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Having been too lazy to take the $100 bills I had left to a bank for changing, I spent the four or five of them one by one, usually at the supermarket, once at a restaurant, but the last one I took shopping with me on Friday, first buying a bag for $6 that was obviously too small to cash the large bill, and then in a USA Sporting Goods finally finding a jacket that I liked in the midst of $19.95 jackets that was only $17.95, so I put the jacket on the counter and got the last $100 bill out of my wallet and put IT on the counter in front of the female clerk, who looked to be Spanish or VERY light black. Behind me comes a hand of a large black, square on top of the bill, with the too-loud whisper "Talk to him; cover for me." I weakly try to pry his heavy hand off the bill, and he slides it off into his pocket, at the same time taking out his wallet, saying "I'll make the change for it, don't worry," and I figure he's working for the store, as many managers do, skimming off the large bills so the cash register won't have so much to rifle. But the tiny wad of bills he takes from his wallet and thumbs through are all ONES! I look, smiling, back at the cashier and she's giving me the stoniest look possible that says clearly: "You stupid asshole, bringing that bill in here in the first place, and then showing it so clearly, and then letting it get out of your hands. I can't say ONE WORD about it, AT ALL. This is YOUR baby." I look smiling at the taker, as his friend starts pushing forward his purchases from the other side, saying "Take care of me, miss; check me out miss?" The taker goes to the far left, still smiling broadly at my stupidity, and I look at him, now knowing that I have to KEEP smiling and light, or he'll walk out the store, and will I shout and GET a policeman or will I lose the $100? "Can I buy these, please?" the nervous black says louder, having muffed his chance. HE looks sly and capable, the taker looks like a kid caught with a lollypop too big to fit into his mouth, and he's still smiling broadly. The cashier stands, sullenly, not saying ONE WORD. At last, still smiling, I say "OK, that's enough," and hold out my hand---and he puts the bill into it! I hand it to the girl, who retains her stoniness, and she counts out the change and bags it without smiling once. I exit, fearing they'll follow me to snatch my bag, but I don't see them.



There are a few "reasons"; have billed $7097.80 since 8/20 and got only ONE check back. Had a 2.5-hour dental session this morning which I wasn't looking forward to, and as usual it went better than I expected, though there's a vague ache now as the Novocain's worn off. Amused to get taken INSTANTLY at 2:10 by Dr. Daoud who says my lymphocyte, leukocyte, separation rates, and neutrophils are all PERFECTLY normal, so I'm VERY healthy. But I don't have money for an UMBRELLA! Got rid of the junk in the fridge, including a quart of sour milk I'd not made yogurt with quickly enough, but still have some vegetables to go through. Made a list of things to do, which helps, but it gets longer day by day, rather than getting shorter, but at least it takes things off my MIND. Calendar filling up with good things to do, relieved now that the dentist is past and not scheduled again for another two weeks, coincidentally when my physical is. Planning for the Islands trip and possible computer-buying. Caught up on correspondence, pages (now), and gym work, so I SHOULD be feeling better. Part of the discouragement is that it took me less than two years after disconnecting with John to find Dennis. If our end is taken from his saying we're "ex-lovers" it's ALREADY been two years, but our last SEX was in June of THIS year, so I may have to wait beyond THAT. Even cruised someone reasonably sexy in the gym yesterday but had to leave at 5:30 to meet Mark and Arn at 6 for the (good) Caracas Contemporary Ballet. Feel under pressure to live life "for the moment" and DO LIVE AS IF I WERE ENLIGHTENED. But I'd just like to find someone else's cock to play with, at least?



In class (see Actualism 261) someone mentions starvation, and I AGAIN think of my desire to CONDENSE the INTERACTIONS THAT KEEP THE WORLD DEPRESSED, and note: Governments horde food (or pay farmers to plow under) by catering to special-interest lobbyists, increasing prices and decreasing production artificially, while large numbers of people are starving in the rest of the world. Parents send children to school to get them out of their hair, which produces conformity to dregs of teachers and lousiest of textbooks written for sales and profiteering, not for TEACHING anything.

Politicians perpetuating fractionalization, pork barrels, favoritism, and loads of waste for political, not social, reasons.

TV and newspaper ads for luxury items next to poverty news items, spending money for the WRONG things, telling people the WRONG THINGS, instilling low frequency thoughts and emotions and produced-value desire-needs.

The industrial-military complex ("We can't close down Rockwell, think of the unemployment, so we HAVE to produce $1 billion B1 bombers") must have war and munitions to keep production of ANYTHING increasing.

Cities are overcrowded, drawing more people, needing more high-rises, which makes them more overcrowded, needing MORE people and crush and de-naturing. Natural wonders must be EXPLOITED, either for underground resources, or above-ground tourists, or on-ground farming and fishing and hunting.

The moon must be OWNED by the US (per Omni) for EXPLOITATION and INVESTMENT (for capital gains returns), rather than for pleasure or beauty or expansion. Cars and fashions and cameras and film and slide projectors must be made obsolete so we're forced to buy NEW ones, increasing production (and waste) so that the factories can sell more, keeping increasing the nonproductive bureaucracy that oversees.

The government constantly appoints communicators to "oversee" communications, the military to "control" the military, agents to report on other agents.

Drug companies produce what SELLS, coating aspirin with a possible poison to COMPETE, making tampons more absorbent for TOXIC SHOCK, ignore BASIC health-giving stuff.

Kids told of "COOKIES" ON Sesame street, making them love sweets, furnishing food industries with patsies that consume empty calories, making them unhealthy!

HEMLOCK HALL TRIP, September 28 - October 2, 1982

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28. Wake at 6:55 and get batteries from Rolf at 8 and don't get on the road till 9:15, which is busy-time on the East Side Highway, so it takes till 3 pm to get up there. John's out, so I settle into Waterside and roam the grounds and have wine; he's back and we're up to dinner, where I find that the Brunses are meeting the elder Webbs tomorrow, so I ask to join them so I can ask the Webbs to my slides tomorrow night, since George Simon, a possible future astronaut, is talking tonight, and he sounds just like Uncle Edward. Show him and his wife the Russia-China slides since he wants to see them, and they LOVE them, and get tired to bed at 11.

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 29. Breakfast and stroll slowly up to Cliffhanger with the Brunses and elder Webbs, talking about the history of Hemlock Hall, and have some apple juice and walk through woods to Minnow Pond, where they have lunch and I stare out over the height of color, broken only by jet-testing from Clarksburg, or wherever. Back to Hemlock Hall about 3 and go out in the canoe in a wind, having more wine, sitting on the chaise longue on the end of our pier, and set up and show the Russia-China slides to a VERY appreciative group, some of whom sit around and ask questions far into the night, and I get to bed feeling VERY good about the place.

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 30. John's off to speak upstate, so I'm off with the Larsens to climb Blue Mountain, which turns out to be a NICE walk in a colorful woods, getting to a circular view from the fire tower, chatting with a cute fellow from Denver who used to live around here, and I keep getting attracted to sexy fellows, beginning to feel horny. Show the Mexico/Italy/France slides to another attentive audience, but tiring of it.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 1. Trip with the Griswolds, talking of New Zealand, to Upper Saranac where it rains a few drops, take ONE picture of Jan, the larger one, with her Blue Mountain Lake sweatshirt, and Jo's pleasant, and two others are not. Show the USA slides after dinner, to a smallest group, after Jo's.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 2. Return from the place 9:55 to 3:25, having charged my battery, and back to get a GREAT seat through TDF for the Reich tonight.



9/29/82: 11:05 pm.
I KNOW it struck me before, but AGAIN the undulating reflection of the moon in Blue Mountain Lake struck me as a "resolution" of the particle-wave quantum mechanics duality: [DIAGRAM MISSING]

and to THIS was added the UNDERWATER object reflecting as a POINT IMAGE mirrored THROUGH the water-waves, rather than a REFLECTION moved ALONG a wave. From ABOVE the [MISSING DIAGRAM] of the reflection symbolizes the sine wave of the wave function AND the rotation [MISSING DIAGRAM] in Simple Harmonic Motion.

