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1988 3 of 3

TUESDAY, AUGUST 23: Wake at 12:30 and shit diarrhea, and get cold chills in which I have odd "dream" of toilet at 12:20, 1:45, 3, and I don't NEED them, but COVER for chills and UNCOVER for sweats and seem to be up ALL NIGHT. Bounce awake at 6:20, not knowing we don't have wakeup call. Shit well, not ALL liquid, and feel ALMOST better. Shower in AWFUL leaky moldy tub with water that turns CONSTANTLY hot and cold. WORST hotel in lot with no wake-up calls (they wouldn't do it, says Julia) and non-opening windows. GRIM! Down to breakfast and pack lunch as Julia says. Bus pulls out at 8:05AM. Wooded pleasant countryside. To Bulgarian border 8:53AM. Pass at 9:05AM, guards asking Julia for two coffees with sugar and cream. "Sorry, no coffee; beer, coke, anything?" Yugoslavian border? 9:17: Couple told "You must go back to Sofia to the Yugoslav embassy to get visas." WOW! 9:22: MANY couples seem to have visas restricted to only ONE Yugoslavian entry! Mine doesn't say ANYTHING; Lorraine's says "2". 9:24 bus pulls off to side of road. 10AM, set watches back to 9AM. 9:03, Rudy passes back passports which were just taken. 9:26 Julia points out WC across road that we can use. An hour and a half already. Julia says man who must be paid thousands of dinars for new visas has to get BACK from wherever he went. I cross to WC and it's 300D! Borrow from Paul and shit up their place: very satisfying. Repay him and bus moves to ANOTHER barrier at 9:40. Bus off at 10:38, just one hour and 55 minutes. But stops AGAIN at barrier! Rudy strolls out. Through at 9:50. Cloudy, overcast day. Turkish workers GOING to Germany LITTER fields along roads with trash! Rains, first time since Bayreuth! 10:40 Bela Palonba rest-stop for 15 minutes, off at 11:05. 11:35 #32 Gorge south of Nis. 12:30-1:35 lunch stop. I have sandwich and buy awful 1500D pivo (beer). OUR way is tiring and boring, but leather-clad wool-capped and helmeted MOTORCYCLISTS have it harder, stretching kinked bones and muscles. And a pack of gypsies (from Netherlands!) eating on TARMACK and rinsing tin plates with water, about ten to a travel-van, seem even worse! Into huge, modern, dirty, decrepit city at 3:15 and lose hotel AGAIN. Bellhop at enormous Belgrade InterContinental leads us to right road at 3:45, but we pick the wrong way first. U-turn. From Hotel Jugoslavia room 610 #33 at 4:10PM. Lay down (not me at ALL) then shit more solidly and get down to our LOUD group in lobby at 4:55 for 5PM tour. Hotel is SO far out it's impossible to go anywhere. AND I'm tired! International Weekends tour was here YESTERDAY! Today's Gerald's birthday. Tour starts 5:08. Sava River is BORDER between South Europe and Balkan Peninsula. #34 Belgrade City Tour: 5:35 National Assembly and Dance of Black Horses. 17 degrees Centigrade. #35 at 5:50 Worker's parade in Kalmegdan. #36 Victory Monument at 6PM. #0-1 Confluence of the Sava (on left) and Danube (on right). Buy art book for 23000 about $8. #2 Brobkey (?) and clock tower and Montage (?). 8700 left, about $3. #3 Danube and hotel at 6:45. [Beetle-like roach first bug in Belgrade since silverfish on wall in Troy. Terrible dump-like shanty slums interspersed throughout Belgrade.] Slept TEN HOURS THROUGH: 8:30-6:30!

