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1990 3 of 3

11/13/90: Rolf phones, praising Micropolis 160Mb HD for $900, 320Mb for $1400, with TWENTY-YEAR-SOLID mean-time-to-failure, with SCZI ("scuzzy") or STD controller-board for $200, saying that the Intel 486 was the better deal (motherboard now $3000, but will come down in price until "the best time to buy in mid-1991") since it was the de-facto standard because IBM accepted it 10-12 years ago, thereby ENFORCING artificial address segmentation [and the guys who did it should be tortured to death], while the Motorola 68000 series is NOT standard though it ALLOWED freedom from address segmentation, which is just NOW being incorporated into Microsoft's NEWEST Operating System OS/2 Release 2.0, which is just NOW going our for field-testing. He also says C programming will be standard, and one could make lots of money by writing a COMPLETE guide to all these programming systems with a GOOD index, none of which is out NOW!

11/22/90: Notes from DURRENMATT: Four Plays, started 11/9, finished 11/20/90:
p15: "We have no style, only styles. p30: Comedy supposes a world about to fold, like ours. p32: tragic---leads me to think of FN ENDING with Zinovia as heroine, mourning Frank who "passes up to a WIDER world." 268M: Kill the girl if she doesn't love me any more. 275T: Faced by a visible Heaven, the State is inevitably reduced to a farce. 341T: Duty of genius to remain unrecognized?? 349: WHAT is "The Physicists" ABOUT??? Couldn't get much out of ANY of it.

11/30/90: Notes from BROCH: The Sleepwalkers, 648 pages, read 11/19-11/30/90.
TITLE on 38B: "they ascended like sleepwalkers" and did normal sex. 292T: "the prophetic dream of death enshrouds the man who has hitherto walked dreaming in sleep." 575T: "a sleepwalking that led towards the light." 595T: "the sleepwalking of the infinite has seized upon her and never more will let her go." 40T: "he sank [in sex] drowning into her./Without warning the news reached him that his brother was dead." 61B: SO convoluted! 65M: "even the deceased young master had been seen daily dismounting" -- a ghost? 71T: Every collector hopes with the never-attained, never-attainable and yet inexorably striven-for absolute completeness of his collection to pass beyond the assembled things themselves, to pass over into infinity, and, entirely subsumed in his collection, to attain his own consummation and the suspension of death. 76M: Elizabeth felt disappointed, and yet in some way relieved...she felt also a little offended. 127B: blasphemous to think Elizabeth shits, as before, fucks and gives birth. 128T: Bertrand a girl, Elizabeth a boy, Ruzena her brother---WOW! 132M: God--father--annihilation under curse! 141: Impropriety: her father and mother KISSED her! 150: "Man you hunger for." 271B: Baden girl Bertrand again. 287T: Lohberg a woman. 316M: 18-line sentence! 344M: All 3: DIE ALONE! 407T: 22-line sentence. 448B: better if function and value interchanged! 470T: "she had to let the cold water run over her until her skin was like glass and the points of her breasts grew quite hard." 557M: Philosophy itself has become an aesthetic pastime, a pastime that no longer really exists but has fallen into the empty detachment of evil and become a recreation for citizens who need to kill time of an evening! nothing is left us but number, nothing is left us but law!" 565T: "A unity of mankind, illuminating all things, still surviving and imperishable through all eternities of space and time." 575T: ---it was an almost physical intuition by which I seized the higher Platonic reality of the world, and all my being was filled with the certainty that I needed take only a small step to transform this physical intuition into a rational one." 579T: "But as she remembered no such dream it would be neither honest nor relevant to express any opinion on the matter." WHY?? 598B: "He stretched his arms like one who awakes from sleep or is nailed on a cross. "A man who sacrifices himself must be a decent chap." COPY ALL 627 and 648! 644: "It would be somehow or other possible to compel people to be warm and friendly, to compel them by threats of murder or violence." 648: 25.5 lines per sentence, over 2/3 page.Finished 12:50AM 11/30!

12/1/90: I stub my right bigtoe VERY badly about 1:30PM: I was running upstairs in my slippers and I THINK my left foot wasn't fully on the step so it slipped off to the LOWER one, pitching me forward, and to save myself from falling forward I tried to thrust out my right foot for balance but it STUBBED against the base of the next riser. Looked at it THEN but it didn't seem damaged at ALL, though it hurt like hell. Then at 10:20PM it was BRUISED down its length as was the tip of the NEXT toe. Then 11/22 at 9:30PM the bruise had worked its way UP a bit around the nail, had a bruise mid-toe, and a THIRD bruise in the fork BETWEEN the two toes. Then 11/23 at 12:45AM I was panicked to see the top bruise become a bing-cherry RED, though the bottom ones were much paler, but my FOOT is swollen. Debate checking into the HIP emergency unit; but don't like to WALK on it. 11/24 12:45AM the swelling seemed a BIT less, rather than the MORE which I'd been fearing. 11/25 1:35AM the swelling was GONE, but there was a bruise only below the nail and in the fork. 11/26 10:25PM there was another bruise at the TOP of the right-side of the nail. 11/30 I went to the gym for the first time, and though I was conscious of the discomfort, it didn't seem to make it worse. I got very slowly better, though it didn't quite bend as much as the left bigtoe, and then at the gym on 12/8 the discolored skin began to peel away from the base of the nail like from a blister, and on 12/10 most of the dead skin could be pulled away so it wouldn't look awful when Tony and Richard came over that afternoon. Now on 12/13 it's only the SLIGHTEST degree still sore, so I'm hoping there's no permanent damage from the stupidest stub.12/4/90: Felt I had so many phonecalls to make that I had to make a list: 1) Andre: who said he was busy with casting, then he phoned me 12/5 evening after I left a message on his machine in the morning, saying he was STILL busy but if I liked we could continue to talk on the phone. I decided to let HIM call ME next. 2) Couriers: TNT doesn't do it anymore, and I left word the first of TWO times at Halbart, which never called back by 12/13. 3) Carolyn: left word, she called me back, said she WANTED to read my book. Phoned Mike, too, whose job is now only half as busy, and HE'd like to read it. 4) Bernice: finally seemed to get her out of my "to-call" hair. 5) Barbara: moving in December, willing to read first-revised FN. 6) Bob K: I call him NOW and talk from 10-10:55AM, he'll get revisions to me early next week. 7) Mitch: left word twice, he's moved, and FINALLY yesterday he says: NEW copy of proposal for HOLT. 8) Joe, got and talked to. Return library book, Spart's tape, xerox Broch, call DS.

12/5/90: So many FRUSTRATIONS: 1) Christmas cards (though now they SHOULD be delivered on Friday, so I have to type the SHEETS to go INTO them!), 2) Sunquest job (though she's checking if I can bill at $25/hr; and we've gone THROUGH renaming and recombining all the crazy BOOKS, and she's to send me a list of pages, examples, and datalists), 3) GET quotes from Toni on flying to Sydney from New Zealand, 4) HAVE FN readers "gotten": DS gave his copy to me yesterday, BK will get his notes to me early next week, and BC will have COMMENTS to me by 12/16 and the BOOK by 12/29, so I've set up "FIRST REVISION" the rest of this month for Ted Turner, "SECOND REVISION" in January for Lambda, and "NEXT REVISION" according to who says what to whom, 5) Australian flight is still up in the air (ho ho ha ha and hee hee, as Tom Robbins would say), 6) Broken toe xray now seems unnecessary, 7) Mitch Rose WAS talked to and he wants a new copy of the proposal to send to Holt. So MOST of the frustrations are no longer frustrations! Provided things HAPPEN as they now SHOULD from my checks!

