tally-board (in fifth, but that's on the tally- board!) with 1080, and exhausting my desire for THAT. Well, let's go THROUGH the stock account! And I do THAT from 9:30PM to 1:30PM, a GREAT job WELL done!

9/12/89: VISIT TO DR. CHIN: Get there at 1:03 and IN at 1:05PM!! 1) He gives me a form for a fasting cholesterol/triglyceride/glucose test I do the next day, saying that if triglycerides are still as high as 590 he'll give me medication to protect me from PANCREATITIS, a danger wih high triglycerides, NOT much felt danger for heart attacks AS YET. 2) My new forehead-sore MIGHT be an actinic keratosis (though I say that since I go LITTLE into the sun, this up under my floppy hair could HARDLY be caused by sunlight) and I should get a dermatologist's appointment. 3) My tendinitis in the right elbow may come back and I should brush teeth 5-5-5 minutes rather than 15 minutes together; the first sign of arthritis is usually in the BACK, and bursitis can't be found on X-rays, they'd have to take some sort of aspiration which doesn't sound like fun. Exercise is OK so long as I don't jerk the muscles. Also, my calcium level is normal, so that doesn't seem to be a problem. 4) He gives me a note to set up for a COMPLETE physical with Dr. Lee, saying that my prostate exam IS important, so I get one for October 17, five weeks away! 5) I ask about the fat/muscle ratio test at the gym and he says water-displacement method is accurate but doesn't react to the NIR machinery---I have to get more information from the gym, which I try Wednesday but they don't have time to talk to me and no one lower KNOWS. 6) NO carotid noise means no GROSS deposits but it's not a very FINE test, so BOTH were rather right. 7) Oral glucose tests are now given only to PREGNANT diabetics, figuring the glucose figures on the blood test are diagnostic enough for my possible diabetes. 8) My eyes can still be changing, so it's OK if I make another ophthalmologist's appointment.
So ONE meeting gives me THREE appointments: dermatologist 9/27, Lee 10/17, and ophthalmologist!

9/17/89: Watching "Cantinas Latinas" on TV and finish the AWFULNESS of "Funny Dirty Little War" where the people are so AWFUL and selfish and killing and stupid, and then NEXT comes Mercedes Sosa, just one older woman sweetly singing songs that she's written about how things can be awful AND how things can be beautiful, like looking out to her audience "And seeing the man I love." How simple and how sweet and how GREATLY to be desired, and is it the CONTRAST OF EXTREME DARKNESS AND EXTREME LIGHTNESS that makes all this so poignant, that leads me to type this RIGHT after I notice the thought, leaving everything that's "out" (like finishing TV tapes, gluing scrapbook, sorting and listing slides, reading books) and all that's "yet to do" (like getting vitamins, writing the Casteneda index-proposal, publishing Indexing Handbook, getting a lover, working on AIDS House, reading books, writing other things), just to capture THIS moment, and type out the page and get on to the next thing, like saving ONE AIDS baby for TWO years hoping to learn to save others for MORE time.

9/20/89: 9/15/89 note: Michio Kaku talks 8:15-9:42, but answers our questions even as we're locked out of the building at 10:57PM! He's on WBAI every Wednesday evening 7:30-8:30. Tonight's talk: "Entering the Tenth Dimension." He gave a reductionist talk last year, this year's talk will be wholistic. Einstein BELIEVED in multiply-connected universes. Quantum bubbling in NOTHING grew and fissioned to 4-D and 6-D universes. 4-D universe expanded WHILE 6-D universe contracted 20 billion years ago. It progressed through Guth's Inflationary period, and THEN came the "Big Bang." Time was created WITH the first bubble-universe. Hawking's wormholes connect 10-D bubbles. 4-D explained in Flatland terms. Einstein: Gravitational force is GEOMETRY, "There is no such thing as force." Mu.Nu = 1, 2, 3, 4. LIGHT comes from 5-D, or the Kaluza-Klein theory, giving Maxwell's equation. Each dimension ADDED pops ANOTHER force out of the universe. 8-D yields the Yang-Mills theory and quarks. Gravity isn't a FORCE, it's GEOMETRY. You SIT tracing a 4-D hyperpath in 10-D space. As dimensional gateways, string can't CONSISTENTLY vibrate in "only" 10-D. Ramanujan worked out elliptic modular function, which is MOST bizarre, in 8-D + 2-D = 10-D. He came to the numbers 8 and 24 in a DREAM, which got to the Hardy-Ramanujan function (which has an exponent of 1/24)! in 24-D. "Ed Witten is one of the smartest men," and I'd just looked into his "Superstring Theory 1" (which I notice comes from the New York STATE Library in ALBANY!) to find the H-R function. Wormholes CALLED Einstein- Rosen bridges, and are the same as black holes. (Roy) Kerr solution for SPINNING black holes. Lewis Carroll READ Reimann and 4-D. NO 10-D theory can be proved by 4-D EINSTEIN theory. Kaku wrote the equations for the "string-field theory" in 1974! G%odel: IF universe is rotating, you can go FASTER than light. But universe DOESN'T rotate. Kip THORNE wrote November New York Times article on a time machine: "First get a wormhole." BUT you need the energy of a STAR! Kaku describes a Type I civilization as harnessing the energy of an earth, a Type II civilization as mining the SUN, and a Type III civilization as harnessing sectors of galaxies! WE get to Type I in 200-300 years. Knowledge DOUBLES every 20 years. We CAN detect Type II WASTE HEAT now, but there are NONE within a distance of 100 light-years. SSC will find Higgs boson, 4th quark, and SIGNALS from 10-D. 10-D theory is WHOLISTIC: You must understand it ALL. Kaku believes in big-crunch/big-bang CYCLE. Gerald Feinberg, at Columbia, says "At crunch, we go through WINDOW to 6-D universe. It's thousands of years for us to become a Type II civilization. STAR has ZERO energy: gravitational energy is negative, mass is equal and positive, so the sum is identically equal to zero---so you don't need ANY ENERGY to create a star! Schr%odinger's cat lives in universe 1, is dead in universe 2. Hawking: SMALLEST quantum is the WHOLE universe! GRAVITY necessary for the universe is "10" and the visible mass of the universe is "1", so the missing mass is "9". NOW we think that the "measure of the universe" is E(8)xE(8), where the SECOND E(8) IS the missing mass. "Dark matter is the WARPING of 10-D universe." NO hydrogen-burning stars are POSSIBLE in a 5-D universe, so we HAVE to live in a 4-D universe. The 1948 or 1953 "Truman top-secret UFO" is declared to be a hoax by Kaku, who says that the document has NONE of the regular markings of the government and MUST be a forgery. "Eyes front=Hunters; Eyes side=Hunted." NASA predicts a 2015 landing on Mars. "Nonlocality IS the way it IS" is how he answers my question about Bell's theorem "proving" nonlocality. String theory WILL give masses of quarks. It WILL be complete when married to relativity, per Kaku. "In beginning was '1' and it PRODUCED the universe." Einstein says time NEVER goes backward. G%odel says you FULFIL the future. Hawking: You CAN tunnel between bifurcating FORKS in universe. ALLOWABLE time-travel scenario in Heinlein's story of hermaphrodite marrying self and giving BIRTH to self. FULLY quantized 10-D theories bifurcate---with PROVABLE MEASUREMENTS. This goes to 10:42, when they chase us from the room. B%ohm MAY be right, but CURRENT theory is MUCH more elegant and ACCEPTED by today's physicists. Out at 10:57PM, reeling with thoughts & not knowing WHERE to go to eat DINNER tonight!

9/21/89: TOSCANA dinner: pre: zucchini on toast. 1) tuna tartare with red pepper slivers and lettuce leafs, 2) duck breast slices on mushroom slices and RICH sauce and escarole. 3) vegetable zucchini ravioli and cheese is GREAT (and their handout seems to give the menu for it!). 4) risotto and asparagus is the BEST risotto I ever ate---GREAT! 5) Red snapper and HARD white potato and green beans are merely OK. Alice ordered our first $22 bottle of Pinot Grigio, and then we got two GLASSES of a VERY DIFFERENT Pinot Grigio for $9 for two, and with three cheeses, one a zesty Gorgonzola, one a smelly lovely, and another softer one, we SHARED a glass of RED wine, good with the slices of pear. Desserts together were a creamy tirami su that went marvelously with the raspberries and strawberries. Coffee and cookies, which were even REPLACED when Alice went to the john and I paid the final bill of $208, she gave me $7 for the taxi so I gave him $13 for the $10.50 bill. So a $222 dinner bill if I count the subway token that GOT me there!

9/26/89: LIBRARY research: before meeting Michael and Dorothy at the Rolfing Center for dinner, I decided to clear up some things-to-do at the Main branch of the NY Public Library. I condensed all the things that I wanted to look up onto one slip of paper, throwing away many slips accumulated over time, and got 1) No CATNYP listing for Herb Ritts: Pictures, but since 1989 Books in Print listed the 144 page book for $55.00 from Twin Palms (J/O?) Publications, I put the clipped listing into the book-find list in case it turns up cheaper priced. 2) Physics Letters turns into the Physical Review Letters which is printed WEEKLY at $85 for members and $675 for non-members of the American Physical Society. Authors pay $300/letter and $100/comment or reply! I look at Volume 63 #12, 9/18/89, and it's VERY technical and mathematical, a FEW on strings.
3) Books in Print lists only Summer Souvenirs by Ken Haak, $12.95 96-page paper by St. Martin's Press, and I note to check it at Hudson gay-book shop.
4) From the Ballard Re-Search book: Crash Injuries by Jacob Kulowski isn't in CATNYP but in Books in Print it's 1524 pages $120.50 photocopy of 1960 edition. 5) New Good Housekeeping Medical Guide isn't carried in the library, she says, because people tear out pages they want and they can't keep the book complete, why don't I try Barnes and Noble. Of course! And get others, too, which I survey and include in my 9/28/89 letter to Swanson of Mayo Clinic.
6) From Superstrings page 272 I get note about 1986 Nature article by Sparling about Physics in Twistors, and Reading Room says this is in Science and Technology Room 121. Down to have librarian use databank to isolate Sparling article from May 22 issue, Volume 321, pages 417-419. Nature is also published weekly for $240/year to USA. Get that volume: p.403: "August 1985 they MAY have found a magnetic monopole, but they don't really think so." From page 418 I copy formula i: for m (dimension) greater than 2, a del sub a is identically equal to the Levi-Civita connector (LCC): this is described as the Einstein vacuum equations. Formula ii (for m = 4) gives the LCC minus the quantity (F sub a sup b x nu sub b - 1/4 nu sub a x F sub bc x nu sup b x nu sup c) x nu sub 5 (that sub seems a mistake, but maybe not): this is described as containing the full Einstein-Maxwell equations. Formula iii (for m = 11) gives the LCC minus the product (F sub a sup bcd)(nu sub b)(nu sub c)(nu sub d) + product (1/12)(nu sub a)(F sup bcde)(nu sub b)(nu sub c)(nu sub d)(nu sub c): this is described as giving full equations of classical 11-dimensional super- gravity. I don't understand it at all, but at least I satisfied my curiosity!
7) Computer Shopper skimmed while waiting has LOTS of ads, none Atari or TRS.
8) Day, Donald Index to the Science-Fiction Magazines 1926-1950 was in Reference at the Main Brooklyn Library, so I assumed it would be in Manhattan, and I got call number and was told *BS-NAL was in Reading Room, and I found "The Brain" in October 1948 Amazing by Alexander Blade was HEINRICH HAUSER, who also wrote in HIS name "Agharti" in Amazing June 1946 and "Titan's Battle" in Amazing March 1947. So it wasn't the possible penname of Edmond Hamilton or Robert Silverberg as it could have been in the 1951-1965 volume. So I got THAT note processed, received on 5/21/89 from Ian at the Mensa Games group here.

9/27/89: Picked up NEC left 9/12 with list generated 9/10: 1) Crimp problems on SECOND recording, 2) RECORDING leaves lines 1/4 way from top of screen, 3) playing tape, and it stopped, blinking, on tape X, and it did it twice more, 4) tape W (in player when I left it) in first 130 marks, records four channels no good, and the VOLUME is gone after 1/2 hour. Marty says "Sounds like a timing problem; if the tape were moving SLOWLY it would account for it." I was glad it sounded like ONE adjustment on this third-time-in problem. Picked it up with the note that the head was cleaned. I remarked "It didn't sound like problem as Marty described it," and the woman remarked "If the head were dirty it might slow down the tape." Got it back and found that tape W seemed PERMANENTLY damaged. Oh, and she asked me about 8-hour tape (saying this was the first she heard of it), and I said I didn't think I'd be getting any MORE, since they seemed to be causing all the problems (they were the FOUR tapes that Marty turned back today for $2 apiece, or $8, as well as $25.98 for a new bulk- tape card for 12 rentals). Recorded last night and looks OK, now to SLOWLY test the 8-hour tapes, maybe ONLY on the RCA for awhile??