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 24: GOOD breakfast, among last on bus at 8:03 and Julia dashes about with a box of glasses and a gift as wind blows in about 55-degree chill, bad after the 39 degrees of three days ago! "Typical" last couple on at 8:04 and we leave. 60% of corn ruined in worst drought in 60 years. #4 at 8:25 VERY typical Russian-style "monument." Julia gives me name and BIRTHDATE list, and I'm 7th youngest, after Yungs (16 and 46!!), two girls, and two teachers. #5 at 9:15 Military (left) and cruise (right) ships on Danube at Novi Sad. #6 Novi Sad center. Nothing really to catch UP on. #7 at 11:15 Subotica Tower. #8 at 11:30 Subotica buildings. Stop at border 12:50. Exit Yugoslavia 12:52! Only CASH accepted at border change-office. Now 1:34, passports stamped, baggage doors open. Move at 1:46. Stop. Move off at 1:51. #9 Facade at 5:45. #10 castle at 6:15. #11 sunset at 6:45. Dinner in silk suit and everyone's wonderfully impressed. Up at 10 for TV and bed.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 25: I'm last on tour at 9:04. #12 at 9:20 Criminally gray day over Budapest. Wake at 5:30 feeling VERY awake after watching TV from 10-12: Ghost Story; tennis; news of Sudan flood, Iran-Iraq talks, Delhi cholera, and Yugoslavian-Albanian race troubles. Jerk off in plastic glass-cover, shower, call twice to get laundry picked up from CLOSED room, as my luggage was PUT into locked room, and down to GREAT breakfast and lunch sandwich of famous Hungarian Salami and smoked cheese, after curdled eggs and lots of bacon, and tea with Marilyn. Up to room to brush teeth and LAST on in bus at 9:04AM. To Gellert hill for SORELY obscured view, and everyone buys junk as 9:15-9:30 stop extends to 9:43. She says Metro is 2 Forints and IS transferrable. VERY pretty, tight-jeaned, intelligent guide. Stop at 10:12 at "Museum Square" #13 Hungarian National Opera House at 10:35. #14 Parliament from shore at 10:45. #15 Margaret Island from Margaret Bridge at 10:48. #16 Old at new at 10:55. #17 Chain bridge and two lines for bus at 11AM. #18 St. Stephen's statue at Fisherman's Bastion. #19 St. Stephen's interior. #20 St. NIcholas Tower in new Hilton at 11:15. #21 St. Stephan's and fountain at 11:25. MANY pictures! #26 Looking UP at Bastion and hotel and church at 11:35. THEN boat tour from 2 (at hotel), 2:30-4:30 (to hotel, so 1.5 hour tour?). Bus leaves 11:43, all aboard! She threatened "11:40 we'll leave without you" and it WORKED! #27 Tunnel/bus/ chain bridge at 11:50. #28 Prosperity and War at 2PM. #29 Picture Gallery. #30-31 Farm Museum at 2:15. #32 Hippo in zoo at 2:30. Vidampark to 4! Leave 4:30, instant subway (third time pay 5 Ft and get 2, 50, 20, 20, 10 filler coins!) and off to buy good guidebook at 145 Ft and get to boat Kasse and find it IS 40 Ft--now hope for an ENGLISH tour to join the Spanish and Hungarians now awaiting the Rakoczi's departure. Start filing aboard now, at 5:05. Can't even catch up on this! NO commentary at ALL. #9 Parliament from boat at 5:42. #10 From Parliament to St. Stephens at 6:20. #13 6:30 view back. I'm STONED, on one BEER! Have SECOND beer, stand on chairs to watch views, and down to be among first off at 6:45. Dash to hotel and find shirts back but PANTS were DRY cleaned. Dash down in jeans to dinner and find Marilyn and Lorraine eating with another COUPLE, so I have to be fourth with Old Sadly and two dour women. Get a cocktail for only booze, expensive, and wheedle forints from Margaret and Lorraine to pay for booze and rest of laundry. Leave at 8:30 for dance, bus going across LIT bridge and PRETTY city. To theatre and get lovely 4th row center seats. Starts at 9:10 and intermission at 9:50. Good tacky violinist and BEST cymbalonist in world!!! Good dances and lively music but TALKING AUDIENCE is worst and after two dirty looks and a "Chatterbox" I turn and simply state "SHUT UP." They do. Back for second act 10:10-10:40 and back to hotel through lovely illuminations. Bed at 11.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 26: Wake at 2:30, again at 5:45, up at 6:05 and shit and get
wake-up call at 6:11. Shower and pack and complain about dry cleaning white pants that should be laundered, and end with 190 Ft extra. Buy five postcards for 50Ft, breakfast with "Six kids" and "Aly" and bus starts at 7:50, all SLIGHTLY weary from dance late last night. 10:05 to Hungarian border. Guard on at 10:07. Then at 10:20 to Austrian border. Through at 10:24. Rest stop 10:27-11. Enter Vienna for snap tour at 12! LOVELY city! GO! Looks wonderful. Out at 1, passing crowded yellow Schonbrum Palace. Stop for lunch west of Vienna at 1:17. Leave at 2:16. Starts drizzling. Stop 3:45-4:10 west of Linz. Nice piano piece: "Song for Adele" from cassette "Richard Clayderman" from 1977. Enter Salzburg at 5:30. Arrive at Cottage Hotel, WAY out, at 5:55. #16 Salzburg at 6:45. Dash out to city at 6:35 after starting wrong way and (as on first day) Lorraine turns us around. They drop out at 6:55 and I dash over bridge. I snap great sunset photos and a good impression of malled (full of malls) city. Dash to exit of rock-tunnel at 7:05, after missing Mozart's birthplace closing at 7PM.Pass GoldenerHirsch & other nice hotels &restaurants. Back at 7:40 to change and have beef dinner to 8:45 with EXPENSIVE wine. Photo will lack Averys and Jinhas(?). Watch TV a bit and bed at 10. Sleep well.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 27: Wake clear at 6 and hear wakeup call in shower. Breakfast and out to bus to clear debts: Marilyn pays 100 Sch and I square debt in the bus with BOTH Marilyn AND Lorraine, AND have schillings left at 8AM. Bus off at 8AM, photo not taken yet. Julia GIVES me Bocuse menu. Up to date at 8:01AM. Tour starts at 8:10. #22 Ludwigskron Castle, fortress in FOG on RIGHT, set for "Sound of Music" villa. 8:23AM in RAIN on tour. Ug. Owned by Max Rheinhart, founder of Salzburg Festival in 1920. Tunnel carved in 1767, small for pedestrians, large for carriages, sloped to catch sunset light! #23 "View" from Castle at 9AM. #25 Hercules and sign "Don't Drink" at 9:50AM. Twenty slides for 98S, book for 60, later passed one at 56. Mozart book for 40S, single slide 10S, 7S left! Quick tramway ride up and down. Dom Museum and Residenz Museum open at 10. Bus moves at 10:03AM, raining STEADILY ALL DAY. Decide NOT to buy Mozart's house-slide at 10S AT house, and GET it for 4.95 in PACKET. No "birthroom" in pack, which I bought SINGLY. Perfect! "Bajuwaren" performed outdoors if NOT raining; performed outdoors ONCE last year! To Austrian border at 10:22. Go to john because, as Vick quotes so well, "This is certain, we don't know WHEN we'll stop for lunch." 11AM Julia says Austrians are on a "go slow program," and we settle OUR accounts for $215 then at 11:02. At 11:21 traffic stopped COMPLETELY on highway. At 11:50 the LEFT lane moves freely, then WE move at 111 kilometers from Munich. Still stopping at 11:58. Move more at 12:30. (I'm reading "To Sail Beyond the Sunset," by Heinlein, only reading material I took on tour.) At 12:40 Julia says "Radio says they cleared one accident away, so this must be a second accident." 12:45 pass a car just stopped and we start rolling! Stop at 12:47. #26 Traffic jam at 12:53, past 1.5 hours. 12:55 start moving! 12:59 Munich 103, and we're moving! 1PM clear after point on BRIDGE ahead. 1:05, PASS point on bridge and move easily again. 1:06, stop at MULTIPLE lanes waiting to go into GAS station. 1:10 highway PARKING lot ahead. 1:12 Munich 100 km. Moving SLOWLY. Dead stop at 1:15. Move slowly at 1:17. 1:25 pass ONE two-end-wrecked car off-road, and magically move quickly. 1:26 Munich 92 kilometers. 1:50 stop for WC and snack, but machine for 1.5DM sandwiches doesn't work, so I piss and decide to eat when we STOP to eat. Leave 2:16. Gerald hands out HIS biscuits and Julia's too. 2:22 Munich 61 km. Stops raining at 3. Off for Reg and Ann's departure at 3:09. Back on highway at 3:09. Jam again at 3:26, km 10.5 3:45 km 1.0. On cloverleaf at 4:04 (7 km to Dachau). And we MOVE toward Stuttgart. Km 14.0 we slow AGAIN at 4:21. Stop 4:49, borrow 10DM from Bill for 2.5DM dried sausage and 2DM 200g. pretzels! Pull out at 5:07 and SLOW by 5:08! SUNSHINE at 5:30, 61 km from Ulm. Glorious speed and lovely clouds and sun!! Then stop for ten minutes 7:15-7:30. #27 Vineyards near Heilbronn at 7:50. Off highway at 8:20. At Zum Roten Ochsen from 8:35 to 10:25. #29 at 10:30, Heidelburg Castle, obviously VERY dark. Drink-orgy. Hotel QUEENS at 11:20 to bed INSTANTLY.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 28: Wake at 5:30! Shower and bag out and breakfast and bus leaves at 7:06AM! Into airport at 8:05, Julia's estimate is that we went about 7000 kilometers on trip. Cash $200 for 1.85DM/$ (much better than hotel's 1.62!) and give Bill 10D, Rudy 40D (+2D for beer yesterday), and Julia 60D. Say goodbye to Marilyn, Lorraine, Gerald, and Auckland couple ("I'll see you THERE" is what I say). Leave and pay 3.3D for 8:35 to Frankfurt Hbf. In and stand in information line til 9:16. To Bristol and he says "Cheaper to call at station." Leave stuff and phone Edgardo at 9:30 and 9:50, no answer! Back to hotel basement to find books WET! UGH!! Leave Trafalgar bag ANYWAY, with Bocuse menu and other stuff from bag, and DASH back to station to JUST get the 10:16 to Baden-Baden for 36D, deciding NOT to get 4-day pass (let me GO to Milan if I get Edgardo). Look for Speyer but can't find TRAIN there. No sight of Heidelburg Castle from train. Into Baden-Baden at 12, and find bus 1-3 to Augustplatz by 12:30, getting into Information to get 50D room at Hotel Lohr, up hill a bit, and back to find 1) #17 bus to Scherrhof, walk to Rote Lache, and bus #17 from Rote Lache at 5:30, 2) swim suit and towel to Rhenish Haus for "free" swimming, 3) 3PM tour of castle Monday-Friday, 4) various 2PM tours to Black Forest for 20D, 5) Monday-Friday 25D two-hour bath at Roman-Irish baths. I might LIKE it here! At 1:30 to kiosk for #17 bus, drink beer quickly as bus arrives, and catch up just before 2PM, 25 of us on bus! Up on LOUD-peopled bus, off at 2:30 for Schwarzwald stroll-sit. Three mushrooms with bugs, two tweed-types, lots of "pruned" trees, flies, and a decoy-trap for bark beetles---one buzzed indignantly as I translated the sign, not him. The wind wore satin skirts through the treetops. #30, 3:30 Schwarzwald west of Scherrhof. Ate a few delicious raw moist angel-wing mushrooms. #32 at 4:15 BLACK forest! #33 at 5PM View from Rote Lache. Nice trails, eat blackberries, watch large old (web-broken) spider, and then at 5:31 a RABBIT takes off through the woods. Back at 6 and to Caracalla Baths at 6:30 for geysers from pool-bottom, outdoor hot baths, waterfalls for pummeling back of neck, sun decks, INTENSE sun decks like iron lungs, and upstairs NAKED showers, steam baths, foot baths, and cold pits. GREAT long semi-hard cock. YUM. Cute bleached-blond Adonis like Jan- Michael Vincent, with a giggly friend. Good menu at Susse Lochel for 55DM, and jerk off and bed at 11:20PM.

MONDAY, AUGUST 29: Wake at 6:30, 11-1:15 at Fredrichsbad. Bus off at 2:20. 24 kilometers on bus, going partway up to Rote Lache. Gernsbach, Laffenau. #34 at 2:52 Mt. Merkur on right, Baden-Baden in valley, ALL of North Schwarzwald. Bad Herrenalb, Dobel, Hofen, Calmbron, Wildbad is oldest [14 frescoes in Pumphall in Baden-Baden.] Wildbad: Spa Garden and Pump Hall. Bus will leave at 5:10. In at 3:30; piss at train station. Dash into river-edge town and hear recorded orchestra for "Kurkonzert" and live dance music with couples whirling in darkened hall! Nice church on hill but no good shot. Dash BACK to 4PM Bergbahn, ASSUMING I can come back at 4:30! 5DM. #35-36-0 at 4:15 view down over Wildbad. Back down at 4:30. How much I have to RESIST: do NOT buy 1) 100g caramel candy for 1.30, 2) muscle magazines for 6.50, 3) new mini-salami in veil (much) bread for 1.80. DO get beer that takes THREE LONG PAUSES to fill waiting for foam to settle for 2.80. Must be HUNGRY. After rain all morning it's been BRIGHT this afternoon, good for tour. Forgot to say I FORGOT to take 1) Vitamins, 2) Something from bag in Bristol. Also, did NOT phone him to say "Put it all in plastic," as I should have put BOTH in SILVER bag I had IN MY HANDBAG for just that reason! Oh, well, win some, lose some. All in bus except GUIDE (talking in French, German, and English) at 5:11. Beer makes one nicely light-headed. Another two hours in Caracalla, staying in showers and nude upstairs? Or put on SUIT for night in Brenner restaurant and casino? Traveling-alone decisions! Clouds seem SO low and are moving SO fast! Muscles, cock, shooting cum, bodies, skin, sex, stiff cocks, ready to cum--- just thought I'd leave off some steam as we leave at 5:13, thanked by guide for being on time! Sprollenhaus. Sun-glint on leaves; phalanxes of pines; stands of steep-trunked darkness. Purple heather, fireflowers, yellow flames, green fire. Curved-top windows allow straight-up views of towering trees.

9/20/88: I'd wanted to keep an organized list of my "getting back to New York time" getting to bed and waking up, as well as catching up on the stuff from my trip, but I didn't get very far, making only THESE notes on a sheet of paper:
1. THU 9/15, from 4PM I sort through MAIL #1, see Dennis and John V., phone Sherryl, Joe, and Vicki; Susan and Pope NA; J/O; no dinner, and bed at 11.
2. FRI 9/16, 3:30AM to 2AM, MAIL #2, 8/24 & 8/31 NY Times; phone Susan (LW), ECB, Pope, Spartacus; $1000 to checking; dine at Spartacus's with GREG, & J/O.
3. SAT 9/17, 8:30-10PM, 9/7 Times; phone Valda, Susan, Rolf; read one New York & one New Yorker magazine, dine with Sherryl and show her & Vicki 3 slidetrays.
4. SUN 9/18, 5:30AM-Midnight; read all six remaining NY Timeses, including 9/18 one; phone Mom, read all back New Yorkers and two New Yorks; eyes tired by it!
5. MON 9/19, 7AM-1:45AM; clean up rooms; put souvenir books on shelf; mail 6 items; sort things out; dine at Paul's and watch Olympics 1-1:45AM after J/O.
6. TUE 9/20, 7AM; read ALL New York magazines, go through mail AGAIN; write 3; dinner with Dennis at good B. Smith's, and skim Frankenstin Conquers the World.
That ended the notes, otherwise my calendar notes the following highlights:
9/23-9/25 at Actualism. 9/27 watch the 9-hour Poland TV series. 9/28 return to HIP third time for rash, termed neurodermatitis. 9/30 remove air conditioner and talk with Mrs. Robertson. 10/3 finish Olympics tapes. 10/5 finish TV tapes.

