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T11 (Q1 responses): What do your cock, balls, and body FEEL like JUST BEFORE and AT orgasm?

1. Like heaven and about to explode and then exploding. BM

2. If I have had a good j/o session (3 hours or more), the first time I allow myself to touch my head is when I shoot. I have done all I can to engorge my head until at cum time it is swollen and very sore. I usually start by smoking pot and using poppers and then soaking my cock under the hot water tap in the bath tub and pulling forward so that the blood comes to my head. I most always use cock rings and one special one that I can a head ring, which fits behind my cock head and keeps it big and hot. At cum time I dip into some lubricant and give my engorged head a jerking like it's never had before. I can hardly get my hand around it. It will usually stay swollen for about eight to ten hours after a good session, and during that time I can come extra times. When it is like this I like to go to a porn flick or somewhere and get sucked off because it will take longer and the size of my swollen cock turns people on that ordinarily would pass me by. I find that a big head is one of the best turns ons for other people, whether j/o or sucking or whatever the activity. For so many years I have worked at getting my head swollen (each j/o session I make it bigger) that I now have a huge head even when my cock is flaccid. Sometimes when I am in a place where I can feel many cocks at one time (porn flick or baths), I find one with a head as large as mine, and we both know instinctively that a lot of enjoyable work has gone into the result we both share. When I was a small boy, I had been circumcised, but my fulltime ambition was to get the head so big that I couldn't pull the foreskin over it. Even though I had been circumcised my foreskin covered my head when my cock was not being jerked, and it was being jerked most of the time. Now my foreskin has been pulled only behind my head for so many years that it is impossible for me to pull it up over my head. But there are j/o sessions I have, when I try to make my shaft and skin covering it swell up (with hours of jerking and lots of very hot water), and I can get it so big that it will swell up over my cock head and stay that way for as long as twelve hours if I leave my cock ring on. When I have a session like this, I use a flexible cock ring so that I can be sure to be able to remove it when the session is over. So far, in my entire life, I have never found anyone who likes the extremely long j/o sessions that I do. I have gone for three days, jerking and dripping pre-cum, and jerking and coming to the point of shooting, and then putting my playmate away for however long it takes it to return to a flaccid state, and then bringing it out and starting all over. I do sometimes take short naps and get a little rest. Gradually my cock is so hot that all I need to do is barely touch it and it's already at a cum throb. I then like to put on tight pants and take walks with my swollen cock fitted tightly into my pants leg and let the cum juices show through my pants so people notice---this I guess is very masochistic. There are times when I can go for weeks without cuming---just beating my cock every day until the juices flow and then stopping. When I am in one of these periods, I wake up in the night and give it a good beating---even a little hot water session---pull the head up big and then go back to bed and to sleep. When I do finally come after a long beat off, my balls are up inside me and aching (which I love). One of my favorite games is to try to get my balls to ache. It really turns me on and hurts so much but so good. At orgasm I am usually high on pot and take a fresh popper and shoot into a mirror, and the orgasm is so intense that I shake all over for four or five minutes and have to lie down or fall down. I am very weak and trembly for about thirty minutes, and then I usually go to sleep for a little while to recover. I don't really like cuming as well as the masturbation. Anyone can come, but to hold off for hours or even days takes a pro. DP

3. Just before and at orgasm, I feel my most primal instincts coming to expression. I feel nothing but sheer ecstasy as I pass that point of no return and then shoot out my stuff. JD

4. Great. MB

5. JUST before orgasm, balls pull up to base of my cock. I usually pull them down and squeeze them hard. My cock then gets ROCK hard, and the head bulges. When I come, my body stiffens and my legs are right together and STRETCHED out. Tits are usually hard at this point and sensitive. All my heat concentrates in cock and balls, and at times I get really cold after orgasm. NC

