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DIARY 13801


D: Describe your cock fully.

1. The size of my cock hard is about 7-1/2 to 8 inches. There are degrees of hardness, however, Sometimes, it is firm, sometimes it is stiff, and sometimes it feels like a rock. At those moments it is probably larger, but at those moments I never feel like taking the time to measure it. Circumference of cock, I've never really measured it. I have an uncircumcised cock and a very beautiful cock head. It is well proportioned, has a beautiful cock head that I would describe as a joy to masturbate but would also be a joy to suck if I could. If it were someone else's cock I would want to suck it. Its color turns me on as well as its size. When it is semi-hard it has a pink coloring that is very pretty, and when it gets really hot it has a fiery red color that is incredibly exciting. My cock juices, and I find it very exciting. How much depends partly on how long it has been since I last came. Sometimes I like to let it accumulate in the folds of my foreskin, not letting the foreskin peel all the way back, teasing my cock. DS

2. My cock is a "sleeper"---doesn't protrude much in my pants, but when aroused it sticks straight out and throbs. When really turned on, my cock aches until it's serviced. It gets rock hard. Many dudes have been fascinated by how hard it can get. And to make it harder, all they have to do is lick it and/or caress it lightly. Length: 3-1/2" soft, 6-1/2" hard, sometimes 7-1/2" when I shoot. Circumference: soft 4-1/2", hard 5-1/2", never measured when I shoot, it feels too good. Uncircumcised. The head of my cock is cone-shaped, not pointed, but not rounded, either. It has a sensitive ridge around it. The underside is super sensitive and the slit is large enough to accommodate a probing finger or tongue. The veins on my cock protrude noticeably around the base. My balls are large and rounded and like to be gently fondled. My pubic hair is thick and brown, very kinky. It, too, likes to be fondled. My body in general is hairy. I can't really say that my cock juices. I j/o so often that there rarely is a need. MP

3. A long, chunky mushroom, Head of cock pink velvet; balls medium luscious. MW

4. When soft it's really only 3" long and 1-1/3" in diameter but when it gets hard it grows to 7" long and about 1 3/4" in diameter. If J/O is slow and really hot, it will grow and expand rock hard to about 7-1/2", but usually there isn't enough time or control for that because I get carried away. Circumference 4" soft but about 6" when hard. Probably a bit more at orgasm. Circumcised. I am checking out surgical restoration of the foreskin because I really want to feel that skin slip back and forth over the head of my cock when I j/o. Head is biggest part of cock. Flares away from shaft about 1/8" all around. Glans most purplish pink and sensitive. Then a dip or depression and narrowing to a rounded perfect end. The lower side borders on purple-blue and expands with a little flap of skin not cut. Head is freckled a little, even though no other freckles are on my body. When soft, no veins visible; but as it gets hard, both large and small veins begin to stand out. They start at the base and wind around the shaft in irregular patterns. They are blue purple and particularly large at the sides of the shaft, not so much on the top or underside of it. No large veins on the head. Balls are the size of soft eggs. In fact, balls and ball sack are so big that they look like they belong to somebody's else's cock until my cock gets larger. The ball sack is usually tight and hard and was covered with thick brown pubic hair until I began to shave it. I want to look at my balls when I j/o and feel the soft ball sack. It really makes me high to feel the smooth skin. It's baby smooth and really soft when I get hot, and then the balls sag way down from their own weight. God, I can see the veins and they ache so bad to cum. Then, after the ache is good and solid, the shaft starts to get hard just thinking about it, even if I'm not where I can jerk at it---like on the train or in the middle of an office or on the street. Balls and ball sack are really tight and compact---veins and vesicles inside are solid tubes without any "bag of worms" feeling when touched. Also, one hangs below the other. Sack is convoluted when balls are drawn up, which is most of the time when I'm not thinking about sex. Pubic hair is light brown and thick. I've been cutting it to about 1/2" to 1" length which cuts off the tight curls, because that way I can see my cock better, and it looks larger. But if I don't cut the hair, it gets so bushy that cock and balls look "buried" in a nest of it. It is coarse and wiry like most of the hair on the rest of my body. But most of my hair is light brown, so it's not too noticeable. I do not look "hairy" as a person. but I've seen some guys that have thick hair even on their ass cheeks, and that turned me off. AC

5. Head of cock: it is just beautiful red. VW

6. Public hair: kept cut reasonably short. DO

7. Head of cock: delicious. CO

8. It's quite small and wrinkled when it's soft, and the balls look bigger because they hang down pretty low, left lower than the right. But when I get hard, the wrinkles smooth out and the balls sort of draw up tight against the base of my cock, so the cock looks bigger and the balls look smaller. I have a lot of cock hair, and a few times I've even shaved it off to see how it would look completely "naked." It's sort of sexy, but the skin around the balls is so wrinkled that it's hard to get all the hair cut way back, so it feels sort of prickly down there, and then the flesh at the base of my abdomen feels so unaccustomed to being bare that it feels overly tender. Then the stubble grows back very quickly and it gets uncomfortable. Also, I feel very self-conscious when I've shaved down there so I don't go to bed with anyone else, and that's a drag. My cock gets hard, and then when I'm close to coming it gets VERY hard, and that's when it's at its most exciting: the balls are so tight up against my body that if I lay down and raise my crotch into the air, spreading my legs wide apart with my knees touching my shoulders, the balls can crawl back up inside my body so that it looks like I have a huge cock and no balls at all. When it's so hard the cock head gets very shiny and it looks like it's been varnished, and the shaft is rock hard and the veins stand out so far that I can almost see them throbbing. The whole cock just feels incredibly super, pulsing, jerking, and it feels then that I could almost come without touching. About the middle of the session my cock usually starts to juice, and sometimes I like to let it just drip out and make little puddles on my stomach. If there are more puddles, it means I've been excited a lot, and that turns me on still more. I'm circumcised, which is a pity, because I'd like to have that extra bit of skin to play around with, but sometimes I wrap my cock head up in my shaft skin and make it seem as if I have a foreskin; it pulls on the balls a bit but it's fun for a time. JV

9. Head of cock: bigger than the shaft when it is hard. It stands out like a big red knob on a walking stick when I cum. Veins: A big one all over the top and two others along each side. Hair: I don't know where pubic hair stops and body hair starts. I have dense fur all over me, front and back. ST

10. About 6 3/4 inches when hard, 4 inches when soft, and about 7 inches when it reaches a climax. I am not circumcised. Head of cock is very sexy looking. Would say that it is about normal in looks (whatever that means). It is so sweet and attractive looking that I would sure love to suck it myself, if I could. Veins on my cock are very prominent when I am deeply in the lovely throes of a lovely J/O. Balls are just normal---not too low hanging, or not too tight, except when an orgasm erupts. My pubic hair is light brown in color, but not as thick, or heavy, as some. My body hair is the same color as cock hairs, but I am NOT very hairy. Yes, my cock juices, a nice, BIG load of healthy vitamin-filled juice, at the termination of a lovely J/O. Which I dearly LOVE to catch in my love-starved mouth. WB

