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1991 6 of 6

Monday, November 11: Wake at 1:45, 2:10, 4:10, 5:10, and up at 5:15, drugged, disgusted, depressed. Dress slowly, move slowly. Phone for porter at 5:55, 300 sucres tip. Guy at the "Caja" gives up on the person in front of me and just passes me out with a slip to the bellboy from my room-number. To NICE eight- passenger bus, off at 6:10, to OUTRAGEOUS 6:25AM line to the END of the BUILDING. 7:25 I'm tired standing; half of standees vanish to make their OWN connections. Rumor of $300 certificate to take Ecuatoriana. 7:45 my CHECKED bag is ticketed for flight 932! Good sign? 8:10 a guy says, "Come to Ecuatoriana, American Airlines flight is FULL!" Twenty minutes of chaos, shouting, and a supervisor got me on the earlier American Airlines flight, thanks to the shouts of a guy just behind me. The Ecuadoriana flight got to Miami at 1:30, so I wouldn't have left Miami AGAIN until 4:30PM! And I'm in seat 35F, GREAT right window in rear, settling in by 8:35AM. Going? Leave at 9AM, STILL empty seats showing (Alison later says that the LUGGAGE made the plane overweight, so they had to cut down on passengers.) GREAT mountains, Otavalo, and guy who works with Ecuadorean turkeys sits next to me and names all the peaks. Good breakfast in BUMPY clouds before the Pacific clears, then more bumps, then the San Blas (?) Islands southwest of Panama City, the narrow Panamanian isthmus, lots of atoll-like islands off coast, and LOTS of pleading with cloud-devas (for 74 and 86 seconds of bumpy mid-cloud flying, particularly), and then a GREAT Atlantic Ocean, clear off Miami, landing at 12:40. DASH through customs and immigration, sky-cap baggage trustingly, and onto plane at 1:45 to get to the guy in seat 35E who wants to sit next to his sister and give me seat 28A into the bargain! Perfect! Sit next to Alison and we chat til 2PM until a standby guy sits between us, and we're GLAD to be aboard! Move back at 2:02PM, and take off at 2:24, stated to be two hours and 38 minutes. Long flight over the interior of Florida, then straight out from the coast, then sharp left turn up the coast, then off into the ocean. Got a glass of soda to quench our thirsts, but the lunch isn't that great. Rather quickly overland, looking like a great sunset, but they say it's raining over New York, and we dip below clouds at 4:25 to almost total darkness and clouds, though thankfully it isn't windy or raining at the moment. Scary two minutes in clouds, a glimpse of the airport that I film, then into clouds again and land just before 5. Sigh with endless relief, and wait for most of the people to leave the plane before getting off and walking endless lines to the luggage-claim, with my bag right there, and refuse a limousine to take a taxi, taking just about 45 minutes to get home for $16, and I have money left over. Phone lots of people and take notes well into the next week, what with my throat infection and cast on my leg and crutches. Say to some that the boat-trip was a bit too long, but it was simply a chance I couldn't pass up, and the 14 hours of videotape will be a priceless souvenir of a trip that came out of nowhere and was MUCH more difficult than it NEEDED be!Couldn't place this fragment on an index-card: At 11PM, I take sleeping pills. Pee at 3AM, as engines start. Stop at 4.53AM, after dream of being MUGGED in a California park!

Tuesday, November 12: The evening before I phoned Maya, Dorothy Kent, Dorothy Hunter, Susan, Brad, and Carolyn; that is, after Dennis, Spartacus, Pope, and Sherryl. Went to bed at 12:05AM and woke at 5:30 sweaty and sore throat, took temperature of 97.9S. Took two aspirins and hot-salt gargle; sneezed three times; woke at 6:30 to shit and shower before going to HIP. Turns out I MISSED calling Sherryl BACK after I got my cast this morning, so she wondered why Dennis was running so many errands for me! Then I took the following notes in the front of "Queen of Angels" about my morning: Sign in at triage as #8 at 8:05AM. 9:05 in; 9:15 to Dr. Chow. 9:30 in. Had a list of eight questions for him: 1) Left foot---broken fifth metatarsal? X-ray: FRACTURE; 2) Right foot a) blisters healing OK? OK; b) second-little toe STUBBED? "Ordinary pain from PREVIOUS fracture that we HAVE x-rayed before"; 3) BITES on upper left and right thighs? Contact dermatitis, NOT insects; 4) Sore throat? Infection, two weeks Ceclor antibiotic; 5) Stool exam for cholera, giardia, E. coli? Not if no diarrhea; 6) 5PM and last-two-days blahs? Throat infection; 7) GET old blood test; 8) Flu shot? NOT with throat infection. 9:40 to x-ray: OVER 1/2 hour wait. 9:45 sign blood-list: OVER an hour's wait. Out for groceries (restricted since I have only $16 cash with me before withdrawing $300 when I get my bank-card from home), and book and other errands. 10:45 blood-list gone, sign the NEW, shorter, one. 10:45 x-ray: "She'll be calling you next." In at 11:05, out at 11:10, having taken three angles. Refer to orthopedist, whose secretary says "Go for blood" at 11:20. 11:30 enter blood, out at 11:40 after four ampules taken. [Dr. Chin calls with results on 11/22: Cholesterol 214, triglycerides 263; no diabetes or liver or kidney problems. "Watch your diet, or we may give you very mild anti-cholesterol medication."] 11:48 into orthopedist, and out just after noon with a CAST. Hobble over to deposit checks and get checking balance, but take a CAB three blocks home for $4! Telephone in my prescription when Dr. Chow won't do it (though he gives his telephone number if Pathmark needs him to verify it), and Spartacus picks it up with his credit card because it's $82! Dennis goes for my Vitamin C later and they give me a special price because they'd asked me how much I'd paid for it and I told them! The rest of the day was a pain getting used to crutches, and probably talking with the rest of the people on my list: Rolf, Stephanie, Louise, Tony, Terry Kornak (who was on vacation, and I had to call back Monday), Bob Rosinek, John Strong, Mom, George Pierson, Shelley, Marj, cancel my dental appointment, and call Chin for my blood results.

Wednesday, November 13: Bed at 11:30PM and woke at 5:30 AGAIN with sore throat; took salt gargle and antibiotic and got up at 7:45AM. Phoned Dr. Meyer about how to handle cast, but when he didn't call back, I decided to walk on the foot when I wanted, but it ended up sore in the evening, so I decided THAT was a bad idea. Made a list of questions. Dennis gets groceries; John agrees to bring up my mail and continue watering my plants and get groceries.

Thursday, November 14: Bed 1AM and up at 9AM. Realize they STOLE little "Olympia and York" carry-bag at the airport 11/11! Still catching up with junk.

Friday, November 15: Bed at 12:50AM and up at 9:35AM, settling a PATTERN of about nine hours. Asked Dr. Meyer's secretary about standing on it while doing dishes, walking on it in apartment, and got the orders: NO weight-bearing & if it's not swollen, there's no need to elevate it. I omit asking other questions.

Saturday, November 16: Bed at midnight, gargle at 4:30AM, up at 9AM.

Sunday, November 17: Bed at 1:30AM, up at 8:30.

Monday, November 18: Bed midnight, up 9:25AM. Call Russ Till: "Dreadful year; copy-editing for HIM only." Larry Goldberg: "Will have nothing." Terry: "Next!"

Tuesday, November 19: Bed 12, Pope calls 12:05-12:40, up 9:40; L.Goldberg: JOB!

Wednesday, November 20: Bed 1AM, 8:45 buzzer with package. END of recordings!