12/6/90: CURRENT phone-list: 1) Matt read FN? 2) More couriers? 3) Latimers?

12/9/90: Notes from John Bradshaw on Homecoming: 1) SAFETY needed for CREATIVITY! 2) Go through door, down hallway, to "your room" to meet your "wonder child" who gives you a GOOD memory to DREAM on. 3) "Purpose of Life" meditation by higher self: through door to porch, and your higher power comes down stairs from clouds and takes up UP. "You have a destiny ONLY YOU can express." To TEMPLE with child-statue of YOU, that KNOWS, that comes alive and embraces you and tells you meaning of your life. Take the child into your heart & return, then SEE your birth, your life, & your future accomplishments.

12/10/90: ADD to FN: 1) Gain-Radio: a) HEALING mechanism, b) TEACHING device, c) EVOLUTIONARY developer. 2) "Happy Future" story: a) population problem SOLVED, b) evolutionary step TAKEN, c) ecologic HARMONY promised, d) RATIONAL life, not PAST-determined: i) by old FAMILIES, ii) by old SOCIETIES, iii) by old CIVILIZATIONS. LIGHT! 1) Movies: a) Star Trek, b) Close Encounters, c) Ten Commandments. 2) Music: a) Mephistofeles climax, b) Mahler's Second, c) Beethoven's Ninth, d) Wagner's Tristan and Isolde love-death, e) Rock-star finales explosions. 3) Books: a) Proust's final book, b) Broch's finale, c) Bible's transfiguration. 4) Paintings: a) Grunewald's Resurrection, b) Dali's Crucifixion, c) Michelangelo's Last Judgment, d) DaVinci's Holy Family, e) Baroque altars. 5) Architecture: a) columns: i) Sri Lanka Anuradhapura, ii) Egypt Hypostyle Hall, iii) St. John the Divine columns, iv) Baalbeck Temple, v) Temple in "Thief of Baghdad." b) light: i) Pantheon in Rome, ii) Stained glass at Chartres, iii) Altar of Heaven in Beijing, iv) Taj Mahal and Japanese moon- viewing pavilions, v) Borobudur panels, newly restored. 6) Opera: a) Othello, vengeance duet, b) Turandot, love duet, c) Mephistofeles and Faust, redemption scenes, d) Rheingold, Donner and Froh solos. 7) Orchestral: a) Pachabel's Canon, b) Chariots of Fire apotheosis, c) Etudes, d) Tchaikovsky's Tree-Grow, e) Beethoven's Seventh, f) Tubular Bells, g) Berlioz' Tuba Mirum, h) Messiaen's Turangalila, i) Orff's Carmina Burana.

12/13/90: Susan phones about Joe Ocasio (who works at Ajax, (212) 832-9650) about Toshiba 1200, 20mg HD that can take WordPerfect, 286, DOS, $1095 (1/3 original price for rebuilt one), or $1345 for $3600 list for 386), and I can call URS Information Systems in Wilmington Delaware (508) 657-6100, Visa OK, saying "I saw ad for Toshiba 1200 listed in Computer Hotline Magazine for $1095." I thanked her, but said I really DIDN'T want a $5 elephant just now.

12/13/90: WHERE AM I NOW? Feeling better after TERRIBLE overeating aftermath from Peter Luger's yesterday, when I felt like doing NOTHING and had to EXIST through a painful conversation with Valda and Bernice, and today's trauma was talking to Bob K, and then returning my laptop and meeting Arnold for "Miser."

12/15/90: Finish Tom Robbins: Still Life with Woodpecker, started 12/14/90. p22T: Sunday, a wan, stiff shadow of robust Saturday. Sunday, the day divorced fathers with "visitation" rights take their children to the zoo. Sunday, forced leisure for folks who have no aptitude for leisure. Sunday, when the hangover knows no bounds. Sunday, the day the boyfriend didn't come to the hospital. Sunday, an overfed white cat mewing hymns and farting footballs. p85M: ...ideas are definitely unstable, they not only can be misused, they invite misuse---and the better the idea the more volatile it is...The problem starts at the secondary level, not with the originator or developer of the idea but with the people who are attracted by it, who adopt it, who cling to it until their last nail breaks, and who invariably lack the overview, flexibility, imagination, and, most importantly, sense of humor, to maintain it in the spirit in which it was hatched...Tunnel vision is a disease in which perception is restricted by ignorance and distorted by vested interest. Tunnel vision is caused by an optic fungus that multiplies when the brain is less energetic than the ego. It is complicated by exposure to politics...That is why minorities seeking the abolition of prejudice become intolerant, minorities seeking peace become militant, minorities seeking equality become self-righteous, and minorities seeking liberation become hostile (a tight asshole being the first symptom of self-repression). The foregoing sermonette was brought to you by the Essential Insanities Dept. at Outlaw College. to p86.

12/16/90: ADD TO FN: De'Evilam BECOMES an angel ONLY because civilization had been RESCUED, not DESTROYED, by diseases---since civilization was PREVENTING us from evolving by filling our drinking water with unpotable chemicals, our food with inedible additives, and our physical systems with inassimilable nuclear radiations, environmental interferences, and psychosocial prescriptions. Our bodies were fed impure physical substances and our minds were fed restrictive social and emotional rules and prescriptions for anti-environmental activities, as well as hate, fear, rage, impotence, and hopelessness. What REPELLED Frank by the SMELL of the men "in the world" was the stench of the FEAR they had of HIM---of the NEW and UNKNOWN. How could ANYONE have developed, surrounded by THIS?? THIS is what I mean in life-affirming in A, below!!

12/20/90: 1:40AM: A) FINISH "Gain" for TURNER, MAKING it life-affirming!!
B) Write "Dr. Gain" for LAMBDA: 1) Frank and DAR have sex, revealing DAR IS DOR (the hidden) IS Dr. Gain IS Frank as sex leads to male/universal unity!
2) Move locale to DC, to fit the stated requirements AFTER the book is written!
C) Propose TWO indexes to Nina: 1)SHORT "overview" of 1000 lines for $1,000 and 2) LONG "detailed" for $1(example+list) + $3/text-page = 4000 text =$12,000
(and $25/hr x 600 hrs [50hr/wk = 12 wks = 3 mos] plus 2000 other for $2,000,
a total much less than the $50,000 I threw off at her at the start: $15,000.