9/30/82 10:30 pm.
When the surface is STILL, the moon reflects PERFECTLY---as the MIND stills it holds the reality, as it "rolls" like a roiled lake), it "ruffles" particles of reality into WAVES of ILLUSION.



Milford trail takes 3 or 4 days, depending on a stop at Quinton for a trek to the 900-foot high Sutherland Falls. Reservations necessary six months ahead. STAY at Milford Sound or TeAnare, to go to Lake Manupiri for a day-long boat tour and a trip to the under-mountain generator. RESERVE EVERYTHING AHEAD, through the New Zealand Tourist Board, which gives tickets there. They enjoyed the Fox and the Franz Josef Glaciers on the west shore of the south island. HAAST pass to the Omarama sheep station, where they stayed a week. Dunedin is nice, while Christchurch is a classic British town. They likes the rugged east coast of the south island, and the WILD tour of Skipper's Road. Wellington is a handsome town, and they liked McIntyre's paintings of the island at Kakahi. Then north to Wanganue for the Maori culture and the Rotiki church hand-done. The Chateau Hotel in Volcano National Park is expensive and marvelous. There's good bus tours there. In the northeast corner of the north island is the good Nangango beach. In the north are Kauri trees, and Rotorura and its art exhibits.

As for their stops, Papaette is busy and not worth seeing, but Bora Bora got a yes for its cabins over the water and Moorea a GOOD yes, saying that local busses took you around there. Tonga was nice, but if you go to Fiji don't stay at the Fijian Resort. Nandi was nothing and Suva was British, the better of the villages.

It was 286.4 miles TO Hemlock Hall, from 80751 to 81037, and I got 12.6 gallons at 247.7 miles for 19.66 miles/gallon on the way up, and got 78 gallons at mile 81152, which is 153.3 miles, for 19.65+ miles/gallon. The charger STARTED on 3.25 and in an hour went below 280 miles and five starts, so the battery doesn't seem to discharge SO quickly.



Arthur Ellenbogen explains and shows and talks of sterilization (a concern, it seems to me, if he's still carrying around latent herpes infections), and I slip into a backless robe after shitting and pissing, and he probes around for my anus and slips in the object, which isn't too obtrusive, and then surprises me by saying that I should roll back onto my back, with my knees in the air. He gives me maybe two five-gallon douches of lukewarm water, then a colder one, then a warmer one, interspersed with peppermint injections that loosen up more things. I call out "pressure" every so often when the feeling of shitting increases to the point that I think there may be leakage, and when I get off the table after about an hour, I see that in fact there ARE wet splotches on the paper-towel apron he puts down to protect the plastic-top table from that. But it's mainly odorless, which is good, though his descriptions of pellets of fecal matter passing through, then striated strands, then a speckled pill-particle, then dark agglomerated masses with mucus which might be popcorn remnants, are rather bizarre. I'm surprised afterward by the amount I shit, not just water but actual bits of floating and sinking sand-like stuff that reminds me of what he describes as "crawling along, but not on legs, I don't mean" the bottom of the tube. He kneads my stomach, almost to the point of telling him it's too hard, a number of times, and I can hear the gurgles from my sigmoid colon and part of the way up the descending colon, and while it's clear he hasn't reached the turn of the ASCENDING colon across the transverse colon, he's probably gotten some distance INTO the transverse colon from what I can tell, which isn't too much, and he can't really tell from the volume of water because people are of such vastly different sizes, me larger than most. JoAnne has the work area set up VERY nicely, against the slummy outdoor quality, and they let me sit for 10 minutes from 4:35-4:45, so I've taken almost two hours, which he says IS longer, and he takes my $25 and says I should get a series of three, the second in 7-10 days, so I make one 8 days away when I'll be seeing Sherryl, since I was able to take in a mediocre dinner at the Cactus Cafe and the talk by Toby Weiss afterwards with no discernible discomfort.



"Hamlet" has the good SINGERS of Sherrill Milnes and Ashley Putnam, who quite made me believe in the characters, but the MUSIC by Ambroise Thomas was almost totally unexceptional. Couldn't care less if I'd heard it before or ever hear it since.

"Alceste" on the other hand has LOUSY singers---how MANY times during the cool raving of Heather Harper I thought of what a Joan Sutherland or a Regine Crespin could have done to these tearing emotions---and LOVELY music which was almost worth listening to without the lovely ballet they kept in the last act (to my surprise, since it meant the performance lasted from 8:05 to 11:10), rather sexily danced by Jay Jolley and women, some of them with male genitalia. (I'm saying the other men were effeminate, not that the costumes were transsexual.)

"Der Rosenkavalier" on TV is a total triumph, with Kiri Te Kanawa and Tatiana Troyanos making a convincing love-duo as the Marschallin and Octavian, and Judith Blegen adding a crisp high voice to the last-act trio, which gives me shivers while I'm listening to it and must be, as he platitudinously said, one of the great acts in the history of opera. Add to that the CLARITY of the reception on Channel 13 last night and the stereo earphones from WQXR, and the informative intermission pieces about the choral and dancing segments of the opera operation, it made a wonderful evening from 8 to 12:10, despite the fact that it was only AFTER it was over that I realized the "Dove Sono" I was waiting for had to be from an ITALIAN opera (Marriage of Figaro) than from the German. Kurt Moll was almost the hit of the evening with his truly ochs-like performance as Baron Ox and marvelous low notes. The subtitles were oddly missing where they might be rather licentious, and during ensemble singing, where they might be confusing, but it was a pity that more of the emotional content couldn't have been more explicitly translated. The last act was so good I intend to watch it again on the rebroadcast on Sunday. How sad that EVERY evening in the operatic theater can't be as thrilling with such a BEAUTIFUL VOLUME OF SOUND.



After an intermission in indexing, with more work now needing to be done...
With reading done and reading continuing...
With a computer purchase becoming more and more probable, with games too...
With Actualism holding its own, fighting denial, at last out of a pattern...
With Mom having scheduled a week here and just canceling out due to nausea...
With pages just typed, bills just sent, catching me up to date for a bit...
With a do-list in full operation, which I'll hope to exhaust in a week or so...
With Dennis on the way out and no one in sight to take his place...
With more J/O than usual, and more horniness and desire than I like...
With administrative duties now caught up, but the apartment still needing cleaning and the awful painting looming up, and Mom still maybe visiting...
With trips to Provincetown next weekend, New York State the next week, and the Caribbean next month ALL in a state of question and flux and possibility...
With museums caught up with at the final GRAND day of the Templo Mejor in Mexico City...
With friends "in place" and mail caught up with in general, though with slides in abeyance waiting for Mom to see them IF she shows up sometime...
I don't find I have anything else to say, so I'll just get to the next index.

PROVINCETOWN TRIP, October 15 - 18, 1982

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 15. Drive Gene Adams and Marilyn Pappert and her snuggly friend Robin to Provincetown through a bright and clear Connecticut, missing the turnoff for the new bridge through Newport, so through Providence in the rush-hour traffic at 4:30, and get in just after dark at 6:15 going easy on the lights. Into a small single at Christine's and over to meet Adele and Mary Rose, and we all go to Nepi's where I have not-that-great Brazilian shrimp, spicy Portuguese soup, and a GOOD Vouvray Monmousseau for only $10.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 16. Up at 8:30 and shower and out with Gene for breakfast in the Red Fox Inn of steak and champagne yet, then wander up and down the busy town past the unsightly Provincetown Inn in the "north," then try to meet Robin at the ice cream shop while she's standing at the pharmacy, when she said drug-store-ice-cream shop, and return to house and get told by Mary Rose where Rebecca's is, and get there at 1:45 for a BEAUTIFUL woman and her sexy husband Tom, old white-bearded Saul, and seven other mostly-gay women. Session goes well between 2 and 4:30, and Gene wants to eat right after we three drive out to look at Herring Cove for sunset, and we're back to Red Fox Inn when the Mayflower's crowded and he doesn't want to adventure anywhere else. Then I wander to benches in front of Town Hall and watch rather unpleasant passersby, WITHOUT my glasses, until 12, having found bars AWFUL.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 17. Breakfast with Gene in place that advertises "Breakfast 8 am - 3 pm, lunch 11 am - 6 pm, dinner 1 pm - midnight." To the museum at 10 and climb the tower and take pictures and pass the time nicely until 2, when the session is good again until 4, and then I'm out to the beach to walk WITH the wind until sunset, taking pictures of the distant lighthouses, then back AGAINST the wind, exhausting, at 6:30, when we finally eat in the Mayflower and I get into bed at 11, after showering, but I can't sleep until about 2.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 18. Out at 6 am to find two tires flat. Marilyn says that driving on them won't hurt them, but they STILL leak when we get to the station (and I find that we DO have an air pump!), but there are TWO spares, so we change them by 7 am and drive off to change a battery and think the OTHER one is going, so we get the first charged and the second checked about noon, and then the accelerator jams IN on the Bruckner Throughway, which I fix, and home at 4, EXHAUSTED.