SUN,OCT.20: 12:50 New York-3:20 Miami; 5:15 Miami-8:57 Quito:Alameda Real Hotel
MON,OCT.21: Repack, leave laundry, breakfast buffet in Alameda Real Hotel; 11:05 Quito - 11:37 Guayaquil; 90 minutes to Galapagos island of San Cristobal; bus to Lago Junco: wild horses, frigatebirds, finches; Seal Beach:seals & crabs
TUE,OCT.22: Sunrise on Grand Hotel beach: blue-footed boobies and flowers; to Puerto Baquerizo Moreno for Pepe the Turtle at Museum; Seal Beach; Grand Hotel
WED,OCT.23: Resting Cloud not ready; Vertigo 6AM to Hood Island by 10:30; seals and marine iguanas; snorkel off Gardner Island; Punta Suarez: masked boobies, birds & iguanas, seals & albatrosses; board Resting Cloud for dinner and sleep
THU,OCT.24: Night-sail to Floreana. Punta Ayora: anemones, sea urchins, seals, flamingos; snorkel at Crown of Thorns; Punta Cormorant for "Galapagos Mailbox;" sail to Santa Cruz and Puerto Ayora: dolphins, turtles, and rays. Bed at 9PM
FRI,OCT.25: Charles Darwin Research Center tours; I twist left ankle; Highlands tour for Tortoises and Crimson Flycatchers; Halloween Party in Disco to 12PM
SAT,OCT.26: Santa Fe Island for land iguanas and lava lizards; snorkel; South Plaza Island for seals, land iguanas, Yellow Warblers, Mockingbirds, frigate- birds & Tropicbirds; phosphorescent flashes around ship in darkest night!
SUN,OCT.27: All-night sail to Tower (north of Equator) for red-footed boobies, swallow-tailed gulls, frigatebirds, doves; snorkel; lava trails to nesting boobies; marine iguanas---all reached by Prince Phillip's stairs. Early bed
MON,OCT.28: South of Equator to North Seymour Island's Black Turtle Cove for sea turtles, manta rays, white-tipped sharks; lava herons and pelicans. Wet landing for blue-footed booby hatchery and puffed-up frigatebirds; seals & rays
TUE,OCT.29: Daphne Major: climb to caldera rim; boobies & chicks;oil-fire on RC
WED,OCT.30: Bartolomeo: lava, plank stairs, lighthouses; panga (Zodiac) ride to Galapagos penguins, more iguanas, herons, crabs. Rabida: snorkel (starfish, surgeonfish, parrotfish), penguins, Galapagos hawk; St.James Bay snorkel; pack
THU,OCT.31: Isabela Island for 6AM-1PM climb of Alcedo Volcano; enormous turtles on rim; spectacular sun-haloed sunset from 11,000-foot rim; damp sleep
FRI,NOV.1: 6:50AM begin descent to 11:45AM. Flightless cormorants at Point.
SAT,NOV.2: Circle Isabela north of Equator, see Roca Redonda, Spinner Dolphins, Sei Whales; Fernandina Island: iguanas, lava, and snorkeling with sealions. Wonderful sunset over tidal pools with seals, crabs, herons, fish, and snails
SUN,NOV.3: Isabela: Urvina Bay for lava and one land iguana; Elizabeth Bay for sea turtles and hawksbills; Bird Rock for many penguins and boobies at sunset
MON,NOV.4: Night sail to Puerto Villamil; wander village; ten-kilometer round- trip to convicts' lavawall; afternoon cruise to Santa Cruz's Puerto Ayora; left Resting Cloud for Hotel Galapagos; dinner at "4 Lanternas;" and farewell crew!
TUE,NOV.5: Breakfast and dinner at Hotel Galapagos; charter boat for three people to South Plaza Island for land and marine iguanas and birds, birds,birds
WED,NOV.6: Tour Santa Cruz: lava craters, Highland giant Tortoises, lava tubes; shop for tee-shirts at Charles Darwin Foundation; lunch at Henri's; dinner at "4 Lanternas;" final packing for departure from Galapagos Islands tomorrow
THU,NOV.7: Bus to ferry to Baltra. Galapagos-Guayaquil 1:45-3:15; Guayaquil- Quito 4:30-5; stop at American Airlines for tickets; dine at Rincon de Francia
FRI,NOV.8: Alameda Real to Colonial Quito: Plaza del Teatro, San Agustin, Santo Domingo,San Francisco,Museo de Arte Colonial,La Merced, Plaza Mejor, Cathedral; lunch at Tavelli; Saturday-tour purchase; dine at La Terraza del Tartaro
SAT,NOV.9: Otavalo tour 7:20-6 (there 11:05-12:30 only); shopping in Calderone "Figuras de Masapan," touristy Equator line, Las Cabanas de Napoles, Cotacachi leather street; lunch at Puerto Lago; feeling tired and ill in Alameda Real room
SUN,NOV.10: On American Airlines plane 7:40-8:55 before we disembark because air conditioning can't be fixed. Chaos until reaching Hotel Quito at 2PM, lunch in coffee shop. Watch "Other Side of the Mountain" and "High Noon" on TV, get room service for dinner because I feel sick and just want to get to New York!
MON,NOV.11: Up at 5:15; plane leaves Quito 9AM, to Miami at 12:40; Miami 2:24, to New York at 5PM in DARK; taxi home by 6:15, phoning lots of people, proudest of 14 hours of videotape which will undoubtedly be my BEST memory of Galapagos!
TUE,NOV.12: Cast put on left leg for broken fifth metatarsal; on for 4-6 weeks!
VIDEOTAPE #1 (90 minutes) to
Home experimentation 10:09
San Cristobal Hill (Lago Junco) 20.08
Seal Beach #1 30:44
Grand Hotel room 38:38
Booby rock 45:55
Flowers/lizards 48:51
blank 49:00
Lizards/walk 53:04
Museum/Pepe the Tortoise 61:04
Seal Beach #2 82:01
Vertigo 83:22
Hood Island (seals) 86:42 (end)

VIDEOTAPE #2 (120 minutes) to
Home experimentation 9:04
Hood Island (seals) 17:50
(marine iguanas) 23:16
(crabs) 25:21
(marine iguanas) 25:50
(bird/seal hump) 30:58
(seals) 35:22
(boobies/lizards) 42:37
(marine iguanas) 44:02
(boobies) 46:00
goof 46:32
(iguanas) 49:50
(boobies) 55:12
goof 56:14
(boobies/beach/birds) 1:00:15
(blowhole/albatrosses) 1:00:22
DAY #2 Floreana(crabs/beach/anemones) 1:06:20
(flamingos #1) 1:13:57
(flowers/beach/ghostcrab) 1:20:00
(flamingos #2) 1:24:34
(flowers/seals/pelicans) 1:25:38
here for MORE!

VIDEOTAPE #3 (90 minutes) to
Dolphins 9:07
Darwin Station (AM) 37:16
Darwin Station (PM) 54:15
Highlands turtles 1:09:56
Halloween 1:26:18
Boatride 1:27:54
Santa Fe 1:29:15
END ("Bob, look out!") 1:31:15

10/28, 8:42AM Black Turtle Cove 20:06
PM, start back at 000

VIDEOTAPE #4 (120 minutes) (from notebook page 42)
Small ground Darwin finch [02:50] (male, black), on Santa Fe, after grasshopper
Sclacia moss-covered plant[03:44] 00:00 Lava lizards
Sealion coccyx and pelvis [04:41] 00:46 Snake
Fossilized white coral [04:48] 02:18 Grasshopper
FEMALE lava lizard, blushing[09:40] 10/26 10:15AM: 05:21 Snake in hands
Iguana: tail up: anger [14:48] 06:17 Iguana eats flwr
Iguana: head-bob: I'm pissed off, this is MY territory 08:35 " eats cactus
Swallow-tail gull [21:28] preening: only NOCTURNAL gull; also has a RED foot
Black and white birds are Audubon's shearwaters [22:38] 09:59 Sealions
Red-Billed Tropicbird 10/26 2:46PM: 12:21 Iguanas [SOUTH
Lava gull, after afterbirth 15:14 YlwWarblerPLAZA]
Plovers at afterbirth? to 1:03-55 19:28 Susuvium
About 9-9:40PM to 1:13:39, WHAT?? 19:55Waves/26:05SPLASH

(From notebook page 43A, last in "forward" direction:
End film #1, 10/20, south of Miami, clouds, Cuba
10/21: two shots from Alameda Real Hotel window
Film #2, leaving Quito, over Guayaquil, landing on San Cristobal, Junco Lake, Seal Beach.
#21, 10/22, "Grand Hotel" beach at 5:45AM. Frigatebird too?
#22, 6:50AM, Grand Hotel in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno
#23, 8:05AM, natural COTTON and yellow-sponge FRUIT

Santa Fe: Iguana; #8 Palo Santo (sandalwood) and opuntia (cactus)
IN rocks after blowhole: Red-Billed Tropicbird, RARE. Next, Wavy Albatross,
only 40-50 of them on this island ONLY.

