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Lesson Twenty-Five
February 5, 1978

The EMOTIONAL LIFEBELT is lighted with the COSMIC FATHER POWER RAY, giving another clearing energy to the organs in this and the SENSORY AND MENTAL LIFEBELT, which should also be practiced. This is done with the Fire Breath.

1. Form Hierarchy and light the Cosmic Father Power Ray in Centers 2-9, then move down into Center 7 and light up the Heart with the Power Ray. Feel the Golden Energy in the heart, going through the fluid systems to every part of the body. Earthe the experience of the Ray in your organs.

2. Move to the left into the Spleen, a rounded organ behind the left part of the stomach, just below the heart, and then into the Splenic Plexus, the great Assimilator and Magnetic pole of the Physical Body, and then move out into the greater Plexi associated with the Human Body and the Field, which is part of the general Magnetic Aspect of the Being of Light. Shape your Magnetic with the Dynamic Action of the Cosmic Father, since the Structure may have to be corrected to attain the Actual Design.

3. Move across the body to the Liver Plexus after comparing the two sides of the body. The liver purifies the body and also helps to purify the work that you do. Then expand to the Liver Plexus, and let the Consuming fire aspect of the Cosmic Father burn up obstructions to the proper expression of your Dynamic, which can be structured by the Magnetic action of the Cosmic Father. Feel the radiant energy from this side of the body.

4. Then light the interrelationship lines between the two, funneling the enormous quantities of energy from Assimilation to Elimination, from Magnetic to Dynamic, from Left to Right and Bottom to Top.

5. Move down to the Gallbladder and work with this mainly-ignored organ of the body, sensing its size and shape and function with the Golden Energy.

6. After interrelating the Liver and Gallbladder with the Heart and Spleen, move down into the Pancreas, which controls the functions of fear and panic in the organism, causing the "sinking feeling" usually put in the area of the stomach. This is an important, though neglected, organ.

7. Move to the Adrenals, tiny organs capping the Kidneys that function as the Spark Plugs of the body, producing the instant rages and angers that are so familiar, as opposed to the more steady angers from the Liver.
8. The Kidneys not only purify the fluid systems of the body, they help rid the body of the ash of processing, so take care to cleanse all the tubules and the conduits to the Ureters and down to the Bladder and Urethra, to take the wastes outside the body to be consumed far out in the field.

9. Then swallow the Fire Breath and feel it descending part by part through the Digestive system, etching each pattern of tube in its wholeness.

10. Then center the Cosmic Father in the Pelvic Bowl and scour the sexual and elimination organs of the Reproductive and Excretory systems.

11. Then move consciousness up to Center 4, to the Yoke Organizing Center, and move the Consuming Fires through the strictures and confinements of the Yoke, which in actuality is more of a support for a stronger body than it is a cross and a burden to hamper and weight down the body.

12. Then refocus attention to TPH and expand throughout the Lifebelt and the whole body which has been given attention in this Cosmic Father lesson. Earthe more and more of the actual sensations of the energy in each organ.


Lesson Twenty-Six
March 8, 1978

THE OBJECTIVE CREATIVE POWER RAY should effectively deal with over-dramatization, or at least switch the dramatization from the low-frequency experiences to high-frequency experiences. The "objectification" of the subjective experiences will assist in advancing on the Life Path.

1. Form TPH and take it to Center 5 where the Emerald Green Sun of Objective Creativity is lighted, and then move up the CVA to Center 2, then to Center 1, then up to Matrix (which is here described as the Human, which also has the centers, and moving to Matrix is termed an aligning of centers in the Creature-Body and in the Human similar to the exercise of the Reunion in Consciousness), on up to Perceptual, Emotional, Mental, then up to the Soul, to the Angelic, and then to the Archetypal, where a great Green Cosmic Sun awaits us, with a Green Throne in the center of it, and the Being in the middle of the sun gives us the Objective Creative Power Ray, anchored in the Archetypal, and to the rejoicing of the beings that have gathered to celebrate the occasion, we bring it down into our Creation.

2. Anchor the Power Ray in Center 1, helping to clear the Earth of blockage in this facility, spreading the Emerald glow over the surface of the earth.

3. Anchor the Power Ray in Center 2, feeling the energy flow throughout the Microcosmic creation, another link in the Rainbow Bridge that we're in the process of building from lowest to highest kingdoms of existence.

4. Bring the Power Ray down to Center 3, then to Center 4, feeling it spread throughout Brain-Mind, helping it to handle the tasks set before it on the Life-Path of Service, when we merge with the task to assist us in the best, most efficient accomplishment of the tasks set for us.

5. Bring the Power Ray down to its home center, Center 5, and feel the expansion of power to a new level of intensity, transforming our abilities to handle challenges to our powers of Objectivity and Creativeness.

6. Anchor the Power Ray in Center 6, feeling the harmony between Higher Will and the increased powers of Objective Creativity for accomplishment.

7. Anchor the Power Ray in Center 7, feeling the energy spread throughout the physical body as carried by the blood pumped by the heart all about.

8. Bring the Power Ray down to Center 8, and feel the soothing, calming effect of greater grasp of creativity and objectivity on the nerves.

9. Anchor the Power Ray in Center 9, the Organizational Center, and feel the blooming of the great Emerald Green Tree of Light, another color in the armor of the body, which helps us all to stand as a great Good Shepherd to those who are seeking for guidance and assistance along their Life Path.

This lesson may act as a turning point for those who tend to over-dramatize low-frequency situations in their everyday lives, reversing the trend of concentration on the low-frequency aspects of experience and begin a new drive toward reinforcing the high-frequency aspects of perceptual, emotional, and mental experiences both in life itself and in the study of Actualism. Since this may be an activating Power Ray, it might be wise to schedule bodywork to help facilitate the processing of images and blockages associated with the Objective Creative Power Ray. Another step in the firm foundation laid by First Advanced has been accomplished, to the benefit of all creation.


Lesson Twenty-Seven
March 15, 1978

The SENSORY AND MENTAL LIFEBELT with the OBJECTIVE CREATIVE POWER RAY will help earthe the objectivity given by the Emerald Green Power Ray. Anything that is felt as boredom through the session is a reflection of the images about what is "creative" and "worthwhile" that rise from low frequencies. High frequencies come from the Higher, from the Immortal, from Incarnating Ego, while low frequencies are produced by images that are produced by the Creation or taken into oneself when produced by other Creations. Any discussion of images leads to concepts about images, which are themselves images. Though it might be better to have another word, or no word, still these low-frequency manifestations have to be labeled so that they can be studied, objectified, freed from the identity that gives them life, so that the shells can be cast into the consuming fires and burned up, freeing space for essence.

1. Form TPH and move to Center 5, where the Emerald Green Power Ray is lit from Centers 2 through 9. Then move down to Center 8 and expand the energy first into the Splenic Plexus and then into the Liver Plexus.

2. Throughout the session, concentrate on experiencing the activity of the power ray in all three levels of the Creation: the centers and organs of the Creature Body, the analogous centers and organs of the Human Body, somewhat larger and at a different rate of vibration, and the analogous structures and functions of the Field, even larger, though no less diffuse. All three levels should be explicitly included through the entire session and practice with the lifebelt, for greater earthing.

3. Expand to the Solar Plexus and feel the energy radiate throughout the entire body. The palms of the hands and the soles of the feet and the top of the head and the plexi should all be open to permit easy flow-through of the consuming fires that will eliminate blockages as soon as the Brain-Mind sees enough of them to request identity to be withdrawn from them. No structure will be touched if it retains any Identity, since the energies are forbidden to affect any creature-connected part.

4. Expand into the lungs, bronchi, alveoli, and cilia, all the while breathing the Fire Breath which will help in the purification of the Creation.

5. Then move enlightened awareness into Center 4, moving through the auditory, optic, olfactory, gustatory, and touch systems, feeling the results of the work in each center, feeling them expanding and enlightening.

6. Expand into the Pituitary, the Pineal, and the Hypothalamus in turn, and at this point, getting down into the DEPTHS of these glands, they expand around your enlightened awareness and seem huge, enormous, filling the entire space of your awareness so that you can examine each bit of each gland and root out any blocks, veils, or low-frequency masses which inhabit and deviate the Cosmic Light in its flow through the Physical Body.

7. After harmonizing and sensing the inter-relationships of these glands, expand awareness into center 7 to include the emotional nature, then back into center 8 to include the sensory nature, and then rise to Center 4 to expand backward into the yoke, transforming it into a lifting, supporting structure, rather than a downward-bearing, burdensome weight to support.

8. Feel the entire enlightened lifebelt and all the structures and functions that it includes. Take particular care to assimilate the essence released from the work done, filling in all the spaces that have been blasted free from low-frequency obstructions, absorbing the Essence that you deserve after such work, the energy and peace available from high-frequency energy.


Lesson Twenty-Eight (+37 + 47)
March 22, 1978

The MAGNETIC and DYNAMIC ASPECTS of all three levels of Creation are introduced to each other and to the Personality in this workshop, which is one of the most elaborate and powerful thus far. There are three of these session in all of First Advanced, and they are extremely valuable.

1. Using Incarnating Ego, expand Enlightened Awareness through the Field, then touch into Forebrain and expand Awareness throughout the Human Body, then touch into Old Brain and Brainstem and expand in Creature Body.

2. Without forming Hierarchy as yet, light the Objective Creative Power Ray in Centers 1-9, and feel the flow of Emerald Green light throughout all three levels of creation, emphasizing the Consuming Fire aspect.

3. Harmonize Brain-Mind with Incarnating Ego in Center 2, and then go with Incarnating Ego to Center 7, and begin work at the level of the Field:

a. Focus in the Field Magnetic and release External Dynamics from your Field Magnetic, returning them with Love and Light. Retrieve any of your scattered Magnetics, and then perform the following steps at each level to observe the energy-activating images:

1. Withdraw identity to take the essence out of the image
2. Consume images in the Consuming Fires
3. Absorb essence, distributing it in the level from which the image

b. Harmonize with the Radiant Dynamic of the Immortal and process images.

c. Focus in the Field Dynamic and release your scattered Dynamics from External Magnetics, returning Love and Light to fill the holes you've left.

d. Harmonize with the Radiant Magnetic of the Immortal and process images using the three steps described above.

e. Expand to include both the Field Magnetic and the Field Dynamic and turn the poles inward to face each other, harmonize, and balance.

4. Incarnating Ego then returns to Forebrain and harmonizes with the Human Ego, then brings it down into Center 7, and then begins work at the Human level in exactly the same way as above:

a. Focus in the Human Magnetic, release External Dynamics, harmonize with the Radiant Dynamic of the Immortal, and process images.

b. Focus in the Human Dynamic, release External Magnetics, harmonize with the Radiant Magnetic of the Immortal, and process images.

c. Expand to include both, turn the poles inward, harmonize, and balance.

5. Incarnating Ego then returns to Old Brain and Brainstem and harmonizes with Creature-body Ego, brings it down to Center 7, forming Hierarchy, and begins work at the Creature-Body level in the same way as above:

a. Harmonize the Creature-body Magnetic and Dynamic with the Immortal Radiant Dynamic and Magnetic, and face the poles inward and harmonize.

6. Then expand to include ALL facing poles with Enlightened Awareness, and experience the harmonizing effect of being in "closed circuit" in oneself.

If you're going OUT for the day, then face the poles outward, retain Hierarchy, and work through the day. If staying in, remain in "closed circuit." "This is alike getting all the pieces of you more acquainted with each other." The poles must be enlightened, the images have to be cleared out. There will be three of these in first advanced. This is learning by doing. And don't worry about Brain-Mind, Incarnating Ego is doing Brain-Mind's learning for it, and the information will always be there for questions, just get in touch with the Immortal and all the answers will be there for your information and enlightenment, if only you trust the knowledge and accuracy of the Immortal.


