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     Based on Amy's infatuation with me as a kid would be attracted to a man, Pat's infatuation with someone who would listen to her and take her body for granted, and Dorothy's seeming to want to get close to me, I thought of a great 3-act 3-person play: it would START with the Bodyworker getting a telephone call from someone he can't fit in today, obviously fending off a female. Then the NEW WOMAN comes in, shy, strange, and he INTRODUCES the bodywork to her (sort of based on the combo O-V, and I toyed with the idea of ALSO using the name of Actualism and giving it a PLUG during the course of the play), and then she reluctantly gets undressed and gets on the table and experiences a new thing as the AUDIENCE would experience a new thing: what are you doing, why are you doing that, hey, you're kind of neat, and everyone figures she'll eventually fall for him. Then the SECOND woman comes in, the guy has to change, the two women (one new, one experienced and quite obviously jealous) chat for a bit until the guy comes back---looking great in black tights (having been in sloppy army fatigues before)---and he does a much more professional session on the cooperative woman, but SHE tries to get him into BED (sort of the FIRST woman many more months along the way). He evades her, relaxes at the end, maybe phones someone to say all the things he COULDN'T say to the WOMEN. Then the SECOND act is a reverse; showing HIM on the table with someone who's doing a DIFFERENT session on HIM, and he sort of goes through MY tentative feeling-out of Michael, so that the audience realizes he's GAY, that the woman will NEVER get him, that HE won't get the second bodyworker, and it may be that the SECOND bodyworker IS in it for the women, and maybe it'll be a Ronde-gimmick that HE'll be lusting after the FIRST woman, and it's a NEW way of putting a Grand Hotel melange of people into one room for a limited period of time, so that interesting "confidential"-type encounters can take place, souls can be bared, and yet without really any need for COMMITMENT and SEXUAL ACTIVITY, though the physical activity should be described enough so that the audience can be titillated: breasts HIDDEN by first woman, PARADED by second woman, both guys sexily clothed or nude.