11. When my cock is hard the head is very big and fat. Vein from base to head. Nice-sized balls, sometimes hang very low. My pubic hair is very thick, tapers off to my navel then spreads out up to my chest, also have hairy balls. Hairy chest, armpits, legs, also hairy ass. I also have a beard. I juice slightly but the most if I J/O longer before I shoot. AR

12. Head of cock: Not much larger in diameter than shaft of cock, classic heart shape when hard. Veins: Large heavy vein on top of cock with two branch feeders on right and left---looking down on cock from above: smaller vein on right under side. Balls: Large, hang down loosely in large scrotum, left ball hangs lower than right. Bottom shaved. Pubic hair: Copious, golden brown hair around pubic area reaching up abdomen. Body hair: Fair amount on chest, light in color, little on rest of body except in crack of the ass, there fairly heavy and dark, but keep it shaved from asshole area. Cock juice: Does it ever juice! When turned on it will drip out enough to wet my leg or show through my pants. When hard for any length of time, lovely crystal droplets begin to form at head and then continue. CC

13. Head of cock: oval---slightly larger than stem. No visible veins. Balls VERY large and hairy. Curly thick brown pubic hair, average body hairiness. Juice lots when excited. PS

14. 7" circumcised thick cock, large set of balls, and a hairy chest. PO

15. The head of my cock is somewhat larger than the shaft; it is rounded and darker red than the rest of my cock. The skin pulls back and off very easily. Uncircumcised. The veins are not to noticeable, but there is a bulge showing the track of the vein when my cock is hard. My balls are not too large, no larger than a medium hen's egg. They do not hang too low, except on occasion. They are quite hairy. Pubic hair is black and I have quite a bit of it. It starts at belly button and is quite thick and black to my cock; it also continues beneath my balls and around my arsehole. I don't have anywhere near as much body hair as I would like to have. Hairy bodies are a great "turn-on" for me. I have a noticeable amount from one tit to the other and my stomach is well covered. I have a few patches on my upper arms and back of the neck and on my back (a little). My cock juices when I get excited; this can come about because of literature, movies, or a good-looking hunky man. TN

16. Good-sized, mushroom-shaped head with wide flanged corona. Above average in size. Circumcised. VERY prominent vein structure with one very heavy vein running from the base of shaft on left side almost the entire length. Cock looks almost "gnarled" as a result of complex network of pulsing veins when in erection. Quite beautiful. Balls about the size of small to medium-sized hen's eggs that are contained in a very roomy scrotum, sometimes hanging very low in the sack. Moderate amount of hair on the bag itself. Pubic hair normally light brown in color but now quite bleached by the sun because of nude sunbathing. Triangular-shaped bush of thick hair with line extending up to navel. Thick hair and very curly. VERY little body hair other than pubic area, under arms, and on legs and arms. Golden in color. My cock oozes copious amounts of pre-seminal fluid usually. Depends on how turned on I am---if the excitement is great, the juice really flows out heavily, usually almost covering the glans slickly---sometimes almost enough juice to masturbate with by itself. TD

17. The head (or helmet as I call it) has a purple ring along the edge starting about half way and runs back around the top and stops just about even with its starting point around the other side. Behind the helmet is the circumcision ring of wrinkled skin when soft. The heavy vein running along the top stops at this ring. What is it like? It is beautiful. At orgasm I am enjoying and not measuring. Head of cock is not larger than cock, maybe smaller. Circumcised. Big vein runs from right of base to center at ring. Small veins run from left of center then split about an inch from base in three directions. Several veins on underside. Balls medium large, about 2" long; one has a lump on one end (had it always); other smooth all around. Pubic hair is sandy color and not heavy. Body hair is very little underarm, five or six on chest, very light on arms and legs. Pre-cum juice is a clear drop or two; cum juice heavy when horny, maybe a teaspoon. VG

18. Never measured circumference. Circumcised as an adult in army. Head of cock is soft, velvety, pink, helmet shaped, and beautiful. Veins not prominent. Balls walnut size, loose hanging except when close to cum and during cum, then up tight to cock. Much pubic hair, long underside of cock and on scrotum. Much chest hair and on belly, some back hair, hairy thighs; head hair and chest gray. Cock juices in copious amounts. Drips and drips and runs all the time I J/O. If excited while dressed, shorts get wet and it comes through slacks. BM

19. The head is a little smaller than the shaft till I get really hot, then it gets big and dark red. One big vein runs down the upper right side. Pubic hair is dark brown and thick. Moderate amount of body hair on chest; line of hair running from chest to navel spreading out to the pubes. My cock juices a moderate amount, sometimes a lot, depending on how excited I get. CD

20. My cock is uncut, uniform in color, but slightly redder at the head, and thick veined. At rest it is soft, pliable, kind of "cute" but unimpressive. When erect it is most firm, very straight and stands at an angle of about 30E from the horizon. The head is pale reddish, uniform in appearance, neatly cut. Veins are rather prominent, bright blue. Balls are uniform in shape and texture, left hangs slightly lower, about the size of peach pits. Pubic hair is dense, black, and medium in texture, being neither very soft or very coarse, very curly and plentiful. Body hair is medium in texture, curly, light in color and texture on arms and legs; dark, soft, and curly on torso and nicely distributed on breasts down center of chest and torso and spreads out lushly to pubic hair. Yes, it is juicing right now. On extended j/o sessions I juice about 1/2 teaspoon. SE

21. Cockhead is smooth with large cleft, small slit on top with no scars. Veins are small but well defined, two larger ones run down sides. Balls are of average size, one placed slightly in front of other. Pubic hair is black and curly, very dense. A line of curls runs from base of cock to bottom of belly button. I only juice when rubbed by someone else, and then only a few drops. KS

22. Head of cock is very large; it is bell shaped with a very broad flare; my pisshole is very large; I can work the tip of my index finger down into it to the depth of about an inch. Big veins pop out on the shaft of my cock, especially if I wear a cockring or cockstrap. My balls are slightly bigger than average, quite hairy. I have a thick crop of brown cockhair. Pretty thick crop of hair on my chest, normal amount of hair on arms and legs. My cock juices abundantly; it drips and oozes whenever I am excited---or even mildly aroused. I often get dark wet spots on my pants. BD

23. Head of cock is well formed with nice large cum hole. Veins are pronounced but not heavy. Balls hang high and are always loaded. Not much body hair---mostly in the tit and stomach area---it's dark. I juice but not a lot; that is saved for the big load. RA

24. Perfect!
25. Beautiful.
26. Great.

D1: Length of cock. (28 responses)
     a) soft; ranged from 2-1/2 to 5 inches; the average was 4 inches.
     b) hard: ranged from 5 to 9 inches; the average was 7 inches.
     c) at orgasm: ranged from 5 to 9 inches; the average was 7-1/2 inches.
     Largest growth was 2-1/2 times: from 2-1/2 soft to 6-1/2 hard.
     Smallest growth was 50%: from 4 to 6 inches.