10/6/88: Today I took out THREE laundries: laundry, Chinese laundry, and dry cleaning, but still the Chicago checking account hasn't arrived so I can find how much to withdraw from VISA to send them. Sent out the last 8 rolls of slides on Tues(10/4). Scrubbed the kitchen floor and bathroom, but still haven't vacuumed the apartment. Finally getting to typing the Actualism and other notes today, haven't even gotten CLOSE to starting the trip-journal. Had intended to update the video-list today, but not there yet. Still have the new antenna-wire to install; phoned about how to get a replacement license plate; have one index to do and called lots of people to try to get another but no luck as yet: glad I could borrow $4000 from Mom! STILL have the itchy rash, though it's getting better; arthritis is VERY bad in left thumb, can barely use it at ALL! Concerned about it. Vicki is going through shit with John, but maybe this is the end of it. Left word with Ruth Adams, Macmillan and H&R editors, and Bob Geiger today. Talked with Paul Bosten about plays, Alice about Michael Moschen, Gary Kuris about the book, Mary V about dinner (and that ECB is out of town until 10/18), and Ann Mehger about Plenum indexing, and none really got anywhere, but at least it's DONE. Dinner with Carr tonight, two Mensa activities the next two days, 1st Metropolitan Opera matinee on Saturday, and this brings me up to date at the bottom of the page. Plus ca change...

11/1/88: WHERE AM I NOW! Woke about 9AM and lay thinking of things to DO:

1) Write computer-program to generate (on wide paper, vertically) 130-story buildings (with - - - as windows) in jagged background, then nearer 50-story buildings (with o o o as windows) in ragged nearground, then bigger 20-story buildings (with [__] as windows) in chunky foreground, then grander 8-story buildings (with block as windows) in nearer foreground, then enormus 3-story monoliths (with widest windows) in nearest foreground, then parklike 1-story platforms (with entrance pavilions) in front, each 40% of stories of 1 above.

2) Convert my GAME OF LIFE into a GLASS-BEAD GAME by making plastic pieces whose COLOR represents one parameter (maybe differentiating between LISTS and COLLECTIONS and ACCUMULATIONS and AGGLOMERATIONS), SHAPE another parameter (maybe differentiating between things HEARD, things LOOKED AT, things USED, things STORED, etc), TEXTURE another parameter (possibly only three: past, present, future); and then I could rearrange them more fruitfully than the one- colored, one-shaped, one-textured index-cards I now have written items on.

3) Start participating in stamp-club so that I can trade off some of my multi- copies and fill in some of my blanks, but that leads to "Why NOT hinge the Ajman and other Emirates in a notebook, since they'll NEVER be worth anything except expanses of pretty pictures?" and "When will I display my valuable mint stamps in the stock books?" and "Will I get to soaking and sorting current stamps because Mom's probably not going to be visiting this year?" and "How can I better organize what collections I already have?" and "Won't it be nice to COMPUTERIZE the stamps that are valuable, so I can borrow the new-bought club's catalogs each year and update them EASILY?" and "Other quotes now forgotten."

4) And do the Legal Medicine index (but other things are more demanding) and put up the antenna wire (but it's raining when I get up at 9:30) and go through the to-do stack (which I DO have to do) and type out this page---and then look at the PREVIOUS page to find that I STARTED the page in July (before the trip), had only ONE entry in September (after the trip), and only one entry in October (last before now) in which I can note that I'm caught up with laundry and bill payments, the slides are all back (as of 10/27, 14 days after the last one was postmarked on 10/13 from Findlay Ohio) but I haven't selected the ones for the show yet, I STILL haven't vacuumed though I've scrubbed before already, about half-way through the trip journal, have done the video (and restaurant) list update, the rash and arthritis are gone (thank God, said the atheist), and there's almost a full videotape to watch, books to read, people to phone, plants to water, boxes in the closet to throw out, kitchen cabinets to wash once in ten years, dinners to go to, and lots of other exciting things coming up with Prime Time and job-getting and list-making, & I got OUT "Game of Life":

5) And I can add lots of things, like a "coding card" to begin to enumerate the sortable parameters, coming up with C=Cover,P=Past,N=Now,F=Future for LEVEL ONE
Actvty,Books,Concpts,Furnshngs,Instrmentltes,Keep,Lsts,Stcks,Wrtn for LEVEL TWO
and LIST-SLOT for future expansion (but I'm happy with it as TIS) for LEVEL TRE

6) So now I have a sense of completion with all the ABOVE, and now I can get into the rest of the day, which starts with breakfast now at 11AM, still raining, energized nicely.

11/5/88: After DREAM page 262 I continue my 10:30AM reveries. Think that I could send off a proposal for 1) "Chicken or Egg" illustrations: what came first, Matter or Energy? The fig-fly that burrows into the fig to uniquely fertilize it or the fig itself? What is the sound of one hand clapping reparaphrased as "What did the flower-mimic butterfly look like before there was THAT flower?" Science's CURRENT hot-question: what happened to all the "dark matter" that would go to make the (11/88 Omni p.94) "critical mass density" precisely 1? Why do our current cities come right to the edge of the ocean when we know that the relative levels of continents change all the time? Why haven't we found other life in the universe when (ibid,p.) "Given how huge the universe appears to be, it's almost a certainty that there are other life forms." And including UFOs, Gaia theory, scientific oddities, large numbers from "Lore of Large Numbers," agreement-numbers like the 10 to the 40th listed in "Cosmic Anthropic Principle," etc.
Then think of OTHER proposals that I could send off to Mitch Rose: 2) "John, the story of a relationship" ending when now-gone John gets AIDS and dies. 3) "AIDS House," proposal sent on the rounds before I've actually finished the book, since that would persuade me to work on it, just as "The Indexing Handbook" proposal formulated the outline and completion of THAT. 4) "Travels through the Years", a collection of my most-interesting travel bits, again formulated and modified by both the agent and the interested publisher. 5) "Dreams through the Years," needing possibly some "I'm now dying of AIDS and need to get this OUT" hook to make it more interesting to agent and publishers.
6) "J/O Book," based on JOYI research, now that AIDS has made jerking-off so much more an "acceptable" modus of sexual intercourse. AND it NOW occurs to me (at 10:45AM) that I could make a one-page proposal of EACH of these NOW and send them out to Mitch so that HE could decide which of my NEXT-POSSIBLE proposals he would most likely want to handle and be able to place!! YES!!

11/15/88: Wake with a recurrence of the idea to program a computer to illustrate music with colored architectural fantasies based on the volumes, tones, combinations, and pitches of various-voiced instruments in classical pieces. Taking the "Be Happy, Go Lucky; Be Happy, Go Lucky Strike" ad to a new color-saturated fullness with modern programming and computer techniques.

11/21/88: 11/9 menu from Rakel: $70 tasting menu: 1) marinated raw salmon strips in vinaigrette, 2) Belon oyster with potato-straw nest with lobster- coral cracker, 3) Mussel casserole with tiny vegetables, 4) Tuna pancake; salmon-spinach pancake, 5) John Dory on coriander coulis; mussel in essence of fennel with fennel and fried fennel stems, 6) Lobster "head" in beet-root blood; lobster meat in truffle sauce, 7) mushroom and goat-cheese "bone" in wine sauce, 8) triangles of veal breast with ???, 9) smoked quail halves; potato; fat drops; cream "chick" with quail-egg head and 1/2 beet behind, 10) saddle of rabbit; rabbit-skin strips; liver in pancakes; heart on rosemary, 11) orange/cointreau, rum, and berry sorbets on plum/pineapple/kiwi slices, 12) lemon tart on grahama nd pine-nut crust; tirami-su on chocolate sauce, 13) goodies with coffee: a) tuiles, b) creampuff, c) raspberry tart, d)cherry-slice cake, e) almond cookies, f) sugared-walnut squares; and will a bottle of white Sancerre for $21, 1/2 bottle red Medoc for $8, and a glass of Sauterne for $5, and two coffees for $5.50 for a total of $179.50, $14.81 tax, $29.00 tip, for a total of $223.31, letting Alice pay the $1 for her coat, for an EXPENSIVE gift!

11/22/88: 4:15AM!! But I've GOT to record: 1) set up 100 slides of trip to show on Thursday, 2) contact TRS to find IF I can connect 5 1/4" slot to Model II, AND how much is a laptop with 5 1/4 diskette?, 3) GET BACK to writing PLAYS; 4) SEND "Ten sheets" to Mitch Rose, including "Castenada index?" 5) FINISH current a) mail-pile, b) restaurant-expenses, c) IRS-income-Keogh-IRA-Tax dollars, d) index, 6) Phone Terry for codes and index. Do #6 and cross it off; five to go!

12/20/88: Notes on "SERVING PLANET EARTH" by John S. Haigh (or ELDAMOS). Got our of center from Diana Gazes on 11/23/88 and finished notes on 12/15, LONG!
p.16M: "We of the Solar Logos...?
p.17M: Elder race arrived 35,000 years ago.
p.36B: Enlightened himself God.
p.53M: Meat is the food of barbarians.
p.56B: Chance is a very together process.....!
p.62M: 'O BE TO SO.' No greater mantra.
p.70M: In my next book...
p.72B: Sun is neither hot nor cold.
p.81B: You didn't incarnate to be rich and famous.
p.87T: Baby's first breath imprints electromagnetically.
p.97B: All these events are illusionary.
p.97B: Consciousness functions on three separate dimensions.
p.99B: Your days will be quicker.
p.100M: All that Is, is in you.

