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Lesson Nineteen
May 23, 1977

THE HUMAN BODY is also called the Etheric Double, and it has improperly been called the Astral Body. When Human Awareness was gathered and enlightened in the forebrain, it was actually the awareness of the Human Body which was gathered and enlightened. During brushdowns and body work, the Human Hands do the work on the Human Body to eliminate the residues of low-frequency resistances and blockages that have been burned by the Consuming Fire aspect of the energies. THE BREATH OF LIFE serves to align the Human Body with the Creature Body.

1. Bring White Star to C # 9 and light the Warrior Sigil with the RG right wing and the RW left wing.

2. With Enlightened Awareness, move the Human Body to the rear of the seated Physical Body. This Human Body is larger than the Physical Body, exists totally in the Space-Time Dimension at a different sub-level, and will stand with feet lower than the feet of the Physical Body and with head higher than the head of the Physical Body. Think and let the Human Body brush down the Physical Body from the rear.

3. Think and let the Human Body brush down the Physical Body from the front.

4. Think and let the Human Body brush down the Physical Body from the left side.

5. Think and let the human Body brush down the Physical Body from the right side.

6. Return the White Star to C # 2 and light the Physician Within Sigil by externalizing the RW sun in C # 9 with the Left Hand of Physician as left wing and Right Hand of Physician as right wing.

7. Repeat 2, 3, 4, and 5 with the Physician Within Sigil.

8. Let the RW sun go into abeyance and again bring White Star to C # 9 and light the Subjective Sigil with EofP sun in C # 9 and the left EB wing and right HW wing.

9. Repeat 2, 3, 4, and 5 with the Subjective Sigil.

10. Form the lips into a circle to open the esophagus and breathe the Breaths of Life through the nose, feeling the breaths becoming slower and slower to harmonize the Human Body with the Physical Body. Direct the breath to all parts of the body, including the left foot and the right foot, feeling them tingle.

11. Repeat 10 by putting the tip of the tongue behind the upper front teeth to open the esophagus and breathing the Breath of Life. Eventually, breathing this way will become natural.



Lesson Twenty
May 30, 1977

HEALING can be done with any energy to align the Human Body with the Physical Body. Wherever these bodies are out of alignment, there will be blockages or difficulties in the Physical Body. The Breath of Life is used to breathe energy into all areas of the Physical Body.

1. Externalize the LHP energy in the forebrain, where the human faculties are controlled.

2. Externalize the LHP energy in the old brain and the brainstem, where the mammalian and reptilian memories are stored.

3. Externalize the LHP energy in the entire physical brain, and continue to breathe the Breath of Life throughout the exercise.

4. Include the lungs, externalizing and expanding the LHP energy to include the lungs, feeling the match or lack of match between the Human Body and the Physical Body in this area.

5. Expand the LHP energy to include the digestive system, the stomach and the intestines, breathing the Breath of Life.

6. Expand the LHP energy to include the urinary system, the bladder, the ureters, and the urethra, breathing the Breath of Life.

7. Expand the LHP energy to include the reproductive system, the male or the female organs in the pelvic bowl, breathing the Breath of Life.

8. Expand the LHP energy to include the nervous system, from the top of the head to the tips of the toes, breathing the Breath of Life.

9. Expand the LHP energy to include the skeletal system, from the cranial bone, through the jaw and teeth, down all the bones of the body, breathing the Breath of Life.

10. If desired, concentrate also on the glandular system, including the pituitary, the adrenals, the pancreas, the testes and ovaries, breathing the Breath of Life.

11. The Healing Process can be continued with RHP for more specific concentration on the Nervous Energy of the body, with EB for fear, the inversion of Wisdom; with HW for anger, the inversion of Higher Will; with CF to raise the frequencies inside the body; with CM for love; and with the other energies for their specific benefits in bringing the Human Body into perfect alignment with the Physical Body.


June 7, 1977

"The aim of Actualism is Enlightenment." This, as best I can remember, was the first thing Bruce Jaffe said at the Actualism intro at the Willkie Memorial, and from that moment I knew it was something I wanted to do. However, I had to fight around a lot of incredulity: what WAS all this about White Stars and spinning clockwise and counterclockwise?

I found the first few lessons interesting as more of a curiosity than anything else. But I remember being gratified that we didn't have to "believe" anything, we just had to wait around until something happened. One of the most incredible "happenings" was my feeling of absolute ELATION when the stars, which had been rather abstractly placed on the crown, were put in their home centers. That just felt so GOOD that even my fact-bound brain-mind had to admit that something was going on here.

Lots of "verifications" followed. It was impossible to deny that life seemed to present problems that were connected to the "energy of the week." More than a few times I had to admit my amazement when I'd feel something happening somewhere, and a few seconds later Russell would mention it on the tape. My life seemed to be more fun, too---not that it was ever NOT fun, but there were lots of amusing coincidences, lots of interesting insights, and even a few pleasant physical sensations.

By the time I got my wings, my brain-mind and stopped muttering when something "bizarre" was introduced in the lesson. VERY early in the lessons I had developed a marvelous facility with the "let" part of the instruction "think and let." I would have to say that's what enabled me to keep coming back, but I felt that I had a lot to "let." Gradually the facility of "let" grew to the facility of "wanting more." Things were looking good; I wanted them to look more good.

About that time I thought Basic would never end. Then I got the delightful surprise that the 26 lessons included the intensives, that we didn't have to get sheets up to "lesson 26." Another big lift.

Then Lois was extraordinary. I went through the weekend following my brain surgery as if I had in fact been anesthetized: what had irked, irritated, bothered me before, I now found that I could just put up with. I didn't feel like telling everyone in the movie theater to stop talking. I sympathized, rather than got irritated, with the woman who had a cold and snuffled next to me throughout the ballet. ACTUAL CHANGE! How marvelous!

So I look forward to more change, more work, more ups and downs and sideways with Actualism. Since I don't know specifically what will happen in first advanced, I can't actually say if I'm "ready for it." Even that's an interesting change: modesty had never been one of my strong points. But I know I'd like to try it to see what happens.

My previous images of enlightenment had been fairly sterile. Now it seems to me that it can be creative, enjoyable, and---dare I admit it?---fun. What a way to go!

Bob Zolnerzak


Lesson One
June 20, 1977

The three EGOS are introduced that make up the TRIUNE HIERARCHY of the individual. The REINCARNATIONAL EGO, with its home in the Upper Room, has the 300-foot Field around the body as its "body." This is the ego which remembers ALL the reincarnations, of which the present physical body is the current. This Ego is the entity with which Brain-Mind is merged at the beginning of each lesson, the seat of Enlightened Awareness. The Reincarnational Ego has probably been initiated and enlightened in many previous incarnations. This is the Fifth Kingdom ego.

The HUMAN EGO, with its home in the forebrain, has the Human Body as its body. This is the Fourth Kingdom ego, and it helps to gather and enlighten awareness in the forebrain. Now it can be recognized, with joy, for what it is.

The CREATURE-BODY EGO, with its home in the old brain and brainstem, has the Creature Body as its body. This is the Third Kingdom ego which is in the process of being enlightened.

These three egos will be merged as a preliminary to forming the Tree of Light.

1. Recognize the Reincarnational Ego in the Upper Room, let it collect awareness from the Fifth Kingdom Field with Radiant Magnetism, and then move it down the CVA to the junction in Center 4, the middle of the head, and move it forward to the forebrain. Feel the joy of recognition as the Radiant Magnetics and Dynamics of the Reincarnational Ego greets the Human Ego. Gather all the scattered energies and awarenesses from the Human Body.

2. Move the merged Egos back to the juncture of the CVA, and then back to the old brain and the brainstem, where they recognize and merge with the Creature-Body Ego with strong Radiant magnetism. Move with Enlightened Awareness of this union of the Three in One, the Triune Hierarchy which is called the Hierarchy for short, throughout and all about the Creature Body, from head to toes.

3. Move the Hierarchy forward to the CVA, and up the CVA to Center 2, and light up the White Star.

a. Think and let a 3-inch beam of pure white energy pour from the White Star forward, cleansing the front area of Center 2 and the whole front of the field, and repeat with a pure white energy beam to the rear. Breathe THROUGH these energy beams with the Breath of Life, letting the Breath of Life come into harmony with the physical breath if it wants to.

b. Then extend a beam to the left, through the Magnetic side of the field, clearing up murkinesses and obstructions, and repeat to the right, breathing the Breath of Life through them.

c. Repeat the process with beams going up to the top of the field, and down through the toes to the bottom of the field. Open the bottoms of the feet and feel the unloading.

4. Retract the White Star beams, and move to the top half of the Upper Room, to the bottom of the cup of the Silver Chalice of the Cosmic Mother, and activate the beams in all six directions as in 3, above, breathing the Breath of Life.

5. Let the Silver beams go into abeyance and move down the CVA to Center 3, to the Golden Crown of the Cosmic Father, and activate the beams in all six directions as above, breathing the Breath of Life.

6. Let the Golden beams go into abeyance and move down the CVA to Center 4, to the Electric Blue of the Wisdom Light, and activate the beams in all six directions as above, breathing the Breath of Life.