VIDEOTAPE *7 (90 minutes) (from old page 1.6)

11/2 8:40AM Whales; good at 1:54, 2:59, 3:31, 4:31
5:30 Iguanas at Punta Espinosa at 10:52AM: head-bobbing and swimming
20:00 Lizards ON iguanas; 21:21 Flightless cormorants
22:55 Seal/cormorant/iguana 24:30 Seals playing
25:00 Seal blinded by flies 26:56 Lava walk - cactus
32:00 Fly-eye cove 34:00 Great "walk toward me" by iguana
37:10 Iguana fight 41:50 Sally Lightfoot crab
42:25 Seals playing 48:16 Crab feeding
49:58 Lava heron 54:00 Seals calling
56:00 Bird flights 57:19 11/3 8:40AM 57:25 Map/Hermit crabs
1:00:40 Coral uplifted 1:01:10 Cormorant and chick
1:04:12 Coral 1:08:28 Land iguana
1:11:10 Blue heron 1:14:40 Ship-tour
1:20:15 Panga/Mangroves 1:21:50 Seal and octopus!
1:24:02 Sea turtle 1:26:12 Mangrove oysters
1:27:20 Panga and PENGUINS HERE 1:32:00 Booby-rock
1:33:14 End of tape

11/30/91: NOTHING here since before trip! What a PAIN with my cast since November 12! But BECAUSE of that, not much has happened! Now to watch TV from 4:30-8PM, and THEN what?? Printed 30 Antarctic pages and the Xmas-page for EARLY Christmas greetings!

12/11/91: Dr. Meyer yesterday said my foot was healing but not healed, but that I could start putting full weight on it, couldn't hurt it, weight will actually help healing. Walked home from HIP in 25 minutes, found the stairs easy, and found my leg supporting me VERY well. But felt a few "hives" on my left wrist that itched as I watched TV at midnight, felt like I had the FLU when I woke about 7AM, achey all over, and then when I stepped on my left foot my ANKLE screamed, so I'm getting it re-muscled but have to use my crutches more to take up that last few dozen pounds that causes the pain.

12/11/91 (notes from 12/8 phone calls on "diskette books"): 12:07-12:24: John Strong: NO "modem books," only diskettes. Modem/CD transfer would be HIGH phone costs. There's NO standard laser-disk format, about ten manufacturers with DIFFERENT formats, and it'll take three years to standardize. BUY NO CDS WITHOUT REVIEWS OF QUALITY. Self-publish AS photo-offset OR 1.4 meg diskettes. Sony is producing supersmall laser disks at 1 7/8 inches. John HAS a 1200-baud modem; no telephone, only the JACK. Jobes's NEXT is limping along, without laser-disk part. Vicki LW at 12:27: she phoned to not add much. Shelley LW 12:30, she phoned with name of someone in Jersey I should phone Friday. Sherryl LW for David at 12:32. Bernice 12:33-1:49 starts on AUDIO-tape books, and tells of program manuals on diskettes. Books "skipped that level and went to CD-Rom." $800 Britannica encyclopedia is CD-Rom, 5" size! BC's son Jay (Jason) has Prodigy and Procom (private thing with lotta stuff in it, which allows him to run a modem, which Jay DOES use. Top of HER list is a laser printer. "Data Conversion" company, for her federal project, converts files. Publisher's Weekly has NETWORK books? Like on Prodigy or CompuServe? Valda HAS Leading Edge and IPS for it, HAD TRS. They both got a dual-floppy Leading Edge on special for about $1000. Valda has Macrex version 1. At 1:30 we start on Carol Ann til 1:49. David phones 5:05-5:30: Books not EXCLUSIVELY on diskette, "Seen no ads ---I take it back---BIBLE in translations. Publishing on diskette NOT a bad idea, in BOTH IBM and MAC format. Save Wordperfect document as PLAIN ASCII text also, both files on one diskette. I WANT money; it's not a public-domain product, so I should find out about copyright PROTECTION. Do I send a copy to Library of Congress? Try desktop publishing magazines, maybe from books? Then Valda calls on Monday: she HAD a 5 1/2" diskette-TRS model III, and is "morally against" people copying what other people bought, so although she has IPS for the Leading Edge, Macrex in an early version that she seldom uses, and Ventura which she finds complex but full of good features (and I guess it was Bernice that mentioned the special, expensive, videoscreen that shows TWO FULL pages side-by-side), I won't be getting free copies from HER! Maybe I should call Stephanie, too, so she can talk AND come over to pick up her Ecuador material.

I rather despair what to do with this: if I file it with the pages, I'll forget what's on it. If I leave it on my shelf, it'll just get shuffled aside with all the other stuff. I guess I should practice more patience and just let things go along at their own pace: I have to put about $9000 into IRA and Keogh before April 15 AND pay taxes and estimated taxes for next year, so I SHOULD be doing all the work that I can to pay for THAT before even THINKING about putting money into a new computer system. But I AM doing all the indexes I have, some VERY early, and keep looking forward to MORE. Alice sneered at me for even THINKING of taking a subway with my leg: "You can afford it; take a CAB!" But that's what SHE does, I remind myself, and she's only, in a sense, DEFENDING what SHE does. I'll just have to try it, now that I've extended this discussion to the bottom of the page and I can print it out and get on to something ELSE!

12/17/91: WHERE AM I NOW? Not having done one of these in ages, I'm out of practice. Just finished expanding my "Save Diskette" list from one page to two pages, resolving duplicates and discrepancies and saving files and even leave room for this 12th Scripsit file to expand from its current 92% to its full 99% when it has to be replaced by another, but in my thoughts adding another item to my "things to do list," which I haven't started writing down yet, but I will here! 1) Read in old SCRIPSV files and COMBINE pages from DREAMS, NOTEBOOK, and ACTUALISM, replacing {P} and {D} with their PROPER values, and in many cases I'll probably have to CORRECT non-sequential numbering runs when one section "ran into" another, and making SAVE and COPY files of each of the THREE.
Healthwise, I seem to have avoided the flu I thought I was getting during the week after I got my flu shot, and I walked on my crutchless foot MOST of the day, only using crutches after about 5PM when the SEVERE pain came back to my ankle when I walked on it. Otherwise, I can't wait to walk well enough so that I can start going out, probably after Saturday's opera matinee.
Workwise, there's still not enough, but I'm doing all I can do.
Travel-documentationwise, I'm avoiding 2) editing the Galapagos tapes and 3) editing the Galapagos slides. Then there's always 4) clearing more space in my three metal slide-boxes by putting more duplicates into Kodak boxes unless I think there's reason for John Strong to look through more out-takes.
Endless-taskwise, there's always 5) looking for new ways to get my a) Indexing Handbook, b) Gain book, c) AIDS House, d) travel journals published and 6) looking for a new computer.
Well, that's about all I feel like doing here now.

12/20/91: 6:20AM: NOW look what's to do!
1) All 8-mm films to video (throwing out both films AND camera!)
2) Yellow shelves, atop mesh-front, filled with "right size" SLIDE storage.
7AM: 3) Cut PICTURES from the Dor$e Bible and throw away the REST and then
4) File slides (in soft plastic SHIRT-boxes) in chest of DRAWERS--which I DID!!

12/30/91: New reasons for doing a WHERE AM I NOW? entry:
1) Mom calls 12/26 and volunteers to LEND me $15,000 at 7% to a) fill taxes and b) GET A NEW COMPUTER, so suddenly (as of March when she sends checks) it's ON!
Haven't used the crutches since 12/21's Metropolitan Opera trip and 12/25's long walk to Vasata for dinner with Joe on the upper east side. Started taking aspirin 3-4 times a day to ease the aches in the ankles, but yesterday there was almost NO protest from my RIGHT ankle, and today even my LEFT is better, possibly because I didn't go out at ALL yesterday for the first time in a WEEK. Pope coming over soon to lend me "In the Belly of the Architect" videotape, and I DID get through the Galapagos slides and John Strong IS coming over 10AM 1/1 to look at the slides and the FIRST edit of the Galapagos videotapes. This week is actually QUITE busy, and I'm glad to get rid of the solid-state index even sooner than I thought (for more money than I thought---have to REDUCE my hourly rates!), but sad to keep the Cardiology LONGER than I thought because she STILL hasn't phoned me back to say that it's OK to go beyond page 381! But I'm sure open for any NEW jobs to come in! Will fill out the DREAM page today after this, then watch lots of video movies to end out the year, then update and print out the new MOVIES list sometime this week, and then change over all the calendars to the year 1992! Then probably order more books from Remsen so that I can catch up with my reading (never DID finish the 1001 Nights in 1991, but I'm into the third-last book, so the end is in sight). Got groceries for the first time; have been going down for the mail; and only 10 more (actually less than 9 hour-wise, but who's counting?) days until the cast comes off and I can get started getting my left TOES back into shape, which will involve taking a SHOWER for the first time in two months, and then, ugh, going to the GYM, which will take up lots of time. Then ask people about computers (Hugh, David, Macrex owners), make up my dental appointments, and look at the REST of my life!