Lesson Twenty-Nine
April 5, 1978

The HIGHER WILL POWER RAY works toward an experience of greater ABUNDANCE in the inner and outer manifestations of the Creation. This exemplifies the never-ending flow of love and creativity and manifestation from the Higher to the Lower, and should help to let us in on the Cosmic Abundance that we shut off through images of "poor me" and personal unworthiness.

1. Form TPH and go down to Center 6 to light the Royal Purple sun of Higher Will, exchanging the two-way flow of love and gratitude between the Creation and the Immortal, and experience the feeling of being a member of a truly royal family of which this color is the symbol, and feel the rejoicing of all the members of that family at your advancement along the Life Path, the Earth Path of Service.

@. Rise to Center 2, and then to Center 1, and then rise in frequency to Matrix, then to the Perceptual, then to the Emotional, then to the Mental, and then to the Soul Level, the first unobstructed level, and feel the crowding around of numberless souls who rejoice in this event. Rise on up to Angelic, and again feel the joy and love at this level, and then follow the heavenly beings rising and descending as you rise up in frequency to the Archetypal, where you approach the great inner Royal Purple sun and the Great Being who dwells in the Center of that sun, and then rise up for a moment to the 7th level, Formless Form, and then descend in frequency to earthe the power ray in the center of the sun, receiving a load of abundance from the Being there, and continue down.

3. Descend through the Angelic, again passing the radiant beings who pass unhindered from level to level, down to the Soul, and through the Mental, which delights in the abundance of mental activity now possible; through the Emotional, which broadens its horizons for feelings with this power ray; through the Perceptual, which can actually begin to experience this timeless everywhereness of the Perceptual Level, through the Matrix.

4. And anchor the power ray in Center 1, letting the Royal Purple liquid light flow out over the world which needs this abundance so much through its blindness and wastefulness, and feel the Organizational Center of the Earth receive its cargo of abundance with joyfulness.

5. Continuing down, anchor the ray in Center 2, filling your creation with the radiance of abundance, finding that it's not necessary to subject yourself to the petty irritability and querulousness of judgmentalism.

6. Anchoring the power ray in Center 3 will let you experience the abundance of high frequency which can be yours if you use the Transmutational Mergence of the Cosmic Father to lift yourself out of low frequencies.

7. Anchor the ray in Center 4, feeling the brain itself expand into new areas of thought; down to Center 5, to feel a new abundance of creativity and objectiveness; and to Center 6, its home center, where the power of the Royal Purple Sun is now increased many hundreds-fold.

8. Anchor the power ray in Center 7, feeling its purple liquid light of abundance being carried by the circulatory system to every part of the body; to Center 8, where it soothes and comforts the nerves of the Creation, lessening the influences from outside and opening the Creation to the greater abundance from the God-Child within; to Center 9, where another growth of the great Tree of Light springs up to fill the field, making you a great Good Shepherd to others on the Earth Path of Service.


Lesson Thirty
April 12, 1978

The EMOTIONAL LIFEBELT is used with the HIGHER WILL POWER RAY to anchor the experience of abundance more fully in the organs of the Creation, and to process the feelings of ill will that have been stored in these organs because of images of worthlessness, deviated function, and hate-rage.

1. Form TPH, and disengage your magnetic from external dynamics and disengage your dynamic from external magnetics, at the same time opening your magnetic to the dynamic of the teacher for greater processing and communication, and sending your dynamic into his magnetic.

2. Light the Higher Will Power Ray in Centers 2 through 9 and move down to Center 7, where the Royal Purple liquid light can saturate the middle of the body moving to the left to fill the heart and be carried to all parts of the body by the circulation.

3. Move into the Spleen and then into the Splenic Plexus, feeling the expansion of the magnetic with the release of feelings of Ill Will which had been retained in the magnetic, coloring all relationships with others, and follow the same routine: withdraw identity, consume the debris, and assimilate the essence, since all these processes can now be carried on at the same time by the different aspects of the Creation.

4. Move across to light the Liver Plexus and the Liver, and then fill the relationship lines between then with the Royal Purple action, activating and processing and eliminating images that arise here, which may even go beyond Ill Will into feelings of Hate-Rage-Kill. Don't dramatize the images, no matter how seductive they may seem, but simply withdraw identity and they will be consumed as soon as possible.

5. Continue down to the Gallbladder, the Pancreas, the Adrenals, and the Kidneys, and then down the Ureters to the Bladder and out through the Urethra. Then move with Enlightened Awareness with Triune Hierarchy and the Power Ray into the Mouth, where the Breath of Life has been going since the beginning, and swallow the Fire Breath and experience the processing in the stomach, small intestine, large intestine, and anus, and then proceed to the reproductive system and process there.

6. Then rise to the Organization Center of the Yoke, half in and half out of the back of the neck at Center 5, and lift images of the yoke being a burden to one of the yoke being a support. Anywhere in your body where you feel bound can be attributed to the false image of the yoke in the Creature Body, the Human Body, or corresponding structures of the Field.

7. Then return to Center 7 and expand Enlightened Awareness through all the systems in which work has been done, feeling the endless expansion of the abundance of Higher Will that replaces the tiny blocks and veils of Ill Will that the organs have engendered over the years; consume these obstructions and feel the new, lighted, higher-frequency state of each of these organs. Realize that this is only the beginning of the process, and that each subsequent practice will permit more images to come up to be processed.

8. Remember that nothing will be processed unless YOU want it to be; the fires are not capable of touching anything that retains a shred of Identity, so you have to WILL the consuming fires to operate, just as you have to will the continuation of energies, since it is NOT true that once something is turned on it remains on; otherwise they'd be on FOREVER.


Lesson Thirty-One
April 19, 1978

This worship emphasizes the EGOS and the relationships between and among them. In answer to a question, remember that the Creature-Body Ego, the Human Ego, the Incarnating Ego, as well as all the organs, Brain-Mind, and all the poles and including Presence and the Immortal are not only PART of you, they ARE you, you in your totality as a God-Child. It may seem like a lot of pieces at some point, but remember that they are all YOU, and as you advance into higher and higher frequencies, you'll experience their totality in you, yourself.

1. Harmonize Brain-Mind with Incarnating Ego, and actually feel the Presence at each step of the way, sensing changes in all the components dealt with.

2. Light the Higher Will Power Ray. This may be lighted after hierarchy is formed, or it might be lighted immediately if you find your mind wandering and in need of a firmer hand to produce a feeling of accomplishment.

3. Moving down into Center 6, light the Higher Will Sun, and expand it throughout the field, feeling it fill the entire field with radiance.

4. Returning to Center 2, just touch into Forebrain, harmonize with Human Ego without entering this area, and feel the lift given to Human Ego just by this harmonization. Do the same with Creature-Body Ego in Old Brain and Brainstem, experiencing the lift. If images of tightness come up in the body, just let them go. This is analogous to Bodywork where the hand or manipulator strikes a muscle with a retained load: the muscle tenses and just doesn't want to let go. Just relax, go along with it, don't hassle it; you don't want it, you don't have to keep it, but it won't be processed unless you release it, withdraw identity from it, want it to be consigned to the Consuming Fires of the Higher Will Power Ray.

5. Then let Incarnating Ego move down the Central Vertical Axis and move into Forebrain. Let the Field go Magnetic and gather in all the awareness possible from the Human Body, bring it in to the Central Vertical Axis, where it is lifted and illuminated, and then let yourself go Dynamic and push the Essence out, distribute the earned goodness back into the areas from which it came, so that no gaping holes are left in the Creation.

6. Let Incarnating Ego reach out with Radiant Magnetic and Dynamic toward Human Ego, feel the lift again, and then let the two of them harmonize and move back across the CVA to Old Brain and Brainstem.

7. Here again, let the magnetic gather in Creature-Body awareness, let it be lifted up in frequency, and then distribute it back into the Creature-Body with the dynamic, feeling the experience of thinking, letting, and sensing the processing being done. The whole of the experience is bound up with the idea of processing, consuming images, letting the light work THROUGH you so that you may be a CHANNEL of Higher Will, not exerting that will yourself, but letting it flow THROUGH you.

8. Now experience Incarnating Ego incorporating Creature-Body ego into the Triune Personality Hierarchy, enlightening the relationship lines between the two Creation Egos, and harmonizing these relationship lines with the lines relating them to Incarnating Ego. Try to experience the fact that these are all YOU, that you control them; they need not be controlled by low-frequency images that occur more as a matter of habit than actual design.

9. After workshops, either repeat the exercise in the workshop, or return to the lifebelts with the current energy, or return and work with some of the previous energies and Power Rays.


Lesson Thirty-Two
May 1, 1978

The RADIANT WARRIOR POWER RAY becomes a tool of the active rooting-out of blockages and veils to understanding. With the "Ring Pass Not" (from Basic #15) strengthened from before, FEAR can be combated more effectively in every center.

1. Form TPH, taking care to experience the fear of flying in the Creature-Body, which is the body that would be destroyed during flying, but that this fear is not a part of the Human or Incarnating Egos, which are not mortal, therefore don't fear the death of the Creature-Body.

2. Move down to Center 9 and light the Radiant Warrior sun, expanding it out to fill the field, particularly experiencing the "Ring Pass Not" about 30 feet out, past which nothing that can harm the organism can pass inadvertently, serving to further free the creation from fear.

3. Then move up the Central Vertical Axis to Center 1, then on up in frequency to Matrix, to Perceptual, to Emotional, to Mental, to Soul, to Angelic, feeling the joyful presences moving up and down around you, rejoicing at this opportunity to earthe another power ray, then up through the Archetypal, where the Light Violet sun changes slightly in color to produce the AMETHYST POWER RAY which is anchored and interconnected with the other bands of color in the Rainbow Bridge which is being produced in First Advanced, and feel the heightened power this gives to the manifestations of the Radiant Warrior within and without.

4. Move down through the Angelic and the Soul, feeling the rejoicing of the beings who dwell there, and continue down through the Mental, the Emotional, the Perceptual, the Matrix, and feel the rejoicing of the Earth as anchoring the Power Ray in Center 1, the Earth's center, floods the vast organism of the Earth with Radiant Warrior energy.

5. Bring the Power Ray down to Center 2 and anchor it in the Microcosmic world, feeling the participation of the Cosmic Mother in the event.

6. Continue earthing the Radiant Warrior power ray in Center 3, feeling the participation of the Cosmic Father, raising frequencies involved in Fear to the ease of Enlightened Awareness.

7. Earthe the Power Ray in Center 4, feeling the relief the Brain-Mind finds in the easing of fear, sharpening its abilities to pursue elusive blockages to even greater progress in the processing of destructive, low-frequency images that activate the personality.

8. Continue anchoring the Power Ray in Centers 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9, the home center, feeling the expansion of a great Amethyst Tree of Light to join the others formed in previous earthings.

9. Practice the beaming in 6 directions through the rest of the week, and use the Ring Pass Not out about 30 feet to eject debris from processing to be burned in the fires of consuming energy which are greatly heightened by the introduction of the Amethyst Power Ray, which need not be changed in the eye in actual color, but the flavor of the intensity should be sought to train the being in experiencing more and more subtle states of being as the course of Actualism progresses through First Advanced.


Lesson Thirty-Three
May 10, 1978

The SENSORY AND MENTAL LIFEBELT helps to earthe the mentality and energy of the RADIANT WARRIOR POWER RAY. The characteristic of the Radiant Warrior is not violent and warlike, but it is fierce in the drive to root out low-frequency images, and it couples this drive with love of the creation and the desire to assist in protecting it from low-frequency influences. Leave it up to the Immortal to strengthen all the structures: the Brain-Mind can't do it with logic, because it would be impossible to logically define, let alone summon protection, to all influences from all sides. Note: the Field doesn't have organs, but the organs have Fields.