7. Let the Blue beams go into abeyance, and move down the CVA to Center 5, to the Emerald Green of Objective Creativity, and activate the beams in all six directions as above, breathing the Breath of Life.

8. For the first week, check in with Enlightened Awareness to see that the Hierarchy is remaining in Center 5 through the day, though it will have to be gathered as in steps 1 and 2 each morning of the week. Though this precedes the Initiation, this is Advanced Work in Actualism.


Lesson Two
June 27, 1977

Again the Hierarchy is formed from the Incarnating Ego, the Human Ego, and the Creature-Body Ego. This should be formed the first thing in the morning, or else there will be an existential Basis for feeling "spaced out," since the Egos are not melded as they now wish to be, having separated and gone to their respective seats during the night. So if the light-work isn't to be done until later in the day, at least form the Hierarchy and leave it anywhere, in a center, that it feels best at the time. Radiant Consciousness comes through the Incarnating Ego, but it is not the Incarnating Ego. Having been recognized for the first time during this lifetime, these Egos are eager for exercise and development.

1. Move the Hierarchy down to Center 6. Whenever the Hierarchy moves into a center, the sun in that center is lit. The RP sun of Higher Will is now lit.

a. Think and let a 3-inch beam be directed forward from the center, into the dynamic area at the front of the field, out to the limits of the 150-foot edge of the field in front. All these beams are like laser beams that break up any areas of obstruction or veiling in the field. In fact, debris is drawn to these beams to be burned in their consuming fires. Sense if there are any obstructions in this direction and consume whatever has been released for elimination.

b. Direct a beam backward, into the magnetic area at the back of the field. Low frequencies can't slip up behind you and attack you from the rear if the back of the field is cleared with this beam.

c. Direct a beam upward. This area is usually clearer for most people, but if there are obstructions here, it can contribute to a feeling of heaviness hanging over your head, like when you get up in the morning. Beam to the top.

d. Direct a beam downward. This may be the heaviest area and need the most work, but you should not float freely in the field, since this wouldn't allow the work to be grounded.

e. Direct a beam left through the various body-parts out to the magnetic left of the field, out 150 feet to the edge.

f. Direct a beam right through the various body-parts out to the dynamic right of the field, out 150 feet to the edge.

2. Move the Hierarchy down the CVA to Center 7 to light the Ruby Red sun of the LHP, and feel the healing warmth through the body. Repeat steps a. through f. above with this energy. Alternately, all the beams can be lit at once. The Inner Breath, or the Breath of Life should be used throughout to breath along these beams. Brain-Mind cannot follow the breath along all six; think and let.

3. Move the Hierarchy down the CVA to Center 8 to light the Orange sun of the RHP. Sense the calming to the nerves in the body. Repeat the above with this energy, beaming singly or at once.

4. Move the Hierarchy down the CVA to Center 9 to light the Light Violet sun of the RW first. Repeat the above steps with this.

5. Let the RW sun go into abeyance and light the Pink Energy of Perfection sun. Repeat the above steps. With this sun, expand it to fill the field, in a glowing mode that serves to draw in all released obstructions and debris to the consuming fire. Feel the comfort and perfection this energy brings the body. The sun can be left expanded to gradually decrease as the day goes on.


Lesson Three
July 13, 1977

In this lesson the Magnetic and Dynamic aspects of three Kingdoms (the Field of the Fifth Kingdom, the Human of the Fourth Kingdom, and the Creature-Body of the Third Kingdom) are treated in turn to the Magnetic Aspect, the Consuming-Fire Aspect, and the Dynamic Aspect of the White Star.

1. Direct Brain-Mind to merge with Incarnating Ego's consciousness. Incarnating Ego's consciousness is Radiant Consciousness stepped down so that the power of the Being of Light does not overwhelm the Personality. Let Incarnating Ego gather and enlighten awareness in the entire Field.

2. Incarnating Ego extends lighted magnetic and dynamic aspects to the Human seat of consciousness in the forebrain, and Incarnating Ego gathers and enlightens awareness in the Human Body.

3. Incarnating Ego extends lighted magnetic and dynamic awareness to the Creature-Body seat of consciousness in the old brain and brainstem, and Incarnating Ego gathers and enlightens awareness in the Creature Body.

4. Light the White Star and expand it to fill the Field. This remains in Center 2, but with enlightened awareness touch in at Center 9, the organizational center of the Field.

5. The following steps involve three aspects of the expanded White Star:

a. The Magnetic Aspect that pulls out low-frequencies from the aspect being treated. The Magnetic is connected with structure.

b. The Consuming-Fire Aspect that burns up the residues and debris from the low-frequency blockages loosened by the Magnetic Aspect, and

c. The Dynamic Aspect that harmonizes with the aspect and distributed the essences into the purified aspect.

6. Move into the Magnetic Aspect of the Field with enlightened awareness and purify it with the three aspects of the White Star.

7. Touch in with Incarnating Ego in the Upper Room.

8. Move into the Dynamic Aspect of the Field with enlightened awareness and purify it with the three aspects of the White Star.

9. Move with Incarnating Ego to the forebrain, where it unified with the Human Ego. Both move into the Upper Room.

10. Move into the Magnetic Aspect of the Human Body with enlightened awareness and purify it with the three aspects of the White Star.

11. Touch in with Human Ego in the Upper Room.

12. Move into the Dynamic Aspect of the Human Body with enlightened awareness and purify it with the three aspects of the White Star.

13. Leave Human Ego in the Upper Room, and move with Incarnating Ego into the old brain and brainstem, where it unifies with Creature-Body Ego. Both move into the Upper Room to unify with the Human Ego, forming the Hierarchy and enlightening the relationship lines among the Incarnating Ego, the Human Ego, and the Creature-Body Ego.

14. Move with enlightened awareness into the Magnetic Aspect of the Creature Body and purify it with the three aspects of the White Star.

15. Touch in with Creature-Body Ego in the Upper Room.

16. Move into the Dynamic Aspect of the Creature Body with Enlightened awareness and purify it with the three aspects of the White Star.

17. Expand Enlightened Awareness to include the entire Creature Body, with the White Star "neutral" or "on Pause", and experience Being throughout all aspects.

18. Expand Enlightened Awareness to include the entire Human Body as well, and experience Being throughout all aspects.

19. Expand Enlightened Awareness to include the entire Field as well, and experience Being throughout all aspects.

20. Harmonize the White Star to the vibratory rate of the system, stepping it down from the processing to the living mode. This gives the Creature Body, the Human Body, and the Field a lift. Let the Hierarchy remain in Center 2 for the remainder of the day.


Lesson Four
July 20, 1977

The last lesson was a preparation for this one in purifying the Magnetic and Dynamic aspects of the Creature Body, the Human Body, and the Field, all three of which are creations of the Immortal that you are. This session works with the RADIANCE OF BEINGNESS, which is not an energy and has no color. BEINGNESS, the BEING OF LIGHT, PRESENCE, and the IMMORTAL are all synonymous. The Immortal also has a Radiant Magnetic aspect and a Radiant Dynamic aspect. "Meeting Your Maker" is a capsule description for this lesson, which has been brought down from Fourth Advanced because of its effectiveness and power to prepare for the Initiation into First Advanced next lesson.

1. Harmonize Brain-Mind with the Radiant Consciousness of Incarnating Ego.

2. As in the last session, Incarnating Ego gathers and enlightens awareness in the Field, Human Body, and Creature Body while staying in the Upper Room and reaching down with Radiant Magnetic and Dynamic to the respective seats of consciousness in forebrain and old brain.

3. Incarnating Ego fine-tunes with the Field Magnetic and fills the Field with enlightened awareness.

4. The Field Magnetic opens to radiant Dynamic of the Immortal, which lifts external dynamics, releases them, and returns them to their origins lighter than when they were received by your Magnetic. Experience what happens.

5. Touch in with Incarnating Ego in Center 2.

6. Move into the Field's Dynamic with the Immortal's Radiant Magnetic. Retrieve lightened Dynamics which you sent to external magnetics, structuring and restructuring the Field's Dynamic while incorporating these retrieved dynamics and the relational essence they may bring.

7. Incarnating Ego moves down the CVA to the Transfer Point in the middle of the head, then moves forward to embrace Human Ego with Radiant Magnetic and Dynamic in the Forebrain and take it to the Upper Room.

8. Let the Being of Light Dynamic work with the Human Body Magnetic in a gentle shaping way or in a blast of energy like a bolt of lightning. Experience what happens.

9. Touch in with Human Ego in Center 2.

10. Let the Being of Light Magnetic work with the Human Body Dynamic, and experience what happens. Participate in the experience.

11. Incarnating Ego leaves Human Ego in the Upper Room and moves down the CVA to the Transfer Point and backward to the old brain to embrace the Creature-Body Ego with Radiant Magnetic and Dynamic and take it to the Upper Room to form the Triune Hierarchy.