D2: Circumference of cock. (26 responses)
     a) soft: ranged from 1 to 6 inches (I think some people don't know what circumference is).
     b) hard: ranged from 2 to 6-1/2 inches; the average was about 5 inches.
     c) at orgasm: anything from 0 to 1 inch added to the hard measurements.

D3: Body. (29 responses)
     a) height: ranged from 5'4" to 6'2"---with NO relationship to cock length.
     b) weight: ranged from 127 to 225---with no relationship to anything at all.
     c) color: 22 white; 2 tan; 2 fair; 2 Cauc. 1 brown, 1 pink
     d) build: 9 medium; 3 average; 2 slender; 2 heavy; 1 each of muscular and overweight/athletic/muscular/slim/dancer's/large/poor/thick/slight/chunky/

D4: Circumcised. (30 responses) 18 yea; 12 no.

D5: Head of cock: prow-shaped, tapered, very large, very hard, pink and heavy-veined, spear, large, hard hot and beautiful, pink velvet, big and red, soft velvety and pink, helmet-shaped, beautiful.

D6: Veins on cock: heavy and outstanding, prominent, not many, stand out, not particularly noticeable, veiny.

D7: Balls: large and smooth, small, medium, equal, very big, hairy and hot, hanging.

D8: Pubic hair: blond and light; good amount, brown in color; curly; very curly blond; curly brown; I keep it cut short; black and dense; kinky; bushy.

D9: Body hair: heavy around tits and goes down stomach to cock area; not much, blond hair all over; not overly hairy; shave chest; very little; medium and all over.

D10: Cock juice: almost never; not much; lots; sometimes; creamy and thin---3 tablespoons; very much---exciting!

D11: Describe the biggest cock you ever saw.

1. I love seeing large cocks, I think they are magnificent things, but I find it impossible to narrow them down to one "biggest." DS

2. The biggest cock I've ever seen was on an 18-year-old dude I encountered in a park one night. His jeans revealed something really big. He went for a walk along a path and stopped in some bushes. He unzipped and showed me at least 11" and as big around as a beer can. It had a round head. Unfortunately, he said he never got really hard, just sort of spongy. Too bad! MP

3. 10", a horse's cock. MW

4. The biggest cock that I saw was in a public toilet in the 59th Street station of the subway. He was a sailor who was cruising. He had about a 12" cock, but could get nobody to suck him. After many saw, some tried to suck him or just jerk him off, he left very unhappy. NK

5. The biggest hard cock I ever saw was a black guy at the baths one afternoon. But the biggest cock by far that I ever sucked (or saw) was in Washington DC at the Club Baths there. He was white and had so much cock it wouldn't get hard. Uncut and delicious! He had a belt on it at the back of the shaft with double buckles---about 3" wide---to support the shaft, and then the rest was another good 10"---even soft it was 10" and when it got harder it just expanded to about 3" diameter. I know it seemed like 14"-15", but could not have been so---so let's just say 13" of semi-hard. I took it down all the way---including the belt, and j/oed myself in three strokes! The guy was a fantastic relaxed 6' and fairly well built on the slim side. He really enjoyed it! I've seen harder big ones but never bigger ones of any size! Now for the black---he was a god, like shining bronze, with the most Grecian build I've ever seen on a black. His cock was over 12" but let's just say it was 12" because I did not have a caliper or rule to measure it under those steamy conditions. He loved j/o, because when I came into the steam room he was beating his meat in a circle with 4-5 other guys, mostly white. Some paired off to "work" together, but no one could take this black one, and he was left to observe the rest and beat his own. You see, his 12" was so hard it extended straight out and a bit upward from his body with an 80E angle from his belly and then began a curve downward that started midway out the cock's length to the end. And what a soft supple head on his uncut dick that I swooned right away! Because I know that configuration goes right down my throat without ever gagging me! Well, no exaggeration at all---he was surprised when I stepped up to him and stroked his cock and knelt in front of him and it slipped right over my tongue and down my throat until my hands grazed each of his tiny buns and drew him to me---then he gasped in spite of himself because I guess no one had swallowed his full length in a long while. As I thought, it really fit---and a little popper helped of course---it always relaxes my throat and "increases my appetite" in these situations! He was at least 2-1/2 - 3" in diameter and I could not breathe with him in, although I took his cock until his belly was tight against my front teeth. Some guys as tight as he was cum on the first stroke---some take 10 and rarely does anyone hold out with my "vacuum action" for 30 strokes---maybe 50 at the most. I am not bragging, but as a conservative estimate I have had 10,000 cocks over the last 20 years---and this one stands out as the longest to "hold off" of them all. We worked 20 minutes, and when I knew he was "close," he would pull out and stroke himself 2-3 times really slow---then back in with a gasp of surprise. Finally I could feel him "giving way" and relax and just jump his loins forward into my teeth, and then his dick expanded to rock hardness and he groaned again and again while I swallowed at least two ounces of his glistening cream. It was worth every stroke to taste its indescribably great flavor. Probably gave me enough energy for ten more years of life! AC

6. 12-13", great! JN

7. About 10" long when hard---took two hands to hold it and jack it off. NB

8. 102", black and wide. RFV

9. The biggest cock I ever saw was a friend of mine: 10" long and fat, I was really fascinated by it. VW

10. 10", I loved it in size. VW

11. Negro---throw your arms around it and cry. EM

12. The biggest cock, about 10", was on this TINY guy, who would just get very hard and lay back and let me do what I wanted with it. In contrast to his thin, short (about 5'4") body, this 10" down-curving cock looked like the most beautiful thing in the world. The balls were rather small, however, which seemed to remove some of the esthetic beauty from his cock. But he could stay hard forever and loved to be jerked off and teased, and he shot loads. JO

13. 8", like a big club. JD

14. The biggest cock that I ever saw was stuck thru at me thru a glory hole in a two-bit movie arcade booth. I tried to contact this heavy-hung chap, after he had got his cock "relieved," but he quickly disappeared, much to my sorrow. I have never seen him, or his cock, since that time. It was a real beauty. Must have been a least eight inches in length, and nicely proportioned in diameter. It shot a real beautiful load for me. WB