1. Form TPH, move it into Center 9, and light the Radiant Warrior Power Ray in Centers 2 through 9, and light the Radiant Warrior Sun and expand it to fill the Field.

2. Move TPH into Center 8, then expand it out to fill the Splenic Plexus, experiencing it strengthening and aligning the Magnetic of the Creation in a more dynamic, image-consuming, warrior-like manner.

3. Expand into the Liver Plexus, repeating the strengthening effect on the Dynamic of the Creation, making it more forceful in everything it does.

4. Move deeply into the Solar Plexus. Move inside it: most people think of it as being about the size of a golf ball; really move down inside it and see that it is huge and complex from inside, the nerve-control panel for the entire body, and then tend it with love and understanding of its grandeur and its actual structure and function. Follow the nerves all the way out to their endings at the surface of the levels of creation.

5. Breathe the Power Ray into your left lung, down into the bronchii and the alveoli, and then feel the enlightened difference between the two lungs after the left one has been purified by the Warrior.

6. Then even the effect by breathing the Ray into your right lung.

7. Move into the brain, and expand the Power Ray successively throughout the centers for the Ears, Eyes, Nose, Taste, and Touch, and experience the Ring-Pass-Not of protection the Radiant Warrior affords to these input centers of the Creature Body.

8. Move in turn with enlightened awareness, getting right down inside, through the Pituitary, Pineal, and Hypothalamus glands, and the interconnections between and among them, feeling their size and scope and function as strengthened and freed from Fears of all kind by this Ray.

9. Finally, focus on the Yoke, lifting it into a framework of support rather than a harness of a burden, returning it to its original Actual design.

From here "to eternity" you should never leave your house and go out into the world without first putting on the Radiant Warrior Power Ray and expanding the Amethyst Sun out to the limits of your field so that you can feel the protection it gives you as you walk through the streets and subways of New York. When driving, it would be good to substitute the Objective Sigil, but at all other times the Ring-Pass-Not is the most effective protection against the low-frequency influences from outside AND the most vigilant uprooter of low-frequency images coming from inside. This most powerful tool will prove to be of unequaled use throughout the rest of the course of Actualism, and this session should prove to be of highest value.


Lesson Thirty-Four
May 17, 1978

EMERGENCY MEASURES for high activations can be taken when there's just no time to sit down and do a session. The more enlightened you become the more you have to physically protect yourself from attack, whether it's the images that are attacking you from inside or people who would select you as a target for low-frequency attacks from the outside.

1. Close your eyes for a moment and get as much of your Identity up into Incarnating Ego in Center 2 as possible in the time available, and then immediately turn on the RADIANT WARRIOR POWER RAY. This will supply you with as much steadiness and energy against fear as is possible in the short time. Feel the relaxation that should come with this action.

2. In Basic, you were taught that where there is Pain there is an obstruction. Now in First Advanced, you should know that where there is TENSION, there the body is literally holding a problem before you and challenging you to get rid of it. To do so, simply relax enough so that the tension goes away, and this will permit the Identity to be removed and the fires to consume the low frequency. It's simple to say but sometimes hard to do.

3. The tools work, don't doubt it. If they're called upon, they will be there in their full intensity. There's no need to grit the teeth and furrow the brow and concentrate the Brain-Mind and demand that the low frequencies be "consumed, consumed, consumed." Use the effortless effort to think and LET, and the release of the images will permit the consuming FIRES which are THERE to consume them.

4. There's no need to burp, though it may be a sign of elimination. This is not to be confused with consuming---when a log is consumed, it leaves a pile of ash, and this must then be eliminated, but it can be done silently, or with whatever pyrotechnics are demanded by the personality.

5. It's not necessary to waver back and forth around a central point to convince yourself that you're doing work, that images are being consumed. Let this to the Immortal, who's willing to do it for you if you ask it, and don't get Brain-Mind tied up with the idea that IT is doing anything other than letting go and releasing the images to the fires.

6. Then if there is more time, move down to Center 5 and push in the Rod of Power and engage the Central Vertical Axis in Centers 2-5 and spin the Power Ray clockwise to feel the churning of the field, giving you more space in the field so that you don't feel weighted down or pressed in on. Then stop the spinning and feel the clearing in the field as debris is consumed and sense the sphericality of the field which is now yours.

7. At that point then the Hierarchy can be formed, and then you can send it up to Center 1 to see how Mass-Mind and the Field of the Planet might be contributing to your discomfort. In crowded New York the field may include dozens of highly activated low-frequency individuals, and you have to become aware that THEIR burdens, though they're in your field, are not yours. Blaze up the consuming fires, and then leave the Immortal to continue this work and come down to Center 2 and repeat the beaming in six directions to clear out as much of the Microcosmic creation as possible in the time available.

8. Then it's possible to touch in quickly down through each center 3-9, lighting up the Tree of Light in Center 9, and then lighting the Radiant Warrior Sun and expanding it through the field to again assist in cutting through the fog.

9. These energies can be used in any order and with whatever frequency they seem to be needed. There's no excuse for being trapped in low frequency.


Lesson Thirty-Five
May 24, 1978

The POWER RAY OF THE LEFT HAND OF THE PHYSICIAN soothes the body from the hard work that's been done after the past few months, representing a brief resting-period before getting into a new level of activations and processing. At this point the group is doing so well that it's possible to speed up: in California First Advanced is taught without workshops and without empty weeks between power rays. But maybe we can go every week now to the end of First Advanced to be able to more quickly get to Second Advanced.

1. Form TPH and move it down to Center 7, where the Ruby Red Sun of the Left Hand of the Physician is lit and expands throughout the field. Then listen to the tape as Russel takes the group on up through all the levels to the Archtypal, with all the angels and archangels flocking around with joy and welcome, and move to the heart of the Ruby Red Sun there to pick up the Ruby Red Power Ray and anchor it in the Archtypal in preparation for bringing it down to earthing in our creations.

2. Bring it down through all the levels and let it remain in Center 1 for a long period of time. There are such low frequencies in New York City and on the planet that much work is needed at this point, and this Earth-center is the place from which the benefits will radiate.

3. Continue down to Center 2, filling the field with the radiance of the Ruby Red Energy, feeling the curing and comforting effects here in conjunction with the Cosmic Mother, and bathe the entire body in the riches.

4. Move down to Center 3 to enable the Cosmic Father to share in the energy and blessings of this power ray washing down over the levels of creation.

5. Move and anchor the power ray in Center 4, feeling how the Brain-Mind welcomes this balm after the difficulties of processing and attending to the low frequencies from the organs that might have been channeled through Brain-Mind, though it need not be so. Feel the lift.

6. Continue down to Center 5, feeling the increased powers of Creativity freed up by the healing energies of the Left Hand of the Physician.

7. Center 6, the Higher Will center, delights in this step along the path of Enlightenment, as the Ruby Red power ray is anchored in this center.

8. In Center 7, feel the energy fill the heart center, and then move it to the left so that it fills the actual heart, and then to the right so it can overflow into the liver, flowing throughout the system through the liquid channels connected to these two most important bodily organs. Feel the magnitudes of increase of the power of the Ruby Red sun as the Power Ray anchors here in its home center, increasing processing.

9. Feel the spread of healing Ruby Red energy throughout the nervous system after the Power Ray is anchored in Center 8, the Solar Plexus.

10. Finally, anchor the ray in Center 9, the Organizational Center, and feel the spreading of the great Ruby Red Tree of Life in conjunction with the others which have been earthed already, enabling the lightworker to stand as a Great Good Shepherd with love and light to those who come within range of your creation.


Lesson Thirty-Six
June 7, 1978

The EMOTIONAL LIFEBELT with the RUBY RED POWER RAY OF THE LEFT HAND OF THE PHYSICAL SHOULD concentrate on the multitudes of relationship lines between each organ and each other organ, particularly the brain. At the same time, it shouldn't have to be repeated that the work is done on all THREE levels of the creation: the Physical Body, the Human Body, and the Field, and it should be done through the magnetic aspect and the dynamic aspect of each organ also. In every space there should be an inquiry made why that particular organ is RESISTANT TO THE HEALING OF THE PHYSICIAN.

1. Form TPH and move it down to Center 7, lighting the Ruby Red Power Ray in Centers 2-9, then lighting the Ruby Red Sun and moving it out to fill the field, turning it magnetic to draw out all the images and blocks that resist the healing flow of energy into each organ. Breathe the Fire Breath with the tongue in the right position, and co-pilot with increasing enlightened awareness to earthe the experience in the creation at each organ, at each level, and at each aspect of the energy.

2. Expand the energy sideways into the heart, and feel the energies course through the entire blood system, pumped by the heart to the extremities of the Creature Body, through the similar systems in the Human Body, and through the analogous structures in the Field. Then expand into the Spleen in the same way, feeling this spherical structure fill with power.

3. Expand through the Splenic Plexus and then compare the left, lighted side of the body with the right, heavier body-side, and then move across to the Liver Plexus and balance the two sides, taking particular note of the relationship lines between the two plexi across all levels of body.

4. Then expand down to the Gallbladder and then sense the balance across the Gallbladder, Liver, Spleen, and Heart, and feel the lift in the upper part of the torso, feeling all the relationship lines to other parts of the body, particularly to the Brain.

5. Then move, as a group, into the Pancreas, clearing that out at this frequency, and then move down to the Adrenals, particularly feeling the relationship lines between these two giants of the body, and then move into the Kidneys and down the Ureters to the Bladder and out the Urethra.

6. Then from the excretory systems come back up to the Digestive System, filling the mouth with Ruby Red energy and swallowing to send it down through the stomach, duodenum, small intestine, large intestine, colon, and out through the anus. Then move into the reproductive---generative and regenerative systems, and feel the effect through the whole body.

7. Lastly, expand upward to the organizing center of the Yoke, seeing that the images you have about this are false to fact, and lighten and lift the Yoke at this frequency so that it helps rather than hinders the creation in the task of assimilating the power and earthing the energies.

8. Then bring all the gained identity, having assimilated as each bit of debris gave up its identity in the fires, back down to Center 7 and feel the lightened sense of self-awareness from the session.

During the week, don't expect too much from the sessions, but continue to ask yourself why there is such resistance to healing, to getting rid of loads, to soothing yourself. Don't play the game of "I don't get it" to gain attention or substitute one game for another. Drop all the games and stand in service to all who come near you, so that you can help in healing the world.


Lesson Thirty-Seven (+ 47)
June 14, 1978

As in Lesson Twenty-Eight, this lesson deals with the MAGNETIC and DYNAMIC aspects of the Creation, processing this time with the POWER RAY OF THE LEFT HAND OF THE PHYSICIAN WITHIN. As before, this is to acquaint your Magnetic Aspect and your Dynamic Aspect more fully and completely, and expand them.

1. Harmonize Brain-Mind with Incarnating Ego in Center 2, experiencing the lift, and then move with Enlightened Awareness with Incarnating Ego down to Center 7 and light the Power Ray of the Left Hand of the Physician in Centers 2 through 9, and light the Ruby-Red Sun and expand it to the full extent of the 150 foot field.

2. Experience what happens when the Magnetic Aspect of the Field harmonizes with the Radiant Dynamic of Incarnating Ego, which is totally actual and free from low-frequency. Before this, release external Dynamics from your Magnetic and retrieve any of your scattered Magnetic from other Dynamics.

3. Then experience what happens when the Dynamic Aspect of the Field harmonizes with the Radiant Magnetic of Incarnating Ego, having already retrieved any of your external Dynamics from others' Magnetics, filling the spaces left with Love and Light. Finally, harmonize your Field's Magnetic and Dynamic, turning them in to each other in Closed Circuit.