12. Let the Being of Light Dynamic work with the Creature-Body Magnetic, and experience what happens.

13. Touch in with Creature-Body Ego in Center 2.

14. Let the Being of Light Magnetic work with the Creature-Body Dynamic, and experience what happens.

15. As copilot, expand through both aspects of the Creature Body, of the Human Body, and of the Field.

16. Form a cross of white light in Center 2, horizontally and vertically.

17. Expand awareness and unify with the Immortals of all the members of the group, including the teachers at Star Center.

18. Expand awareness and unify with the Immortals of all the Family of Light, including Russell and Carol Ann.

19. Let the Triune Hierarchy remain in Center 2 for the rest of the day.


Lesson Five
July 27, 1977

CENTER ONE is introduced at the top of the Field, 150 feet above the head. The first of a series of POWER RAYS, the SOUL POWER RAY, light yellow-gold in color, is brought from the first unobstructed level, the Soul Level, and anchored in each center as a power tool that is orders of magnitude stronger and more effective than the tools learned in Basic. This lesson is the actual INITIATION INTO FIRST ADVANCED.

1. Rise to Center Two and unify TPH (Triune Personality Hierarchy) in C2. Experience the feelings of love and gratitude exchanged among the aspects of the Microcosm (those centers 2 and below in the field, human, and creature body) and the Immortal.

2. Rise to Center 1 and feel the expansion of the body and sensations at this level. This center is larger than the others, at the top of the Field, and is the center from which planetary work is done.

3. Then rise in consciousness to the matrix level (an old term for the human body which isn't used much any more), then to Dimension 1, that of the Perceptual, experiencing this level; then to Dimension 2, that of the Emotional, experiencing this level; then to Dimension 3, that of the Mental, experiencing this level; then to Dimension 4, that of the Soul, the first unobstructed level. At this level, any clouding is from the Microcosm, not from the Being of Light at this level, since there is no low frequency at Dimension 4 and above.

4. Light the light yellow-gold Power Ray at this level, and sense its power and unobstructed high frequency. Bring the Power Ray down through the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st Dimensions, and anchor the Power Ray in Center 1 in space-time.

5. Move down the centers with TPH and the Power Ray, experiencing each level and seeing what obstructions may be blasted away from the center as the ray is anchored there. Don't follow the obstructions, or low frequencies, from the center; stay at the CVA with the center and with the Power Ray. This tool is very powerful and will blast away large chunks of low-frequency material. Be happy to see them go.

6. Move down in turn through Centers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.

7. At Center 9 is the center for lower kingdom work, and also at Center 9 is the Tree of Life, filling the entire field, which comes to fuller Actualism now.

8. The TPH can then be moved to any center desired for the rest of the day. The suns in each center are to remain dormant; they can not yet move out of their centers to other centers to operate as the TPH can. Also, it is too early to use the combination of the sun and the Soul Power Ray, which would slightly change the color of the sun.

(The sheet which had been marked "Actualism Advanced #5" was the sheet handed out at this session, and in lieu of anything else, I thought it was adequate to preserve the idea of the class. However, Actualism Advanced #6 was an actual LESSON that followed the form of the sheet most closely: the Power Ray wasn't anchored it was ALREADY anchored; the centers were gone through with the Breath of Life and the Cross of light yellow-gold in the inverse order: 2-1-2-9-8-7-6-5-4-3, and certain other details were ignored. So I typed this sheet on 8/4/77 to keep this lesson's details separate from the handout for this lesson which is not marked "Actualism Advanced #6", though it has my tree number and some indications of the Initiation lesson, such as going up to the Source of the Soul Power Ray which is below the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th levels (which should be drawn ABOVE Source, I would think), and the CVA, (which should be drawn BELOW C9, I would think). I found that those "branches" on the sheet are NOT part of the tree, but that the tree fills the whole field, which is something I didn't get at ALL. Also, stay 3-5 minutes in each of centers 1,2,&9, and 1-3 minutes in each of centers 8,7,6,5,4&3.

can't do bob tree [DIAGRAM MISSING]


Lesson Seven
August 10, 1977



C #7 TPH
Spleen (under lower left ribcage)
Splenic Plexus
Liver Plexus
Splenic & Liver Plexi & Inter-relationship lines. EA & FB (fire-breath: consuming fire aspect of any power ray during Breath of Life) expanded to include.
Liver (under lower right ribcage)
Gallbladder (under lower right liver)
Liver & Gallbladder inter-relating with heart & Spleen.
EA & FB expanded to include.
Pancreas (behind lower stomach)
Adrenals (capping kidneys)
Urinary system (kidneys, ureters, bladder, urethra)
Digestive System - swallow FB & move with it in EA from mouth to anus.
Reproductive System - FB & EA throughout all organs of system.
C #7 EZ focused in TPH experiencing response and then expanding throughout energy systems of Lifebelt and Yoke experiencing lift and awakening to Presence.


C #8 TPH
Splenic Plexus
Liver Plexus (both large, extending into field)
Liver & Splenic Plexi together including inter-relationship lines.
Solar Plexus - then nervous system all the way out to nerve endings in skin.
Lungs - One at a time: left lung first, then right lung
Bronchii - cilia, alveoli, then expanding throughout simultaneously:
Alveoli, cilia, bronchii, and both lungs.
C #4
Brain - expand through brain and experience brain relating to auditory, optic, olfactory, gustatory (taste) and touch with EA and FB.
Pituitary (governs structure)
Pineal (governs function) Expand EA and FB to include pituitary and inter-relationship lines.
Hypothalamus (emotional response to sensory stimuli)
Pit., Pin., Hyp., inter-relate
Brain - expand EA to include C #7 (emotional nature) C # 8 (sensory nature)
C #8 - EA refocused in TPH. Expand EA for lift and enlightenment throughout systems worked with.


Lesson Eight
August 24, 1977

The MONODIC POWER RAY is introduced from Level 7, Formless Form. This is the Power Ray of the White Star, and is the energy of One-Pointedness or Unity. First, the TPH is formed along the CVA, which is a central axis of unobstructed energy in the here-now, completely free of lower frequencies.

1. Rise up in consciousness to Center 1, joining all the Immortals who have come with us for the grounding of the Monodic Power Ray. This is an important day for everyone who joins in the grounding of this powerful energy.

2. Rise up to Matrix, then to the level of the Field, then quickly up through the Perceptual, the Emotional, the Mental, and through to the Soul, the first unobstructed level. Touch for a moment at the 5th level of Eden Consciousness, then up to the 6th level of the Archetypal, where the first creations were created, and up to the 7th level of Formless Form.

3. From this timeless, spaceless, formless level, bring the Monodic Power Ray down through the 6th, 5th, 4th levels and into the obstructed regions of the Mental, Emotional, and Perceptual, at last bringing it into the time-space here-now Center 1, where it can begin to benefit the entire earth.

4. Move the Monadic Power Ray down to Center 2. At each successive lower level, the lower end of the ray becomes a powerful striking tool that rids the centers of low-frequencies. If one would ever get lost during the earthing of this power ray, it would only be necessary to use enlightened awareness to find where the base of this energetic power ray is. From Center 2 it influences the entire Microcosmic Creation.

5. Move the MPR down to Center 3, to greater one-pointedness of lifting the creations from low frequencies to higher frequencies: no backsliding.

6. Move the MPR down to Center 4: one thought need not be immediately contradicted by its opposing thought. With greater Unity, the mind can be more productive, more centered, more one-pointed.

7. Move the MPR down to Center 5, for greater creativity without a sometimes attendant wish to destroy or degenerate. This brings true understanding of Higher Will, which is one-pointed in itself, if creations wouldn't scatter it.

8. Move the MPR down to Center 6, which was inadvertently described above.

9. Move the MPR down to Center 7, so that emotions can become purer, more centered: the object of love can become more one-pointed and centered.

10. Move the MPR down to Center 8, so that the nerves can operate in one direction more fully, not to be drawn back and forth by conflicting ideas.

11. Move the MPR down to Center 9, lighting the White Tree of Life to go with the light yellow-gold Tree of Life grounded by the Soul Power Ray, and bring an even greater quality of organization and perfection in the creation at all levels.

The practice during the week should be like Lesson 6 for the Soul Power Ray: start at Center 2 with the TPH, then move to Center 1 for the earth, then down to Center 9 to light the Tree of Life, and them move up from centers 8 through 3, breathing the Breath of Life into the six-directional beams flowing out from every center, moving the TPH anywhere it's needed at the end of the session.


Lesson Nine
August 31. 1977

The first part of the lesson is an INTENSIVE using the Monodic Power Ray from the previous lesson. The second part of the lesson brings the initiate to the level of being qualified to giving the FULL INTRO (with tape by Russel) to anyone who wants it. In doing this, one becomes a BEACON OF LIGHT for those who may be on their point of the path where Actualism would have meaning for them.

1. Lift the TPH into Center 1 after turning on the Monadic Power Ray. Use the White Star to cleanse this center so that it will more easily attract people who would be attracted to your light, also giving needed energy to the world at large, which is part of the work of Actualism.

2. Return to Center 2 and with effortless effort cleanse this center so that the Microcosmic Creation is clearer in effect and more direct in its influence upon the people around it. Intensify the power ray: there is no possibility of destroying physical creations with the power of light.