6. The center of activity seems to swell even bigger momentarily, noticeably so (visually) as well as filling hand even more. The Dartos muscles also tighten, making sac seem thicker; all free-swinging motion is gone. Just before ejaculation, orgasmic feelings begin and, depending on position and control, surge through front of thighs, hips, calves, and right arm, strongest at wrist, ending about at elbow, and across shoulders and chest. Amazingly, the right forearm's participation in orgasm occurs even when left hand is the action agent. RJ

7. My cock, balls, and body feel eager as I approach orgasm. My hand moves faster and faster as my pleasure builds. Then as I come (CUM), I feel a great release of pressure. My brain is working also, and I catch my cum in my hand so that I can have the greatest pleasure of all. I raise it to my mouth and suck it into my mouth. Eating myself is the greatest fun of all. VG


9. The feeling just before I blast off starts in stages. First, there is a tingling sensation low between the base of my penis and my asshole, as the feeling grows, my scrotum starts to shrink and draws the balls to the base of my dick, which gives a kind of rippling effect---they also seem to grow cold. The sensations continue to grow and melt together as the cum starts to seep from the head of my dick. What started as a mild tingling has now become warm and cold alternating effect, as if someone was gently scratching my balls with their fingernails, a very pleasant feeling. By now my balls are drawn one to each side of my dick and held snug by the tightly shrunk bag. As the bag shrinks my dick swells, gaining about 3/4", and from it there seems to come a pulsing blast of sensations---everything that touches it makes it want to raise up and come. I grip my cock tighter so as to increase the amount of stimulation that I can get. At last the cum begins to shoot, a warm pulsing pumping action starts deep within my balls, the dick becomes very rigid and the head swells to full size. My back arches and I thrust my hips in sync to the demand of the beat-pump between my legs, and the cum shoots out, thick and hot, to land two or three feet away. My toes are pointed and my head is drawn back, and I smile as the waves of feeling pass over me and through me and under me, and my asshole throbs and moves as if it had a life of its own. After a minute or so I start to come down and all of the rushing, pumping, straining desires subside, and they are replaced by a relaxed warm feeling that can lull me to sleep in minutes. KS

10. Cock seems to burn; balls tingle with excitement; feels as if a huge spring is being wound up down under my nuts somewhere; tension gets worse and worse until the spring is released and glorious feeling of well-being sweeps over me during orgasm. BD

11. My body is prepared for shooting; my balls are tight and ready, and my cock is harder and larger than at any other time. NK

12. Good on both counts. WH


T12 (Q7 responses): Do males have masturbatory plateaus? How do you do it?

1. Dull question! Will power, I suppose? DP

2. Yes; Level off. MB

3. Yes. I usually jerk fast, then slow, then fast---coming to a higher plateau each time. Each plateau adds something different too: squeeze balls, work over tits, clothespins on body, fingers in ass, move over to mirror. NC

4. I'm not familiar with female plateaus, but if you are questioning sustaining orgasms, any information will be helpful, appreciated, and eagerly awaited. RJ

5. I do not; just a steady pressure to orgasm. VG

6. Yes, I really think so. In fact, I am sure that I myself DO have masturbatory plateaus of j/o love. WB

7. Do not understand the question. WH

8. I wouldn't know about that. KS

9. Yes, absolutely. For me the beginning is the most sensitive period. If I'm not careful, I'll shoot off after about 15 minutes; after about 30 minutes, I'm out of danger and can really beat my cock and revel in the great sensations I'm getting without too much fear of ejaculating. BD

10. I think that men have plateaus. When I am alone, and have the time, I will j/o till near coming, and then rest and let it subside and then repeat. Each time I rest and let it subside, and then get near coming, I reach a higher plateau. NK


T13 (Q12 responses): Can you cum without touching while being fist-fucked?

1. I could, but I don't like being fist-fucked. DP

2. No FF. MB

3. If fucked (not by fist) for long time, can come, and usually piss immediately after, without touching, but it takes about an hour. NC

4. No. RJ

5. Never been and never will be. VG

6. I have never had a F.F. experience as I think that you mean it, but I can have a very lovely orgasm by using small vibrators, etc, in my asshole, without touching my cock. WB

7. Yes. BN

8. Never had the experience. Don't want it, either. WN

9. I have never been F/F, that scares the hell out of me. KS

10. I've never been fist-fucked. BD

11. I have never been fist-fucked, but when I am fucked I must j/o. NK


T14 (Q14 responses): Did you ever try someone else's method of j/o? Like it? How did it feel?

