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1. Clever idea on writing: Book 1, my Baedecker Biography, telling people and places and events; then my Sexual Biography, the sordid homosensualist---then my Thinking Biography, of ideas and thoughts and generalities and advices. Interesting.
2. (July, 1962) Start a novel: "The Empire State Phallus Building throbbed above the horizon: my first sight of New York City."
3. Start book with "I am alone." End book with "I am alone again."
4. A story in which all is I and you and us and we and they, but never HE or SHE, "The body did this," and the two sexless names, like Arnel and Vinnie and activities with no sex mentioned, but much sex involved, implied. Other sexless names: Marcel, Leslie, Robin, Bobbie, Pat, Jeri.
5. Story: An absolute doll appears at a famous cruising spot, night after night, at precisely midnight, and stays only until 12:15. His beauty's fame spreads far and wide, and everyone tries to make him. Finally he says, "Michael was supposed to meet me. If you think I'm cute, you should see HIM!" Everyone faints.
6. Masturbators "come" to no good end. He whipped himself into such a frenzy before coming, lying on the floor in front of the huge mirror leaning against the wall, that as he felt the first ultimate spasm coming he closed his eyes in anticipation and tossed about on the floor, and as he CAME he stretched out his legs in a jerk of ecstasy, but felt his feet push the base of the mirror into the wall. As some semen spurted onto his chest, he opened his eyes to see his reflection bending toward him as the mirror pivoted down on him. If he rolled aside, or even lay flat, there would have been no harm except a bruise and a broken mirror, but his immediate thought was to save the perfect $55 mirror, so he raised his arms to STOP it. It broke about his hands, sending sharp shards into his face and chest, and thick blood mixed with the thick semen still gushing from his dying cock. Another electrocuted himself with vibrator, another BURST a vein, another slipped in his soapy tub. Another cracked his spine trying to do himself. Another bled to death, trying, like Gide, to come with scissors and hacked an artery. IMAGINE THE ORGASMS?!!!