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1985 4 of 4

7/31/85: So the trip's over, and I'm back, and working on the computer again once in July before it changes to August. The flight over was OK, but the flight back, according to "pattern" of a good one followed by a bad one, was another horror, with "uncharted clear-air turbulence" causing the captain to request the service staff to sit down and strap themselves in as the plane jounced around like a DC-3 in the clear treacherous air. That was followed by what my neighbor and I agreed was suspiciously like cabin depressurization near the end of the film: sudden popping of the ears, a whoosh of cold air, and a feeling of lightheadedness that was probably only panic, but seemed unreasonably like oxygen deprivation. Almost-slept through class on Monday, getting to bed at 12:15 and managing to sleep through til 5:30, then getting to bed on Tuesday, exhausted after a day of reading mail, sending out checks, seeing "Prizzi's Honor," working a Times puzzle and reading most of two of them, buying groceries, and going to the bank before having dinner at Arnold's, at 10:15 and getting up at 6:10 after jerking off. Then lying down about 5:30 this evening, idly thinking that it's 11:30 in France and I'd be in bed by now. The shock of Dennis with AIDS, with the subsidiary quake of Rolf's mother killed in an automobile accident in Oregon at 77, and finding that I'd left an $950 balance on my VISA card that the $1400 billed would surely send over unless I sent in some money quick. Then today I watched a whole reel of TV taping from 7-1, mailed out the films to be made into slides, picked up the last of the Times to be read from Dennis, and made a few more telephone calls. But still so much to be caught up with, and suddenly typing this has become a chore and I'll feel better doing something else. At least I get a half-page typed on the way to getting back to typing proficiency before I have to get back to work next week, still having not caught up with transcribing the trip journal, but that'll take at least a month, and then I have to refile all the French souvenirs, not to mention calling Kirchoff for more work (and DID they overpay me by $200??).

8/10/85: Caught UP on the mail and newspapers and magazines; just finished the 33rd page of the France-by-Car journal today, still having the summary to do and NOT knowing what to do with it! Starting to catch up on the movies and TV I missed, have called just about everyone and talked to them at least once, and got in the "making-up-for-it" excessive number of jerking-off sessions that I'd looked forward to on the trip. Got out a couple of indexes, got out all the laundry I had to, but there's still LOTS to do (even though I've already cleared off the indexes-shelves): sort the French souvenirs into city-order and put them away, refile all the books I've read in the past year, put the stamps away (without really getting back into them, which I don't need at this time), and GET BACK TO two very---THREE very important tasks: lightwork (delighted to find that we're going to be in the same class hereafter), the gym (to see more delicious bodies, which I miss since the trip), and the play. And then catch up on more movies, get to Coney Island for a day and Great Adventure (probably by bus by myself, since Paul Bosten doesn't seem too willing to take me there in his car), and get more porno films (and hope ROLF gets a VCR, just think of all the yummy times the two of us could have together taping sections of rented porno onto good repeat-tapes!). There are the larger trips too: to see the new enclosed tropical jungle at the Bronx Botanical Gardens, back to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, some dance performances to see, and some sessions to schedule with Wyndee about Dennis's AIDS. Then more indexing, more talking to Mom to make sure she's recovered, more taking care of cleaning the apartment and writing another "still a leak" letter to the owner and agent, washing the windows, repotting the roses and cacti, and probably OTHER things that will float to the top of the list once THIS list is taken care of, but the hopes of getting back to a "doing WHAT I want to do WHEN I want to do it" mode seems to be pretty good within the next week. If I can get through the pile of stuff still left to handle on the shelf to my immediate RIGHT! Always SOMETHING!!

8/10/85: Type 6/12/85 NOTE: Government's takeaway: "Amanitas are poisonous, not psychedelic. The drug Ecstasy is DANGEROUS, not helpful. LSD is FORBIDDEN, not a panacea."

8/10/85: Type 6/24/85 NOTE: Mom had pains in left side on Monday. Tuesday tests showed red blood cells in urine. Following Monday: Mass or turmor in cecum (on RIGHT side, though her pains are on the LEFT). Cancer or polyps. Needs abdominal surgery. Going into hospital 6/25 for two days' tests. Grandpa lived 1883-1953. 6/26: she calls, tests at 7AM tomorrow, Thursday. 6/29 3PM: "Don't send no postcards."

8/10/85: Type 6/27/85 NOTE: Checked to find NO problems with Mom before July 17, 1984, departure for France or July 13, 1983, departure for Africa or May 10, 1983, departure for Hawaii (though I THOUGHT SURE there was!). Had to go back to my July 6, 1981, departure for the Russia-China RTW when Helen called on June 15 to say Mom had a heart attack, and Helen called me at the Southers in San Diego in September on THAT trip in 1981. I SURE thought it was more recent!

8/10/85: Type 6/28/85 NOTE: Marion said there was lots of scar tissue, and they'll probably take the remaining ovary out. Talked to Dr. Evans Friday, 6.28, before he operated: "Better news than worse: villous tumor, small foci, only in situ. Marion is clerking at O'Neil's and had cancer removed from breast in 1973!

8/10/85: Type 6/29/85 NOTE: Dr. Evans at 9AM: "Villous tumor came out very nicely. It was malignant; wait a few days for pathology report; doubt that there'll be need for chemotherapy or radiation. No malignancy around, ovary OK and left in. She'll be out of hospital in a week, and he'll be surprised if she needs Manor Care. Called Mom in AM and got no answer until 3PM, as above. Doctor said, "Have a good vacation, there's absolutely no reason for you to stay around."

8/10/85: Type 7/29/85 NOTE: Dennis has AIDS! He's told only Marj, Ron Kron, Piano teacher, Dana, parents, and me. He's taking it well, but I'M floored with the news!!!

8/10/85: Type 8/2/85 NOTE: I check our last sex: 9/24/81: "Come with Dennis in AM." 1/20/82: "Sex with Dennis." 2/14/82: "LOVELY sex." 6/2-3, 1982, "sex in PM and AM", but that was after Dennis's trip and he DIDN'T come, but we surely KISSED well! 9/7/82: I have AIDS tests at HIP, all OK. 9/25/82: party at Dennis's with Dick Curry. 12/30/82: Play with Paulo D'Almieda. 1/25/83: David Hoch and I neck at my place. 2/27/83: Dennis and I talk (I say "No more sex," 10PM-3AM).

8/10/85: Type 8/4/85 NOTE: From August Sci-AM: 1) Mandelbrot set more complex than Conway's life, 2) Vacuum more complex than previously thought, 3) richness ALWAYS flows from simplicity. Though you'd never be able to prove it from my WRITINGS!!

8/14/85: Busy, busy, busy. Filed all the slides, all the French souvenirs, and today went through the books, putting away the two shelves I'd read from 1/84.
Then bring the Book-List up to date (in PERM), which fills up SCRIPSIT and I have to duplicate it into SCRIPSV3 and make a diskette of it, freeing the whole file from 99% full down to 59% full. Not the greatest, but not bad, either.

8/15/85: Come to the "conclusion" that my jabs by Brian Foley in Edinburgh in 1981 and my kisses by Dennis in 1982 would have given me a VERY LOW dose of HTLV-3 virus which would act as a VACCINE so that I wouldn't get a more severe case of it when I came into contact with more severe manifestations of it. (See 8/15/85 ACTUALISM (p.240) for other facets). Tell Pope about Dennis just to have someone to TALK with, and he's crushed by the news. VERY hot today, but I just feel like sitting around reading "Initiation Human and Solar" and getting started on the National Academy of Science index---anyway, it's much too hot to go out, and I still wanted to transplant the cacti and roses and settle STAMPS!

8/17/85: VERY weird few minutes this morning: 1) I couldn't find my READING glasses: went through EACH room FOUR times without finding it, having to resort to looking in the closet to see if it didn't get wrapped in llama fur, looking in the clothes hamper to see if they didn't get dumped in there by mistake, even looking under the swivel chair---and then 2) I find a VERY dried water- beetle carapace IN PIECES (which leads me shudderingly to think it might have been dismembered by a MOUSE) just beside the bed, and as I go to get an index card to scoop up the body, THERE are the reading glasses "disguised" by the curls of the remote-control unit lying at the foot of the TV set. Put those on the desk and flush down the carapace and write this---STRANGE feelings!

8/29/85: At last I'm "finished" with the lists that I'd started to keep things off my mind; I'm just back to the small pile of "things to take care of" on the shelf. A nice feeling to do the vacuuming and cleaning YESTERDAY before people over for the slides TODAY, and the session on Monday with Wyndee did much to take away the concentration on AIDS and death---as, I guess, did my decision there to GET the expensive AIDS-test if my immune levels appear to be down in my REGULAR blood-tests with my physical next month. Now that I'm caught up on the movies, on the apartment, leaving mainly the trip-summary and correspondence as LARGE items to catch up with, the pressures LEFT are the Kirchoff eight lessons for grades 4 and 5 they're in a hurry for, the Macmillan index Stan George is in a hurry for, and the National Academy press job that Dick Morris is in a hurry for. THEN I can indulge myself in Coney Island, Great Adventure, and Jungleworld at the Bronx Zoo, not to mention "Kiss of the Spider Woman" and "Sunday in the Park with George" with Dennis. Felt good the past few days to be able to "indulge" in reading Omni, re-read Clarke's "2001," "Lost Worlds of 2001," and "2010" after seeing the movie of "2001" with Rolf after coming with him with videos. Then of course there are movie and porno videos to get from Boro Photo NEXT week. AND getting back to the play, flattered by Marj's remarks last night that I write GREAT dialog (and NOT pleased when she said there was NO plot at all). Also very pleased that I seem to be doing Actualism sessions most days and keeping up with the gym for the last week. So things are looking UP!

9/5/85: NOTE: AIDS virus found LIVE in tears, NOT in urine and sweat, and on TV last night a laboratory in Texas announced a vaccine like the polio vaccine to PREVENT GETTING it that will start testing in chimpanzees in October and might be available for humans in 2-3 years "rather than in decades."