4. Move with incarnating Ego up to the navigational point in Midbrain and forward to Human Seat, gather and enlighten awareness in the Human Body, extend Radiant Magnetic and Dynamic to Human Ego, harmonize, and both Egos flow to the Central Vertical Axis and down to Center 7, where the above process is repeated with the Magnetic and Dynamic aspects of the Human Body, releasing external Magnetics and Dynamics before harmonizing each with the Radiant component of the God-Child that you are, and then face both of them in to each other and let them harmonize, Presence continuing with each action while you ask Incarnating Ego to go on with the processing in another area of the Beloved Creation.

5. Leave Human Ego in Center 7 and flow with Incarnating Ego back up the Central Vertical Axis and back into Old Brain and Brainstem, where it gathers and enlightens awareness in the Creature Body, and then harmonizes with Creature-Body Ego and moves with it down to Center 7, where Hierarchy is formed, and then Creature-Body Magnetic and Dynamic are treated with the Radiant Dynamic and Magnetic, respectively, and are then turned in to harmonize with each other.

6. Then, only in the classroom, the teacher extends his Dynamic into each person's Magnetic, on all three levels, assisting to expand the structure of your Magnetic, and receiving your Dynamics into his Magnetic, so that the function of each Dynamic may be expanded. He functions strictly as a channelling device and harmonizer of your own energies, so that what you channel into him is processed and returned to increase your own structures and functions and to expand your capabilities for the following lessons.

7. On our own, in the practice sessions, sometimes the poles may be left in "Closed Circuit" if you're going into the highly activating subways, so you won't be burdened with the low-frequencies often found there, and you may remain on Closed Circuit if you're staying home or going to sleep. However, if you're interacting with people in any way, you have to face your poles to the front so that you can interact favorably with these people, otherwise they will find you "closed" and "distant" if you choose to remain on Closed Circuit. As the teacher takes on and transmutes our low frequency, you may find yourself taking on and transmuting more low-frequency energies into high frequency for the benefit of the environment.


Lesson Thirty-Eight
June 30, 1978

The ORANGE POWER RAY of the RIGHT HAND OF THE PHYSICIAN serves to calm the Nervous System and also acts to consolidate all the other power rays given so far in First Advanced. Though this energy is little-used in the past, we will learn by experience the soothing and enlightening qualities of it.

1. Form TPH, move down the CVA to Center 8 and light the Orange Sun, and move with it up to Center 1, and then "inward and upward", slightly larger, to Matrix, then to Perceptual, Emotional, and Mental, and then on up to Soul, where joyous beings rejoice to see our coming, and then up to Angelic, with radiant bodies moving up and down among the levels, and up to the Sixth Dimension and to the great Central Orange Sun, and we enter this source of all power in this energy and are greeted by the Being who dwells within, and there we anchor the upper end of this frequency of the Rainbow Bridge, interconnecting it with the other frequencies as we now begin the downward journey to earthe it in each center.

2. Move down to the Angelic, and let the Flame spread throughout, gladdening the spirits who dwell here to see another bearer of this energy on the Earth Path of Service. Continue to the Soul, and then down to Mental, where it blasts away false-to-fact pictures of what these levels are like in actuality, and down to Emotional, Perceptual, and through Matrix down to Center 1, where it moves outward over the entire Earth, making light-bearers everywhere rejoice to see another earthing of another energy.

3. Then continue down to Center 2, where it anchors and earths in your own Microcosm, spreading the Flame throughout and all about, letting it soak into the Fifth Kingdom Field and blaze away obstructions to this energy.

4. Feel the strengthening of the Cosmic Mother's love here with the energy of the Physician Within to help soothe and calm the Creation in living.

5. Move down to Center 3 and feel the harmonizing with the Cosmic Father here at the top of the head, making Transmutational Mergence easier.

6. Continue down to Center 4, feeling it move throughout Brain, destroying foolishness and false-to-fact thoughts, expanding the Brain and its neural pathways and opening it to greater SENSATION and EXPERIENCE, which is one of the major qualities of this energy, helping the actual Physical Body to SENSE these energies more fully and finely, to EXPERIENCE their effects and affects on the Creature Body and on the Human Body.

7. Move on down to Center 5, spreading throughout the Creativity Center and making it easier to DO, and ease the exhaustion of NOT doing when something should be done, making all activities more appropriate to the situation.

8. Anchor and earthe the Power Ray in Center 6, moving to the left to the Heart and through the Circulatory System, moving to the right to the Liver and the organic systems of the body, feeling the uplift and enlightenment.

9. Continue down to Center 7, moving to the left to the Splenic Plexus, the great control panel of Assimilation, and to the right to the Liver Plexus, the great control panel of Elimination, and fire the connections between so that the energies will pass undeviated through your purified creation.

10. Now in the home center, Center 8, feel the magnitudes greater power and energy of the Right Hand of the Physician Sun and Power Ray in your creation.

11. Finally in Center 9, light up the Tree of Light so that you stand as a giant Good Shepherd to those who come within the range of your Presence.


Lesson Thirty-Nine
July 5, 1978

The SENSORY-MENTAL LIFEBELT with the ORANGE POWER RAY OF THE RIGHT HAND OF THE PHYSICIAN should always be done in its entirety, there should be no falling asleep halfway through it, since this is an enormous power and though it isn't used often enough, it should be respected when it is actually used.

1. Form TPH and move it to Center 8, lighting the Power Ray in Centers 2-9 and lighting the Orange Sun and expanding its magnetic power throughout the Field, and begin to use the Fire-Breath to complete the processing.

2. Expand to the left to the Assimilation Panel of the Splenic Plexus, through all three levels of Creature Body, Human Body, and Field, after having released all external Dynamics and receiving the Dynamic of the Teacher into the Magnetic Left as the Dynamic Right is retrieved from outside Magnetics and is then directed into the Magnetic Left of the Teacher.

3. Further expand to the right into the Elimination Panel of the Liver Plexus, and then light the interconnecting relationship lines between these two plexi. Then move deeply into the Solar Plexus, moving through all the nerves, again saturating all three levels of creation with the Orange Energy of the Right Hand of the Physician. Make sure that the nerves don't stop at the neck, but continue upward to connect with the Brain.

4. Expand into the left lung, feeling the difference after sinking deep into the Bronchii and Alveoli, and then balance by sinking into the right lung.

5. Then move into Center 4, and expand into the Pituitary Gland, getting inside so that it seems enormous and multi-structured, and this is after the various sensory levels: Auditory, Optical, Olfactory, Gustatory, and Touch-sensory centers have been purified by the magnetic processing of the Power Ray.

6. Then move into the Pineal, the Functional Center, and illuminate the relationship lines between the structural and the functional. Repeat the work on the three-leveled interaction with the Hypothalamus, which mediates the sensory input with the emotional responses to it.

7. Move back into the organizational center of the Yoke, and process all the false-to-fact images about the structure and function of the Yoke, and feel more free and easy with the center. Then incorporate all the essence from this processing with movement down into Centers 7 and 8, where all the essence is assimilated and will continue to be assimilated after the brushdowns.

This energy is particularly good when there's a very low energy-level without any good physical reason. The nerves can become exhausted for no good reason, and this Orange Power Ray can generate the energy from the Immortal that can spark useful activity on the part of Creation. "That squishy feeling" or "That sick feeling" or that "Out of sorts feeling" is the perfect target for this energy, which might mean that the coming week will be highly activating since the impulse will be to say "I won't do the practice now," or "I'll wait until tomorrow to do it," or fall asleep in the center of the practice. This type of image is RIGHT THERE TO BE PROCESSED with this energy, and using the spirit of the Radiant Warrior we should SEARCH OUT these blocks to processing, these urges to let things pass, and BENEFIT from applying the energy to the purpose for which it was invoked: to rid the Creation of these damaging images, weaknesses, tirednesses, and fatigues.


Lesson Forty
July 12, 1978

The SUBTLE WARRIOR introduces a new energy-frequency: DARK, DARK VIOLET, so that this is an energy which sneaks up on the heavy, dark, low-frequency images and doesn't scare them away before it surrounds them and draws them into the Central Vertical Axis with its special, subtle kind of Magnetic Force, and blazes up and totally destroys them. This is now the perfect energy to be used in streets and subways and in dealing with the heavy city.

1. Form TPH and move up to Center 1 and then, remaining in the time-space location of Center 1 but increasing in frequency, move up through Perceptual, Emotional, Mental, Soul, Angelic, where the beings move up and down, and up to the Archetypal level, where the great Central Sun of the Dark, Dark Violet energy is, and entering within and being greeted by the Presence who resides within, anchor this new energy-frequency to the already-consolidated Rainbow Bridge that's anchored here.

2. Bring the Subtle Warrior back down through all the levels, feeling how it spreads through the Angelic and Soul, and in the Mental Level it's joined by the Red-God Sword of Michael and the Light Violet Radiant Warrior to form a triple-strong Ring-Pass-Not around the Mental Level, making the Creation even more able to withstand the influx of negative energies that sometimes bombard us from the outside world.

3. Continue to earthe the Dark, Dark Violet energy in the Emotional and the Perceptual, and then to Center 1, Time-Space Frequency, and feel the joy of Beings of Light everywhere to find someone else earthing this vital energy. As an assistance to standing firm and steady in the light while earthing this crucial energy, the teacher extends his Dynamic into our Magnetic and we are to place our Dynamics into the care of his Magnetic so that if anything is activated during this earthing process, we can dump the heavy loads into his Magnetic, and his far more powerful fires will make quick ash of whatever may come up during this processing.

4. Again, when the Power Ray is earthed in Center 2, the Dark Violet, the Light Violet, and the Red-Gold Warriors go out to the periphery of the field to set up a Ring-Pass-Not, which makes this energy good for doing work and enlightening in the low-frequency-encrusted city we live in.

5. Continue to earthe the energy in all the centers down to Center 9, where it strikes, anchors, earths, and lights up the giant Tree of Life in Center 9, where we stand as a beacon, a Great Good Shepherd, for all those who come within the range of the Subtle Warrior that we are.

6. Since this energy has no Creature-Body Sun, processing can be eased by moving TPH into Center 5 and energizing the Rod of Power, pushing it in and up to Center 2 through the CVA, and spinning the Rod of Power, which spins the CVA and the Power Ray, in a clockwise manner so that the dark infiltrating, subtle power of this energy can cut through images and low-frequency veils which had thought themselves too smart and too cunning for the brighter energies which they have learned to avoid.

7. During the week, and the following vacation, this can be used to earthe one of the most powerful energies that exists for us at this level, and we will find that we can handle much more powerful activations than we could in the past, speeding up our progress on the Life Path of Service, so that we can more quickly help those who need our light and energy so badly in order to survive the deadly onslaught of images and thoughts.

As George Pierson said Ralph Metzner said, "The Immortal never gives you anything that you can't handle at the time you get it." Go with it all.


Lesson Forty-One
July 19, 1978

The SUBTLE WARRIOR POWER RAY is used on the EMOTIONAL LIFEBELT to bring up feelings which may be characterized as worthlessness, that I'm not doing enough work, that it's not going the way it should be going, that it's hopeless if it continues like this so there's no reason to go on.

1. Form TPH, move it to center 7, and light the Subtle Warrior Power Ray in centers 2-9. Let it flow through the heart and through all the blood conduits, opening the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet to aid in elimination of loads that will come up. Draw out the images with the Magnetic and then immediately assimilate the essence into the heart.

2. Expand to the spleen and repeat the process, including remembering to work all through the three levels of creation: physical, human, and field. Feel the relationships between these levels, and sense the feedback from each organ in turn, so that you can tell what need more care and sheltering and loving in the future.

3. Continue into the assimilation panel of the Splenic Plexus---taking care to release external Dynamics and retrieving all parts of your own Magnetic.