3. Move TPH down to Center 9 and light the Tree of Light in the White Color. Move throughout the field and feel where there may be obstructions. If there seem to be obstructions in the back, it may be good to expand the White Star to 150 feet in diameter, half the size of the field, and move it up and down the rear of the field to concentrate on enlightening awareness in that area. Repeat in the front, then, to balance the field.

4. After a break, use the clarified centers to earth the idea of giving an accurate and productive Intro to one or more people. You may want to sit quietly in the area and invoke the group Sigil to strengthen this area away from Star Center, although there is already a base of light about the apartment in which you have been doing your practicing. Get in tune with the immortal of the person you are about to introduce.

5. As an example, turn to the teacher, who will simulate a beginner, and experience his White Star. Amplify this energy and soon you will begin to see reflected amplifications of his energy coming back toward you.

6. In the brushdowns, the students should take turns calling out how the person introduced should be lead through his first brushdown. If it would overly activate the person, the brushdown need be done only at the back and sides, and not at the front. In any event, it would probably not be done over the face. Do not be concerned that everything is "right," there have been amazing results when the form was wrong but everything was "correct" on the inner. Don't forget to check arm "differences."

7. Let the person just introduced then do the brushdown on you, telling them to hold the white star between their hands for a few moments before they begin. It may be as complete or "incomplete" as circumstances allow.

8. Charge $1 for the lesson: in that way the person is more likely to profit from it. Tapes will be available when the order arrives in New York.

9. Practice for the next week can be the same as the previous week, or the extra work with the Monadic Power Ray and the White Star can be done in Centers 1, 2, and 9 as tonight. Do nothing extra if you're doing the Pelvic Unloading. Don't worry if the actual words weren't gotten; the Immortal has been at the lesson and will take what it needs at the time. There's nothing anyone can do to "make a mistake" about the lessons, unless there's much "effortful" effort or a lot of self-condemnation and invalidation.


Lesson Ten
September 7, 1977

The SENSORY AND MENTAL LIFEBELT is cleared out with the MONADIC POWER RAY. This is in preparation for the REUNION IN CONSCIOUSNESS next session, which used to be given individually but was found to be more powerful in a group. Practice can be alternated with the EMOTIONAL LIFEBELT in the middle of week.

1. Let Egos go to home bases, and then reform TPH in the usual way, letting Incarnating Ego enlighten relationship lines between Human Body Ego and Creature Body Ego.

2. Turn on the Monadic Power Ray, feeling it come on instantly in Centers 2 through 9. Intensify the unifying power of this ray.

3. Concentrate on the Splenic Plexus as the Assimilating Board on the left or magnetic side of the body, and the Liver Plexus as the Eliminating Board on the right or dynamic side of the body. When these Plexi are cleared, Enlightened Experience can sweep from one to the other without becoming deviated by the Creation.

4. Breath the Fire-Breath throughout the Sensory/Mental Lifebelt, feeling with the actual senses the consuming of low-frequency energies and images. Invoke identity, withdraw identity as another way of saying it, from these images; without Identity invested in these images, they become hollow forms ready for consumption in the Fire-Breath and Power Ray. Feel the unity of one-pointedness growing everywhere you direct your attention.

5. The Hypothalamus stores both the negative and positive emotional reactions to all experience received by the sensory systems. Clearing this of low frequency will help raise the frequencies of present sensory input.

6. Take even deeper breaths to intensify the Fire-Breath where obstructions are felt. If you hit a brick wall, use the flames to blast the wall; if you encounter a knife-edged sharpness, use the flames to melt the sharpness. Don't let Brain-Mind become involved with the images; if there is no Identity in them, they lose power over you and can be consumed.

7. The yoke is particularly important: if the yoke is freed from all low frequencies, it will become light and make the future bearing of any loads much easier and free. The center of the yoke is in the center of the back of the neck, feel how the correct positioning of the yoke can change the amount it can support. Even lower-back pains can be caused by a yoke invested with burdens that are not productive.

8. When going from one lung to the other, see the difference between the two, how the one is light and sparkling and the other is still loaded with darkness and low frequency. "For my yoke is easy and my burden is light" seems to be a perversion of the original sense: "If your yoke is light, then your burden is easy."

9. The Solar Plexus is the nerve center corresponding to Center 8, but it is not exactly in the same position on the body. Teacher-Knower will identify the difference, but Thinker-Talker can only confuse matters.

Practice for the next week should include three sessions with the Sensory/Mental lifebelt as tonight, then three sessions with the Emotional System Lifebelt, then a final session with the Sensory/Mental Lifebelt. There will be different reactions with the Monadic Power Ray than there was when the Soul Power Ray was used with these Lifebelts in previous lessons.


Lesson Eleven
September 14, 1977

The REUNION IN CONSCIOUSNESS is an extra-long lesson that puts the Creature Body in touch with the Human Body in a detailed way. Many tools are used, but they work together to smooth the relationship lines between the two creations, assisted by the White Power Ray.

1. Form TPH, then let it go down the CVA to Center 9.

2. Light the White Power Ray, the Sigil without any wings, and the Liver and Splenic Plexi in both the creature body and the human body.

3. Put Enlightened Awareness in Center 5, and move the Rod of Power in to the CVA and extend it upward from Centers 5 through 2, vertically, and spin the Rod as a Power Gear to spin the Power Ray clockwise.

4. Copilot with the TPH to Center 2 of the Human Body, where the top bar of the Sigil and the spinning WPR on the CVA form a Cross of Light.

5. Remembering that the Human Body is faster and bigger than the Creature Body, align the top of the Human Sigil with Center 2 of the Creature Body, and continue to spin the WPR to enlighten awareness of both bodies. Follow the spinning with Cosmic Mother consciousness that soothes and smooths the center that has just had such powerful work done in it. Think of the work done in the center, along relational lines that connect this center to all the other centers, and in the adjoining structures in the Creature Body. No other energy is used as the Cross of Light goes down to the lower centers, but the areas of the centers are worked on.

6. Lower the Cross of Light so that it centers in Center 3 of the Creature Body, performing the same steps as above. If obstructions arise in Brain-Mind, strengthen identity with the Human Body which is slowly being separated from the Creature Body.

7. Lower the Cross of Light into Centers 4 through 9, as above. At each step, end by bringing in the purifying consciousness of Cosmic Mother to aid in healing of the exercised parts.

8. Continue to lower the Cross of Light to the Pelvic Bowl, the upper legs, the knees, the calves, the feet, and the base of the Creature-Body Sigil. Feel the sensation of the Creature Body without the protection and covering and enfoldment of the Human Body.

9. Bring the Human Body slowly back up through the length of the body and align the axes, the centers, and the organs. Sense the Mutual Acceptance and coziness between the two creations after their operations. Leave the TPH wherever it seems to be most needed.

This lesson should be practiced from 45 minutes to one hour for the next two weeks, and then it should be repeated two or three times a week. If may be good to do this at night and the practice from the regular lesson in the morning. The Pelvic Unloading should be done as often as it feels needed, but it should begin to be a pleasure to do the practice, so that the body wants to do them more and more. Since only one energy, although many tools, are used in the lesson, there is no danger of overloading the system with more than it can handle. The REUNION IN CONSCIOUSNESS used to be done on an individual basis by Russell on the body-work table, but then it was found that the lesson was even more effective when done with the support of a group. The lesson was brought into practice only during the past few years, but already there has been great value from the practice of it. As the Creature Body gains in practice in sensing the alignment and misalignment of the Human Body, both bodies will gain in Enlightened Awareness and the ability to channel and earthe power more effectively.


Lesson Twelve
September 26, 1977

The RED-GOLD Power Ray is the ray that brings calm, peace, support and protection, and it is brought down from the Fifth Level, from the Four-square City of Eden Consciousness, the abode of the Archangel Michael, who wields the sword "Peace Be Still."

1. Form TPH and rise to the Fifth Level to bask in Eden Consciousness for awhile, and then receive the Red-Gold Power Ray from Michael and all who are gathered as Immortals to participate in this cosmic event.

2. Bring the Power Ray down through the Fourth, the Third, the Second, and the First Levels, feeling the calming and strengthening effect on each level as the Power Ray begins to be earthed.

3. Bring the Power Ray into Time-Space in Center 1, and feel the energy conveyed by this Ray flow out in all directions, assisting in the important planetary work of helping to earthe this power on the planet.

4. Bring the Power Ray down to Center 2, and intensify the energy throughout the Microcosmic Creation. The general effect of the calming could be an intensification of creativity on all levels, which is stressed throughout the lesson.

5. Bring the Power Ray down to Center 3, and feel how the Red-Gold of Michael blends with the Gold Dome of the Crown of the Cosmic Father. Don't try to see the colors with your imagination, but act as a co-pilot to the Immortal as it brings the energy to earthe in your creations.

6. Bring the Power Ray down to Center 4, and sense how the calming effect affects Brain-Mind, quieting its questions and complaints and nervousness, and makes the rest of the lesson easier to absorb with Brain-Mind even more fully harmonized with Incarnating Ego, and calmed with the Red-Gold Power Ray of "Peace Be Still."

