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Q11 (Q30 responses): What questions should be asked in addition to these? Answer them.

1. No more! MB

2. Many come to mind. They could be organized: such headings as Demographics, Historical, Physical---but I'll let you do that, and just provide questions/ answers in a random manner.

     1. Are you right or left handed? Right.
     2. Do you always/usually j/o with right hand? Yes, but in past I have switched. Once for a whole year I used only my left hand, in an attempt to correct angle of projection of hard cock. It helped some. Now, I may jack with left hand, but usually switch to right one in order to cum better.
     3. What do you do with your "free" hand? Well, sometimes it isn't free, when I use a two-handed stroke. But the hand not jacking is always busy: sometimes feeling butt and squeezing buns, or other activities: massaging and pulling on balls, pulling pubic hair, feeling tits, rubbing chest, belly, sticking finger(s) up ass, propping up head so I can watch better, rubbing back of neck and pulling at hair on back of head, and even holding j/o book or magazine.
     4. Who first showed you how to j/o? I wish I could say my big brother, but I don't have one. I don't think anyone did, as far as I can recall---I've always been fascinated by and played with cock. I recall childish attempts at mutual j/o with Kenny D when he was 5 and I was about 4 years old. We'd go into playhouse or, on one occasion, a barn loft at north end of hometown, stand face to face, drop our pants, and pull on each others' hard cocks. I started cumming when I was about 12 or 13 years old.
     5. What do you do with cum besides taste? Well, I usually wipe it up when I've j/o'd in bed or on floor, at least in supine position. Outside, it just goes on ground; in shower, down the drain (same for sink). Sometimes I smear it around cock and belly hair and let it dry, so hairs get stiff, and sometimes I just leave it where it falls on belly and chest and pretend it's not there.
     6. Can you cum with a soft cock: can you get an ejaculation either by stroking or vibrator or combination before erection sets in? Yes, I can sometimes, but it isn't much fun.
     7. What is the longest time you have ever gone without (or between) j/o? Circumstances: when I first went into Army, it was more than three weeks before I got to j/o.
     8. How much cum do you produce, and what's it like? A good tablespoon full, plus. It's white, opaque, lumpy, and quite thick and sticky, yet shiny, not at all like cream. I sometimes wish it wasn't so thick, because I could shoot it farther if it was thinner.
     9. What interests, hobbies, activities beside j/o do you have? Skiing, cars, hiking, swimming.
     10. Have you ever measured average length of stroke, counted strokes, and converted to distance? For example, 5-inch stroke, completed 715 times, equals 2575 inches of total stroking---divide by 12 for feet equals 297.9 feet. By extrapolating some average figures, I compute that my stroking total last year was about fifteen miles. A lifetime of j/o would reach beyond Denver, Colorado. RJ

3. I think you have asked enough. VG

4. I think that you have covered the subject very thoroughly. WE

5. I have a question, a Big one: How much cock is there if all men in the world had a Hard at once!?? ? miles ? EL

6. What good will come of all the answers you've received? WH

7. Can't think of any more questions. Sorry to be so late about this. I've been away and didn't receive that until after Labor Day. I hasten to answer it anyway, just because I enjoy talking about j/o. BD


Q26: What's your first reaction to the ad in the Advocate?

1. Are Canadians accepted? Send details. JC

2. I'm a jack off addict. What do you have for $1. DE

3. I dig a lot of scenes, especially involving discipline, and hope that the enclosed $1 is well spent. BB

4. J/O is my second vocation! And I am completely addicted to it and have been since I was a teenager. I would like to share the secrets of other addicts. HB

5. Hi. I really get off on J/O---alone or with a buddy. Am interested in your secrets! There's MORE to learn? Great. Here's my $1. Let me have it! (I'm 32 years of age; am ordering this for my own personal and private use.) NC

6. (Dated 2-25-78): Wrote you on 2-1-78 with $1 cash enclosed. No answer or correspondence from you as of this date! What kind of a hype is this!? SH

7. As a sensual---serious---JO student I want to share secrets with other JO addicts. RA

8. I am interested in all that pertains to J/O. Please let me hear from you soon. RF

9. Send me J/O secrets. I'm an addict. MR

10. Concerning your add in The Advocate, 3.22.78, No 237, pt 2, p. 3; please find enclosed $1 as requested; please rush me information about J/O secrets. Thanks and best wishes. MT

11. Like the idea---share one's secrets with j/O addicts. MW

12. Am interested in your service. Find enclosed money order for $1. CH

13. I am a J/O addict and would love to share secrets and experiences with others. I am looking forward to hearing from you with the details. Thank you. Sincerely, NK

14. Would like to know more about this as I want to meet or correspond with other guys who like to J/O with all sorts of wild fantasies and lots of wild, dirty conversation. JH

15. It sounds really interesting, and I'd like to know more. JM

16. I love it! Please!! J.O.! Pictures and all. EL

17. (Enclosed in abstracted silhouette of two people walking along lake) Students---unite. Please send information (or whatever), and I'm over 21. DA

18. Dear Sir. We were all born to be judges. If only to help ourselves. If you are legitimately serious in desiring a correspondence with a positively responsive friend, then tell me what "offer" is all about. I am not into information about B&D, S&M, W/S abbreviation but I would like to know their definitions so I may be totally knowledgeable or informed. Total truth cannot be misused only part truth is concealed truth and it can be misused to sustain status quo; to create ignorance and misunderstandings. Sorry to be so reactionary I really am responsive and purposeful also. However, I live in my parents house. I have no private phone or address at the present time. But I'm over 21 and have a fairly good minimum wage job! Please do not solicit beyond the answering of this letter. If I feel a reaction of love to your response I will probably write you again, OK? Please be discrete in reply and thanks. FROM RC

19. Love to jack off, have enclosed $1, please share secrets. Would also like to make extra cash this way, how does one go about selling things of this sort? BW

20. Since I am an ardent devotee of the joys of J/O---I feel compelled to send $1 for further information. I am over 21---and not interested in defrauding you.