9/27/89: Gewurtz (dermatologist) at HIP, and by coincidence my last visit to him was 9/28/88, just 364 days ago. [Duplicated on PERM 301.2]: Salve for forehead #2, OK bumps in hair, even if bleed; he can remove them if I'm bothered by them. 2) Two shin-front new bumps: no problem. 3) Back: black like Mom's to be removed: seborrheic keratosis, no NEED to take them off, but will if I want him to. No. 4) Right eyelash lid itchy: salve for remedy. 5) right bumps between 3-4 fingerweb: use same salve. Nothing to worry about in any of it.

9/27/89 note: 10/2/89: Ling (optometrist) at HIP: 1) He can't see the permanent dark-floater in my left eye, but says that it's perfectly normal; it may or may not go away, but it's just a normal part of aging. 2) When I asked him about not seeming to need reading glasses, he said I should make an appointment with Dr. Harzvi, so as not to be shunted off to some outside place where they'll try to sell me glasses I may not need. He said my eyes were fine, and when he finally found my charts from the previous year (he'd seemed to recognize me), he said that my eyeball pressure and other readings were PRECISELY the same as before, which is a sign of good health. Quick appointment that I felt good about, even though he'd gotten in late that day and took me 1.5 hours after my scheduled time.

9/27/89 note: 10/17/89: Dr. Lee (for physical) at HIP: he laughed when I told him that Dr. Chin was my physician and HE told me to make an appointment with Dr. Lee after I said I wasn't pleased with the cursory 15-minute exam with Dr. Daoud---it seems that your physician NOW is supposed to give the physical, so I've got to be sure to remind Dr. Chin that HE has to give me my NEXT one. He dismissed the yellowness of my urine without telling me what it might be, said that I should make an appointment with a urologist for the blood in the semen, and said (rather dismissively I thought) that in order to curb my appetite and lose weight (he didn't believe in diet pills) I'd HAVE to be hungry. Not pleased with his glibness, but felt I got a good exam even though he's VERY young---and a bit surprised that he ASKED if I was gay when talking about various diseases.

9/27/89 note: 10/25/89: Dr. Rottenberg (urology) has his own little feifdom which took me INSTANTLY that I showed up. He talked very easily, making himself comforting to talk intimately with, and laughed that "he had more experience" when he poked his finger (rather painfully) up my rectum and suggested that I may have had a small prostatic infection that caused the blood in the semen, and suggested that I not drink (though the blood was all over with and I had a wine-tasting TONIGHT) when I have an infection, but otherwise I'm just fine!

10/11/89: LOADS OF THOUGHTS ON "Physics and the Ultimate Significance of Time:" 1) "Out of nowhere" comes "Whiteheadian process philosophy" around which physicists flock to talk of "Einstein time" and "process time" and "becoming." Is there so little CONCRETE for physicists to do that they can pursue "outmoded" philosophical systems?
2) If Whitehead, who wrote "so long ago," is becoming popular, might we REVERT to interest in Everett's many-world interpretation, or the Lorentz theory of the electron as described in Bohm's "Special Theory of Relativity," or some OTHER "had-been-off-the-wall-but-let's-take-it-up-again" theory?
3) Bjelland and Bergson and Prigogine, in PUST, have such NIGGLY modifications of Whiteheadian or Stappian or Bohmian theory, couching their arguments in seeming-scientific terms as "dipolar monism" (p.225) and "monistic dualism" (p.228) which seem CERTAINLY to be gobbledy-gook, that it hardly seems worth devoting the time to READING them. Which leads to:
4) Maybe I'm following the field TOO CLOSELY. Just as in following restaurants so closely I find that those ANNOUNCED might not even open, or those that are thought to be one thing turn into another thing, or even someplace that might be successful (like the Festival) turns out to be so short-lived as to make having been there almost inconsequential---so in trying to keep in the FOREFRONT of physics (previously I'd been essentially trying to CATCH UP with the advancing wave---have I now reached the crest which is foaming in many directions which will turn out to be dead ends?) I now have to put up with theories that will fall into disuse or be replaced with something better, but I don't know WHICH will succeed as the root of another flourishing branch--- except that it would be exciting to be able to say "I went to one of the FIRST lectures on superstrings by Kaku" if he's eventually hailed as the new Einstein. Davies and Peat and Bohm and Witten all seem to be writing away, but possibly to end up moldering on used-book shelves as unread as flat-earthers. 5) But the FIELD has changed, too, in that EXPERIMENTS have been severely restricted by the enormous energies needed to perform them: if only SLAC at Stanford and LEP at CERN have powerful-enough facilities to investigate new experimental areas, no wonder research takes teams of 75 physicists (who have nothing better to do experimentally) and 75 OTHER physicists are scribbling madly with equations that may be INVENTIONS rather than TRUTHS, which leads to:
6) Theories appear to be equation-specific without regard for COMMON-SENSE interpretations---or rather, REALITY is TAKEN to be so ADHERENT to their equations that an entire BOOK, like PUST, can be written about TIME, which intuitively seems so SIMPLE, yet can be pulled and pushed with equations into a) nonexistence, b) complete reversibility (even to boiling water freezing), c) Einstein formula-time of instants, d) PUST's niggly SLICES and WEDGES and ARROWS and INFINITIES of time (how silly to say that the S-matrix goes from "positive infinity" to "negative infinity" rather than just "an interaction of two or more particles" as would be "sensorily reasonable." And then Bohm in STOR twists the REALITY of the senses by saying "it really agrees more with quantum mechanics than it does with classical mechanics." But then:
7) SOME books imply that quantum mechanics is SO perfect that it's the FINAL theory, including being ABSOLUTELY COMPLETE with no HIDDEN VARIABLES. THEN I read that a) it needs 3n dimensions for each n particle being considered (does that mean that superstrings' 12-D equations are for only 4 particles and 26-D equations are for 8 2/3 particles?) b) it requires that no signals be propagated faster than the speed of light (locality) but suddenly Bell's theorem REQUIRES nonlocality, c) (per PUST 283) quantum mechanics has "a number of distinct formulations of the theory" which implies (even though they have the same experimental results) that they're OVER-generalized so that ANYTHING could work under them, (like 26-D of supergravity producing billions of TYPES of particles---if you increase hat to 576-D you can have a different physics for each particle in the universe!), which leads one to doubt their "ultimate" validity! AN ULTIMATE QUESTION: Where does Physics GET OFF saying they're so close to a solution that "practically everything is solved." How I HOPE that:
8) THIS is a time of a) stupid optimism (that "everything is solved") and b) conflicting results (must and cannot be nonlocality) which produces the stew that produces the NEXT "great leap forward" in theoretical physics, which one might hope (though obviously it's STILL too soon) includes ESP and telekinesis and intuition and thought and inspiration. But that leads to:
9) My overwhelming desire to APPLY my knowledge of physics, philosophy, mysticism, and "my brand of" common sense, and my WRITING to bring forth THE book that people will look back on as the pivot of physico-philosophico-mystico progress. Zukov and Capra and so INEFFECTUAL at what they write, yet sell so much and are quoted so often, that SURELY I could do better than they! Well, maybe the writer's group TONIGHT will help with some of this---though clearly I have ENOUGH projects to write on that I don't need ANOTHER: a) transcribing past-life tapes, b) sending out revised "Ultimate Mandate" and "Future Therapy" c) proposal for indexing Casteneda, d) proposal for publisher-booklet form of Indexing Handbook, e) AIDS House, f) playwriting. YAGHHH! And I make notes to check on Kinlake and Doughty at the Brooklyn Library when I return PUST today.

10/13/89: Write a request for BOTH books (Eothen and Travels in Arabia Deserta) by the above authors, and bring back FOUR OTHER BOOKS---which I really don't NEED, but then (obviously) have to FINISH immediately. Almost finish with 1) Rutstein's "In the Footsteps of Marco Polo" before I leave for the writer's group, and though I mess up directions and get there late at 7:15, Matt is even later, and then return home to finish it, noting "Actually not very interesting: no DANGERS, no real COLOR," and I didn't have any feeling of FOLLOWING their trek through Turkey (though I'd still like to see Cappodocia) and Afghanistan. Then immediately start 2) Jan Morris's Conundrum, to which I note "Nice; very nice. How INFERIOR in writing skills I feel!" Noted with particular pleasure on p.88, after meeting a solitary traveler on Everest toward Tibet, climaxing with "But the more I thought about it, the more clearly I realized that he had no body at all." I was a bit sorry she didn't talk more about AFTER, and the "ten-year later" epilogue was only two non-informative pages long. At least I managed to get to bed after that. Then the next day tackle 3) Wilby's Journey Across Tibet, and HERE is the danger and mystery missing in the first book: loved her p.129: "Suddenly there was music. For a number of seconds, there was music. Apollo was playing the lyre at a banquet of the gods. The muses were smiling...I had either gone completely crazy or just heard the Pythagorean philosopher's song of the spheres." And laughed on p.133 at her "toe swollen with puss." Then onward to Matthiessen's Nine-Headed Dragon River, interesting when he describes Enryakuji on page 154 "where most of the later schools of Buddhism would have their start." Having thought it was a TRAVEL book, I was rather saddened to find it was a ZEN book, feeling again the ambivalence: there DOES seem to be something there; these "satoris" can't be TOTALLY imagined, BUT it seems to MASOCHISTIC to get to those results: 1) my legs will NOT tolerate the zazen position, and 2) I can't really think that I'd spare the TIME required to work for years for one flash. I'd be MUCH better off concentrating on ACTUALISM, which has EQUAL grounds for "really being." But I'm again tempted by the "that should be easy; it'd be easy for me to equal or surpass what he's gotten" tone of it, and the ROCK-BOTTOM perennial philosophy touch to it that "the mind will dissolve, the sky will open, and you will KNOW that you are one with the entire universe and everything and everyone in in." But at least now at 5:15PM I've FINISHED the four books that I got, and I'll hold them until one or both cards come with the books I've ORDERED so that I don't find myself tempted into something ELSE, and maybe I'll have some minutes to try to get in SOME of the fantastic thoughts between 5:30 and 7:30 this morning as I recovered from jerking off at 10PM and going to sleep at 10:30 last night, before going off to Actualism tonight, as I'd gone last night to replace Maureen while doning NOTHING else, only working 2 hours and returning.

10/13/89: Early-morning fantasy: 5:30AM-7:30AM: Think about my life, again, and all the things I've done and want to do: opera, ballet, books, computers, writing, reading, museums, thinking, philosophy, quantum mechanics, etc, and I come up with the idea of putting everything onto a super-modern computer and somehow working it into an essay or story: WHAT would be the ultimate density of a laser-disk in the next ten years, say 10 to the 8 [which I would symbolize as 8 for ease of typing] bits on a storage medium the size of a slender paperback. EB is possible on 8(?) bits. Everything would have to be in at least the 2 most popular languages, which I type out on pages ESAYRITE 280-281 from "Information Please" for 1981. So that's 10 bits for EACH EB. Then a book of 400 pages, say 5 characters or 6 bits, or 8 bits in the 2 languages, for 4 books would be 12 bits. Then there are, say, 3 world-famous museums with 8 bits each, for 13 bits for all languages. If there are 10 people with 5 bits of biography each, that's 17 bits in all languages, which means 9 paperbacks---whoops, we're up to a whole library-building ALREADY!!
Then I figured each OPERA could be recorded with 1 sopranos for the main part, 1 tenors, etc, including 1 conductors and 1 orchestras and 1 settings and 2 languages, making possible, say 10 possible combinations of EACH of the 3 operas that have any currency, or 13 combinations of 7 bits each for 20 bits, or 12 paperbacks---too impossibly large---except that the versions could be MELDED and the "language" would have "lip-sync" instructions so that the video images could be varies with the sound, so what you'd REALLY need would only be the 4 (opera x parameters) paperbacks, which would fit on MY shelves NOW! Duplicate that for ballets, maybe go up to 2 at a ridiculous maximum MORE for all current TV shows and radio shoes, so that's just 2 sets of shelves the size of mine, reasonable in a large basement.
What I haven't captured yet are the travels: a paperback for each of the 4 visitable cities in the world, not including their already-mentioned museum supplements.
And what's REALLY missing is my brain-fugue when I got going: opera, ballet, dancers, costumes, materials, sewing techniques, metallurgy, machinery (both historical, current, and imagined-future), computers, programs, programming guides, magazines, clipping services, radio shows, lectures, classes of all kinds, all the books ever printed, shopping catalogs replacing all the malls, recorded rides for amusement parks and tour busses and inter- stellar travel, astronomical discoveries, mining maps, archeological finds; theories of physics, chemistry, biology, and economics; architectural drawings, cuneiform inscriptions, paintings, drawings, holographic sculptures, not to mention holographic touring facilities in nature and museums; ordering files with everyone's clothes sizes, food preferences, and dietary requirements, not to mention automatic tallying of calorie, fat, sodium-gram, etc ingestion, to be compared with automatic analysis of excreta to see what supplements of vitamins or nutrients might be required (this is now farther than I went even this morning!). I thought of buying a portable xeroxing machine to get sample pages of each of these, and then sidetracked myself trying to find a good list of museums of the world, seemingly available only in Facts on File for the USA, found a list of languages which I typed, and thought of including a page from the dictionary for word-definitions, EB for science articles, biographies, and other types of articles; then Audubon for birds, others for insects and fish and flowers and others, a sample page of my EB list for scientific names of whatever, parts books for computer ribbons, Schwann's catalogs for recorded music, Maltin's for TV movies (including, of course, the movies themselves!), sample recipe books that would exceed Dennis's collections, pornography unending, every telephone book in the world, with maps of every city and country, including charts of underwater findings, planetary maps, and galactic data for every known star. That should be a good database---that might be one of the titles, too, "The Ultimate Database," maybe as a Lem-type book review??