Finished indexes that I had to finish by last Tuesday, then gave myself some time off to play with stamps (finally assimilated with the calculation that I'll need about 650 hours to finish dealing with it), didn't do any sessions at all and only managed to get to the gym twice, watched lots of TV with no particular pleasure except in Bruce Boxlietner in "How the West Was Won," read and went with Dennis and Alice to a mediocre Betty Carter, gave a mediocre talk at ASI that everyone said was dynamite, and feel again like I'm jerking off too much and not doing enough work. Catch up on Actualism notes without retaining the flavor of what had happened, finally put up the fallen buffalo-paper above the bed, finally withheld rent to get the place painted, finally settled on Florida from 12/1/22 with Avi, and still don't feel like things are in order, hoping that Actualism Board Review on the 29th will permit me to continue with Actualism, and having settled on Thanksgiving here with Avi and Robin, and even scheduled for Dana and Jody on the 11th of December. So things are being done, but still I'm not MOVING: still displeased with the pleasure I take, wonder where the money's gone when I DO work so much. Want a relationship so badly that I flip when going to the gym on Sunday afternoon and seeing such lovely fresh guys, none of whom I can have. Displeased with Mom's week here, but it IS over. Displeased with Susan's coming over this evening, but maybe I WILL give her an O/V to get up to #48. Displeased with colonics, but maybe this week's will be the last for awhile. Teeth are finally in, though the narrow channel between two are of concern. Lists of things to do now outdated, but still haven't gotten camera lenses, or used the Walkman much, or shopped again at Brentano's, or made the final arrangements for the delayed computer purchase (though I now have the money for it), and still haven't written the letter to Mom with the "Big Eyes" review, or watched all the porno films to get them sold or kept, or gotten prints made for relatives, or seen some of the movies or museum exhibits I want to see, nor even gotten Joe to take me out for dim sum yet. But life goes on, the world doesn't end, and at least my typewriter seems to work!

EPCOT TRIP, December 15 - 21, 1982

Wednesday, December 15, 1982. Bed at 11:30. Don't sleep. Avi goes to john at 4:35 and we're about at 5. Out at 6 to High Street and a passing "Train to the plane"---first starts at 57th at 5:07, second at 5:27, and we're on third which was starting at 5:47 at 6:32, late? Into station at 7, to Pan Am at 7:15, VERY poor directions. Halls loaded with luggage for IW. Onto shortish line. Onto plane at 8 am and off at 9, squalling babies and awfulness. Smooth flight but I still clutch till 11:05 landing. Off at 11:15, Avi claims luggage and I get front right seat on top of double-decker at 11:15. He says "Hotel is pretty, but far out, 48 miles from airport and 36 from park." Stay with Midge? Leave airport at 12:10. To hotel at 1:15! Awful! Call Midge, who suggests WEEKEND, which is good. To room to try to rent a car. Out at 2:25. To lobby to find guy who got HIS car from American Van Rental across from airport where we RESERVED one for $70/week and $5.50/day insurance. He volunteers to drive FOUR of us to pick up cars! He says he'll be back in 5 minutes to the lobby. To rental place by 3:50, after stopping at WRONG American International place and getting gas AND taking wrong road. Pay $121 for a car for a week. Sore legs from four in back seat. I pay $1.20 for tolls. Into EPCOT at 4:25 and RIGHT INTO Spaceship Earth to 5. Walk to 5:10, and into Universe of Energy for INCREDIBLE show to 5:55. Into GM at 6! To 6:35, good, too. Disney-ish and games and Bird and Robot and cars. Kodak Journey into Imagination at 6:45, NO lines! Great night colors, beautiful people. Music EVERYWHERE. Clean walks, all flowers in bloom, GREAT lighting effects. 3-D film to 7:05, GREAT! extraordinary games. To Kraft at 7:20. The Land shows plants and water ride to 7:45. Restaurant (the Good Turn) not ready for us and Avi insists we SIT till 8. Dinner of appetizer of cheese-stuffed mushrooms and mushroom, walnut and pastry balls, my good southern beef and pork loin with Kraft barbecue sauce, Avi's duck fat but good, and $5.75 rose carafe. Leave at 9:45. Mile 20974 to 10 pm, and back at 10:40, 28 miles. Move tomorrow! Bed at 11:15, Avi on phone, complaining.

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 16. Avi up at 7:30 to shower, I'm up at 7:45 to shower and we leave room at 8:40 and snack-breakfast in HoJo's and out at 9:15 to drive back, NOT so hot on moving. Into ENTRANCE at 9:50, and the TRAM starts at 10. Good! To France: dinners reserved from Earth Station at 8:30. Lunch at 1 pm reserved for us. Back to Earth Station and ITALY and France gone, Good Turn was last night, and we did Mexico for 8:30. Others are Japan, Germany (huge), and Great Britain. To bus at 10:45. Bus stops CHANGED. Reservation-method changed MONDAY. Around to Germany at 11, ONLY biergarten and shops, but VERY nicely done. Walk past expansion-place for Israel and Equatorial Africa and Spain and to China at 11:00 for 360 film at 11:20. LOVELY carpet and LOVELY guy. China at 11:25. Buddha of Li-Shan; Su-Jo is the Venice of the East. Wang Shan Mountains. Hsih Lin stone forest. Ti people. Out at 11:45 to drizzle. To Italy, shops and CROWDED restaurant. To US at 12, singers in "Williamsburg." Singers in LOVELY open cupola till 12:15, looking at "good phony oil" paintings and CLEAN walls. Photo #21 of the US hall of flags. At 12:25 into HUGE 650-seat theater. Rather tacky to 12:52, but GREAT "180 film EXPANSION PAST STATUES in skyline of liberty torch. To French restaurant at 1, GREAT Charcuterie platter for $6.25 of four pat├ęs, VERY good vol au vent and sweetbreads and LOVELY dumplings and croute. Avi with beef bourguignon good, dessert of profiterolles and meringue of vanilla and chocolate ice cream and same chocolate sauce. Interesting layered spinach-carrot-cauliflower tart and Avi's potatoes. Carafe of white. Out at 2:15, VERY pleased with place and Christof. 2:30 into "Impression de France," to 2:45, VERY great, moving, tears, fabulous, ending with Saint-Saens Third! Great Britain for Pearlie band and shops---VERY well after wine, and even a quiet SQUARE IN BACK. Canada at 3:15. To 3:35 VERY nice 360 film; walk to BOAT across to ITALY at 3:52! BUT boat goes to Germany: We ask INFORMATION for film and find it's only DISTANT. But Avi pushes for attendant who says film can be bought in GERMANY, at Bucherwurm! Fucking thing WORKS! 4:05 Avi enters for film. 4:08, film bought, onto bus for Japan! HERE the gardens and museum aren't OPEN yet! 4:25 to AMAN: American Folk Ensemble to 4:45, rousingly good. Great guy watching to 5:15, but it's drizzling and the West African dance doesn't go on. Board BOAT at 5:25 to CENTER Showcase. Try Kodak again and finally figure you have to go THROUGH Communicore to get FROM anywhere TO almost anywhere in Future World. End up in Communicore and I suggest Futurecom and we enter about 5:45 and play information game with states and services and Bell calls, then GAMES of "computer pronounces what you spell," and "decode color to get right message," and "16-square 0's and 1's that you memorize (I get up to 47, but it's VERY nerve wracking), and a mouse directed by WORDS that won't work when I push start for English, only for ITALIAN, and I don't remember difference between SU and GIU! Then to "stop stuff from falling onto chip" which is old "left-right-fire" game I do poorly at---except for shield against electricity. Lots of addicts around and Avi and I "get at" each other. HE talks to people and enrages me and I pig out on the games and he sits sullenly till I ask what he wants. "Whatever you want." "Other Communicore." "It's 7 pm and I thought we were going to Mexico." "So you DO want something!" THEN he wants cigarettes and it's WAY back to Kodak, but he insists on going and so I sit and write and put on sweater and he's not back by 7:10; I have to propose a game to him: I CAN'T get mad at him and when HE gets mad at me, it's always MAXIMUM INTENSITY: like, "Do you want me to get on a plane and go home?" So I'll suggest we SAY intensity: I can suggest "intensity 1" so he doesn't feel I'm ORDERING, and he can SAY "intensity 5" if he really means it and WARNS me before he gets to "intensity 10" of "I'll never speak to you again!" Of course, I can only do that when he RETURNS! 7:15. Out at 10:05. To car at 10:40. Back at 11:20 and crap and get to bed at 11:40, leaving word for waking at 7 am.