21. Yours for J/O, AC. P.S. I am over 18.

22. I'd like to share some secrets with other j/o addicts. Here's my buck. Yes, I'm over 21, thanks. P.S. Any info. on auto-fellatio? CD

23. Hi Joyi, So you're into J/O too---like I am. I find it's more erotic jacking off and also with other dudes and cum all over them or who can shoot the farthest or highest. I'm an art student at San Francisco State and am not into bars or discos mainly because a lot of my time and energy is spent on my paintings and studying---but if I get horny---which is usually in the morning, I play with my 72 inch cock until my cum is covering my stomach. I massage it into my skin---the sweat and the odor of cum gets me horny again and I wrap both my hands on my swollen throbbing tool of pleasure and cum with a scream. "Oh!, Oh! I'm coming!" I yell even though I'm alone "Oh, I'm cumming!!!" the bed rattles as my tight body convulses in spasms. Strange, but lifting weights in my apartment gets me super horny and sweaty and I just got to jerk off. Man! I just got to! Seems like I'm one of the very few that is really into J/O. I don't have any secrets but I would like to know of any from other J/O addicts. Here's my $1. TW

24. Since J/O intrigues me, probably more than any other act, I would be interested in hearing from some of you. Thanks, RE

25. I'm interested in your cryptic ad in the March 22 Advocate for all us j/o addicts. Enclosed is $1---by all means, please send the goodies. Yours, MM

26. DI 3-8350. TD

27. Let's share "secrets," ideas, etc. I'm 31 years old and into it! MP

28. Greetings---Yes, I recently am becoming or am already a J/O addict. Didn't know if there were others to share a frightening, often times puzzling, but the ecstatic feelings of JOY! Here's my dollar---please rush! Satin and silk across the top only. Over 21. P.S. I'm 37 years old. GV

29. To Whom It May Concern. Saw your ad in Advocate and am very interested in your secrets of J/O. Love pulling my prick and would like to be with others for this joy and to learn new methods of glorious cock pleasure. Please write me soon of any information you have and of any J/O clubs I may join, or any individual. VW

30. I am into J/O and want to get much more into it! I'd love to share secrets. BE

31. Please send me some information on J/O stories. Please rush. Thanx. Sincerely (No $1) RP

32. Would like to share your secrets. Any and all but especially into water sports. RB

33. Please send me the J/O stories advertised in THE ADVOCATE. SK

34. Here's my dollar---I want to share secrets with other jack-off addicts. Thanks. EF

35. Please send J/O info. I am 45 years old. RS 316+896-7886 You can publish.

36. As per your ad in the "Advocate," please send me the information you have regarding contacting other J/O addicts. Many thanks, JN

37. Saw your ad in a copy of the ADVOCATE my friend at school had. I am a sophomore at UNLV in Las Vegas and too am a j/o addict. Would like to make friends among other students turned on with that pastime and sharing their trips. Please list me in your membership roster and forward to me your pen pal lists of others of the club. I'm a W/M, 19, 160 lbs, 5'10". Brown hair and eyes. My turn-ons are mutual j/o with sensual buddies, mini-ranching (am now living with my godfather on a small ranch near Lake Mead Las Vegas), nature, animals, most music, art, theater, books, camping, hiking, skiing, cycling and much more. I'm sincere, loyal, masculine and versatile. Am heir to a small ranch near Boulder City and would like a permanent relationship for sharing it and also pen pals from all over. Enclosed is my $1 fee for membership. (Graduation-type head-photo in stamp form included.) RM

38. Let's DO share secrets. I'm a J/O addict, junkie, (J/O junkie, that is, not a dopester) freak, devotee, etc. In short, I love it a lot. DC

39. Saw your ad in the Advocate---am into J/O---want to share your secrets---please---cum! GD

40. Enclosed is $1 for your hot J/O secrets, etc. TE

41. Hey buddy---I'm a hot & horny young bearded dude into heavy J/O & could really use some special info on how the other half lives. Find enclosed $1 so send your secrets. KG

42. I am into J/O and want to know how we go about sharing secrets with other J/O addicts. DK

43. Please send me information on "jacking off" addicts. Sure hope it's what I'm looking for because I am an addict also. thank you! BO

44. Tell me about what you addicts are "up to" (cock sketch). I think jerking off is better than the real thing because when I have the real thing---even chicken---I usually am thinking about something else. PB

45. I am an addict and have some secrets of my own which I will share if you're INTERESTED. Hard core j/o is my scene! DP

46. YES!!!

47. Please RUSH! We are new into J/O and want to experience. Please send your "student material" as recently advertised. JS

48. Please rush to me, letter-inf. about how to contact, share secrets with other J/O. JA

49. My favorite method is to wear a transparent lubricated rubber condom. I think it greatly enhances the pleasure. RR

50. (Xerox of cock, with highly suspicious stains all over the paper; no return address.) DT

51. (Written on back of drawing of five-guy orgy): I sure would like insight (more) secrets with other J/O buddies. I'm writing this and answering this ad while my buddy struts his piece. His nipples are stiff and at attention. I like to watch when he teases his nipples. Right now I wish I had a camera. He's strutting his 102" uncut juicy prick meat, all around the room, dressed in worn boxer shorts. You can see the cock skin hanging almost out of the leg of the shorts. Cock juice is wetting clear thru the shorts. My buddy's got 4 inches of fat juicy skin around the head of his meat. Dig watching him wet his finger and stretch the foreskin out. He comes right over and shows me. He likes his show---Now I'm teasing my nipples. It gets my prick meat juices flowing hot. Now I'm in a track-race Start Position---ass raised high watching my HOT ASSHOLE KISS the mirror. My asshole is hot to watch---like showing it off. When I open and relax the juicy hole it opens up real slow---then I pressure it to close. After some practice the hot asshole skin around the lips of my asshole begins to look like juicy foreskin. I'm tying up my buddy's skin over the prick head with waxed floss, smelling and touch-teasing his crotch. He loves to spread his legs and lay back in a chair. His juice's dripping out of the prick tube, flowing out of the prick-eye, and I'm catching it with my tongue. My ass is positioned for piss target. Bud can hit me 6 feet away with bursts of hot piss---my asshole is puckering like wild---and I'm teasing my nipples. It turns my butt hole wild. His foreskin looks like the lips of a balloon with half the air let-out. The skin is about 1/2 inch to 1/4 inch THICK, and it forms into a fat ring around his prick eye. We talk long-play trips, like to take a break and start fresh holding back hot juice blow. Well this feels good. Send me the info. JM

52. As you can see from this letterhead (J/O BUDDIES), I am involved in a group of men dedicated to the exquisite joy and pleasure of jacking off. We have about 350 members, all told---from all OVER the country! We also have a scattering of Canadian jack-off artists---as well as several in London and Switzerland.
Our organization is basically a referral club. Those members here in San Francisco have the option of being able to contact other local members in person---while other members from elsewhere in the United States benefit from the publication of what we call a "membership-exchange" directory. This listing (the last edition was nine pages in length) is sent to all members who indicate that they are into the exchange of letters, cassettes, tapes, or telephone calls.
We don't have a membership fee or dues---and basically it has been in its three years of existence (now nearly four!) a "labor of love." Some members feel the need to help with expenses---while others "free load." I recently (January) sent out a plea for help---as expenses keep mounting---especially postal costs. All of this I'm sure you experience and are aware of. At any rate, our organization continues to grow gradually---friends now tell other friends, etc, etc.
I would very much like to know about your operation---and if you would be interested in joining the J/O BUDDIES---please let me know and I would be pleased to send you one of our questionnaires. Filling one out is all that is required to join.
As I've long felt, we jack-off artists should stick together! It's a fabulous thing we all share---and I'm sure you must agree! I look forward to hearing from you. With best regards, TD