9/12/85: (Continued from DREAM page for this day.) Lay there thinking of my dream, and of Rob Pendleton, and how I want someone, and drift over yesterday's tears during the trumpets and singers of "Ode to Joy" at the Pier 17 dedication at South Street Seaport, and wonder why the world can't be BETTER! Why can't people be more HONEST about their desires and wishes. Maybe the honest would creep into POLITICS and INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS, so that rulers of countries would be asked what they REALLY want. Would rulers of either the US or Russia be willing to take over MORE countries when they can't even make the people in their OWN countries happy? With famine AT HOME, does a ruler REALLY want power BADLY enough that money will be spent profligately on offensive and defensive measures that might never be used? SURE I realize that it's complex: workers would be thrown out of JOBS if weapons and ammunition and other paraphernalia of war were to be stopped, but couldn't they be put to work on FARMS, or cleaning up the CITIES, or improving standards of living for OTHERS? IMAGINE the benefits to the world if there were no more arms-races, no more armies, and no more spying and watching and memo-writing. Is all that REALLY too ingrained and "seeming-necessary" EVER to be uprooted and uplifted? And WHY hasn't my training in Actualism been POWERFUL enough to let ME change it, just by thinking about it, on the inner, with good wishes and Higher Will?

9/12/85 (NOTE from 9/6/85,from Actualism:) Haiku for living: If you really feel the world as perfect, the world is perfect for you! Made a list of body-workers to call for body-work, and counted that there were 38 basic students, 29 in first advanced, 19 in second advanced, and 47 in third advanced for a total of 133 students, not many more than a few years before.

9/12/85 (NOTE from 9/6/85, in back of Updike: Witches of Eastwick:) 1) All of the "senseless" violence (headline in paper: "Arsonists destroy three busses") is obviously NOT senseless to the PERPETRATORS. 2) Graffiti assaults EYES, Ghetto-blasters assault EARS; will the next step be people as "skunks" assaulting the NOSE???

9/12/85 (NOTE from 9/6/85, from AIDS day on WBAI:) 1) France has test that detects VIRUS in blood. 2) Antibodies are only INDICATOR antibodies, NOT virus-attacking antibodies. 3) There are 50 variants of virus, so a vaccine seems UNLIKELY. 4) AIDS, per CDC definition, is SO FAR ALONG that it's MORE "fatal" that it NEED be. 5) NO data on sexual-activity STRAIGHT modes of AIDS transmission in Africa (Anal intercourse for BIRTH control). 6) CDC: Saliva CARRIES virus but AIDS is not known to be TRANSMITTED by saliva. 7) About 9PM someone mentioned the "AIDS antibody test and the AIDS virus and current infection level test." Then someone mentioned retrovirus labs, obviously to test for the virus. 8) Someone phones about 50 people IN remission with intravenous vitamin C. 9) "Reasonable precaution" MUST stand for "absolutely no chance through saliva." 10) Infection period 1 to 5 or 6 years, with the average of three years. 11) Suramin effective WHILE used, but virus comes back when it's stopped. How is this different from constant-use insulin? Dr. James Mason of the CDC: "Federal government provided excellent leadership"---though our leader has not said ONE educational word??

9/12/85 (NOTE from 9/9/85, from Dermatology visit:) 1) Forehead-spot PIMPLE: he'll take it OFF if I want, but even if I SCRATCH it, it's ok. It's seborrheic keratosis, and is familial. 2) Buttock-spot SHRINKING: "Maybe it'll disappear." 3) "Twin" inside-thigh spots--I ignored. 4) Left-calf spots--- familial, they're OK. 5) Red-and-white grid on steamed left thigh---just steam, it's OK. 6) Foot-bottom peeling: "SURE it can be athlete's foot." He said my rubber soles and synthetic socks would make my feet sweat, and I could put two tablespoons of salt in each quart of cold water and soak and dry my feet. 7) Blood-red spots on chest are ectasia, OK. 8) Antiperspirant versus deodorant: He wrote a prescription for Phisohex which I threw away. "Take a 50-cent sized blob and rub it into a rag." 9) Right-foot-top spot plus 2: OK. 10) Head things: sort of like forehead, nothing to worry about. He DID say that I was OK in worrying about these things, and GOOD to come in for a check. I gave him a hard time about the two-hour wait from 12:50 to 2:50 to see him, and surprised MYSELF by slapping him on the knee when he said HE had to be there that time too: "But you get PAID for it," I chortled. Like my mother?

9/12/85: Up since 8AM, waiting for the telephone man, and now it's 2:30 and I'm wondering (fearing) that the printer may have been going when he buzzed, and this is a wasted waiting-day. Still trying to "convince" myself that I'm doing what I want WHEN I want, but there are still things on the pile of things to do, and I'm worrying whether I'll EVER get a free day together to get down to Great Adventure, and there's just NO "free" time to "sit and watch the world go by" since I haven't even finished the summary page and written correspondence yet. But I DID get some Boro Photo movies, which makes me feel good, and will get over to Arnold's when the telephone man comes, and was glad to get the Little (Company) index delayed til 9/20, because I really DON'T feel like doing it now, and I've got to start saying NO to jobs, since I'm pretty much finished with work through the end of the year with what I've agreed to ALREADY.

10/4/85: 5:40PM telephone with Arthur Ellenbogen: "I'm lying in a diaper full of shit waiting for someone to take care of me. I'm downhill phyusically. I have two weeks to live, that's not MY spiritual idea, but what the doctor says. He asked if I chose to die in the hospital or at home, and I chose to die at home. I have around-the-clock help. I'm incompetent, incontinent, can't talk, or move, or anything. (Coughs) There's not a good chance for me to live anymore---in a way, it's OK with me, it's what I want, it's not very painful; I keep myself pretty cheerful. I play with crayons and colored pencils, but my hands are weak (he pushes call-waiting and leaves for a few minutes). Mark Sklar is coming to see me tomorrow. I had a rough day today---it was about 30 hours long. Bedpans, diapers, potties: I'm just a big old baby. Going to the hospital is my idea of suicide. I don't know what to say; my brain is discombobulated from the pressure from various bureaucrats setting things up here. I'm not especially lucid, I need quiet, I need help with my oxygen. The oxygen apparatus doesn't fit my nose---it leaks around my nose---the knew IMMEDIATELY it didn't fit. I need a new mask that will cover my nose and get all the oxygen in. I was cleaning up my room last week and got a lot of dust in my lungs that set up a paroxysm of coughing that I couldn't stop, and that caused other problems---and if Pneumocystis pneumonia comes back I'll die. Getting close to death is going through the same shit all over again. School's helping me, my brother's helping me, and there's almost always someone here changing me or helping me. I'd rather be here in my own place, not as everyone's lowest priority in the hospital. If I'm going to die in two weeks, I tell the doctor, you're worried I'm going to become a Valium addict? I'm not responding to medicine---too much scarring---except for sedatives. I need to get past this agonized part I'm in now and get to the peace--and remember my life and how nice it was. People come to see me. I like that. Susan Lieber comes---Susan's boyfriend Tom answered the phone. My hands are the hands of a 90-year-old man. I can't lift my fork an inch to my mouth. My home attendant came and will clean me of my shit. I have to hang up now; I'm glad you called; I like talking with you. We'll talk again. Bye, Bob."

10/16/85: 3:20AM and I can't sleep because of all the stupid THINGS weighing down on my mind: keep getting letters I don't understand from some Senator who's worried about my Federal Crime Insurance. Get a follow-up form for the 5500-C that I filled out before that I don't understand, and tried calling the "assistance" phone number and got only a busy signal, and debated just signing it and sending it back saying I started writing when I was 12 and indexing in 1973 and have a Keogh plan, so YOU fill out the form, and what's all this business about Paper Reduction Act when I keep getting more paper? Just want to watch tapes on TV, read books, and be left alone, not even to keep up on the gym or on Actualism sessions. Still have to remove the air conditioner and wash the windows and vacuum and clean the bathroom and take care of correspondence after I finish the Macmillan index and even the McGraw-Hill index. Get silly calls from someone ELSE at Macmillan to price an index I probably won't even WORK on, and have to field a complaint from Sherryl when some ACC author says HER index is inadequate because some authors didn't follow the main pattern in writing all the chapters. Getting tired of sitting with Arthur, tired of not finding the tapes I want at the Jefferson Market, tired of eating meals alone, tired of doing things for Actualism, including "coming up with a poster for the place we agreed on", per Ann Messenger, when I have no IDEA which restaurant we agreed on. Rolf's saying I should take care of myself better didn't help things much, nor does Spartacus's TVs when they don't really DUPLICATE TAPES very well. My desk is again getting laden with things to do, I haven't brushed my teeth this evening yet, I haven't heard from Kirchoff on more work or from the doctor on the result of my physical, and I feel like chucking it all and moving to Goa and spending my savings at the rate of $5,000 per year until it's all used up, and then take up begging for a living. Pity!

10/24/85: Had to stop in at HIP to find the results of my physical, and was delighted to copy down the following information: Last eye exams were 2/84 and 2/85, so that's OK for awhile. My cholesterol (normal is 200-225) was 190 in 1979 and is 184 in 1985, so it's going DOWN. But triglycerides, which were 143 in 1979 when normal was 37-161, were 296 in 1984 when normal was 50-150, and they didn't test it this time, so I give blood (and puzzle over what seem to be blood-stained edges of the bandaid that I take off my arm-crook to reveal a LARGE purple blotch which has gone down SOME by the next day. White blood cell count, which is a good measure of immunity, is 6.1 in a normal range of 4-11, and if I had a PROBLEM it would be down to 2 or 3. No syphilis and no parasites or blood in stools. My blood pressure's pretty stable: 10/79 at 120/80, 10/82 at 120/80, 5/84 at 110/84, 2/85 at 110/70, and 9/85 at 122/88. He said they'd go a HBV series to see if I have antibodies or if I should get the vaccine which they DO give at HIP. I should call for THESE results on Thursday October 31.

10/25/85: Typed up an Actualism report on page PERM 300, so I feel pretty GOOD!