10/23/89: An 8PM coordinating pause gives me a chance to get THIS off my mind: There are just SO many things that I have stacked up to compose and WRITE:
1) On Green's Superstring Theory that physicists DISCARD all equations that leave awkward INFINITIES, but EMBRACE those with D=26 and D=10 EVEN THOUGH they're REALLY MEANINGLESS.
2) My idea that I TURN PAGES in such technical books so that some "extraterrestrial" INSIDE MY EYES can absorb information it NEEDS---I can't understand the formulas, but IT NEEDS to force me to look with MY eyes FOR it.
3) CROSSING OFF coordinating dates in order that I may be free--- though I'm doing nothing during that time but allowing space for the Writer's Group, OOB group, dining, and otherwise doing nothing during that time.
4) Feeling of another TRIP coming, though I have no MONEY yet: England: British Museum again, Victoria and Albert, Exeter and York and Salisbury Cathedrals, Stonehenge and Avebury. New Parisian museums and Leningrad, Prague, Cracow, Santiago de Campostella, the new Prado exhibits, and Washington DC and various rollercoasters in the United States.
5) FEELING of "having a cold" and fatigue and having NO trouble sleeping nine hours/night.
6) And I STILL do not WRITE, STILL do no Actualism sessions, STILL NOT go out of body---though I can HERE record a FLYING dream on 10/29---6 days!
7) But---I do what I do when I do it; and when I don't, I DON'T!!
8) Joy of Expression by BRJ; Intro by DL; Basic #1 by BBC tonight!!

10/28/89: Mom: What street's church on? BOB: I don't know. MOM: What's name of church? BOB: I don't know. MOM: YOU DO KNOW; you just won't tell me. [I move into library] BOB: What time is it? MOM (screaming): You want something from me and won't do anything FOR me---and goes on and on and on until BOB: Shut UP! I want to know if it's still early enough to call POPE and ask church name and street! MOM: It's ASSUMPTION on CRANBERRY. It's in my old book! You think I'm just a stupid old woman! I'm never coming back again----and on and on and on and on. [Time passes, maybe 20 minutes] MOM (coming to me at TV and twisting my chin to kiss me on the lips): I looked at your flowers. What do you want me to do, CRY?" BOB (DOESN'T say "No, just BEHAVE!!!").

11/2/89: Fixed-Price Menu at Polo for $63 each: 1) duck meat and escarole with vinaigrette, 2) foi gras, prosciutto, pistachios, prunes, lettuce, and pomegranate grains, 3) halibut (Joe suggests "sea bass"), chervil, RAW redbeet curls atop, cooked beets and swiss chard beneath, 4) scallops in walnut-oil/ truffle sauce, celery root chips on top and puree in the middle, 5) ANTELOPE with "root-vegetable melange" of turnips, carrots, parsnips, with red cabbage and sauce. Three incredible noisettes. 6) apple tart and juniperberry ice cream for Alice, and frozen souffle, pralines, and butterscotch sauce with chocolate shavings around the place for the sadly mediocre menu-selected desserts. 7) coffee and assorted cookies, for $126 for menu, $27 for luscious Gewurztraminer selected by Alice, $11.50 for a half-bottle of bordeaux sold to us as two glassfuls, $13.57 tax and $27 tip for $205.07 total, with the wait for the upstairs johns to be unlocked the SECOND point against them, but the service was lovely and the food among the best that Alice EVER had ANYwhere!!

11/3/89: I calculate 80 characters x 60 lines = 4800 characters of AIDSHOUS can yield 3 pages of 1600 characters for 25 lines of 64 characters, make 65 for "short" rather than "long" pages, and REFORMAT them for NEW MitchRose Proposal!

11/6/89: Wake with WONDERFUL idea about "the million-dollar self-help book" Rolf was to think about: I start with HANDBOOK ON AGING & move to YEARS PASSING which has a MUCH better sound. Dennis and Tony Davis thought it was a GREAT idea and Spartacus contributed existing titles: "Sex after 60", Sheehy's "Passages", & Esquire's "Body Changes in each Male Decade." Now to PROPOSE it!

11/13/89: Work ALL DAY 1) saving entire hard-disk for INIT, 2) doing INIT, 3) renaming SCRIPSV7 and SCRIPSV8, 4) getting rid of "Disk Error" line (though it seems that FILE 2 and FILE 8 and permanently "gone") and feeling GOOD about it.

11/14/89: Continue yesterday's work and RESTORE all the files I NEED, and type this page so far to "help" the transition from SCRIPSV9 to SCRIPSIT-to-be-10.

11/18/89: Last night Penny told of the SIX blind Indians who encounter an elephant as SIDE=WALL, TUSK=SPEAR, KNEE=TREE, TAIL=ROPE, TRUNK=SNAKE, EAR=LEAF.

12/2/89: Type notes in back of Kundera from 11/22 at UNICEF: 42,000 children DIE PER DAY; "like 100 jumbo jets crashing every day!" Protect all children (3,000,000 die per year) by immunization costing $500 million per year, the cost of SIX HOURS of worldwide military spending! Per year, a soldier costs its government $20,000 while a public-education student gets $380. For each 100,000 people in the world, there are 556 soldiers and only 45 doctors. UGLY!!

12/3/89: Note names of sopranos seen in Met Opera intermission feature in List Auditorium during second intermission of "Rigoletto" 12/2: Jarmila Novatna, Bidu Sayao, and Eleanor Steber ("Isn't she FAT" my informant tsks) from the previous intermission-session seated in audience, while Ris$e Stevens, Grace Bampton, and Licia Albanese tell their memories of flirtatious Ezio Pinza.

12/11/89: Finish Kinglake's Eothen, recommended by Jan Morris (no book so in "Marco Polo" I'll leave the card I'm transcribing notes from), started 12/2, finished today to drop into the library return-slot. p.34: how legends affects reality when you see them, then go into memories which become legends of their own. p.37: how Homer obviously was IN Samothrace to see how the islands looked on the horizon. p.41: about innocents and cheats. p.76, I didn't quote about the "eve of---convulsion." p.105:I pitied---misery (of ugly wives). p.154: (the street Cozen)? p.181: LIPS on Sphinx? p.224: narguile! p.230: Creation/Creator!

12/11/89: John and Yolanda McPhee introduced by Mark Singer (who tries VERY hard to be dead-pan funny) to 8:16, joking about Roger Nameless, the Senior Fiction Editor of New Yorker, and McPhee pronounced chimeric as SHIM-eric, while the dictionary gives KI-meric. They read from "Rising from the Plains" only, and the only note I took was "dissolving alum on pine boughs to simulate frost." They read to 9:22, with great good humor and almost-tears. Great!

12/16/89: I'd gotten so far behind doing the indexes for Kane Publishing that I just HAD to catch up with a few things the last few days---BUT I'm now falling "to the last minute" for finishing the 1069-page medical guide index for Till by Thursday so I can send it to him on Friday to be rid of it before Christmas. I still haven't written my Christmas letter or Christmas cards yet, am not doing ANY of the exercises for the OOB class, the last one of which is Tuesday, nor have I time to do anything for the writing class, where we're going to have spaghetti next Wednesday at Carolyn's. I have a full calendar: something EVERY day between now and next Friday, when I should be FINISHED, and I sent out all the bills today (thank goodness the $2000 check I deposited Monday cleared by Friday, so that I could send out ALL the checks, and pay back Spartacus $612 of the $1612 I owe him, today before catching up on typing of these NOTEBOOK, DREAM, and OOB pages before getting back to indexing before leaving to Shelley's at 6:30 today for TODAY's adventure with Sherryl and Joe and Stefanie and Vicki. So I just figured to type one of these pages, delighted with the two articles in "The Shopper" (but NOT with not having been phoned or PAID by Jacqui), with getting an ad into the Brooklyn Paper which seems NOT to have been distributed on 12/11 as they said, and NOT being phoned by the guy from the hospital I left word with TWICE already, and I guess never again? DRAT!!

12/18/89: YMHA Poetry Center: 1) Leave about 5:05PM for the upper east side, thinking I'll have time to buy a ticket for the 8:30 program, but the subway is VERY slow and stalling, so I run into the auditorium when it's STARTED by 6:05, George Plimpton introducing Paul Theroux, who says that Bruce Chatwin looked at TRAVEL writing as FICTION, inventing segments from his imagination, rather unlike "On the Black Hill," supposedly fiction about Wales, which is mostly TRUE. Theroux rather turns me off when he says that "Travel writing is turning off your desire to have a good time, which would be a VACATION," because you have to WORK at talking to people and getting information and taking notes from completely-remembered conversations for later expansion rather than just ENJOYING a place, as he did recently the Trobriand Islands (and when he later mentions his two sons, I wonder how he manages to take so much time clearly ALONE away from his FAMILY!). "Mosquito Coast" was written when HIS sons were 11 and 13, and characters were patterned after THEM. He's amusing, but at 7:20 when they're over I DASH out to be first to the ticket booth to find there are no more tickets for 8:30, but there's a "ticket waiting-line" that I finally find and take my position in third place JUST as a woman comes up and says she's tired and HANDS two free tickets to the first guy in line, who hands the second ticket to the second guy and I'm now FIRST in line. Watch the lineup for the member's line in front of me and the single-ticket holder's line across the lobby from me, and then read a bit, and at 7:45 a guy SELLS me a ticket for which I need to get 2 tens from the boxoffice for my $20 bill, and I'm down to pee and look at the grungy motorcycle-group photo-exhibit, and get in to finish Updike's "S" (in which I took notes from the first interview) and start on "Travels in Arabia Deserta" (which mentions the Nefud Desert JUST AFTER Theroux mentions it from the stage), and note the following IN the program: Matthiessen has written 20 books of which 16 are listed in his bio, while Theroux has written 30 books of which 23 are listed in HIS bio. The Poetry-Center leader announces that this is the LAST of the Travelers series at 8:35, introducing Matthiessen by 8:40, who looks like Patrick O'Neal. Opening with the 10/24/10 KILLED Mr. Watson in Florida, reading the first chapter from 8:45 to 9:05, taking place in Cape Sable, using the phrase "...killing in cold blood," which it VERY much reminds me of. Confused-ish start, ending with "...they are killing Mr. Watson." Then he reads from a 50-years later interview, to 9:15, with voice-interpretations. Precisely 1/2 hour! Introducer comes back to say that PT's critics say that he's a "grouchy" traveler to which he says PT just says he's being truthful and unvarnishing. Therous is back on at 9:16 in his very British pin-stripe suit, reading from "Afghanistan (1973): The Hotel in No Man's Land" which he obviously chooses for its comedic values, near Herat near Iran, which was NOT included in "Great Railway Bazaar" because there IS no railroad in Afghanistan, to 9:24. Then a NY subway snippet "Subterranean (unless he spelled it SubTRAINian) Gothic" to 9:32 which is OBVIOULY a comedy skit, then London from "England" to 9:36 about how odd Americans are where the BRITISH are the ones that are weird, then Costa-Rica train Hawaiian-wedding companion to 9:43, then from "Mosquito Coast" from point of view of one of the sons about "going up-river" to 9:46, and then China excerpts from the Great Wall and Peking and train to the END of the wall, which he gets to at 9:51, probably SCHEDULED for 1/2 hour also, except the laughs kept stretching out his time. The audience is very receptive, except some loud guy two rows back who talks about his adventures in Patagonia and Commodoro Rivadavia and Bariloche, and the annoying woman next to me who puts her sneakers up on the new-plush seat while she alternately avoids me (my shirt seems VERY smelly afterward when I'm home working on the index between 10:40 and 2AM, stopping for dinner from 12:10-12:40 of old chicken from last-week's Gabriel dinner---could THAT have caused frustration dream noted on OOB-123?) and shoves her elbow into me. I rush out quickly to avoid the crowd, happy that this is the LAST of the shows, deciding NOT to get back to Gabriel so that I have more time for indexing (almost two hours to go over 7 hours for the day, as planned) and can clear fridge!