53. Hi. Saw your listing, your ad, and I love to jerk off 3 to 5 times a day. I am 28, 5'8" 130 lbs, blond hair and blue eyes, love to wear everything extra tight and love dildoes up my asshole while I play with my cock, love to have people watch me while jerking off. Please write to me and tell me what you want me to do with my cock and asshole. Your J/O Slave KF (no $1 enclosed)

54. Inclose is $1 and I'd love to hear of any and all of your jack-off experiences, as I'm a J/O addict and would love to hear of your stories as a student and pictures if I might have one, or some, please?, pal? Send me please? Thank-you! Anything on J/O? Yours truly, LT

55. I am many years older than twenty-one, I am looking forward to hearing from you. WC

56. In response to your ad in the Advocate I am definitely an avid J/O addict and would love to share letters, Polaroids, etc, with other sensual guys. SA

57. I saw your ad in the most recent issue of the Advocate. J/O caught my eye in the ad. Please send me more info and whatever. Waiting to hear from you. Sounds exciting. RI

58. Well over a month ago I had sent $1 in response to your ad in the Advocate with the hope of getting J/O secrets but had received no response. So I'm sending another dollar with the hope of now getting a response. Am looking forward to some good J/O secrets. Please respond soon. I said that I'm looking forward to getting some good J/O secrets, but will be happy to get whatever you could give me. Thank you, DI (HAD sent before)

58. Send info and sample to: KA

59. Please send information share secrets with j/o addicts. Enclosed is $1. I am looking forward to getting this information and sample. Thank you! JJ

60. I, too, am a J/O addict. Please send me some of your secrets. I've just finished some interesting experiments, and would be glad to share them. TR

61. Enclosed is my buck in response to your ad. Please send me your J/O secrets. Thanks! RY

62. Please send me information about sharing secrets with jack-off addicts, as advertised. JG

63. Send me whatever you have on J/O addicts. I am a J/O addict. Thanks. DH

64. I LOVE to J/O. I get more turned on with my own two hands than to someone else. Share your secrets and I'll tell you how I get off!!! LG

65. VERY interested in hearing about other J/O addicts. HL

66. In regard to ad in ADVOCATE: Yes! Please send info. TH

67. Please send information on your ad Sensual J/O student. HI

68. Dear J/O Buddy, please send info. thanks, NE

69. Send full information as advertised in Advocate. (On postcard, so no $1) ED

70. I read your ad in the Advocate. This is my first letter, so I hope it isn't too disappointing. I hope to hear from an experienced J/O man.
My name is Thom (Tom). I'm 5'11", 155 lb. brown, hair, and green eyes. My cock is pretty thick and 72" long. I've been told I'm pleasing to look at, and have a sexy body. I like the feeling of my cock, or any cock, in my hand. It has to be as big or bigger than mine. I like to squeeze it hard and watch the blood swell the head. Slowly move my hand up and down grabbing my balls and moving them around. I jack off in front of a full-length mirror to get the best view.
I usually think of stopping at a roadside rest, and meeting a very nice-looking older masculine man with a big cock and balls. We stand at the urinal and talk. He asks me to go out to his truck and have a good time. When we get out there it's not a truck, but a van. Inside I find his two sons, 17 and 19, stripped bare. I strip as does dad, and we start the fun. The boys are hot, and very well hung. I feel the cocks one at a time, squeezing them hard, and watching them swell. I take in my mouth the youngest, and take it to its base (being a very good cocksucker) for a minute while using my throat to excite it more. One by one I show all three what a great cocksucker I am. In turn each one sucks on mine, getting me even hotter. I can feel a full-size load brewing deep in my guts. All of our cocks and balls are swelled and red. So I suck on dad while jacking off the boys, watching as much as I can the reaction of all three. As I sucked and watched, one of the boys began to squeeze my hard cock, pulling and rubbing until I almost shot my load. Finally dad came and I was free to tackle the boys. The younger boy turned his round buns toward me and I knew my wildest dream had come true. I eased my cock full length into his ass and sucked the other hot cock while I slowly pumped my cock in the other. As you can see, all had a good time.
I've aroused myself, so while I finish it, time for me to jack off. I'm sitting at the kitchen table, my pants at my ankles. I've taken off my shirt and have a nice view of my cock and balls (I'm a big ball freak too), nothing like a big cock and big balls to turn me on. (mark at the top of second sheet, labeled "come stain")
While using my right hand to write, my left, with the aid of some cream, is sliding up and down on my hot cock. The first delights of orgasm are starting to fill the length of my cock. My balls are hanging low and I can feel them against my asshole. Now my nuts are beginning to hurt for relief. (Stopping to rub my tits, chest, stomach, and balls.) Balls hanging lot and hurting, still sliding my hand up and down the length of my cock. Rubbing aggressively the swollen head. My cock is leaking cum now, mixing with the cream I'm using. (Stopped again to rub my cock and balls.) I'm increasing the pressure of my hand around my cock. Pumping my cock hard now. Balls hurting for satisfaction. Starting to come now (stop). Shot a large wad, felt very good. (no $1)
Hope to hear from you. Will send a picture next time if you want. Yours truly, Thom. TX

71. Is it possible for an Englishman to share some secrets? Enclosed $2 to cover cost. Hope to hear from you. Many thanks. GR

72. I've enclosed a buck to have your pound off secrets. I saw your ad in the Advocate. RG

73. I am answering your recent Advocate ad. Enclosed please find $1 per instructions in ad. I am into phone J/O as a sometimes---but not exclusively---prelude to in-person meetings. JL (from the P.O. box just down the way from mine)

74. Please send J/O secrets to a J/O addict!!! CC

75. Add me to your list of J/O addicts. PN

76. Sure like to share; secrets or not. Here's a buck. MA

77. (Response on back of sheet containing reductions of 8 Claudette Colbert movies) BA

78. How are you doing? Here's my buck. I'd love to find out all the guys out there who love pulling theirs as much I love pulling mine. I've been doing it two or three (or more) times a day since I was a kid, and I'm getting tired of having to make a secret of it. KI

79. I am over twenty-one years of age and want to "share secrets." TU

80. Please send "secrets." Thanx. "Jack Off Addict" PS

81. Am very much interested. Look forward to hearing from you. Take care. FS

82. I would like very much to become one of your j/o students. I've been jacking off for quite a few years now, but I'm still doing it the same way I did when I started. using Vaseline and one of my hands. I recently ordered a JAC PACK II. I haven't gotten it yet, but I'm really looking forward to giving it a try. The ad says that it gives orgasms that actually surpass the sensations of hand manipulation.
I really don't have any secrets to share with your other j/o addicts, but I want to hear some of yours. Scratch that last part. I want to hear all of your secrets. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Your letters will have to be sent to a friend's house. SC