Someone noted that I look like the poet Stanley Plumley.


M 88-01-01* About Last Night (Rob Lowe)
M 88-01-01s Fantastic Journey (Bermuda time-warp)
M 88-01-01* Penthouse
M 88-01-01s Rose Parade
M 88-01-01* Song of the Thin Man
M 88-01-01* Thin Man Goes Home
M 88-01-01s Violation of Sarah McDavid
M 88-01-02* Another Thin Man
M 88-01-02* City Streets
R 88-01-02 Riveredge Mall Yougurteria (NJ) with Vicki
B 88-01-03 Stein: Ruins of Desert Cathay II
I 88-01-03 Danny's 3AM-3:15AM
I 88-01-04 Mail money to Bayreuth
R 88-01-05 Bud's
B 88-01-06 Auster, Paul: Ghosts (about Brooklyn Heights)(from Pope)
E 88-01-06 AIDS meeting at Unitarian Church with Pope
R 88-01-07 China Chili
R 88-01-07 Kevin's Corner
E 88-01-09 FIT Surrealism and Embroidery exhibits
R 88-01-09 Henry's End
R 88-01-09 Kaspar
B 88-01-10 Robbins: Diet for a New America (from Elaine Claudio)
E 88-01-10 Met Mus for Bastos Collection and Seals
M 88-01-10 Rheingold, Das (Van Karajan)(with Regina and Tony Coggi)
R 88-01-10 Ideal Restaurant
I 88-01-11 Eat last red meat at home(?)
M 88-01-11s Catastrophe
M 88-01-11s Day of the Locust
M 88-01-11s I Married Wyatt Earp
M 88-01-11* Singing Detective - I
P 88-01-12 Fences
R 88-01-12 Del Taco
R 88-01-12 Siracusa for wine
B 88-01-13 Bear: Wind from a Burning Woman
R 88-01-13 Leopard
R 88-01-13 Rainbow Room for drinks with ECB
E 88-01-14 Sister Teresa and Her All-Girl Band
R 88-01-14 Gaylord
B 88-01-15 Haas: Eat to Win
I 88-01-16 Dr. Chin for Penicillin for "Pharyngitis"
R 88-01-16 Chock Full of Nuts breakfast
M 88-01-18* Gable: The King Remembered
M 88-01-18* Singing Detective - II
B 88-01-19 Coover: Aesop's Forest
M 88-01-19* China Seas
M 88-01-19s Fighter (Gregory Harrison)
I 88-01-20 Finish Indexing Handbook up to 488 pages
B 88-01-21 Anthony: On a Pale Horse
P 88-01-21 Dynamite Tonight at the Medicine Show
R 88-01-21 Lupe's East LA Kitchen
R 88-01-22 Samanthas with Actualism 10
M 88-01-23* Singing Detective - III
R 88-01-23 Federico's
E 88-01-24 Games Group #1 at David See's
E 88-01-24 The Works and The Candle with Don til 12
R 88-01-24 India Palace
I 88-01-25 Finish Indexing Handbook first draft at 540 pages!
M 88-01-26* Murder of Mary Phagan
M 88-01-26* Turn of the Screw
O 88-01-26* Turn of the Screw
R 88-01-27 Ambassador Grill
B 88-01-28 Anthony: Bearing an Hourglass
M 88-01-28* Strange Interlude
E 88-01-29 IBM Gallery for landscapes/Midtown Gallery for Paul Cadmus
E 88-01-29 Place des Antiquaires
R 88-01-29 Crepe Suzettes
E 88-01-30 Hemi-Synch Weekend
R 88-01-30 Home on the Range
E 88-01-31 Hemi-Synch Weekend
R 88-01-31 Whole Wheat 'n' Wild Berries
M 88-02-01s Hot Moves (p)
M 88-02-01* Turandot (Marton)
M 88-02-01s Weekend War (Collins)
O 88-02-01* Turandot (Marton)
R 88-02-01 Park Plaza Dinner with Dennis for $3.95
I 88-02-02 HIP Dietitian Sharp
E 88-02-03 New-AgeDinnerParty at private West-side apartment withAWFULHOST
M 88-02-03* Red Shoes
M 88-02-03 Stones for Ibarra
M 88-02-04s Creature
M 88-02-04 Jane Fonda's Workout
R 88-02-05 Pizza Joint Too (71st St)
M 88-02-06* Bride, The (Sting)
M 88-02-06s Phantasm
M 88-02-07s Cotton Club
M 88-02-07* That Certain Summer
M 88-02-07* Turn of the Screw
O 88-02-07* Turn of the Screw
R 88-02-07 Grand Canyon
R 88-02-08 Kevin's Corner
D 88-02-09 Ohio Ballet: PattrnsOfChnge/AdgioFr2Dancrs/ScnsFrmChildhd/Games
I 88-02-09 HIP Sharp: triglycerides 816
M 88-02-09s Antarctica
R 88-02-09 Fortune House
M 88-02-10* Lemon Sky (Kevin Bacon)
R 88-02-11 Le Perigord
B 88-02-12 Peck: Road Less Traveled
O 88-02-12 Siegfried
R 88-02-12 Kevin's Corner
D 88-02-13 Atlanta Ballet Reflection for Escape/Kinesthesis
M 88-02-13* Cocoanuts
M 88-02-13* Don Giovanni (Ramey)
O 88-02-13* Don Giovanni (Ramey)
M 88-02-14* Hostage (Burnett)
R 88-02-14 Palenque
B 88-02-15 Wagner: Siegfried
B 88-02-16 Wagner: Gotterdammerung
R 88-02-16 Table des Rois
B 88-02-17 Wagner: Das Rheinbold
R 88-02-17 Time and Again
I 88-02-18 Dr. Chin at HIP
M 88-02-18s Olympic Skating (6 hrs)
E 88-02-19 Stavrinos Exhibit
R 88-02-19 Kelly's/McAnn's
I 88-02-20 My non-party party, ending with 15 in all
B 88-02-21 Wagner: Die Walkure
E 88-02-21 Games Group #2 at Judy Lazar's
M 88-02-21s C.H.U.D.
M 88-02-21s Winning Team (Reagan)
O 88-02-21 Robert Le Diable
R 88-02-21 Original Ray's on Broadway
M 88-02-22s Two Thousand Ten [2010]
E 88-02-23 Shaman's Path at BH Library with Pope
M 88-02-23* Star Trek IV
R 88-02-23 Quilted Giraffe
R 88-02-24 Cellar in the Sky with 7 Actualism
M 88-02-25* Robocop
R 88-02-26 Diane's
R 88-02-26 Pesca lunch
M 88-02-27* Olympia, Part II
M 88-02-27* Olympia, Part I
M 88-02-28* Swept Away...
M 88-02-29* Clockwork Orange
M 88-02-29s Perfect People
M 88-02-29s Police Academy 2
R 88-02-29 Taste of the Apple
M 88-03-01* Superman IV
M 88-03-01* Where the River Runs Black
R 88-03-01 Tres Palmas
M 88-03-02* Tales of Hoffman (Shicoff)
M 88-03-02s Weekend Workout (p)
O 88-03-02* Tales of Hoffman (Shicoff)
R 88-03-02 Cafe Bonjour
B 88-03-03 Anthony: With a Tangled Skein
I 88-03-03 AIDS test #2 in Flatbush
I 88-03-03 Dentist Mohajer
M 88-03-03* Mission, The
M 88-03-03 Official Story
M 88-03-04s Grammy Awards of 1988
M 88-03-04s King Solomon's Mines (Chamberlain)
R 88-03-04 Everybody's
E 88-03-05 Wave Hill Sugar-Cane walk with Joyce
M 88-03-05* Our Hospitality
M 88-03-06s Longarm (p)
M 88-03-06s Sooner or Later (p)
E 88-03-07 Kodo at WinterGarden
R 88-03-07 Hong Fat lunch
R 88-03-07 Maison Japonnaise
B 88-03-08 Masturbation book: My Little Friend
B 88-03-09 Haing Ngor: A Cambodian Odyssey
P 88-03-09 Psycho Beach Party
R 88-03-09 Rosolio
E 88-03-10 Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Museum
B 88-03-11 Anthony: Weilding a Red Sword
R 88-03-11 Shun Lee Cafe
E 88-03-13 Kodo at City Center
M 88-03-13* Cuba
M 88-03-13* Olly Olly Oxen Free
O 88-03-13 Andrea Chenier
R 88-03-13 Chez Louis
M 88-03-14s Daddies (p)
M 88-03-14* Long Good Friday
M 88-03-14s Pizza Boy (p)
M 88-03-14s School's Out (p)
M 88-03-14* Tim
M 88-03-15* Big Easy
M 88-03-15s Fast Friends (p)
M 88-03-15* Platoon
M 88-03-15s Rods Raiders (p)
M 88-03-15s Tall Timber (p)
M 88-03-16* Mixed Blood
O 88-03-16 Tales of Hoffman (Domingo)
M 88-03-17s All the Right Boys (p)
M 88-03-17s Bigger They Come (p)
M 88-03-17* Dirty Dancing
M 88-03-17s Falcon Videopak #15 (p)
M 88-03-17* Kenneth Anger, Vol 3: Scorpio Rising
M 88-03-17s Masters of the Universe
M 88-03-17s Motel California (p)
M 88-03-17s San Diego Summer (p)
M 88-03-17s Strokers (p)
E 88-03-18 Canadian Brass at Trinity Church
M 88-03-18* Street Fight (Bakshi)