E 91-01-01 Sherryl's party 4-8
M 91-01-01* Saraband for Dead Lovers
M 91-01-03* Scoop
M 91-01-04* Don Giovanni (Sellers)
R 91-01-04 Teresa's
T 91-01-05 Flight to LA at 4:10PM, 7:25 PM flight to Hawaii
T 91-01-06 Flight to Auckland at 12:35AM(loseday atInternationalDateline)
T 91-01-07 Land inAucklandat8:45AM;1PM land inMelbourne(sixth continent!)
T 91-01-08 Walk central Melbourne
R 91-01-09 Apollo Bay Hotel lunch
R 91-01-09 Trocadero Cafe in Colac
T 91-01-09 Ocean Road Tour
T 91-01-10 Melbourne Zoo
P 91-01-11 Venetian Twins at Arts Center
T 91-01-11 Queen's Gardens; Victoria Art Museum
T 91-01-12 Geelong tour, wildlife exhibit, Ballarat, Gold Museum, gardens
M 91-01-13* Tucker
R 91-01-13 Coonara Lodge in Blue Mountains, lunch
T 91-01-13 Blue Mountains drive and lunch with hosts
R 91-01-14 Good Loaf lunch
T 91-01-14 Victoria National History Museum; Flagstaff and Fitzroy parks
P 91-01-15 Wizard of Oz at Arts Center
R 91-01-15 Hungry Jack's in Melbourne
T 91-01-15 Old Jail; Performing Arts Museum
R 91-01-16 Overlander Steakhouse in Alice Springs
T 91-01-16 Fly to Alice Springs; WhitegumMotel; RoyalFlyingDoctorsService
R 91-01-17 Mount Ebenezer snack and souvenir out of Alice Springs
T 91-01-17 Noel Fullerton's Camel Ranch; pitch tent atYulara;Olga & Ayers
R 91-01-18 Kings Canyon Campground dinner
T 91-01-18 Climb Ayers Rock;Motitjulu;flight-see Olga&Ayers;CurtinSprings
R 91-01-19 Blivey's for rabbit satay in Australian outback
R 91-01-19 Jim's Place for bacon and egg in Australian outback
T 91-01-19 Kings Canyon walk and swim; roam Alice Springs streets
R 91-01-20 Witchety grub lunch at aboriginal settlement
T 91-01-20 Fly from Alice Springs to Adelaide to Melbourne
T 91-01-20 North ofTropic ofCapricorn to AboriginalSettlement;AliceMuseum
R 91-01-21 Ferguson's Winery lunch
R 91-01-21 Florentino's in Melbourne
T 91-01-21 Blue Dandenong tour with Puffing Billy and Gumnut Village
T 91-01-21 Healesville zoo and lyrebird!
O 91-01-22 Clemenza di Tito in Sydney Opera House
R 91-01-22 Bennelong Restaurant at Sydney Opera House
R 91-01-22 Sydney Botanical Gardens lunch
T 91-01-22 Fly to Sydney; stay at Stockade; Hyde Park; Harbor Tour
P 91-01-23 Little Night Music in Sydney Playhouse
R 91-01-23 Claudine's in Sydney
T 91-01-23 City Bus tour; Dee Why Beach;ManlyOceanarium;jet cat;ArtMuseum
O 91-01-24 Mikado in Sydney Opera House
R 91-01-24 Mozart Cafe in Sydney Opera House
T 91-01-24 Explorer Bus to Powerhouse Museum/ Toronga zoo and ferry
R 91-01-25 Canberra High Court Cafeteria lunch
R 91-01-25 Wienerwald in Gordbaum between Canberra and Sydney
T 91-01-25 Canberratour;ParliamentBuilding;Embassies;WarMemorl;Mt.Ainslie
R 91-01-26 Don Restaurant in Sydney's Darling Harbor
T 91-01-26 Blue Mountain Tour to Windsor; Aerial Skyway; Inclined Railway
T 91-01-26 FeatherdaleZoo; Sydney walk, Darling Harbor;Aquarium;fireworks
R 91-01-27 Melbourne Sharkhouse dinner with sunset
R 91-01-27 Sydney Revolving Tower lunch
T 91-01-27 Sydney Boat Tour; fly to Melbourne; finish filling Book I
R 91-01-28 Lorumburra lunch roadcat stop
T 91-01-28 Roadcat to Port Welshpool; seacat to Launceston and Hobart
R 91-01-29 Nasi goreng (so-called) dinner at Jocko's
T 91-01-29 Shot tower, Birney Island, Captain Cook's landing with Jocko
R 91-01-30 Lasagne (so-called) dinner at Jocko's
T 91-01-30 Hobart's Mount Wellington and rainbow
T 91-01-30 Tasman Arch, Devil's Kitchen, Remarkable Cave, Port Arthur
R 91-01-31 Empire Hotel in Queenstown, Tasmania
T 91-01-31 Bus to Queenstown; Commercial Hotel; Galley Museum; Mine Tour
R 91-02-01 Mure's Upper Deck
T 91-02-01 Bus to Hobart; Tarraleah Chalet; Hobart Museum; Theatre Royale
R 91-02-02 Tasmanian Atlantic salmon at Jocko's
T 91-02-02 Botanical gardens; buy rainsuit and sunglasses
T 91-02-02 Sheraton Hotel check-in; St. David's Cathedral flower show
R 91-02-03 Frontier Spirit Welcoming Dinner
R 91-02-03 Sheraton Gazebo breakfast
T 91-02-03 PenitentiaryChapel, Runnymede tea, BonorongTasmanianDevil tour
T 91-02-04 Seasick at sea; talks; no dinner
T 91-02-05 Seasick at sea; talks, light food
M 91-02-06* Worldpark Antarctica by Franz Lazi
T 91-02-06 Macquarie Isl: Zodiac cruises
M 91-02-07* Solo: Voyage to the Ice
T 91-02-07 MacquarieIsl:king,rockhopper,royl,gentooPenguins;ElephantSeals
T 91-02-08 Macquarie Isl: overlook; Anare base tour; penguin behavior
M 91-02-09* Shackleton's Expedition 1914-1916
T 91-02-09 Stormy sea; talks
M 91-02-10* Voyage to the White Volcano
T 91-02-10 Stormy sea; talks
M 91-02-11* Wild South--Under the Ice
T 91-02-11 Cross Antarctic Circle; Sturge Island in Balleny Group; talks
M 91-02-12* Home of the Blizzard
M 91-02-12* Secret Place--Byrd's Antarctica
T 91-02-12 Stop in stormy seas; control room tour
M 91-02-13* Iwago's Whales
T 91-02-13 Mt. Minto and Cape Adare of Antarctica; Talks
T 91-02-14 Land at Terra Nova base---SEVENTH CONTINENT! Zodiac cruise
T 91-02-15 Farthest south: 77S 58.3'; emperor penguin; Scott Base tour
T 91-02-15 Observation Hill climb; Norwegians talk
T 91-02-16 Greenpeace, emperor penguin; CapeRoyds:Shackleton'sHut;adelies
T 91-02-16 McMurdo Base tour; Scott Hut at HutPoint; CapeEvans: ScottHut,
T 91-02-16 Seals and packice blocking Zodiacs atsunset; mostfantasticday!
B 91-02-17 Stein: Der Grosse Kultur Fahrplan (skim)
M 91-02-17* Bird on a Wire
T 91-02-17 Ross Ice Shelf; talks
T 91-02-18 Cape Halley &Mountains; Zodiac-champagne cruise;circle iceberg
T 91-02-18 Step on packice;attempt first landing at PossessionIsland,nogo
T 91-02-19 Cape Adare: Borchgrevink's hut & adelies & seals;whales&orcas
M 91-02-20* Iwago's Cheetah
T 91-02-20 Sailing north; talks; sick after dinner
M 91-02-21* South with Shackleton
T 91-02-21 Sailing north; galley tour; library books
B 91-02-22 Clarke: Rama II
M 91-02-22* Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
M 91-02-22* Seige of the South
T 91-02-22 Sailing north; Miles falls
T 91-02-23 CampbellIsland: Porpoising seals;nesting albatrosses;greenview
T 91-02-24 Mike's window blown in at4AM! AucklandIsland: hooker furseals;