1. I never knew of anyone else's method of j/o that I hadn't tried. Honey and flies, I love. Feeling the flies walk all around my cock---beautiful but slow. Good for part of a long session. DP

2. Yes; Fast; Great. MB

3. No, can only get off on my own---not so peculiar---method. NC

4. I will try ANYone else's technique once (if he shows me first). One example: ring of thumb and first two fingers gently, swiftly, and rather loosely over glans corona or the cockhead ridge with short strokes, an inch or less, and it feels good. Another example is using both hands at the same time (not too original), and it's just average. RJ

5. NO; I am a loner. VG

6. Yes, I do dearly love to experiment, as I previously said, if NO pain or cruelty is involved. I followed instructions as they were outlined to me in a letter or discovered in a magazine. Some were real GOOD, others just so-so. WB

7. Yes. Much faster and more violently, sort of like beating it into action or flailing. I didn't like it. WH

8. Yes, it's always a thrill to try a new method. BD

9. No. KS   NK

10. Yes, I enjoy it sometimes. CD


T10 (Q15 responses): Ever j/o so that the cum flew all over the place? How did it feel?

1. Boring! DP

2. Yes; Hot; Great. MB

3. At times have fucked a cantaloupe, a watermelon, a sponge with a slit in it: fill slit and baggie full of KY and put sponge between mattress and box spring: fucks like a soft ass. Good if the sponge is soaked in HOT water. I do get hard doing pushups, but beat off by hand. NC

4. Ass-pumping, but I like to be neat and not let cum fly all over. Some, occasionally, while exercising, but never while dancing. RJ

5. No. VG   NK

6. Yes. I felt real WILD, and thoroughly EXCITING. WB

7. Have done it standing on my head, hanging from a chinning bar by my legs, bridging two chairs with chest and feet, driving a car, on the subway. Have cum a number of times without using hands while doing exercises involving strenuous use of stomach muscles. That and wet dreams are the best orgasms I've ever had; very deep. WH

8. Sometimes I like to take the sheets off the water bed and pump my ass real slow with my dick covered in a lotion and rub it on the warm smooth plastic water mattress. KS

9. Yes, by rolling around on the bed, by dancing. Love to see the shower of white cumdrops! BD


T16 (Q19 responses): What would give you your ultimate j/o?

1. My ultimate j/o would be if my whole body would come just like my cock. I have come close to this sometimes when high on pot and poppers and coke and speed. I seldom have all this on hand at one time, but it makes for a complete orgasm, or helps. DP

2. All. MB

3. Leather/rubber wrapped around my body; domination and restraint/bondage. Some pain: wax, pins, belt/paddle. Piss and shit, at times. Porno movies. All at same time would be fantastic. NC

4. I don't know. If I did, I'd get and have them. As I said before, I'll try most anything once. RJ

5. No opinion. VG

6. Almost ANY porno sight, sound, smell, the touching of another lovely j/o loving cock, and sucking of a sexed-up, throbbing, j/o loving cock, while jacking my own. Reading j/o stories, watching real exciting porno movies, etc. The very ULTIMATE would be reading j/o stories illustrated with accurate photos, etc, especially if it was about others indulging in the lovely art-of-masturbation, gay love, etc. WB

6. My most unforgettable JO experience: Once two other guys and myself were fishing in a rather lonely secluded place. Holding the long fishing poles got us to thinking about our cocks. One thing led to another. Then we decided to attach our fishing lines to our cocks and pretend they were our fishing poles. They are all good and hard, of course, as we stood there with our lines dangling from them. I got a bit on my line, and I remember that pull on my cock to this day. I caught the fish. Needless to say, we were all so turned on by this stunt that we HAD to jerk off. I can still see the cum from our three very long cocks shooting out and plopping down onto the water. JD

7. The sight of young men and boys shooting their wad really turns me on, and the gentle touch of another person is also a great turn-on. KS

8. Not sure what to put here. BD

9. Pictures of young boys in magazines aid my higher plateau jerkoffs; however, seeing a naked boy in person or watching him j/o would give me the highest plateau---the ultimate. NK


T17 (Q28) responses: Do you like to be sucked off and fed back your own cum? How many?