14. About 8-1/2 to 9" long and very nice to play with, also it seems that guys with big long cocks shoot more. AR

15. It is hard to get any accurate measurement, but I could not get my hand around the base and close my hand. It must have been about a foot long. My mouth would only go over the head, and then it was a strain. Fortunately, the cock was hot and the guy was willing to be jacked off by hand since I could not manage it by mouth, so after a long jack-off session, with me licking the head of the cock and licking his balls, he came in my mouth---and the load of cum was as big as the cock. It was BEAUTIFUL and glorious to suck---but really TOO BIG for real cocksucking. CC

16. TOO large for anything but jackoffs. PS

17. Was about 10", and it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. BW

18. Beautiful black one---hard as a rock. CO

19. About 12", so big it couldn't hold up its head when hard. Medium thickness, heavy veins, circumcised. Two hands couldn't cover all. Too much to get all in mouth, but felt good all the way up the ass. BM

20. Biggest cock I have seen is mine. Have not done much comparing. VG

21. Probably it measured close to 11" in length and seemed almost gross in its width. Somehow or other it wasn't particularly attractive---just big. It was so large that it never seemed to get really hard when erect. TV

22. The biggest was about 10" uncut and very thick and juicy. CD

23. It was about 11 inches in length and about 6 inches in circumference. It was the very epitome of masculinity, a massive raging tool that both impressed and scared the hell out of me. SE

24. The largest cock seen was on a porno flick, very large and ugly yecchy veins, strange red splotches, blaaahhhaaaaaaa! KS

25. The biggest cock I ever saw was on a young fellow I met in the YMCA in Chicago. He told me he was from Cleveland. We met in the john and went to my room, where we took our cocks out. He wanted to suck me off and went down on his knees in front of me. He was giving me a wonderful blowjob, but I was absolutely fascinated by the immensity of his cock; I don't know just how big it was---but it made my 8-incher look like a baby's cock! His nuts were huge too. I asked if I could try to suck him and he stood up and I knelt down. I was overwhelmed. I licked it all over, but I could not get more than the tip of that monster cock in my mouth. He finished sucking me off, and I begged him to jack off and shoot in my mouth, but he said he didn't want to come yet. I was 16 or 17 at the time. BD

26. 11", fat, heavy veined, and uncut. RA

T: Describe how you j/o. (T1)

1. I try different positions, change hands, rub against things, anything that will make exciting sensations. DS

2. I jack off with my left hand, varying the rhythm, etc. I use closed fist, not sliding it over the cock: rather, gripping hard and moving the foreskin up and down over the whole length. MP

3. Fingers and thumb and closed fist, and it felt wonderful, like atom bomb detonating. MW

4. I use my thumb and index finger mostly, but sometimes put my whole hand around it. I generally do not rub against anything. NK

5. I use right hand, thumb and index finger, with third finger turned under to rub against right side; this I usually do. Longer enticement when alone before sleep or when more time: use thumb and all four other fingers in a closed fist. A "rare" method because it takes at least two hours and is the most SENSATIONAL feeling I can produce---reserved for 3-4 times a year: use a combination of the first two, but left hand fingers and fingertips play "drum touch" on the head. Sometimes use left hand thumb and forefinger for longer method variation. Now use Jac Master for real ecstasy. I have known two guys who used a Turkish towel around their cock to cum. I could not make that work. AC

6. Great, in every way. JN

7. Forefinger and thumb usually---other fingers bent under so as to rub base of cock. NR

8. Fingers and thumb, closed fist, once in a while just one finger, to show myself it can be done; used to rub against things---no more. DO

9. Fingers and thumb. NB

10. The best way is to use the thumb and just one finger, enough so there's pressure on the cock shaft, but not enough so that I can't enjoy looking at that cock as it shoots. JO

11. I usually use my closed fist, but sometimes notice that I also will use my two forefingers and thumb. I very seldom rub against things. WB

12. Mostly fingers and thumb, but sometimes use my closed fist for a nice hard J/O. AR

13. I use fingers and thumb and closed fist; it feels better than actual sex. PS

14. Rubbing the penis against something to the point of ejaculation is also common. This can be by rubbing against the sheet or pillow. One male I know likes to play with himself through the material of his pajamas. Almost any props can be used: leather, shoes, female panties, jockeys, jockstraps, socks, rubber, vibrators (front and back), rings, rubber or artificial vaginas, raw liver, watermelons, squash, cucumbers, carrots, milk cartons, etc.---and did you ever try an apple? Choose an apple that fits your size. Core it. Lubricate your cock and have yourself a sexsational screw! Battery-operated vibrators are very popular. Have you ever tried a bottle? Or a knot hole? I once saw an interesting set of pictures of a sexy looking male having a ball screwing a milk bottle (the old fashioned, wide-opened type). The milk container with the pouring slot is also very exciting, I'm told. One of the newest toys on the market is a life-sized rubber female. "She" can even be filled with warm water to give that "realistic feeling." How many of you dig the use of a condom (rubber) to jerk off with? Three stories come to my mind regarding the use of rubbers for masturbation. One had a real fetish for rubbers. His kick was to search lovers' lanes for discarded, used rubbers. He reached the height of sexual excitement by working his hard cock in these already-filled rubbers. It was a combination of the association with the cock that filled it before and the wonderful feeling of the sticky semen lubricating his own cock. Another had a fetish for jerking off guys wearing a rubber on their cocks to ejaculation. Then he sucked out the warm semen. Another put a little KY in a rubber before he rolled it over his erection. A small foam rubber pillow was wrapped around his cock. Laying on his stomach he screwed against the sheet. Another liked to take a warm, relaxing shower, soaping and massaging his entire body with his hands, paying particular attention to his crotch area. After he was soaped and played with his cock and balls, he turned the water off in the shower. Then he filled an enema bag with warm water. Then, stretching out in the bathtub, he inserted the enema attachment as far as it would go. As he released the water through the tube, he began a screwing action with the attachment in one hand while he slid the skin back and forth over his pulsating cock. When he felt his climax approaching, he eased up the action, both back and front. He may use several bags of water before he finally popped off, letting the water he had retained gush out with his ejaculation. Or you can use a dildo with a sac that can be filled with warm water and squirted out as you relax in bed. GS

15. I usually jerk off with a closed fist around my cock, held rather tightly. On some occasions I use just my thumb and forefinger and manipulate the foreskin up and down over the head of my cock. I use one finger only to excite myself. I very much like rubbing against objects; this I do against the mattress (with some rubber or plastic cover that makes the trip more slippery). In fact, my greatest ejaculations are by rubbing, but it takes time and I get impatient. I also like to kneel beside the bed and insert my cock between the mattress and innerspring, again with plastic or rubber to slide with. I have used a vibrator to cum, placing it against the underside of my cockhead and holding it there, and in the shower a steady stream of water on the same spot will arouse me to ejaculation. TN

16. It feels like heaven. I use closed fist usually, and also rub cock lube over head and underside of head with thumb or index finger. With partner, rub on his oiled belly or on neck with his head pressed down, or on tits or arm pits or crack of ass. That's really J/O., but with partner. BM