T 91-02-24 Yellow-eyedpenguins; bluerabbits;pool-swimseals;birds;rataTree
M 91-02-25* Total Recall
T 91-02-25 CircumnavigateSnaresIslands:stormyseas;Captain'sFarewellDinner
R 91-02-26 Great Milford Sound Hotel dinner and tides
T 91-02-26 Bluff docking7AM; Invercargill at9; TuataraMuseum;MilfordSound
T 91-02-27 Milford Sound boat tour; SutherlandFalls helicoptertour; tides
R 91-02-28 Hermitage Alpine Room dinner
R 91-02-28 Queenstown Cablecar Restaurant between MilfordSound & Mt. Cook
T 91-02-28 Drive to Mt. Cook; Kea Point photos
R 91-03-01 Hermitage Panorama Room dinner
T 91-03-01 Mt. Cook helicopter tour; TasmanGlacier & lakes; HookerGlacier
M 91-03-02* Gulf War ends on TV
R 91-03-02 Sign of the Takahe with Lady Mary Downer & Delores and Michael
T 91-03-02 Drive to Christchurch; Museum and Botanical Gardens; cocktails
R 91-03-03 Chinese Restaurant next to Eaton Hall in Rotorua
T 91-03-03 Mt. Cook Air to Wellington and Rotorua; check into Eaton Hall
T 91-03-03 Wander Rotorua lake, steam vents, and Travelodge Maori show
R 91-03-04 Hyatt dinner and Maori show
T 91-03-04 Marengu tour; Whakarewarewa walks;get blackflannel pants back!
M 91-03-05* Home Alone
R 91-03-05 Theme Restaurant at LA airport
T 91-03-05 Bus to Waitomo glowwormcaves; MerrovaleLilliputVillage;airport
T 91-03-05 Hawaii at 5:40AM, LA at 2:38PM; leave LA at 10:45PM
T 91-03-06 Land at Newark at 6:29AM;end of61-day$20,000+ trip; MOST MONEY
R 91-03-11 Blue Willow
E 91-03-15 Steinway Piano Factory tour
R 91-03-15 Panorama lunch in Queens
M 91-03-17* Don Giovanni (Sellars)
M 91-03-17* Mondo New York
M 91-03-17* Witches, The (Dahl)
M 91-03-18s Above the Law
M 91-03-18s Band Wagon, The
M 91-03-18s Carreras, Domingo, and Pavarotti
M 91-03-18* Margot Fonteyn Story
S 91-03-19 Tony over 3:40-4:30, phones 10:30 to 12!
M 91-03-20* Into the Woods
E 91-03-21 National Academy of Design
R 91-03-21 Mad Hatter's
R 91-03-21 The Mark
B 91-03-22 Ballard: Memories of the Space Age
B 91-03-22 Eco: Foucault's Pendulum
M 91-03-22 Dances with Wolves
R 91-03-22 Vince and Eddie's
B 91-03-23 Chatwin: What Am I Doing Here?
O 91-03-23 Marriage of Figaro
R 91-03-23 Grand Tier Restaurant lunch
B 91-03-24 Lem: Eden
M 91-03-25* Sugar Cane Alley
M 91-03-26 Paris Is Burning
R 91-03-26 Brother's BBQ
M 91-03-27* Backfire (Carribean)
M 91-03-27* Colored Museum, The
M 91-03-27* Room of One's Own, A (Atkins)
R 91-03-29 Fortune Garden Pavilion
R 91-03-30 Little Mushroom Cafe (uptown)
M 91-03-31s Cotton Club
M 91-03-31* On With the Show
M 91-03-31* Portrait of an Escort
R 91-03-31 McDonald's lunch
M 91-04-01* Longtime Companion
P 91-04-01 Advice from a Caterpillar
P 91-04-03 Will Rogers Follies
R 91-04-05 Freshfields upstate lunch
R 91-04-05 Wooden Nickel upstate dinner
T 91-04-05 Elizaville with Michael and Dorothy
R 91-04-06 Cannery Cafe upstate lunch
R 91-04-06 Carolina House upstate dinnr
T 91-04-06 Circle Mount Washington pond upstate
R 91-04-07 Cascade Winery upstate lunch
T 91-04-07 Bash Bish Falls and climb; Book Barn upstate
D 91-04-08 Juillard Dance with Spartacus
R 91-04-08 Mackinaw
M 91-04-09 Poison
R 91-04-09 Arturo's Pizza
M 91-04-10 Chang
M 91-04-10 Tabu
R 91-04-10 Brother's BBQ
P 91-04-11 Jackie Mason Again
R 91-04-11 Westside Cottage
B 91-04-12 Malone: Dingley Falls
E 91-04-12 Regent East closed; Bogarts; Gaiety Burlesque; Monster Bar
R 91-04-12 Kalinka
E 91-04-13 Cirque du Soleil
R 91-04-13 Jack's Place in Battery Park City
M 91-04-14 Grass (1925)
M 91-04-14* Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown
M 91-04-14* Stowaways on the Ark
M 91-04-14 Yellow Cruise, The (1934)
R 91-04-14 Brother's BBQ
M 91-04-15s Living Against the Odds
D 91-04-16 Laura Dean at World Financial Center
R 91-04-16 Mangez Avec Moi
M 91-04-17* Russian Right Stuff
M 91-04-18* Dark Angel, The
M 91-04-19* Mahabharata
M 91-04-19* Marie
O 91-04-20 Clemenza di Tito
R 91-04-20 Montrachet
E 91-04-21 Flying Karamazovs at World Financial Center
M 91-04-21 Power and the Glory, The
M 91-04-21 Silver Dollar
B 91-04-22 Card: Songmaster
M 91-04-22* Brain, The
R 91-04-23 Happy Days Diner
E 91-04-25 Community Meeting at JewishCenter onClosing the HeightsLibrary
E 91-04-27 Bierstadt exhibit; Brooklyn Botanical Gardens
E 91-04-27 Homogeniuses here for Antarctic slides
M 91-04-28* Miss Saigon: The Heat Is On
R 91-04-28 Gallaghers
P 91-04-29 Our Country's Good
R 91-04-29 Caravan
R 91-04-30 Bistro Lucien
E 91-05-01 Michael Moschen at World Financial Center
P 91-05-01 Only the Truth Is Funny
R 91-05-02 Tuesday's
M 91-05-03* Rambo III
R 91-05-04 Tea and Sympathy
E 91-05-05 Bach at Grace Church: B-Minor Mass and Magnificat
B 91-05-06 Bradley: Fall of Atlantis
M 91-05-06* Shiralee, The
E 91-05-07 Mendelssohn Glee Club with Joe at Omni Hotel
M 91-05-07* Joy of Living
M 91-05-07s Our Winning Season
R 91-05-07 Tout Va Bien
P 91-05-09 Secret Garden
R 91-05-09 Century
R 91-05-10 Nusantara
S 91-05-11 Tony 8:30 to 11:30
M 91-05-12s Andy Warhol
M 91-05-12* Kremlin Farewell
R 91-05-12 Teresa's
M 91-05-13s Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires
M 91-05-13* Sometimes They Come Back
M 91-05-13s Thunder Warrior
R 91-05-13 Slade's
R 91-05-14 Trump Palace basement lunch in Atlantic City
T 91-05-14 Bus to Atlantic City with Rolf
E 91-05-15 Mozart's Requiem at World Financial Center
M 91-05-15* All This and Heaven Too
M 91-05-15* Antarctica tape from Alice
M 91-05-15* Crocodile Dundee II
M 91-05-15* Too Many Girls
E 91-05-16 Brooklyn Historical Society tour of Coney Island
M 91-05-16 Black Water
M 91-05-16 Herdsmen of the Sun
M 91-05-16* Island of Desire
M 91-05-16* Slam Dance
M 91-05-17* Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? (Redgraves)
R 91-05-18 McDonald's lunch on Connecticut Turnpike
R 91-05-18 Ocean's Inn in Provincetown
T 91-05-18 Bus to Provincetown for Whale watching
R 91-05-19 Lobster Pot lunch in Provincetown
R 91-05-19 McDonald's lunch on Connecticut Turnpike
T 91-05-19 Provincetown to New York City by 10:45PM
M 91-05-20* O Pioneers (Cather)