12/20/90: WHERE AM I NOW?? Finishing up this page, excited by Tony Davis's 600 page Sandburg biography I could get on March 1, just getting a quote of $1945 from Tina on flying via Continental NY-LA-Honolulu-Auckland-MELBOURNE anytime 1/5-1/12 and returning 2/28 from AUCKLAND to NYC. Now if Laird or Norman wants both opera tickets, if I can finish the two rewrites described above, if I can finish the two indexes (where IS the one from Springer??) in time, I can leave early in January DESPITE the 1/9 class with BRJ and the 1/12 Maya's Hangout! From the terrible depression of yesterday, it helped to edit the first 34 pages down to 17 pages, getting rid of HALF the "start-up" problems. AND simplifying the specifications for the current Macmillan plant index. AND I can phone Melbourne on Saturday at 7PM to get them Sunday 11AM to see if EARLIER is OK with them, and incidentally leave LESS time to pre-worry about the FLIGHTS! And that's all I can think of at the moment, except that I have two more lines to fill out before this page is finished---AH, Bob Rosinek coming over 12/27 whether Richard or Tony or both or NEITHER join the two of us at that time!!

12/24/90: Reading a good science-fiction story from Omni with a three-named male author, it occurs to me I might "grow into" my father by taking the name Robert Edward Zolnerzak? But isn't the name distinctive, and cumbersome, enough as it is? Might be something to think about, anyway.