4. Move across to the elimination panel of the Liver Plexus and release your Dynamics from external Magnetics. Sense the relationships between these, trying to feel where the unbalance is and drawing on the union with the polarities of the teacher to balance your own field. The teacher is there to assist with his power as much as you want him to, and the whole session is supportive enough so that all these images of worthlessness can come up and be processed without any danger: this is a completely protected environment, both physically and esoterically.

5. Move down into the Liver, and then into the Gall Bladder, and then feel the relationship lines between the Liver-Gallbladder and the Heart-Spleen.

6. Continue into the Pancreas, the Adrenals, the Kidneys, the Ureters, and the whole of the urinary system, making sure there are no blockages that need to be swept away by the power ray.

7. Process the digestive system in the usual way, sensing through lack of response where blockages are and pursuing the energies into these blank areas. Be more active and SEEK for blockages, SEARCH for low frequencies. Encrusted low-frequency may stay there forever if the Being isn't determined to root them out. But don't strain at this, simply direct the Immortal that you are to aid you and look on as copilot at the processing.

8. Don't send yourself out with the debris, center and continue to harmonize with Incarnating Ego, using the group power and the power of the teacher to help you stand steady in the light of the CVA without wavering in the processing. There's no benefit in efforting, and there's no reason to do it: just think, let, and experience.

9. Continue through the reproductive system and then proceed to the organizing center of the Yoke, half in and half out the back of the neck. Then at the end bring all the essence down to center 7 and let the TPH absorb all of it, drinking it in before stopping the processing for brushdowns and reports.

For the vacation, other energies can be used; try to increase your Knowing by finding which energy would benefit you the most and then using it. It's all right to do two short sessions in two different energies, separated by time.


Lesson Forty-Two
August 9, 1978

The SPRINGTIME OF YOUTH POWER RAY is LIGHT GREEN in color, the color of spring and cool winds and regeneration, and when we clean away all the obstructions put up by mass-mind consciousness, images that the organs have to degenerate with age, that the body has to become older rather than retaining its youthful resilience, we can begin to channel energies into the rejuvenating of organs and tissues and bodies that need not decay so fast.

1. Form TPH and rise up through the levels, where great beings at Level 6 take us into the center of the great Central Sun for this energy and hand over a power ray for us to incorporate into our Rainbow Bridge from the Sun of the Springtime of Youth. Beings at all levels rejoice to see another worker on the Life Path of Service joining the ranks with this power to fight against low-frequency mass-mind obstructions to youth.

2. Anchor in the Angelic and the Soul and the Mental levels, and then take particular note in the Emotional Level that this energy can also be used in the regeneration of emotional relationships on the outer, to build new strength with family and friends to recapture the first bloom of the relationship that might have faded because of low-frequency effects of aging, mass-mind images that this is the only possible way to pass time.

3. In the Perceptual, observe new freshness, a new cool breeze of vivifying powers that can sweep through the senses and bring regeneration.

4. In Center 2, send it throughout the creation, cleaning and lightening the Field, letting all segments of the Creation delight in this energy which can now be channeled to obtain its maximum beneficial effects.

5. In Center 4, let it freshen and wake up Brain-Mind to new youth of thought.

6. In Center 6, let the obstructions to the Higher Will that declares that the body does NOT need to age be swept away, and feel the inner surge of recognition and power that comes from the idea that the body can retain its powers, that only error leads to the conclusion that degeneration is inevitable, and harmonize with the true actuality of eternal springtime.

7. In Center 7, echo the Emotional Level by clarifying and harmonizing the emotional relationships between organs and systems in the body, the INNER emotional relationships that are required for maintenance of the body on the highest actual path to continued youth.

8. In all the centers, realized that the stereotypes of aging are false, but they are one of the strongest influences of mass-mind, particularly strong in the United States with its accent on youth and in New York with its emphasis on high-energy activities, surrounded by low-frequencies because of its crowding and mass-mind concentrations, but stand as a great Tree of Light with this frequency so that people who come into your field are enlightened, if they have the perceptions, by your very presence.

9. Another new energy always means processing in a new way, and that's mainly what the work is all about: processing and processing and processing, to clear away the old so that there's room for the new to grow and expand with more strength than the false-to-fact low-frequency influences had. Work with the energy KNOWING that it will be difficult because of the close-to-home quality of the work being done, attacking one of the most "cherished" images we have: that we have to age, decay, grow old, and die, and all of these pictures will come up for intense processing during our work with this powerful, appropriate, and welcome new Power Ray in our Rainbow Bridge.


Lesson Forty-Three
August 16, 1978

The SENSORY AND MENTAL LIFEBELT with the PALE GREEN REGENERATIVE POWER RAY will help to root out all the TRUTHS of degeneration that have ALREADY taken place, so that into the spaces can come the EQUAL truth that the organs and energies can also be PRESERVED against the ravages of passing time.

1. Form TPH and move it down to Center 8, where the Pale Green Regenerative Springtime of Youth Power Ray is lighted in Centers 2-9. Then it expands to the left, lighting the Splenic Plexus, through all three levels: the Physical, the Human, and the Field, releasing external Dynamics from the Magnetic, accepting Winston's Dynamic to assist in processing, and opening the Magnetic to the reception of the Springtime of Youth energy.

2. Then expand to the right and open the Dynamic Plexus of the Liver, releasing your Dynamic from external Magnetics, sending your Dynamic into Winston's wide-open Magnetic, and moving again through all three levels of your creation to more forcefully Function in a regenerated mode.

3. Most importantly, expand through the Relationship Lines between the two, in effect causing the body to become perfectly lighted, transmitting the Light unchanged, unimpeded by obstructions, unhindered by low-frequency blockages, becoming a perfect channel of Light from high-frequency source.

4. Then move into the left lung, alveoli, and cilia, and then into the Bronchial Tree; then repeat with the right lung, all the while breathing the Fire Breath to consume all obstructions which have been activated.

5. Then move into Center 4, and move in turn to the Pituitary, the seat of the Structure; the Pineal, the seat of the Function; and the Hypothalamus, the seat of the mental interpretation of sensory input. Creature-body shouldn't be concerned with locating the exact PHYSICAL locations of these PHYSICAL organs, since when, with enlightened awareness, Incarnating Ego moves into these organizing centers, it moves into the CENTER of them, so that they're not "over there," but they're "right here" and you are in the heart of them performing the processing needed to clear them out.

6. Before that, we moved through the lines of relation connecting the Brain, in turn, with the ears, eyes, nose, taste, and touch sensations, blazing up obstructions in these relationship lines, clearing new spaces for the earthing of the Regenerative Energy of the Springtime of Youth.

7. Then move down the Central Vertical Axis into Center 7, and feel the new energies given to the Emotional Center, and then touch into Center 8 to feel the totality of the processing that has already been done.

8. Move back to the organizing center of the Yoke, and lift the burden from the shoulders and the body, ridding the Brain-Mind of images that this MUST be a burden, and get ready to live in a body which is REGENERATING more rapidly than it can DEGENERATE, possibly even making up for damage ALREADY in existence in some of the organs. But the THOUGHT of the energy is the most important thing. Then carry these essences, freed, down to Center 8 again, and assimilate the results of processing, having fired the obstructions to ashes in the furnace of the Fire Breath.

9. Each time the gathering of awareness from the Field, Human Body, and Creature Body is done, go as far as you've ever gone before, and then go just one step farther, getting a little more space enlightened with Incarnating Ego's awareness of the Being of Light, a little more essence assimilated, so that more and more of the Structure and Function of these parts of YOU become more and more an EXPERIENCE part of you as God-Child.


Lesson Forty-Four
August 23, 1978

The SCARLET GENERATIVE POWER RAY is the last Power Ray in First Advanced, completing, for now, the formation of the Rainbow Bridge. This power has been blocked off, at the Mental levels and below, and can be used only inside the creation; it cannot be used, at this time, to create other beings for purposes of processing, as was done back at the time of Atlantis, a misuse of this energy that caused it to be blocked off. This is the energy which the Immortal used in fashioning the Creation, and this is the energy that must be used to generate new cells in the physical body to replace the old ones that are constantly dying, and to replace blood lost through donations or wounds or other channels. Even though the energy has been the source of difficulty in the past, it is so vital to our systems that it must be introduced for our use, and it is one of the most important energies.

1. Form TPH and rise up quickly through the centers to the Sixth Dimension, where we approach the great Scarlet Central Sun, and the Being who dwells therein received us with joy and unifies with us as he showers us with this energy and gives us the power ray, which releases a cascade of Scarlet Energy from the Great Central Sun.

2. Earthe it by combining it into the rest of the Rainbow Bridge, now complete, and bring it down to the various levels, where other Beings of Light rejoice to see it given to others on the Earth Path of Service, and down to the Fourth Dimension, where those in Soul-Light move up and down.

3. Anchor it in the Mental level, feeling the fires move throughout this level, opening up the Mental Creation to new activity with Generation, so that low-frequency connections are blazed away and we can use this power with new enlightenment and mental understanding.

4. Bring it down to the Emotional Level, where it sweeps through, consuming images of blame and shame about the procreative, reproductive functions. This is the only facet of the Generative Power Ray which may be manifest outside the Creation: the creation of new individuals in Time-Space.

5. Anchor it in the Perceptual Level, feeling the sensory elements receiving the bounty of the energy at this frequency, bathing in pure Energy Essence.

6. Then bring it into Time-Space, in Center 1, flooding the energy throughout the atmosphere of the planet, giving it a much-needed bath of Generative Energy to counteract the powerful forces toward degradation and degeneration.

7. Earthe the power ray in Center 2, feeling it fill the field and Microcosmic creation, and then continue down the centers, feeling how at each center it blasts away the false-to-fact images about procreation and reproduction, from the creation of a child to the replacement of a cell.

8. Finally, in Center 9, blaze up the Scarlet Tree of Life, now completing the armament of the Great Good Shepherd on the Life Path of Service, shedding Light and Love on all who come within the range of the radiance that you shed.

Two more lessons complete the lessons of First Advanced, and then there will be one or more weeks off, including a written report, before work in Second Advanced is started. This will be approximately six months after the previous group had their first lesson in Second Advanced, so there is a wide-spread time-span between these two groups.


Lesson Forty-Five
August 30, 1978

This WORKSHOP ON HIERARCHY is interpolated to give a sense of the POWER involved in the actual forming of Hierarchy, something which may be sluffed over in 5 seconds or struggled with for 3 hours, neither of which is the proper length of time to devote to it. Start by choosing a problem that seems to characterize the low frequency in which you find yourself now.

1. Let Brain-Mind harmonize with Radiant Consciousness, and just flow with it down into the Magnetic side through the heart and circulatory system, and down into the Dynamic side through the liver and glands, and take a picture of what it looks like, the body BEFORE Hierarchy formation.

2. Then form Hierarchy very deliberately and move throughout the body to see where there's obstructions. Don't create obstructions, don't concentrate on finding them, just flow with Enlightened Awareness through the creation and OBSERVE where the veils, obstructions, and blocks are.

3. Then take a picture of what it looks like with Hierarchy formed, and compare it with the picture BEFORE Hierarchy formation.

4. Then think about the problem and see if anything's changed with it.

5. After reporting on it to yourself, then light whichever power ray feels most appropriate at the time, and blaze up the consuming fires in all the centers. You can concentrate it in one part of the body if that feels necessary, or you can just light the whole thing and see where it's obstructed and observe what might be causing those obstructions.

6. From this time on, switches in energies may be more frequent: you don't have to choose "an" energy to work in, but you can say "I'll start with the Generative, then maybe add a bit of Regenerative, and then go into the Left Hand of the Physician before ending in Radiant Warrior." Even the colors won't be unalloyed, some will blend in at the same time to give a mix of energies and effects that your brain-mind won't be able to follow.

