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     During lightwork I channel energy out to the earth, and remember all the sayings that no one can REALLY be enlightened until EVERYONE is enlightened. So that means that everyone will be just READY while the LAST person (and there surely has to be a last person: I can't imagine all the "enlightened" beings blasting off the last enlightened planet just so THEY can be happy---though that might make a GREAT ending for the STORY!---at last) goes through whatever shit he has to go through. He would be the "last of the sensualists," and I could EASILY see myself in that position (as can everyone, just as everyone can see themselves as enlightened when they get into the right place), using the STEPS that brought everyone to the brink of total Nirvana on earth, freed the world from hunger and fear and poverty and disease and probably even death, and everyone's willing to give up their egos except HIM, who still wants to eat more meals, fuck more people, see more foreign worlds, learn more languages, contemplate more philosophies, absorb more entertainment, and PLAY AROUND with the enlightenment games without actually pulling through to enlightenment just like CERTAIN people like to play around with an orgasm to prolong the ecstasy before coming, thereby HEIGHTENING the ecstasy OF coming. But in THAT sense, he'd be the SAVIOUR of the world, too, since HIS prolongation of the ecstasy before Nirvana (and surely it would HAVE to be ecstasy if EVERYONE BUT ONE would be willing to drop their body and cleave to the ONE) gives that joy to EVERYONE. So they might want to KEEP him unenlightened: to prolong their joys of immanence before becoming actual. Like the Utopias: would there be a fatal flaw? Would boredom take over? Would sheer satiation finally build up? Think of the ways to GO TOWARD satiation; making multiple bodies for multiple enjoyments, experiments with time to condense experiences, even the creation of whole worlds in ACTUALITY and acting AS GOD FOR THEM to see what that feels like: ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING would be possible, and by definition, desirable to be experienced, so as the POWER increases the desire to CONTINUE increases, and it's a multi-layered dilemma that would be FUN to work THROUGH!