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1. The homosexual director, scorned by his beautiful homosexual actor, happy in his young gay life, WRECKS the actor's life by throwing him into intimacy with a beautiful woman and tearing him apart with love while the director looks on like a malevolent SATAN.
2. Husband goes out "for a night with the boys." Wife's friend comes over and they talk of the terrible rumors of an all-male sex ring in the neighborhood, and they sigh, "Glad MY husband's not in it." Husband comes home, wife cuddles, husband says "I'm tired." He goes to sleep, wife lays alone, angry, and debates how her GIRL friend might be in bed!
3. Thoughts of Lotte lead to all sorts of perversions, since the thought of royalty ordinarily leads to thoughts of unbridled sensuality---like Richard Cory, who would have sinned incessantly had he been a diMedici. The main idea, however, has her as a lesbian who gets men for me, while I get women for her.
4. Shiela and Don D. and I journey to Ithaca and I stay in his old fraternity house. He refuses to go out with any girl in the office. What reason? He's gay? Maybe?
5. The recurrence of the fabulous twist still fascinates: see a pretty girl, her fellow's back to me. Girl and I exchange glances, she flirts, we meet, and I end up wanting her FELLOW.
6. So many situations open up---a gigolo walking down the street with his old feminine keeper, casting glances at me. Imagine the conversation in the street if he and I look around, he stops her, and I walk up!
7. Story of a girl, Cathy, who loves a boy, Bob, that, when she discovers Bob's gay, she willfully introduces Timmy, her reclusive handsome younger brother, so Bob will fall in love with AN O'S., and marry her to be one of HIS family.