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     Putting programs away for Romeo and Juliet leads me to check John V. Shea's name as the beautiful Paris. Then remember the equally beautiful table mate in The Poseidon Adventure and THINK that he's Erich Shea until Arnie tells me that HE'S the little boy. But I fantasized at first that they were the same person until I checked the program to find they're not, then that they were brothers. Then Arnie recalled Paul Newman's son, with the same dark good looks, in The Towering Inferno, and I begin to think there's a race of beautiful men waiting for us tomorrow. Then I think of Bruce L.'s comment about men from other worlds being incredibly attractive, except that they have metallic-looking eyes (though heaven knows, if they're good enough to simulate everything else, what's so special about eyes that they can't make good glass ones?), and I wonder where they ARE? He seemed to say that they were staying underground, or else they could easily take over the world's TV and movie screens with their beauty, I would imagine. Then if they have knowledge of the future, the entire past, of things telepathically, why aren't they in charge of McDonald's, or of General Motors, or why aren't at least SOME of them in government? But they want to stay underground. Yet it would seem that they'd be promoted unduly, pushed more than they'd want to be pushed, be endlessly besieged for modeling jobs and sex. That couldn't make them feel very good unless they were QUITE masochistic. Be interesting to write a story about how they'd feel by living in such an awful place as Earth: like living in a gorilla colony would to whatever woman was accepted? But at least there the physical differences would be SO dissimilar (unless SHE was so close to the gorillas in GORILLA-eyes as people with metallic eyes would be to OUR eyes) that they might RECOGNIZE she wasn't REALLY one of them. Secretaries would kill to have dates with them, or at least office-mates would wonder what their private lives are, as they did with Darryl at Harper and Row, who finally invited Susan to his apartment. Criminals would besiege them for techniques, casting directors would fawn, photographers would pursue, and they'd be found out---so they CAN'T be that fabulous, or we would have HEARD about them before this??