7. If you're IN low frequency, you're NOT harmonized with Incarnating Ego! Incarnating Ego is the Ego of the Being of Light, not the Ego of the Field, though it GOVERNS the Field, though the Field is part of the Creation and the Being of Light is the CREATOR of the Creation, not part of it.

8. If you're IN Incarnating Ego, you're NOT in Brain-Mind: this can go into a recording mode to assimilate the ESSENCE of the session, but it doesn't need to report in words on EACH SECOND of the session, since that would bring you OUT of Incarnating Ego in order to GET INTO Brain-Mind, which is not the idea of the session. Brain-Mind does enough throughout the day; give it a chance to relax, step out of the controller's seat, and give some of the other systems: Emotion, Sensory, Feeling, a chance to rule.

9. There is no set TIME for the formation of Hierarchy. Hierarchy KNOWS what Human Ego or Physical Body Ego might need from it, and how long it might take for them to get it, and how long it will take to make the trip from one part of the Creation to another. This is nothing Bring-Mind can know, but takes place in its own time if left to do so. Merely Direct, Let, and then Know and Sense what the results are. Put more faith into the directions of Incarnating Ego, harmonize more with it. This doesn't mean that nothing should be done in the OUTSIDE world, if you want a job for instance, but the DIRECTION can come from inside without Brain-Mind having anything to say about it: coming direct from the Being of Light you are.


Lesson Forty-Six
September 6, 1978

The GENERATIVE POWER RAY is further earthed in the EMOTIONAL LIFEBELT. Though it may be thought that earthing the power rays in the centers will root out all the low-frequency responses, you will find that the lifebelts will permit you to dig deeper and uproot images from levels far deeper than you had previous knowledge of. Unconsciousness during the session is not a sign that nothing was gotten: probably the levels of low frequency were so intense that Brain-Mind refused to acknowledge work being done.

1. Form TPH in Center 2 and light the SCARLET GENERATIVE POWER RAY in centers 2-9. Then move down to CENTER 7 and feel the energy of the power ray permeate Creature Body, Human Body, and out into the Field.

2. Move to the left into the Heart, feeling the physical and emotional effect this has on that organ and the associated circulatory system.

3. As in previous sessions, continue to expand awareness into the Spleen, the Splenic Plexus, then across to the Liver Plexus, taking care that all these organs and plexi are moved into at all three levels or Kingdoms: the Fifth Kingdom of the Field, the Fourth Kingdom of the Human Body, and the Third Kingdom of the Creature or Physical Body. There are structures and functions analogous to each of these organs in each of the three levels, and work should be concentrated more on the Fifth and Fourth Kingdoms since it is wide-spread that work is usually assumed to take place only in Time-Space Creature-Body.

4. Expand into the Gallbladder, and then take time and observations to find the effect when the Gallbladder, Liver, Heart, and Spleen are harmonized and their structures and functions and relationship lines are lifted out of low-frequency obstructions and veils to their true operation.

5. Continue with the pattern down into the Pancreas, the Adrenals, the Kidneys, the Ureters, the Bladder, and particularly in the reproductive organs, which form the focus of ONE set of targets for the Generative Energy, though this is not the ONLY function of the Generative Power, the creation of new life-forms by biological reproduction. Whenever blood is donated, this Generative Power must produce the new blood, as it produces the millions of cells to replace those that die each day.

6. Then swallow and follow the course of the Generative Power down through the digestive system: mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, rectum, and anus. Then again return to the reproductive organs for an intense bath of Scarlet Energy to uplift the image-ridden structures and functions of these vital organs.

7. Spread awareness into the Yoke, getting essence from what's left after the Fire-Breath has burnt up the low-frequency blocks which have been activated to be processed, and then carry this essence down the CVA to Center 7 and give it to this center, as well as farther down to Center 8, harmonizing these centers and distributing essence.

8. Continue to assimilate even after the brushdowns that climax each session, and remember to stay as quiet as possible so that assimilation can continue throughout the rest of the evening. Remember, the images don't have to be identified in order to be processed: simply withdraw identity, consign them to the consuming fires, and assimilate the essence. You don't have to worry about forgetting anything, since the essence is always there for you to draw on whenever your memory is needed. This completes the last Power Ray of First Advanced. Only one class remains.


Lesson Forty-Seven
September 20, 1978

As in lessons twenty-eight and thirty-seven, this lessons deals with HARMONIZING THE MAGNETIC AND DYNAMIC ASPECTS OF YOUR CREATION with the Magnetic and Dynamic aspects of the Being of Light you are. This is also the final lesson of First Advanced. For this final time, the harmonizing is done with the SCARLET GENERATIVE POWER RAY.

1. Harmonize Brain-Mind with Incarnating Ego in the Upper Room, and when this is sensed light the Scarlet Generative Power Ray in Centers 1-9. Move IE down to Center 7, which for purposes of this lesson can be thought of as the center for the aspects.

2. Move into a strong consciousness of the Magnetic Aspect of the Field, release external Dynamics with love and light and harmonize scattered Magnetics of your own, and then harmonize the Field Magnetic with the Dynamic of the Immortal, withdrawing identity and processing whatever images that come up. Breathe the Fire Breath to help consume images.

3. Then move into the Dynamic of the Field, and harmonize this with the Magnetic of the Being of Light, after retrieving your scattered Dynamics from external Magnetics and harmonizing within your Field Dynamic. Continue withdrawing identity---don't go with the images, go with the assimilation of Essence that proceeds as it is released from the consumed images. Remember that whatever comes up as activation is now ready to be consumed, but only if you WISH to withdraw identity and consign the images to the consuming fires. Nothing will be consumed except that which you wish to be consumed, and physical structures can never be touched.

4. Then harmonize the two poles of the Field with each other, and move IE up the CVA into Mid-Brain, and then forward into Forebrain, gathering and enlightening awareness in the Human Body, lifting Human Ego out of low frequency by letting it harmonize with IE, and then bring both egos to the CVA and down to Center 7.

5. Move into the Human Magnetic, harmonizing it, as above, with the Dynamic of Presence, releasing external Dynamics, withdrawing identity from the images, and experiencing the lift. Repeat the process with Human Dynamic, harmonizing with the Magnetic of the Being of Light, withdrawing identity.

6. Leave Human Ego to assimilate in Center 7, move IE up to Mid-Brain and back into Old Brain and Brainstem to clear Creature-Body center, gather and enlighten Creature-Body awareness, lift Creature-Body ego out of low frequency, and move with it to the CVA and down to Center 7 to form Hierarchy and repeat harmonizing with the Creature-Body Magnetic and Dynamic, in turn, with the Immortal's Dynamic and Magnetic, respectively.

7. As each pair of poles are turned inward, feel the processing being completed, and then open the poles completely in circuit with the teacher and with the group to feel the power of strengthening and enlarging available to each if he or she is willing to stretch their capabilities, and then sense the gifts that are left in consciousness when the Dynamic of the teacher is withdrawn from your Magnetic, and leave gifts of love and gratitude and light in the Magnetic of the teacher when you withdraw your Dynamic. This phase need not be repeated when practicing the session during the week. Then return the poles to a front-facing position unless you desire to remain in "closed circuit" after the session.

8. Since this is the last class in First Advanced, you have processed all the barriers to continuing into Second Advanced, which will happen after some preliminary sessions and the writing of a paper, due in one week.


October 4, 1978

The ORGAN SEAT and CELL SEAT are added to the Triune Personality Hierarchy to form the FULL PERSONALITY HIERARCHY. These correspond to the egos to be found in the structures in Kingdom Two, the organs, and in Kingdom One, the Cells of the Physical Body, which exists in Kingdom Three, expanding the Hierarchy which also includes the Human Body in Kingdom Four and the Field of Kingdom Five. With the Formation of Hierarchy in the first lesson of First Advanced, and the introduction of Center One in the fifth lesson of First Advanced, this lesson ranks with the great initiations in the work.

1. Harmonize Brain-Mind with Radiant Consciousness in the Upper Room, and as in the gathering let the Radiant Consciousness enlighten the feeling, sensing, and knowing awareness of Brain-Mind. Then light the White Star in Center Two and the Monadic Power Ray in Centers Two thru Nine.

2. Incarnating Ego gathers and enlightens awareness throughout the Field, and on the Magnetic releases external Dynamics and on the Dynamic releases your Dynamic from external Magnetics. Then, as in the formation of Triune Personality Hierarchy, move Incarnating Ego down and forward into Human Seat, clearing, lifting, harmonizing, and then the two move back through the CVA into Creature Body Seat, clearing, lifting, and harmonizing, and then harmonizing the Human and Creature-Body Egos.

3. Then move TPH forward to the CVA and to the LEFT brain to light the ORGAN SEAT, and send radiant consciousness throughout the Second Kingdom organ-level in the body. Incarnating Ego then calls from the Organ Seat and all the Organ Egos which are awakened will come to the seat, where their ego-to-ego union is lighted, Incarnating Ego recognizes and welcomes each and every one of them, harmonizing their Magnetics and Dynamics, and there is a grand Union in Consciousness, with the Organ Egos harmonizing with the Creature-Body, Human, and Incarnating Egos.

4. Move the Hierarchy to the right and into CELL SEAT, lighting the seat, and send radiant consciousness throughout the First Kingdom cell-level in the body. Incarnating Ego then calls from the Cell Seat and all the Cell Egos which are awakened will come to the seat, where their ego-to-ego union is lighted. The same steps are followed as all elements are recognized as EQUALS IN ACTUAL MUTUAL DESIGN, none more important or more "advanced" than another element, according to ACTUAL DESIGN.

5. Move the newly formed Full Personality Hierarchy to Center 2, and send the Consuming Fire aspect of the White Power Ray to the seats: Field, Human, Body, Organ, and Cell. Blaze up the Consuming Fire and process.

6. Move FPH to Forebrain, emphasize the Illuminating Light aspect of the White Star, and fill ALL the seats with the Illuminating Light of higher consciousness, greater enlightenment, and actual physical SEEING. Let the Illuminating Light move through Center Two and out into the Field.

7. Assimilate essence from this processing. During the week, leave FPH in Human Seat, but when leaving the center, move FPH to Center 9 for travel in OC or RW sigils. When using other energies, use FPH to light the sun or the Power Ray as the TPH had been used before.

8. Do this session, or at least formation of FPH, in the morning, or you'll be doing a disservice to your creation. For the centerless Power Rays, move into Center 2 with FPH, or into the Silver Chalice, or into the Golden Crown. FPH will enable us to move into new areas and awarenesses as we move through the preparatory sessions before the initiation into Second Advanced.


October 11, 1978

The MAGNETIC AND DYNAMIC of each of the structures of the Five Kingdoms are harmonized with the DYNAMIC AND MAGNETIC OF RADIANT CONSCIOUSNESS to more fully earthe the new acquisition of the Full Personality Hierarchy.

1. Harmonize Brain-Mind with the Radiant Consciousness in the Upper Room, expanding awareness through the knowing, feeling, and sensory systems.

2. Let Incarnating Ego gather and enlighten awareness in the Field, moving into the Magnetic Consciousness of the Field to release external Dynamics and retrieve scattered Magnetic, then harmonize it with the Radiant Dynamic of the Being of Light. Don't just ASSUME things are happening, but move with Enlightened Awareness to SENSE what's being done there.

3. Then move into the Dynamic Consciousness of the Field, release your scattered Dynamic from external Magnetics, leaving the external Magnetic filled with Love and Light, and harmonize the Field Dynamic with the Radiant Magnetic of the Immortal One that you are.

4. Move IE down the Central Vertical Axis to the Junction point in the midbrain, then forward into Human Seat, blazing up to Enlighten the entire seat, then move into Magnetic Consciousness of the Human to release external Dynamics and harmonize with the Radiant Dynamic of the Immortal. Feel the high-frequency inflow as the spaces left by External Dynamics are filled with your own Immortal Dynamic, which you have all about you at all times, but now you're moving to RECOGNIZE the POWER of this.