17. I like to use hand cream and slide cock through closed fist, feels wonderful. When teasing I use one finger and thumb. When younger I used to have two cushions slightly apart and pretend to fuck. VG

18. Almost always the full-fist method with cock being heavily lubricated. TD

19. I usually use a closed fist working the foreskin over the head fast and with a lot of pressure. Sometimes I just rub the shaft with my fingers and thumb very slowly and with a light pressure. Occasionally I like to just pump and squeeze on just the head. These all give me different comes, but I like them all. CD

20. I use a variety to techniques in j/o. Most often I grasp my rod using the thumb and first two fingers (much the way one holds a marble). Since most of the sensation in my cock is in the head, using a full hand grasp is useless. Moreover, I find that I obtain greater pressure control in the grip I use. With a lubricant this produces a most sensational feeling as the head pops out of the small opening formed by allowing the two fingers to slide past the end of the thumb. Other techniques include placing my cock flat against my stomach and confining it in a pair of jockey shorts, gym shorts, jockstrap, or body shirt, and then rubbing against it with my full hand "cupped" over the shaft. I start out slowly with light pressure and build gradually to a very rapid pace and increase pressure especially with the thumb until I shoot, then slow down while rubbing the hot cum over the shaft, spreading it to my balls. I use a full fist grip when jacking off in a sock or rubber. Occasionally I use both hands and try to keep them in one position while I pump my sock or rubber covered cock in and out of this rigid "fuck hole." A variation on this theme is to kneel next to my bed, insert my covered cock between the mattress and box spring. SE

21. I use a closed fist, sometimes I use only two fingers and a thumb when I want to prolong the process. KS

22. I vary my technique and employ a number of different strokes and stimulating motions. Sometimes I fist the shaft, squeeze it, pull on my nuts (sometimes quite hard), use a milking stroke; light, rapid tickling strokes; slow teasing strokes; sometimes I trap my rigid cock between my legs and fuck. BD

23. Closed fist and/or fingers and thumb. I vary it to make the j/o last. RA

24. Most possible variations: two fingers, ring around glans, straight fingers (i.e., pressing top and bottom only), firm full grasp, loose grasp, hand inverted (that is, thumb toward base), as well as usual thumbs-toward-end position. RJ

25. Fingers and thumb (circled 6 times).

26. Closed fist (circled 14 times).

27. One finger (circled 2 times).

28. Rub against things (circled 2 times ); used to (circled 1 time).


T2: Can you cum without touching your cock at all?

1. I can come without touching my cock at all, sometimes. It feels different, but I seldom have the patience to do so. At some point I have the uncontrollable desire to reach down and feel my organ and masturbate. DS

2. No, I can't cum without touching my cock---I'm usually so aroused that I just have to stroke it. MP

3. Yes, wonderful. JN

4. Yes, uncontrollable. CO

5. No. (circled 10 times)

6. Yes, but I have to get it so close to start with that it's hard to do. But I found that it didn't feel like I came with such force that way, so I do it more to tease myself than to have an incredible orgasm. Would like to try it all bound up without touching it. JO

7. No way. ST

8. This happens if, and when, I am really sexed-up by watching or otherwise participating in sexual actions, without my cock being included in the act. IT FEELS FREE and WONDERFULLLLL, but sometimes just a relief. WB

9. Yes, when I am in a prolonged rimming session and lying on my hard cock or when some beautiful cock comes in my hot mouth. I usually try to back off or cool down, so that I will not come, thus prolonging my pleasure. It feels tremendous, because I am usually in a hot, long session. I do not come without touching my cock otherwise. CC

10. Good tit work can make me cum. PS

11. No, although I have a buddy who can; he stands over me while I lie on the floor, and he "comes" on me by just grinding his hips and muscularly working his cock. TN

12. Must touch cock to cum, or rub it on something. BM

13. Have done so but not deliberate (accident due to reading, pictures, etc.). Feels uncomfortable because I have always been clothed. VG

14. No, never have, but have always been intrigued at the idea of a cock unloading all by itself! Have seen it happen several times in films (one spectacular scene in a segment of Peter de Rome's Erotic Films) and it was phenomenally beautiful to see the semen pouring out without physical stimulation! TD

15. I have a couple of times---once from having my tits worked on, another from having a vibrator up my ass. CD

16. Though I have tried to "think off" for years, I cannot cum without touching my cock. I can, however, get pretty fucking wild and close to shooting. I usually have to do this in the dark, and I lie and imagine my cock throbbing and shooting until it gets hard and my whole body begins to throb rhythmically; eventually the rhythm becomes automatic and continuous, and by concentration I can usually make it more intense---amyl helps sometimes. Finally my whole body begins to be wracked by violent spasms and I ALMOST cum each time. When I can't stand this tension any longer, I grab my prick and fist it wildly until I shoot. BD

17. In a shower, or hydraulically, yes, by directing stream of water in right places. There are excellent anticipatory feelings, but orgasms tend to be weaker than others. Also, my head gets so sensitive at orgasm that continued stream of water becomes torture. RJ


T3: Can you lick your own cock?

1. I can lick my own cock, and I would someday like to suck myself off. I cannot at this point, but it is exciting. DS

2. No, but I wish I could. I once practiced sitting and yoga to bend double enough to do it but couldn't get loose enough to bend that far. AC

3. Yes, and lick my balls. Feels great. JN

4. I wish I could suck my own cock; I had blow jobs and the feeling is great. VW

5. No. (circled 14 times)

6. No, but wish very much that I COULD. I was able to lick, and suck the head of my cock when I was about 15 and 16 years old, but neglected to keep my agility. WB

7. God knows I've tried. The best I could usually do was to arch up and shoot a load of my own cum into my mouth and on my face and body. Can't lick my own balls. CC

8. No, although many years ago I could lick my tongue over the end of my pulled-out foreskin, but not now. I wish I could, though. TN

9. Can't reach mouth to cock or balls. BM

10. When younger and slimmer I could suck on head and cum in my mouth. It felt the greatest. I love to eat my cum. Now catch it in hand and lick it all up. Delicious. VB

11. No, have never been agile enough, unfortunately, as that seems to be the absolute ultimate in sexual purity: to be able to suck yourself off! TD

12. Yes, I can lick and suck myself, although I can get little more than just the head in my mouth. I do it a couple of times a month as it requires that I be extremely horny and have a lot of time for relaxation and stretching. My back is usually a little sore for a couple of days afterwards. The only way I can do it is by lying on my back with a pillow under my head and throwing my legs over my head. There have been a few times that I have been limber enough to lick and suck my own balls---this was the ultimate pleasure for me. CD

13. When you are 6'2" it is impossible to lick or suck your own equipment. KS

14. I used to be able to lick and suck my own cock and often sucked myself off, until I injured my back doing that one day. I stopped doing it, and now I'm too stiff. It is a terrific turn-on to close your mouth around your own cockhead. Never could lick my nuts, alas! BD

15. No---damn it! RJ


T4: Do you tease your cock until it "almost" cums?