7. Continue to earthe the Power Ray in Centers 5 through 9, and at the last center light the Red-Gold Tree of Life, rooted at the base of the field and branching to fill the entire field to the extent of 150 feet in every direction. Feel the intensity of the Power Ray and the Red-Gold Tree of Life, and blaze up the energy to blast the veils and barriers to actualizing this power in Time-Space.

This is an appropriate lesson to have before flying, since the Immortal loves the freedom of flying swiftly above the earth, so that it can expand to its full size without impedance from the lower frequencies surrounding it on earth. Never worry about accidents during flying, since if you are on the plane, you are too important to be lost in an accident, since you are coming into greater and greater power as a Child of Light. Harmonize your Immortal with the Immortals of the pilot and crew, and intensify Presence so that you can sense the joy it has as it soars high above the earth at speeds that the body doesn't ordinarily get a chance to experience.


Lesson Thirteen
October 10, 1977

The Red-Gold Power Ray is used with the EMOTIONAL LIFE-BELT to further earthe the energy of Peace Be Still in each specific organ in the emotional lifebelt.

1. Form TPH and move to the CVA, then move down into Center 7, the Heart Center. Light the Red-Gold Power Ray and breathe the Breath of Life into the Heart, which uses the energy to continue sending the vital blood throughout the body.

2. Expand the Breath of Life down into the Spleen, to burn out whatever obstacles or barriers there are to sensing full awareness in the Spleen. Angers and other low-frequency emotions are stored in the spleen and should be cleared out if they are ready to be erased by the Breath of Life.

3. Expand to the Splenic Plexus. Feel if there are any areas of heaviness or density, and either piercingly laser the obstacles away, or slowly melt areas of low frequency so they can be burned away with the Breath of Life. Feel as much of the sensation, the warmth of the Red-Gold Power Ray, the fire of the Breath of Life, as possible.

4. Expand across to the Liver Plexus, and then breathe the Breath of Life into all the relational lines connecting these two Plexi. They extend outside the body, even outside the Human Body, into the Field, which also has its own proper Liver and Splenic Plexes that are being worked on at this time. As each area is handled, work on previous areas continues, so that at some times feelings may become apparent in areas that have been worked on actively some time before. This shows that the Immortal continues to work on all areas as Brain-Mind concentrates on a new area.

5. Zero in on the Liver, and then on the Gall Bladder below it. The Gall Bladder is the little Napoleon of the body, storing up rage and anger from far in the past. Blaze up the Red-Gold Power Ray to vaporize whatever is ready for release at this point. No structures can be affected by these higher-frequency energies, so no energy is too great to handle.

6. Expand to the interrelations between the Gall Bladder, the Liver, the Spleen, and the Heart. Then expand to the Pancreas, which plays an important role in digestion, and then to the Adrenals, which are not primarily oriented as magnetic or dynamic, though it's possible for them to be unbalanced, producing too much or too little adrenalin for the system, acting in ways that are not appropriate to the stimulus.

7. Expand to the Kidneys, concentrating on the tubules that purify the blood, purifying these ducts and then continuing down the ureters to the bladder and to the urethra, continuing to breathe the Breath of Life.

8. Then swallow the Breath of Life and take the Red-Gold energy down through the digestive system: mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, to the rectum. Then expand the Power Ray to the reproductive organs.

9. Finally, expand the Power Ray to the Yoke, centered at the back of the neck, or possibly slightly lower down on the shoulders, and withdraw identity from the burdens there so that whatever is ready to be processed can be consumed by the fires of the Power Ray and the Breath of Life.


Lesson Fourteen
October 12, 1977

The RED-GOLD SUN is used with the Red-Gold Power Ray to enlighten awareness in vital areas of the Creature-Body and the corresponding area of the Human Body and Field.

1. Form TPH, exchanging love and gratitude with the Immortal, in Center 2. Move to the right and light the Red-Gold Sun at the point of the Sigil, and bring it to the CVA and then move TPH and the Sun down to Center 9. Light the Sigil, light the Red-Gold Power Ray, and expand the Red-Gold Sun to a diameter of 30 feet.

2. In each of the following areas, use four aspects of the Red-Gold Sun: first, the Magnetic Aspect to draw out low frequencies from the areas; second, the Consuming Fire Aspect to burn up residues and free essence; third, the Dynamic Aspect to distribute essence into the area in the Creature-Body, the area in the Human Body, and the interpenetrating areas of the Field; fourth, harmonize the area with the frequency of the Red-Gold Sun.

3. Use the four aspects of the Red-Gold Sun first on the entire system, energizing the Magnetic Aspect, blazing up the Consuming Fire hotter and hotter, since it can never damage physical components of the creations, and distribute the essence that the burning frees. Then harmonize the entire system with the frequency of the Red-Gold Sun.

4. Then repeat the cycle in the feet, since these become more and more important in processing at this time. Feel physically the effects of the processing: the heat of the Consuming Fire, the benefits of harmonizing.

5. Repeat the cycle in the hands, bringing them up to face each other on the tops of the thighs, feeling what areas need work more than others.

6. Repeat the cycle in the skin, feeling the action on skin areas all over the body, blazing up the fires to consume the low frequencies drawn out by the Magnetic Aspect. Only that which is ready to be processed will actually be drawn out, so there is no possibility of danger or discomfort.

7. Repeat the cycle in the lymphatic system, which is concentrated in the neck, under the arms, in the groin, and in other places through the body. This is the first time this system has been worked with, and it may have been crying for some much-needed attention.

8. Repeat the cycle in the thymus gland, which is located in the center of the chest, behind the breastbone, just at the site of Center 6, which is sometimes called the Thymus Center. This gland is more active during the childhood of the Creature-Body, but properly activated it can remain active to help keep the person youthful for a great number of years.

9. Repeat the cycle anywhere that the individual feels he needs it: this may be in the yoke, in the brain, in the skeletal system, in the nervous system, in the muscular system, in the cardiovascular system, or in the blood itself. The above systems were chosen because they are currently generally in need of added care in the creation.

This very powerful combination of tools can make it seem that low frequencies are leaving the areas concentrated on so rapidly and profusely that it seems like corn popping out of a pan. But don't be afraid to rev up the energies: nothing physical can happen with these higher-frequency energies now that the initiate has progressed to the current stage. These cannot be over-used.


Lesson Fifteen
October 26, 1977

The ELECTRIC BLUE POWER RAY helps us to see the difference between Truth and facts. That one is depressed may be a fact, but it has no part of Truth. There is no ONE truth, no THE truth, since even Truth changes through time. The Electric Blue Power Ray can help bring the Red-Gold quality of Peace and calm to Brain-Mind, so that it ceases its chatter and negativity.

1. Form TPH and unify in Center 2, then rise up to Center 1 in Time-Space, and then up through Matrix, the Human Level, slightly higher in vibrational rate, to the Perceptual Level, then to the Emotional Level, then to the Mental Level, to the first unobstructed level of the Soul.

2. Rise up to the Angelic Level of the Level of Eden Consciousness, and go to the East part of the Garden to merge with Gabriel, who extends his Electric Blue sword downward as an Electric Blue Power Ray, which we follow down through all the levels and centers.

3. Observe as the Electric Blue Power Ray anchors successively in the Mental, Emotional, and Perceptual Levels in the high vibrational spectrum, and join with the rejoicings of Beings of Light everywhere who can observe the Electric Blue Power Ray being anchored for Planetary work in Center 1, for the increased benefit of the entire Earth.

4. Observe as the Power Ray moves down to anchor in Center 2, radiating through the entire Microcosmic Creation, awakening the indwelling Thinker-Knower Within to a more fully actualized awareness by all three Microcosmic Creations: the Field, the Human Body, and the Creature-Body. Feel also the influence of the Cosmic Mother gentleness throughout the creation.

5. The Electric Blue Power Ray moves down to anchor in Center 3, and then in Center 4, where it is in the position to support and vivify the now-dormant Electric Blue Sun of the Wisdom Light worked with previously.

6. When the Electric Blue Power Ray anchors in Center 5, feel the radiant effect on the actual physical structures in the neck and throat, and feel an opening to the left, so that Objective Creativity is open to accept what good influences the radiant magnetic may attract on the left, and to the right, so that the radiant dynamic can manifest Objective Creativity in Time-Space for the benefit of the Creature-Body and the whole of the Family of Light.

7. Follow the Power Ray as it anchors in Center 6, blasting out obstructions to Higher Will that may be the result of ignorance, fear, or despair, which are all inversions of Wisdom. In the same way, the Power Ray continues down through the centers and anchors in Centers 7 and 8, freeing the physical heart and solar plexus, flowing out through the Splenic and Liver plexes, and purifying the adjoining physical areas of body and field.

8. When the Power Ray anchors in Center 9, the Tree of Life fills the field in the Electric Blue aspect, rooted firmly deep in the field and reaching far in all directions. Intensify the entire Power Ray in Centers 1 through 9, and feel the uplifting effect of this newly-acquired tool.