10/28/85: Notes from 10/19-20 AIDS weekend: 10/19: Start 9:34, all alternates (24?) used. "First AIDS prevention program." New York State Department of Health AIDS Project. THIS Project started in March, 1985. Weekend creates "a beam of light" in a dark world. "Minds filled with light:" Eramo. Quadland at Mt. Sinai. Purpose: Find WHAT influences education has on behavior. Jan 18 all-day to get OTHER program aspects. Comment: DON'T call it a test---call it a survey. "It's as short as possible." Shattls is in private practice. Index cards for questions before lunch tomorrow. Cafeteria open between sessions. Jacobs is at Beth Israel and GMHC. Jed leads in room 406 at 10:25. Part of test seems inconsistent: 47. I am certainly lacking in self-confidence. NO Then 50. I am entirely self-confident. NO. JUDGE Failla from 1:40 - 1:50. In class: Safe sex is like dietary jello. Safe sex is like learning to THINK in a new language. Beldekas at 3:35, biochemist from Boston University Medical School. Good news: AIDS is a PREVENTABLE disease thru education. Slides of epidemiological information. CDC started keeping figures in August 1981. First phase MAY have plateaued in NY, Fla, and Cal. 17% IV users. NEW cases in NYC are MAINLY IV users. Hemophiliacs eliminated as NEW cases. All hemopheliacs are HIGHLY seropositive and INCREASINGLY IMMUNE, which implies that HTLV ONLY is NOT AIDS-causing. World-wide there are more HETEROSEXUAL cases. FIRST US CASE was a female IV drug user! Some unreadable note about ALL African cases men XXX in WOMEN. Probably the virus was introduced to US; incubation period 5-8 years. GLOBAL AIDS would imply 14-15,000,000 cases, less than 1% actually GET it, implying a very INEFFICIENT virus. Attack rate should be higher than 1% worldwide; it's not a GAY problem, it's a WORLD problem. 1/3 of homosexuals have Kaposi's Sarcoma (KS); 5% of heterosexuals have KS. HTLV suppresses immune system, does NOT cause KS. KS does NOT compromise immune system. MOST female Opportunistic Infections (OI) are Haitian. Asians become sero-positive and DON'T get AIDS. AGGRESSIVE TREATMENT may have CONTRIBUTED to early high mortality rate. Current "victims" don't opt for aggressive treatment. Doubling time is RAISING from 11-12-13 months. Death rate in AIDS in Pediatric cases IS slowing down. PFA (in vitro)(soon in Lancet) GROWS T-cells in lymphadenopathy and AIDs. Immunosuppression CAN be reversed! In vitro testing is going on in Sweden and starting in Canada. Why not in USA? Suramin is antiviral AND antiimmune-system. "AIDS is a reversible disease, occurring in a very conservative government, that wants to repeal all civil-rights gains." Official fictions perpetuated by media as facts of disease. The more virulent, the more important. How much a scientific effort we devote to fighting an illness is a reflection of the political value we attach to its victims (versus toxic shock or Legionnaire's disease). These last from the book "Politics of AIDS." Huang Ti says "Exercise your jade stem."
Beldekas: It has never been SHOWN that sero-positives are INFECTIOUS, but ANIMAL retroviruses are infectious AT SOME TIMES. 14 million sero-positive; 14 thousand get AIDS. Between 2-20% of sero-positives MAY get AIDS. "We don't know how AIDS developes." Don't know WHY T-cells disappear. Main point: avoid semen and blood! INGESTION of semen developes sero-positivity, NOT AIDS. Pre-seminal fluid NOT heavily virus-laden. CONTRADICTORY studies on rimming: one study shows NO virus in feces. NO COFACTOR studies going on, though cofactors are obviously important. Proposed cofactors: amoebas, CMV infection. HBV vaccine is recommended. SOME virus-carriers later had virus DISAPPEAR. Suggested reporting at 10% level. ONE Bostom PRIEST sucked ONE cock 1 1/2 years ago and has AIDS--an EXCEPTION. OTHER activities lead to SERO-positivity but not DIRECTLY to AIDS. FUCKERS don't getit. BEING FUCKED without a condom is ONLY statistically proven source of AIDS. Saliva RESEARCH done on KS-in-mouth patients. Gingival fluid (from around teeth), washes out mouth. Gallo (boo) ONCE reproduced virus in saliva, no one else did. Urine and feces cannot now be isolated for the virus. ONE TERMINAL AIDS patient had virus-producing lining of eye, NOT in tears. Virus killed by heat, UV-light, disinfectants, detergents, and cannot live outside lymphocyte or macrophage. Efficiency of transmission is VERY LOW in perspiration. 5-6 PM: Jed: Beldekas SPOKE FROM point of view that seropositive people should be careful NOT to INCREASE risk of getting AIDS. He did NOT address problem of how to stay seronetative (since most of us are assumed to be seropositive). I suggested he pose the question like the test: 1=much clearer, 2=clearer, 3=same, 4=confused, 5=much more confused. Three said 2, four said 2 1/2, two said 3, and four said 4, leading to an average of 38/13=2.923, just the SLIGHTEST BIT CLEARER than "the same." Each were told to write down TWO safe-sex alternatives and pass them around: I wrote 1) Mutual masturbation--"raw" and 2) Holding, touching, rubbing, necking, feeling, music, VCR, cuming---"ripe." I GOT 1) Rub bodies together to ejaculation and 2) Intercourse between each other's thighs, legs. Final gathering in the auditorium from 6:05 to 6:12: Guidelines are "conservative measures designed to PROTECT."
10/20: Erotic stories: Jim Holmes and four stories. Comment: "If you read erotic stories, why not read stories about what you CAN'T do?" 10:25: classroom down to 12 from 13: the cutest, Paul, didn't return. Then we go through three role-plays: my first with Guy erotic: tell what you like about your body, would like to improve about your body, what makes your body feel good. I started and said I liked my cock and would like to improve its responsiveness, and I like to feel approved. Guy responded with his likes his general musculature, would like more muscles, and likes approval. I expanded on what HE said to like more muscles. Second was a disaster of "being in a bar and deciding whether to go home." We obviously wouldn't have even gotten to THAT point, since we turned each other off totally. Third was erotic gold: with Bill, playing someone who seduced my wimpy Bruce with great effect. At 1:05 our session is to "Look at healthy sex as HOT, or eroticizing healthy sex." Safe sex 1) brings more AFFECTION over only GENITAL relations, 2) makes establishing what to DO easier, and 3) eroticizing parts of body OTHER than cock and ass. Then in the gym I become recorder because I have pen, and take their notes on WHAT ARE FIVE WAYS OF TOUCHING ANOTHER MAN IN EROTIC HEALTHY WAYS. 1) Nibbling, licking, touching nipples, necks, bends of joints (elbows and knees) and buns, 2) showering and soaping intimate parts, 3) oiling with scented oils and getting slippery and wrestling, 4) light stroking tingling fingers on entire body, 5) sucking on toes, 6) blowing and kissing earlobes, 7) kneading and caressing massages, 8) simulating fucking between legs. The next one is ENJOYING ON-ME-NOT-IN-ME EJACULATIONS: 1) on chest, 2) belly-fucking, 3) in armpit, 4) cum shampoo = cum-ditioner, 5) lying on stomach and having twelve guys jerking off on me. Then they passed around a sheet on which was asked: WHAT ARE AT LEAST FIVE HEALTHY WAYS OF ENJOYING A CONDOM? 1) condom-filling contest: fastest, fullest, most colorful (which I wrote and they didn't read!), 2) putting it on partner, putting jam and honey on top, and sucking it off, 3) jerking off each other and watching it fill up, 4) drawing felt-tip faces on them and having a puppet show with your friends, 5) shooting them at friends and making them pick them up with their teeth, 6) using it as a cock ring, 7) filling it with Kool-Aid and making cocksicals in the freezer. The best session was the question-and-answer session at 4:50PM:
1) Answer is NOT promiscuity, but what you DO.
2) HOW do we reach out to OTHER than "your type" which filled the place today?
3) We WILL regroup in small groups in December meeting.
4) Guidelines: LIMITING exposure to infection.
5) DIFFERING OPINIONS on whether seropositives can INFECT.
6) Follow guidelines REGARDLESS of sero-status.
7) CERTAIN individuals OVER TIME DO develop blocking antibodies against their OWN virus, but won't prevent getting a disease.
8) "Exposed" to millions of bacteria every day. Guidelines prevent exposure to infection, thus preventing infection.
9) NOW finding female to male infection, thru bleeding, in oral-vaginal sex.
10) DON'T use Nonoxinal-9 in rectum---"in vivo."
11) Ingestion of own semen is OK.
12) No evidence of perspiration and sweat infection.
13) Six baths in town have safe-sex information.
14) NO poppers in Australia and Sweden, and NO KS! "Completely avoid them."
15) Lancet last week published mosquito-connected AIDS in AFRICA.
16) French kissing: not KNOWN if saliva transmits AIDS, but virus HAS been isolated IN saliva.
17) 94% NY gay men have HBV antibodies; DELTA hepatitis virulent---SHOULD have HBV vaccine if you don't have antibodies.
18) Other immuno-diseases may make it EASIER to get an AIDS infection.
19) Wear the Red rose symbol for healthy sex.
20) Followup 12/14 OR 12/15, all day; all day Jan 18 for OTHER program.
Closing quotation from Harvey Firestein: This is not a gay disease. It doesn't go to bed with diseases of the same sex.

10/31/85: Notes from program on channel 25 recorded 10/27/85 for NYC school- teachers: 10% develope from ASYMPTOMATIC infection with AIDS to DISEASE.
LIE: No evidence of spread beyond risk groups.
Nothing from nutrition---NOTHING mentioned on vitamin C.
We DON'T KNOW contagion level of virus.
Needle-stick injuries with HBV is about 15% infection, with AIDS less than 1%.
Talk of "children playing doctor," but NOT TALK OF SEMEN (though later they did have the courage to talk about "anal/rectal intercourse." Ass to ass???
***Virus has been around since 1977, patients cared for WITHOUT protection 1977-1982 WITHOUT infection. Looked at in THAT way, I RESPECT the figures!
***Health-care personnel with open wounds on hands should wear gloves when handling ANY blood, REGARDLESS of AIDS.
80% in CONTACT, nothing happens; 10% have swollen lymph glands that leads to ARC, of which 10-30% of THOSE get AIDS; and 10% get AIDS itself directly.
KS: small skin tumors, THEN OI take over.
CDC estimated 1/2 to 1 million INFECTED, gotten from number of cases REPORTED versus GAY GROUP STUDIED before 1980 in San Francisco, where of 31 seropositives, 2 got AIDS, 8 got ARC, and 21 still undiseased.
"KAH-pah-she" is Hungarian pronunciation of the name.
Soap and water after contact with ANY blood is good advice.
High-school students pointing to gays and name-calling: "AIDS, AIDS."
35% of high-school AIDS patients experimented with needles.
Specialized high-schools (voluntary available for pregnant students!
Not ALL children of infected mothers have AIDS.
Since 1982 IV-infected men INFECT women; women infecting men is "tenuous," though there is SOME evidence from Africa that women can infect men.
Only 17 US men CLAIMED they got it from women; only 128 US women CLAIMED they got it from men (first NOT from gays or needles, second NOT from needles).
IF you test positive (and ALL donor blood is now tested), you WILL test positive AND be infectious at times. Recommend that these people be COUNSELED!
NYC Health Department hotline (718)485-8111 9-9 M-F.
Kissing won't spread it. They say.
ONE NYC pupil being CONSIDERED by panel to be sent to school.
Overheard at end: "Never going to have a vaccine."

