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I'm standing in the yard of a house not TERRIBLY unlike 25 Coronado Avenue in Salinas---at least the street curves like that, there seem to be holly trees, and the lawn has a decidedly sandy base---but 25 Coronado didn't have a porch. There are two kids cleaning up the lawn, and I sense that I'm sort of baby-sitting---but I?m a female---for the woman of the house, who's either inside or working, so I have the responsibility for the children. They're preparing the lawn for mowing, and I start picking up pieces of paper from the grass, and then get into it, thinking "It's so neat, they aren't PIECES as you'd find in New York, but each is a neat unit." Pick up receipts and what appear to be notices of messages delivered, but find they get thicker near a sandy corner of the porch, and pull aside something and there is a group of letters and papers and newspapers and manila folders---as if a bunch of mail had been delivered but not taken into the house. Some of the newspapers are written in Chinese characters, and there are some telegrams that are unopened also. I stoop to look, the children gathering around, and see a copy of a telegram that the lady of the house sent to someone, acknowledging something which I don't read word-for-word, but I sense that it's an acknowledgement that her husband had been killed in the war overseas. I feel very sorry for her and realize that she's not inside or working, she's in reclusion inside the darkened house, and resolve to do something about it. I wake at this point, still dreamy, and think it would make the good start of a story, but how would I finish it. I toy with the idea of having him missing in action, remarrying, then having the husband return for great conflict and sorrow, but think that's been done before. Then I remember that "I" in the dream was a woman, and think what a DYNAMITE story it would make if "I" insisted on getting through to her, and found she felt GUILTY for her husband's death because she felt a Lesbian attraction for a woman and WISHED him dead so that she could live with a WOMAN---and right NOW I think of the crushing ending that---all along---I think she's talking about ME, and I work to "free" her for her REAL feelings, and then she announces that she thanks me, now she feels free to declare her love to ANOTHER woman! GREAT.