83. Just saw your interesting ad, so here is my answer. I am a discreet, white male, 33 years of age, a lover of the J/O scene, so am sending you the one dollar ($1.00) as requested, for info. Hope to hear from you real soon. Sincerely Yours, WB

84. Please send info on your J/O enrichment program. Thanks. GT

85. Please send me your information on other fellow J/O addicts. AR

86. Enclosed is $1 payment so that I may share and meet other J/O addicts and students. KK

87. One dollar is enclosed to cover the cost of sending them to me at the address above. MC

88. I think I'd qualify as a sensual J/O student---anyway, enclosed is $1 for your offer. NJ

89. I read your ad in the Advocate and am interested in knowing your J/O secrets. AH

90. I enclose $1 to "share secrets"! (no $1) JP

91. Kindly rush sensual info to the envelope return address. JZ

92. I am very much into J/O. and would appreciate anything you have on the subject. BT

93. I'd definitely like to share secrets with other guys as much into j/o as I am. I also collect-swap cum-stained jockstraps. SE

94. Hi, I love to jerk off 3 to 5 times a day. I am 28, 5'8", 130 lbs. blond hair and blue eyes, love to wear everything extra tight and love dildos up my ass hole while I play with my cock, love to have people watch me while jerking off. Please write to me and tell me what you want me to do with my cock and asshole. Your J/O. slave, KF

95. To Whom It May Concern, I just read your AD and couldn't believe my eyes, at last there is someone else that likes to J/O with or without a partner. It just gives me a H--D-N knowing that I might find someone who digs the same scene that I do. Let's get this trip started, please send all available info to KS. Thanks a million, I hope something cums out of this. KS

96. Hard on! Then jerk off! DP

97. Dig j/o. MB

98. I was dumb enough to think the book had been written and I was going to read all sorts of sex scenes about j/o over and over and over. Writing this letter has been a great turn-on too, beating my meat and describing some of my fantasies. Thanks for the great time. I hope you really DO get it published. How about the book publishers now (His) that are always asking for (psst! Confidential) new ideas. Wouldn't they do it? A guaranteed big seller---EVERYONE j/o's. NC

99. Interest and fantasy and curiosity. RJ

100. Curious. VG

101. As always, my cock responds to anything pertaining to the j/o scene. WB

102. My first reaction to the ad in The Advocate was to get a hard-on. I then unzipped my pants and proceeded to stroke my 73" cock. I shot my cum all over that page in the paper. JD


Q27: What's your first reaction to the questionnaire?

1. A great idea. Sorry I can't type my "contribution." No Time. First installment is enclosed (11 legal-size pages filled, including top margins). When I send the rest I'll order at least 12 parts and send check. thanks. AC

2. I have enclosed eight pages of answered questions. I hope that you can read them for I am sorry but I do not have a typewriter. I hope that they will be helpful, for I tried to answer everything as truthfully and completely as possible. It should be very interesting if you got many other responses. I have enclosed a check for five (5) dollars for the following sections from other responses: D, F, T, P, V, C, K, Y, X and U. I am anxiously awaiting your reply, and hope that it will not be too long. VERY sincerely, NK

3. Hi Dudes! I've just finished answering your questionnaire---WOW! Some of the answers are short and sketchy, but my fingers are getting tired from typing and my hands must be saved for other activities! I must confess that while completing these questions, I had to stop to j/o twice! And now on my way to the post office, I'm going to cruise and try to get some young cock. Sure wish I could meet (meat) some of you! MP

4. Received your questionnaire and thought it was great! Got a roaring hard-on just reading it, and started to pump my hot meat---spurted out the juice twice before I finished the second page. And that was simply reviewing the QUESTIONS---imagine how many cums I would spew from my nuts if I could read some of the "secrets" in the answers! I truly dig j/o. ALL of the 20 sections are cock-teasing and fascinating to me. So I am enclosing $10 and I would appreciate receiving all of them. When I have some time I will endeavor to answer a number of the questions, but in the meantime I want to get my request in without delay and will hope to receive such information as you have available. Best regards, DM

5. I thought I was going to get some good information re j/o buddies---not a devastating questionnaire like what you sent!! However, I've made a few notations on it---but I'd like to get together with some great j/o "addicts." Can you help? Yours, JN Call me some evening! (Number enclosed)

6. In answer to your questions I'll answer as much as possible to help your cause and mine, so that I may come in contact with someone to jerk off in person, blacks or whites, with fairly large cocks. How soon??? (After answers): I'm really getting sick of women with all their bitchy ways and straight puritanical ways. They don't understand a man's sexual desires, and turns men to men for enjoyment. So please some good cock for me in the near future. If you have a phone # please give it to me. If you are black and which I suspect you may be, help me with some good black cock to j/o, or to suck, I'd love to try it and know I'll enjoy it. If you have some big cock pictures or brochure please send me some. I like to contact other j/o addicts for a personal j/o session one or more I don't care just a good time of good cocks. Also new ways of pulling cock or methods of stimulation. Please forward SOME photos. I want T, F, P, V, C, A, K, W, Y, and G. Sincerely, VW

7. Please send T and K. P.S. Do you have any lists of guys in the area to meet or talk to? CO

8. It was really good to hear from you and to get a copy of your MARVELOUS questionnaire! Wow! It's incredibly thorough and detailed---and the finished product should be a gold mine of information! On the personal side, I've met and come in contact with some absolutely incredible guys---and it's such a fabulous thing to share with other like-minded men! To my way of thinking, there's absolutely nothing else that can compare with this scene---when two guys get together who are each into cock in the truest sense of the word! It becomes a metaphysical matter---mystical in nature---and the depth of communication between two guys jacking off together is just sensational. I know without question that you agree with me!
As I read your questionnaire, I feel a personal affinity for you---and I feel that anyone who could have drawn up such a comprehensive document covering such a beautiful expression of manhood---perhaps THE most beautiful!---would have to be someone I would find interesting to know and share with! I'm really into all forms of photo exchange---and would certainly like to do so with you---as well as to know something about you personally. How about it? Well, my friend, do let me hear from you at your earliest convenience---I look forward to it. Keep strokin' TD

9. (Envelope inside the mailing envelope): PERSONAL, the enclosed is an answer to a questionnaire sent out by JOYI. And is for this person ONLY---WB