1. Yes, I tease my cock till I shoot, sometimes half a dozen times. When I do, I literally explode all over my chest and face, regardless of how many times I've shot before in the same session. MP

2. Yes, 3 or 4 times. MW

3. Yes, many times, sometimes 12 or 15. NK

4. Yes, about six times was the most I could tease before giving up to it. Even with poppers to slow it down---or even doing something else, it gets so tender I can't hold out. AC

5. I can, usually 3 or 4. NR

6. Yes, 4-5. RF

7. I play with my cock for a long period of time, always stopping before I come, then I come when I desire it. VW

8. Sometimes. (written 3 times)

9. This is the sexiest thing to do: I get within a stroke of coming and then give it maybe a half-stroke. It's a very delicate operation because sometimes I stroke it too much and I start to come in earnest so I just finish with my fingers. But if I touch it right, it'll sort of throb in half-come and sometimes some come will seep out. But it just feels fabulous without touching it, and the end of the "ready to come" feeling means that I can start playing with it again. The most I've done this is about 6 times, but then I feel that playing anymore might lose the erection, so I usually come then. When I come like this, I REALLY explode if I hold the cock tight around the base without moving it. I can shoot over my shoulder or onto my face, which is very exciting because it shows how excited I got my cock before I shot my load. JO

10. Yes, I do "tease" my cock to several peaks, without cumming, during a lovely J/O. The number varies. I would say it runs about six or eight peaks of sexual joy. WB

11. Yes, 3 or 4 times. AR

12. Yes, I tease my cock until it almost cums, and do it several times before I cum. CC

13. Yes, 6 times. PS

14. Yes, as many times as I can stand, about six times, before I shoot. BW

15. A lot of times, maybe ten or so. It always feels better the next time. ST

16. Yes, I have held back on cumming as many as eight or nine times. I think it builds up the orgasm a great deal, but I find more and more, especially when I jerk off alone, that I become impatient and pump my load on the first "rising." TN

17. Tease many times to almost cum, then stop or squeeze head to stop cum. Usually tease 10 times or so before climax. BM

18. Sometimes, if I have the time. Have done it as often as 20-25 times. VG

19. Yes, often I'll bring it just to the verge of shooting and then hold off until the semen subsides, then bring it up again and again. Probably do not manage to do this more than half a dozen times during a j/o session, however. TD

20. Yes, 3 or 4 times usually, sometimes more. CD

21. I tease my cock maybe 3 or 4 times before I come. KS

22. Yes, I try to bring myself to the verge of shooting as often as possible---sometimes I go on doing this for hours. BD

23. Yes, it varies. The more time I have, the more "almost" cums. Usually 2 or 3 at least. RA

14. Sometimes, as much as 8 times in one session. RJ

25. Yes. (circled 15 times)

26. 2 or 3 times (written 6 times).


T5: How fast do you move your cock to cum?

1. I like to try different rhythms when I am jacking off. Sometimes I find it very sensual and exciting to take as much time as I can, slowly moving my foreskin back and forth, and sometimes I like to grab my tool and beat it wildly, whacking at it with a total lack of restraint, often walking about the room as I do so. DS

2. I vary my stroke and rhythm from a slow stroke to a feverish slamming---it depends on my mood at the time. MP

3. If I have the time, generally slowly at first, not going fast until I decide to cum. NK

4. The speed makes all the difference. If I move it fast I come in 5 minutes; if I make it slow down I can extend it to 1/2 hour or even an hour. If I really slow down and let it cool down between "peaks" it will go three hours. AC

5. On regular j/o---start slow and speed up until climax. NR

6. VERY fast (slower to begin). DO

7. Toward the end I like to move it as slow as I can, but sometimes I just can't resist it and will jerk it very fast, rubbing my hand over the cockhead so that when I shoot I can't stand the pressure anymore and HAVE to take my hand away. I want to continue, but I can never actually do it when the time comes; it just feels too intense. JO

8. I move my cock very fast to get close to coming. Then I slow down until one rough jerk makes me shoot. ST

9. The speed of my strokes will also vary. Depending on the mood at the moment; during one session it will also vary. I will usually start out with soft and gentle strokes, and as that lovely J/O FEEEELLLINGG gets better, and better, the speed and/or tempo will increase. This will be repeated with each separate "peak." By "peak" I do NOT mean a complete orgasm, I mean an "almost" orgasm. About one full stroke BEFORE an orgasm. WB

9. Both ways, it all depends on the situation and how fast I want to cum. AR

10. Slow to medium rhythm, never the fast and furious pumping of some guys. CC

11. VERY fast usually, it depends on how horny I am. BW

12. I usually start with a moderate pace. I find it feels better if I do not beat my cock too fast; but, all too often, I speed up to a fast pace when I feel I am getting ready to "come." TN

13. Medium speed usually, slow to keep it up if delay desired. BM

14. Depends on time, and sometimes on how hot I am. VG

15. Speed probably varies greatly: sometimes it's quite fast and sometimes very slow and deliberate. Depends on the mood and the length of time one has to reach orgasm. I probably really enjoy a very fast movement the greatest of all (almost vibrator-like), but must use caution not to drop the load too quickly. TD

16. Usually quite fast, occasionally very slowly, and this is wonderful. CD

17. I move my cock fairly fast when I need a quick cum like in a high-risk area such as a public building, but I like it to move slow when at home. KS

18. I usually jerk fast in order to cum. BD

19. VERY fast. RA

20. Fast, slow, and in between, at various times and sessions. RJ

21. VERY fast (circled 9 times).

22. VERY slow. JN

23. All (written 4 times).

24. In between (circled 4 times).


T6: Have you bound your cock so you cum but don't shoot?

1. No. But I will try binding it. I got a leather strap to work with. I have used a tight cockring that gets me the same effect sometimes, but it is a bit painful when it stretches the cock really hard. It does work, and gives me the security that I can "cum" again very soon after without that "turned-off" feeling. AC

2. Pinch end skin together---it feels great. NR

3. Yes, exciting. EM

4. No. (circled 10 times)

5. No, I dislike cruelty of any type. WB

6. Yes, I often bind my cock and balls, hard and tight---often using an Ace bandage or a soft cloth belt or bandage. Have also used masking tape for a real thrill, but it is hell pulling it off! When you cum with a cock tightly bound, it feels terrific! CC

7. Before I was circumcised I would tie my foreskin. PS

8. Yes, but it doesn't do anything for me, nor do cock rings. TN

9. No! I enjoy the flow of my load too much to obstruct it from spurting out naturally! TD

10. No; sounds interesting though, I'll have to try it. CD

11. I bound my cock once. I thought I'd break something, but to each his own. The feeling I got was kinda nothing. KS

12. Haven't bound it, but sometimes I've squeezed the pisshole shut. BD

13. Yes, and I didn't particularly enjoy the frustrated, unfulfilled feeling it left me. RJ

14. Yes, feels great (written 2 times).


T7: Exactly how do you produce your most sensational cums?

