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PERIOD: 1933

     "Wal, we'uns up heah HEARD 'bout th' DEpression problems down in th' city, but we al'ays live prutty much hand ta mouth anyways. M' son Fred still buys them there Pop'lar Mechanics magazines, though they gone up a nickel from before.
     "'Pop,' Fred sez, 'they tell heah a some feller goin' 200 miles a hour down theah in Floridy.' Wal, seems t' me that if someun kin go 200 miles a hour down theah in Floridy, things cain't be SO bad.
     "F.D.R.? Wal, I see 'im onct, when he was comin' up heah ta Camabella Ialand. Bin list'nin' ta them 'Fiyaside Chats' he started. Wal, we'll see. He aims fur some prutty surprisin' things: benefits ta labor, benefits ta farmers, benefits ta unEMployed. Heh, heh, almost wished I was unEMployed.
     "Things not goin' so bad in th' store, though. People gotta eat, even though they ain't workin'. I got credit out ta half th' people in town, but t'other half pays, so no one's gonna go hungry if I kin hep it.
     "Oh, say, I went ta th' movies last night! 'Morning' Glory' with Katy Hepburn: she shore is one prutty gal, a-YUH! I still get a kick outta them talkin', though it's BIN six years. When ya seen sa'many silents as I did, these talkies take a long time ta grow on ya.
     "Hey, lookit heah in th' paper: 'New Majestic Su-per-he-te-ro-dyne Radio with a Ad-vanced type a Autamatic Volume CONtrol an' also Image REjector CirCUit, Super Dynamic Speaker, Duo-Di-o-de Spray Shield an' Multi-Mu (hafta ask Fred about them things) tubes, o-thentic Ja-co-bean Cabinet, $89.50, complete with 10 tubes.'
     "Whew-ee. Lotta money for a radio, but, say, it DO look nice, don't it?"