10. Dear Joyi: (Whatever THAT means) I dislike it. Enclosed find answers to the questionnaire that I recently received from you. I have tried very hard to answer each, and every question honestly, and quite frankly, as I am of the opinion that that is the way that you would want it to be done.
Needless to say, I have enjoyed very much answering SOME of the questions. Others were not so enjoyable. Might I say that I have tried to include the "feelings" of my J/O loving cock in answering this questionnaire. Of course I did THIS by occasionally fondling, and caressing my cock, thereby trying to be "ittts" feelings in regard to some of the questions!!!! And I was very pleased to note that the sweet "thing" did respond quite nicely, as ittt usually does, when I do take the time to "include" it in my thinking. And without wanting to seem egotistical, may I say that I do have an intense love for my darling cock. Perhaps THAT would be a suitable question. How do you feel about your cock??? Ha, ha. The reason for my feelings about my cock are because of the ability "ittt" has of "blessing me" with these very GRAND, and GLORIOUS, SWEET, LOVELY, BEAUTIFUL, J/O FEEEELLLINGGGSSS OF HEAVENLY JOY and PLEASURE. I do admit that my own J/O pleasureful FEEELLINGGGSS are a very important part of my life. I sometimes find myself looking forward with eagerness to my next J/O orgy. For "orgies" are what they usually are, SWEET and LOVELY and so very VERY GOOOODDDD for me. In more ways than ONE. As so, as I say, I do love my cock very much. And I realize that the sweet "thing" really deserves to be "made love to," by others, more often than I get around to having it done, due to my work. I just cannot afford to be seen, or to frequent a "sleazy bar" or any other place that I might be seen by a customer or acquaintance. My contacts, which I admit, are few and far between, do have to be made discreetly, and I do mean DISCREETLY. I hope you will understand my position regarding THAT. And will keep this enclosed info very confidential, regarding the SENDER. No names, addresses, etc. O.K.?? Thanks for listening, Your sincere friend, WB. P.S. I would like very much to order summaries, when they are available. Answers to the recent questionnaire that I received from you. I have tried to answer the questions as honestly, and fairly, as possible. A lovely, beautiful, J/O is very SWEET, and GOOOOODDD to me, and for me. And I have indulged in this lovely pleasure ever since I was about twelve years of age. And as all J/O lovers know, ittt gets better, and better, and sweeter, and sweeter, as time goes by---every week, every month, and every year. My darling cock is J/O oriented, and J/O educated. Well here goes, for better, or for worse---(and the answers follow for 6 single-spaced pages)

11. Any J/O photos? Price? JC

12. Hello, I have answered five sections enclosed is three dollars. Now, what happens next, do we get a list of names of other guys into J/O? You were not clear on that.
To be a little more descriptive I am 28, 5'11", 130 lbs, slim build, average looks, neat beard, neat appearance, my cock is 7" with a slight curve to the left, also a nice fat head as I stated. I generally like guys my age or slightly older. Also it seems to me that there are not as many guys into a J/O scene, at least I haven't met many.
I hope I have given you the type of information you wanted. I just included myself because I don't think any other of my friends would be interested. Hope to hear from you soon. AR

13. Just wondering how you're coming with the secrets of your survey. I probably will be interested in all twenty sections because there is nothing about J/O that I want to miss, it being an all-embracing passion. I'm ready any time to send money, if you'll let me know when to do so. Autoerotically, DC

14. Sorry not to have sent the rest of my J/O answers sooner. Hope you can read them, as if was not possible for me to print or type. Check for all 20 sections will follow. Might as well get it all! Thanks, AC (same as #1)

15. Hi Pal! Received your letter and was glad to get it. When you are ready for your Sept. Edition let me know. I'll send a good check. Drop a note or call if you wish (J/O?) (#). I wish you well. Thanks again. ThaBest ... JR P.S. Be'in cumming lately? I hope so. I get a lot of calls from some really horny guys in those books. Thanks a lot and one guy has a nine-inch prick and I told him I could not take it, but he was wild and called again. JR

16. Here are my comments on your questionnaire. I thought it was great and quite a turn-on. Please let me know when your results are compiled so I can enjoy things even more. TN

17. I want to meet hot dudes for J/O sessions! I don't dig wasting time on these bullshit forms! MB

18. I am very drunk at this time so please excuse the typing and the abrupt answers. I am very much into j/o but also very much into sucking and fucking. I have a big cock and love to show it off to anyone during sex. Really get into group action but prefer outdoor sex above all. I do not know what this survey is for, but would like to know the results when you get finished. BW

19. Please let us know when you have some compilations that are not too tame. Take a national Advocate ad and we will send some cash, or if you are ready now, let me know. See also last part of section U. CC

20. On April 10, 1978, I sent you a completed questionnaire and a check for five (5) dollars for ten (10) sections. I understood that it takes some time for a compilation but I feel that I should have heard from you already. Please let me know what the status is of your questionnaire, and if I will ever receive the sections that I asked for. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you. Sincerely, NK (dated August 5, 1978)

21. Wow! It really took SOME doing to complete this---but I stuck to it---and then did all except Q and U! Maybe at a later time I'll get into U---but for the time being, I think I just about covered the entire spectrum of my sexuality! I'm REALLY impressed with your questionnaire---as it's really comprehensive and all-embracing! I hope I've given fairly thorough responses---and I've been as candid as possible. I'm awed at the thought of your projected task! Really! The thought of getting this all together and collated is just astounding! I wish I lived closer to be able to give you a hand. It really DOES take a great deal of time and effort to complete it! I would be very interested in hearing about what sort of response you get from guys in general---and have you really had HUNDREDS of guys answer your ad? That's really fabulous! I look forward to hearing from you! It's been exciting to have come in contact with you. TD

22. Some time ago I replied to a questionnaire that I received from you in re to the pleasures of the J/O scene. Since then I have not heard from you regarding the results, or summaries, of this questionnaire. If you have such copies available for sale, will you please advise me how to obtain them? Thank you. P.S. I am enclosing an S.A.S.E., for your convenience in answering this request. Sincerely Yours, WB

23. If you have a list of guys here in Chicago that would like a j/o session with me, I would like that. Or if you can perhaps give them my name and address so that they can write me and we can arrange a date. Keep me posted on j/o. Love, VG

24. Hard on! Then a real beat off session: poppers, pot, etc. Great turn on. DP

25. Repulsion. MB

26. Loved it, but misplaced it. Got grooving on all the different scenes and memories and fantasies the questionnaire evoked. NC

27. I played with my cock then and now as I answer. VG

28. My cock always responds beautifully to ANYTHING re the lovely j/o scene. WB

29. Stroked my cock while reading questionnaire and answering it. BM

30. Loved it! Can't wait to see the whole thing when you're finished with it! JO

31. Please find enclosed the answers to the questions, they were as much a turn-on as anything that I have read in a long time. I think that this is the first time I have really studied my own sexual outlets. I think that I like me as a partner almost as much as a real partner. KS

32. Just wondering how you're coming with the results of your survey. I probably will be interested in all twenty sections because there is nothing about j/o that I want to miss, it being an all-embracing passion. Autoerotically, DC

33. Sorry I'm such a lousy typist. Please let me know if you know of any groups forming. I enclose a photo of myself jacking off. BD

34. Thank you for letting me participate in your project. It is a great deal of work on your part and I admire you for it. Thank you. RA

35. Didn't have any turned-on reactions. They were all turned-off reactions. WH

36. At last maybe I read about someone that is like me, CUM crazy. I thought mostly about all of the nifty people out there that cum and cream just as I do, and how I would like to meet them and do all of the wonderful j/o ideas together. That is Cum crazy. KS

37. Jacked off imagining you jacking off making up the questions. BD

38. Some of the questions started turning me on and I stayed that way until I jerked off. NK


Q28: What were some of your reactions to the SECOND MAILING FROM JOYI?