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 17. HA! Avi leaves word for 6:50, we agreed on 7, I said 7:15, SHE calls at 7:10 and Avi showers and I do a quick one and we leave at 7:45! PARK at 8:30. Onto line with OTHERS at 8:33. OFF at 8:48. Onto Monorail line at 8:52. Into NOSE of monorail at 8:56. GREAT seat to Polynesia by 9:05. Onto Magic Kingdom monorail at 9:08. To Magic Kingdom at 9:12; get free guide ONLY by asking; NO tickets needed for anything; have Danish and hot chocolate for $1.75 for Avi's coffee, and board RR at 9:50 in station! OFF train to Pirates, and I'd ENTERED at 9:55 and NO line through to 10:06! Onto TRAINS again at 10:11, IN station. Off at Main Street at 10:19. Onto horse cart up Main Street at 10:20. Onto Space Mountain line at 10:30 and ONTO ride at 10:40. Off at 10:43 and through RCA ads. Onto line SECOND time at 10:47! MORE of a line: off at 11:05. In to Circlevision ("4 minutes") at 11:15, and move into theater at 11:22. 1972 film over at 11:45. King Stephen's hall opens at 12, and we're third in at 11:55 for beef DINNER at $8.14, less tip. Beef is COLD but tasty but fatty, punch is ice-laced but you CAN have coffee and tea. Out at 1:10 and over to Haunted Mansion by 1:18, to a short line TOO, even in chilly afternoon. Out at 1:32. Not as good as I remembered, but big room is still big. Onto lines for Mountain RR at 1:41, longest line yet I note at 1:55, onto ride at 1:57. 2 pm and get towed up THREE hills to 2:04. Off Africa boat at 2:20. Tree house to 2:31. Back to Boston U band parade for Tangerine Bowl tomorrow, and back to Mars, in at 2:40, boring "lecture" and "command center demo," and then I REMEMBER the circular main room and the "sinking" seats. Out at 3:01 and into Eastern at 3:03. Ride STOPS at 3:07. Off at 3:10. Onto Starjets at 3:13. Off at 3:20. Into GE line at 3:22 and they're FULL. Wait and they have TWO seats! As I tell Avi, "It's so understated it's soporific." Out at 3:45. People-mover to 3:59. Photo #33: Satellite Beach High School group in Tomorrowland theater. Awful singers 4-4:07, and onto skyway to Fantasyland from 4:08 to 4:16. To "It's a Small World" at 4:20. To a VERY cloying 4:32. Onto "Peter Pan's Flight" off at 4:44 NICE fantasy ride in AIR. Onto "20,000 Leagues" line at 4:47. Off at 5:08. LONG ride. Wander back via Main Street to monorail at 5:30, realizing Magic Kingdom closes at 6 pm! On car at 5:38. To Contemporary, Traffic, Polynesia, Magic Kingdom, Contemporary, and Traffic (!) by 6:03. Cold and dark by now, waiting for LAST monorail. On at 6:09. FINALLY piss and relax at Epcot at 6:26. To "Harvest Theater" at 6:35 to first row center, as lights dim, and a GREAT "Symposium," with great "start close in, fly back and LIFT" sequences, to 6:54. Into "Kitchen Kabaret" at 6:58. Out of CUTE catchy-tune-show at 7:11. To Mexico's "River of Time" by 7:21 and on INSTANTLY. To China, AGAIN, at 7:45, and film starts at 7:50, to 8:08. To Italy, tired, at 8:24, and "sign in." Seated at 8:32, order LOTS: mixed antipasto, fried zucchini, fettuccini Alfredo alla carbonara, and scaloppini di setti collini Romani (7 hills). SINGERS! $51 paid including tip, ending at 10:30. 10:38 into jitney going OTHER way. To entrance at 11 and chat with two women from Lon Gisland and travelers from Columbus Ohio who chat about Verona and Colmar with me. Back at 11:45, me driving 60-65, and crap and bed at 12:10, sleeping instantly.

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 18. Wake at 6:40 and take a HUGE crap, feeling full STILL AFTERWARD and shower while Avi phones Robin and bicker about hair in tub and I write to 7:20 and prepare to make a list of "what's left at EPCOT." Avi bustles and sighs and grunts and we leave at 7:50. Actual ICE (MORE than frost) on windshield. Avi stops for breath mints and stays FOREVER, actually till 8. Need gas, into gate at 8:45, most crowded so far, but still NOT AT ALL. Onto food line at 8:55 and it's longer and slower than before. Back to see band in white uniforms (semi-see through) and into Energy at 9:30, starts at 9:33, who KNEEL on clean GROUND. 9:41 is end of STANDING performance. Out at 10:12, golly-goshing guys next to us just OVERWHELMED in corner front seats! Into Travelport at 10:15, get a seat at 10:34. African lodges: Treetops, Kilaguni, Amboseli, Mara Serena, and Keekorok. April to October good for Tahiti, SOME slides are too quick, others are not lined up perfectly: lots end with script only. Brazil doesn't work from BELOW---try ABOVE. Brazil ON next time!! Sex areas of world, about 4 places each, "only" 24 destinations. Avi pulls me out at 11. Kodak has "coming soon" for Dreamfinder and Avi "prefers" the 3-D film that starts at 11:12. But there's a "pre-show" (that we didn't see before), standing, that starts at 11:17-11:27. Film 11:30-11:45. Onto boat for Japan at 11:57. Land at 12. Into Japanese restaurant at 12:05 and out at 1:00 with $12 teppenyaki lunch of beef and chicken and marinated vegetables. Stop for a drink, but there's a dance SHOW on the pagoda, then the candy-animal maker absolutely CAPTIVATES till 12:40. To a LOVELY drink at 2:10 for $8.25 and pass Yakitori house, and out for French movie (again) at 2:50. Energy Exchange has cars to stadium and hospital (and quiz on energy efficiency and energy things) until 4:45, after spending time BACK at "memorize" and MOUSE IS being fixed. Flag and flight-loading then in Activenter (?) Computer. Computer-counters, too, to 5:35. Onto Starship Earth line at 5:37, and ON ride at 5:52, 15 minutes! Off at 6:11, a one-minute stop, and TWO pairs of men at points helping turn cars! Play FABULOUS color kaleidoscopes, bubble color, color-with-color-per-shape, pin boards, to 7:15. To Kitchen Kabinet at 7:25, in BACK this time, and at 7:32 it BREAKS and we have to clear out! At 7:47 into Spaceship Earth for the THIRD time. Out at 8:09, NO stop and only FINAL two guys helping turn. Now to France. Out at 10:30. Boat leaves, bus leaves, counterclockwise bus takes us at last at 10:45. Out of gate at 11 pm. Back at 11:55 and talk. At 3 am:
A: "I don't want to be told I'm boring."
B: 1) PERFECT communication
2) You're different from me.
3) HONESTY---you're being here
4) DISHONEST---if you don't say it, you ARE dishonest. CONTROL. Concern for person's feelings/honesty. 3:23 to sleep!