Practice through the week in the usual way: lighting the Power Ray when the TPR is in Center 4, and use the Breath of Life to form the Cross of Light in all six directions in Centers 1, 2, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, and 3. Practice in this Power Ray will give each God-Child the EXPERIENCE of the truth that Truth is not something to be feared, but is infinitely changing and always Beautiful. Images of the Self as Hated, Idealized, or Worthless cannot live in the intensity of the fully-realized Electric Blue Power Ray. It is almost impossible to convey this in words, but every high-level sensitive knows this to be true in his or her experience. More and more Truths will be unfolded to those who practice and learn to handle the powers that full knowledge of the Truths gives, so that no possible danger can ever come to the student.


Lesson Sixteen
November 2, 1977

The ELECTRIC BLUE POWER RAY is used withy the SENSORY AND MENTAL LIFEBELT so that the very important interconnections can be improved between the sensing and earthing of the energies and the mental recognition that the energies and powers are in fact being acquired and earthed. A stronger experience of the actual energies is needed by everyone in the group.

1. Form TPH and bring it to Center 4 to light the Electric Blue Power Ray in Centers 2 through 9.

2. Move with TPH down the CVA to Center 8 and begin to breathe the Dragon Breath of the Breath of Life into the Splenic and Liver Plexi, including the interrelationship lines between them. This can help to eliminate the tightness and veils that prevent experience of earthed energies.

3. Breathe the Breath of Life into the Solar Plexus, filling the entire nervous system with the power of the Electric Blue Ray, expanding Enlightened Awareness through the Creature-Body, the Human Body, and the interpenetrating Field.

4. Expand the Breath of Life into the left lung, proceeding from the left bronchus through the smaller branches down to the finest alveloi where the interchange of oxygen to the blood takes place. The lungs act as the distributors of the benefits of the Breath of Life into the entire creation. Sense the difference between the expanded, enlightened left lung and the heavier right lung.

5. Repeat the process with the right lung and feel the balance that results. Take full, deep breaths to assist in the creature-body elimination of low frequency veils and barriers to experiencing these energies.

6. With Enlightened Awareness, expand to Center 4, in the brain, and let the entire auditory system bathe in the fires of the Breath of Life. Expand to the visual system, blazing up the fires around the eyes and the optic nerves. Repeat the process with the nose, the mouth, and the entire sense of touch. Feel the energy throughout the entire body.

7. Expand the Breath of Life into the Pituitary gland. Don't be concerned exactly where it is, but let the Immortal locate this gland which governs the structure of the creation. Feel tensions drain throughout the work.

8. Expand the Breath of Life into the Pineal body, which governs the function of the creation, and expand to include the relationship lines between the Pituitary and the Pineal.

9. Expand into the Hypothalamus, which controls the emotional response to sensory stimuli, the governing body for the sense of this lesson, and then expand to include Center 7, the emotional nature, and Center 8, the sensory nature, so that the relationships among these centers can be cleared and improved and enlightened.

11. Expand to the yoke center in the back of the neck and shoulders, and feel the yoke change from being a burden to being a support for the body.

12. Refocus Enlightened Awareness in TPH, and feel the benefits of the work.

For the next week, repeat the lesson with the Sensory and Mental Lifebelt and also with the Emotional Lifebelt. This is a much-needed lesson to help clear up the "understanding" of much of the data that has been accumulating, unassimilated, by Brain-Mind, and will help to integrate the information with an actual experience of the results of working in these centers and organs and glands. It's one thing to read a book about an experience, it's a completely different feeling to actually EXPERIENCE the experience. This lesson is intended to act as a catalyst to bring about that experience.


Lesson Seventeen
November 9, 1977

COMMUNICATION is an important aspect of the ELECTRIC BLUE POWER RAY. Too many communications either go too far or fall short in transmitting just what is necessary. This could also affect communication between creations: between Immortal and Field, Human, and Creature-Body. So practice in Center 8, the Communication Center, is useful in clearing away obstructions to more perfect communication.

1. Form TPH and go to Center 2 to turn on the Wisdom Power Ray in Centers 1-9.

2. Rise to Center 1 and feel the spaciousness and openness of this center as compared with the smaller center 2. This is the planetary center, and all over the planet this can be seen to light up as work is done there.

3. Return to Center 2, beaming in all six directions as was done in Center 1, and breathe through the beams to cut aside the veils and obstructions to this Power Ray throughout the creations.

4. Then go down to Center 9, beaming in six directions, and feel the obstructions or clarity in the beaming through the field at this point.

5. Rise to Center 8, the Communication center, beaming, and feel the connections with all the other parts of the body that are affected by the good or poor use of communication. Communicate with the Creature-Body, the Human Body, and the Field as well as with the Immortal, experiencing the connections and misalignments throughout and all about.

6. Rise to Center 4, the Wisdom center, and again beam to sense the presence or lack of clarity in this center. Beam forward, clearing the whole face, to the sides, clearing the ears; the important rear of the field, and up and down. It is possible to include work in Center 5 for creativity. Light the Wisdom Sun in its center.

7. Return to Center 8 with the Wisdom Sun, and process in this area of communication, making note of where the obstructions and clarities are.

8. Expand the sun to 300', and concentrate on some area which needs the enlightening of communication. The Pelvic Bowl was chosen during the class, releasing obstructions here: it's not necessary to be celibate to benefit from the teachings of Actualism; celibacy in past lives, perhaps.

9. Reduce the sun to 150', and move it to center in the Dynamic half of the Field on the right, using the Magnetic Aspect to draw out obstructions, the Consuming Fire Aspect to burn them up, and the Dynamic Aspect to assimilate the essence of the lessons learned. Withdraw identity from the images that come up. Then go into the Unifying Aspect of the Sun for harmonization of the area and a gentle lift. This governs YOUR communication.

10. Move the 150' sun into the Magnetic half of the Field on the left, and again use the cycle of Magnetic, Fire, Dynamic, and Harmonizing to process obstructions and clear the field. This governs OTHERS' communications.

11. Move the sun to the center, return to Center 9, and expand it again to 300', again invoking the Unifying Power of the sun for harmonizing and a gentle lift, to cut the blocking of acceptance of knowing and being known. It's NOT awful to find out the truth of the Immortal of others, or for others to find out the truth of the Immortal of yourself.

Whenever a practice is extended through a long period of time, as this one will be until Carol Ann's session in 18 days, it's possible to alternate this practice with others: the lifebelt, other power rays, or other energies that seem to demand practice. Other areas can be worked on with the Wisdom Power Ray in each session, and work on a special project can be undertaken if there seems to be little change of progress in this area. However, it may be that experience will bring enough images, obstructions, and work to be done that the Immortal will ease the burden of repetition by working in a number of different ways in a number of different areas, presenting valuable lessons even while working with the single Electric Blue Power Ray.


Lesson Eighteen
November 30, 1977

The SILVER COSMIC MOTHER POWER RAY floods the systems with the tender, loving care needed by all levels of creation. The energy is usually associated with the Magnetic, but the Dynamic is fierce in rooting out images of worthlessness, denial, and not being loved.

1. Form TPH and rise up through Center 1 in frequency to Matrix, then up through the Perceptual, Emotional, Mental, and Soul, and into the 5th level of Eden Consciousness and enter past the guardian at the gate.

2. Merge with Archangel Raphael in the Northern part of the Garden of Eden, and join with the Immortals who rejoice that he imparts the Silver Cosmic Mother Power Ray at this time to the initiates who are guided to request it. The teacher precedes us to clear the way and make sure that the Power Ray is adequately earthed in each of the centers in the CVA.

3. Bring it down in frequency and anchor it in the Soul level, and then down into the Mental Body, the Emotional Body, and the Perceptual Body.

3. Then earthe the Silver Power Ray in Center 1, where inhabitants of the earth rejoice to see the earthing of another power ray by another group for the clearing up of the earth's debris.

4. Earthe the Power Ray in Center 2, where the Microcosm rejoices in the coming of another powerful tool. Here the energies available to the Silver Chalice of the Cosmic Mother are multiplied many-fold over what they had been before in Basic.

5. Bring the Power Ray down to Center 3, where it unites in a mystical marriage with the Cosmic Father, uniting Magnetics and Dynamics to form a working union of increased energy for all levels of creation.

6. Earthe the Power Ray in Center 4, where the brain soaks up the tender, loving care offered by the Cosmic Mother, to make the processes of thinking even more enlightened and the results even more fruitful.

7. Bring the Power Ray down to Center 5, so that Creativity can take place with greater effect in the practical world, thanks to increasing power.

8. In Center 6, Higher Will unites with the power ray to increase the cooperation between Higher Will and Creature Will, mediated by the Silver.

9. In Center 7 let the energy flow to the left, into the Heart Center, so that the blood systems are filled with the energies. Then let the energy flow to the right, into the Liver Center, so that the organic systems benefit from the infinite energy available from this and every power ray.

10. Earthe the Power Ray in Center 8, where the nerves soak up the tender, loving care offered by the Cosmic Mother, letting it flow throughout the body and care for all the structures and functions within and without.