5. Repeat the process with the Dynamic Consciousness of the Human, harmonizing with the Magnetic of the Radiant Being of Light to lift and enlarge.

6. Move back through the CVA into Creature-Body seat, enlighten it, move into the Magnetic Consciousness, release external Dynamics, harmonize with the Radiant Dynamic; then move into Dynamic of Creature-Body, release any scattered Dynamic from external Magnetics, and harmonize with Radiant Magnetic.

7. Move into the junction-point, then left to Organ Seat, enlightening the seat, calling the Organ Egos to the seat while Enlightened Awareness flows into the organs from head to toe, then harmonize the Magnetic of each organ with the Radiant Dynamic; the Dynamic of each organ with the Radiant Magnetic, and blaze up the consuming fire to consummate this union.

8. Move to the right into Cell Seat, purify this last-opened center, call Cell Egos into the Cell Seat as Enlightened Awareness flows to each cell in the entire body, while IE greets each individually and collectively, and then move to unify and harmonize the Radiant Dynamic with the Magnetic of the Cells and the Radiant Magnetic with the Dynamic of the Cells.

9. In no way can Brain-Mind control all this: the Incarnating Ego knows what it's doing, and you have only to move into Co-Pilot position to see that all of this is being done calmly and without confusion, but you must make the effortless effort to sense the reactions with Knowing, Sensory, and Feeling awareness at each level: Field, Human, Creature-Body, Organ, and Cell, throughout and all about each of the Five Kingdoms of your Creation.

10. Then light the Energy of Perfection Sun by moving Hierarchy into Center 9, expand it throughout the field, and assist in processing the low frequencies by emphasizing the Consuming Fire aspect of the Energy of Perfection Sun. Do no work with lifebelts, as this will come later. Each energy Sun and Power Ray can be worked with the new Full Personality Hierarchy.


October 18, 1978

The ADVANCED WARRIOR SIGIL and the ADVANCED PHYSICIAN SIGIL is given tonight, after a very long communication session (see DIARY 13540) took up by far the bulk of the time. So she said she'd form one slowly so we could sense the changes in the body as we formed it, and the other would be formed swiftly so that we could see how quickly they could be brought into realization.

THE ADVANCED WARRIOR SIGIL has the Red-Gold, as a Warrior-Michael, as the center, and Radiant Warrior on the Right Wing and Subtle Warrior on the left wing. These can be reversed if the subtle warrior properties are those that want to be manifested in the dynamic, but this is the usual usage.

THE ADVANCED PHYSICIAN SIGIL has the Regenerative Power Ray as the central element, with the Right Hand on the Right Wing and the Left Hand on the Left Wing, but these also can be reversed when a more soothing energy is wanted on the dynamic, or when working with someone ELSE to heal them.

The Advanced Warrior Sigil should now be the one that's always used when traveling through the city on foot or by subway, except that the Objective Creative should be used when driving a car.

If the sigils haven't been used often, get into the habit of using them now. Particularly the Subjective, which combines the most valuable of all the energies: Good Will, Love, (and Perfection), and Wisdom.


October 25, 1978

FORGIVENESS is something which needs to be exercised as a mechanism of clearing up lots of images and guilts and angers and hates from the past, and the COSMIC MOTHER ENERGY is the perfect energy to work with on this.

1. Form Full Personality Hierarchy and then rise up to Center 2 to turn on the Cosmic Mother Chalice and the Silver Power Ray in Centers 1 through 9. Expand the chalice so that it encloses the entire body and you're sitting in the cup of the chalice, which is swirling with the Cosmic Love from the Cosmic Mother energy.

2. Move slowly into the past and think of an incident where SOMEONE DID SOMETHING TO YOU that you've never forgiven them for. Think of the circumstances of it, the details of it, the emotions connected with it, the actual words connected with it if necessary, and release that old burden of hate and rage and fear by FORGIVING them, withdrawing identity, and with the particularly aggressive consuming fire aspect of the Cosmic Mother, burn up this retained load and assimilate the essence via the Co-Pilot, who watches the entire process.

3. If one incident is consumed, think of another from farther back in the past to work on, or another incident connected with the person who DID SOMETHING TO YOU.

4. Finishing clearing this up, and then think of a recent or distant-past incident in which YOU DID SOMETHING TO SOMEONE that you've never forgiven yourself for doing to them, or that they've never forgiven you for. Unify with the Immortal of the person concerned, as was done in the first instance, and let the Immortals work out the details, but just release your identity from the situation, feel the overwhelming flow of Cosmic Love from the Cosmic Mother, and let all the obstacles produced by this former lack of forgiveness just be consumed in the bowl of the Chalice, a-blaze with consuming fire.

5. The person concerned may even have left form, it doesn't matter: the Immortals can still unify on their own plane, instantly, and work out the reconciliation on the Human and Creature-Body level.

6. The result of this forgiveness is a STATE OF GRACE, which may be a loaded term for those with Catholic upbringings, but it's a feeling of new EASE and pleasure in being merged with this person, with all the friction and guilt and suppressed hate-rage which may have been retained because of the lack of forgiveness.

7. If the session brings up strong emotions, just let them out; they feel good to be let out and there's no benefit in retaining these, so just let it all out, let it drain out, let the fears and the sorrow and the anger and the hatred and the rage and the fear drain away in the flow of Cosmic Love, to be replaced by the uplifting, enlightening, transcendent State of Grace that the Cosmic Mother blesses us with when we forgive or are forgiven.

8. Clusters of forgiveness may result from the processing, as chains of guilts and animosities and interpersonal relationships surface to be blazed up and processed, and it's particularly good that we now have two weeks to spend on this session, because it's bound to be very fruitful and productive, and we should look forward to being deeply infused with the STATE OF GRACE that results with FORGIVENESS as aided by the Silver COSMIC MOTHER CHALICE AND POWER RAY in this lesson.


PREP 5 "Potential" session
November 8, 1978

MOVING THROUGH THE TIME DIMENSION introduces a new element in processing and earthing light-fire energy by enabling the student to experience the results of present time as they extend into the future, and then to compare the present state with the former unenlightened state without the energies.

1. Navigation for this session is done with Incarnating Ego alone, so if Full Personality Hierarchy had been formed, return the egos to their respective seats and harmonize Brain-Mind with Incarnating Ego in the Upper Room.

2. Move slowly forward along the Time Dimension to the Reunion in Consciousness scheduled for next week, then the Initiation into Second Advanced due in a few weeks, and then continue slowly along through the beginning of the lessons in Second Advanced. Know, sense, and feel the experience of you, the God-Child, as you advance firmly in knowledge and technique with the light-fire tools of Actualism.

3. Continue forward a bit faster now, through the second part of Second Advanced, opening yourself to any communication from this place in Space-Time. This is not an exercise that Brain-Mind will understand, so keep it harmonized with Incarnating Ego and permit yourself, as Co-Pilot, to move into these future times and experience your Beingness here.

4. Then move even faster through the first phase of Third Advanced, into entirely new areas of experience and earthing of the energies, with the new powers and new enlightenment that these future lessons will give to you. Open your nerves, your sensory equipment, your knowing enlightened awareness to the experience in this time and place, and try to let Brain-Mind assimilate some messages in consciousness to bring back to you at THIS point in Space-Time.

5. Stay at moment at this farthest-advanced point, sensing the power in the Immortal, in the Human, and in the Creature-Body, and then start returning rather quickly to present Space-Time, sensing the diminishing of the recently sensed growth and development, until you've returned to the current moment in time.

6. Pause here for bearings, and then continue moving backward in time through the other Preparatory classes for Second Advanced, then back through the latter classes of First Advanced, with their three new energies and Power Rays, and then continue back more quickly through the rest of the power rays, the body sessions, the surgeries, the special sessions, back to the evening of your initiation into First Advanced.

7. Continue the backward movement into Basic, back through the introductions to the various energies, the session in which the suns were earthed in their centers for the first time, back to the First Lesson and then to your Intro with the giving of the energy of the White Star for the first time. Sense the decrease of power and energy in your Beingness at this time, and then go back a bit even before the Intro to touch into what you were like before you had any of the Light-Fire tools.

8. Reverse the flow of time again, moving very quickly back through Basic and First Advanced to return to the present point in Space-Time, and sit for a moment to earthe the experience of what the Future and the Past is like with this new method of investigation of your Lighted Beingness.

9. This method can be used in future to check out the future results of ANY endeavor in which you are engaged, and with practice can become a powerful tool in the armamentarium of a Light Worker on the Earth-Path of Service.


November 15, 1978

Each REUNION IN CONSCIOUSNESS is a bit different from the one before: this will be the first that we'll do with Full Personality Hierarchy, and we'll work in the Energy of Perfection, bringing in the Cosmic Mother for soothing after every step of the dissociation of the Human and the Creature Bodies.

1. Form Full Personality Hierarchy, open the Splenic and Liver Plexi to make sure the Magnetic and Dynamic aspects are participating fully, and then move down the Central Vertical Axis to Center 9, where the Pink Sun of Perfection is turned on along with the Pink Power Ray in centers 1-9.

2. Move up to Center 5 and push in the Rod of Power, aligning it from Center 5 up to Center 2 in both the Human and Creature-Body, and spin the Rod of Power clockwise to perform continual assimilation throughout the session.

3. Light the Sigils without any wings in both the Human and Creature Body, concentrating particularly on the upper bar that passes through Center 2 of each, particularly the Purifying Energy which is the Cosmic Mother in Center 2 of the Human body, the Purifying Awareness, which becomes the actual link between Center 2 of the Human and each Center in the Creature-Body as the Human is moved down and out of it.

4. Harmonize Brain-Mind with Incarnating Ego in the Hierarchy, and engage Co-Pilot to observe what happens, getting enough for Brain-Mind to earthe and realize in enlightened knowing awareness, as the nerves are ready for enlightened sensory awareness and the organs, particularly the eyes and the ears, are ready for enlightened feeling awareness. Check in with the alignment of the CVAs of both bodies at the start of the session.

5. Then, center by center, move the Human body down so that the crossbar of the Human Sigil stops in Creature-body Center 2, then 3, then 4, then 5, then 6, then 7, then 8, then 9. In each center, blaze up the cross of Light formed by the spinning axis of the Pink Power Ray and the top crossbar of the Sigil. Think of this crossbar actually PUSHING DOWN any debris or impediments to moving down through the body and nerves and blood.

6. Continue the downward motion so that we don't stop in the organizing center of the body, but take the crossbar down to the middle of the pelvis, the middle of the thighs, the knees, the middle of the lower legs, the ankles, and then aligning with the lower bar of Creature-Body Sigil. Push down the accumulated debris in each of these places.

7. At EACH center, after the processing has gone on for awhile, bring in a wash of Cosmic Mother-love energy for which the Energy of Perfection doesn't have to be turned off. Feel all four phases of this interaction: the Energy of Perfection from the spinning Axes, the Purifying Awareness from Center 2 of the Human Body, the Cosmic Mother energy and the junction of the crossbar with each center.

8. Bring back the Human into alignment as quickly as desired or as slowly as desired, but never stop the session before the two are aligned. If you're going out afterward, be sure to replace your energies with the Warrior Sigil if you're not driving. Therefore, the best time to do this session is just before bedtime, leaving yourself enough time to finish, but then you can remain in the Energy of Perfection through the night in bed.

9. This session MUST be practiced ONCE A WEEK throughout the rest of Second Advanced, probably during the weekend when there's time for an additional session in the evening, because this is a Reunion which MUST be continued.