E 90-01-01 Sherryl's party for Last Decade of the Millennium!
P 90-01-02 Heidi Chronicles
E 90-01-03 Writer's Group #9 (all meetings at Carolyn's from here on)
S 90-01-03 Richard Gourley over for VCR and JO
E 90-01-04 Met Mus for Velazquez and Canaletto
R 90-01-04 Le Pistou lunch with Sherryl and Joe
R 90-01-04 Teresa's with Dennis
S 90-01-04 Tony of Bensonhurst over
M 90-01-05* Abduction from the Seraglio
M 90-01-05* UFOs Are Real
M 90-01-05* Waltz Through the Hills, A
O 90-01-05* Abduction from the Seraglio
E 90-01-06 Homogeniuses
M 90-01-06* Buddy Buddy
M 90-01-06* Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, The
M 90-01-06* Making Mr. Right
E 90-01-07 Sherryl's for David's slides of Nepal and dinner
R 90-01-08 Tres Palmas
S 90-01-08 Richard Gourley #2
M 90-01-09* Rock Hudson
S 90-01-09 Tony #2
E 90-01-10 Writer's Group #10
D 90-01-11 DTW: Randy Warshaw/Dendy Dancers with Eric Hoisington!)
R 90-01-11 Miss Ruby's Cafe
E 90-01-12 Wine-tasting with Joe
O 90-01-13 Turandot
P 90-01-13 Sunshine at Circle Rep with Spartacus
R 90-01-13 John's Pizza
D 90-01-14 ABT gala with Spartacus 7:30-11:25PM
M 90-01-15* Unspeakable Acts
I 90-01-16 Paul Boston finally sees his 1984-trip slides
M 90-01-16* China Seas (end)
R 90-01-16 Brothers BBQ with Dennis
E 90-01-17 Writer's Group #11
M 90-01-17* No Man of Her Own
R 90-01-17 La Reserve
B 90-01-18 Fox: Coming of the Cosmic Christ
M 90-01-18* Massey Sahib
R 90-01-18 Sonia Rose with Joe
D 90-01-19 DTW: Ohad Naharin with Alice
M 90-01-19* Lifeboat
M 90-01-19* Seize the Day
R 90-01-19 Miss Ruby's Cafe
B 90-01-21 Branigan: Atlas of Archaeology
M 90-01-21* Breed Apart, A
M 90-01-21* Errors of Youth (Russian)
M 90-01-21* Jekyll and Hyde (Caine)
M 90-01-21* Near Death (6 hrs, Wiseman)
I 90-01-22 Computer-Save ALL computer files
I 90-01-22 Dentist Messing is new BETTER periodontist
R 90-01-22 Thai Taste with Shelley
E 90-01-24 Writer's Group #12
M 90-01-25* Sensibility and Sense
R 90-01-25 Brandywine with Joe and Alice
E 90-01-26 Wine-tasting at International Wine Center of 26 wines for $35
M 90-01-26* Broken Blossoms
M 90-01-26* Network
E 90-01-27 Homogeniuses
P 90-01-27 Lisbon Traviata
R 90-01-27 Alameda lunch
R 90-01-27 Burger King
R 90-01-28 Joe's Chinese Restaurant at 14 Elizabeth (Seafood House)
B 90-01-30 Dahl: Two Fables (1986) at library
M 90-01-30 Cabiria (Mus Mod Art)
R 90-01-30 Forty Four [44] (Royalton Hotel) lunch
R 90-01-30 Westside Cottage
M 90-01-31s Buckshot #6 (p)
M 90-01-31s Buckshot 101 (p)
M 90-01-31s Falcon Videopak #40: Splash Shots 1 (p)
P 90-01-31 Black and Blue with Dennis and Alice and Joe
R 90-01-31 Peacock for snack with Richard Gourley and Miles Groth
R 90-02-01 Sonia Rose with Susan
B 90-02-02 Bear: Eternity
M 90-02-03* Mr. Skeffington
O 90-02-03 Gioconda, La
M 90-02-04* Something Wild
E 90-02-05 Party forMichael Blackburn atRolfingCenter(but heDOESN'T Greece
R 90-02-05 Poiret with George Pierson
B 90-02-06 Bohm: Quantum Theory
M 90-02-06* Anything to Survive (cute Matthew LeBlanc)
P 90-02-07 Miss Margarida's Way
R 90-02-07 Beefsteak Charlies
M 90-02-08* Wizard of Loneliness
M 90-02-09* Ryan's Daughter
M 90-02-09* Working Girl
S 90-02-09 Tony #3
I 90-02-10 Get Lindblad Antarctica Brochure!!
M 90-02-10* Man in the Gray Flannel Suit
M 90-02-11* Cyborg
M 90-02-11* Lost Boys
M 90-02-11s Next Valentino (p)
E 90-02-12 Writer's Group #13
I 90-02-12 Send $2765 to Lindblad for Antarctica down-payment!
M 90-02-12* Criminal Law
M 90-02-12* Getting It Right
M 90-02-12s Idol, The (p)
M 90-02-13* Erik the Viking (Gary Cady cute blacksmith)
M 90-02-13* Guy Named Joe, A
M 90-02-13* Winslow Boy, The
E 90-02-14 Party at Phyllis's for bodyworkers
E 90-02-14 Ron Kron's exhibit at Lincoln Center (with Art Ostrin there!)
M 90-02-14* Navigator
M 90-02-15* High Hopes
M 90-02-15 Pretty Woman (preview with Spartacus)
P 90-02-15 Come As You Are
R 90-02-15 Fraunces Tavern food and wine with Spartacus
R 90-02-15 Sheridan Square Chinese with Spartacus
M 90-02-16* Breaking Point (1989)
M 90-02-16* Near Dark (Pasdar)
M 90-02-16* Rainbow (sexy Paul McGann)
M 90-02-16* Wetherby
B 90-02-17 Adams: Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul
I 90-02-17 MACREX introduction at Sherryl's
R 90-02-17 Sonia Rose with Sherryl
B 90-02-18 Ackerley: My Father and Myself
M 90-02-18* Margot Fonteyn Story
P 90-02-19 Rumors
I 90-02-20 Antarctic date is CONFIRMED!
M 90-02-20* Class of 1984
R 90-02-20 Arthur's Landing (NJ) with Vicki
B 90-02-21 Anthony: For Love of Evil
E 90-02-21 Met Mus for Manooghian Collection/Caravaggio/Gold/Japan
R 90-02-21 Paradis Barcelona
D 90-02-22 Feld Ballet (Theatre/Gods Amused/Danzon Cubano/Ah Scarlatti)
R 90-02-22 Blimpie's
E 90-02-24 Homogeniuses
E 90-02-26 Writer's Group #14
M 90-02-27* Columbo (McGooghan) at Pope's
M 90-02-27s Nighthawks (p)
M 90-02-28* After the War (10 hrs, Frederic Raphael)
M 90-02-28* Cream in My Coffee (Dennis Potter, 1980)
P 90-02-28 Crowbar
I 90-03-01 Serge (Russian) over 2:35-3:25
R 90-03-01 Almontaser with blind-date Gary
B 90-03-02 Heline: Esoteric Music of Richard Wagner
M 90-03-03* Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter
O 90-03-03 Faust
E 90-03-04 Brooklyn Botanic Garden/ProspectPark ZooSite/Lefferts Homestead
E 90-03-04 Snake-talk at Boathouse/Steinmetz Conservatory/Brooklyn Museum
E 90-03-05 Writer's Group #15
M 90-03-05* End of the World
B 90-03-06 Anthony: And Eternity (BPL)
R 90-03-06 Henry's End with Joe
S 90-03-06 Tony over 11:30-1:15, talks to Richard
B 90-03-07 Quine: Web of Belief
R 90-03-07 Dallas BBQ
E 90-03-08 Flower show and ICP with Dennis
M 90-03-08 Mountains of the Moon (for $7.50!)
R 90-03-08 Roberts (10th and 50th)
E 90-03-09 Paul Bosten's 52nd Birthday Party
M 90-03-09* Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane
E 90-03-10 Marine Park Tour with Urban Park Rangers