12/21/89: THE most incredible conversation between 11:55AM and 1PM with Sherryl about the "contretemps" at Nino's on Saturday, where (from MY point of view) Shelley launched into Joe for being an "elitist" on art, and then it all calmed down. WHAT MORE WAS THERE!! Sherryl said, "I saw it starting way before Joe started talking about Art; she was attacking HIM." Then she astounded me by adding, "And I don't think it was a coincidence that Shelley launched into Joe JUST AFTER I turned my attention from HER to HIM for a moment. Before that, the whole meal was spent in 'my appreciating Shelley'." At this point I told her that it was only NOW that I could realize why I could have said "Yes, I sat next to Shelley at dinner, but she wasn't demanding of my attention"---it was because SHERRYL was giving her all the attention she needed. THEN she said "Vicki and Stephanie saw it coming, too, because they exchanged glances between themselves and me when Shelley started attacking and bent toward each other in THEIR closed little conversation, absenting themselves from the group. I in here somewhere said that I wasn't bothered about the argument, because Nino's was quite loud at the time, and anyway I was rather on SHELLEY's side: Joe IS an elitist about his views on art, and he's had to explain them in detail many times in the past: to me, to Tom, to Vicki, to Sherryl, and he's HAD to be patient in explaining them, because they were from a very specific point of view based on his training at the Barnes Foundation, and he had trouble realizing that it was only HIS point of view, and not necessarily the ONLY POSSIBLE point of view on the methods, functions, designs, and purposes of Art. Then Sherryl said that Shelley obviously wasn't interested in ART, she was only interested in ATTACKING JOE. At which point I said that I finally understood why she said "I don't want to talk about it" when Joe DID begin to get into the details of his position: "She wasn't interested in Art, she was interested in POWER," I exclaimed, and Sherryl said that that was very well put. THEN I was reminded of the "enigmatic" letter I'd gotten from Sherryl yesterday. I laughed about it to Sherryl and pulled it out. The clipped reference to "Dining Out": An Observation of Modern Manners, I suddenly realized applied to SATURDAY, and wasn't just a random clipping that she'd sent FMI (For My Information, based on her "FYI" on the letter. Then I turned to the attached xerox of a clipping, which I only NOW noticed was an OLD one, from October 25, 1989, which I'd taken for a NEW report on her activities, having "Shelley Neiderbach" previously underlined on the article, coming through to the xerox, and the following paragraph circled in GREEN (i.e., new to the xerox): "'If you don't know what you're talking about, keep your mouth shut and just listen. Sometimes just listening is not just listening. It's everything,' Dr. Neiderbach said." AHA, I thought, she's APOLOGIZING for talking about Art, which she doesn't know anything about. Sherryl said something I didn't comprehend THEN: "But I told her Joe sold expensive leather goods, but was a painter," and I continued not to understand until Sherryl explicated: Shelley was indicating in the article that JOE should have kept his mouth shut! I kept saying that I HOPED Sherryl was wrong (thinking again that Dennis was RIGHT in his evaluation of Shelley by not wanting to invite her to his Thanksgiving Dinner, though I kept insisting to Sherryl that Shelley never attacked ME, as Sherryl reminded me Shelley attacked the head of ARC at Vicki's brunch long ago by saying "Some of my crazy patients think that" when he described some kind of semi-mystical beliefs he had. Sherryl said she'd never seen THAT bad a side of Shelley before, and that we should all leave it buried until AFTER Christmas. I'd described not inviting SPARTACUS because HE wanted to monopolize the conversations, as ALICE did, and I fantasized a dinner with Shelley AND Alice AND Spartacus, and Sherryl said she's like Ringside Seats for THAT, and when we talked more about Christmas (where I said I'd feel more responsible for the GROUP feelings, since it was at MY place; as Vicki DIDN'T assume responsibility for Nino's, since it was "her" place, even to the extent of trotting over an extra $10 that I'd "elided" from the bill), and I said I'd just say, "If you want to fight, go outside," & concluded with "Get your tickets HERE"--for Xmas!
[AND forgot rustling in the GARBAGE to find the ENVELOPE, postmarked 12/19!!]

12/29/89: Now 1PM, and check that the last use of SCRIPSIT was 12/23 (6 days ago) for OOB - 124 for dreams and class notes, and the last NOTEBOOK entry was 12/21 (8 days ago), and it seems that LOTS of things have happened since then that I wanted to keep TRACK of, like 1) lunch at Alison, 2) Doughty's Travels in Arabia Deserta, 3) Kane Publishing hassles, 4) Jaqui hassles, 5) talk with Elliot Linzer today. There were others, I feel, but let's go with THOSE first: 1) [oh, 6) Christmas dinner menu] I've been lax on restaurant-going, and very aware that I'd only done the 5 for "November" by December 5, did #6 by 12/14 with Sherryl at Delia's, quite impressive, #7 on 12/23 at La Cit$e, so on 12/28 with most PRESSING things out of the way (like the two indexes, Christmas cards, and various books and TV tapes), I decided to catch up on the 12/31 deadline for the Citibank Station trains, get a haircut, and have a lunch, so I did the first two items and subwayed down to Greenwich and Franklin to find that Robert DeNiro's TriBeCa Grill looked WEEKS away from completion, so I walked back north to Alison's to find casually-dressed people in a darkish room (she [Alison?] turned up the lights later) with slightly harried waiters. My dark kir was layered white on top, the almost-raw duck-salad was tasty with green and orange lentils and a tiny salad and two crunchy-hot rusks, which reminds me of first the walnut roll and second the sourdough roll, and the pork chop was ENORMOUS and tasty (and cutable after she handed me a steak knife) in its white-bean-and-bacon surround. "Only" $42.41 seemed great. I planned to make up for it today by lunching at Le Pistou and going to the Met, but I want to go with Joe, who's not home, and then my talk with Elliot takes from 10:50 to 12:15, so there goes THAT plan! 2) EB talks of Doughty's "Elizabethan" writing style, but I just found it difficult, confusing, and uninformative. Start it on 12/18 and note that, after "S", this is the SECOND book IN A ROW with a glossary of foreign (S with Sanskrit, this with Arabic, neither your most COMMON languages), and react to page 58 when he's near Petra, which he'd seen before. Wanted to record a "sample" sentence for confusing style and unnecessary interlarding with "technical" Arabic words, but I had to spend all day Wednesday just READING the book so that I COULD finish it before getting it back to the library when it was due. At least I COMPLETED it. 3) I'd finished with the PEs for Kane on 12/13 and mailed the last three off on 12/20, and then on 12/22 SEARCH for the few notes that I took from Monica on the contents of the TE index, but JUST CAN'T FIND THEM. Either they're misfiled, on the back of something that I've overlooked 3-4 times in searching, or I inadvertantly threw them away. Then on 12/26 I left word with Monica, and on 12/28 with Joanne AND Monica, and finally Monica calls to say that the PE index has been put AS IS into the TE, and TE specs and work won't be done until February! Joanne calls when I'm out and I phone her back 5:45 last night to say that I'll be sending her a bill for $5500, which HAS to be that much, and that the "TEs won't be much different than $2000" and she just has to take my word for the amount of work needed for the indexes. Type up the bill NOW. Phoned Susan and talked with her, talking about how nice Joanne is, and how I HAD to send a high bill for the PEs. It's now AN HOUR after I started and I'm not even HALF through with this "catchup" yet! 4) Jaqui DID print my review but NOT my articles about ME. Left word with her YESTERDAY and she didn't get back, so I determined that I WOULD talk to her at Raintrees' tomorrow night when she's dining! I want to find my NEXT restaurant and she HAS to tell me which it is so that I can get the article to her by her 1/9 deadline! 5) Got pissed when Russ Till called yesterday at 3:30 to say that Modern Graphics can PROCESS my diskettes (which I don't believe). That "sat" OK until 2:45 this morning, in bed, when I started CHURNING with resentment: I'd do the work, not get paid for it, send it in but they couldn't use it, and if they COULD use it, they'd get all the benefit of MY computer without PAYING for it. So I tossed until 3AM, wrote this note to TRY to get it out of my mind: "Russ, I can't do it---if you need details I can say 1) has to be said (want disk) BEFOREHAND so I can CHARGE accordingly---per ASI standards. 2) I'm in middle of project and can't AFFORD to give disks (timewise AND diskwise AND "Work-profit" wise---it won't work ANYWAY without SPECS on BOTH parts!)", and got up and leafed through NOTEBOOK pages until back in 1984 I find Elliot said it should be 5 cents extra per line, which would amount to $262.50 for the 5250 lines, and FINALLY get back to bed at 4AM after reading Coming of the Cosmic Christ to take my MIND off the subject! Woke at 10 and out of bed at 10:30 (only 6.5 hours in bed!) to phone Sherryl and Joe without answer, and risk phoning Elliot at 10:50 but STILL wake him up. He tells me ALL SORTS of things in no particular order: 1) McGraw-Hill had WARNED him about Editorial Services going a month before the letter, and they just FIRED about 30 people from that department without offering them a job ELSEWHERE. All their books are going elsewhere, Gregg even moving to OHIO in January, and other divisions merging, one with Macmillan to become (I laugh) MicMac services. He said last year didn't earn him much money: he worked 400 hours for $825 from the Bronx Historical Society for an index of their journal that he estimated at $1500 plus expenses, which turned into a total of $1650, but they only sent him HALF so far. Then he worked on another project and the company didn't pay him anything for 150 hours---and he's never even had enough money to SAVE in a Keogh or IRA account! He said that ASI had collapsed in NYC, Maro Riofrancos helping to kill it and even BLOCKING ELECTION of the new president of the NYC chapter, but that EFA was still going strong: he's now in charge of the renamed computer section. He predicts that many FEWER books will be indexed in the coming years, and he's thinking of going more heavily into technical writing as a backup. Now at least I have some information (NEGATIVE!) to give to Jim Fisher. He didn't remember Sherryl per se, but said he quoted her the SAME 5-cent-per-line supplement for supplying indexes by diskette, quoting McGraw-Hill as paying on the high-side of 80 cents per line, most others only paying 60-65 cents per line, saying they can send typesetting to Haiti for a lousy but almost free service. He said he got a good modem (2400 baud) for about $110 at 20th Street a year ago and played with bulletin boards, but he had to stop because they could take ALL his time, as in a computer GAME. He's had variable luck transferring indexes through it, having LOST one completely to McGraw-Hill. He talked of his new position as computer-consultant for new-machine indexers, saying that my new machine will be an increasingly-cheap 386SX machine, because the newer 486SX would be too big. His last big trip was to the Galapagos in 1981 (SO long ago!) for $5000 for a 14-day trip, and he gasped about my $10,000 for 60 days in Europe two summers ago. We talk about Lindblad's closing (due, he says, mainly to their overcommitment to CHINA trips which had to fold when the Revolution was suppressed) and how other companies like Society Adventures giving $2000 discounts to former Lindblad clients to attract them to THEIR services. He talked of throwing out 10 years of Scientific Americans because NO library (now with microfiche services) wanted them, but he didn't mention second-hand bookshops. He's moved, giving me his new address, saying that their stuff even surpasses the space in a three-bedroom six-room apartment! He said my cable-replacement has been done by him MANY times, and covering the keyboard with a soft-plastic cover has saved his water-spills from destroying so many keyboards. We agree Spring is always slow, I bemoan not having had the IRS-Block books for the past few years---which reminds me that the 1040s came yesterday and had NO notice of self-employment-tax discounts. Tried calling the Brooklyn number (596-3770) earlier today for busy signals, and now at 2:50PM there's no answer---did they leave early for the weekend? Talked to Pope as a Con Edison plant exploded in the Bronx about 2:20, the smoke coming downtown to obscure the Empire State Building from his view momentarily. Also kept phoning JOE so that we could plan to see the Velazquez on his next day off, Thursday, with lunch as Le Pistou hopefully. Anyway, back to Linzer: I try NOT to worry about jobs getting scarce---though I only turned down TWELVE jobs this fall, less than HALF what I did last year. Now if only WRITING would come to the rescue--I'm reminded that Tech Magazine AND Mitch haven't answered!
6) Alice outdid herself again at Christmas dinner, but I told her NOT to ask me to COMPARE it with something like my birthday dinner, which I thought was SUPERLATIVE! She was supposed to arrive at 2:30, delayed until 3:30, and actually arrived at 4:35, AFTER Joe got here, just before SHERRYL arrived! I was watching the Bernstein "Beethoven's Ninth" from East Berlin---and crying--- and persuaded Joe to watch it for awhile before he went in to help Alice, but Sherryl was ecstatic about hearing it, Pope went along with it, as did Paul and Barbara, and Shelley HAD to agree, though she threw her legs out, drummed her fingers, kept looking at me as if to comment negatively, and said about Bernstein "He looks like SHIT!" Well, SHE won't be invited again. When she entered to throw her coat onto my bed, Joe said "Hi" and she said NOTHING. But she let Barbara hold forth on art, and then about 7:15 in came the appetizer: grapes rolled in cream cheese then rolled in parsley and walnut pieces---quite a sensation in its own right! We finished the three bottles of champagne by 8PM, when we sat down to eat, and the warm shrimp and avocado balls on lettuce on a red-pepper sauce went over very well, and the pig was presented and then cut in half onto two platters, stuffed with very light pistachio-rice, with too-tough peeled (by Joe) turnips stuffed with pea puree, with a side of FABULOUS home-made applesauce in my yogurt-making cups. We ate and ate and filled up, then relaxed before the sweet jelly-roll surrounded pears in pear- Bavarian cream which TASTED dreamy even though Alice was sorry about how it LOOKED. Paul had to be persuaded by the elderberry sauce already on his plate to stay for that, and I told him that by leaving "early" at 10:30 he missed the final course: brandied cherries in dark chocolate, which Alice made to echo the mignardises in fabulous french NYC restaurants. Sherryl's St. Emilion was wonderful, and we only needed 1.5 bottles because Shelley and Paul weren't drinking much, and hardly anyone touched Barbara's Harvey's Bristol Creme. So I had a lot left over (enough pig and dessert to invite Joe over on TUESDAY for dinner), but it gradually went, though the last portion of pig lasts until tonight, since I had chicken on Wednesday while watching "Aida" on TV and didn't have dinner Thursday because of the volume of food from lunch at Alison's. Joe wants to share taking Alice to dinner at La Cote Basque, and I took her to Gage and Tollner's on Thursday and will take her, maybe to the Lafayette degustation, myself, since she did it for ME, though she kept saying she LOVED doing it, which was clear in her demeanor which made everyone feel fine, and she's proposing cooking goat here for Easter. GREAT! Joe can help, I can invite Vicki who CAN'T be occupied with her Jewish family for EASTER, and maybe Marck and Maureen instead of Paul and Shelley, who didn't add much to the evening. I guess that finishes the bulk of the past-things-to-be noted for now!