11/10/85: AGAIN the system: this time on interactive videodisk!
Dimension 1: Time (when) from 20 billion BC to 20 billion AD.
Dimension 2: Individuals (who) each living person on his own timeline.
Dimension 3-5: Where: longitude, latitude, altitude (e.g.Metropolitan Museum).
Dimension 6: Where OTHER: other worlds, stars, universes, imaginary universes.
Dimension 7: Scale of object: quark, atom, mole, cell, person, library, earth.
Dimension 8: Why: nonphysical concepts.
A computer to CONTAIN all this WOULD be/COULD be the UNIVERSE---or God---or I.

12/3/85: Stoned-out on wine last night in bed, and further developed the ABOVE idea: a computer-display with permanent multi-dimensional parameters displayed with a three-dimensional "slice" through the nine-dimensional "system", e.g.
D1: 1936-1985 on Z-axis; D2: BZ; D3&4: MY height (Y-axis) and width (X-axis); D5: 0; D6: 0; D7: 1'=1"; D8: 0 would yield THIS as a "solid representation":

or this as a "sequential representation":

D1: 1936-1985 on X-axis; D2: BZ; D3&4: MY height (Y-axis) and depth (Z-axis); D5: 0; D6: 0; D7: 1'=1"; D8: 0 would yield THIS as a "solid representation":

or this as a "sequential representation":

12/3/85: Same stoned-out evening, I fantasized writing a letter to Bill Chaput: Dear Bill,

Somewhat belatedly I'd like to thank you again for your hospitality and your trust: I felt too self-conscious when I was there to talk about appreciating your TRUST in giving me the keys to your apartment. So many times in my experience someone's talked about trust just before he ripped me off, so I feared you might have had some kind of worry about trusting me if I started appreciating your trust too much too soon.

I also (did you notice?) felt very self-conscious about our relationship under the difficult circumstances. Part of my reason for coming to Boston was to try to get to know better someone who seemed at first meetings to be an intriguing human being: under just what conditions are you wonderfully self-confident and when are you surprisingly shy---both of which you seem to be. What makes you at some moments seemingly totally open and "present" and at other moments startlingly guarded and distant? There were moments when we talked on the sofa-bed that you almost brought me to tears with the force of your concern that I felt welcomed and happy; it was all I could do to stop myself from reaching out and hugging you to try to comfort you and convince you that I did feel welcomed and happy even though, of course, I was wishing we could spend more time together. But hugs on a sofa-bed are entirely different from hugs in a group of relative strangers, and I did not want to add to the already total demands on your time and emotions by talking about what such a hug would mean.

My few days in Boston were quite wonderful; I wish you could have heard my lengthy appreciations of the Renoir exhibit that led a friend of mine to say she wished she could return to Boston to re-look at the textures and colors that I described with such pleasure. Maybe I could even drag you over to Cambridge to get a look at some of the Harvard museums. And I certainly got the indication that your advice on restaurants is to be highly regarded!

I'm looking forward to seeing you at the party on the 15th, and I hope that sometime in the future you'll be able to predict an easier time-schedule for yourself and invite me up so that we can enjoy more of Boston together.

Happy labors of Hercules!


12/16/85: Notes on "Amnesia in Mankind" read 12/15 - 16 from Brooklyn library:
p.23T:"What made [archetypes] populate man's mind was never explained by Jung."
p.23B:"The sublime question, almost the awful quest--How did some true archetypes enter the human mind and settle there to plague it, and to pass from generation to generation?--was not even asked."
p.102T:"At the beginning of the present era Senaca wrote about the fate of the human race:'There will one day come an end to all human life and interests. The elements of the earth must all be dissolved or utterly destroyed...the rock will everywhere gape in fissures, and the fresh supplies of water will leap down into the gulfs, and unite in forming one great sea...A single day will see the burial of all mankind. All that the long forebearance has produced, all that is famous and all that is beautiful, great thrones, great nations, all will descend into one abyss, will be overthrown in one hour.'"
p.113-4:"..fascination and enjoyment--like watching fireworks or, in modern days, a science fiction movie."
p.120:"The Shadow of Death," just as in Actualism we learn of the Presence of the Angel of Death!
Velikovsky touched on so MANY things that interest me: p.140-141: homosexuality, HG Wells, Poe, Eiseley, mysticism, disaster pictures, Actualism, fireworks, amusement parks, and LSD! And AGAIN I'm tempted to "devote part of my life" to stopping war: like sending around letters saying "HOW COULD we be spending so much money on death-weapons when people are dying of hunger? HOW CAN people continue to work manufacturing munitions, and bombs, and guns, and nuclear armaments, when they KNOW they're working toward the destruction of the earth?" Then Dennis comes up to crab about the evening with GMHC at The Saint, and they didn't even TELL him that he was part of a control group, so that it would SEEM that what they did wasn't very helpful, but it was to SEE what effect "all other extraneous details" had to do with changing opinions among the four research groups. I felt urged to write Quadland to tell him this, and to repeat what came up in the discussion: that ALL the groups should have been told what their parts in the research was, what the research was going to be used FOR, and the point made clearer that it wasn't GMHC that was making the difference between "real sex" and "safe sex," but the DISEASE was making this dangerous, and GMHC was acting as an INFORMATION center for OUR OWN GOOD, not as something that THEY were telling US that we had to do. I agreed with Dennis that the movie should have been HOTTER, even though some might be worried about censorship, but sadly this movie gave the impression "Wimps have safe sex, but the real humpy guys have REAL sex, which isn't shown here." And now showing the black's genitals COULD have shown that it isn't necessary to have an erection to have fun in a relationship. But then I'd also wanted to see Elaine Chubb with the idea of starting a "keep away" list of companies like Spectrum and JAI, and BOTH EFA and ASI should have a black-list clearinghouse, but I'm not willing to be the one whose time is taken ORGANIZING and distributing this information. Then I wanted to get into stamps, but didn't feel I had the time, and at last determined that I HAD to get to the computer AT LEAST to take down the dream I couldn't forget from a few days ago, complain HERE about not having a telephone since Friday morning and not having cold water since Sunday night (thought I DID meet Fethi in the hallway downstairs while getting the mail, and he said he'd be up at 6PM because he couldn't get into apartment 4, where she turned off some water because her toilet had something broken in it, and it might be fixed then, though there seems to be no CHANCE to get into 175 Hicks to see what's wrong with my phone, which stupidly gives a busy signal, so someone has to KEEP TRYING before they, like Pope or Sherryl, call Dennis to say that my phone isn't in order. And now I feel impelled to go to John's and make some phone calls!

12/16/85: Type 11/20/85 note from watching TV at Arnie's:
1) Watching ANYTHING (ballet, drama) at fast speed so TRIVIALIZES it as to say something PROFOUND about the affect of TIME and MUSIC and WORDS on simple MOVEMENT.
2) Lots of thoughts on moving, planning, aging, inflation, vested-interests in money of past, change, "going with the flow."
3) What did people who danced waltzes THINK about: sex? love? money? nothing?
4) How dance can be EVANESCENT (Vienna Waltzes as unmemorable hot-fudge sundae) or SOLID (Laura Dean's "Drumming", which is remembered ALWAYS).

12/16/85: Type 11/25/85 note from Le Choix du Marquis de Lafayette @$53 prix fixe=$80.83 bill:
1) Kir: too small and too light, and silly served in mini-carafe for $3.50
2) Scallops and clams and al dente vegetables under soggy croute (chef's extra)
3) Coddled eggs topped with beluga caviar and vodka cream---GOOD and "worth it"
4) Langoustine en brochette in fish mousse (& cheese) in oyster sauce--not bad
5) Champagne granit$e--NOT overcold, thus tasty and slushy and nice
6) Medaillons of venison (crisp and rare!) in myrtilles and CELERY paste (no
chestnuts!) & cinnamon pear with potatoes au gratin---good
7) Peppered brie---poor idea---brie underripe, nothing special
8) "Caravan of desserts" a) Grand Marnier seven-layer cake
b) Mango-topped tarte
c) Kahlua tarte
d) "Light" cheesecake over kiwi and strawberry layers
e) Chocolate-truffle cake
ALL MUCH THE SAME: no crunch of daquoise, chew of caramel, slop of sabayon
9) Midnardises: a) Pistachio-coated chocolate was good
b) Dusty-cocoa chocolate ball OK
c) Almond-topped lemon square tart
d) Vanilla-chocolate swirl-tip cookie ordinary
e) Macaroon--light
10) Coffee in largish pot, last of brown sugar, and milk for whitener.
John Cullom and ballet-dancer (with Baryshnikov in Spoleto?) female companion and gigolo-type (knew Jack Wrangler!) who INTRODUCED them to Kir Royale!