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 19. Wake at 8 to shit and we start talking again: MY main point being that Directness and Honesty are so RARE in this society-fucked "civil behavior" (filler" oriented world that I DO feel raised, superior, advanced onto a hilltop (NOT in being #1), and want to raise others to that hilltop to look at the view over the muck-shrouded valleys. With Avi I have to SHOUT to get through the muck he's brought onto my hillside. We talk AGAIN to 9:45 when Midge calls, saying she'd called EVERY day to say SHE had a car for us, and leave at 11 and drive north through lakes and Tavares to Midge's at 12:10. We drink and chat (Avi has coffee to start) till 1, then to Raffles for a HUGE lunch of omelet and the Tokeless Chocolate Creation, till 2:30, and then she drives us to Wekiva and we dress and return at 4 to canoe up to springs and back, watching ibis, raccoon, and anhinga with pleasure, to 6:10, and back to Midge's for more drinks and talk, and phone Rita, and eat 8:15-9:30, talking and drinking till 10:30, exhausted to bed.

MONDAY, DECEMBER 20. I wake at 7:50 and shit and shower and Avi's up at 8:20 saying he hasn't slept. I suggest an outdoors day and return to motel tonight. Write this and out with map at 8:45. Breakfast, show her her triple-timer, look at Peking Palace book, leave at 10:30 and drive to Silver Springs at 12:15. Onto glass-bottom boat 12:40-1:15, monochromatic fish, eelgrass, and 14 springs, 20-80 feet deep, millions of gallons/day, but sadly INCOLORFUL compared with SALT-water colors. Onto Jungle Cruise 1:40 to 2:05. Then to Deer Park and finally eat awful fish and chips at 3 and tour Antique Autos---quite a collection, until 4:45 when we get gas and travel south through glorious orange and purple sunset to motel at 6:30. I'm feeling SO tired I lay till 7:30 (and Avi accuses me of being ) and we search phonebook for movie and restaurants and check at desk to find nothing in neighborhood and drive to Claremont to find the Crown which is good, but because we'd take too long they deny us Bananas Foster. Out at 9:50 and to bed at 10:30, EXHAUSTED.

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 21. Which has its advantages, because I SLEEP quickly and soundly, having a number of odd dreams (like Avi being Dennis's TWIN) and travel "memories," wake at 6:50, and up at 7:40 to shower and pack and check out by 8:30, being told the car rental agency (not IW) will take us to airport. So when I see Gatorland Zoo only 6 miles south, we go there at 9:15-11:15, seeing gators and other animals, taking the tour and swamp walk, but what a short time for $4.20 compared with $7.95 for 12:15-4:45 at Silver Springs yesterday, but NICE coincidence that I'd WANTED to add Gatorland to my list and there it WAS. Avi fusses about time and so we phone to verify departure at 12:40 and drive to auto rental to finish at 11:40 and jitney right to airport at 11:50. People in car say that ANY line in EPCOT on MONDAY was an hour long! Lines longer EACH DAY of the visit. Sit in hot lounge and write this at 12, hopefully ON GROUND in NYC in three hours. Lunch raw steak, two salads. Notes in back of book: board at 12:30 and ready to go! 12:45, "25 people show up." 1:10 pull out AGAIN and take off at 1:30. Land at 3:34, into terminal at 4 pm, to subway station at 4:30. To Jay Street at 5:05 and home at 5:25 to get message from Arnie and leave at 5:40 for Thalia at 6:15 and home at 9 for "Bill" to 11 and bed at 11:30 after COMING to glorious porno---mail not even LOOKED at! Noted on a separate card that the ad said $129.00 to which was added for tax and service on the ORIGINAL cost: 29.85 + departure tax of $6.80 = $165.65. I take $750.47 in cash and return with $434.50, spending $316 in cash plus $165.65 for $481 in 7 days, or $69/day, which isn't bad AT ALL.

LIFELIST FOR 1982, after January 20, end of Italy trip:

M 82-01-24* Boheme, La (Met)
O 82-01-24* Boheme, La (Met)
E 82-01-25 Fredrickson at Pallson's, Dianne Moser accompanies
M 82-01-25 Taxi zum Klo
R 82-01-25 Pallson's
M 82-01-26 Pennies From Heaven (Martin)
P 82-01-26 Sophisticated Ladies (deLavallade)
R 82-01-26 Levant
M 82-01-27 Days of Heaven
M 82-01-27 Gallipoli
M 82-01-28 Reds
D 82-01-29 Anthony Morgan BrickLane/Troglodyte'sTerpsichore/AndanteCapr
D 82-01-29 Philip Grosser:Afternoons/Squill/U-Totem---good!
R 82-01-29 Angry Squire
P 82-01-31 Entertaining Mr. Sloane (sexy Brad Davis)
B 82-02-01 Heidegger: On Time and Being
M 82-02-03* Saludos Amigos
B 82-02-04 Ginsburg: Gay Sunshine Interview
M 82-02-04* Midnight Man
B 82-02-06 Clarke: Interplanetary Flight
D 82-02-06 Alvin Ailey InExcelsis/ISeeTheMoon/Colony
M 82-02-06 Chariots of Fire
M 82-02-06* Rooster Cogburn
M 82-02-07* Superman
B 82-02-08 Chardin: How I Believe
E 82-02-09 Brooklyn Heights Symphony:MozartOverture"Abduction"/Mahlers4
M 82-02-11 Ragtime
T 82-02-12 Athens New York for 3 days to Bob Francescone's
R 82-02-13 Albany Mall Cafeteria (Albany)
R 82-02-13 Old Mexico
T 82-02-13 Albany/EggAuditorium/ReconstructedNeighborhoods/WalkTour
M 82-02-15* Jerk, The
B 82-02-16 Doctorow: Ragtime
M 82-02-17 Making Love
B 82-02-18 Burroughs: Blade Runner
B 82-02-18 Chardin: Letters from Egypt
B 82-02-18 Chardin: Building the Earth
M 82-02-19 On Golden Pond
R 82-02-19 Baltyk
M 82-02-22 French Lieutenant's Woman
M 82-02-22 Why Would I Lie?
E 82-02-23 ASI on Word Processing
M 82-02-23* Ivanhoe (Andrews)
B 82-02-24 Burroughs: Job, The
O 82-02-24 Feen, Die
I 82-02-25 HIP Barium enema
M 82-02-25* For Colored Girls Who...
M 82-02-25* Sabotage
M 82-03-02 Beginning of the End (Thalia)
M 82-03-02 El Salvador (Thalia)
M 82-03-02 War Game (Thalia)
R 82-03-02 Un Deux Trois with Paul McLean
M 82-03-03 Men Must Fight
M 82-03-03 War Without Winners
M 82-03-03 War At Home, The
O 82-03-03 Rienzi
M 82-03-04* Romantic Englishwoman
M 82-03-06* Auntie Mame
B 82-03-07 Chardin: Prayer of the Universe
O 82-03-07 Amore Dei Tre Re, L'
M 82-03-08 National Health
M 82-03-08 No Sex Please, We're British
M 82-03-10 Nasty Habits
M 82-03-10 Romantic Englishwoman
M 82-03-16 Quest for Fire
P 82-03-16 Children of a Lesser God
R 82-03-16 Le Alpi
M 82-03-17* Last Tycoon
M 82-03-18 Shoot the Moon
M 82-03-19* Black Pirate
M 82-03-19* Mary Pickford Story
M 82-03-19* Our Hearts Were Young and Gay
B 82-03-20 Heidegger: Poetry, Language, Thought
M 82-03-20* Americanization of Emily
M 82-03-21* Starring Katharine Hepburn
M 82-03-25 Prince of the City
R 82-03-25 Ararat
R 82-03-27 Waffle House (Roanoke)
T 82-03-27 Drive to Atlanta for 9 days
T 82-03-28 Six Flags Over Georgia all evening
R 82-03-29 Wraps (Atlanta)
T 82-03-30 Stone Mountain Museum & Top/Don O'Shea's Apple II/HetchDinnr
R 82-03-31 Po' Folks (Atlanta)
R 82-03-31 Rich's (Atlanta)
T 82-03-31 Atlanta Subways/GoneWithTheWindMuseum/TalkWithAnne&Ed
R 82-04-01 La Petite Auberge (Atlanta)
T 82-04-01 Callaway Gardens/Country Store
E 82-04-02 Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe on Don's recordings
E 82-04-02 Prisoner and Apple Panic on Don's Apple II
T 82-04-02 Emery Campus/FarmersMarket/GreatDinnerByHetch/MoreComputerFun
R 82-04-03 Howard Johnson's (Henderson)
T 82-04-03 Atlanta Dogwood and Azalea Viewing/Drive North to Henderson
T 82-04-04 King's Dominion Park all day
R 82-04-06 China Chili
R 82-04-07 Arabia Felix
B 82-04-08 : Immortals of Science Fiction
M 82-04-08 Victor/Victoria
D 82-04-09 Bill Evans:DiverseConcerto/Jazz3Ways/Jukebox/BachDanc/Ashtbl
M 82-04-09* All My Sons
D 82-04-10 Pennsylvania Ballet: Galaxies/Resettings/UnderTheSun
M 82-04-10* Lucia de Lammermoor (Rolandi)
M 82-04-10* Seven Days in May
M 82-04-10* Silver Chalice (start)
O 82-04-10* Lucia di Lammermoor (Rolandi)
D 82-04-11 Grands Ballets Canadien:4Temprmnts/Soaring/DblQrtet/Firebird
D 82-04-11 Grands Ballets Canadien:4Temprmnts/Soaring/DblQrtet/LaValse
M 82-04-11 Heatstroke (Joe Gage)
R 82-04-11 Danny's Pizza
B 82-04-12 Heidegger: What Is Called Thinking?
O 82-04-12 Nerone
P 82-04-12 Encore at Radio City
M 82-04-13 Das Boot
B 82-04-14 Chardin: On Love
M 82-04-14 Divine Emma (Destin)
R 82-04-14 Czech Consulate Reception for film
M 82-04-15 Gilda
M 82-04-15 Hidden Room
M 82-04-15 Impact
O 82-04-15 Grand Duchess of Gerolstein
R 82-04-15 McDonald's for McRibs (awful)
M 82-04-16* Duel (Spielberg l972)
M 82-04-16* Harvey
D 82-04-17 Washington Ballet:VariationsSerieuses/Pel&Mel/GloNit/Martinu
B 82-04-20 Forbes: Faberge Imperial Eggs
I 82-04-20 Cold for 4 days
R 82-04-21 Casa Rosa
M 82-04-24 Mephisto
M 82-04-25* Midsummer Night's Dream (BBC: Mirren)
M 82-04-28* Kingdom of the Spiders
M 82-04-30* Sibyl
D 82-05-01 Men Dancing
M 82-05-01* Catch-22
R 82-05-01 Butler Hall
B 82-05-02 Reynolds: In Performance (Ballet)
M 82-05-02* Eagle Has Landed
M 82-05-02* Ian MacKellan Plays Shakespeare
M 82-05-03* Americathon
M 82-05-03* Letter (Remick)
M 82-05-06 Dark Past
M 82-05-06 Dead Reckoning
M 82-05-06 DOA
E 82-05-07 Wine Tasting at Aesop's Fables
M 82-05-07* Bang the Drum Slowly
M 82-05-07* Missouri Breaks
B 82-05-10 Mehta: Philosophy of Martin Heidegger
D 82-05-10 ABT Swan Lake (Susan Jaffe, Kevin McKenzie)
M 82-05-11* Alien
M 82-05-11* Hold Back the Dawn
M 82-05-11* Winner's Circle (porno)
M 82-05-13 Big Heat
M 82-05-13 Blue Gardenia
M 82-05-13 Scarlet Street
B 82-05-14 Hanlon: Into the Fourth Dimension
M 82-05-15* Broadway Plays Washington
M 82-05-15* Seven-Per-Cent Solution
B 82-05-17 Crichton: Eaters of the Dead
B 82-05-18 Adams: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
B 82-05-18 Matthieson: Far Tortuga
E 82-05-18 Brooklyn Heights Symphony
M 82-05-19* Soldier Girls
B 82-05-20 Gibson: Seeing and Writing
M 82-05-22* Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
M 82-05-22* Land That Time Forgot
M 82-05-22* People That Time Forgot
M 82-05-23* Troilus and Cressida (BBC)
M 82-05-24 Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
M 82-05-24 Submarine
M 82-05-26* Rehearsal for Murder
M 82-05-27* Isadora
M 82-05-29* Bluebeard's Eighth Wife
M 82-05-29* Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror
R 82-06-02 Capulet's
B 82-06-03 Sagan: Cosmos
E 82-06-03* Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique (NY Philharmonic&IsraeliPhilhm
M 82-06-03 Richard Pryor Live on Sunset Strip
M 82-06-03 Wolfen
M 82-06-04* Mahler (TV)
M 82-06-05* Lost Continent (Eric Porter l968)