1. YES! I would like to deal with as many cums at once as either my mouth would hold or as many as someone else's mouth would hold. I love being sucked off with someone else in the same mouth. DP

2. Yes; Hot; Two. MB

3. YES. I like being at the baths and doing a number of guys one after the other---4 or 5. Usually they've been playing so much that they come right away, and I get fast loads one after the other. NC

4. Never has happened; Don't know; Deal with in what way? Shooting onto me by other guys, or me having consecutively, or me getting other guys? Answers vary, and could depend upon immediate circumstances in each situation. RJ

5. Not if I am going to eat my cum that I want to j/o for. If I am going to be sucked off, then let him do what he wants with it. If I suck him off, I want to swallow or spit as I feel. Don't go for kissing. VG

6. Yes. I really do not know what this activity is called. Several. WB

7. Yes, trading cum. 10 or 12. BM

8. YES, 3 or 4

9. No, don't know. WH

10. I don't think that I would mind the sucking and the cumming part, BUT after the sexual fire has subsided I don't think that I'd care to have my cum back, least of all in my mouth. That's kinda like rimming someone and all they do is drop their drawers without any foreplay; it is not much of a turn-on. KS

11. Yes! Snowballing, isn't it? As many as possible. BD

12. No, I usually like one partner at a time. NK

13. YES, exchanging loads (?); as many as possible. CD


N: Names: give as many names as you know for these and any other good words.



Baby maker
Fuck tool
Hot rod
Love machine
Man tool
Slip stick
Tube steak


N2: J/O

Beat your meat
Choke the chicken
Doin' your thing
Get your rocks off
Jack off
Lope the mule
Mess around
Milk your dick
Paint the pole
Play with
Pound the pud
Pull off
Pull your pud
Shoot my load
Shoot off
Swing off
Walk the dog
Whack off


N3: CUM (noun)

Baby juice
Ball juice
Joy juice
Love juice
Pearly nectar
Pleasure fluid
Squirt water


N4: JUICE (noun)

Clear love-juice
Gold drops
Head lube
Lube juice
No-baby juice
Pecker lube
Prick lobe
Seminal fluid



Family jewels
Handful of goodies
Love beads
Three-piece set



Furry bush
Pubic hair



Bung hole
Fuck hole
Rear end


N9: CUM (verb)

Blasting off
Busting my nuts
Cracking my nuts
Cumming a load
Cumming off
Dropping a load
Fucking it out
Getting off
Letting go
Losing it
My balls are exploding
Popping my nuts
Pulling it off
Pumping off
Shooting my load
Shooting my wad
Shooting off
Spurting my juice
Throwing it



Milk holders


N10: JUICE (verb)

Getting wet
Leaking with love



Blasting off
Cumming out
It's jerking out



Burst head
Drop your load
Shoot load



Exchanging loads
Trading cum


F: How often and when?

1. I jack off often, usually every day, even if I don't let myself cum. Sometimes I jack off twice a day. To the question "How often would I like to jack off." I have to answer, as often as my cock feels full, and my hand feels drawn to it. (This is often.) DS

2. I j/o whenever and almost wherever I get the urge. I usually wake up in the morning with a throbber and immediately stroke it. At night before I go to sleep I stroke it. Sometimes when I come home from work I j/o after watching some of the young boys at work. Sometimes I have to do it after shopping because I see something really good. Often while driving, I'll see a nice basket on the street and have to do it. Naturally, when I see two or more dudes doing it in the park and I don't want to disturb them, I go off into the bushes and pound it. MP

3. I have a lover so I still jack off about twice a week. BW


F1: How often j/o in a week?