M 91-05-20* Our Sons (Andrews and Ann-Margaret)
M 91-05-21* Corsair (A&E/Kirov)
M 91-05-21* Disney's Best 50 Years
M 91-05-21* East of Ipswitch (Palin)
M 91-05-21* House of Cards (4 hrs)
M 91-05-21* Paris Ballet4(Petrouchka/AftnoonOfFaun/SpectreOfRose/LesNoces)
M 91-05-21s To Be Or Not To Be (Benny)
M 91-05-22* Ballo in Maschera (Met)
I 91-05-23 Dan Pfeffer Memorial at Gay Center
M 91-05-24s Something Is Out There
P 91-05-24 Song of Singapore
R 91-05-24 Phoenix Garden
E 91-05-25 Brooklyn Navy Yard Tour
E 91-05-26 Brooklyn bus trip: Grand Army Plaza;ManhattanBridge;Wash.Sq.Pk
M 91-05-26* Pathfinder
M 91-05-27* Air America
M 91-05-27* Darkman
M 91-05-28* Whose Life Is It Anyway?
P 91-05-28 I Hate Hamlet (Williamson)
R 91-05-28 Jewel of India
B 91-05-29 Rice: Interview with the Vampire
M 91-05-29* Cinema Paradiso
M 91-05-29* Miller's Crossing
P 91-05-29 Penn and Teller's Refrigerator Tour
P 91-05-29 Sum of Us, The
R 91-05-29 Anglers and Writers
D 91-05-30 Jose Greco Dance at Joyce
M 91-05-30* Body Chemistry
M 91-05-30* Henry, Study of a Serial Killer
M 91-05-30* Santa Sangre
R 91-05-30 Cuba/China on 19th and 8th
M 91-05-31* Die Kinder (6 hrs)
M 91-05-31* Dreams (Kurasawa)
M 91-05-31* L'il Abner (1959)
M 91-05-31* Miami Blues
M 91-05-31* Plot Against Harry, The
I 91-06-01 Delores Lawton marriage at noon
M 91-06-01* Neverending Story II
R 91-06-01 Cadman Plaza Cafe breakfast
R 91-06-01 McDonald'sRestaurant inBrooklyn forDelores's wedding reception
D 91-06-02 PrincetnBallet(Prokofiev2ndPC/DontTeachMeSweetPotr/MozartDancs
M 91-06-02s Falcon Videopak #62 (Pledgemasters) (p)
M 91-06-02s Lunch Hour (p)
M 91-06-02* Rocky Horror Picture Show
R 91-06-02 Oriental Seafood Restaurant
M 91-06-03* Monsieur Hire
P 91-06-03 Perfect Crime
R 91-06-03 Angelo's
E 91-06-04 Brooklyn Shorelines Boat Tour
M 91-06-04s Cool Hand Dick (p)
M 91-06-04s Danny's Anal Ordeal (p)
M 91-06-04* Days of Thunder
M 91-06-04* I Wanna Hold Your Hand
M 91-06-04* Pump Up the Volume
M 91-06-05* Chocolat
M 91-06-05* Presumed Innocent
M 91-06-05s Seka's Beauty and the Beast (p)
P 91-06-05 Other People's Money
M 91-06-06* Big Business
M 91-06-06* Camille Claudel
M 91-06-06* Tie Me Up Tie Me Down
P 91-06-06 Haunted Host and Pouf Positive
R 91-06-06 Chez Ma Tante
I 91-06-07 Finish Antarctic trip-journal on page 50
B 91-06-08 King: Rage
M 91-06-08s Falcon Videopak #69 (Big Bang) (p)
M 91-06-08s Falcon Videopak #31 (Huge Two) (p)
M 91-06-08s Falcon Videopak #29 (Huge One) (p)
E 91-06-09 USS Nassau ship visited
M 91-06-09s Caribbean Beat (p)
M 91-06-09s Interview Vol 1 (p)
M 91-06-09s Mansize (p)
M 91-06-09* No Small Affair
M 91-06-09* Summer at Grandpa's, A (Taiwan)
E 91-06-10 Operation Welcome Home Ticker-Tape Parade/Fireworks
M 91-06-10* Postcards from the Edge
D 91-06-11 Bali
M 91-06-11s Falcon Videopak #44 (Super Jock) (p)
M 91-06-11s Interview Vol 2 (p)
M 91-06-11s Sailor in Sydney, A (p)
P 91-06-12 Getting Married (Shaw)
R 91-06-12 Rene Pujol
B 91-06-13 Burton: 1001 Nights, Volume 8
P 91-06-13 Grand Hotel
R 91-06-13 Tout Va Bien
R 91-06-14 Tuesday's
B 91-06-15 Gleick: Chaos
E 91-06-15 St. John the Divine: GulanyeRussianFolkFestival/Peace Fountain
R 91-06-15 College Inn
E 91-06-16 Greenwood Cemetery Tour
M 91-06-19* Magic Flute (TV)
M 91-06-19* We Dive At Dawn
P 91-06-19 Nunsense
R 91-06-19 Arielle Cafe
E 91-06-20 Chatwell Inn Hotel to visit Paul and Dick McLean
M 91-06-20 Backdraft
M 91-06-20* Pursuit to Algiers
R 91-06-20 Tout Va Bien
E 91-06-21 Museum of Natural History Asmat exhibit
M 91-06-21* Absolutely Positive
R 91-06-21 EJ's Luncheonette
B 91-06-22 King: The Long Walk
E 91-06-22 Coney Island
M 91-06-22* Music in the Air
R 91-06-22 Totonno's Pizza lunch at Coney Island
E 91-06-23 Greenwood Cemetery Tour III
M 91-06-23* Blood Ties
M 91-06-23* Horror Hall of Fame
M 91-06-24* Last of England (Jarman)
P 91-06-24 Bill Graber Monologue
R 91-06-24 Curry Mahal
B 91-06-25 King: Roadwork
M 91-06-25* Diabolique
M 91-06-25s Falcon Videopak #70 (Mission Accomplished) (p)
M 91-06-25s John Summers Screentest #1 (p)
M 91-06-25s Masterpiece (p)
O 91-06-25 Eugene Onegin (Bolshoi)
R 91-06-25 Tuesday's
M 91-06-26* Grifters, The
M 91-06-26* Hondo
M 91-06-26* Jacob's Ladder
B 91-06-27 King: The Running Man
E 91-06-27 Museum of Natural History for Asmat exhibit II
R 91-06-27 U R Chinese (74th and Amsterdam)
E 91-06-28 American Folk-Art Museum
O 91-06-28 Mlada (Bolshoi)
R 91-06-28 Shark Bar
M 91-06-29* Misplaced
E 91-06-30 Gay Parade
M 91-06-30* Angel on My Shoulder
M 91-06-30* Reversal of Fortune
P 91-07-02 Red Scare on Sunset
R 91-07-02 Chez Michallet
R 91-07-02 Mr. Souvlaki
R 91-07-03 By George (Italian menu)
E 91-07-04 Fireworks from 38th Street entry
R 91-07-04 North Salem Cemetery for box lunch with Vicki and Joe
T 91-07-04 Hammond Stroll Garden and book sale
M 91-07-05* Mama, There's a Man in My Bed
O 91-07-05 Maid of Orleans (Bolshoi)
R 91-07-05 Sawadee
S 91-07-06 Tony from 8:10 to 10:20PM
B 91-07-07 Ballard: Atrocity Exhibition (revised, 1990)
E 91-07-07 Alwyn Court/St.John the Divine/walk WorldFinancialCenter/Don M
R 91-07-07 Cotton Club for Gospel Brunch
M 91-07-08* Twilight Zone (12 episodes)
M 91-07-09* Hyde in Hollywood
D 91-07-10 RoyalBallet:ScenesDeBallet/WinterDreams/StillLifeAtPenguinCafe
R 91-07-10 Sfuzzi
B 91-07-11 Pepys: Diary (excerpts)
D 91-07-11 On Pointe at Laguardia High School
E 91-07-11 Asia House for Korea and Islam/IBM Gallery for Broadway
R 91-07-11 Jojo's
M 91-07-12* It Came From Beneath the Sea
R 91-07-12 Los Panchos
E 91-07-14 Secret Places tour with Sherryl
M 91-07-14 Cat People (original)
R 91-07-14 New Mexicali
P 91-07-16 Miss Saigon
R 91-07-16 Tout Va Bien
M 91-07-17* Black Rain
M 91-07-17* Edward Scissorhands
M 91-07-17* Goodfellas
M 91-07-17* Stephen King's Golden Years
M 91-07-18* Misery
R 91-07-18 La Grenouille
B 91-07-19 Burton: 1001 Nights, Volume 9
M 91-07-19s Swamp Fire
E 91-07-20 Homogeniuses here for Australia/New Zealand slides
M 91-07-21* Invaders from Mars (1986)
R 91-07-21 Antic Cafe
B 91-07-22 Bulliet: Venus Castina