12/29/89: WHERE AM I NOW?? Still lots of pieces of paper to finish up and things to do: 1) phone Rolf to look at LAST year's taxes and maybe THIS year's program, 2) put more things away, 3) finish watching tapes from last week to be able to check out Mr. Video's $40 book for 25 films for occupying January, and maybe get some new porno, since last night (and a few previous nights) found me difficult to RETAIN an erection with my existing porno, so I need a shot of the new, which ALSO means 3) phoning people who responded to my Brooklyn Paper ad, though I feel so overweight it's difficult to think of myself as attractive, though I DID FINALLY get a haircut after cutting off (and saving) my ponytail which dates back to 1988! AND NOW I SEEM TO BE COMING UP WITH PLANS FOR ANOTHER TRIP!!! Making a list of places I STILL want to see, and it's obviously bigger than ONE trip, but maybe I can figure a cross-country for rollercoasters, then south for fragments of Mexico, through Central American to Panama (if it's safe!! with the troops playing jazz at Noriega in the Vatican Embassy!), to the ferry to South America, and down via Guayaquil for the Galapagos, Chile for Easter Island, to Patagonia for Antarctica, and then maybe back up via Tasmania, New Zealand, and Australia to New Guinea and back by way of India and then Europe, to take a steamer back to the US, maybe via Iceland!?

12/29/89: The Dog Beneath the Skin by Auden and Isherwood in 1936 PRESAW my "Connoisseur" with knifing a Rembrandt for the sensation of it, but I think my play-parts are more interesting than THEIR play-parts. Read that YESTERDAY just to be rid of it. NB p.56: "compounds envy and hopelessness into desire."!

12/29/89: The OTHER thing that putting away NOTEBOOK just reminded me of: there are SO MANY PROJECTS described and still undone in THOSE PAGES (520 back to 321, though I'm happy to see that the 4/25/84 DO-list is finished at last!).

12/29/89: Note from 12/26: Stonehenge program gives these incredible statistics for 3000BC: HALF the people died before the age of 20, 2/3 died before the age of 30, and only TWO IN ONE HUNDRED lived beyond age 45!! 3/4 of the people alive at any one time would have been UNDER 20! Incredible compared with TODAY!

12/29/89: Note from 12/27: Marion at Mom's: Henry had gallbladder out along with two inches of his small intestine. Pancreas and duct was "taken apart" and returned. He's in for chemotherapy (OK with her) and radiation (which she doesn't want at all). Mom leaves 1/5 for Melbourne for 3 weeks, then to Edward's for a week, and then back to Rita for a week. And then to NYC???

12/30/89: As I expected, Rolf staggers me with his wide-ranging economic discussion when I phone him at 12:30 and get off at 2:30. Perestroika removed CENTER of center-controlled economy and for last two years Russian economy is DOWN. In the US, results of 1930 PERSONAL-centered depression echoes in CURRENT S&L and construction disasters; only federal INSURANCE prevents S&Ls from collapsing---now all the bad deposits converted to US Govt BONDS. NOW foreclosures-of-loan properties must be sold in a VERY weak and COLLAPSING (in Arizona and New England) real-estate market. We've changed from individual bankruptcies (30s) to corporate and systemic bankruptcies (90s). "Japanese will take away our credit cards" of our all-borrowed MONEY. THEN we'll have to finance it ourselves and we won't be ALBE to and it'll be WRENCHING. Harry Scholl predicts "greatest economic calamity in recorded history." (It's true at the END of the conversation Rolf added, "I don't think it MUST be a disaster, but I'm ready if it IS a disaster.") All FINANCIAL experts agree we've reached PEAK of eight-year expansion and Merrill-Lynch expert says "No way to go but DOWN." To customers: "Cool it." So Rolf CAN'T make living SELLING or HOLDING stocks, because stocks like RCA (a SURVIVOR) collapsed to 1/99th of value in the 30s. Rolf is TEACHING himself to TRADE (buy and sell) stock market index options, through FM-radio modem INPUT in REAL time, and trade IMPARTIALLY. 3-4 years from here to BOTTOM, in fits and starts---last countries down tube will be Germany and Japan (two "losers" in WWII). Principle of CYCLICITY: Weak become strong; strong become weak. Kondratiev cycle of 50-60 years---US POLITICAL power peaked in 50s, silver went from 55 to 5 recently, and stock market peaked in October 1987, and on October 8-9, 1989 went BACK up there "this could be a double top." He's using Deskview. He goes to "private club" JO every sunday night, also there's Jays and a basement entrance across the avenue from Jays. If 486SC is sold for $100, why not BUY it? His expenditures: motherboard $450, 2-Meg RAM $175, 64-Meg disk and controller $400, printer from before, 3 1/2 disk-slot of 1.4 Meg diskettes and controller card about $200, radio modem $400, Deskview $100, trend-analysis programs $300 each. "If anything, BETTER-PRICED components are BETTER (and more reliable) than they were ten years ago. Elliott: Send you files on MODEM to "holding" system, then read them back to your NEW system. Rolf: hard-disks will fail electromechanically eventually---I have everything backed up on diskettes--if the hard-disk goes, I'll just restore everything onto a new disk. Once Intel's DESIGN costs are amortized, you can sell chips for $1 each. How can IBM SURVIVE when their product-price tends toward ZERO? Digital HAS 150,000 employees, trying to get RID of 15,000 soon. AT&T laid off 35,000 people in 1989. DEBTS to foreigners by US now of $600 billion---AGAIN, we're living on CREDIT. Being elected to House of Representatives is PERMANENT, and they're financially incompetent. S&Ls are DISASTER areas. Kondratiev cycle traced BACK to 12th and 13th Centuries, as long ago as we can determine prices, and it WILL RECUR. I observe that this (60 years) is about the LIMIT of human experience, so it's like it's NEW each time, therefore unexpected, therefore newly shocking each time. Violent DOWNWARD moves in MARKET (the PAPER economy) will affect the READ economy. 1989-90s will be VERY like 1929-30s. Roaring twenties was echoes in the roaring EIGHTIES! European ferment NOW is like 1929-1930 when HITLER came to power. Soviet Union is now in ferment---they don't seem to be able to GOVERN themselves, so TERRIBLE forms of government can erupt. If military JUNTA (Russia's army is LARGER by 2 to 1 than second-place US) takes over USSR, it would be a WORLDWIDE disaster---we couldn't stop them from doing ANYTHING with their land-army and nuclear superiority. This is what HAPPENED in 1929: "The precedents are not good." In the US, we've gone SOFT.

12/31/89: I read an article in the NY Times Magazine that states that "NYC's $30 billion annual budget is FOURTH after the Federal, California state, and NY state budgets, which puts it higher than the states of Pennsylvania and TEXAS!! Only 22 countries have bigger budgets. I get page 112 of "Information Please" to list the LARGEST AREAS OF COUNTRIES & LARGEST POPULATIONS OF COUNTRIES(1975)
1. USSR 8.6 million square miles 1. China (3) 880 million people
2. Canada 3.8 2. India (7) 643
3. China 3.7 3. USSR (1) 261
4. USA 3.5 4. USA (4) 219
5. Brazil 3.3 5. Indonesia (14) 147
6. Australia2.9 6. Brazil (5) 115
7. India 1.3 7. Japan (50?) 114
8. Argentina1.1 8. Bangladesh 82
9. Sudan 0.97 9. Pakistan 77
10.Algeria 0.92 10.Mexico (13) 67
11.Zaire 0.91 11.Nigeria 66
12.SaudiArabia83 12.West Germany 61
13.Mexico 0.76 13.Italy 57
14.Indonesia0.74 14.United Kingdom 56
15.Libya 0.68 15.France 53
16.Iran 0.64 16.Vietnam 49
17.Mongolia 0.60 17.Philippines 46
18.Peru 0.496 18.Thailand 45
19.Chad 0.495 19.Turkey 43
20.Niger 0.489 20.Egypt 40