1. 6-7 times, but there's never any set pattern. When I jerk off EVERY night, it becomes a bit too much of a routine, so sometimes I'll jerk 3 times in 2 days, then skip a day or so. It also depends who I'm with; sometimes I'll only have sex with someone and not J/O. JO

2. I suppose that I will average about three, or sometimes four times in a week. Depends on how many times I become inspired and/or stimulated. WB

3. 3 or 4 times. AR

4. 2 to 3 times now (am getting older and want to save up). CC

5. 10. PS

6. Varies, but generally I jerk off about three times a week. TN

7. 4-5 times, but I get it up and play with it 20 times per week, without a cum. BM

8. Aged 9-17: 5-8 times a day; 18-27: once or twice a day. Aged 27-55 married, but whenever had opportunity: love J/O. VG

9. Usually about five times a week on an average, sometimes more and sometimes less. TD

10. Usually about 10-12: normally, once in the morning before getting out of bed, and then practically every evening (but not quite all of them), and, on occasion, during the middle of the day, and if I wake during the night and don't get right back to sleep, j/o relaxes me and then I fall asleep again. RJ

11. Most answers were just written into the questionnaire: 3-6; 10; 1-2/day; 6; 5; 15-20; 1 or 2, rarely 3/day; 4; 3/4; at 20, 15 times, at 60, 3 times; 3-4; 10; 4-5; 2-3; 4-7; 3-4; 4-5; 10; 4; 10-12. And three responses gave the SAME answers to F1 and to F2: 14-20, 2-3, and 20 times a week.


F2: How often would you LIKE j/o in a week?

1. If I had a cute teen with me I'd j/o constantly! MP

2. 50 times. JD

3. All day long every day, if it was up to me. ST

4. I do J/O as many times as I want to, but I believe in QUALITY, as much as in QUANTITY. WB

5. With some of the sexy guys I see on the street I could jerk off every 5 minutes! AR

6. At least every day, fantasy would make it at least twice or more a day. CC

7. 50. PS

8. I would like to j/o much more than I do. TN

9. 20 times if I could. BM

10. Would like it to be continuous. VG

11. Ideally, it would be wonderful to be able to jack off about twice a day regularly, as a steady diet, which would be 14 times per week. TD

12. Oh, I guess that I j/o about as many times as I like, but I wish I had more time in the morning for longer sessions so I could get much longer pleasure. RJ

13. Other answers from questionnaire: 12-14; 14; 7; 10; 7; 20 or more; all day, everyday; many more; all the time; 10-20, 10-14, and three who said 20.


F3: How often j/o at maximum activity?

1. In high school I used to J/O every night and every morning, so that would be 14. JO

2. Twice a day. JD

3. 2-3 times a day for a week or so. ST

4. I do believe that each one of my J/O orgies are at maximum activity. WB

5. Twice a day. AR

6. Maximum once a day. CC

7. 20. PS

8. When I get the right mood, time, and circumstances, I reach a maximum of 3 or 4 times during the night, and during a 24-hour period I have j/o as much as 5 or 6 times. This is for the past few years. I do not remember my ancient history well enough to recall any "super-cum" days. TN

9. 7 times when I was 21, one night. BM

10. Aged 9-17: 5-8 times a day. VG

11. Usually, maximum activity is once per day for a total of seven times per week. TD

12. 25-30/wk. RA

13. Other short answers were: 8/wk; 4x; 5; 5; 2/session; 3 or 4; 4x day; 2; 2/day; 2-3; 2; 3-4; 4-5; 7-12/wk.


F4: How often do you cum in one session?