R 91-07-22 Oriental Seafood Restaurant
P 91-07-23 Lost in Yonkers
R 91-07-23 Mamma Leones
M 91-07-24 Boheme, La (1926)
P 91-07-24 City of Angels
R 91-07-24 Columbia Village Chinese
E 91-07-25 Met Mus drawings with Joe and Henrietta/Annenburg Collection
R 91-07-25 Les Pleiades
R 91-07-25 Stanhope Terrace for drink
R 91-07-25 Teresa's
P 91-07-27 Home and Away (monologue with withered arm)
R 91-07-27 Broadway and 76th Chinese
E 91-07-29 Philharmonic in Central Park with Vicki and Joe
M 91-07-29* Creation of the Universe
R 91-07-30 McDonald's for hot wings
R 91-07-30 Rio Mar
B 91-07-31 Robbins: Skinny Legs and All
R 91-07-31 Tatou
B 91-08-01 Sayer: Comforts of Madness
E 91-08-01 Dragon Boat exhibit
R 91-08-01 Chefs and Cuisiniers
B 91-08-02 Hammond: Past Worlds
B 91-08-02 Lessing: Briefing for a Descent into Hell
D 91-08-02 Pilobolus free in Damrosch Park
I 91-08-03 Antarctic slide-show taped by Kevin Walsh
E 91-08-04 Dragon Boat races
R 91-08-04 Steamer's Landing
E 91-08-05 Museum of Natural History with Paul
M 91-08-05 Grand Canyon Secrets on IMAX
R 91-08-05 Boathouse Cafe
R 91-08-06 Savoy
S 91-08-06 Tony and Paul Cazenove and I JO 9:20-11:20
M 91-08-07 Stage Struck (1925)
R 91-08-07 Third World Cafe
D 91-08-08 Ezralow Dancers at Damrosch Park
R 91-08-08 Boswell's
B 91-08-09 Burton: 1001 Nights, Volume 10
M 91-08-09* Taxing Woman, A
M 91-08-09* Unchained
E 91-08-10 Brooklyn Museum and Botanical Gardens
I 91-08-11 Antarctic slides at Prime-Timers at Sloane YMCA
M 91-08-11* Rashomon
R 91-08-12 Tuesday's
D 91-08-13 Laura Dean at Damrosch Park
R 91-08-14 The Mark
B 91-08-15 Ishiguro: A Pale View of Hills
D 91-08-15 Dancers in the Plaza (Conversano, Salaam, and Ward)
M 91-08-15* Face of Fear
O 91-08-15 Turandot (NY Opera)
R 91-08-15 Lincoln Center Plaza Restaurant
R 91-08-16 Cascade Winery upstate lunch
R 91-08-16 L'Hostelleria Bressane upstate dinner
T 91-08-16 Dorothy Hunter drives me to country; sunset at Olana
E 91-08-17 Tanglewood Concert
R 91-08-17 Freshfields lunch upstate
T 91-08-17 Tag sales and hike to falls upstate
R 91-08-18 Swiss Hutte upstate brunch
T 91-08-18 Book Barn shopping, dine with Ben and Phyllis upstate
R 91-08-19 Pokeepsie Diner
B 91-08-20 Penrose: Emperor's New Mind
M 91-08-20* Man Who Broke 1000 Chains
M 91-08-20* Midway
M 91-08-20* Mystery of the Golden Eye (Komodo)
M 91-08-20* Oasis, The
B 91-08-21 Harary: Out of Body Experiences in Thirty Days
E 91-08-21 Taipei Theatre stage opening and orchestra
M 91-08-21* Lost Worlds: Vanished Lives
R 91-08-21 Pomaire
B 91-08-22 Dick: Time Out of Joint
B 91-08-22 Marquez: Clandestine in Chile
D 91-08-22 Tibet Dancers in Lincoln Plaza
M 91-08-22* White Water Summer
R 91-08-22 Edwardian Room
D 91-08-23 Taipei Acrobats
E 91-08-23 Gaiety Burlesque 11:15-2:45--22 acts
R 91-08-23 Brasserie
B 91-08-24 Calder: The Restless Earth
B 91-08-24 Morris: Manhattan '45
B 91-08-24 Steadman: Galapagos
B 91-08-25 Eco: Travels in Hyperreality
M 91-08-25* Emmy Awards of 1991
R 91-08-25 Halcyon
R 91-08-26 Waldo's
B 91-08-29 Chatwin: Songlines
E 91-08-29 Rail/cruise of Long Island North Shore with Joe
E 91-08-31 MetMus for Shimmel/Roof/SculptureCourt/Annenbrg/Egyptcollectns
R 91-08-31 Metropolitan Museum restaurant
B 91-09-01 Jones: Ordinary Money
E 91-09-01 Grucci fireworks from pier 17
M 91-09-01* MacArthur's Children
M 91-09-02* Death Car on the Freeway
R 91-09-02 Nanatori
R 91-09-03 Bello desserts (West Broadway)
R 91-09-03 Mangez Avec Moi
E 91-09-04 Book Pub World
R 91-09-04 Remi
E 91-09-05 Brooklyn Historical Society Heights Literary Tour
R 91-09-05 Happy Days Diner
E 91-09-06 Gaiety Burlesque 9:55-12
M 91-09-06 High and Low
M 91-09-06 Intentions of Murder
R 91-09-06 Hamburger Heaven
R 91-09-06 Le Beaujolais
B 91-09-08 Palliser: Quincunx
M 91-09-08* Mandy
M 91-09-09* Deep in my Heart
O 91-09-09 Death of Klinghoffer (Adams)
P 91-09-11 Body and Soul
R 91-09-11 Collage
E 91-09-12 Susan Sontag's talk at Shelley's Jersey College
R 91-09-12 Chinzanso lunch
M 91-09-13* Sins of Dorian Gray
R 91-09-13 Wings
S 91-09-13 Bob Rosinek 6-2, Tony 9-1, me grass from JV
P 91-09-14 Sarasine
R 91-09-14 Man Ray
E 91-09-15 Boat Tour 5:30-9PM of Brooklyn's coasts
R 91-09-15 Randazzo's of Sheepshead Bay
M 91-09-16* Throw Momma from the Train
R 91-09-16 Tuesday's
R 91-09-17 Courtyard
B 91-09-18 Burton: 1001 Nights, Volume 11
M 91-09-18 Black Lizard
R 91-09-18 Berry's
R 91-09-19 Parioli Romanissimo
E 91-09-20 Bronx Water-Tunnel tour with Spartacus
R 91-09-20 Athena Restaurant in Astoria
M 91-09-21 Rocco and His Brothers
D 91-09-24 Moiseyev Dance Opening Night
M 91-09-24* Marriage of Figaro (NYC Opera)
M 91-09-24* Mikado (Brit film)
R 91-09-24 Tout Va Bien
E 91-09-26 Elevated Trains of Brooklyn at Brooklyn Historical Society
M 91-09-26* I'm Gonna Git You Sucka
T 91-09-27 Garnet Hill: Suzie Mead drives Joe and me
T 91-09-28 Adirondacks:Tailings/BalmOfGileadMt/WilliamBlakePond/NaturTral
T 91-09-29 Adirondacks: Garnet-mine ledges/Hemlock Hall reunion
T 91-09-30 Adirondacks: Clear Pond; ledges for lunch over John's Pond
T 91-09-30 Adirondacks: show Australia slides to entire group
T 91-10-01 Adirondacks: show Antarctica slides to entire group
T 91-10-01 Adirondacks:Nature-Walk toBlake Pond&GarnetMine;ElizabethPoint
M 91-10-02 Beauty and the Beast (Disney unfinished)
R 91-10-02 Black Forest Mill in Highland Hills upstate
T 91-10-02 Adirondacks: Storm King Art Center
B 91-10-03 Johnson: Lady of the Beasts
R 91-10-03 Quatorze
S 91-10-03 J's 11:35PM to 3AM!
R 91-10-04 Grand Canyon
E 91-10-05 Inkay Ecuadorean music and dance at Town Hall
R 91-10-05 Charlotte in Hotel Macklowe
M 91-10-06* Asphalt Jungle
M 91-10-06* Columbus (2 hrs)
R 91-10-08 Mesa
R 91-10-09 Le Bernardin
R 91-10-10 Manatus
E 91-10-12 Met Mus with Joe
R 91-10-12 Cocopazzo - Great!
E 91-10-14 Teachings of the Mind for Tibet Week 4-6PM
R 91-10-14 Intermezzo
E 91-10-15 Teachings of the Mind for Tibet Week 1-4:30PM
M 91-10-15* Return of the Living Dead Part II
R 91-10-15 Leo Lindy's
