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Links to Ideas

Clarence Potts Old Story Ideas
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Martin Bernstein (all 4) Things to Add to Acid House
Jan's Gone Ideas for Stories
Can't See the Forest for the Trees Child's World
April Fool Another Parable of New Yorkers
Place: City of Over 1,000,000 One Story/Two Stories
Time: Breakfast in Spring Novel Novel Form
Period: 1863 War-Story Idea
Period: 1933 Love Thoughts
Not Improbable Notes "Not Improbable" with corrections
Outline for "Not Improbable" Lesbian short-story idea
Notes for Computer Stories Karma Pill stories
Gay Guys and Women Story Plots Grandma's Band
Plots with Cops Last of the Sensualists
Gay Novel Ideas Modernizing Faust
John (A Play) Metal-Eyed Beauties
Meeting Dale in a Bar Book ideas from the FAR past
To a Beloved, Dead Sexy Angel of Death again
Writing a Book Drilling UNDER Federal Reserve
The Old Old Man Comedy monologue for Dennis
Story Fragment Idea for bodywork play
Wind_Blown wave Throwback