M 88-03-18* Whistle Blower
M 88-03-19* Danton
O 88-03-19 Walkure
R 88-03-19 Grand Tier at Met lunch
E 88-03-20 Games Group #3 at Abbie and Sid Bershatsky's
M 88-03-20* Dangerous Moves
I 88-03-21 Record movies & me with Spartacus's rental videocam 10AM-5:30PM
R 88-03-21 Henry's End
I 88-03-22 Dentist Moskowitz for tetracycline
M 88-03-22* Amor Brujo, El (Saura)
M 88-03-22* Home and the World (Satyajit Ray)
M 88-03-22s Prince's Trust Rock Concert - 1986
M 88-03-22* Saturday Sunday Monday (Plowright/Kilroy)
M 88-03-22s Shout at the Devil
M 88-03-23* Kindred
M 88-03-23* Westfront - 1918
E 88-03-24 Mozart Concert at St. Pauls
I 88-03-24 AIDS test #2 results: NEGATIVE
M 88-03-24* Charlie (David Warner) Pt I
M 88-03-24* Flash of Green (B.D.Harris)
M 88-03-24* Private Function, A
M 88-03-24* Sinbad the Sailor
M 88-03-24* Weeds
I 88-03-25 Dentist Moskowitz--free!
M 88-03-25* Raising Arizona
M 88-03-25* She (1925)
R 88-03-25 Buon Gusto
E 88-03-26 Sherryl's March Party
M 88-03-26* Hard to Hold (Rick Springfield)
E 88-03-27 Easter Party at Silverwood's
M 88-03-27* Hoosiers
M 88-03-28* Bellissima
M 88-03-28s Falcon Videopak #19 (p)
M 88-03-28* Flesh and Blood (Havers)
I 88-03-29 Dentist Mohajer
M 88-03-29* No Way Out
M 88-03-29* Stand By Me
R 88-03-29 Ararat
E 88-03-30 Star Sapphire Asian-Gay bar 11:45-2:15
M 88-03-30* Three Men and a Cradle (French)
O 88-03-30 OONY with Jose (WHAT??)
M 88-04-01* Miser, The (Davenport, Suzman)
M 88-04-01* Thirty Six [36] Chowringee Lane
M 88-04-02* Shakespeare Wallah
E 88-04-03 Joan Sutherland Concert at Fisher Hall
E 88-04-03 Straight to Hell!; with Rolf; Eagle; Spike, and not $5 Jay's
M 88-04-03* Man with Two Brains
R 88-04-03 Arizona 206
E 88-04-04 Museum of Natural History lecture
M 88-04-04* Householder
R 88-04-04 Santa Fe
M 88-04-05* Judgment at Nurnberg
R 88-04-05 Cameo's
M 88-04-06* American Tale, An
M 88-04-06* Dax's Case
M 88-04-06* Disrobics
R 88-04-06 Park Plaza
M 88-04-07s California Fox (p)
M 88-04-07 Innerspace
R 88-04-07 Quilted Giraffe lunch withSherryl (she gives meEssencia bottle)
E 88-04-09 Joe's Housewarming
M 88-04-09s Survivor
T 88-04-09 Greenwich food show with Joan
D 88-04-10 Finnish Ballet at Queen's College with Mark and Arn
E 88-04-10 Tunnel for TV and cruising
M 88-04-10* Fireman's Ball
B 88-04-11 Kant: Critique of Pure Reason (at last!!)
E 88-04-11 Museum of Natural History lecture
M 88-04-11* Academy Awards of 1988
E 88-04-12 New York Experience in midtown
E 88-04-12 Psychotronics Meeting on UFO abductions, with slides
R 88-04-12 Quilted Giraffe lunch with GP,MV,ECB
R 88-04-12 Rainbow Room for drinks
D 88-04-13 Canada Ballet at BAM
M 88-04-13* L'il Abner (Keaton)
M 88-04-14* Fourth Man
M 88-04-15 Black Moon
M 88-04-15* Grace Quigley
E 88-04-18 Museum of Natural History lecture
M 88-04-18s Nixon in China
M 88-04-18s Screaming Woman
R 88-04-18 Adrienne (with Yves Montand!)
R 88-04-19 Roy Rogers
E 88-04-20 New York Historical Society with Joe $15 - wine?
I 88-04-20 Send Indexing Handbook COMPLETE to University of Chicago Press
R 88-04-20 Miss Grimble's dessert
R 88-04-21 Ana Banana
E 88-04-22 Sherryl's dinner for Vicki
M 88-04-22* Story on Page One
E 88-04-23 Games Group #4 at Bershatsky's
R 88-04-23 Foursome in lower Brooklyn
R 88-04-24 Slades lunch
E 88-04-25 Museum of Natural History lecture
R 88-04-25 Wilson's West
M 88-04-26* Bamba, La
M 88-04-26* What Every Woman Knows
E 88-04-27 Brooklyn Botanic Garden 1:30-4
M 88-04-27* Ariadne auf Naxos
O 88-04-27* Ariadne auf Naxos
R 88-04-27 Kevin's Corner
M 88-04-28* Cervantes' Hen
R 88-04-28 Tang's lunch
M 88-04-29s Explorers
M 88-04-29* Room at the Top
M 88-04-30s Action in the North Atlantic
D 88-05-01 SOME(?) company(Archetypes/Fancy Free/Rhapsody in Blue)
E 88-05-01 Dennis's brunch for Sherryl
R 88-05-02 Chaumiere
E 88-05-03 Brooklyn Botanic Garden all day
R 88-05-03 River Cafe lunch
D 88-05-04 Mus Nat Hist Dancers
E 88-05-04 Limelight with Spartacus and Mike 10:30-1AM
I 88-05-04 Dennis HAS AIDS!
I 88-05-04 Look for parking 1AM-2:15AM
D 88-05-05 NYC Ballet:WoodlandSketches/Sonatas&Interlds/WaltzProject/Space
I 88-05-05 Dr. Lemme at HIP; BP 120/82
R 88-05-05 Tang's lunch
E 88-05-06 Dick Holt's Bar Mitzvah
M 88-05-06* Cartier Affair
M 88-05-06* Long Day's Journey into Night (Lemmon)
R 88-05-06 Cooper's Cafe
M 88-05-07* Once in a Lifetime (Kauffman and Hart)
M 88-05-08* Caine Mutiny Court-Martial (Brad Davis)
M 88-05-08s Jayne Mansfield Story
M 88-05-08* Taste of Honey
M 88-05-09* Invasion U.S.A. (Norris)
M 88-05-09 Last Emperor
M 88-05-09* Something Is Out There (4 hrs)
R 88-05-09 Tsarevitch
P 88-05-10 Sarafina
R 88-05-10 Frere Jacques
B 88-05-11 Hegel: Phenomenology of Mind (ONE MONTH to read it!)
M 88-05-11 Salome's Last Dance (Ken Russell)
R 88-05-11 Cafe Nicholson
P 88-05-12 Vampire Lesbians of Sodom
R 88-05-12 Tres Palmas
E 88-05-13 ASI Annual Meeting
R 88-05-13 Houlihan's (treated by Larry Meyer)
E 88-05-14 Communal Dinner at Ann and Nat's
R 88-05-14 Rumpelmeyer's brunch with Foxon-Maddocks
D 88-05-15 NYCBallet:ChrmnDncs/Frd&Georg/SphstctdLdy/DanbryMix/AFoolForYou
E 88-05-15 Games Group #5 at Blanche's
R 88-05-16 Voulez-Vous with Joe
D 88-05-17 NYCBallet:BaiserDeLaFee/BarberViolinCncrto/DanburyMix/WestrnSym
I 88-05-18 HIP Walk out on over-long wait for Echocardiogram
M 88-05-18s Beryl Markham
M 88-05-18* Guilty Conscience (Hopkins/Danner)
D 88-05-19 NYC Ballet: Walprgsncht/BarbrViolCncrto/DanbryMix/ImOldFashoned
M 88-05-19* Kalevala (Age of Iron, III)
R 88-05-19 Capers
M 88-05-20* Juliet of the Spirits
R 88-05-20 Fortune Garden
D 88-05-21 ABTBruchViolinSonata/SwanLakActIIPDD/GalaPerformnc/GaiteParisin
M 88-05-21s Divorce Wars (Tom Selleck)
M 88-05-21s Two Hundred Forty [240]-Robert (Mark Harmon)
R 88-05-21 Tour de France
E 88-05-22 Harlem-140th Street House-Tour with Rolf
M 88-05-22s Snows of Kilimanjaro
R 88-05-22 Jamaican Hot Pot
M 88-05-23* Big Street, The
M 88-05-23* Break of Hearts
M 88-05-23* Cheers for Miss Bishop
M 88-05-23* Christmas in July
M 88-05-23* Operation Burma
E 88-05-24 Rockaway Beach (Beach 13th Street) with Vicki
M 88-05-24* Bringing Up Baby
R 88-05-24 Harbor Lights
D 88-05-25 ABT matinee
E 88-05-25 Penny Arcade (comic) in Ballroom
M 88-05-25 Willow (Lucas)
R 88-05-25 Ballroom
R 88-05-25 Toscana lunch
M 88-05-26* Dragonwyck
R 88-05-26 Tang's dinner
D 88-05-28 ABT at Met
M 88-05-28* Northwest Passage
D 88-05-29 Sydney Ballet mat
E 88-05-29 Coney Island 8:30-11:30
R 88-05-29 Cafe 57
E 88-05-30 Bronx Zoo all day with Joe
I 88-05-31 HIP for EKG