1. All my cums are sensational---the only dissatisfaction I have had is in producing a really huge load when there wasn't a mouth to accept it! MP

2. Reading dirty books---looking at nudes, 3 to 10 minutes. MW

3. Just by moving slowly, and occasionally the underside near the head. NK

4. You can "string it out" better when with others (like 2-3 in a group) but I find my most sensational cums are when I'm alone. With a tape recorder and cockring, cock belt, Jac master, plenty of Jacese, and about 1/2 dozen mags of body builders and nude men with big cocks. I make myself last three hours and start for the first hour just looking at the mags and once in a while one stroke or two. Otherwise just listen to the tape recording of my own voice during a jack off once that lasted about one hour---heavy breathing, slow words about not letting myself touch it, description of the cock and veins, etc. Then for the second hour I use a bit of popper every ten minutes and permit myself to stroke 20-30 times slow between pictures, strutting around in front of a mirror without touching, and drinking plenty of water, urinating, etc., between "peaks" to cool down. Sometimes I drink my own piss, but the first times I did that it was most unpleasant. (Not so bad after you get enough water to dilute it, and a doctor once wrote that it is good for you---prevents cancer or something.) Then for the third hour take about twenty minutes between "peaks." If I get too excited, I make myself slow down or stop. When the final peak is so strong that I can't stop any more, I surrender to it and let it carry me off. The cum is unbelievable, and the feelings are so strong that I'm really completely relaxed afterward and could sleep until the next one. AC

5. I am not circumcised and it is heavenly to pinch the top skin with my thumb and forefinger, stopping often---the sensation is great until it pours forth. NR

6. 1/2 to 1 hour. RV

7. I produce my best cums when I'm looking at cocks in some book, wishing I had some other cock near me I could pull, then I could come right away with deep thoughts of beautiful COCK or COCKS. VW

8. By use of the J/O Companion---only 2 or 3 minutes. DO

9. When other guys play with it, cum in minutes. CO

10. Poppers and pictures. EM

11. 10-15 minutes after I'm hard. I like to get my tits hard, and I caress them while I j/o. I usually use a T-shirt on my cock, j/oing thru the cloth. It builds up the friction, and is great. I don't care for lubricants. The VERY best is to do it with another guy after a long relaxed massage session. By then we're both hot and that's the only time I juice. Then long j/o session, ending up with a suck-off.

12. I lay on my back and throw my legs into the air so my knees touch my shoulders. I think this takes all the pressure off the prostate so that it has the best chance to get hard. I don't know if there's anything physical happening there, but I know when I get VERY excited, the bulb at the bottom of my cock, between the base of my cock and my asshole, gets very hard and the skin over it gets red, almost purple. I feel if I give this as much room as I can, it makes my cock very hard. My cock gets so stiff against my stomach I can hardly bend it so that it stands straight up, and sometimes I just use one finger against the back of it, so that my stomach supplies the pressure on the front of my cock. Then, as I play with thumb and one finger and get close to coming, I move my knees over even farther so that my ass is way up in the air---sometimes I think this would be a dynamite time to get fucked, but since I've never liked being fucked, I've never tried it then. This seems to give my whole crotch the most room, and the whole area seems to get engorged in blood and the cock head gets almost purple and the juice just drips out in beautiful clear-as-crystal drops that I sometimes catch on the tip of my tongue, when my cock is right over my head. I play with it like this until I begin to feel cramped in the position, but then when I lay flat on my back, it feels like all the blood is pumped into my cock so that it's ready to explode. Then I squeeze my thighs together to keep the most blood in and GRAB the cock so that it's teased beyond the point of coming. I sit up so that I can stare right at the squirming cock, and then the balls can't stand it any longer and I can feel the come starting to shoot up the shaft, so fast that I want to slow it down and feel it longer, but it zips out the cockhead with that first marvelous intensity of feeling that's like going to another world, and then I lay back and move my cock slightly and let the rest of the come squirt out, splashing all over me, and feel the prostate jerking and convulsing for up to a minute afterward, and I know that I've had a jerk-off session that will content me completely, until next time. JO

13. I produce my most sensational cums by jacking my cock to a number of so-called "Peaks." I usually apply a very nice J/O cream, supplemented by a mouthful of nice, warm saliva now and then. WB

14. By jerking off for a long time before I shoot; this way I cum a lot and it feels the best. AR

15. Most sensational cums are (when alone) after reading hot, W/S and/or scat scenes, looking at a couple of W/S action films that I have or reading a super hot personal letter from a guy who has enclosed a picture of a hot beautiful cock. Dirty talk or filthy writing also really turns me on. In a Bath, most sensational comes are when eating out a hot asshole, and preferably a cum-filled one. CC

15. Five minutes to one hour. PS

16. I fuck myself with a vibrator, about 9", that really turns me on. BW

17. I think the most intense feeling comes from rubbing my cock between the mattress and innerspring, especially if there is a lot of lubrication; it usually takes about five minutes. Once in a while I have super "cums" in another way. I love water sports, but rarely find those who want to participate fully, so I sometimes jerk off and have water sports by myself. I have a shower hose that is large enough to fit over the head of my cock, so I lie on the bottom of the bathtub and put my cock into the end of the hose. I can then do several nice things: I can spray piss on myself; I can drink my piss, or, as I like best, put the other end of the hose up my arse and piss up my arse. I soon get a full load up my arse and this makes me want to move my bowels. I find it exciting to have to shit very badly and hold it back, especially when my cock is hard and I am very horny. Finally I can hold back no longer, and I just let my bowels go; it is a great feeling, since I am pressed to the bottom of the bathtub, and the shit is so very oozy and warm. By now I am terribly excited and I rub cum juice, shit, and piss over myself while I pump myself off. The resulting orgasm is tremendous. TN

18. Best cums are while someone watches, and I can cum on his face or belly or cock, or shoot at his mouth, and then let him lick off the cream while still cumming. BM

19. Teasing while reading, some times it takes an hour. VG

20. For me, the ideal situation is the SHARED or mutual j/o session, stoned on grass, heavily lubricated, and with a bolt of amyl at the crucial moment. Time involved from beginning to end is usually a half to three-quarters of an hour, though this can vary greatly. TD

21. By sucking myself off; about 20-30 minutes. CD

22. For me to get the best cum feeling I use a dildo to get it up and then slide it in my ass. While it is in there I take a cream and rub it all around my cock and balls, then I use a closed fist and move it up and down the full length of the shaft, paying special attention to the head. An average session can last as long as an hour. KS

23. I think my most sensational cums are the result of PROLONGED j/o. After 3 or 4 hours I am so wild that shooting almost knocks me out. BD

24. With a good sexy book and pictures, a quiet Sunday morning, and nothing to do but enjoy my cock. RA

25. With other guys, and time varies with circumstances. RJ


T8: Do you have any techniques that you think too few people know about?