O 90-03-10 Beijing Opera at Symphony Space
R 90-03-10 China/Spanish on 100th St with Bob K, Stephanie, and Alice
E 90-03-11 Promenade Tour with Urban Park Rangers
M 90-03-11* Great Caruso
E 90-03-12 Writer's Group #16
E 90-03-13 Porno shops(2) & Port Authority BusTerminal Sculpture with Rolf
M 90-03-13 Red October (paid by Rolf)
R 90-03-13 Beefsteak Charlie's
M 90-03-15* Fulghum's After Dinner
E 90-03-17 Bus tour of Marine Park/Owl's HeadPark/BrightonBeach Park/Other
E 90-03-17 Homogeniuses here, I speak on freelance indexing by computer-16
M 90-03-18* Barnum
M 90-03-18* Love and Lies
R 90-03-18 Gage and Tollner's Brunch with Alice
M 90-03-19s Gifted One, The
M 90-03-19* Quiet Man
P 90-03-19 Grapes of Wrath (free through Paul)
B 90-03-20 Dahl: Danny the Champion of the World (skim for movie-compare)
M 90-03-20* Animal Within, The
M 90-03-20* Danny the Champion of the World (1/2 movie)
M 90-03-20* Phantom of the Opera (Charles Dance)
R 90-03-20 Palio with Shelley and Alice ($375 for 3)
D 90-03-21 Feld Ballet (Kore/Asia/Adieu/Ah Scarlatti)
M 90-03-21* Consuming HUnger
R 90-03-22 Grapes of Wrath opening-night cast party with Paul at Sardi's
I 90-03-23 Calculate that I've earned JUST $500,000 in my lifetime so far
M 90-03-23* Wash, The (Japanese couples)
R 90-03-23 Rose Cafe with Sherryl
E 90-03-24 Duesberg with Dennis at Gay Center
R 90-03-24 Grove Street Cafe (Dennis pays)
E 90-03-25 Asia Society tour on Japanese and Balinese art
M 90-03-26* Academy Awards of 1990
M 90-03-26* D-Day: The Great Crusade
M 90-03-26* Rich and Famous 1990 Best
M 90-03-26* Samuel Beckett: Silence to Silence
S 90-03-26 Richard Gourley at 3:30
B 90-03-27 Davies, Robertson: What's Bred in the Bone
M 90-03-27* Trans-Antarctic Expedition
P 90-03-28 Sound of Music for $30 with Mary Vilaboa
R 90-03-28 Empire Grill
M 90-03-29* Murder by Reason of Insanity
R 90-03-29 Cafe on Clinton with Susan
E 90-03-30 Party here for my birthday with 19 people (out of 38 invited?)
M 90-03-30* Disaster on the Coastliner
M 90-03-30* Triple Play (American Playhouse)
O 90-03-31 Boheme, La
R 90-03-31 Fred and John's (???)
E 90-04-01 Rhoda's party, she's 41
M 90-04-01* Batman
M 90-04-01* Star Trek V
E 90-04-02 Writer's Group #17
M 90-04-02* Adventures of Baron Munchausen
M 90-04-03* Beetlejuice
M 90-04-03* Chances Are
M 90-04-03* Dead Calm
M 90-04-04* Eighty Four [84] Charlie Mopic
M 90-04-04* Vampire's Kiss
P 90-04-04 Americans Abroad with Mary Vilaboa
R 90-04-04 Empire Grill with Mary Vilaboa
M 90-04-05* Amazon Women on the Moon
M 90-04-05* Born in Africa
M 90-04-05* Informer, The
M 90-04-05* Say Anything
M 90-04-05* When Harry Met Sally
B 90-04-06 Quine: Web of Belief (reread)
B 90-04-07 King: The Dead Zone
E 90-04-07 Homogeniuses
E 90-04-07 Quaker Cemetery Tour with Urban Park Rangers & Nelson Drossman
M 90-04-07* Biggles: Adventure in Time
B 90-04-08 Capra: The Turning Point
M 90-04-08* Gaslight
M 90-04-08* Twin Peaks (2 hours)
B 90-04-09 Quine: Roots of Reference
E 90-04-09 Writer's Group #18
M 90-04-09 Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover, The
R 90-04-09 Sbarro
B 90-04-10 Watts: The Legacy of Asia & Western Man(PENULTIMATE list-book!)
P 90-04-10 Lend Me a Tenor (free from Paul, with Joe)
R 90-04-10 Caravan
B 90-04-11 Quine: Ontological Relativity
M 90-04-11* Break of Dawn (Mexicans in 30s LA)
M 90-04-11* Earth Girls Are Easy
P 90-04-11 Accomplice
R 90-04-11 Chez Michellet with Paul
M 90-04-12* Great Balls of Fire
M 90-04-12* Odd Man Out
M 90-04-12* Paperhouse
R 90-04-12 Serge takes me to lunch at Hilary's Cafe
B 90-04-13 Dahl: Matilda
M 90-04-13s From Maui with Love (p)
M 90-04-13s In Hot Pursuit (p)
M 90-04-13s Pacific Coast Highway (p)
R 90-04-13 Chanterelle breakfast with Alice
M 90-04-14* Captain Boycott
M 90-04-14* Hoodlum Priest
M 90-04-14* Virginian (1929)
M 90-04-15* Dressmaker
M 90-04-15s Jesus Christ Superstar
M 90-04-15s Living Daylights
M 90-04-16* Apartment Zero
M 90-04-16* Hair
M 90-04-16* Strike
M 90-04-17* Crusoe
M 90-04-17* Shirley Valentine
M 90-04-17* Youngblood (Lowe)
P 90-04-18 Send Me No Flowers with Pope
M 90-04-19* Dodes Kaden
M 90-04-19* Johnny Handsome
M 90-04-19* Sea of Love (Pacino)
M 90-04-19* Split Image
I 90-04-20 Slide-show of 1988 trip at Actualism Center:MaryV,Maya,DorothyK
M 90-04-20* Largo Desolato (Havel)
E 90-04-21 Susan McMahon's for dinner and computer games til 1:30AM
M 90-04-21* Scandal (Profumo)
E 90-04-22 Bronx Zoo and Orchard Beach with Vicki
M 90-04-22s Cabin Fever (p)
M 90-04-22s Full Grown Full Blown (p)
R 90-04-22 Grecian Gardens in Bronx with Vicki
E 90-04-23 Writer's Group #19
I 90-04-23 Dentist Messing
M 90-04-23s Central Park (Wiseman)
M 90-04-23* Traffik (2 hrs)
R 90-04-24 Le Perigord dinner with Sherryl
B 90-04-25 Helprin: Swan Lake
P 90-04-25 Change in the Heir, A, with Joe
R 90-04-25 Larre's with Joe
E 90-04-26 Sadahiro Yamaguchi arrives for 5 days
R 90-04-26 Lafayette with Linda
R 90-04-27 Poona with Mary Vilaboa
E 90-04-28 Homogeniuses (American Indian corn and potatoes) with Yama
E 90-04-28 Staten Island Cemeteries Tour with Urban Park Rangers and Yama
M 90-04-28* Maytime
M 90-04-28* Prisoners of Inertia
E 90-04-29 Shelley Neiderbach's brunch with Gay and Les and others
M 90-04-29 Henry V (Branagh)
R 90-04-29 MacDonald's on 57th Street
B 90-04-30 Hollinghurst: Swimming-Pool Library
E 90-04-30 Writer's Group #20
M 90-04-30s Fall From Grace
B 90-05-01 Hawking: A Brief History of Time (renotate my copy)
M 90-05-01* Do the Right Thing
M 90-05-01* Lethal Weapon 2
M 90-05-02* Eat a Bowl of Tea
R 90-05-02 Wharf 56 lunch
M 90-05-03 Cafe Flesh
M 90-05-03 Dernier Combat, Le
R 90-05-03 Le Gauloise
M 90-05-04* Thursday's Child (Lowe's first movie)
R 90-05-04 Poona with Mary Vilaboa
E 90-05-05 ASI Indexing Award Judging
E 90-05-05 Greenwich Village wandering 8-9:30 with Joe
R 90-05-05 Cafe Rakel with Joe