M 82-06-05* Midnight
M 82-06-05* Mysterious Island
M 82-06-06* Count of Monte Cristo (Donat)
B 82-06-07 Jastrow: Enchanted Loom
M 82-06-07* Orpheus (Monteverdi)
O 82-06-07* Orpheus (Monteverdi)
R 82-06-10 Tang's Chariot
B 82-06-11 Blackwood: Promise of Air
E 82-06-12 Actualism Summer Gathering at Croton Park
M 82-06-12* Soylent Green
M 82-06-14* Jericho Mile
B 82-06-15 Theroux: Family Arsenal
E 82-06-15 Rodin's Gate of Hell/Rockefeller Wing in Met
E 82-06-15 Silk Route/French Golden Age
M 82-06-15 Poltergeist
R 82-06-15 La Ripaille
B 82-06-16 Vonnegut: Palm Sunday
T 82-06-16 Drive to Florida for 21 days/Laird's/Hot-tubLaid&Beau
T 82-06-17 Chincoteague & AssateagueIslands/Helen and Jimmy's Dinner
R 82-06-18 Lighthouse (Norfolk)
T 82-06-18 Norfolk: Dolphns/Waffls/Pavilion/Library/ARE/Lighthouse/Cross
T 82-06-19 Norfolk-LongwoodDrive/Midge's for GREAT dinner
T 82-06-20 Central FloridaZoo/CircusWorld/Midge's GREAT dinner/Slides
M 82-06-21* Atlantic City
M 82-06-21* Caveman
R 82-06-21 Raffles (Longwood)
R 82-06-21 Virginia Chicken (Satellite Beach)
T 82-06-21 Springs/Rita's for Paul and Atlantic Ocean
T 82-06-22 Kennedy Space Center Tours/Paul's First Birthday Party/MyCake
R 82-06-23 Dinner Key Marina (Miami)
T 82-06-23 Greg In Miami/Joe&BobOnKeys for GREAT dinner and people
R 82-06-24 Buttery (Key West)
R 82-06-24 Casa Marina (Key West)
T 82-06-24 Key West/Limes/CasaMarinaSands/HemingwayHouse/TownSquare
T 82-06-25 Photo Sharks/Sunburn/AudubonHouse/WesternUnion/Slides
R 82-06-26 Green Turtle Inn (Dolphin Key)
T 82-06-26 Drive Keys/Denny'sGreek&EgyptSlides/MySlidestoPeople
M 82-06-27* Nine to Five [9 to 5]
T 82-06-27 Columbia Shuttle#4Launch/DinnersHaphazard
R 82-06-28 Chumley's (Longwood)
T 82-06-28 Busch Gardens/Midge's for evening
R 82-06-29 La Grande Verriere for Tiffany Glass and food (Winterhaven)
T 82-06-29 Sea World/Florida Festival
T 82-06-30 Cypress Gardens/Drive to Rita's/Last Slides
M 82-07-01* History of the World, Part I
M 82-07-01* Starting Over
M 82-07-01* Zorro the Gay Blade
R 82-07-01 Strawberry Palace (Melbourne)
T 82-07-01 Rita's Relaxing
M 82-07-02 Annie
M 82-07-02* Far from the Madding Crowd
M 82-07-02* Star Trek--The Movie (ending only)
T 82-07-02 Drive North to Columbia, S.C.
M 82-07-03 Blade Runner (half of it)
M 82-07-03 Blade Runner
T 82-07-03 Columbia Zoo/Carowinds all day/Charlotte, N.C.
R 82-07-04 Burger King (Virginia Beach)
T 82-07-04 Busch Gardens at Williamsburg all day
T 82-07-05 Helen's/Talk/Boardwalk/Pier/BoardwalkTram/FishDinner
R 82-07-06 Harbor View
T 82-07-06 GREAT Eclipse view 2-4AM/Drive to NYC
M 82-07-07 Body Heat
M 82-07-07 Detour
R 82-07-07 Indian Restaurant
P 82-07-08 Kabuki:Migawari-Zazen(Kanzaburo,Tomijuro)
P 82-07-08 Kabuki:Narukami(Ebizo(Danjuro XII),Tamasaburo)
P 82-07-08 Kabuki:Sumidagawa(Utaemon,Kanzaburo)
R 82-07-08 Promenade
M 82-07-09* Audrey Rose
M 82-07-09* Rich Kids
M 82-07-10 E.T.
P 82-07-10 Kabuki:Kanjincho(Tomijuro)
P 82-07-10 Kabuki:Kumagai Jinya(Kanzaburo,Tamasaburo)
P 82-07-10 Kabuki:Masakado(Utaemon,Ebizo)
R 82-07-10 Cabana Carioca
B 82-07-11 Cayce: Earth Changes Update
M 82-07-11 Firefox
R 82-07-11 Henry's End
R 82-07-11 Hisae's West
M 82-07-15 Nighthawks
M 82-07-15 Some of My Best Friends Are
E 82-07-16 Washington Square Park/Wander Village
M 82-07-16 Escape from New York
M 82-07-16 Scanners
R 82-07-16 Casa Paco
R 82-07-16 Empire Szechwan
B 82-07-17 Cayce: Understand and Develop Your ESP
D 82-07-17 Netherlands Ballet: SongsofWayfarer/NovemberSteps/Svadebka
M 82-07-19 Tron
M 82-07-20 Health
R 82-07-20 Horn's Garden
R 82-07-20 Riviera
M 82-07-21 Cat People (l98l)
M 82-07-21 Thing, The
M 82-07-22 Star Trek II
R 82-07-22 Fritzl's
R 82-07-22 Jimmy Day's
D 82-07-24 Netherlands Ballet: BernardaAlba/DreamDances/SayBye-Bye
D 82-07-24 Netherlands Ballet: SymphonyOfPsalms/Nomads/SinfoniettaGREAT
R 82-07-24 La Vieille Auberge
E 82-07-25 Dennis throws me a surprise party!
B 82-07-26 Burroughs: Letters to Allen Ginsberg
M 82-07-26 Demon Pond
T 82-07-27 Fly to Paris for 13 days on Air Florida
M 82-07-28* Loophole
R 82-07-28 Fer Rouge (Colmar) *
R 82-07-28 Train to Mulhouse (one of the best lunches ever)
T 82-07-28 Orly/GareDeL'Est/MulhouseTrain/ColmarHotelMajesticWithPaulMc
R 82-07-29 Brasserie de Chasse breakfast (Colmar)
R 82-07-29 Maison des Tetes (Colmar)
R 82-07-29 Rendezbous de Chasse (Colmar)
T 82-07-29 Riquewihr/Ribeauville/Haut-KoenigsbourgCastle/AlsaceCountry
T 82-07-29 Unterlinden Mus/Ammerschwihr/Kayserberg/Sigolsheim
R 82-07-30 La Truite (Illhaeusern)
R 82-07-30 Maison des Tetes (Colmar)
T 82-07-30 IllhaeusernTaxi/Bergheim/SelestatTour/ColmarTrain
R 82-07-31 Chapeau Rouge (Dijon) *
R 82-07-31 Ermitage de Corton (Beaune) *
T 82-07-31 Dijon/BourgogneCastle/SalleDesGardes/Beaune/HotelCentral
R 82-08-01 Hotel Central lunch and dinner GREAT (Beaune)
T 82-08-01 Museums/Cathedral/ChateaudelaRochepotTour
T 82-08-01 Pommard/Meursault/Volnay/MonthelieTour/HospiceDeBeaune
R 82-08-02 Hotel de Bourgogne (Cluny) *
R 82-08-02 Lameloise (Chagny) ***
T 82-08-02 Six House-Brand Wine Tastings/Chagny/Cluny/LightningStorm
R 82-08-03 Avignon Place dinner (Avignon)
R 82-08-03 Cluny Square lunch (Cluny)
T 82-08-03 Cluny: Square/Tour/MaconBus/LyonTrain/PaulStays/Avignon
R 82-08-04 Hiely-Lucullus (Avignon) ** (BEST MEAL OF TRIP)
T 82-08-04 Castle ofPopes/DomDeRocher/Churches/Carcassonne/Fort/Town
R 82-08-05 Digne Station Cous-Cous
T 82-08-05 Nice Train/Lose Camera/Digne Train/Briancon/ParisTrain
R 82-08-06 La Vieille Metiers (Paris)
R 82-08-06 Louvre Coffee Shop (Paris)
T 82-08-06 Paris: Louvre
R 82-08-07 Hostelerie D'Occitanie on Seine (France)
R 82-08-07 L'Ambassade D'Auvergne (Paris)
T 82-08-07 Mouffetard Market/LeLuat/Countryside/PlaceD'Horloge
M 82-08-08 Evil Under the Sun
T 82-08-08 Orly to NYC
R 82-08-10 Old Hungary
B 82-08-12 Spaulding: Masters of the Far East, Volume 1
M 82-08-12* Uninvited, The
E 82-08-14 Great Adventure with Actualism Group
E 82-08-15 Ornette Cobb at Fat Tuesday's
M 82-08-15 Wall, Pink Floyd The
M 82-08-15 Wall, Pink Floyd The
M 82-08-15 Wall, Pink Floyd The
R 82-08-15 Fat Tuesday's
M 82-08-17 Sword and the Sorcerer
E 82-08-18 Asia Society
M 82-08-18 Secret of NIMH, The
R 82-08-18 La Vieille Auberge
M 82-08-20 Breaker Morant
M 82-08-20 Caddie
M 82-08-20 World According to Garp
R 82-08-20 Yang Yang
B 82-08-21 Golding: Rites of Passage
B 82-08-23 Spaulding: Masters of the Far East, Volume 2
M 82-08-23 Beastmaster
M 82-08-28 Bye Bye Brazil