11. When the Power Ray earthes in Center 9, there's the formation of a giant Tree of Light in the Silver color, uniting to form a Tree of Life which will enable you to stand as a Good Shepherd for all those around you who may also be on the Earth-Path of Service, and for those who have not yet developed to this position.

The practice during the week is assumed to be the same as the other Power Rays: forming TPH, moving to Center 2 to light the Power Ray, and then moving in order from Center 2 to Centers 1, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, and 3.


Lesson Nineteen
December 7, 1977

Using the SILVER POWER RAY to light the EMOTIONAL LIFEBELT is particularly appropriate in a season of heavy emotionality and conflicting interests as the Christmas season is. The tender, loving care and the peace and tranquility of the Cosmic Mother lift and enlighten the organs in the emotional lifebelt, blasting images of worthlessness, and enabling the light-workers to increase the vibrational frequencies of people and places around them.

1. Form TPH and move to Center 7 where love and gratitude is exchanged between the Creation and the Creator. Then light the Silver Power Ray in Centers 3-9, filling the creation with the infinite flow of lighted power from the Immortal Source.

2. Start the Fire-Breath and form the intention of pushing all the images to be consumed at least 30 feet out into the field, so that the processing doesn't even take place near your center, and then be sure to consume these images or they'll fall back in on you as soon as you lift the power ray. Feel the brightness of the Silver Fire-Breath in each organ.

3. Sense the films and veils in the heart that obstruct the flow of blood to nourish the entire body, and burn up the images that comprise these veils to clarify and cleanse the heart and surrounding tissues.

4. Move into the spleen and then the splenic plexus. The Cosmic Mother is particularly good in this magnetic plexus since CM is one of the strongest magnetic forces there is. Feel the fires filling the creature and human.

5. Move across to the liver plexus and feel the ferocity of the Cosmic Mother Power Ray as it attacks obstructions to the dynamic going out fully and freely. Then expand Enlightened Awareness and the Fire-Breath to include the relationship lines between the two plexi at all creation levels.

6. Then concentrate on the liver, purifying the purifying organ of the body.

7. Move down to the gallbladder, which is often angular with rough edges that the Cosmic Mother has to blast or even melt away.

8. The pancreas seemed greatly activated in the whole group, and there was a long time spent on the importance of proper functioning of this organ.

9. Move into the adrenals, which are usually involved in fight or flight situations, and long for the peace that the Cosmic Mother offers them.

10. Expand the fire-breath to the kidney, ureters, bladder, and urethra of the urinary system, noticing the aesthetic beauty of the kidneys aside from their purely functional purposes. They also have structural beauty.

11. Swallow the fire-breath and concentrate first in the mouth, then the esophagus and stomach, then through the small and large intestines, including the appendix, and then through to the rectum and anus, which are often forgotten because of their association with elimination, but need care.

12. Move into the entire reproductive system, starting with the testes in the men and the ovaries in the women, and proceed through the entire system.

13. Move into the neck organizing center of the yoke, and enlighten the structure into a supporting entity rather than a burden on the organs and sensory apparatus that is sometimes laden with the outcroppings of the yoke.

14. Return awareness to Center 7, blaze up the consuming fires to burn up all the debris that has been sent into the field, and then turn magnetic to assimilate all the wonderful essence that has been freed from the images.


Lesson Twenty
December 14, 1977

In a very real sense, the Cosmic Mother and the Cosmic Father are just as much your real parents as your Reality Mother and Reality Father. In this lesson, the SILVER COSMIC MOTHER POWER RAY is used to bring up images to be processed to clear relationship lines between the Immortal of your REALITY MOTHER and your own Immortal. Your brain-mind can choose, with the help of your immortal, just how much or how little you want to bring up in each session. Keep in mind that, for your Immortal and that of your Mother's to be so closely related in this life, these two Immortals have been related in many numbers of past lives, sometimes in different sexes, sometimes in different relationships, but in every case the Immortals chose to be related again in order to work out their relationship more perfectly. Always remember, the Immortal of your Reality Mother chose your Immortal to be fleshed as the child of hers that you are.

1. Form TPH and move into Center 2, where the field and all the levels of creation are cleared by releasing your dynamic from the magnetics of others, filling the void left with love and gratitude, and by releasing the dynamics of others from your magnetic with an increased frequency of vibration.

2. Choose the level of activation of images. Remember that images are actual thought-forms, which are structures in consciousness.

3. Light the Silver Cosmic Mother Power Ray in centers 1 through 9, and feel the inflow of energy spreading spherically throughout your field.

4. Move into your dynamic and let the light of the Power Ray reveal images that have affected your dynamic. The Power Gear should have already been pushed into center 5, lining up from center 5 to center 2, and turning clockwise to process the images, sending the debris out into the field to be burned up.

5. Merge with the Immortal of the Reality Mother and magnify your own Immortal Presence inside the image to lift that bit of personal identity that supports that image, and then consume the debris that remains in the fires thirty feet out in the field.

6. Move into your magnetic and, in the same way, let the light of the Power Ray reveal images that have affected your magnetic. The spinning Power Ray sends the debris out into the field to be burned up.

7. Again merge with the Immortal of the Reality Mother. If a treat is desired, expand the Silver Chalice in Center 2 and bring it down to your lips to drink a gift from the Cosmic Mother from the bowl of Her Chalice. This can be done as often as desired.

Since this is the beginning of a long vacation, it might be good to vary the practice with other Power Rays over the holidays. Keep remembering that Incarnating Ego will do whatever you request it to do; if you need assistance, ask and it will be given to you. Continue to withdraw your identity from the images, and then finish by ASSIMILATING the essence that has resulted from the voluminous burn-up of harmful images, making your dynamic and magnetic more complete, more whole, more integrated than ever before. You will remember the THOUGHTS that proceed from the images, but their power to rule your life will be removed forever when identity is withdrawn from them and their husks are annihilated in the consuming fires of the power rays.


Lesson Twenty-One
January 11, 1978

The ENERGY OF PERFECTION POWER RAY completes the quartet of rays drawn from the Four Archangels in the Foursquare City of Eden Consciousness. Remember that Perfection is not a frozen state of completion, but a constant moving with the energies and situations of the real world. Perfection is an opening up to possibilities rather than a narrowing of range of action. With an understanding of Perfection, everything that happens "is perfect" even though it might serve to bring up low frequencies: these have to be processed; repressing low-frequency material only makes it harder to eradicate later.

1. Form TPH and move down with it into Center 9, where Incarnating Ego lights the Pink Sun of the Energy of Perfection. Then move with TPH up the Central Vertical Axis to Center 1, then on up in Vibrational Levels through Matrix, through Perceptual, through Emotional, through Mental, through Soul, and up to the South Gate of the Heavenly City, where beings in pink garments welcome you. Merge with the Keeper of the South Gate, and then pass on into the South part of the Foursquare Garden of Eden, where you meet Archangel Uriel, who passes to you the Power Ray.

2. Bring the Perfection Power Ray down to the Soul Level, unobstructed, and then down into the Mental Level, where it helps you to understand and realize the benefits of the Energy of Perfection. Continue it down to the Emotional Level, filling that level with the love that comes along with the Energy of Perfection, and down to the Perceptual Level, so that you can more clearly experience the organizing and reorganizing power of this energy in your own life and your relationships with those around you.

3. Earthe the Power Ray in Center 1, where lighted beings from all around the earth rejoice to see this power being earthed in another lighted being on the earth-path of service, to help them clear the veils that obscure the light of love on earth here and all around this shadowed planet.

4. Earthe the Power Ray in Center 2, and feel the delight of the Microcosmic Creation from the downflow of radiant liquid pink energy from the level of the Angelic. Fill your upper room with this radiance and savor it.

5. Continue to earthe the Energy of Perfection Power Ray in Center 3, where it bolsters the energizing of the Cosmic Father; in Center 4, where it soaks through the brain, particularly forebrain, opening it to the many forms and meanings of love; in Center 5, so that the love can shine through in enlightened creativity, moving down through the shoulders and arms and hands; in Center 6, to direct the will toward matters of love; in Center 7, moving to the left to fill the heart and all the liquid systems of the physical body, moving to the right to fill the liver and all the glandular systems of the body.

6. Open all the plexi through this process, and earthe the Power Ray in Center 8, so that it flows throughout the Nervous System, moving to the left to flow through the Splenic plexus, to the right to flow through the Liver plexus, opening the entire body to the flow of Love and Perfection.

7. Earthe the Power Ray in its home center, Center 9, expanding the brilliant Pink Sun out to 30 feet to consume all the debris from the processing, and then farther and farther out until it fills the entire field with a radiant Pink Tree of Light, adding another plank of color to the Rainbow Bridge that you're constructing between the Creation and the Immortal, so that you stand as a Great Beacon of Light for those who look to you for guidance, a Great Good Shepherd to those who search for truth and meaning in life. Expand and bask in the energy of the Perfection Power Ray.