12/16/85: Type 12/15/85 notes from GMHC and John from Jay's: Mineshaft, Ass-Trick, and Hellfire Club (Jay's downstairs) were "locked and the owners left town" on the SAME DAY, which implied to me that they were all the SAME owners. John Vinton's J/O club had used all THREE, now they're left with only Mondays at the Stable. Jay's is the ONLY place open 4-6AM Saturday and Sunday (only juice, but lots bring their own flasks and airlines bottles, which are found frequently) and it's very busy then. Downstairs is legally separate, though the whole building is owned by the corporatin that owns Jay's, and he's going to get his lawyers to give title back to him from the other lessee who hasn't paid rent in months and he'll open it as a private J/O club with only soft-drinks, so the Liquor Authority will have no power to close it down. He asked me if I thought a BYO-flask bar with a $5 admittance and clothes-check fee would go over well, and I said I thought it would and wished him luck. Bill from Boston was the only fellow missing from our small group, though the leader didn't encourage us to sign up for the January 18 "fill-in" date, which he thought would be mainly of use for the Gray and the Stay-at-Home groups, but I got the impression that the SCIENTIFIC data might be talked about on that date, so I signed up for it, as well as for processing the data (thinking still of meeting someone humpy for clear sex) and AGAIN for the results. The Saint is a monstrous space with a back bar and a center bar above which they showed clips from Busby Berkeley dance-numbers (and cartoons and other campy things) while playing music rather loudly over the sound-tracks. The dancefloor was impressive when the guys took their shirts off, and when the domed ceiling opened and the huge mirror-ball came down to be reflected from ANGLES so that it looked TRULY like the inside of a spinning flying saucer whirling and tipping with the heat of the music that made a flexible floor shake underfoot!

12/18/85: THREE notes: 1) Tiny tremblor about 3:40AM 12/2/85?
2) Slight tremblor 6:39AM (upstairs up at 6:43AM!) 12/11/85?
3) AGAIN 6:55AM 12/13/85? Can I check Museum of Natural History seismograph?

12/19/85: Work ALL day on reg/Keogh/IRA account files AND reducing both Actualism folders. Separate out all restaurant stuff and SCOUR files, ALL the pages of NOTEBOOKS and COMPUTER FILES, and the restaurant stuff VAINLY looking for the restaurant list I KNOW I typed out before, but it's not PRINTED anywhere I can find and it's not SAVED anywhere I can find. MOST disgusting! But I GUESS that any MORE looking for it (rather than just REPRODUCING it) would just be a waste of time. Something to do TOMORROW!