M 90-05-06* Fantasy Film Worlds of George Pal
M 90-05-06* Millenium
E 90-05-07 Writer's Group #21
M 90-05-07* Anchors Aweigh
M 90-05-07s Sword of the Conquerer
M 90-05-07* Valley Girl
D 90-05-08 ABT Ballet (GalaPerformance/LilacGarden/CorsairePDD/BriefFling)
M 90-05-08* Beverly Hills Cop II
M 90-05-09* Batteries Not Included
P 90-05-09 Talking Things overwithChekhov(JohnFordNoonan;MarjMahleDirects)
R 90-05-09 Cafe de la Gare
M 90-05-10* Desk Set
M 90-05-11* Promise Her Anything
E 90-05-12 Gay Slides at Washington Square Coffee-Shop by Elliot ??
R 90-05-12 Pizzeria Uno with Dennis
E 90-05-13 Bang on a Can Festival with Alice 2PM - 1AM!!
R 90-05-13 Anaconda brunch with Alice
D 90-05-14 ABT Giselle with Vasiliev and Maximova
R 90-05-14 Punsch
M 90-05-15* Desperate Passage
M 90-05-15* Octopussy
B 90-05-17 Csikszentmihalyi: Flow
R 90-05-17 La Cote Basque with Joe and Alice
E 90-05-18 Staten Island Garbage Tour with Spartacus
E 90-05-18 Susan McMahon's for pizza and computer games
E 90-05-19 Homogeniuses Graffiti, Groninger, and Groningen
E 90-05-20 Paul Bosten's for dinner with his monk-friend
M 90-05-20* Mozart Mystique
M 90-05-20* Shark's Paradise
M 90-05-20* Traffik (6 hours)
E 90-05-21 Writer's Group #22
M 90-05-21* Ryan White Story
M 90-05-21* Sidewalk Stories
M 90-05-21s Vacation in Hell, A
M 90-05-22* Words and Music
R 90-05-23 Dallas BBQ
E 90-05-24 Marine Maritime Building/Museum/Dance opening with Vicki
I 90-05-24 Finish reformatting Indexing Handbook and saving all in ASCII
R 90-05-24 MacDonald's in Battery Park
M 90-05-25* Bloodhounds of Broadway
M 90-05-28* Diamonds Are Forever
P 90-05-29 Quiet End, A
R 90-05-29 Woody's with Dennis
R 90-05-31 Toscana with Alice and Linda
R 90-06-01 Helene's with Maya and Mary
E 90-06-02 Staten Island Circled with Spartacus, Sherryl, and David
I 90-06-03 Finish LIFELIST to DATE!!
M 90-06-03s Rolling Stones: Steel Wheels Concert
S 90-06-03 Graham Farrell at Slade's for first meeting
E 90-06-04 Writer's Group #23
I 90-06-04 Finish writing Future Novel 35-52 + 9 pages
M 90-06-04s Cinderella (Lyons Ballet with dolls)
M 90-06-05s Lady With a Dog
P 90-06-05 Cemetery Club
R 90-06-05 Jose Sent Me
E 90-06-06 Brooklyn Boro Hall tour
I 90-06-06 Finish writing Future Novel 163-199
R 90-06-07 Cafe Galette
B 90-06-08 Anderson: Complete Tales
D 90-06-08 NYC Ballet: Mother Goose Suite/In Memory Of.../Piano Pieces
R 90-06-08 Broadway Grill
E 90-06-09 Homogeniuses John Vinton on Walt Whitman
I 90-06-09 Finish writing Future Novel 200-237
R 90-06-09 Man Ray
R 90-06-10 Le Chateau (Upstate New York)
M 90-06-11* Brothers Karamazov
M 90-06-12* Black Legion
M 90-06-12* Last Holiday
M 90-06-12* Steel Dawn
B 90-06-13 Purdy: Garments the Living Wear (only one book left to read!)
M 90-06-13* Casualties of War
M 90-06-13* Enemy of the People, An (Glover)
M 90-06-13s Gotta Have It (p)
M 90-06-13* Honey, I Shrank the Kids
B 90-06-14 Monarch Notes of Dostoyevsky: Brothers Karamazov
B 90-06-15 Wilson: The After Death Experience (Pope from BPL)
M 90-06-15* Lady Liberty
M 90-06-15* Sugarbaby
E 90-06-16 Governor's Island with Spartacus
E 90-06-16 Grand Army Plaza Arch with Dennis
B 90-06-17 Pynchon: Vineland (LAST BOOK ON SHELF; first ever!)
D 90-06-17 NYC Ballet: Glass Pieces/In the Night/Les Noces/Four Seasons
E 90-06-18 MunicipalArtsSociety Awards(Dinkins/JackieO/RobtKennedyJr/Wine)
O 90-06-18* Rheingold (Met ring)
I 90-06-19 Finish writing Future Novel 21 pages
M 90-06-19* You Only Live Twice
O 90-06-19* Walkure
M 90-06-20s Amazon Women on the Moon
M 90-06-20* Focus on Fishko
M 90-06-20s Jekyll and Hyde Together Again
M 90-06-20* So Fine
O 90-06-20* Siegfried
O 90-06-21* Gotterdammerung
R 90-06-22 Columbus
P 90-06-23 Price ofFame at Roundabout withDennis (on Susan's subscription)
R 90-06-23 Canastel's
M 90-06-24 Desire and Sexuality in Germany at Anthology Film Archives
R 90-06-24 Hudson River Cafe
E 90-06-25 Writer's Group #24
M 90-06-25* Follies in Concert
R 90-06-26 Le Pactole
E 90-06-27 Barbara Lea at Town Hall
R 90-06-27 Trixies
M 90-06-28* Babycakes
M 90-06-28* Man on a Tightrope
M 90-06-28* Separation
M 90-06-28* Sweethearts
R 90-06-28 Lutece with Sherryl
M 90-06-30* Yanks
M 90-07-01* Foreign Affair
M 90-07-01* Strange Love of Martha Ivers
M 90-07-01* Sullivan's Travels
E 90-07-02 Writer's Group #25
M 90-07-02* Battleground
M 90-07-02* Horse Soldiers
E 90-07-04 Macy's Fireworks from Greenpoint
R 90-07-04 Polish on Manhattan Ave. south of Norman
B 90-07-05 Burton: 1001 Nights, Volume 1
R 90-07-06 Peretti's
E 90-07-07 Homogeniuses picnic
E 90-07-08 Bus tour of Revolutionary Brooklyn with Pope
M 90-07-08* Lives of a Bengal Lancer (Cooper)
M 90-07-08s Samson and Delilah (Mature-CUT)
M 90-07-09* Divorce Wars
B 90-07-10 Burton: 1001 Nights, Volume 2
M 90-07-10 Die Harder
R 90-07-10 Aiello's Pizza Emporium
R 90-07-10 Tropica
R 90-07-11 Tribeca
R 90-07-12 Nick and Eddie's
I 90-07-14 Finish writing Future Novel 257-265
M 90-07-15* Crimes and Misdemeanors
M 90-07-15* Great McGinty
M 90-07-15* She's Having a Baby
E 90-07-16 Writer's Group #26
I 90-07-16 Finish writing Future Novel 266-285
E 90-07-17 IBM Gallery for Pompeii exhibit
E 90-07-17 National Data Conversion Institute/Con Ed Museum/Langel
R 90-07-17 Trump Terrace Five
B 90-07-18 Burton: 1001 Nights, Volume 3
M 90-07-18 Arachnophobia
P 90-07-18 Piano Lesson
R 90-07-18 Century Cafe
M 90-07-22* High, Wide and Handsome
R 90-07-22 Los Panchos
E 90-07-23 Writer's Group #27
I 90-07-23 Finish writing Future Novel 286-300
M 90-07-24* Breaking In
M 90-07-24* My Left Foot
M 90-07-24s Pump (p)
M 90-07-24* Salesman (Maysles)
M 90-07-25* Creepshow 2
M 90-07-25* Sex, Lies, and Videotape
M 90-07-25s Tarzan in Manhattan
D 90-07-26 Australian Ballet Suite en Blanc/Giselle
R 90-07-26 Trattoria Dell'Arte
P 90-07-27 Ethyl Eichelberger with Alice (he commits suicide August 12)
