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1. The Karma Pill, where a pill is used as the springboard for anyone to experience the insights of est, LSD, former and future lives, and absolutely anything the mind can imagine, from the most limited to the most grandiose, while giving the impression that it's WIPING THE KARMA SLATE CLEAN and letting the person TRULY start over again, with no influences from ANYWHERE.

2. From Sagan's Cosmic Connection. Read about the stars "turning on" on Page 250, and I jot in the margin: "And in another dimension our MINDS are stars, that turn on when WE turn on." Then on page 259 he describes the supernovas as "the long-sought Philosopher's Stone, converting base metals into precious metals," and I note that this would be the equivalent to the mind being BLOWN after being turned on, and the cosmic consciousness of the current generation is even MORE manifest in the SLANG that they invent! As in The Phenomenon of Man, the frontiers between the science and hippiedom are CONVERGING, and these EXTRAORDINARILY EASY CONNECTIONS AND INSIGHTS will get more and more easy until EVERYONE can make them, and EXPERIENCE them, and then we WILL enter the millennium. It IS the time to be alive, and for MORE than the Sagan reason that this is the generation that will step from the cradle of the earth into the living tissue of the solar system---a feat that can be repeated by no other generation.