M 85-01-01* Manon Lescaut (TeKanawa/Domingo)
M 85-01-01* Poseidon Adventure
M 85-01-01* Smash Palace
M 85-01-01* Vienna New Years
O 85-01-01* Manon Lescaut (TeKanawa/Domingo)
B 85-01-02 Hesse: Autobiographical Writings
M 85-01-02* That's Entertainment Too
M 85-01-03* Aida (Met)
M 85-01-03* Diary of a Lost Girl
M 85-01-03* Gone With the Wind
O 85-01-03* Aida (Met)
M 85-01-04* Straight to Hell
B 85-01-06 Hesse: Reflections
M 85-01-06* Search, The
M 85-01-07* Puddin'Head Wilson
E 85-01-09 Phil Donahue with Pope and Lee Sweet
R 85-01-11 DiRoberti's
R 85-01-11 Waterfront Restaurant
P 85-01-13 King John
M 85-01-14* Michener's Hawaii
M 85-01-14* Pirates of Penzance (Kline)
M 85-01-14* Silence, The (Richard Thomas and Malcolm Groome!)(1975)
E 85-01-15 Allan Ginsberg at El Culot with David Frost of Macmillan
M 85-01-15 Passage to India
M 85-01-16* Nightdigger
M 85-01-16* Revenge of the Pink Panther
M 85-01-18* Battle of Algiers
M 85-01-18 Homme Blesse, L'
R 85-01-18 Gulf Coast Cafe
R 85-01-19 India House
B 85-01-20 Hesse: Stories of Five Decades
M 85-01-20* Kiss Me, Kate
M 85-01-20* True Confessions
B 85-01-21 Chardin: Letters from Paris
R 85-01-23 Chrisa's Cafe
I 85-01-24 Sherryl and Bob here for chili;with Mrs.Johnson frFrance slides
M 85-01-25* Cesar and Rosalie
M 85-01-27* Member of the Wedding
M 85-01-28* Falconhead (p)
M 85-01-28* Something Wicked This Way Comes
M 85-01-28* Splash
M 85-01-29 What Maisie Knew
R 85-01-29 Prime-Burget
B 85-01-30 Blackwood: The Centaur
M 85-01-30 Francesca da Rimini
O 85-01-30 Francesca Da Rimini
M 85-01-31* Best Little Warehouse in LA (p)
M 85-01-31* Star Wars
M 85-01-31* Ten Commandments
E 85-02-01 James Manning Egyptian slides at Gay Center
R 85-02-01 Pizza Piazza
D 85-02-02 NYC Ballet: Walprgsncht/CalciumLightNight/PoulencSonata/TchSt#3
R 85-02-02 Peru (10th Ave, nr 48th St)
M 85-02-03* Z
B 85-02-04 Chardin: Human Energy
M 85-02-05* Midsummer Night's Dream (Rheinhart)
M 85-02-06* Close Encounters of the Third Kind
M 85-02-06* Country Girl
M 85-02-06 Killing Fields
M 85-02-07* King and I
M 85-02-07* Three Caballeros shorts(?)
D 85-02-09 Oakland Ballet: Carmen Ballet
R 85-02-09 Maya Palace
M 85-02-10* Earthquake
M 85-02-10* Genevieve
M 85-02-10* Overdrawn at the Memory Bank
M 85-02-10* Special Day, A
B 85-02-11 Nabokov: Despair
I 85-02-11 Dentist Auerbach
M 85-02-11 After the Rehearsal
M 85-02-11 From the Life of the Marionettes
M 85-02-11* Superman
R 85-02-11 Wendy's
M 85-02-12* Divorce of Lady X
E 85-02-13 Jazz at NYU
R 85-02-13 Steak Parisian
R 85-02-14 Squid Roe
P 85-02-15 Pack of Lies
D 85-02-16 Flanders Ballet: Three Sisters
E 85-02-17 Actualism Gay Men here
M 85-02-18* Butterfield 8
M 85-02-18* Naked Jungle
B 85-02-19 Nabokov: The Defense
M 85-02-19 Erendira
M 85-02-19 Xica
B 85-02-20 Rice: Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch
I 85-02-20 Dr. Daoud at HIP
M 85-02-20* Seeds of Evil
M 85-02-20* Way to the Stars, The
M 85-02-21* Sandy's tapes all day
I 85-02-22 Dentist Moskowitz
M 85-02-22 Andrey Rublev
M 85-02-22 Pirosmani
M 85-02-24* Heavy Metal
M 85-02-24 How Tasty Was my Little Frenchman
M 85-02-24 Macunaima
M 85-02-24 Woman in the Moon
R 85-02-24 Poor Richard's Pub
I 85-02-25 Dr. Goldberg for eye exam
M 85-02-25* Man and a Woman, A
M 85-02-25* Nothing Sacred
M 85-02-25* Three Caballeros
M 85-02-25* Wizard of Oz
R 85-02-25 Bench and Gavel
M 85-02-26* Grammy Awards 1985
M 85-02-26* King Kong
M 85-02-26* Seven Sinners
D 85-02-27 Pilobolus at Joyce
M 85-02-27* Intermezzo
R 85-02-27 Magic Wok
M 85-02-28* Still of the Night
R 85-02-28 Nabokov: A Russian Beauty and Other Stories
M 85-03-01* Koyaanisqatsi
M 85-03-01* Swept Away...
E 85-03-02 Coney Island 1:45 - 6PM
M 85-03-02* Road to Zanzibar
R 85-03-02 Nathan's
I 85-03-04 Dentist Moskowitz
R 85-03-05 Callahan's on Remsen
P 85-03-07 Northern Boulevard at AMAS with Art Ostrin
R 85-03-07 Margarita's
B 85-03-08 Nabokov: Tyrants Destroyed and Other Stories
M 85-03-08 Last Metro, The
M 85-03-08 Woman Next Door, The
R 85-03-08 DiRoberti's
R 85-03-08 Maya Palace
R 85-03-08 Pennyworth's Pizza
B 85-03-09 Blackwood: Ten Minute Stories
B 85-03-09 Wheeler: Spacetime Physics
D 85-03-09 LouisvilleBallet(DonizettiVar/TrojanWomn/Cakewalk/MarkBorchelt!
M 85-03-10 Night of 100 Stars---GREAT
I 85-03-11 Dentist Moskowitz
M 85-03-11* Foreign Correspondent
M 85-03-11* Night to Remember, A
M 85-03-12* Female on the Beach
M 85-03-13 Blood Simple
R 85-03-13 Cellar in the Sky: Lois, Bernice, Mary V., Valda?
D 85-03-14 Hamburg Ballet: BachSuite#3/Tristan/Chairs(Haydee and Neumeier)
B 85-03-15 Nabokov: Speak, Memory
B 85-03-15 Nabokov: Lolita
M 85-03-15* Rigoletto (Pavarotti, Bruberova, Wixell)
O 85-03-15* Rigoletto (Pavarotti, Bruberova, Wixell)
M 85-03-17* One Million Years B.C.
M 85-03-18* Jewel in the Crown (episodes 6-14)
B 85-03-19 Blackwood: Incredible Adventures
D 85-03-20 Hamburg Ballet
E 85-03-20 Museum of Natural History 3-7
D 85-03-21 Hamburg Ballet: Saint Matthew Passion
R 85-03-22 Songdo Gardens
D 85-03-23 Hamburg Ballet: Mahler's Sixth
M 85-03-23* One Summer Love
D 85-03-24 Mexico Ballet
M 85-03-24* Adventures of Robin Hood
M 85-03-24* San Francisco
M 85-03-25* Channel 13 Gala of Stars
E 85-03-26 Sadahiro Yamaguchi here for one week
B 85-03-27 Nabokov: Strong Opinions
M 85-03-27* Tosca
O 85-03-27* Tosca
R 85-03-27 Dallas BBQ
M 85-03-28* Anna Karenina (Reeve/Bisset)
P 85-03-28 Little Shop of Horrors
R 85-03-28 Teresa's
M 85-03-29* Tosca (Behrens/Domingo/MacNeil)
O 85-03-29* Tosca (Behrens/Domingo/MacNeil)
R 85-03-29 Paris-Milano
R 85-03-30 Teresa's
E 85-04-03 Easter Service at Willkie Hall
B 85-04-04 Nabokov: Glory
P 85-04-04 Tap-Dance Kid
P 85-04-04 Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams
R 85-04-04 American Festival
D 85-04-05 Martha Graham: Judith/Song/Rite of Spring
R 85-04-05 Dallas BBQ
B 85-04-06 Nabokov: Look at the Harlequins
M 85-04-06* Lords of Flatbush
M 85-04-06* Mystery of the Sacred Shroud
M 85-04-06* Webber's Requiem
R 85-04-06 Cellar in the Sky (Barbara Lea, Dana, me)
M 85-04-07* Gounod's "Faust"
M 85-04-07* King of Comedy
R 85-04-09 Sailing Restaurant
E 85-04-10 Met Mus for Caravaggio and Treasures of San Marco
R 85-04-10 Cooper's Cafe
D 85-04-11 Martha Graham: Owl and Pussycat/Episodes/Frescoes
M 85-04-11* Beau Geste (Guy Stockwell, 1966)
R 85-04-12 Dallas BBQ
P 85-04-13 Salonika
B 85-04-14 Boehme: Signature of All Things
O 85-04-15 Roi D'Ys, Le (CH)
R 85-04-15 New York #1 Delicatessen
P 85-04-16 Brighton Beach Memoirs
R 85-04-16 White Horse Cafe
M 85-04-17* Simon Boccanegra
O 85-04-17* Simon Boccanegra
E 85-04-18 Highlights in Jazz at NYU
M 85-04-18 Birdy
M 85-04-18 Natural, The
R 85-04-18 Bubba's Deli
M 85-04-19 Falling in LOve
M 85-04-19 River, The (Gibson)
R 85-04-19 Bootsie, Winky and Miss Maud (DC)
T 85-04-19 Train to Washington DC
D 85-04-20 Alvin Ailey Night Creatures, Cry
E 85-04-20 National Gallery of Art/MusNatHist/Actualism meetings
R 85-04-20 Kennedy Center roof cafeteria (DC)
E 85-04-21 Theodore Roosevelt Island/Zoo/National Cathedral in DC
T 85-04-21 Train to NYC from DC
E 85-04-22 Sherryl's birthday dinner at Dennis's
M 85-04-22 Under the Volcano
E 85-04-23 Actualism Gay Men here
M 85-04-24 Bal, Le
M 85-04-24 Entre Nous
D 85-04-25 Paul Taylor: Arden Court/Snow White/Profiles/Last Look
M 85-04-25* Conduct Unbecoming
R 85-04-25 Prego
M 85-04-26* Spiral Staircase
M 85-04-26 Witness
I 85-04-27 Sell Volvo with Rolf for $100 cash
M 85-04-27* Anna Magnani Am I
M 85-04-27 Mass Appeal
M 85-04-27 Mrs. Soffel
M 85-04-27* Murder by Television
B 85-04-29 Chardin: Christianity and Evolution
R 85-04-30 Cafe Fidelio
D 85-05-02 Paul Taylor: Mercuric Tidings/Lost Found and Lost/ Dust
R 85-05-02 Arirang
B 85-05-03 Rolland: Colas Breugnon Burgundian
D 85-05-03 Paul Taylor: Roses/Runes/Esplanade
I 85-05-03 Drop in on the "Stable" and "J's"--awful
R 85-05-03 Darbar
E 85-05-05 Met Mus for Micronesia, Africa, and South America
M 85-05-05 El Norte
M 85-05-05* My Name Is Jonah
M 85-05-05* Sweeney Todd
R 85-05-05 Cheese Cellar
M 85-05-06* Jinxed (Midler and Ken Wahl sexy)
M 85-05-07* Hotel New Hampshire
M 85-05-07* This Is Spinal Tap
M 85-05-07* Titus Andronicus
D 85-05-08 Korean Dance
M 85-05-08s Alphabet City
M 85-05-08* What Sex Am I?
R 85-05-08 Forest and Sea Too
M 85-05-09* Against All Odds
M 85-05-09* Ancient Lives (4 hrs)
M 85-05-09* Flight of the Condor (3 hrs)
M 85-05-09* Good Earth
M 85-05-09* Living Planet (12 hrs)
I 85-05-10 Mt. Sinai to witness Arthur Ellenbogen's will
R 85-05-10 Pumpkin Eater
E 85-05-11 Sage Prom Dance
B 85-05-12 Pynchon: Slow Learner
M 85-05-12* Malice in Wonderland (Taylor, Alexander)
M 85-05-12* Mike's Murder
M 85-05-13* Reuben, Reuben
M 85-05-13* Taking My Turn
M 85-05-13* Tovarich
R 85-05-13 Abyssinian Restaurant
R 85-05-13 Swenson's
M 85-05-14* Last Remake of Beau Geste