1. I don't think I do anything different than others---just more of it! MP

2. Wish I did, would be more than happy if you could enlighten me to some. VW

3. No. (circled 3 times)

4. I really doubt if I have any unusual techniques that others have not used. When I reach a lovely J/O "HIGH," I do find it exciting to say "sweet things" to my good-feeling cock, as I unconsciously MOAN, etc. WB

5. Have used ice cubes on balls (which may turn some people OFF), wrapping cock and balls with tape, Ace Bandages, dildo up the ass, but most of these techniques are not original or unusual. CC

6. I jerk off regularly and slow while I walk along the deserted beach during the early morning hours. The sun seems very sensual at this time, and so is the feeling of walking along with my dick out and hard. TN

7. Put legs up on furniture, so balls drop to lie one on each side of cock, and then balls are almost sucked into body when cum and can be seen to go in. BM


T9. Do you "mini-cum"?

1. I occasionally have "mini-cums." They feel very good, because I know I can masturbate some more, that I haven't "shot my wad." However, I have watched people who do this, and it is more exciting to watch than it is to feel. DS

2. Sometimes I shoot a little, hold off, and then blow a wad---usually for an excited teen. MP

3. Yes, I've done that sometimes. It helps with a cockring, but if you can control it, it heightens the experience. AC

4. Yes, 4-5 times. RF

5. I don't like to mini-cum, but like a tremendous climax. VW

6. No. (circled 4 times)

7. It's exciting to come until a few drops are out, then stop, then work my cock to the edge again, and, with the drops out, there seems to be less pressure to shoot, so I can tease my cock even farther next time, so that the final dry-come is with MOST pressure. JO

8. I can mini-cum three times if I control myself very well. Usually it doesn't work though. ST

9. Yes, I do quite often "mini-cum" several times before terminating my J/O orgy. The number will depend on the number of times that I bring my good-feeling cock to a "peak," without permitting it to shoot off. WB

10. Yes, twice. PS

11. I am not sure what a mini-cum is, but I do have some very tasty juice that oozes out while I play withy myself. TN

12. Don't like minicum. When ready, want to shoot it all. BM

13. Sometimes, by massaging my prostate, 3 or 4 times. VG

14. Yes, quite often. There will be a few drops of milky semen that manages to find its way out before I stop masturbating, in the nick of time. Then after a brief pause, I take it up again, until eventually I'm on the verge of dropping the entire load and no turning back or delaying action is then possible. Utterly incredible! TC

15. Sometimes; once. CD

16. I have "mini-cum" on occasions, but usually only when I was being worked on by someone else, and then only after prolonged foreplay. Also, I "mini" only once. KS

17. Yes, usually. I squirt one drop, stop, then start in again. I often do this 4 or 5 times before letting the whole load shoot. BD

18. No, unless you mean the "honey" secreted by the Cowper's glands (as lubricant ...). RJ

19. I usually use the mini-cum technique in a public washroom. I've done it as many as twelve times before really popping my nuts. I select a favorite stall where I can watch the young college studs at the urinals, mini-cum several times, and then quickly stand up, place my hot ass against the cold metal toilet stall partition and shoot my hot load all over the place. A super turn-on. SE

20. Yes. (circled 4 times)


T10: Have you ever NOT come after playing and jerking?

1. There have been times when I've jerked for what seems like hours, getting the repeated sensation of cuming and never shooting. This is probably due to having shot five or six times within the past half hour. MP

2. Yes, because I was tired; I felt frustrated. MW

3. On occasion I am interrupted. Sometimes I try to save it for later or for someone special. NK

4. Yes. Sometimes I know I'm going to be "free" for sex at night or in the afternoon and I'll jerk off a little just to "give in." But the cum is stronger and has more interest if you "save it" for about three days. I have j/oed with guys who saved it for a week and said that's when they got their hardest erections and strongest cums. They said it was "worth it" but I can rarely go that long. I need release every 2-3 days at the most or I get edgy. If I don't cum when I j/o, my balls ache and throb, and it takes about an hour to "cool down." Also I feel "hungry" for sex until I get it again. AC

5. Yes, sometimes I stop playing before I cum. NR

6. Sometimes I don't come because of too much beer, and this is mentally painful. VW

7. Sometimes, if I have had too much sex, and then I feel miserable. CO

8. Yes, in childhood and old age. EM

9. No. (circled 5 times)

10. Yes, sometimes I "over-tease" my cock so there's nothing left to get hard about. This is very frustrating, and sometimes I just jerk off when I'm soft, just to get the release. I try not to do this too often because it just doesn't feel wonderful. JO

11. O yes. I usually jerk myself to sleep, and when I wake up in the middle of the night, I start again. This way I have fun all night long. ST

12. When I was a young kid, I would sometimes J/O to several orgasms, during one session. The last one sometimes would not really have juice to shoot. But after I matured a bit, I would not do it so many times at one session. In other words, I have a lovely CUM each time. WB

13. Yes. I build up a bigger load that way, and my cock stays hard until I shoot. Also it makes my cock juice more. AR

14. Yes, very often not cum deliberately, want to prolong the cock play, and when I cum there is a time before I am ready to get hard again---therefore often do not cum even after playing and jerking and stroking. It feels good, but I find that when I am hard too long without cumming, I get "blue balls" or "stone gullion" or whatever name you have for the painful soreness in the balls (usually the left) which comes from long hard times and no cumming. CC

15. No, never! Once I get started in a session, that is the OBJECTIVE: to milk out a load of man juice! That's the name of the game, and the purpose for all the action, to milk your juice out! Right! TD

16. Sometimes I play with myself and don't come, but time and place is the usual reason, no special feelings. TN

17. Not cum often to save it for partner later or when have cum too often and just want fun of playing with cock. BM

18. No, I always intend to cum when I start j/o. VG

19. Rarely, if I'm tired. It's OK too. CD

20. I very seldom NOT cum when playing, but I have had that problem and when that happens my cock feels just dead. Just no good feeling at all. It is almost always because I'm doing it just to mess around with myself and I'm bored, sometimes I even lose interest in my self. KS

21. Yes, fairly often. I have the feel that it increases my pleasure when I start in again somewhat later; it leaves my nuts aching and full and heavy feeling---makes me horny. I love it! BD

22. Yes, to save up for a really good j/o, and it feels good---keeps me semi-hard till next time. RA

23. Not very often. RJ

24. Yes. (circled 4 times)