1. Congratulations for a great project for us J/O's. JD P.S. Answering these questions has made me so hard-up that I am going to jerk off right now. JD

2. Hi! Sorry not to reply sooner; am glad you mailed second letter and gave another chance. I groove on j/o: once in the morning, once at work (fantasizing on the latest hunk I just saw), and more in evening. Still get out to gay movies and bookstores and baths. (Note on outside of packet: WARNING NOTE: very personal only for Mr. JOYI. If opened in error, return to sender WITHOUT OPENING) NC

3. Thanks for the update or status information regarding your project. I've enclosed the Q section, and certainly hope to have the main questionnaire completed and returned to you before the end of the month. Consolidating replies must be a large task. I'll volunteer to help if you like, but you'll have to tell me type of consolidation techniques you use, and mail 25 to 50 questionnaires to me. No charge, just a healthy curiosity about the raw data in your project. RJ

4. Your questionnaire was so long that for awhile I was feeling almost overwhelmed. I have decided to answer only a couple of questions so as to be able to do them justice. This response should apply to Q21. (After a few days:) After I mailed the previous letter, I remembered a few other things. SA

5. Dear JOYI: Got your "second mailing"---THANX! Looking forward to more mailings---MALEINGS---and things to "cum"! Yes, I've written Ted Steell, and hope I can find some of "us" here in MADhatten. Maybe we can, with others, all get together?!?! Yes, as to my fantasies, I love ones with hairy chests, big or small. I have J/O letters and MANY photos; enjoy reading your material; have a hard-on and will J/O when I finish this---writing you. Please write, and want to see, and be with YOU. X/s. Thought you'd be amused with the enclosed! (Photos from ads showing cocks and j/o, with added captions: "The tail gate," "I waiting for you," "Self-Expose," "Pick of the crop," and "The grip is basic for proper control.") GC

6. Far fuckin' out! I think it's about time someone got right to the HEART of the matter of masturbation. These questions are even more of a turn-on than the first set! JO

7. I realize this is a day late but thought I'd send it anyway. I just couldn't get it typed before this. I can't wait for the results of your incredible questionnaire. Hornily yours, CD

8. Dear Friend, JOYI: I received your second list of questions today, and am sending you my answers to this second set of questions as an enclosure of this short note. Naturally I am thoroughly enjoying the lovely SWEETNESS of my throbbing COCK, as I study my proper answers to the questions. (I NEED ittts help, ha, ha ...). I hope that you will send me complete info regarding the summaries to these questionnaires. Sincerely Yours, WB

9. I wanted to get this in the mail so you'd get it on time. I'll place my order for various sections at another time. Good luck in putting it all together. Best wishes, SE

10. I've been out of the country for the past two months, but your latest communiqué was in my mail when I returned yesterday. Please advise. I've forgotten what the bucks are I should send you, but I want responses in ALL your categories. Will send payment at once. Because of my travels, I didn't answer your questionnaire, but I sure will the next time. In fact, I'm writing my own copy---short story probably---about the totally unparalleled mental and physical ecstasy of j/o. So please don't forget me. Sincerely, DC


X1: What are your deepest, inmost, most secret j/o secrets?

1. I would love to have sex with a boy between the ages of 10 and 12, one who is sexually innocent. I would teach him all about sex, how good it is with someone. Also, if he has a friend about the same age or a brother the same age, we could get together for a threesome. Sometimes I would like to have the boy have a brother who is about 15 or 16. The older boy would have hot sex with the youngster ending in a beautiful hard fuck. I would not like to hurt the boys, and the younger will continue to have sex with me for a year or so. NK

2. I have a fantasy to pick up a young boy who is hitchhiking. In a few minutes, I have him naked and sexually excited. We have very exciting sex, spending about two or three hours. The boy comes many times. I finally go to a motel where we spend the night doing fantastic sex acts. He likes it so much that he decides to live with me and become my son and lover. NK

3. None. (written 4 times)

4. That it feels better than any other kind of sexual experience. JO

5. I think that I have revealed all of my secrets in answering this questionnaires. WB

6. That would have me being jacked off on by a ring of horny, well-hung guys, need not be super-studs, just good cocks. They all come all over me, then proceed to fill my mouth with cum from another set of cocks, and then ease up my asshole and fill it with come, not hurting, but cumming quickly so that I have a good load. Then each guy in circle fucks another guy while others are jacking off. I then with my asshole filled with cum eat out all of the assholes until cum is running down my face. Then they piss all over me, in my mouth, in my asshole, and finally they shit on my chest while I am lying down, pile after smelly, warm pile while I jack off and jack off and jack off. If I am turned on enough, I will eat some of the best-smelling shit, not too hard, not too soft. This is something I have never written down before, just fantasized, as it seemed too demented, too far out, too perverted. Would be interested when you complete the questionnaires in seeing if any others are as nutty. CC

7. Exhibitionist. PS

8. Never had any, but if I think of any that I have, I will send later. AC

9. I love it; I have kept all my j/o a secret until I came out about a year ago. Now I will do it with a guy, if I had the guy. I cannot approach someone: VERY SHY. VG

10. I would love to have water sports regularly. I love to see a cock above, with a hairy hunky guy bobbing it up and down as he tries to piss on me. I love to reach up and catch the sticky thread of pre-cum as it comes out of his cock slit. I love to suck it off my hands and rub it all over me. I love the feeling of my shit coming out as I sit on it. I would love to shit and piss my pants sometime, or have a tight-fitting waterproof suit and shit and piss while I am in bed. I would like to be able to cum "no hands." I want to wallow in cum and piss with a large group. TN

11. Speaking on a metaphysical level, if it were possible, the ultimate experience FOR ME would be to be in a CONTINUAL STATE OF MASTURBATION! To be in a mental as well as physical state of CONSTANT masturbation, with all the mystical insights and side-trips being steadily unfolded; this would be the ultimate state of existence for me. It's fantasy, of course, but the potential is almost overwhelming! TD

12. To have a lover. RL

13. Want more j/o in more positions. MB

14. I think that the real reason that I j/o so much and watch others is that I hate being a queer, and when I see a super-looking stud that could have any girl he wanted j/oing and making it with other guys, it makes me less inferior. Most of all, my personal sexual acts are a type of revenge on all the studs that are straight up front but do things on the sly. Fuck 'em! KS

15. I don't think I really have any deep secrets. SE


U1: What are the most far-out j/o fantasies?