M 85-05-14* Passage to Marseilles
M 85-05-15* Bigger the Better, The (p)
M 85-05-15* Flamingo Road
P 85-05-16 As Is
E 85-05-17 Morgan Library for Albertina drawings
R 85-05-17 Basket of Goodies
M 85-05-18* Each Dawn I Die
B 85-05-19 Blackwood: The Extra Day
M 85-05-19* Last Gangster
R 85-05-19 Cheese Cellar
M 85-05-21* War of the Worlds
B 85-05-22 Kant: Notes on Philosophy of Kant
E 85-05-22 Pet Seminar at Town Hall for Actualism
E 85-05-24 Tapio Wirkkala and Wertheim at IBM Gallery
R 85-05-24 Joe Burns
M 85-05-25* Background to Danger
M 85-05-25* Cardinalization of O'Conner
M 85-05-25* Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima
M 85-05-26* High Voltage
E 85-05-27 Picnic for Memorial Day in Battery Park
M 85-05-28* Rape of Richard Beck
E 85-05-29 Forbes Museum
R 85-05-29 Petite Marmite (upstairs for Jon Terrell?)(55people for $1236!)
M 85-05-30 Maya Films at Met Museum in Uris Auditorium
M 85-06-01* Crimson Pirate
M 85-06-01* Love's Labors Lost (BBC-TV)
M 85-06-02* Iceman
M 85-06-02* Tony Awards of 1985
E 85-06-04 Sexual Compulsives Anonymous 6:30-8
R 85-06-04 Toon's
M 85-06-05* Sorcerer
M 85-06-07* Altered States
M 85-06-07* Atomic Cafe
M 85-06-07* Flesh Eaters
M 85-06-07* Most Dangerous Game
M 85-06-07* Survive
M 85-06-08* Sahara
P 85-06-08 Singin' in the Rain
R 85-06-09 Cafe Central
M 85-06-10 Galaxy Express
M 85-06-10 Lunar Toons
R 85-06-10 Greenstreet
M 85-06-11* Quo Vadis
B 85-06-12 Kant: Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics
I 85-06-12 Dentist Moskowitz
R 85-06-12 Broadway Joe's
E 85-06-15 AIDS workshop at Hunter College
M 85-06-16* Blue Dahlia
R 85-06-16 Waverly Inn
I 85-06-17 Dentist Moskowitz for Claire
B 85-06-18 Blackwood: The Wave
M 85-06-18* Young Love First Love
E 85-06-19 Picnic Meeting from Michael's for Actualism
R 85-06-19 Henry's End
M 85-06-20 Company of Wolves
M 85-06-20 Ladyhawke
M 85-06-20 Romeo and Juliet (Russian)
E 85-06-22 Actualism picnic
M 85-06-22* Salty O'Rourke
M 85-06-23* Snake Pit
M 85-06-24* Elephant Man (Anglim)
R 85-06-24 Viva Pancho's
I 85-06-25 Dentist Moskowitz
R 85-06-25 Amsterdams
M 85-06-26* Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (Lange)
E 85-06-27 Art in the Anchorage exhibit
M 85-06-29 Beverly Hills Cop
T 85-06-29 France flight missed via Belt Parkway; fly to Rome
R 85-06-30 La Coupole (Nice)
T 85-06-30 Fly to Rome/Nice/ walk Promenade des Anglais
R 85-07-01 Hotel Bellevue (Utelle)
R 85-07-01 Les Roses (Levens)
T 85-07-01 Nice:OldTwn;ChagallMus;RoquetteSur-Var;Levens;UtelleMadonna;See
R 85-07-02 Auberge du Neige Azur (Roubion)
R 85-07-02 Moulin des Mougins (Mougins)***
T 85-07-02 LaTour;Bairols;Roubion;GorgsDuCian;GorgsDuRiolam;Grasse;Mougins
R 85-07-03 Cave Henri IV (Aix-en-Provence)*
T 85-07-03 BalconsDeLaMescla;Aix-en-Provence:GranetMus;Cath;TownHall;wnder
R 85-07-04 La Riboto da Taven (Les Baux) *
R 85-07-04 Oustau de Baumaniere (Les Baux) ***
T 85-07-04 Aix:CourMirabeau;LaMadeleine;SilvacaneAbby;Ste.AnneDGoiron;Baux
R 85-07-05 Alexandre (Garons) *
T 85-07-05 St.RemyDeProvnce:RomnArch;Granum;Arles:arena;Cath;3Mus;PntDGard
R 85-07-06 L'Olivier (Beziers) **
T 85-07-06 Nimes:Towr;Prk;AiguesMorts;Montpellier;AgdeCath;Pezenas;Beziers
R 85-07-07 Relais St. Martin (Casteil)
T 85-07-07 BeziersCath;PicDeCanigou;StMichaelDCuxa;StMartinDCangu;Casteil
R 85-07-08 Eychenne (St. Girons) *
R 85-07-08 Labouiche caves for lunch
T 85-07-08 VillefrancheDeConflent;BourgMadam;FoixCht;LabouicheCvs;StLirons
R 85-07-09 Hotel de France (Auch) **
T 85-07-09 St.BertrandDComminges;Valcabrere;BagnieresDeLuchon;LacD'Oo;Auch
R 85-07-10 Laurent's mother (Barbaste), Laurent taught by Niel Souther
R 85-07-10 Tables des Cordelieres (Condom) *
T 85-07-10 AuchCth;StFlour;Condom;Larresingle;Seviac;LaRomieu;Barbaste(Lr)
R 85-07-11 Grand Ecuyer (Cordes) *
R 85-07-11 L'Aubergade (Puymirol) **
T 85-07-11 Vianne;Nerac;AgenMs;Puymirol;Valence;Moissac;CordesGRTdine&bed
R 85-07-12 Neol (Realmont) *
T 85-07-12 NotreDameDLaDreche;AlbiCath;ToulouseLautrecMus;RealmontTinyTown
E 85-07-13 Berlioz Requiem (Carcassone)
R 85-07-13 Cite Hotel (Carcassone)
R 85-07-13 Robinson Lake lunch
T 85-07-13 Castres;CthSt.Bernard;SidobreRockPlains;RobinsonLake;Carcassone
R 85-07-14 Carcassone square lunch
R 85-07-14 Donjon (Carcassone)
T 85-07-14 Carcassone: town;tour;write;firework-watch just below walls
R 85-07-15 Grand Hotel (Roquefort) *
R 85-07-15 La Taverne (Cahors) *
T 85-07-15 Narbnne;Olensac;StAffrique;Roquefort;ChesTr;Millau;Rodez;Cahors
R 85-07-16 L'Ousin (Perigueux) *
R 85-07-16 Parc (Savignac-les-Eglises) **
T 85-07-16 Perigueux;Trelissan;St.Etienne;CthTour;SavignacLsEglises&ParcHt
R 85-07-17 Cyrano (Bergerac)
R 85-07-17 Vieux Logis (Cingle de Tremolat
T 85-07-17 PerigueuxMs;Bergerac;MonbazillacChat;CingleDTremolat;VieuxLogis
R 85-07-18 Centenaire (Les Ezyies) **
R 85-07-18 Esplanade (Domme)
T 85-07-18 LesEzyies;FontDGaume;ChtDFages;Beynac;GisementDeLaugeries;Domme
R 85-07-19 Conques St. Foy Hotel (Conques)
R 85-07-19 Hotel Ste-Marie (Rocamadour)
T 85-07-19 Sarlat; RoqueGageac;Souillac;Rocamadour;GouffreDPadirac;Conques
R 85-07-20 Hotel Anglard et du Cerf (Le Lioran) *
R 85-07-20 Le Savoy et Thermal (St. Nectaire)
T 85-07-20 StFoyTreas;LeLioran;FuniclarToClouds;St.Flour;St.Nectaire:horns
R 85-07-21 Pyramide (Vienne) ***
T 85-07-21 StNectaireCth;waters;LePuyCath;Virgin;Vienne for La Pyramide***
R 85-07-22 Capucin Gourmand (Megeve) *
R 85-07-22 l'M (Chamonix)
T 85-07-22 Vienne:Cth;Roman;Mus;Megeve;Bettaz:Mt.Arbois;Chamonix:ParkHotel
R 85-07-23 Omelette (Chamonix)
R 85-07-23 Pizza (Chamonix)
T 85-07-23 Montenvers;MerDGlace;Cave;PlanDAiguille;Brevent;Planpraz;LaTour
R 85-07-24 Auberge de Pere Bise (Tailloires) ***
R 85-07-24 Libellule Launch in Lake Annency for lunch
T 85-07-24 Chamonix;Ugene;Faugeres;Annecy;LibelluleBoatLunch;TalloiresSWIM
R 85-07-25 Auberge Bressane (Bourg-en-Bresse) **
R 85-07-25 St. Louis (Autun)
T 85-07-25 AubergeDPereBiseLeav;BourgEnBresse;AbbeyDeBrou;Tournus;AutunS&L
R 85-07-26 Chez Camille (Arnay-le-Duc)
R 85-07-26 Esperance (St. Pere-sous-Vezelay) ***
T 85-07-26 Autun:RolinMus;Romans;SullyCht;Rochepot;ArnayLDuc;StPrSuVezelay
R 85-07-27 Le Bourgogne (Troyes) *
T 85-07-27 VezelayCth;AvallonCth&town;SemurEnAuxois;AliseSteMarie;Fontenay
T 85-07-27 Vix;CampDAlesia;CampDuCesar;ChatillonSrSeine;DouixSource;Troyes
R 85-07-28 La Chapelle Goudefroy (Nogent-sur-Seine)
R 85-07-28 Laxart (Paris)
T 85-07-28 Troyes: roam&Mus;NogentSurSeine; finish driving to Paris
I 85-07-29 Dennis was diagnosed with AIDS on 7/25/85!
M 85-07-29 Micki and Maude
T 85-07-29 Fly back from France after returning car
M 85-07-30 Prizzi's Honor
R 85-07-30 Cadman Plaza Restaurant breakfast
M 85-08-01* Beastmaster
M 85-08-01* Excalibur
M 85-08-02* Broadway Danny Rose
M 85-08-02* Tarzan of the Apes (O'Keefe)
M 85-08-04* Doctor Strangelove
M 85-08-05 Pale Rider
M 85-08-05 Tosca's Kiss
R 85-08-05 Broome Street Brewery
M 85-08-06 Futuropolis
M 85-08-06 Mad Max After Thunderdome
M 85-08-06 Rock and Rule
M 85-08-07 Cocoon
M 85-08-07* Day After Trinity
R 85-08-07 Henry's End
M 85-08-08* Hiroshima: The People's Legacy
B 85-08-09 Ballard: Empire of the Sun
I 85-08-09 Dr. Daoud at HIP
M 85-08-12* Women, The
R 85-08-12 Henry's End
M 85-08-13 Big Chill
M 85-08-13 St. Elmo's Fire
R 85-08-13 Pubali Indian
M 85-08-14s Fuzz
B 85-08-15 Bailey: Initiation Human and Solar
M 85-08-15* Buddy Holly Story
M 85-08-15* Dark Star
M 85-08-16* Brideshead Revisited (2 hrs)
M 85-08-17* Brideshead Revisited (7 hrs)
M 85-08-18* Anna Karenina
M 85-08-18* Fail-Safe
M 85-08-18* Mr. Olympia Contest
M 85-08-18* Red River*
M 85-08-18* Superman
M 85-08-19* Day the Earth Caught Fire
M 85-08-20 Back to the Future
M 85-08-20 My Science Project (Raphael Sbarge)
M 85-08-20 Silverado
M 85-08-21 Amadeus
M 85-08-21* Don Quixote (Baryshnikov)
M 85-08-21* Elephant Walk
M 85-08-21 Emerald Forest
D 85-08-22 David Parsons at DTW
I 85-08-22 HIP orthopedist
M 85-08-22* Meteor
R 85-08-22 Mary Jane's Mexican
B 85-08-23 Davies: Other Worlds
M 85-08-23* Rutles
E 85-08-24 Lois's "Cocktail Party" at center
M 85-08-24 Allonsenfants
M 85-08-24 Padre Padrone
M 85-08-25* Black Cat (1941, Rathbone)
M 85-08-25* It Came from Hollywood
M 85-08-25* Space Odyssey: 2001
P 85-08-26 Okabena reading (play by Marj Mahle)
B 85-08-27 Clarke: Lost Worlds of 2001
B 85-08-27 Clarke: 2001
B 85-08-27 Clarke: 2010
M 85-08-27 Black Cauldron
R 85-08-28 West Bank
I 85-08-29 Dinner and French slides here
B 85-08-30 Blackwood: A Prisoner in Fairyland
M 85-08-30* Spawn of the North
B 85-09-01 Clarke: 1984:Spring
M 85-09-01* Washington Affair (Tom Selleck)
D 85-09-04 ABT Romeo and Juliet (McKenzie, Ferri)
I 85-09-05 Slides here
R 85-09-05 Bali Rice Bowl
B 85-09-07 Bradbury: Dinosaur Tales
M 85-09-07* Inside the Third Reich
M 85-09-07* War films on Channel 13
B 85-09-08 Blackwood: Julius LeVallon