B 89-01-02 Sturgeon: Player on the Other Side
I 89-01-03 Anxiety about flying to Florida decides me togobyTRAINSATURDAY!
R 89-01-03 La Gauloise
E 89-01-04 Stamp Club (only to drop off catalog)
R 89-01-04 Tres Palmas
R 89-01-05 Park Plaza with Carr
T 89-01-07 Leave by train for Florida 9:10AM/Noisy train/Lousy food
B 89-01-08 Vonnegut: Bluebeard
T 89-01-08 Florida: Winter Park, meet Spartacus & Midge; phoneChuckLinker
R 89-01-09 China Pavilion (EPCOT)
T 89-01-09 Disneyworld:MGMPrev;MarsFlight;20TLeagues;HauntdCastl;Pirates++
R 89-01-10 Mexico Pavilion for lunch (EPCOT)
R 89-01-10 Victoria and Albert's in Grand Floridian (EPCOT)
T 89-01-10 EPCOT:Seas;Land;Imagination;Norway;Morocco;GrndFloridan;Firwrks
R 89-01-11 Morocco Pavilion for lunch (EPCOT)
R 89-01-11 Norway Buffet Dinner (EPCOT)
T 89-01-11 EPCOT:CaptEO;Communicore;Canada;Maelstrom;Illuminatns;bedEarly
R 89-01-12 Maison et Jardin with Midge (Orlando)
R 89-01-12 Salerno Express lunch (Boardwalk and Baseball, Orlando)
T 89-01-12 Boardwalk & Baseball:Hurricane;Lippizaners;Flume;Imax;TownDine
B 89-01-13 National Geographic: China (skim)
R 89-01-13 Bubble Room (Orlando)
R 89-01-13 Wekiva Camp (Orlando)
T 89-01-13 Bubble Room for lunch;Winterhaven's Canal-Boat Tour;Wekiva Camp
R 89-01-14 Phoenix (Satellite Beach)
R 89-01-14 Toasted Cheese sandwiches at Rita Robinson's
T 89-01-14 Drive toRita's/Videogames withPaul/TV pix/Denny's ideas/RitaGab
R 89-01-15 Cafe Ambiance (Bal Harbor Mall)
T 89-01-15 WalkBocaPointe;Miami:RossMus;WalkTour;Art-DecoTramTur;BalHarbor
R 89-01-16 Cafe Chauveron 7:30-9:15
T 89-01-16 Fort LauderdaleBeach;CoralCables"MiracleMile";CubanSupermarket
R 89-01-17 Joe's Stone Crab lunch in Miami
R 89-01-17 Olive Gardens Italian (Boca Raton)
T 89-01-17 Key Largo:DolphinsPlus;Drive Florida Turnpike to Boca Raton
B 89-01-18 Wonders of Man books (skim)
M 89-01-18* Very British Coup, A
R 89-01-18 Christopher's lunch (Palm Beach)
R 89-01-18 La Vieille Maison (Boca Raton)
T 89-01-18 PalmBeachRoam;NortonArtInstitut;FlaglerMansionTour;Route#1South
M 89-01-19* Barber of Seville (Battle)
O 89-01-19* Barber of Seville (Battle)
T 89-01-19 Neal drives me to station, on train north at 6:30: single seat!
B 89-01-20 Updike: Trust Me
T 89-01-20 Train north to Penn Station by 8:20PM; Bush inaugurated/sun out
B 89-01-21 Sapir: Quest
O 89-01-21 Trovatore, Il
M 89-01-23* Brazil
M 89-01-23* Milky Way (H.Lloyd)
R 89-01-23 Grand Canyon
M 89-01-25* Madame Butterfly (Tomowa-Sintov,CH,LAG)
M 89-01-25* Mr. Robinson Crusoe
O 89-01-25* Madame Butterfly (Tomowa-Sintov,CH,LAG)
E 89-01-26 AntonioDrawings/Tartan exhibit at FIT/House of Video Membership
M 89-01-26* Kenneth Anger Vol I: Fireworks
M 89-01-26s Lou Ferrigno's Body Perfection
M 89-01-26s Pump It
M 89-01-26* Secret World of Erotic Art
R 89-01-26 Cinco de Mayo
M 89-01-27* Bull Durham
M 89-01-27s Lifeguard (p)
M 89-01-27s Ranger Nick (p)
M 89-01-27s Rushes (p)
M 89-01-27s Size Counts (p)
M 89-01-27s Summer Fantasy (p)
M 89-01-27s Tyger Tales (p)
M 89-01-27s What the Big Boys Eat (p)
R 89-01-27 Popeye's Fried Chicken
B 89-01-28 Anthony: Being a Green Mother
E 89-01-28 Met Mus for Ingres/Siena
M 89-01-28s Anything/Everything Goes (p)
M 89-01-28s Bad Habits (p)
M 89-01-28s Biggest of Them All (p)
M 89-01-28s Falcon Videopak #16: Ax Master (p)
M 89-01-28s Private Collection (p)
M 89-01-28s Rebel (p)
R 89-01-28 Fine and Schapiro
E 89-01-29 Sherryl learns computer from me for lunch
B 89-01-30 Bear: Forge of God
M 89-01-30* Choke Canyon
M 89-01-30s Easy Entry (p)
M 89-01-30s Fantasize (p)
M 89-01-30s Fist Full (p)
M 89-01-30s Intruders (p)
M 89-01-30s Other Side of Aspen II (p)
M 89-01-30s Other Side of Aspen (p)
M 89-01-31* Good Mother
M 89-01-31s Head Over Heels (p)
M 89-02-01s Buckshot #3 (p)
M 89-02-01s Falcon Videopak #34: Winner Take All (p)
M 89-02-01* Gor
M 89-02-01s Private Party (p)
M 89-02-01s Stud Me (p)
M 89-02-01s Turned On (p)
M 89-02-01s Young and Hung (p)
M 89-02-02s Big Business (p)
M 89-02-02s Big Guns (p)
M 89-02-02s Gold Rush Boys (p)
M 89-02-02* Overboard
R 89-02-02 Mondrian
M 89-02-03s Buckshot #2 (p)
M 89-02-03* Kenneth Anger Vol IV: Lucifer Rising
M 89-02-03* King Hearts and Coronets
M 89-02-03* Law of Desire
M 89-02-03s Splash Shots II (p)
M 89-02-03* What Did I Do to Deserve This?
R 89-02-03 Laurent
E 89-02-04 Homogeniuses
M 89-02-04* Spirit of the Beehive
O 89-02-04 Barber of Seville
R 89-02-04 Eze
M 89-02-05s Crosswire (p)
M 89-02-05s Heavenly (p)
M 89-02-05s Hot, Hung and Hard (p)
M 89-02-06s Buckshot #5 (p)
M 89-02-06s Buckshot #4 (p)
M 89-02-06s Colt 306 (p)
M 89-02-06* Theban Plays: Oedipus Rex
M 89-02-07s Best of Colt #5 (p)
M 89-02-07s Best of Colt #1 (p)
M 89-02-07s Best of Colt #6 (p)
M 89-02-07* Girl from Missouri
M 89-02-07* Theban Plays: Oedipus at Colonus
M 89-02-07* Theban Plays: Antigone
M 89-02-08* Melba I
P 89-02-09 Jerome Robbin's Broadway
R 89-02-09 Cabana Carioca
M 89-02-10 Lawrence of Arabia
M 89-02-10* Man in the White Suit
M 89-02-11* Melba II
M 89-02-12* Five Corners
M 89-02-12* Nothing in Common
M 89-02-13* Shakedown
I 89-02-14 Kenny's funeral at St. John's
M 89-02-14* Dark Habits
M 89-02-15* Bagdad Cafe
M 89-02-15* Die Hard
M 89-02-15s Rebel
M 89-02-15* School Daze
M 89-02-15* Unbearable Lightness of Being
I 89-02-16 Dentist Mohajer
M 89-02-16 Princess Tam Tam
M 89-02-16 Zouzou
R 89-02-16 Mezzogiorno
O 89-02-17 Idomeneo
E 89-02-18 Stephanie's party
E 89-02-19 Tom Pearsall treats Joe and me to dinner at his place
M 89-02-19* Captain's Paradise
B 89-02-20 Hawking: A Brief History of Time
D 89-02-21 NYC Ballet
E 89-02-21 Morgan Library
R 89-02-21 Fino lunch with Tom
R 89-02-22 Cellar in the Sky with Alice
M 89-02-23* My American Cousin
R 89-02-23 Brazil (45 W. 46) with Mensa
M 89-02-24* Chasing a Rainbow (Josephine Baker)
M 89-02-24* Jackpot, The
R 89-02-24 Swiss Chalet
D 89-02-25 Donetz Ballet at BAM
E 89-02-25 Homogeniuses HERE on Conundrums; Irwin hosts; 18 people
B 89-02-26 Barth: Tidewater Tales (only "Isis" and "Gravitation" left!)
R 89-02-26 Box Tree brunch with Car "We are just friends"
M 89-02-27* Aida
M 89-02-27* Ladykillers
M 89-02-27* President's Plane Is Missing (last 1/2)
O 89-02-27* Aida
R 89-02-27 Jade Sea
E 89-02-28 Met Mus for my photographs
R 89-02-28 Cafe de Nice
E 89-03-01 Body session seminar at Phyllis's
P 89-03-02 M. Butterfly
R 89-03-02 Westside Cottage
E 89-03-03 Up-Top tour:Metropolitan Tower/Warwick Hotel/Fifth Ave Office
R 89-03-03 La Gauloise with blind-date Jay
E 89-03-04 Spartacus Jubilee at 8:30 at his place
E 89-03-06 Lifespring with Ron Kron and Dennis
P 89-03-07 Ballroom (?) with Joe
R 89-03-07 Chinatown Noodle
E 89-03-08 Wine-tasting for $5 at Park Avenue Armory
P 89-03-08 Pajama Game
R 89-03-08 San Domenico
R 89-03-09 Diane's
P 89-03-10 Triplets in Uniform (Essmann)(at LaMama)
R 89-03-10 Jerry's
E 89-03-11 Sherryl's March Party
D 89-03-12 Serbians at BAM
M 89-03-13* Adventures of Marco Polo
M 89-03-13* Masquerade (Rob Lowe)
M 89-03-13s Never Say Never Again
I 89-03-14 Sort travel slides ALL DAY
I 89-03-15 Sort porno slides ALL DAY
M 89-03-15* Someone to Watch Over Me
M 89-03-16* Stand and Deliver
B 89-03-17 Nicoll: Bill Hyde's excerpts from "The Commentaries"
R 89-03-18 Settante Due
E 89-03-19 GMHC awards with Joe at M.K.
M 89-03-19* Bagdad
M 89-03-19s Her Life as a Man (end)
M 89-03-20* Westward the Women
M 89-03-21* Married to the Mob
M 89-03-23* Vice Versa
M 89-03-23* Without a Clue (Caine & Kingsley)
M 89-03-24* Fish Called Wanda, A
M 89-03-24* Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
I 89-03-25 Show Slides to Sherryl, Dennis, and Pope
M 89-03-25* Dominick and Eugene
R 89-03-25 Fujisan
E 89-03-26 Bargemusic
M 89-03-26s Samson and Delilah (1984) (not end)
M 89-03-26* Vitelloni, I
R 89-03-26 River Cafe lunch with Vicki
E 89-03-27 Meet Giorgio and family at Gramercy Park Hotel
M 89-03-27* Big (Hanks)
M 89-03-27* Nutcracker (Sendak)
R 89-03-27 Siu Lam Restaurant (18 Elizabeth)
P 89-03-28 Zarzuela at City Center
R 89-03-28 Rainbow Room with Sherryl
M 89-03-29* Academy Awards of 1989
R 89-03-30 An American Place
I 89-04-01 Alice & Dennis prepare me dinner,+Sherryl,Joe,BL,Tom,Stephanie
E 89-04-02 Paul Bosten prepares me dinner, with Frank and Carlyle
I 89-04-03 Show Slides to Paul, Spartacus, and Alice
M 89-04-03* Bluebeard's Castle (Ramey,Norman) and Erwartung (Norman)
O 89-04-03* Bluebeard's Castle (Ramey,Norman) and Erwartung (Norman)
R 89-04-03 Fujisan
M 89-04-04* Potemkin (1976 Russian Reconstruction)
M 89-04-05* Alexander Nevsky (Reconstruction)
R 89-04-06 El Teddy
M 89-04-07* Confidential Agent
M 89-04-07* New Moon (Romberg)
O 89-04-07* New Moon (Romberg)
R 89-04-08 Mexican Restaurant at 10E16th for MikeKappellFund-Raising Party
M 89-04-12 Affiars of Anatol (DeMille)
M 89-04-12 Ben-Hur (1927)
E 89-04-13 Course of Miracles with Pope (re-see Sylvan and Faye Levy)
M 89-04-14 Ten Commandments (1923)
M 89-04-15* White Sheik
R 89-04-15 Unitarian Church Buffet with Dennis
E 89-04-16 Games Group #9 here:BZ,Robin,Bruce,Ian,Abby&SidBershatsky
M 89-04-16* Ladies Who Do
M 89-04-16* Scarlet Empress
M 89-04-17* Kitty
R 89-04-17 Bangkok Palace
M 89-04-18* Around the World in 80 Days (Brosnan)
M 89-04-18s Ben-Hur (1927)
M 89-04-18* Exterminator
M 89-04-19* Gonzo the Spearman
M 89-04-19* Great Wall, A
M 89-04-21* Hairspray
M 89-04-21* Spike of Bensonhurst
R 89-04-22 Miracle Grill
M 89-04-23s Baywatch
M 89-04-23* Belles of St. Trinians
M 89-04-23* Mary Pickford Story
M 89-04-23* Milagro Beanfield War
M 89-04-23s Wee Geordie
I 89-04-24 Show Slides to Susan and Tom
M 89-04-24s Bullet Videopak 8 (p)
B 89-04-25 Wheeler: Gravitation (in 11 yrs,7 mos,13 days)(Being&Time12yrs+
M 89-04-25* Dead Ringers
M 89-04-25s Visions of Eight
I 89-04-27 Show Slides to Mom
E 89-04-29 Fireworks at Wall Street and East River
O 89-04-29 Elisir d'Amore, L'
R 89-04-29 Rainbow Room with Mom
R 89-04-30 Alamo Brunch with Dennis and Mom
M 89-05-01* Wannsee Conference