M 88-05-31* Greta Garbo (1985)
M 88-05-31* Prick Up Your Ears
M 88-05-31* Spaceballs
M 88-05-31* Whales of August, The
M 88-06-01* My Life as a Dog
M 88-06-01* Princess Bride
P 88-06-01 Tamara
E 88-06-02 Cirque de Soleil with Alice
E 88-06-02 Topless dancers at "A Doll's House"
M 88-06-02* Maurice
R 88-06-02 Front Street Restaurant
E 88-06-03 Louise Hay on tape at Pope's
M 88-06-03* Running Man, The
M 88-06-03* Sunday in the Country, A
R 88-06-03 Henry's End
R 88-06-03 Lunch for lunch
M 88-06-04s Big Time (p)
M 88-06-04* Flight of the Eagle
M 88-06-04* King of the Rocket Men
M 88-06-04s Master Bates (p)
M 88-06-04s Nine and One-Half Inches (p)
D 88-06-05 Ethnic dance at CP Bandshell
E 88-06-05 Met Mus for Hermitage Paintings, Klee Exhibit, Roof Garden
R 88-06-05 Bistro d'Adrienne
I 88-06-06 Dentist Moskowitz
R 88-06-06 Bogey's Boys lunch
R 88-06-06 New Prospect Cafe
M 88-06-07s Sticky Business (p)
M 88-06-07* Street Hawk
M 88-06-07* Wild Party, The
E 88-06-08 NYC AIS Meeting
I 88-06-08 Dr. Chin at HIP
M 88-06-08* Shanghai Express
D 88-06-09 Paris Opera Ballet: Six Ballets
I 88-06-09 Buy black silk suit and 5 silk shirts!
M 88-06-09* Otello (Zeffirelli)
M 88-06-09s Revenge of the Nighthawk (p)
O 88-06-09* Otello (Zeffirelli)
R 88-06-09 Troika
I 88-06-10 Dentist Moskowitz
M 88-06-10s Falcon Videopak #21 (p)
M 88-06-10s Falcon Videopak #30 (p)
M 88-06-10* Ring of Fire #1 and #3
M 88-06-10* Royal Family of Broadway
E 88-06-11 Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuse
M 88-06-11s Falcon Videopak #13 (Hawride: Best of Brentwood) (p)
R 88-06-11 Pier 28 in Jamaica
E 88-06-12 Channeller Rozanne with Vicki in NJ
R 88-06-12 Ponderosa Steakhouse (NJ)
M 88-06-13* Fatal Attraction
M 88-06-13* House of Games
E 88-06-14 Psychotronics for Yokar, a Channeller
D 88-06-15 Royal Danish Ballet: Napoli
E 88-06-15 Bronx Zoo with Mark and Arn and Murray
R 88-06-15 Cafe Greco
R 88-06-16 Armando's
R 88-06-19 L'Ecluse
R 88-06-20 St. Regis Maisonette
E 88-06-21 Yokar (Michael Morgan) with Vicki
R 88-06-21 Sofi lunch
B 88-06-22 Sartre: Being and Nothingness
E 88-06-22 AIDS quilt on Pier 92
R 88-06-22 Pier 62 lunch
M 88-06-23* Blind/Deaf (Wiseman)
E 88-06-25 Brooklyn Botanic Garden for roses
E 88-06-25 Brooklyn Prospect Park Zoo with only 19 animals---it's closing!
E 88-06-25 Gay Pride day in Prospect Park
E 88-06-26 Games Group #6 in Flushing
E 88-06-26 Queen's Festival at Willett'sPoint/Shea/QueensMuseum/Queens Zoo
R 88-06-26 Hwa Yuan in Flushing
D 88-06-27 Ballet Gala
R 88-06-27 Cameo's
M 88-06-28* House of Seven Gables
D 88-06-29 Paris Ballet at Met
R 88-06-29 Park Plaza
R 88-06-30 Casa Rosa with Paul and Kenny
I 88-07-01 Work-spend 12:25 hours on indexing
E 88-07-02 Barbara Lea at Jan Wallman's
R 88-07-02 Jan Wallman's
M 88-07-03 Babette's Feast
M 88-07-03* Native Son
E 88-07-04 Fireworks with Dennis
R 88-07-04 Sugar Reef
M 88-07-05* St. Helens
D 88-07-06 Paris Ballet: Nutcracker
M 88-07-06* We Cut Heads (Spike Lee)
R 88-07-06 Four Seasons with Don
I 88-07-07 Dentist Mohajer
R 88-07-08 Eagle Rock (NJ)
R 88-07-09 Captain's Table (Mass.)
T 88-07-09 Massachusetts with Joe
T 88-07-10 Art Museum in Stockbridge(?)
R 88-07-11 Sign of the Dove
E 88-07-12 UN Building tour, News Building tour; ChaninBuildingRoof closed
M 88-07-12* Top Secret
R 88-07-12 Cog D'Or lunch
D 88-07-13 Spanish Ballet at Met
M 88-07-13* Academy Award Winning Shorts
M 88-07-13* Children of Theatre Street
R 88-07-13 Shun Lee Cafe
I 88-07-14 Dentist Mohajer
M 88-07-14* Spartacus (Moukhamedov, 1984)
M 88-07-14* Turandot (Dimitrova)
O 88-07-14* Turandot (Dimitrova)
R 88-07-14 Bernard's
I 88-07-15 Get Yugoslav and Hungarian visas
R 88-07-15 Park Plaza
B 88-07-16 Heidegger: Being and Time (finally!!)
M 88-07-16* Full Metal Jacket
M 88-07-16* Wall Street
R 88-07-16 Lola's
M 88-07-17* I Lombardi
M 88-07-17* Phar Lap
M 88-07-17* Sting Video I
O 88-07-17* Lombardi, I
D 88-07-18 Canada Ballet with Vicki
R 88-07-18 Columbus lunch
R 88-07-18 O'Neal's Saloon
T 88-07-19 Fly NYC to Frankfurt
R 88-07-20 Zapinski Eck (Berlin)
T 88-07-20 Train Frankfurt to Berlin; train-station hotel-finder
R 88-07-21 Steakhouse (Berlin)
T 88-07-21 West Berlin: Egyptian and Antiquities Museums
R 88-07-22 KrautHaus (Berlin)
T 88-07-22 West Berlin: Dahlem Folksmuseum; Modern Art Exhibit in Station
R 88-07-23 Churrasco (Berlin)
T 88-07-23 EastBerlin:Bode,Pergamon,Modrn,Old Mus;Towr&UnknownSoldrMausol
R 88-07-24 MacDonald's (Berlin)
T 88-07-24 West Berlin: Gropius Museum, Art Deco, Zoo
R 88-07-25 Bratwurst Kuch'n (Nurnberg)
T 88-07-25 Train Berlin to Nurnberg on 16-day German rail-pass
T 88-07-26 Nurnberg Mus; trainNurnberg-Bayreuth for OpeningNight Parsifal!
O 88-07-27 Rheingold at Bayreuth--Premiere of new production!
R 88-07-27 Kulmbach Bar (Bayreuth)
T 88-07-27 Bayreuth:Margrave'sOperhs;VillaWanfried;Wagner'sGrave;Rheingold
O 88-07-28 Walkure at Bayreuth
R 88-07-28 Frankischer Hof (Bayreuth)
R 88-07-28 Metzgerei lunch (Bayreuth)
T 88-07-28 Bayreuth: StateMus;NewCastleTour;Walkere
R 88-07-29 Seppelin (Stuttgart)
T 88-07-29 Ulm: Munster, Museum; Stuttgart for city-look
O 88-07-30 Siegfried at Bayreuth
R 88-07-30 Frankischer Hof (Bayreuth)
T 88-07-30 Schwabisch HallChandelier;Bayreuth for Siegfried
R 88-07-31 Weinhaus Schwarzwalden (Munich)
T 88-07-31 Munich:Glyptotek;Antiquits;AltPinokotek;LensbackHaus;GREATTOWN
O 88-08-01 Gotterdammerung at Bayreuth
R 88-08-01 Frankischer Hof (Bayreuth)
T 88-08-01 Munich:Paleontolgy&ToyMus;RathausTwr;Marianpltz;Gotterdammerung
O 88-08-02 Lohengrin at Bayreuth
T 88-08-02 Bayreuth: Get Lohengrin ticket! Ermitage visit; Lohengrin
O 88-08-03 Meistersinger at Bayreuth
R 88-08-03 Bayreuth Festival Restaurant
T 88-08-03 Bayreuth: Tiergarden; Rohrwasser; Meistersinger
R 88-08-04 Steinbrenner Hotel (Frankfurt)
T 88-08-04 TrainBayreuth-Bamberg:churches;tombs;castls;FrankfurtBristolHtl
R 88-08-05 Brukekeller Restaurant (Frankfurt)
T 88-08-05 Marburg Castle; Mainz Church; Gutenberg Museum; from Frankfurt
R 88-08-06 Holiday Inn (Munich)
T 88-08-06 Frankfurt:PaleontologyMus;TrafalgrTourJoinFrankfrtAirprt;Munich
R 88-08-07 Grand Union Hotel (Ljubljana)
R 88-08-07 Villach Restaurant lunch (Austria)
T 88-08-07 Bus:Villach,Austria;LakeBled;Ljubljana,Yugoslavia aftergoodride
R 88-08-08 Hotel Marjan Dinner (Split)
R 88-08-08 Karlobag Restaurant lunch (Karlobag, Yugoslavia)
T 88-08-08 Rijeka:AdriaticHighwy;Karlobag;Istrian-DalmatnCoasts;SplitWALK
R 88-08-09 Dubrovnik Palace Hotel Restaurant
T 88-08-09 SplitTour;DiocletianPlce;ArcheologiclMus;MestrovicMus;Dubrovnik