R 90-07-27 Cafe Basilic
M 90-07-28* Psycho II
R 90-07-28 La Tulip
B 90-07-29 Burton: 1001 Nights, Volume 4
M 90-07-29 Spartacus (with Spartacus)
R 90-07-29 Shaagureka
E 90-07-30 Writer's Group #28
M 90-07-31 Dick Tracy
R 90-07-31 La Gazelle
R 90-07-31 Suffolk Diner
T 90-07-31 Greenport with Paul/Orient Point/Suffold County History Museum
M 90-08-01* Death on the Nile
M 90-08-02* Babes in Arms
B 90-08-05 Clarke: Astounding Days
R 90-08-05 Poona
E 90-08-08 Brooklyn Botanic Gardens picnic with Suzie Mead and friend
R 90-08-09 Teresa's
M 90-08-10* Enemies: A Love Story
M 90-08-10* Hanussen
M 90-08-10* Music Box, The
M 90-08-10* Valmont
R 90-08-10 Coffee Shop with Bob K (give him "AIDS House")
E 90-08-11 Coney Island tour
E 90-08-11 Prospect Park Tour in AM
R 90-08-11 Nathan's
M 90-08-12* Red Sorghum
R 90-08-12 Dallas BBQ
E 90-08-13 John Vinton at Brooklyn Heights Library
R 90-08-13 By George
R 90-08-14 Moroccan Star
M 90-08-15* Seven Samurai
R 90-08-15 Tribeca
M 90-08-16* Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective (Marc Singer)
R 90-08-16 Dano
M 90-08-18* Salem's Lot
M 90-08-19 Good News
M 90-08-19 Sally
E 90-08-20 John Vinton at Brooklyn Heights Library
E 90-08-20 Writer's Group #29
R 90-08-20 Park Plaza
M 90-08-21* Mystic Pizza (end)
R 90-08-21 Michael's Pub, Barbara Lea opens
S 90-08-21 Tony over 12:10-12:50
M 90-08-22* Drugstore Cowboy
M 90-08-22* Internal Affairs
R 90-08-23 Nefertiti
M 90-08-24s Blown Away (p)
M 90-08-24s Look, The (p)
R 90-08-24 Dallas BBQ
R 90-08-24 Village Brunch with Australian 3
M 90-08-25s Biggest One of All (p)
M 90-08-25s Blue Streak (p)
M 90-08-25s Boy Toy (p)
R 90-08-25 Music Barge with Carolyn for wedding
E 90-08-27 Writer's Group #30
M 90-08-27s Caribbean Cruising (p)
M 90-08-27s Carnival in Rio (p)
M 90-08-27s Centurions of Rome (p)
M 90-08-27s Destroying Angel (p)
M 90-08-27s Down for the Count (p)
M 90-08-27s Falcon Videopak #51 (Try to Take it) (p)
M 90-08-28* Alexander the Great
M 90-08-28s Fantasy Suite (p)
M 90-08-28s Main Attraction (p)
M 90-08-28* Motel
M 90-08-28* Scarlett O'Hara War, The
M 90-08-28s Self Made Men (p)
M 90-08-30* Palm Beach Story
R 90-08-30 Violetta's Mexican
E 90-08-31 Look at co-ops with Vicki
M 90-08-31* Back to the Future II (LAST Mr. Video tape)
M 90-08-31* Bear, The
R 90-08-31 Nino's Pizzeria
M 90-09-01s Choice Cuts (p)
M 90-09-01s Coverboy (p)
M 90-09-01s Flashbacks (p)
R 90-09-01 Christopher's
M 90-09-02* Devil and Daniel Webster
M 90-09-02s Hot Shots 1 (p)
M 90-09-02s Made to Order (p)
M 90-09-02* River, The (Renoir)
M 90-09-02s Trophy 1 (p)
M 90-09-03* Labyrinth of Passion
M 90-09-03* Sender, The
M 90-09-03* Steel Magnolias
M 90-09-03s Trophy 2 (p)
M 90-09-03s U.N.C.U.T. Club (p)
M 90-09-03s Viva Macho (p)
M 90-09-03* War of the Roses
R 90-09-03 Tortilla Flats
B 90-09-04 Stendahl: Armance and Italian Stories
M 90-09-04* Bad Influence
M 90-09-04* Immediate Family
M 90-09-04* Re-Animator
M 90-09-04* Three Godfathers
E 90-09-05 Ballroom for Jeff McBride's Magic
M 90-09-05* Champs (p)
R 90-09-05 Hong Fat
M 90-09-06* Carnival of Souls
M 90-09-06* Champs (p)
M 90-09-06s Hard (p)
M 90-09-06* Inauguration of the Pleasure Done
M 90-09-06* Madame Bovary
M 90-09-06* Queen of Hearts
M 90-09-07* Common Threads
R 90-09-07 Settante Due
S 90-09-07 Tony over 12:10-12:50
B 90-09-08 Holderlin: Hyperion
M 90-09-08* Born on the Fourth of July
M 90-09-08* Manhunter
M 90-09-08* Servant, The
M 90-09-08* So Long at the Fair
M 90-09-09s Grease Monkeys (p)
M 90-09-09s Head of the Class (p)
M 90-09-09* Littel Mermaid
M 90-09-09s Low Blows (p)
M 90-09-09 Playing Dead (1915) - Brooklyn Historical Society
M 90-09-10* Glory
M 90-09-10* Nightbreed
M 90-09-10* Teacher's Pet
M 90-09-10s Trophy 9 (p)
M 90-09-10s Tropical Heatwave (p)
M 90-09-10s Workout (p)
M 90-09-11s Hard to Believe (p)
M 90-09-11s Heat (p)
M 90-09-11s Heat Waves (p)
M 90-09-12* Good Fight, The (Spanish Civil War)
R 90-09-12 Roetelle
B 90-09-13 Stendahl: Memoirs of Egotism
M 90-09-13s Hard Way (p)
M 90-09-13s Hot Shots 2 (p)
M 90-09-13s Hungry Hole (p)
M 90-09-13s Pieces of Eight (p)
M 90-09-13s Pleasure Beach (p)
M 90-09-13s Powertool (p)
R 90-09-13 Reins
M 90-09-14s Stryker Force (p)
M 90-09-14s They Grow 'Em Big (p)
M 90-09-14s Top Man (p)
R 90-09-14 Jaqueline's (win trivia wine)
R 90-09-14 L'Escapade
E 90-09-15 Gowanus Canal tour
M 90-09-16* Doctor in the House
M 90-09-16* Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands
M 90-09-16s Knockout (p)
M 90-09-16s Marine Furlough (p)
M 90-09-16s Paradise Found (p)
M 90-09-16* Thief (Caan)
B 90-09-17 Burton: 1001 Nights, Volume 5
M 90-09-17s Therapy (p)
M 90-09-17s Try Anything Once (p)
M 90-09-17s Under Construction (p)
M 90-09-18* Twenty Years Later
R 90-09-19 Toscana
M 90-09-20s Falcon Videopak #53 (Out of Bounds) (p)
M 90-09-20s Falcon Videopak #52 (In Your Wildest Dreams) (p)
M 90-09-20s Flash, The
M 90-09-20s Island Fever (p)
M 90-09-20s Rock Hard (p)
M 90-09-20s Single Handed (p)
M 90-09-20s Truck Stop (p)
R 90-09-21 Dallas BBQ
R 90-09-22 Peretti's
M 90-09-24* Civil War (5 hours)
R 90-09-25 Dano with Don Maloof
B 90-09-26 Burton: 1001 Nights, Volume 6
R 90-09-26 Le Pactole
E 90-09-27 Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty crown
R 90-09-27 Catskill Diner lunch upstate
R 90-09-27 Teresa's
M 90-09-28* Civil War (8 hours)
P 90-09-28 Aspects of Love
R 90-09-28 Broadway Grill
M 90-09-29* Death Watch (Keitel)
M 90-09-29* Strange Holiday
O 90-09-29 Rigoletto
R 90-09-29 Park Plaza
R 90-09-30 Vanessa
M 90-10-01* Phantasm II
E 90-10-03 Barbara Lea at St. Peters
E 90-10-03 ICP for May Ray fashion photos/Five gay art exhibits
R 90-10-03 Tequila Willie's
D 90-10-04 Mike Mao
M 90-10-04* House That Dripped Blood
R 90-10-04 Le Bernardin
E 90-10-05 Joe Easter's opening in Philadelphia Barnes exhibit
R 90-10-05 Joe's Peking Duck House in Philadelphia