E 91-10-16 Santeria talk at Brooklyn Historical Society
M 91-10-16* Way Ahead, The
O 91-10-16* Semiramide (Live From Met)
B 91-10-17 Camus: The Plague
P 91-10-18 Buy Nikon Camcorder for $1686
R 91-10-18 Fortune House
S 91-10-18 Bob Rosinek from 6PM to 1:15AM
O 91-10-19 Don Giovanni
T 91-10-20 FlyNYC-MIA 12:50-3:20PM;MIA-Quito 5:15-8:57PM;HotelAlamedaReal
R 91-10-21 Grand Hotel on San Cristobal lunch and dinner
T 91-10-21 Bus to Lago Junco and Seal Beach
T 91-10-21 Quito-Guayaquil 11:05-11:37AM;Guayaquil-Galapagos 12:15-1:45PM
T 91-10-22 Walk to blue-footed boobies; PuertoBaquerizoMoreno Museum/Pepe
T 91-10-23 Vertigo (ship) 6AM to Hood Island 10:30; snorkel Gardner Bay
T 91-10-24 Resting Cloud(ship)to Floreana,PuntaAyora;CrownOfThornsSnorkel
T 91-10-25 Highlandsfortortoises&CrimsonFlycatchrs;HalloweenPartyAshore12
T 91-10-25 Puerto Ayora; Charles Darwin Research Center; TWIST left ankle
T 91-10-26 Santa Fe Island; Snorkel; South Plaza Island; Phosphorescence
T 91-10-27 TowerIsland(north of Equator); snorkel; PrincePhillip's Stairs
T 91-10-28 Black Turtle Cove; sunset over seals &rays;turtles,sharks,rays
T 91-10-29 Daphne Major; oil-pump fire; sail to Bartolomeo; frigatebirds
T 91-10-30 Panga ride for birds and penguins; Rabida; snorkel;St.JamesBay
T 91-10-31 Isabela:6AMstart climbing Alcedo to 1PM; gianttortoises&TIRED!
T 91-11-01 Descend Alcedo 6:50-11:45AM; flightless cormorants at Point
T 91-11-02 Circle Isabela north of Equator;RocaRedonda; dolphins & whales
T 91-11-02 Fernandina iguanas &lava; snorkel;evening absorbed in tidepool
T 91-11-03 Urvina Bay, Elizabeth Bay, Bird Rock: boobies and penguins
R 91-11-04 Four [4] Lanternas in Puerto Ayora
R 91-11-04 Hotel Galapagos breakfast and dinner
T 91-11-04 Puerto Villamil;10km to lavawall;last boat-ride toPuerto Ayora
T 91-11-05 Chartered boat to South Plaza Island with Michael and Delores
R 91-11-06 Four [4] Lanternas in Puerto Ayora
R 91-11-06 Henri's lunch in Puerto Ayora
T 91-11-06 Bus to lava craters,highlands tortoises,lava tubes;Darwinshops
R 91-11-07 Hotel Galapagos breakfast
R 91-11-07 Rincon de Francia in Quito
T 91-11-07 Bus to ferry to Baltra; fly Galapagos-Quito 1:45-5PM
R 91-11-08 La Terraza del Tartaro in Quito
T 91-11-08 Colonial Quito walk; San Agustin, Santo Domingo, San Francisco
T 91-11-08 Museo de Arte Colonial, La Merced, Plaza Mejor, Cathedral
R 91-11-09 Las Cabanas de Napoles snack in Ecuador
R 91-11-09 Puerto Lago lunch in Ecuador
T 91-11-09 Otavalo tour 7:20AM-6PM; shopping in Calderon and Cotacache
M 91-11-10* High Noon
M 91-11-10* Other Side of the Mountain
R 91-11-10 Hotel Quito coffeeshop lunch in Quito
T 91-11-10 American Airlines doesn't take off; to Hotel Quito
T 91-11-11 Quito 9AM-Miami12:40; Miami 2:24-NYC 5PM; home at 6PM at LAST!
I 91-11-12 HIP CAST on foot, and crutches for 4-6 weeks!
M 91-11-13* Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
M 91-11-14* Bear Island
E 91-11-15 Party for Penelope Niven at Apthorp Apartments
M 91-11-15* Fallen Idol, The
M 91-11-15* Liverpool Oratorio (start)(Paul McCartney)
M 91-11-16* Deepstar Six
M 91-11-17* Follow the Fleet
B 91-11-18 Burton: 1001 Nights, Volume 12
M 91-11-18* Back to the Future III
M 91-11-18* Black Eagle
M 91-11-18* Fantasia
M 91-11-20* In a Child's Name
R 91-11-22 Dallas BBQ
M 91-11-23* Blithe Spirit
M 91-11-23* Spirit of St. Louis
R 91-11-23 Lenge
M 91-11-24* Land of the Eagle I (2 hrs)
M 91-11-24* Seventh Veil, The
M 91-11-25* Land of the Eagle II (2 hrs)
M 91-11-26* Land of the Eagle III (2 hrs)
M 91-11-27* Land of the Eagle IV (2 hrs)
M 91-11-28* ET (end)
M 91-11-30* Forty Ninth [49th] Parallel
R 91-11-88 Tavelli lunch in Quito
M 91-12-01* Murder at the Vanities
M 91-12-01* She's Been Away
M 91-12-01* Silence of the Lambs
M 91-12-02* Awakenings
M 91-12-02* Fatal Friendship
M 91-12-02* Talk Radio
M 91-12-04* Metropolitan
M 91-12-06* Doors, The
M 91-12-06* Godfather III
M 91-12-07* Les Brown (3 hrs)
M 91-12-08* Comfort of Strangers
M 91-12-08* Comfort of Strangers (with Joe)
M 91-12-08* Iron and Silk
R 91-12-08 Fascati Pizza, Joe brought
B 91-12-10 Burton: 1001 Nights, Volume 13
M 91-12-10* Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam
M 91-12-11* Rescuers Down Under
M 91-12-11* Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
M 91-12-12* Animal Farm
M 91-12-12* Story Lady, The
M 91-12-13* Madonna: Truth or Dare
M 91-12-13* Oscar (Stallone)
M 91-12-13* White Christmas
M 91-12-14* Caroline?
M 91-12-14* Elephant Boy
M 91-12-14* Jungle Book
M 91-12-14* Thief of Baghdad
R 91-12-14 Fascati Pizza, Dennis brought
I 91-12-15 Type 1990 Lifelist
M 91-12-15* Best of the Fests 1990
M 91-12-15* Dark Obsession (Byrne)
M 91-12-15* Night in Paradise, A
I 91-12-16 Type 1991 Lifelist to date
M 91-12-16* Antony and Cleopatra
M 91-12-16* Kiss Before Dying, A
O 91-12-16* Antony and Cleopatra
M 91-12-17* Journey of Hope
M 91-12-17* Toy Soldiers
M 91-12-18* Gun Crazy
M 91-12-18* House of Bernarda Alba (Glenda Jackson)
M 91-12-18* Terminator 2
I 91-12-19 Update Movies List
M 91-12-19* Naked Gun 2 1/2
M 91-12-21* Oliver Twist (1948)
M 91-12-21* This Happy Breed
O 91-12-21 Idomeneo
R 91-12-21 Grand Tier of Metropolitan
M 91-12-22* Mr. and Mrs. Bridge
R 91-12-22 Fortune Cookie
M 91-12-23* Bonfire of the Vanities
M 91-12-23* Cyrano (Depardieu)
M 91-12-23* Lectrice, La
M 91-12-24* Tartuffe (Depardieu)
R 91-12-24 Bangkok Palace
M 91-12-25* Bayadere, La (Moukmedov, Asylmuratova)
M 91-12-25* State Fair (Gaynor)
M 91-12-25* Vanishing, The
R 91-12-25 Vasata
B 91-12-26 McEwan: Comfort of Strangers
M 91-12-26* Animation of the Apocalypse
M 91-12-26* New Jack City
M 91-12-27s Barbarians
M 91-12-27* Fly II, The
M 91-12-27* Miranda
M 91-12-27* Promoter, The
B 91-12-28 Burton: 1001 Nights, Volume 14
R 91-12-28 La Metairie
M 91-12-29* Story of Louis Pasteur
M 91-12-30* Aspen (Wiseman)
M 91-12-30* In the Belly of the Architect
M 91-12-30* Inspector Calls, An
M 91-12-30* Wild at Heart
M 91-12-31* Anthony Adverse
M 91-12-31* Hamlet (Gibson)
P 91-12-31 Raft of the Medusa
R 91-12-31 La Boheme