R 88-08-10 Metrovic lunch on way to Medugorja
T 88-08-10 Dubrovnik:Tour;Cablecar;Metrovic;Pilgrimage to Medugorja by bus
R 88-08-11 Moraca Canyon Restaurant lunch
R 88-08-11 Skopje Hotel dinner
T 88-08-11 Titograd;MoracaCanyon blows2 bus tires;MonasteryTour;SkopjePOOR
R 88-08-12 Kalambaka Hotel Restaurant
T 88-08-12 Skopje EarthquakeMemorial;KalambakaChurchService;MeteoraBusTour
R 88-08-13 Amfisja lunch (Greece)
R 88-08-13 Athens Hotel dinner
T 88-08-13 Accident Meteora-Delphi;DelphiQuickStp;AmfissaLnch;AthnsNiteWlk
R 88-08-14 Athens Plaka Restaurant
T 88-08-14 Athens: Boat-tour ofEgina,Poros,Hydra;AcropolisSound&Light poor
R 88-08-15 Plaka Restaurant dinner
R 88-08-15 Plaka Bistro lunch
T 88-08-15 Athens:Acropolis/cityTour;MakrigianiMus;AcropolisMus;PlakaMeals
R 88-08-16 Kavalla night-walk restaurant
T 88-08-16 Bus: Athens-Kavalla;LeonidasMonumt:Thermopylae;LionOfAmphipolis
R 88-08-17 Troy Hotel Restaurant
T 88-08-17 Turkey: EcenbatFerry;TroyTour;Swim in Asiatic Dardenelles
R 88-08-18 Ramada Hotel Restaurant
T 88-08-18 GallipoliPeninsula;AnzacCov;LonePineMemorl;Istanbul:RamadaCasno
R 88-08-19 Bosporus Cruise Restaurant for snack
R 88-08-19 Ramada Hotel Restaurant (different)
T 88-08-19 Istanbul:Hippodrom;BlueMosqu;SantaSophia;GrandBazaar;TopkapiPal
R 88-08-20 Plovdiv Novotel Restaurant
T 88-08-20 BosporusCruise;EdirneMus&Bazaar;BulgarianBorder;Plovdivtownroam
I 88-08-21 Wallet stolen in Alexander Nevsky Church in Sofia, Bulgaria
R 88-08-21 Sofia Hotel Beergarden Restaurant
T 88-08-21 PlovdivCityTour;SofiaChurches;WalletStolenInAlexanderNevskyCath
T 88-08-21 WalletReSearch;ArcheologicalMus;OldCastle;Dimitrov'sTomb;wander
R 88-08-22 Hotel Riletz lunch near Rila Monastery
T 88-08-22 Rila Monastery;HotelRiletzLnch;SofiaEthnicDances&Dinnerinsuburb
R 88-08-23 Belgrade Hotel Jugoslavia Restaurant
T 88-08-23 Bulgaria-YugoslaviaBordrProblems;NisGorge;BelgradeTour&Monumnts
R 88-08-24 Budapest Hyatt Atrium dinner in silk suit
R 88-08-24 Subotica Snackery lunch
T 88-08-24 Belgrade:NoviSad;Subotica;BudapestHyattAtrium;BlackSilkSuitDinr
R 88-08-25 Ethnic Restaurant in Budapest
T 88-08-25 BudapestCityTour;Churchs;Mus;Zoo;AmusementPark;RiverCruis;Dancs
R 88-08-26 Salzburg Cottage Hotel Dinner
T 88-08-26 Hungary-AustriaBorder;ViennaCircle1-Hour;SalzburgHotel&TownRoam
R 88-08-27 Red Ox in Heidelburg
R 88-08-27 Salzburg Tour in rain/Jammed German Highways/Hotel Queens
T 88-08-27 Salzburg Tour;JammedGermanHighways;HeidelburgLateDinner&Hotel
R 88-08-28 Susse Lochel (Baden-Baden)
T 88-08-28 TrafalgarTourEndsFrankfurt;Bus:Baden-Baden;BlackForst;RoteLache
R 88-08-29 Da Pietro Pizza (Vivaldi pizza)(Baden-Baden)
R 88-08-29 Friedrichsbad/BusTourWildbad/CaracallaBaths/WONDERFULBadenBaden
T 88-08-29 Baden-Baden:Friedrichsbad;WildbadBusTur;CaracallaBad;GreatPizza
R 88-08-30 Stahlbad Restaurant (Baden-Baden)
T 88-08-30 Baden-Baden:MerkurTowr:Bergbann;Trinkhalle;MummelseeTour;Casino
R 88-08-31 Da Pietro Pizza (Pizza Atomica I)(Baden-Baden)
T 88-08-31 Baden-Baden:Europa-Prk!;LichtentalerAllee(roses&dahlias);Pizza!
R 88-09-01 Green Restaurant (Genoa)
T 88-09-01 Train: Baden-BadenToGenoa,overnight waiting for Jean Jacques
R 88-09-02 La Rocca (South of Genoa, fabulous view)
R 88-09-02 La Biretta (Vernazza)
T 88-09-02 Genoa:WhiteMus;RedMus;Drive to Cinque Terra: La Rocca; Vernazza
T 88-09-02 Jean-Jacques in Genoa for drive through Italy in Porsche
R 88-09-03 Da Giulia (Lucca) lunch
R 88-09-03 Porcellaria (Volterra)
T 88-09-03 RiomaggioreView thruLaSpezia;LuccaCath;VolterraCath;Priory;Dine
R 88-09-04 Hotel Palazzo Ravizza wonderful dinner (Siena)
T 88-09-04 San GimignanoPlazas&Mus;SienaCath;Panorama;great hotel & dinner
R 88-09-05 Ambra lunch (Ambra, between Siena and Arezzo)
R 88-09-05 San Domenico del Cambio Restaurant (Perugia)
T 88-09-05 Siena:PalazzoPublico;Bapisty;SanDomenco;Ambra;ArezzoArt;Perugia
R 88-09-06 Alla Fornaci di Maestro Giorgio (Gubbio)
T 88-09-06 Perugia: PalazzoDeiPecori;SanBernardino;AssisiArt;GubbioFunivia
R 88-09-07 Cafe del Lupo breakfast (Gubbio)
R 88-09-07 Hotel Savoy dinner (Pesaro)
R 88-09-07 Vecchio Urbino lunch (Urbino)
T 88-09-07 Gubbio:PalazzoDConsuli;PalazzoDucali;Urbino:PlzzDucali;Raphael
O 88-09-08 Scala di Seta, by Rossini, in Pesaro
R 88-09-08 Big Ben Pub (Pesaro)
R 88-09-08 Nuovo Carlo lunch (Pesaro)
T 88-09-08 Pesaro:MuseoCivico;RossiniTheatr;GradaraCastle;Opera and dining
R 88-09-09 Cavillo ala Martina (Pistoia)
R 88-09-09 San Marino lunch
T 88-09-09 StradaPanoramica;GubbioMar;GubbioMonte;SanMarino;LVerna;Pistoia
R 88-09-10 Bonassola seaside lunch
R 88-09-10 Burgy (Genoa)
T 88-09-10 Pistoia:Duomo;DllaRobbia;CallAdorno;BonassolaLnch;Cogwy:Casella
R 88-09-11 Edgardo's restaurant with family and American Couple and Kiko
R 88-09-11 Risotto lunch by Marina Caverzasi
T 88-09-11 Train Pistoia-MilanEdgardo's;dine with family & Americans &Kiko
R 88-09-12 Burgy (Milan)
R 88-09-12 Edgardo's restaurant with Sandra and Stefan and Luca and Geejo
T 88-09-12 Milan: ArcheologiclMus;ViaDomenichinoBenchSit;EastrnMus;DineAll
R 88-09-13 Alte Munz (Frankfurt gay restaurant)
T 88-09-13 Train Milan-Frankfurt:St.GotthardPass!;retrievesoaked souvenirs
R 88-09-14 Pizza Restaurant (Frankfurt)
T 88-09-14 Frankfurt zoo all day; Frankfurt airport: ticket tomorrow!
B 88-09-15 Heinlein: To Sail Beyond the Sunset
T 88-09-15 Fly from Frankfurt at 12 to NYC at 2:09PM:too-long trip for $$
B 88-09-16 Coover: Whatever Happened to Gloomy Gus of the Chicago Bears
E 88-09-16 Bromley at HIP at 8:30AM
R 88-09-17 Mexican Kitchen
M 88-09-19* Dona Herlinda and Her Son
M 88-09-20s Frankenstein Conquers the World
R 88-09-20 B. Smith's with Dennis
M 88-09-21* Rigoletto (Leech/Esham)
O 88-09-21* Rigoletto (Leech/Esham)
R 88-09-22 China Grill
R 88-09-23 Columbus with Barbara
R 88-09-24 Swiss Chalet
R 88-09-25 Haru
E 88-09-26 Initiation Ceremony into Fourth Advanced
M 88-09-26s Bigger Than Huge (p)
M 88-09-26* Hollywood: RKO (5 hrs)
M 88-09-27* Poland (9-hr TV series)
R 88-09-27 Tres Palmas
I 88-09-28 Dr. Gewirtz: HIP: neurodermatitis/get hydrocortisone
M 88-09-30* Good Morning Vietnam
M 88-09-30* Julia and Julia (Sting)
M 88-09-30* Manchurian Candidate
E 88-10-01 Alice's party at Dennis's
M 88-10-01* Cry Freedom
M 88-10-02* Liberace
R 88-10-02 Cheese Cellar with Carr Garnet (blind-date)
R 88-10-03 Long Island City Water Club (boat with Joe)
S 88-10-03 Carr Garnett at last
E 88-10-05 Moscow Circus at Radio City
M 88-10-05* Movie reviews kept for 8 weeks
M 88-10-05* Star Trek #1: The Cage
B 88-10-06 Lem: Fiasco