Lesson 1
November 29, 1978

SOUL LIGHT (which is not the same as the Soul Power Ray, though it has the same Pale Gold color) is brought into the Mental, Emotional, and Perceptual Bodies from the Soul level through a branch of the Central Vertical Axis (which has been crystallized into the Diamond Continuity Axis) that extends from Center 2 into the Soul Level. Throughout Second Advanced more and more branches will be extended and earthed from each center to the Soul level for the greater infusion of Soul Light into the Creation.

1. Form Full Personality Hierarchy and move it up to Center 2. Then move it up the lighted branch to Human Body on the Diamond Continuity Axis, moving along the Vertical Frequency Axis of Center 2. The Diamond Continuity Axis carries with it the union of ALL the Power Rays in ALL the frequencies, and each body on the way up can select what it needs from the rays and let the others go by untouched.

2. Move along the Vertical Frequency Axis up to and through the Perceptual Body (which had been introduced as a LEVEL before in fact has a full location in its own time-space, outside here-now time-space, and a full body with organs and structures and functions there, too), through the Emotional Body, and through the Mental Bodies to get to Soul Level, at which point you may have to burn through mass-mind images at that level.

3. Sense your OWN Soul and the UNION with all other enlightened Souls on the Planet through the NETWORK of enlightened relationship lines that ALREADY connect you to all these people. The lesson doesn't CREATE these relationship lines, it merely helps you RECOGNIZE the lines that have already been there. Don't move OUT along these lines in the network during the practice sessions, there'll be enough to process in a new way as it is. Become AWARE of the light from ALL your power rays as they're sent through the network, where the enlightened Beings in the Planetary Hierarchy will take whatever light-energy you offer them and use it wisely and well in their efforts to uplift the entire planet.

4. Stay with Full Personality Hierarchy throughout the session, don't be tempted to wander beyond where you're capable of going at the present.

5. All the sensitives in the Planetary Hierarchy can use WHATEVER energy they need from your supply, and then you can begin to return to here-now time-space levels through the pathways already traversed, more fully earthing the Soul Light in each of these levels.

6. Slowly return via the Mental, Emotional, and Perceptive Bodies, at each step anchoring the Soul Light in their Centers 2 and feeling the network to every other Center 2 in the respective Bodies of lightworkers everywhere. This is the multi-mesh net which will be strengthened throughout Second Advanced to permit you to become Fishermen of Men, as the work in First Advanced permitted you to become Trees of Light.

7. Brain-mind may not understand all this from the start, but remember how mysterious First Advanced seemed at first, and how clear it became later, so will Second Advanced come to be easy to be worked with as more and more of the Soul Light is earthed in the earth-elements.

8. Don't add Soul Light to the Reunion in Consciousnesses, and if you insist on working with a lifebelt, use only Triune Personality Hierarchy at this point. With Centerless Power Rays, can put FPH into ANY center. But you'll be working 99% of your time from Center 2, though during work you can put FPH into any center and light the Sun and light up multidimensionally from Center 2 through the Vertical Frequency Axis.


Lesson Two
December 6, 1978

This INTENSIVE ON THE FIRST LESSON is intended to earthe more fully the practice in Second Advanced as given in the last lesson.

1. Form Full Personality Hierarchy and light the Monadic Power Ray.

2. Move from Center 2 above Creature-Body to Center 2 above the Human Body, and sense the base of the totally lighted Vertical Frequency Axis that rises from Center 2 through all the intervening dimensions to the Soul Level. Then rapidly rise through the Centers 2 above the Perceptual, Emotional, and Mental Bodies, rising through the last set of veils in the Creation to the totally enlightened level of the Soul, rising to the Center 2 above the Soul Level.

3. Here at the Soul Level, experience once more the rich downpour of the Pale Gold Soul Light (not to be confused with the Soul Power Ray of the same color), and light the Network which connects your Soul's Center 2 to all the other Center 2s in the Planetary Hierarchy. In fact, this network connects ALL souls in one enlightened network, but some of the creations are more awakened and already processing through the Soul-level network, and others have not yet been awakened and need your powerful assistance to help in awakening them to the power of their fully enlightened Souls. Since the Vertical Frequency Axis, as a fully-lighted branch of the Central Vertical Axis, contains all the Power Rays, experience as these powers go out along the Network, there to be used by the Planetary Hierarchy for whatever purposes are most needful. Feel the joy of service in being able to replenish the badly needed energies of the Hierarchy.

4. With joy, bring the Soul Light down through the last veil into the Center 2 of the Mental Body, and feel the Network light up at THIS level as the energies pour out, again to be used by the Planetary Hierarchy where they are most needed. At each level, when processing has been completed, reinforce the Cosmic Mother, Silver Power Ray for a complete loving healing and appreciation and acceptance of the work done in the Network. This is an example of how two powerful rays, the White Monadic and the Silver Cosmic Mother, can work along with the Soul Light to produce an extremely powerful session.

5. Move the Full Personality Hierarchy down the next frequency, down to the Center 2 of the Emotional Body, and again light the Network at this level. Each of these Bodies, though they exist at what are called different dimensions and different frequencies, actually exist Here and Now along with the creation in Zero Dimension in what we call Time-Space. So all those bodies are actually being infused with Soul Light right HERE and right NOW.

6. Continue moving down to the Center 2 of the Perceptual Body, and infuse this level's network with the Soul Light, letting your energies flow out fully and freely, starting you on your Second Advanced project of being an Enlightened Fisherman of Men, using this network to enlighten the centers of those who are behind you on the path, lending your energies to the workings of those who are ahead of you on the Earth-Path of Service.

7. Bring the Soul Light down to Center 2 of the Human, letting the energies flow out into the entire field from top to bottom, side to side, and let this level repeat what was done before, including the final downpour of Cosmic Mother energy at the end. Repeat the process at Center 2 above the Physical Body, completing the Vertical Frequency Axis.

8. Then move into the Magnetic and Dynamic, using the Magnetic to process all the Mass-Mind images that obstruct the vision from one level to another, obstructing all the Creation-Levels from the clarity of Soul.

9. Finally, use the White Star's Magnetic to draw out the last of the obstructions, and let Copilot go Dynamic to place the Essence gained into the precise areas of the creation where it is most needed, and repeat the session during the week with the same energy used with the group in class.


Lesson Three
December 13, 1978

THE EMOTIONAL LIFEBELT is introduced with the MONADIC POWER RAY and the FULL PERSONALITY HIERARCHY so that now we can begin processing the veils in both organ-systems with a far more powerful tool: the hierarchy that includes the actual egos and cells that comprise each of the organs in the lifebelt. We can alternate or concentrate on each one for a long period of time, as we choose, but are not to use any power ray except the Monadic until it's introduced to us, though we can use the Triune Personality Hierarchy with the other energies in the lifebelt if we really want to.

1. Form Full Personality Hierarchy and move it to Center 2, and light the White Star and fill the field with the energy of the Monadic Power Ray.

2. Move through the Emotional Lifebelt with just about the pattern from first advanced except for the small deviations: after interrelating the liver and gallbladder with the heart and spleen, touch in to the organizing center of the liver as a jump-off point from which to expand PH into the pancreas; and the reproductive system wasn't followed in the detail it was before, the PH merely moved to the organizing center of the reproductive system and the whole set of organs lit from there.

3. Then, after the final step of enlightening the yoke, move PH back into Center 7 and direct the Fire Breath (which has been going since the beginning, throughout all Five Kingdoms simultaneously: the Fifth Kingdom Field, the Fourth Kingdom Human Body, the Third Kingdom Creature Body, the Second Kingdom (equivalent to plant life) organs, and the First Kingdom (equivalent to inanimate substances) cells.

4. Then focus Enlightened Awareness throughout the Five Kingdoms in the Magnetic, and open the Creation Magnetic on all five levels to the Radiant Dynamic of the Being of Light, the Creator, the Immortal. Feel this magnificent expansion of the structure of the Creation as it is exercised by the function of the Creator, complementing and enlightening ALL aspects of the Creation by this harmonization.

5. Move Enlightened Awareness into the Five Kingdoms of the Dynamic, and open the Creation Dynamic to the Radiant Magnetic. Feel, in turn, the expansion of the functioning of the Creation as it is permitted to move into, throughout, and all about the structure of the Radiant Magnetic.

6. Expand to include the Magnetic AND the Dynamic and balance both poles with the harmony of the Creation with the Creator. The Co-Pilot is assimilating throughout the entire session, but at this time there's a particular influx of enlightened Essence for all levels to assimilate.

7. At the end of every session, reduce the star or tool, turn off the Power Ray, and return Full Personality Hierarchy to Center 9 for the lighting of the Advanced Warrior Sigil for protection on the trip homeward.

8. During the week, it may be good to do the sessions in the evening so that the Lightbelts can remain lit while going to bed, choosing the center in which Hierarchy is left depending on how you feel and what seems needed.

9. The sensory/mental and emotional lifebelts can either be alternated from one day to another, or each can be repeated for earthing for a longer period of time before changing to the other. But no other power ray is to be used with the Lifebelts at this time, since so much processing may come up that the Creation wouldn't be comfortable handling all the processing needed to reduce the activations to a bearable level. We have all of Second Advanced to reinforce our allegiance with the Networks.


Lesson Four
January 3, 1979

The SENSORY AND MENTAL LIFEBELT is introduced with the COSMIC MOTHER POWER RAY and the FULL PERSONALITY HIERARCHY so that the Love of Form that the Silver Energy brings can infuse all Five Kingdoms of the Created Form that is the product of Love in all its aspects.

1. Form Full Personality Hierarchy and move it down to Center 8, lighting the Silver Power Ray and expanding it throughout the Field.

2. Move Hierarchy to the left into the Splenic Plexus, the great Assimilative Panel of the Creation, and release external Dynamics and harmonize all Five Kingdoms with the Cosmic Mother Power Ray and Love.

3. Move across to the Liver Plexus and light this great Eliminative Panel of the Creation, gather scattered Dynamics and harmonize your unified Dynamic with the Cosmic Mother Power Ray and Love.

3a. Then move into the Solar Plexus and expand out to the terminals of the Field. Repeat.

4. Light all the relationship lines that connect these two great magnetic and dynamic panels and blaze up the consuming fires with the Fire Breath to eliminate obstructions with every breath you, the Dragon, breathes.

5. Move up into the left lung and fill it with Silver Energy with each breath, and then in turn move into the Bronchial system and then into the Cilia and Alveoli in the depths of the lung system.

6. Repeat with the right lung and feel the balance between the two of them.

7. Move FPH into Center 4 and blaze up the entire center, with all the areas surrounding it, in preparation for moving in in detail with the Love of Form. Follow the fires into any obstructions and blaze them away.

8. Move in turn into all five levels of each of the five sensory systems: into the Field level, the Human level, the Creature-Body level, the Organ level, and the Cell level of the Eyes, Ears, Nose, Mouth, and Touch.

9. Then move in turn into the Pituitary, dealing with the Structure and the Magnetic aspects of the Creation, and into the Pineal, dealing with the Function and the Dynamic aspects of the Creation, and into the relationship lines that connect these two glands.

10. Move into the Hypothalamus, which governs the emotional reaction to sensory input, and expand to include the relationship lines among these last three glands.

11. Expand the processing into Center 7, the Emotional Center, and into Center 8, the Sensory-Mental Center, and then move up to the center of the Yoke, half in and half out of the back of the neck, and process this with group power to lift the Group Yoke into a supportive and helpful construction.

12. Blaze up the Fire Breath to process every last bit of obstruction that is ready to be processed, and continue to instruct Co-Pilot to assimilate, as it has been doing since the beginning of the session.

13. Harmonize the Magnetic, all five levels, with the Radiant Dynamic, and harmonize the Dynamic, all five levels, with the Radiant Magnetic, and expand to include the entire Creation harmonized with the Creator, or the Being of Light that you are, and finish the session.