E 90-10-06 Art in the Anchorage
M 90-10-06* Hungarian Fairy Tale
R 90-10-07 Iron Forge Inn in Warwick
T 90-10-07 Masker's Orchards for pick-your-own apples with Vicki
R 90-10-08 Patsy's
B 90-10-09 Morrison: The Bluest Eye
E 90-10-09 Met Mus for Mexico Preview
R 90-10-09 Metropolitan Restaurant
S 90-10-09 JO with Tony on phone
P 90-10-10 Once On This Island
B 90-10-11 Lem: Hospital of the Transfiguration
M 90-10-11* Race to Save the Planet (10 Hours)
M 90-10-12* Angels with Broken Wings
R 90-10-12 Jaqueline's
B 90-10-13 Barker: Cabal
E 90-10-13 Terence McKenna at Open Center
E 90-10-14 Terence McKenna at Open Center
M 90-10-14* Miracle in Rome
M 90-10-15* Mr. Universe (Hargitay)
R 90-10-16 Dano with Alice and Bob K
B 90-10-17 Barker: Weaveworld
M 90-10-17 Hallelujah
M 90-10-18s Looking for Miracles
R 90-10-18 Roetelle
R 90-10-19 Wooden Nickel
T 90-10-19 Hudson with Michael and Dorothy and Suzie Schwartz
M 90-10-20 Ghost
R 90-10-20 Underhill Inn in Hillsdale
T 90-10-20 Climb Monument Mountain
R 90-10-21 Swiss Hutte
T 90-10-21 Whitewater rafting on the Housatonic
O 90-10-22* Mefistofele (SF Opera)
M 90-10-23s Solitaire (p)
M 90-10-23* Tomb of Ligeia
E 90-10-24 WEBO performances and movies
M 90-10-24 Akira
R 90-10-24 Malaysian Restaurant in arcade
R 90-10-25 Roetelle
E 90-10-26 Whole Life Expo booth manning
R 90-10-26 Soho Natural Foods
M 90-10-28* Ginger Tree, The (2 hrs)
M 90-10-28* Heroes, The (Australia WWII)
M 90-10-28* Mother Love I
M 90-10-28* Nightmare on Elm Street 3
M 90-10-28* Sabotage
B 90-10-29 Carroll, Lewis: The Wasp in a Wig
M 90-10-29s Only One Survived
M 90-10-29* Q & A (Nolte)
M 90-10-30* Gods Must Be Crazy II
O 90-10-30* Don Giovanni (Ramey/Met/Zeffirelli)
R 90-10-30 Waldo's
M 90-10-31 Calling Philo Vance
M 90-10-31 Devil's Island
M 90-10-31 Stranger on the Third Floor
R 90-10-31 Rose Cafe
R 90-11-02 Tuesday's
M 90-11-03* Yolanda and the Thief
O 90-11-03 Boris Godunov
M 90-11-04* Ginger Tree (end)
M 90-11-04s Hamlet (Kevin Kline)
M 90-11-05* On Thin Ice (Tai Babilonia)
D 90-11-06 Grupo Corpo at Joyce (Preludes/Orphanage/Mass)
R 90-11-06 Clam Broth House in Hoboken
M 90-11-07 Little Night Music (Howes)
B 90-11-08 Shaw, G.B.:Bodley Head Vol 1: many plays
D 90-11-08 O Vertigo Danse: Chagall
M 90-11-08* Body Double
R 90-11-08 Sign of the Dove
M 90-11-09* Ghost and Mrs. Muir
M 90-11-09* Mother Love (end of 4 hrs/Diana Rigg)
P 90-11-10 Abundance at Manhattan Theatre Club
R 90-11-10 Broadway Grill
D 90-11-11 Pilobolus at Wintergarden
M 90-11-11* Big One, The (LA Quake)
M 90-11-11* Song for Europe, A
R 90-11-11 Col Legno
M 90-11-12* Dead Heat
M 90-11-12* Twin Peaks (FATHER killed her)
R 90-11-13 Dano with Alice and Dennis
E 90-11-14 Horton Foote at noon
M 90-11-14* Fast Charlie the Moonbeam Rider
M 90-11-14 Green Card
M 90-11-14* Korea (last 4 of 6 hours)
R 90-11-14 Pizza Hut
P 90-11-15 Few Good Men, A
E 90-11-17 John O'Keefe monologue with Alice
R 90-11-17 Bernard's Cafe News
R 90-11-18 Ernie's
M 90-11-19* Crash: Mystery of Flight 1503
M 90-11-19* Idiot's Delight
B 90-11-20 Durrenmatt: Four Plays
M 90-11-20* Target
R 90-11-20 Dano with Bob K
S 90-11-20 JO with Tony on phone
M 90-11-21* After the Warming
M 90-11-21* It (4 hr Stephen King)
I 90-11-23 Finish writing Future Novel 40 pages
I 90-11-24 Finish writing Future Novel at page 405
M 90-11-25* New Moon (Eddy)
E 90-11-27 Central Park Zoo (renovated)
E 90-11-27 Hitachi Exhibit at Marriott
R 90-11-27 Flaming Embers
B 90-11-29 Broch: Sleepwalkers
B 90-11-30 Barker: Books of Blood II
R 90-11-30 Chinese Seafood Restaurant
B 90-12-01 Barker: Books of Blood III
O 90-12-01 Porgy and Bess
E 90-12-02 Greenwood Cemetery Tour
B 90-12-03 Barker: Great and Secret Show
R 90-12-03 Champagne tasting with Joe and Bob K
R 90-12-03 Gascogne
B 90-12-04 Heinlein: Grumbles from the Grave
M 90-12-04* Amazing Stories: The Movie II
M 90-12-04* Knee Replacement Surgery
B 90-12-05 Bear: Tangents
M 90-12-05s Bad Medicine
M 90-12-05* Blob (new)
M 90-12-05* Bradshaw on Homecoming (5 hrs)
R 90-12-06 Park Avenue Gourmandise
M 90-12-07* Lennon (John)
M 90-12-07* Penitentiary III
M 90-12-07* Squirm
R 90-12-07 Baci
R 90-12-07 Gage and Tollner's
E 90-12-08 AIDS Danceathon
M 90-12-08* Bradshaw on Homecoming (2 hrs)
M 90-12-08* Dominoes
M 90-12-08* Valley Forge (Maxwell Anderson)
R 90-12-09* Les Halles
M 90-12-10* Billboard's 1990 Awards
M 90-12-10* Dreamer of Oz: The L. Frank Baum Story
S 90-12-10 Richard Gourley and Tony 3:30 to 4:50
R 90-12-11 Peter Luger
M 90-12-12* Weapons of Evil
B 90-12-13 Robbins: Even Cowgirls Get the Blues
P 90-12-13 Miser (Bosco, Shelley)
R 90-12-13 Kraft Restaurant
E 90-12-14 Armani men and film costumes at FIT
M 90-12-14* Mahogany
M 90-12-14* Marriage of Figaro (Sellars)
R 90-12-14 Ovo (22nd and Broadway)
B 90-12-15 Burton: 1001 Nights, Volume 7
E 90-12-16 Actualism Christmas party 11AM to 8:15PM
M 90-12-16* They Died with Their Boots On
B 90-12-17 Robbins: Still Life with Woodpecker (from Dennis)
M 90-12-17* Bright Lights Big City
M 90-12-20* Best Foot Forward
R 90-12-21 Tuesday's
M 90-12-22* Bitter Sweet
M 90-12-22* Hullabaloo Over George and Bonnie's Pictures
M 90-12-22* I Married An Angel
M 90-12-23* Bishop's Wife, The
M 90-12-23* Christmas in Connecticut
M 90-12-23* Shuttered Room, The
M 90-12-25* Christmas Eve (Loretta Young)
M 90-12-25* Last Unicorn
M 90-12-25* Silver Chair (Narnia 3 hrs)
M 90-12-25s Tubby the Tuba
R 90-12-25 Le Patio (Parker Meridien)
M 90-12-26* New York Stories
M 90-12-27* Great Expectations (York, Leighton)
S 90-12-27 Bob Rosinek 3:30-6:30
D 90-12-28 Nutcracker (Grigoriev)
E 90-12-28 Gaiety Burlesque 9:15 - 11:45
R 90-12-28 Christopher's
I 90-12-29 Finish editing and printing "Gain" and "Dr. Gain"
D 90-12-30 Alvin AileyRead Matthew11:28/HiddenRites/North Star/Revelations
M 90-12-30* Grand Hotel
E 90-12-31 Party at Matt's/fireworks/Scrabble