R 89-05-01 American Harvest Restaurant for Mom's Birthday
M 89-05-02* My Name is Bill W
E 89-05-03 Gurudev at Doral Hotel
R 89-05-03 Beaujolais
I 89-05-04 Dentist Moskowitz
M 89-05-04* Dark Holiday (Remick in Turkey)
B 89-05-05 Blavatsky: Isis Unveiled!!!
I 89-05-06 Susan McMahon says that Rick BEAT her!!
M 89-05-07* Meeting (Malcolm X and Martin Luther King)
M 89-05-07s Scream of the Wolf
R 89-05-07 Park Plaza
M 89-05-08* Back to School
M 89-05-08* Trial of the Incredible Hulk
M 89-05-08* What Waits Below
R 89-05-08 Melrose
E 89-05-09 Tom Pearsall dinner for me and Dick Newberger from Met Mus
M 89-05-10* Walk in the Woods, A
B 89-05-11 Woolger: Other Lives, Other Selves
E 89-05-11 Bookfair at 4PM
I 89-05-11 Bob Geiger dies; and Tom Pearsall breaks wrists!!
I 89-05-11 HIP physical with Daoud
R 89-05-13 Moroccan Star
E 89-05-14 Greenwood Cemetery with Susan
B 89-05-15 Bellow: Humboldt's Gift
M 89-05-16* War and Remembrance (end)
R 89-05-16 Eze
B 89-05-18 Shilts: And the Band Played On
M 89-05-18s She (1965)
B 89-05-19 Clarke: 2061: Odyssey Three
E 89-05-20 Out of body workshop 11-4
E 89-05-20 Shelley Neiderbach's 50th Birthday party at 120 Duane
R 89-05-20 Broadway Bay
E 89-05-21 Games Group #10 at Ians
M 89-05-21* Cat's Eye
M 89-05-22* Best of Stephen King's World of Horror
M 89-05-22* Futureworld
M 89-05-22* Testimony (Shostakovich)
M 89-05-23* Accused, The
M 89-05-23s Hard Country
M 89-05-23* Mutiny on the Bounty (Gable)
M 89-05-24* Thin Blue Line
M 89-05-25 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
R 89-05-25 Hubert's
I 89-05-26 HIP for Electrocardiogram
M 89-05-26s Earth Star Voyager I
M 89-05-29s One Her Majesty's Secret Service
M 89-05-29* Seven Beauties
I 89-05-31 Slides here for Ann and Nat
E 89-06-01 Steve Reich at WinterGarden
M 89-06-01* Hellbound: Hellraiser II
M 89-06-01* Hellraiser
M 89-06-01s In the Shadow of Kilimanjaro
R 89-06-01 Samantha's
B 89-06-03 Zukav: Dancing Wu Li Masters
E 89-06-03 Wave Hill with Sherryl
E 89-06-04 Central Park picnic 12-4 with Dennis and AIDS people
M 89-06-04s Champions: A Love Story
M 89-06-04s Our Common Future (7 hrs)
M 89-06-05 Cinderella (Murray(?)/Salsburg)
R 89-06-05 Miss Ruby's Cafe
I 89-06-06 Fethi paints bathroom
M 89-06-06* Real Genius
B 89-06-07 Stark: Out-of-Body Adventures
E 89-06-07 ASI meeting at 5:30
E 89-06-07 Paul Winter at WinterGarden
I 89-06-08 Woolger #1 past-life recall
R 89-06-08 China House lunch (New Paltz)
E 89-06-09 Hershel Adler and Graham Galleries and Vido Blockbusters
M 89-06-09* Aspern Papers (opera)
O 89-06-09* Aspern Papers (opera)
E 89-06-10 Homogeniuses (male nude slides on Hudson Street)
E 89-06-11 Games Group #11 at Bershatsky's
E 89-06-11 Palladium 9-12
M 89-06-12* Coming to America
M 89-06-12* Male Animal
I 89-06-13 Woolger #2 past-life recall
D 89-06-15 Phyllis Lamhut
I 89-06-15 Woolger #3 past-life recall
E 89-06-18 Dia Art Foundation
M 89-06-18s Boys, Boys, Boys (Sandy Gomez)(Pope's Ex)
R 89-06-19 Gage and Tollner
I 89-06-20 Dr. Daoud at HIP
M 89-06-20* Belizaire the Cajun
M 89-06-20* Philby, Burgess, and MacLean
M 89-06-20* World of James Joyce
P 89-06-21 Largely New York
R 89-06-21 Westside Cottage
I 89-06-22 Dentist Mohajer
M 89-06-22* Rachel River (V.Lindfors)
E 89-06-24 Coney Island Tour with Spartacus
M 89-06-24* Girl Crazy
R 89-06-24 Mezze Pastry Shoppe lunch (Coney Island)
E 89-06-25 Gay parade (and fireworks) with Joe 5:30-11PM
M 89-06-26* Laura Lansing Slept Here (Hepburn)
O 89-06-26 Lucia di Lammermoor (Mariella Devia, Alfredo Kraus)(rained out)
R 89-06-26 Ideal Restaurant
M 89-06-27* Group Theatre (for Dennis)
R 89-06-27 Chanterelle tasting menu with Alice
M 89-06-28* Garbo Talks
R 89-06-28 Live Bait with Sherryl
M 89-06-29* Accidental Tourist
M 89-06-29* Everybody's All-American
I 89-06-30 HIP Osteopath for tendinitis injection!
M 89-06-30* Another Woman
M 89-06-30* Pelle the Conquerer
R 89-06-30 Caravan
E 89-07-01 Bayard Cutting Arboretum with Paul
M 89-07-01* I Want to Live
R 89-07-01 MacDonald's lunch on Long Island with Paul
R 89-07-01 Monte's Venetian Room
M 89-07-02* Marseillaise, La
M 89-07-02* Monsieur Beaucaire
M 89-07-02* Supergirl
E 89-07-03 Fireworks at Pier 17
E 89-07-04 Fireworks 9:20-9:50
M 89-07-04* Centennial Summer
M 89-07-04* Christmas Story
M 89-07-04 Offence
R 89-07-04 Taygatos (Queens)
B 89-07-05 Marquez: Love in the Time of Cholera
D 89-07-05 Kirov: Corsaire
R 89-07-05 Andiamo
E 89-07-07 Art Gallery Day
E 89-07-08 Homogeniuses Picnic 1-5PM
M 89-07-08* Napoleon (Coppola music and tint)
M 89-07-08* This Is Spinal Tap
E 89-07-09 Williamsburg Giglio with Paul
M 89-07-09* Cop (Woods)
M 89-07-09* Wimbledon finals
M 89-07-10* Catherine: Death of an Anorexic
M 89-07-10s Dirty Dancing: Live in Concert
M 89-07-10* Marie Antoinette
R 89-07-10 Maurice
B 89-07-11 White, Edmund: The Beautiful Room Is Empty
M 89-07-11* Jumpin' Jack Flash
M 89-07-11* Pennies from Heaven I and II
M 89-07-11s Red Sonja
D 89-07-12 Kirov: Sleeping Beauty
R 89-07-12 Angelo's with Joe
E 89-07-14 Bastille Day celebrations at Lincoln Center
E 89-07-14 Reno at Dixon Place with Alice
E 89-07-14 Theory of Everything at Open Center
R 89-07-14 M.Schacht sandwich take-out dinner
R 89-07-14 Plaza Cafe (at Lincoln Center) lunch
B 89-07-15 White, Edmund: A Boy's Own Story
M 89-07-15* Psycho III
B 89-07-16 Clarke: Cradle
B 89-07-16 White, Edmund: Forgetting Elena
M 89-07-16s Sword and the Sorcerer
M 89-07-16* Tale of Two Cities (TV-1989)
M 89-07-17 Little American, The (Pickford)
M 89-07-17 Stella Maris
R 89-07-17 Spring Street Restaurant
M 89-07-18 Miserables, Les (Jean Gabin)
M 89-07-18 Return
R 89-07-18 Le Perigord
D 89-07-19 Kirov: Kingdom of the Shades/Potemkin
R 89-07-19 Cafe Saloon near Lincoln Center
R 89-07-20 Between the Ribs (Long Beach)
T 89-07-20 Long Beach, LI, for Sherryl's visit
E 89-07-21 Marine Nature Study Area/Rock Hall in Hempstead/Train to NYC
M 89-07-23* Endangered Earth (4 hrs)
M 89-07-23* Who Killed Vincent Chin
B 89-07-24 Riordan: Hunting the Quark (Start of "A Book A Day")
M 89-07-24* Jaws III
M 89-07-24* Vengeance: The Story of Tony Cimo (saw before)
B 89-07-25 Krishnamurti/Bohm: The Ending of Time
E 89-07-25 Health lecture at HIP with Pope
B 89-07-26 Kaku: Beyond Einstein
D 89-07-26 London Ballet: Romeo and Juliet
B 89-07-27 Glashow: Interactions
R 89-07-27 Rakel with Shelley
B 89-07-28 Neal, Patricia: As I Am
I 89-07-28 Pay off my debt to Spartacus since 2/88
B 89-07-29 Bradbury: The Toynbee Convector
E 89-07-29 Homogeniuses John Vinton about Adirondacks
M 89-07-29* Major Barbara
B 89-07-30 Golding: An Egyptian Journal
B 89-07-31 White, Edmund: The Darker Proof
D 89-07-31 Choreospace
E 89-07-31 Gay Center Art Show tour
R 89-07-31 Cafe de Bruxelles
B 89-08-01 Dahl: Dirty Beasts
B 89-08-02 Gorey: Gorey X 3
D 89-08-02 London Ballet: Mixed Bill
R 89-08-02 O'Neal's Baloon
R 89-08-02 Teresa's in Brooklyn Heights (OPENING lunch)
B 89-08-03 Ballard: Re-Search
R 89-08-03 Garden State Diner in Newark Airport with Rita, Denny, and Paul
R 89-08-03 Parker's Lighthouse with Paul
B 89-08-04 Burroughs: The Western Lands
R 89-08-04 Bouley lunch with Sherryl
B 89-08-05 Herbert: Quantum Reality
M 89-08-05* Mr. North
M 89-08-05* Torch Song Trilogy
B 89-08-06 Ballard: Day of Greation
M 89-08-06* Hidden
B 89-08-07 Maupin: Significant Others (end of "Book at Day" at 15 books)
M 89-08-07* Boost, The (Woods)
M 89-08-07* Cocoon: The Return
M 89-08-07* Indiscreet
E 89-08-08 HIP health lecture with Pope
M 89-08-08* Alien Nation
M 89-08-08* Keep, The
M 89-08-09 Guest in the House, A
M 89-08-09 Hidden Room, The
M 89-08-09* Liaisons Dangereuses, Les (Close)
M 89-08-09* Madame Sousatska
M 89-08-09* Pennies from Heaven (Martin/Peters)
R 89-08-09 Jerry's
E 89-08-10 Book shop in Strand/ Forbidden Planet/ Dalton's
M 89-08-10* In A Shallow Grave
M 89-08-10* Last Temptation of Christ
R 89-08-10 Bon Vivant (Bway and 11th) lunch
M 89-08-11* Dark Circle (Nuclear)
M 89-08-11* Quartet
M 89-08-11* Rain Man
R 89-08-11 Teresa's
E 89-08-12 Penny Arcade (comic) at P.S. 122
R 89-08-12 Gaylord
B 89-08-13 White, Edmund: States of Desire
M 89-08-14 Shifting Sands (1918, Swanson)
M 89-08-14 Sold for Marriage (1916, L.Gish)
R 89-08-14 Katz's Delicatessen
R 89-08-15 Le Perigord dinner
B 89-08-16 Juan-Carlos: Photographing the Male
B 89-08-16 White, Edmund: Caracole
R 89-08-16 K-Paul's
E 89-08-19 Homogeniuses here (Paying for Sex) - 17 people
I 89-08-19 Susan McMahon and Rick MARRY!
R 89-08-19 Teresa's
R 89-08-20 Chart House (on Hudson)
T 89-08-20 New Paltz with Vicki
I 89-08-21 AIDS test #3 on Wycoff
M 89-08-21* It (Bow)
M 89-08-21* Nick Knight
M 89-08-21s Quest
M 89-08-21* Trio
B 89-08-22 Burroughs: The Adding Machine (BPLibrary)
E 89-08-22 Mirror ofNature atNYPL/Museum of Broadcasting/IBM:Hyde/PennMusm
M 89-08-22 Abyss
R 89-08-22 Lavin's
R 89-08-23 Poiret
M 89-08-24* Last Embrace
R 89-08-24 Cave Canem with Joe
M 89-08-25* Mississippi Burning
T 89-08-25 Old Bethpage Village with Paul
E 89-08-26 Pier 17 Fireworks
M 89-08-26* Lair of the White Worm
B 89-08-27 Davies: Quantum Mechanics (skim)
M 89-08-27* Tequila Sunshine
R 89-08-27 Cafe Cielo lunch
M 89-08-28* Man Facing Southeast
M 89-08-28* Student Prince
B 89-08-29 Davies: Superstrings
E 89-08-29 HIP health lecture with Pope
P 89-08-29 Anything Goes (Uggams)
B 89-08-30 Schwartz: The Male Member
P 89-08-30 Desert Song with Paul
R 89-08-30 Leighton's 68 with Paul
R 89-08-30 Silver Spurs lunch
B 89-08-31 Bear: Corona
B 89-08-31 Peat: Superstrings
B 89-08-31 Strugatskys: Definitely Maybe
P 89-08-31 Into the Woods (box seat)
B 89-09-01 Carrington: The Seventh Horse
B 89-09-01 DeWitt: Many-Worlds Interpretation
I 89-09-01 AIDS test #3 is too lipemic!
E 89-09-02 Brooklyn Botanic Garden
E 89-09-02 Kid's Carnival in Brooklyn
R 89-09-03 Chart House (on Hudson)
R 89-09-03 Starr Bar (Rhinebeck)
T 89-09-03 New Paltz and Secret Spot
B 89-09-04 Crighton: Travels
E 89-09-04 Brooklyn Labor Day Parade