Lesson Twenty-Two
January 18, 1978

The ENERGY OF PERFECTION POWER RAY is used with the LIFEBELTS to get a far greater earthing of the three levels of creature-organs: in the Physical Creature Body, in the Human Body, and in the Field. There is no way for the Brain-Mind to understand what might be experienced, just move through the organs with the power of Incarnating Ego, keep gathering Awareness Units, and fill the Sensory and Mental Lifebelt with Enlightened Energy to experience them.

1. Form TPH and move down with it into Center 8, which you know to be different from the Solar Plexus, but feel the Radiant Pink Energy fill the Solar Plexus until it overflows and spreads throughout the Nervous System, so that it moves even through to the hands and feet, and open the palms of the hand and the arches of the feet to permit the energy to flow through. As this passes through, Incarnating Ego will help to rev up the Consuming Fire aspect, so that all activations which are already brought up to be consumed can be vaporized in just a second by the intense power of the Power Rays of the entire group, which act in tandem to build up the Consuming Fires to a level greater than that which it would be possible to reach alone. Feel the energy from the group.

2. Then move and expand to the left, to the Splenic Plexus, and feel the Assimilation panel on the Magnetic Side just light up: first just under the skin in the Creature Body, then just outside the skin in the Human Body, and then way out into the field, sense the Splenic Plexus of the enormous creation which is your Field, and consume all activations there.

3. Move to the right and expand into the Liver Plexus with its Elimination Panel: New York is famous for everything being there to Assimilate, but Elimination has to be done, too, and will be done again in the Brain.

4. Now feel the lines inter-relating the Liver and Splenic Plexi, fine as they are, filling up with the rich Pink Essence from the processing being done now, so that the lines joining the two panels are purified and enlightened so that low frequencies that are picked up can just as swiftly be passed through to be eliminated. Feel the whole midsection come alight.

5. Then expand to the left lung, using the Breath of Life throughout, and feel the energy even down to the finest alveoli deep in the lungs, but don't overbreathe, just breathe naturally and let the energies do all the work. Then expand into the right lung, at all steps of the creation being careful to work with the inner, Creature body organ, and equally with the surrounding, larger, Human body organ, and maybe a little more with the usually ignored, enormous, Field body organ. All three work together to form the creation of the Immortal that you are as God-Child.

6. Expand into the brain from Center 4, filling the lines that connect the senses of sound, sight, smell, taste, and touch with the brain. Sense how the Creature body, how the Human, and how the Field use all five of these senses in an increasingly more refined and sensitive manner.

7. Then expand into the Pituitary gland, governing structure; and the Pineal gland, governing function; and the inter-relationship between them. Then include the Hypothalamus that brings emotional response to sensory stimuli. Feel the energies bathing these three glands at once, and then expand down to include Center 7, the emotional nature, and Center 8, the sensory nature.

8. Then move up into Center 4 and then back to the Yoke Center, and change the Yoke from being a burden bearing you down to a support that can lift you and let you fly in the enlightened realm of Beings of Light we all are.

Feel the lift throughout the entire system.

Repeat the session through the week alternating with the Emotional Lifebelt, as before.


Lesson Twenty-Three
January 25, 1978

To help earthing all energies, COSMIC LOVE is emphasized in this special workshop with the CO-PILOT. It's appropriate to expand awareness of the Co-Pilot with the Energy of Perfection Power Ray, since it emphasizes the organization that actually exists in the creation, whether Brain-Mind is aware of it or not. IDENTITY is stressed as that which is called "I" and which is the steady center of the various Egos possessed by parts of the creation, poles of the field, and even various organs and body systems.

1. Harmonize Brain-Mind with the Immortal and in particular sense the presence of Co-Pilot. When Co-Pilot is brought in with the Immortal, there is agreement that there is a great sense of centering, of earthing the experience, of letting Brain-Mind comes closer to the Perfection that exists, in fact, in the Immortal. Even if a few seconds are available during the day, and this is done, processing and progress can be made.

3. Form TPH and move to Center 2 to again experience Co-Pilot as attendant and observer at the workings of the Immortal, then light the Energy of Perfection Power Ray in centers 1 through 9 and then move with Enlightened Awareness to Center 5 and move the Rod of Power in and up through Center 2 and spin the Power Ray clockwise. Power Rays have their automatic scouring power, so there's not any need anymore for counter-clockwise spinning.

3. With effortless effort, sense the flow of energy outward into the Field, first 5 feet, then 10 feet to the walls, then 20 feet, then 30 feet, where the consuming fires can be blazed up so that processing isn't done right up close to the Physical Body, and then outward until it fills the 300 foot field with Radiant Pink Energy.

4. Select an area of the body that seems to desire attention: one that might be annoying with pain, one that might feel laden with worthlessness from not being worked with, one that might feel heavier than others. Channel the Energy of Perfection into this area of the body or organ, and send the debris out into the field to be consumed after the Immortal has withdrawn identity and Essence from it. With the clockwise spinning Power Ray, Essence is incorporated into the creation almost instantly.

5. Select an activity in everyday life that seems negative, or it might be a person with whom you don't care to deal on a positive basis. Let your Cosmic Love and Immortal, which is the Pilot here, flow over that activity or person, and then open yourself to the love that's returned from the flow you sent to it. It's not that your own love returns to yourself, but the activity or person, which is connected to you by means of relationship lines at all times, even if the person is in California, will benefit from the love you send to it and its Immortal, and its Immortal, though the activity or person, will return its own understanding and Cosmic Love to you.

6. This can be repeated successively for activities or people who seem to need a lot of work to enlighten relationship lines between you and them.

7. Then withdraw the Rod of Power from the spinning and turn your whole being magnetic to assimilate the Essence of all the consuming and processing that's been done in the session, no matter how brief.

During the two-week break, any lifebelt or energy system can be practiced with the Energy of Perfection Power Ray, or any of the special projects either assigned or taken voluntarily can be followed. The whole point is to make the Energies a more integral part of everyone's day-to-day living.


Lesson Twenty-Four
January 31, 1978

The COSMIC FATHER POWER RAY is earthed from the Archetypal 6th Level, and before that's done the Power Rays already given are earthed at the hearts of the Suns at that level. The Crown now becomes many many times more effective when used as a tool, and the lifting power of the Cosmic Father Energy will operate to raise the frequencies within and without you higher.

1. Form TPH and move into Center 3 to light the Golden Dome of the Crown, and then move up the Central Vertical Axis to Center 2, Center 1, and on up in frequency to Matrix, to Perceptual, to Emotional, to Mental, and to Soul, where countless numbers of souls rejoice to see someone from the Earth-Path in the process of earthing another powerful tool, to the end that all frequencies on the Way will be heightened.

2. Continue to move up in frequency to the 5th level, the Angelic level, and here numberless angels cluster around rejoicing with your Immortal at this event. Move up to the 6th level, the Archetypal, where the blueprints of all beings and matter and energy are first separated from the 7th level of Formless Form, and here enormous Beings of Light that dwell on this level greet you. When you passed through the Soul Level, you took the Power Ray that had been temporarily anchored here and brought it up with you, and now you enter into the middle of the giant Yellow-Gold Sun and anchor it there, part of your Rainbow Bridge which will now reach from highest level of Form down to Earth-Path.

3. Bring up the Red-Gold Power Ray from Eden Consciousness and anchor it in the middle of the Red-Gold Cosmic Sun, the source of all Red-Gold energy in this Cosmos. Bring up the Electric Blue Power Ray from the Foursquare City and anchor it in the middle of the Electric-Blue Cosmic Sun. The Silver Cosmic Mother Power Ray is likewise anchored in the middle of the sun, and the Cosmic Mother Principle dwells there to embrace you and be embraced by you. The Energy of Perfection Power Ray anchors in the middle of the Pink Sun, known esoterically as The Light in the Heart of God. And now the Gold Power Ray of the Cosmic Father is handed over to you by the Cosmic Father Principle in the middle of His Sun.

4. Move down through the rejoicing levels of Archangels, Angels, and Souls, and down into the mental level, where the mind is newly uplifted from the low frequencies it is surrounded by; down into the Emotional level, where your feelings rejoice to see the earthing of this ray; and down into the Perceptual level, where your body, attuned, might feel the impact of this earthing. Let it flow out over the world-body from Center 1, and then bring it down to Center 2 and let your Microcosm bask in its radiance.

5. Continue to earthe the Cosmic Father Power Ray in each center, feeling how it brightens the crown as it earthes in Center 3, how it clears the mind when earthing in Center 4, how Creativity is uplifted when it earthes in Center 5, how ill-will is dispelled when it earthes in Center 6f, how hate-rage loses its power when it earthes in Center 7, the Physical Heart center.

6. Cup your hands on the insides of your thighs or over your pelvis as the power ray illuminates the Solar Plexus Center 8. This great Principle of Masculine Power is One with the Magnetic, which must yield to the dynamic strength of the Masculine Dynamic, but the Dynamic must also learn to yield to the forming power of the Magnetic, as the function must follow the structure and the structure must be formed by the function.

7. Finally, earthe the Power Ray in Center 9, where you become a giant Tree of Life, a Giant Good Shepherd here and wherever you may be in the world.