I 85-09-09 HIP dermatologist
M 85-09-09* Firestarter
R 85-09-09 Lichee Nut
M 85-09-10* Culture Club: Kiss Across the Ocean
M 85-09-10* Places in the Heart
M 85-09-10* Trouble with Harry
B 85-09-11 Updike: Witches of Eastwick
M 85-09-12* Answers (Golden Pond's Ernest Thompson)
M 85-09-12* Day the Earth Stood Still
M 85-09-12* Night Must Fall
B 85-09-13 Gurdjieff: Life Is Real Only Then, When "I Am"
B 85-09-14 Heinlein: Notebooks of Lazarus Long
B 85-09-14 Sturgeon: Alien Cargo
E 85-09-14 Coney Island 11:30 - 5PM
M 85-09-14* Murders in the Rue Morgue
M 85-09-14* Raven, The
M 85-09-15* Contender, The (Marc Singer)
R 85-09-15 Palenque
M 85-09-18s Blue Gardenia
M 85-09-18s Far Pavilions (6 hrs)
M 85-09-18* Midsummer Night's Dream (poor William Hurt as Oberon)
M 85-09-18 Tim
M 85-09-18 Winter of Our Dreams
M 85-09-19 Old Heidelburg
M 85-09-19 Show People
R 85-09-19 Fiddler
I 85-09-20 HIP physical with Schwall
M 85-09-20 MTV Awards
M 85-09-21* Queen Christina
P 85-09-22 Normal Heart, The
R 85-09-22 Christina's
E 85-09-23 Staten Island Zoo with Mom
M 85-09-24 Drifting
M 85-09-24 Ernesto
M 85-09-24* Tree Grows in Brooklyn (5000th movie-viewing)
M 85-09-25* Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse
M 85-09-25* Choices
M 85-09-25* Emmy Awards of 1985
M 85-09-25* Used Cars
P 85-09-25 Lily Tomlin on Broadway
R 85-09-26 Old Hungary
B 85-09-27 Helprin: Winter's Tale
B 85-09-28 Borges: Universal History of Infamy
B 85-09-28 Foote: Three Plays
B 85-09-28 Sheckley: Is That What People Do?
M 85-09-28* Elgar
M 85-09-28* National Lampoon's Vacation
M 85-09-28* Slave of Love
M 85-09-28* That Championship Season
B 85-09-29 Helprin: Ellis Island and Other Stories
M 85-09-29* Rebel Without a Cause
M 85-09-29* Union Pacific
R 85-09-30 Cafe Luxembourg
M 85-10-01* Bette Midler: Art or Bust
M 85-10-01* Perils of Gwendolyne in the Land of the YikYak
M 85-10-01* Pope of Greenwich Village
M 85-10-01* Purple Rose of Cairo
P 85-10-02 Song and Dance (Peters/D'Amboise)
M 85-10-04 Kiss of the Spider Woman
R 85-10-04 Tanpopo
M 85-10-06* Mortal Storm
M 85-10-07* Ghoulies
M 85-10-07* Long Hot Summer (Don Johnson)
M 85-10-08* Bostonians
M 85-10-08* Nineteen Eighty Four [1984] (Hurt, Burton)
P 85-10-08 Flash of Lightning, A (ELT)
R 85-10-08 Au Grenier
M 85-10-09* I Stand Condemned
R 85-10-09 Great America
M 85-10-10* Citizen Kane
M 85-10-10* Wall, Pink Floyd The
M 85-10-11* Dr. Fischer of Geneva
R 85-10-11 Twenty Four [24] Fifth
M 85-10-12* Carmen (Gades/Saura)
M 85-10-12* Damn Yankees
M 85-10-12* Three Comrades
D 85-10-13 Feld Ballet (Grand Canon/Impromptu/Adieu/Les Noces)
R 85-10-13 Delaney's
R 85-10-14 Jasmine's Era
M 85-10-15* Sole Survivor
R 85-10-15 Thai Taste
M 85-10-16* Disney's Best--Fabulous 50s
M 85-10-16* Ernie Kovacs
R 85-10-16 Henry's End
I 85-10-17 Mineshaft 9PM-1AM
M 85-10-17* Return of Pink Panther
R 85-10-17 Fourteen [14] Christopher
M 85-10-18* Intolerance
M 85-10-18* Raiders of the Lost Ark
E 85-10-19 AIDS Weekend
E 85-10-20 AIDS Weekend
B 85-10-21 Dahl: Tales of the Unexpected
M 85-10-21* Country
M 85-10-21* Quintet
M 85-10-22* Agatha Christie's "13 at Dinner"
R 85-10-22 New Deal with Susan for $124
M 85-10-23* Bible
M 85-10-23* Improper Conduct
M 85-10-23* Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence
R 85-10-23 New Deal with Meg for $84
B 85-10-24 Helprin: Refiner's Fire
E 85-10-24 380 Gallery for Ron Kron exhibit
I 85-10-24 HIP exam
M 85-10-24* Jungle Book
R 85-10-24 New Deal with Dennis
B 85-10-25 Hesse: Hours in the Garden
D 85-10-26 TheatrBalltOfCanada(Garden/SymetrieInquietante/Moralities/Trbte
M 85-10-28* Sixteen Candles
M 85-10-28* Starstruck
M 85-10-29* Dumbo
M 85-10-29* Hunkercize
M 85-10-29 Rainbow Serpent
M 85-10-29 We Were One Man
R 85-10-29 Heights Sea Grill
M 85-10-30* Rondine, La
O 85-10-30* Rondine, La
B 85-10-31 Hesse: Pictor's Metamorphosis
E 85-10-31 Halloween Parade with Susan
R 85-10-31 Bleecker Luncheonette Italian
R 85-11-01 Heights Sea Grill
R 85-11-02 Lotus
D 85-11-03 Joffrey Ballet: ItalianSuite/SecretPlaces/Untitled/Jamboree
M 85-11-03s Athena
M 85-11-03* Charles Chaplin: The Funniest Man in the World
M 85-11-03* Escape
B 85-11-04 Updike: Bech Is Back
I 85-11-04 Dentist Auerbach
M 85-11-04* Christine
M 85-11-04* Laurence Olivier: A Life
D 85-11-05 Joffrey Ballet: Reflections/Love Songs/Arden Court/Light Rain
E 85-11-05 MOMA for Lautrec/Cartoons
M 85-11-05* Buckaroo Banzai in the 8th Dimension
M 85-11-05* Gorky Park
M 85-11-05* Streamers
B 85-11-06 Munchausen: Adventures of Baron Munchausen
R 85-11-06 New Deal with Joe
B 85-11-07 Golding: The Spire
B 85-11-07 Lem: The Cosmic Carnival
D 85-11-07 Joffrey Ballet: Taming of the Shrew (PhilipJerry,DeniseJackson)
M 85-11-07s Skullduggery
B 85-11-08 Clarke: The Sentinel
R 85-11-08 New Deal with Sherryl
B 85-11-09 Ouspensky: Conscience:The Search for Truth
D 85-11-09 Aterballeto (Bournonville/DreamWalk ofShamon/CoccodrilliInArbit
B 85-11-10 Bradbury: A Memory of Murder
D 85-11-10 Aterballeto(Ricercr/Movimnto/JardinAuxLilas/ApresMidi/LoveSongs
R 85-11-10 Petite Marmite ? (dinner for 39 for Rebekah)
I 85-11-11 Dentist Auerbach
M 85-11-11s Mad Max
M 85-11-12* Beastmaster
M 85-11-12* Cruising
M 85-11-12* Little Drummer Girl
M 85-11-12* Ziegfield Follies
M 85-11-13* People Versus Dan White
M 85-11-13* Red Dawn
M 85-11-13* Times of Harvey Milk
O 85-11-14 Khovanshchina
D 85-11-15 Bejart Ballet: Le Concours
D 85-11-16 Bejart Ballet
M 85-11-17 Diabolique
M 85-11-17 Wages of Fear
P 85-11-17 Map of the World
I 85-11-18 HIP dietician
M 85-11-18* Being Different (Freaks)
M 85-11-18* Great Stone Face (Keaton)
M 85-11-19* Being Different (with Dennis and Pope
M 85-11-19* Brother From Another Planet
M 85-11-19* In Name Only
P 85-11-20 Tango Argentino
B 85-11-21 Heller: God Knows
D 85-11-21 Bejart Ballet: Dionysos/Salome/Rite of Spring
I 85-11-21 Periodontist post-op with Coven
R 85-11-21 Heights Sea Palace
B 85-11-22 Nabokov: Poems and Problems
M 85-11-22* Triumpth of the Will
R 85-11-22 Swiss Chalet
R 85-11-24 Deli (Boston)
T 85-11-24 Train to Boston 12 - 5
R 85-11-25 Marquis de Lafayette (Boston)
R 85-11-25 Soupcon in Lund Hall in Harvard (Boston)
E 85-11-26 Museum of Fine Arts for Renoir
R 85-11-26 L'Espalier (Boston)
R 85-11-26 Museum of Fine Arts lunch (Boston)
B 85-11-27 Adams: So Long and Thanks for All the Fish
B 85-11-27 Heinlein: Job
T 85-11-27 Train from Boston to NYC
E 85-11-28 Sherryl's for Thanksgiving Dinner
M 85-11-28* Thanksgiving Parades
B 85-11-29 Velikovsky: Stargazers and Gravediggers (BH Library)
M 85-11-29* Whoopi Goldberg
M 85-11-29s Woodstock
M 85-11-30* Berlin Alexanderplatz (2 hrs)
M 85-11-30* He Makes Me Feel Like Dancin'
M 85-11-30* Kiss Me, Kate
M 85-11-30* Nutcracker
M 85-11-30* Superargo
M 85-12-01* Rodgers and Hammerstein
M 85-12-01* Tripods (6.5 hrs)
E 85-12-02 Jupiter Symphony all Mozart program
I 85-12-02 Dentist Auerbach
M 85-12-02* Beat the Devil
M 85-12-02* Flamingo Kid
M 85-12-03* Berlin Alexanderplatz (15.5 hrs)
M 85-12-04* Alexander Nevsky
M 85-12-04* Edge of Darkness
M 85-12-04s Midnight Express
M 85-12-04* Pinocchio
M 85-12-04* Potemkin
R 85-12-05 Old Hungary
R 85-12-06 Cafe de la Gare
M 85-12-07* Yellow Submarine
M 85-12-08* Cinderella (San Francisco Ballet)
M 85-12-09* Alice in Wonderland (Irwin Allen)(365th film in 365 days!)
B 85-12-10 Marquez: Collected Stories
R 85-12-11 Cafe de la Gare
R 85-12-11 La Grande Corniche
M 85-12-12* Karate Kid
M 85-12-12* Raggedy Man
M 85-12-12* Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
E 85-12-13 Arte Povera at P.S.1/Abigail Adams Smith Museum
R 85-12-13 Bojangles for breakfast
B 85-12-14 Dinesen: Letters from Africa
M 85-12-14* Stage Door Canteen
R 85-12-14 Sweetwaters Actualism Christmas Party
E 85-12-15 AIDS Day at The Saint
R 85-12-15 Park Plaza
B 85-12-16 Velikovsky: Mankind in Amnesia
M 85-12-18* Falstaff (Bacquier)
O 85-12-18* Falstaff (Bacquier)
M 85-12-19* Woza Albert
M 85-12-20 Out of Africa
I 85-12-21 French slides here for 10 of Actualism
M 85-12-21* Old Curiosity Shop (Mr. Quilp)
R 85-12-21 Park Plaza
M 85-12-22 Chu-Chin-Chou
M 85-12-22* Ring of Bright Water
M 85-12-23 Day of Wrath
M 85-12-23 Vampyr
R 85-12-23 Eat: 11 St. Marks
R 85-12-24 Great Jones Cafe
R 85-12-24 Tante (in Village) for kir
E 85-12-25 Brunch at Michael Blackburns
M 85-12-25* Dreamscape
M 85-12-25* It's A Wonderful Life
M 85-12-26s Christmas Coal Mine Miracle
M 85-12-26* Dawn Patrol
E 85-12-27 Male Strippers for 7 hours for $6
R 85-12-27 Rasputin
B 85-12-28 Merrell-Wolff: Philosophy of Consciousness Without an Object
E 85-12-29 ICP "On China"
R 85-12-29 Popover Cafe
M 85-12-30* Kim
M 85-12-30* Private Life of Sherlock Holmes
M 85-12-30s Thousands Cheer
E 85-12-31 Fireworks at midnight on Promenade
M 85-12-31* King of Hearts
M 85-12-31* Romeo and Juliet (Eagling/Ferri/Hoskins)