M 89-09-04* Blowing Wild
R 89-09-04 Pemana with Joe
M 89-09-05* Fantasia(!)
M 89-09-05* Mosquito Coast
M 89-09-05* True Believer (Woods)
M 89-09-05* What Price Glory (1926)
B 89-09-06 Dick: Ubik
E 89-09-06 China Institute Photos/FIT Lalique Exhibit/Fantasy Archives
R 89-09-06 Castilian Tapas
B 89-09-07 Strugatskys: Roadside Picnic
R 89-09-07 L'Ecole with Sherryl
R 89-09-08 Ottomanelli's 72nd St.
B 89-09-09 Polo: Travels
E 89-09-09 SBC Reunion at Dick Hsieh's
M 89-09-10* Amazing Stories: The Movie
M 89-09-10* Dressed to Kill
M 89-09-10* Gallipoli
R 89-09-10 Metro Brunch with Alice
I 89-09-11 Play WORM for 2 hours, first in 2 years
I 89-09-12 Dr. Chin at HIP
I 89-09-13 AIDS test #3a on Wycoff
M 89-09-13* Tommy on TV5
R 89-09-13 Brooklyn Museum Garden Room lunch
P 89-09-14 Lady in Question
R 89-09-14 Cafe La Strada
B 89-09-15 Bohm: Causality and Chance in Modern Physics
E 89-09-15 Cosmic Journey at Open Center
M 89-09-16* Best Boy
M 89-09-16* Eyes of the Birds
M 89-09-16* High Anxiety
M 89-09-17* Funny Dirty Little War
B 89-09-18 Lautreamont: Maldoror
M 89-09-18* Emmy Awards of 1989
M 89-09-18* Roxanne
B 89-09-20 Bohm/Peat: Science, Order, and Creativity
I 89-09-21 Dentist Mohajer
M 89-09-21* Esther and the King
M 89-09-21* Hurricane Hugo on TV til 3AM
R 89-09-21 Toscana with Alice
R 89-09-22 Roy Rogers Beef
R 89-09-24 Teresa's lunch with Vicki
E 89-09-25 Writer's Group #1 at Matt's
R 89-09-26 At Our Place with Michael Blackburn and Dorothy
I 89-09-27 AIDS test #3a results: Negative!
I 89-09-27 Dr. Gewirtz at HIP
M 89-09-27* Beaches
R 89-09-27 Ayaedeh with Sherryl
M 89-09-28* Cat from Outer Space
M 89-09-28* Gorillas in the Mist
M 89-09-28* Land Before Time
M 89-09-29* Explorers
M 89-09-29* Little Dorrit (6 hrs)
M 89-09-29* Wings of Desire
M 89-09-30* Hallelujah, I'm a Bum
M 89-09-30* Iron Horse
M 89-10-01* Boys from Brazil
M 89-10-01* Overlanders
M 89-10-01* Sweet Bird of Youth (Taylor, Harmon)
E 89-10-02 Writer's Group #2 here
I 89-10-02 Dr. Ling Optometrist at HIP
M 89-10-02 Intolerance (at Avery Fisher, free with Paul)
M 89-10-03* Thief of Hearts
R 89-10-03 Tamu
R 89-10-04 Dallas BBQ
M 89-10-05* Black Widow
M 89-10-05* Life and Loves of a She-Devil (British)
B 89-10-06 Barron: Greek Sculpture
B 89-10-06 Burroughs: Re-Search
R 89-10-07 River Cafe brunch with Vicki
E 89-10-08 Whole Life Expo for Actualism
R 89-10-08 Nyota's Jamaican Booth at Whole Life Expo
E 89-10-09 Dixon Place Benefit (Alice wins cake, I win Blue Note entries)
R 89-10-09 Le Madri
E 89-10-10 Jan Morris 6PM at Hunter
R 89-10-10 Ferrier
B 89-10-11 Griffin: Physics and the Ultimate Significance of Time (BPL)
B 89-10-11 Rutstein: In the Footsteps of Marco Pole (BPL)
E 89-10-11 Writer's Group #3 at Carolyn's
B 89-10-12 Morris: Conundrum (BPL)
B 89-10-13 Matthiessen: Nine-Headed Dragon River (BPL)
B 89-10-13 Wilby: Journey Across Tibet (BPL)
M 89-10-13* Dead of Winter
R 89-10-13 Diane's
E 89-10-14 Homogeniuses
O 89-10-14 Aida
R 89-10-14 Adrienne (tasting + 3 wines)
E 89-10-15 Lincoln Center Library Book and Record Sale with Dennis
M 89-10-15* Allan Quatermain and the City of Gold
M 89-10-15* Messa por Rossini
M 89-10-15* Mystic Pizza (not end)
M 89-10-16* Entertainer, The
M 89-10-16* Tumbleweeks
R 89-10-16 Cellar in the Sky with Shelley, Alice, and Friend
I 89-10-17 Dr. Lee at HIP
M 89-10-17* Inspector General (Kaye)
P 89-10-17 Dangerous Games
E 89-10-18 Writer's Group #4 at Matt's
P 89-10-19 Secret Rapture
R 89-10-19 Caravan
B 89-10-20 Green: Superstrings
E 89-10-20 Wine-tasting #1 at Slades
I 89-10-20 Dr. Ling Optometrist at HIP
I 89-10-20 Flu shot at HIP
M 89-10-20* David Copperfield (1986 TV)(5 hrs)
E 89-10-22 Greenpoint walk with Joe
M 89-10-22* Fire Over England
M 89-10-22* Vie Est Belle, La
R 89-10-22 Polska Restaurant in Greenpoint
B 89-10-23 Blavatsky: Secret Doctrine
R 89-10-23 Dallas BBQ
M 89-10-24* Harry and the Hendersons
R 89-10-24 Rakel with Helen O'Shea
E 89-10-25 Wine-tasting #2 at Slades
E 89-10-25 Writer's Group #5 here
I 89-10-25 Dr. Rottenburg Urology at HIP
B 89-10-26 Eiseley: Lost Notebooks
M 89-10-26* Naughty Marietta (MacDonald, Eddy)
E 89-10-27 Statue of Liberty with Mon
R 89-10-27 Teresa's with Mom
M 89-10-28* Beloved Rogue
P 89-10-28 Me and My Girl
R 89-10-28 Old Hungary Restaurant with Vicki and Mom
D 89-10-29 Joffrey Ballet: Cotillon/L'Air D'Esprit/Touch Me/Two-A-Day
R 89-10-29 East (55th) with Paul
R 89-10-29 Tang's brunch with Mom and Spartacus
B 89-10-30 Bohm: Special Theory of Relativity
E 89-10-30 Dennis's brunch for Mom and me
E 89-10-30 Macy's and A&S with Mom
R 89-10-30 Kevin's Corner with Mom
E 89-10-31 Halloween Parade with Joe and Sherryl (rained out!)
R 89-10-31 Rhumb Line (Greenport) dessert
R 89-10-31 Tony Roma's on Long Island
T 89-10-31 Shelley's apartment in Greenport with Vicki
B 89-11-01 Watts: Early Writings
E 89-11-01 Halloween "show" on Route 25
M 89-11-01 Fabulous Baker Boys
R 89-11-01 Corner Luncheonette (Greenpoint) breakfast
R 89-11-01 Half-Clam-Shell on Long Island
R 89-11-01 Orient Point eatery lunch
R 89-11-02 Lobster Inn on Long Island lunch
R 89-11-02 Polo tasting with Alice
B 89-11-03 Purusha: Divine Androgyne
I 89-11-03 Re-start work on "AIDS House"
P 89-11-03 Songs of Paradise (Jewish Bible) with Spartacus
R 89-11-03 Gaylord's with Spartacus
B 89-11-04 Davies: Search for Gravity Waves
M 89-11-04s Powerfull II (p)
M 89-11-04s Rooms (p)
M 89-11-04* Showboat (Paper Mill Playhouse)
M 89-11-05* Our Town (Spalding Gray)
P 89-11-06 Playright's Horizon: Mainstage
B 89-11-07 Dahl: The Giraffe, The Pelly, and Me
E 89-11-08 Wine-tasting #4 at Slades
M 89-11-08s Batdude (p)
M 89-11-08* Matador
M 89-11-08s One in a Billion (p)
M 89-11-08s Sunstroke (p)
M 89-11-08s Young and Hung I (p)
P 89-11-08 Gypsy (Tyne Daly)
B 89-11-09 Stanford: Fatima Prophecy
I 89-11-09 Computer-Clear 159 of 259 computer files, leaving 100!
M 89-11-10* Relatively Speaking (Ayckbourn)
E 89-11-11 Bronx Zoo with Sherryl
R 89-11-11 Anaconda
E 89-11-12 Our Planet Ourselves with Actualism
M 89-11-12* One of Our Aircraft Is Missing
R 89-11-12 Cafe Loup
E 89-11-14 Out-of-Body Workshop #1
R 89-11-14 Blue Hen (meeting newly-married Carr!)
E 89-11-15 Wine-tasting #5 at Slades
I 89-11-15 Dr. Harzvi at HIP
M 89-11-15s Predator
P 89-11-15 Shirley Valentine (Ellen Burstyn)
B 89-11-16 Roberts: Seth Material (scan)
E 89-11-16 Brooklyn Historical Society opening with Spartacus
B 89-11-18 Eco: Name of the Rose
E 89-11-18 Actualism second group initiated into Fourth Advanced
E 89-11-19 Actualism Thanksgiving Gathering at Center
E 89-11-19 Gaylaxians at Gay Center
R 89-11-19 Fine and Schapiro's
M 89-11-20 Smiles of a Summer Night
E 89-11-21 Out-of-Body Workshop #2
M 89-11-21* Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (new music)
I 89-11-22 Buy new printer cable and the printer now works!
M 89-11-22* Nosferatu (new music)
R 89-11-22 Raintrees (free for Shopper review!)
E 89-11-23 Thanksgiving Dinner by Dennis and Alice for Joe,Pope,Dona,Rob
I 89-11-25 My reading at Sherryl's
R 89-11-25 Caliente Cab Co
P 89-11-26 Bronx Tale, A (free by Joyce Alaya)
R 89-11-26 Thompson St. Brewery
M 89-11-27* Fugitive Kind
M 89-11-27* Manhattan Project
E 89-11-28 Out-of-Body Workshop #3
M 89-11-28s Till We Meet Again
P 89-11-28 Orpheus Descending (Vanessa Redgrave)
R 89-11-28 La Caravelle with Alice
E 89-11-29 Wine-tasting #6 at Slades
E 89-11-29 Writer's Group #6 at Carolyn's
M 89-11-29* David Copperfield (Bartholomew/Color)
D 89-11-30 Mike Mao program (Solitude/Day of Anger)
M 89-11-30* Twice-Told Tales
R 89-11-30 Positively 104th Street
B 89-12-01 Kundera: Unbearable Lightness of Being
R 89-12-01 Henrrietta's
O 89-12-02 Rigoletto
R 89-12-02 Arpeggio
M 89-12-03* Forbidden
M 89-12-03* No Place Like Home
M 89-12-03* Richard Burton: In from the Cold
M 89-12-03* Tale of Two Cities (4 hrs/Philby/Aumont)
E 89-12-05 Out-of-Body Workshop #4
M 89-12-05 Driving Miss Daisy (Warner Screening Room with Pope)
R 89-12-05 Le Duc
P 89-12-06 Merchant of Venice (Dustin Hoffman)
R 89-12-06 Caravan
D 89-12-07 Mike Mao Dancers
R 89-12-07 Positively 104th St. with Spartacus
P 89-12-10 Tru with Dennis
R 89-12-10 Cowgirls' Hall of Fame
B 89-12-11 Westlake: Eothen (NYPL)
E 89-12-11 John McPhee and his wife at YMHA
R 89-12-11 Gabriel
E 89-12-12 Out-of-Body Workshop #5
E 89-12-13 Writer's Group #7 at Carolyn's
I 89-12-14 SHOPPER prints my Raintrees' review!
R 89-12-14 Delia's with Sherryl
I 89-12-15 SHOPPER prints my article!
M 89-12-15* Africana, L'
M 89-12-15* Field of Dreams
M 89-12-15* Knock on Wood
O 89-12-15* Africana, L'
R 89-12-16 Nino's with large group
E 89-12-17 Actualism Christmas Gathering and Brunch upstairs at Olcott
B 89-12-18 Updike: S
E 89-12-18 Theroux and Matthiessen at YMHA
E 89-12-19 Out-of-Body Workshop #6
E 89-12-19 Writer's Group #8 for Christmas party with spaghetti and wine
M 89-12-21* Starlost: The Return
R 89-12-21 Gage and Tollner with Alice
E 89-12-22 Christmas Party at Paul Bosten's with Vicki and Joe
E 89-12-23 Matt McHugh's party to 1AM
O 89-12-23 Tales of Hoffman
R 89-12-23 La Cité
E 89-12-24 Dinner and Midnight Mass with Paul Bosten
I 89-12-25 Alice cooks suckling pighereforSherryl,Joe,Paul,Shelley,BL,Pope
M 89-12-25* Great Expectations
B 89-12-27 Doughty: Travels in Arabia Deserta (Library per Jan Morris)
M 89-12-27* Darshan
B 89-12-28 Auden/Isherwood: Man in the Dog Suit (borrowed from Spartacus)
E 89-12-28 Citibank Trains #2
I 89-12-28 CUT OFF PONYTAIL (that I started OVER a year ago!)
M 89-12-28s Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
M 89-12-28* Oliver Twist (Dickie Moore)
R 89-12-28 Alison on Dominick lunch
B 89-12-29 Chicago Tribune: Great AIDS Quest (Gallo is thief)
M 89-12-29* Season's Greetings (Alan Ayckbourne)
M 89-12-30* Lady Eve, The
M 89-12-30* Slapstick (comics)
E 89-12-31 NewYear'sEve fireworks onPromenade/"HappyNewYear"1stWords1990s
M 89-12-31* Carmina Burana (Battle)
M 89-12-31* Uncommon Women and Others