1. My best fantasy is to be able to grope a whole roomful of young dudes who are cute, have long hair, smooth chests, and beautiful cocks and balls. I'd like to jack them off, suck them, fuck them, feel every part of their bodies and explore them. I'd like to have one of them playing with my tool while I watched the others go at it solo, pairs, and groups, with every type of activity. I'm also interested somewhat in enemas---me giving them to boys. I don't like to hurt dudes, but if they derive pleasure from dildoes, toys, enemas, and hard fucking, I'll do it. MP

2. I think about having a beautiful big black stiff cock to play with and enjoy. I'd really like to suck a big black beautiful stiff shaft. I've never done it but would love to and have got to, but don't know where to start. VW

3. Having a roomful of very well-dressed people, for example, in evening formal wear, with one---just one---well-built (not weightlifter type) guy in the group being shirtless, with his long pants; he would not necessarily j/o, but I sure would want to! DO

4. Fucking Jack Wrangler at the same time as he is fucking me!! EM

5. Watching a bodybuilding exhibition which would spontaneously turn into a j/o contest. JO

6. J/O endings for films like "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid," "The Sting," "Gray Lady Down," "Cool Hand Luke," and "Star Wars." JO

7. A series of hosts competing for "J/O Host of the Year," with movies, records, porno magazines, booze, grass, light shows, and luxurious surroundings. JO

8. Being jerked off on in a bathtub by about a hundred humpy numbers. JO

9. None. (written 6 times)

10. Having a group watch me using Accu-Jack. JD

11. Perhaps my "uncontrolled fantasies" would be that I do dearly love to sort of "share" my J/O pleasures with OTHERS who are of the same mind. I also dearly love to be able to "share" their lovely J/O pleasures, too, either in person, by letters, or by phone. I dearly love books, magazines, pictures, etc, relating to the J/O scene. I do not have a private phone. WB

12. Handsome men forced to walk naked in the streets and jack off each other to see who cums last. PS

13. Given in X1. TD

14. Get blowed frequently. RL

15. J/O orgies with hot dudes. MB

16. Being forced to do things sexually, mostly by a GIRL. Pissing on each other in shower. Sucking all the water off her body after shower. I find I am bisexual but prefer getting sucked by guy rather than sucking him. But can do it if I like him. My only remaining fantasy (I have found that things I j/o about are not all that great when they are done in real life): I would like to share a young married couple. Sucking and eating her while he watches and gets ready to fuck her. Then after I have made her cum with my mouth, he lies on the bed on his back, she lies on top of him with her back to him. We put his hard cock into her from the rear and then he holds the upper lips of her cunt open so that I can get at her clit with my tongue. I lick them both while they fuck. After he cums she rolls over and sits on my mouth while I suck his cum out of her. Then I get to fuck her while he watches and waits for me to return his wife to him. VG (55 yrs)