R 88-10-06 Casa de Pre with Carr
P 88-10-07 Taffetas, The
R 88-10-07 Chinese Bowl with Mensa
E 88-10-08 Homogeniuses group
O 88-10-08 Lucia di Lammermoor
B 88-10-09 Jerome: The Other Jerome K. Jerome
R 88-10-09 Victoria Station (New Paltz)
B 88-10-10 Nabokov: The Enchanter
M 88-10-11* Suspect
O 88-10-11 Rasputin (NYC Opera)
P 88-10-12 Speed-The-Plow
R 88-10-12 Joe Allen's for drinks from Carr
R 88-10-12 Theatre Row Cafe
M 88-10-13* Liberace Behind the Music
M 88-10-13* Outback Bound
M 88-10-13* Weird Science
M 88-10-14* Life and Death of Colonel Blimp
B 88-10-16 Purdy: Candles of Your Eyes
D 88-10-16 Tulsa Ballet: MozartViolinConcerto/Merry Widow
M 88-10-16* Lifeforce
P 88-10-16 Warrior Ant and Fireworks at World Financial Center
R 88-10-17 Orso with Carr
I 88-10-18 Helen O'Shea visit at Sheraton Center 10:30-12
O 88-10-19 Mefistofele
M 88-10-20* Koyaanisqatsi
R 88-10-20 Park Plaza
B 88-10-21 Purdy: In the Hollow of His Hand
E 88-10-21 Bodywork party at Phyllis's
E 88-10-21 Mapplethorpe photos at Whitney/Wander Rainy Central Park
R 88-10-21 Malaga lunch
R 88-10-22 Kevin's Corner
M 88-10-23* Il Trovatore (Marton, Pavarotti, Milnes)
M 88-10-23* McTaggert (3 hrs)
M 88-10-23* Ride the High Country
O 88-10-23* Trovatore, Il (Marton, Pavarotti, Milnes)
R 88-10-23 Dallas BBQ
I 88-10-24 Dr. Harzvi at HIP
E 88-10-26 Adams Concert in WinterGarden with ECB
E 88-10-26 Statue of Liberty with ECB (for 1/2 hour)
M 88-10-26* Canterbury Tale
R 88-10-26 Hors D'Ouverie
R 88-10-26 Le Bernardin with ECB
M 88-10-27* D.O.A. (Dennis Quaid)
M 88-10-27* Dead, The (Huston)
M 88-10-27* Frantic (Harrison Ford)
E 88-10-28 Weber men and IBM Galleries
R 88-10-28 Bellini lunch
E 88-10-29 Homogeniuses
O 88-10-29 Gotterdammerung
R 88-10-29 Ottomanelli's
E 88-10-30 Games Group #7 at Rita Immerman's
M 88-10-30s Last Dinosaur
M 88-10-30* Mazes and Monsters
M 88-10-30s Stalk with Wild Child
R 88-10-30 Boerum Hill Cafe
B 88-10-31 Zaleski: Otherworld Journeys
E 88-10-31 Halloween Parade with Dennis
R 88-10-31 Dagon Burmese
R 88-11-02 Settanta Due
R 88-11-03 Sarela with Carr
B 88-11-04 White, Edmond: Noctures for the King of Naples
B 88-11-05 Dahl: Revolting Rhymes
R 88-11-05 Chantilly
B 88-11-06 Dahl: George's Marvelous Medicine
M 88-11-06* Commando (Schwarzenegger)
M 88-11-06* Favorite Son (Hamlin)
M 88-11-06* Mikado (English National Opera)
O 88-11-06* Mikado (English National Opera)
R 88-11-07 Sammy's Rumanian
S 88-11-07 Carr Garnett over at 9:30
B 88-11-08 Dahl: The BFG
D 88-11-08 Garth Fagan Dance Bucket
E 88-11-08 Homogeniuses Open House
R 88-11-08 Gray's Franks
B 88-11-09 Dahl: The Witches
R 88-11-09 Rakel with Alice
R 88-11-10 Espace
B 88-11-11 Coover: A Night at the Movies
B 88-11-12 Dahl: Boy
R 88-11-12 Jim's in Brooklyn Heights
M 88-11-13s Ladykillers (p)
R 88-11-13 Cadman Plaza Restaurant breakfast with Carr
B 88-11-14 Bear: Psyclone
B 88-11-14 Dahl: Going Solo
B 88-11-14 Zahn: Cascade Point
R 88-11-14 Aureole
M 88-11-15s Police Academy 3
M 88-11-15s Ten to Midnight
M 88-11-15s Too Good To Be True (Patrick Duffy)
P 88-11-16 Michael Moschen
R 88-11-16 Caribbean Pavilion
I 88-11-17 Dentist Mohajer
R 88-11-17 Garvin's with Mensa Group
S 88-11-18 Carr Garnett's at 9
E 88-11-19 Homogeniuses with Carr
R 88-11-20 Siracusa
R 88-11-21 Louise Junior
R 88-11-21 Restaurant A with blind-date Jules Pearlmutter
R 88-11-22 Hawaii Kai for Prime Timers dinner
R 88-11-22 Washington Heights lunch when Vicki's car breaks down
B 88-11-23 Castenada: Power of Silence
P 88-11-23 Ethel Eichelberger
R 88-11-23 Raymond's Cafe for dessert
E 88-11-24 Dennis's Thanksgiving dinner at 3PM for Carr and others
T 88-11-24 Carr Garnett's friend Alison visited in Tenafly, NJ
E 88-11-25 Kevin Pain's with Carr
O 88-11-26 Cavalleria/Pagliacci
R 88-11-26 Angelo's with Carr
R 88-11-27 La Petite Auberge with Carr
M 88-11-28* Eagle, The
E 88-11-30 Different Drummer signing by Richard MacLain
M 88-11-30s Incredible Hulk Returns
M 88-11-30* Moonstruck
R 88-11-30 Sung Hai with Carr
M 88-12-01* Assault, The
R 88-12-01 Auberge Maxime with Joan upstate
E 88-12-03 Dennis reads his play at Sherryl's
R 88-12-03 Indian Restaurant at 1st and 5th
E 88-12-04 Vicki's potluck brunch 1-7PM!
M 88-12-04* Runaway
M 88-12-05* Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne
M 88-12-05* Three Men and a Baby (USA)
P 88-12-05 Spoils of War
M 88-12-06* Broadcast News
M 88-12-06* High Ice
M 88-12-06* Pepe le Moko
M 88-12-06* Tampopo
M 88-12-07* Cars That Ate Paris
M 88-12-07* Nineteen Hundred [1900]
M 88-12-08* Aria
M 88-12-08s Falcon Videopak #6 (p)
R 88-12-08 French Shack
M 88-12-09 Anyuta
M 88-12-09* Lovers of Teruel
S 88-12-09 Carr Garnett's (#16)
E 88-12-10 Jose Gonzalez's Surprise Party
R 88-12-10 Charmant for Actualism Christmas Party
S 88-12-10 Carr Garnett's (#17)
E 88-12-11 Dreamings tour at Asia Society
M 88-12-11* Cinderella (Nureyev, Paris)
R 88-12-11 Uskandar Turkish
M 88-12-12s Falcon Videopak #12 (p)
M 88-12-12s Hard to Come By (p)
M 88-12-12s Spring Training (p)
M 88-12-13* Housekeeping (Forsyth)
M 88-12-13* Jean de Florette
M 88-12-13* Manon of the Springs
D 88-12-14 Alvin Ailey with Spartacus
M 88-12-14* Seventh Sign
R 88-12-14 Raga Restaurant
B 88-12-15 Haigh: Serving Planet Earth (from Actualism library)
R 88-12-15 Chez Jacqueline
E 88-12-16 Ingres Exhibit/Monet Paintings/Citibank Train Station
E 88-12-16 Rap Group at Bernard Spiro's
M 88-12-16s Scores (p)
M 88-12-16s Superhunks (p)
M 88-12-16s Taxi (p)
R 88-12-16 Curry in a Hurry lunch
M 88-12-17s Falcon Videopak #19 (p)
M 88-12-17s In Heat (p)
R 88-12-17 HSF for dim sum
R 88-12-17 Waverly Inn
S 88-12-17 Carr Garnett's in PM (#19)
E 88-12-18 Games Group #8 at Bruce's
M 88-12-18 Hunger (Sult/PBS)
M 88-12-19* Girls, Les
M 88-12-19* Promise (Garner/Woods)
B 88-12-20 McLean: Great Western Art
B 88-12-20 McLean: Where Goes America?
R 88-12-23 Jim's
B 88-12-24 Sheckley: Hunter/Victim
E 88-12-24 Eggnog at Sherryl's
O 88-12-24 Hansel and Gretel
R 88-12-24 Everybody's
E 88-12-25 Christmas at Ann and Nat's
B 88-12-26 Bear: Hegira
B 88-12-26 Bear: Early Harvest
M 88-12-26* Tiger in the Smoke
R 88-12-28 Tres Palmas
R 88-12-29 Slade's with blind-date Tom Pearsall
E 88-12-30 Brooklyn Museum for Courbet and Cleopatra
E 88-12-30 Brooklyn Botanic Garden free new Conservatory
R 88-12-30 La Gauloise with Joe
E 88-12-31 Stephanie's for New Year's Eve
E 88-12-31 Whitehall Health Club trial
I 88-12-31 Leave Stephanie's for last ofPromenadeFireworks!(was SHE pisst!
R 88-12-31 Thai Restaurant on 147 Atlantic