M 82-08-28 Hail Columbia
M 82-08-28 Living Planet
M 82-08-28 Pixote
E 82-08-29 Maudsley Photos of Yucutan/Mones Photos of Sicily:BrklynMus
E 82-08-29 Nathan Roseman's computer 1PM - midnight for indexing
R 82-08-30 Au Naturale
B 82-08-31 Spaulding: Masters of the Far East, Volume 3
D 82-08-31 Daniel Ezralow and DAVID PARSONS!
M 82-09-01* Working
R 82-09-02 Claude's (mediocre for $151)
M 82-09-03* Third Man
M 82-09-05* Flash Gordon: Greatest Adventure of Them All(cartoon)
M 82-09-08* I Never Promised You a Rose Garden
M 82-09-09* American Tragedy
M 82-09-10* Hurricane
R 82-09-10 Coq au Vin (Actualism)
D 82-09-12 Alvin Ailey InExcelsis/SummerdanceI&II/Bridgeforms/Icefire
R 82-09-12 Hunan 125th St
B 82-09-14 Spaulding: Masters of the Far East, Volume 4
M 82-09-14* Wrong Box
O 82-09-14 Hamlet (Milnex, Putnam, Rose Marie Freni)
M 82-09-15* Set-Up
B 82-09-16 Blackwood: Empty House, The
B 82-09-16 Blackwood: Episodes Before Thirty
E 82-09-18 CBS Test: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Episode Trial
M 82-09-18 Aida
D 82-09-19 Caracas Ballet: Inventions/Nuages/Preludes/Othello/VenezWalz
R 82-09-19 Taco Villa
B 82-09-20 Blackwood: John Silence
R 82-09-23 La Vieille Auberge (Actualism)
M 82-09-24 Waxworks (Jannings)
M 82-09-27* Staying On
T 82-09-28 Hemlock Hall for 5 days
T 82-09-29 Cliffhanger and Minnow Pond, canoe/show Russia-China slides
T 82-09-30 Climb Blue Mountain wiht Larsens/Mexico&Italy&France slides
T 82-10-01 Upper Saranac and Lila Lakes & Ely's chapel/show USA slides
E 82-10-02 Steve Reich at BAM
B 82-10-03 Blackwood: Jimbo
B 82-10-04 Blackwood: Education of Uncle Paul
B 82-10-05 Chardin: Hymn of the Universe
O 82-10-05 Alceste (Heather Harper)
E 82-10-06 Actualism Power Places at Willkie
E 82-10-06 Museum of Natural History for Templo Mejor
I 82-10-06 Colonic with Arthur, first of 3
R 82-10-06 Cactus Cafe
M 82-10-07* Rosenkavalier (Met)
O 82-10-07* Rosenkavalier (Met)
B 82-10-08 Daumal: Mount Analogue
M 82-10-08* Rogue Male
M 82-10-08* Trail of the Lonesome Pine
D 82-10-09 NYC Ballet: Orpheus(Martins,Aroldingen)/Apollo(Martins,Farrl
M 82-10-09* Interval (Merle Oberon)
M 82-10-09* Pikoo (Satyajit Ray)
P 82-10-09 Cats (standing)
M 82-10-10* Disappearance of Aimee
D 82-10-13 Tempest---Fabulous!
R 82-10-15 Nepi's (Provincetown)
T 82-10-15 Provincetown Drive for 4 days
R 82-10-16 Red Fox Inn (Provincetown)
R 82-10-17 Mayflower (Provincetown)
T 82-10-17 Pilgrim's Tower and Museum, East Beach at Sunset
T 82-10-18 Two flats/Two batteries drained/Accelerator stuck Provnctn-NY
B 82-10-19 Huxley: Moksha
M 82-10-20* Madama Butterfly (Haddon, Hadley, Titus)
O 82-10-20* Madame Butterfly (Haddon, Hadley, Titus)
R 82-10-20 Mimosa
E 82-10-21 Caffe Roma dessert (Actualism)
R 82-10-21 Grotta Azzura (Actualism)
M 82-10-22* Artists and Models
M 82-10-23* Only Game in Town
M 82-10-24* King Lear (Hordern)
R 82-10-26 Cafe Fonduta
R 82-10-27 Tanpopo
E 82-10-29 Bronx Zoo
R 82-10-29 La Puglia (Actualism)
M 82-10-30* My Bodyguard
M 82-10-30* Werewolf of London (seen before thisdate:)
B 82-10-31 Gage: One Work, The
D 82-10-31 Ohad Naharin: PasDePepsi/HaruNoUmi/Letter/Mistake/Journy/Comn
M 82-10-31* Monster Disasters
M 82-11-01* Brubaker
O 82-11-02 Candide
R 82-11-02 Empanadas, Etc
M 82-11-04* Carefree
M 82-11-04* Ministry of Fear
M 82-11-04* Return to Boggy Creek
I 82-11-05 Stamps Bought for $998 arrive
M 82-11-05 Black and White in Color
M 82-11-05 Man Who Would Be King
M 82-11-05* So Evil My Love
R 82-11-07 Tanpopo
E 82-11-09 Cooper-Hewitt
D 82-11-10 Culberg Ballet:MissJulie/Adam&Eve/Soweto
R 82-11-10 China Chili
D 82-11-11 DTW: Big Eyes
M 82-11-14* Blue Lagoon
M 82-11-15* How the West Was Won, part l
M 82-11-15* I, Desire
M 82-11-16* Bride Comes Home, The
E 82-11-19 ASI Meeting: I talk on my indexing
M 82-11-19* Man Who Skied Down Everest
R 82-11-19 Xenia
E 82-11-21 Betty Carter
M 82-11-23* I Met Him in Paris
O 82-11-24 Lucia di Lammermoor (Sutherland)
R 82-11-24 Noodles
B 82-11-25 AAA(ed.): Surtsey
B 82-11-26 Walters: Nude Male, The
M 82-11-26* Evergreen
B 82-11-27 Casteneda: Eagle's Gift, The
D 82-12-01 Dutch National Ballet:GardenUnkempt/4LastSongs/PyrricDanceII
M 82-12-02 Fitzcarraldo
P 82-12-02 Crimes of the Heart
R 82-12-02 Levant
B 82-12-03 Wallachinsky: Book of Lists
D 82-12-03 Dutch National Ballet:Dialogues/Twilight/5Tangos/PianoVar2&3
R 82-12-03 Ferrybank
M 82-12-05* Tora, Tora, Tora
M 82-12-06 Last Unicorn, The
R 82-12-06 Avgerinos
B 82-12-07 Adams: Restaurant at the End of the Universe
M 82-12-08* Rise and Fall of the Third Reich
R 82-12-09 Cellar in the Sky---GREAT
R 82-12-15 Good Turn (Epcot)
T 82-12-15 Fly to Epcot for 7 days
T 82-12-15 Spaceship Earth/UniverseOfEnergy/GM/Kodak/Kraft/Claremont
D 82-12-16 Aman Folk Dancers (Epcot)
R 82-12-16 France (Epcot)
R 82-12-16 Mexico (Epcot)
T 82-12-16 Germany/China/Italy/US/France/Britain/Canada/Japan/FutureCom
R 82-12-17 Italy (Epcot)
R 82-12-17 King Stephen's Hall in Magic Kingdom (Orlando)
T 82-12-17 Epcot: Symposium/KitchenKabaret/MexicoRiverOfTime/China/Italy
T 82-12-17 GE/It'sASmallWorld/Skyride/PeterPan'sFlight/20,000LeaguesSea
T 82-12-17 Haunted Mansion/MountainRR/AfricaBoat/TreeHouse/Mars/Starjets
T 82-12-17 Magic Kingdom/RR/Pirate'sCave/SpaceMountain/Circlevision/Tram
R 82-12-18 France (Epcot)
R 82-12-18 Teppenyaki lunch in Japan (Epcot)
T 82-12-18 Energy/Travelport/Kodak/JapanBoat/Candy-Animals/Drink/France
T 82-12-18 Energy Exchange/SpaceshipEarth/KodakGames/SpaceshipEarth(***)
R 82-12-19 Raffles with Midge and Avi
T 82-12-19 Canoe Wikiva, eat and sleep at Midge's
R 82-12-20 Crown (Florida)
T 82-12-20 Silver Springs/Glass-Bottom Boat/Jungle/Deer/Autos
M 82-12-21* Bill
M 82-12-21 Christmas Carol, A (March, Rathbone)
M 82-12-21 Sweeney Todd, Demon Barber of Fleet Street
T 82-12-21 Gatorland Zoo/CarReturn/Fly Orlando-NYC
M 82-12-22 Banjo on My Knee
M 82-12-22 City Girl (Murnau)
M 82-12-22 Doctor Bull
M 82-12-23* Railway Children
M 82-12-25* Hansel and Gretel (Met)
O 82-12-25* Hansel and Gretel (Met)
M 82-12-26* Cymbeline (BBC--LAST Shakespeare play!)
B 82-12-29 Bellamy: Looking Backward
M 82-12-29 Dark Crystal, The
I 82-12-30 Pay $9814.70 for TRS-80 Model II Hard-Disk Computer!
P 82-12-30 Naked Highway
R 82-12-30 Thomas St. Inn
S 82-12-30 Paulo D'Almeida from gym
M 82-12-31* Fledermaus (Wachter l98l)
M 82-12-31* Tales of Hoffman (Domingo)
O 82-12-31* Fledermaus (Wachter l98l)
O 82-12-31* Tales of Hoffman (Domingo)