17. I am afraid I have none; I wish I did, and maybe I could have some of my fantasies come true. TN

18. Strictly uninhibited J/O in bulging faded Levis, hard hats, construction boots, flannel shirts, leather vests and leather jackets, motorcycle caps, cowboy gear, military uniforms, football and baseball jerseys, bare-ass leather chaps, police gear, metal or leather cock rings, Levi cut-offs, sports uniforms, combat boots, jockstraps, white or gray sweat socks, sweat shirts, tight white Jockey shorts, swim trunks, gym shorts, gym shoes, and T-shirts. With special emphasis on eye-to-eye contact, posing, dirty talk, heavy deep throat kissing, jacking off with spit, Albolene, Vaseline, Crisco, Lube, mayonnaise, whites of eggs, pre-cum juice, or any other slippery lubricant; snowballing (that is, being fed back your own load), exhibitionism, and voyeurism; greasing up your entire body while pumping your fist; bolding a cigarette between your lips and then sipping a can of beer as you lean up against a wall from a distance posing as you jack off to each other; fantasies with straights and married couples (for instance, jacking off while licking a guy's shaft and sucking his balls as he fucks his wife, or slowly stroking your cock off with a married dude as you wildly kiss him, exchanging spit until you both dump your loads as his wife watches); having totally uninhibited sex with a doctor in his office; pumping your cock with a high school or college teacher in the classroom after the class has cleared out; a boss milking his prick as he sits at his desk dictating to his secretary, and you kneeling concealed underneath the desk waiting to watch his load shoot off from a distance into your open mouth and then immediately gulping his wad down; balling with the groom in a side room during his wedding reception; entering a barber shop, sitting down in the chair, having the hunky barber drape his sheet over you, and, as he cuts your hair, you very slowly undo your zipper under the cape, hoist your cock and balls out, and when he removes the sheet after cutting your hair and trimming your beard and mustache, he sees you holding your cock and balls completely out of your Levis---your cock in massive erection drenched with pre-cum---he then goes to the door, locks it, pulls down the shade just slightly, walks back to you while unzipping his fly, tilts your chair back to a full reclining position, drops his pants to his ankles, applies shaving cream to his already stiff cock, and jacks off all over your entire face and hair that he has just cut---he then rubs all the globs of cum into your face, beard, and mustache---you then get up from the chair smiling, he unlocks the door and you walk out while zipping up your pants as he says, "Your fuckin' haircut's been paid for."---and you walk down the block and look back to see him still staring at you; spending time at the beach with the sole purpose of watching bulging crotches---straight or gay---and occasionally lying down and subtly looking up a straight dude's cut-offs and staring at the head of his cock and his balls that are resting on one side of his leg as he makes out with his chick; having a dinner party with about ten hunky guys seated around the table all jacking with one hand and eating with the other as they stare in silent ecstasy at each other and having each guy randomly pop his thick wad one at a time; going to a shoe store with Levi cut-offs and letting the head of your cock hang out of the bottom as the salesman tries on your shoes---and when you catch him definitely eyeing your cock, you let it uncontrollably grow, and four more inches of hard cock are exposed; cruising a humpy businessman on the street during your lunch hour, sneaking into a side entrance and watching him following you, going to the second level of a stairway, staring directly at his crotch as he hauls his cock and balls out from his business suit and whacks off until he shoots a thick ropy wad of cum that flows out and covers his entire hand as he firmly holds onto his rod and continues to stare at you, then watching him lick his knuckles completely clean, shoving it all back into his pants, zipping it up, and walking out---all without saying one word to each other; a winning football team getting drunk in the locker room after another big game and having one player hold the coach down as each teammate, one at a time, strokes his cock off into the coach's mouth and forces him to swallow each load---finally one guy bringing the coach off into the toughest dude's hand and having him suck up his own cum; pulling into an almost deserted filling station at 3 am with your pants down to your knees, asking for gas after you roll the window down, and letting the attendant see your hand wrapped around your slippery cock---you start to beat the fuck out of it, and he follows suit by whacking off a huge wad through the open window and letting it land all over you; getting into a completely bare-ass jack-off scene with a clothing salesman in the dressing room; forcefully jacking off two cops against their will as another dude forcefully opens each of their mouths to receive each other's loads; two buddies getting their rocks off under water at a crowded beach; walking into a truck-stop john where two truckers who are obviously horny shove both of their cocks simultaneously into your mouth, fucking the shit out of it, and then, as they scream out, they flood your mouth with gushing, sticky, hot sperm---then one trucker, the one with the beard and mustache, quickly gets down on his knees and begs you to dump his buddy's load and his own load from your mouth into his so that he can eat it in front of his buddy and you---and you drop the heavy loads into his mouth and you both watch him gobble them up and swallow them down; a father and son stroking themselves off as they take a shower together while each of their wives are out shopping, and then lustfully kissing while swapping their loads back and forth; jacking off for an audience; making a deal with your humpy straight roommate such as: his chick comes over about four times a week to get fucked---your roommate promises that when he fucks her, he'll immediately excuse himself to go to the john, and as he passes your bedroom on the way, he'll take his rubber off his still rock-hard dick in front of you, hand it to you, and then you can take it into your bedroom, turn it inside out, and pop it into your mouth, always discovering that the sperm is still thick and warm---and you always pound your meat off just knowing whose cum it is; cruising two guys in the next car at a drive-in theater as you and another jack-off buddy strip down in your car and open the passenger door as they strip down and open the driver's door of their car, and the four of you watch one another as you all pump your cream out, hitting the dashboards and leaving huge pools of sperm on the seats; getting it off in a taxi as you get into some wild fuck talk with the cabdriver as you watch him adjust his mirror so that he can get a better look at you; preparing a casserole, a salad, or a dessert for a party into which numerous loads of sperm have been dumped; pulling a lifeguard's trunks down with your teeth, licking and sucking the bulging pouch of his jockstrap until his cock is fully hard, and then having him yank his jock down and whack off in your face; giving blow jobs and hand jobs to a full row of 27 hunky straight dudes as well as the usher in a straight porno theater as you, on your knees, jack off onto the floor; a masturbation Olympics fantasy where possibly 150 men compete to see how large their cocks are in length, how thick they are in diameter, the size of their balls, the size of the mushroom heads of their cocks, the amount of hair around their crotches, how long they can hold off before they shoot, as well as how many times they can shoot in a certain amount of time, how far they can toss their cum, the thickness or consistency of their sperm, the number of spurts of one full orgasm, and finally measuring how much cum they unload; college initiations; making it on a motorcycle; wrestling with a dude while both of you are in Levis, jocks, and T-shirts, ripping them off each other completely, getting into a match, and the winner forcefully pumping the loser off while being pinned to the mat, then getting into a second or third or fourth or fifth match until both sets of balls are completely drained; two hot men cruising each other on opposite sides of a glory hole---then getting on their knees next to the hole, rapping to each other about wild fantasies, and finally watching each other's expressions as they get their own rocks off; doing trade; jail fantasies with the prisoners and the guards; alternately chewing on Burt Reynolds' mustache, his tits, and then his asshole, and finally giving him a healthy blow job as you slide your right hand up and down his thick shaft, and you cup his incredibly hairy balls with you left hand---then taking your mouth off of his cock and jamming his huge nuts into your wide-open mouth and chewing on them as you wrap both of your fists around his now slick cock and very slowly jack him until you totally bring him off---you drop his balls from your mouth and quickly catch each powerful spurting gush of hot cum as you look up at him and discover that he has that typical shit-eating grin on his face---you get off on the fact that he is just standing there, with his cock still drooling long strands of cum, staring at his own sperm that is now resting on your tongue waiting to be swallowed; going into a major hotel with another dude, seeing eight phone booths lined up on two sides of a hallway---the first four facing the second four---the two of you separate and you go into the fourth booth, take note of the phone number, then walk out, look at your watch, and then enter the fifth booth that is facing the booth that you just came out of---your buddy then walking up and enters the fourth booth---you immediately call him up and stare at one another as you get into a heavily detailed, totally uninhibited rap and jack off in each of your booths---you get off on the facts that no one really knows that you two actually know each other and that no one has any idea that you are really talking to each other at that moment and jacking off; an apartment hallway scene in which your jack-off pal walks one flight down to the second floor, as you, on the third floor, jack off over the banister and cover his face and tongue with your cum that is dropping about fifteen feet as he tries to catch it and swallow it down; sharing a huge cock with another dude---first you stroke and suck the entire head and shaft as he watches you take it down to the balls about 30 strokes worth---then you switch as you watch him go down about 30 more strokes---then you go back down on it as he sucks the balls and you watch each other---with eyes wide open---as your mouths touch---the dude's entire crotch devoured in both of your hungry mouths at once---then both of you tongue the balls together---then suck one ball each---then getting on each side of the length of the shaft and kiss each other with the huge cock between both sets of lips---again with your eyes wide open---staring at each other and moaning---finally your buddy opens his mouth about three inches in front of the enormous head of the dude's cock, and you stroke the dude off into your buddy's mouth---he then lets it just run out of his mouth, slide down his chin, and hit the floor---you both then get down and, like dogs, lap it up; jacking off as you sit in two chairs that are facing one another from across a room and getting off on each other as you watch one another say a different incredibly dirty word, phrase, or fantasy---back and forth---making them more dirty and more kinky as you go along---getting off on the sounds of the words and ideas and watching each other just mouth them; four jack-off buddies go into a restaurant, each one goes to the john one at a time and jacks off into a rubber that each has brought along which he then brings back to the table---when all four have gotten their rocks off and are seated at the table, they pass the four rubbers around so that no one has his own---they slip them into their mouths and chew on them as the waiter takes their orders---toward the end of the meal they all unzip their pants and with their right hands jerk off under the table, catching it in their left hands---they then stare at each other as they bring their left hands above the table and together smear their cum on their own tongues---a pure hot fuckin' sperm dessert; a narcissistic trip in which a totally masculine stud gets into his Levis, flannel shirt, sweat socks, construction boots, and hard hat, and goes into a room with a full-length mirror on the wall, cruises himself, presses his bulging basket against the mirror as he literally kisses himself with his eyes fully open, gets into a wildly dirty rap with himself, and finally whacks off onto the mirror and watches himself lick it off; 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PO

19. In my dreams I am able to do anything I want: I swallow my cock and balls completely; I relish eating out my own sweet ass. CD

20. The one great fantasy that I have involves 50,000 men. I would like to see one time in which entrance to the Rose Bowl was restricted to men wearing only jockstraps and who were willing to participate in the greatest j/o session of all times. At half-time the two teams, wearing only their jocks, would line up on the field, whip out their cocks, and lead the entire stadium in a j/o session. I'd probably never see the second half, because I know that a sight like that and the overwhelming smell of all that cum would send me on a permanent high. SE