1. I cum as many times as I want in a session. MP

2. When I was younger, three or four times in one session, but now only once. NK

3. Before it was usually twice or even three times, but now usually only once. JO

4. Once. JD

5. Once. ST

6. Usually I will only cum once at one session, but sometimes if I am unusually "sexed-up" one orgasm will not satisfy my sexual libido, and my cock will torment me for at least one more sweet "one." WB

7. Once. AR

8. Normally once once, but if really turned on or excited, twice. CC

9. 2 or 3. PS

10. 5 times. BW

11. Usually once, but I recently came three times in one session with myself; it lasted about 12 hours. TN

12. Usually once or twice. BM

13. Could cum twice on same hard aged 9-17. VG

14. Usually only once, but occasionally, if the stimulus is particularly heavy and personal, then twice. But this really does not happen frequently. TD

15. In mornings, only once, but when I have more time I usually go for two, sometimes three, rarely four. I used to be able to get more, up to six, but haven't recently tried. RJ

16. Other short answers: 2-3; 3-4; now once; 5; 1-4, but about 8 said 1-2; 6 said 1; 5 said 2.


F5: What's the MOST times in one session?

1. Once I was determined to break my old record of 5, so I jerked off 6 times in the space of our hour. The last few times were strains, and nothing came out the last time at all. JO

2. Six. JD

3. Three. ST

4. Gosh, I really don't know. As I said previously, I do love to sort of prolong my J/O pleasures. I much prefer to prolong ONE orgasm, instead of permitting my cock to reach an orgasm several times. As I just said in F4, sometimes I will be really sexed-up for some reason, and then my cock will insist on a quick orgasm, and then settle down to a real sweet and very lovely second orgy of prolonged J/O joy. Within the past three or four months, I do remember having to bring my cock to three lovely orgasms, before it would calm down and behave itself. That was at one session. WB

5. Three. AR

6. Twice. CC

7. Five. PS

8. Five. BW

9. When I was about 16 or 17, I once spent three hours in the bathroom jerking off over a picture in a comic book. I came about 10 or 12 times. NK

10. By myself I have had 3-5 orgasms. With other guys I have come 5 or 6 times an evening, and over a whole session (a day or more), I probably have managed to cum about 8 times with other guys. TN

11. Seven. BM

12. Three or four. VG

13. I think three is probably the most I can recall, even as a teenager or young adult. TD

14. 7-8. CD

15. Other short answers: 5x when 19; 1 said 2; 9 said 3; 2 said 4; I said 5; I said 5-6; one said 6?; two said 6!


F6: How long can you keep one erection?

1. Once I timed it to see how long I could keep on the plateau between "ready to come" and coming, aiming at an hour. It was hard work, but I did it. Once at the baths I stayed up for over an hour, but since I wasn't watching the time, I don't know how long it was. JO

2. Without cumming, all night long. ST

3. My cock will always stay nice and hard for as long as I want it to. THAT has never been a problem, YET---of course, if I digress in my thoughts, or thinking, my cock will become a bit soft after a time. WB

4. Until I cum. AR

5. 15 to 20 minutes, then soft for a while, then up again. CC

6. One hour. PS

7. About 12 hours. BW

8. I can hold an erection for a long time. By myself it will stay hard as long as I work on it; with someone in bed it will stay hard as long as they are naked next to me, and my prick will stay hard all night (or at least be hard whenever I wake up), and if the session is a good one, I will stay hard even after I have cum. TN

9. As long as I stroke it, 2 hours perhaps. BM

10. Now minutes, then hours. VG

11. Usually as long as a session lasts, which is often over an hour. Most often, however, as soon as I unload, the erection diminishes slowly. TD

12. Never tried for really long time, but, if given proper attention, 22 hours, maybe more. RJ

13. Short answers: 1 said hours; 2 said 1 hour; 1 said 30 minutes; 1 said 45 minutes; 4 said 2 hours; 1 said 2-3 hours; 4 said 3 hours; one said all evening.


F7: How long is the FASTEST you've ever cum?

1. Someone sucked on me once when I was very hot and I came in about 30 seconds. But J/O usually takes longer because I want to play more. Quickest maybe 3 minutes. JO

2. 10 seconds. JD

3. Less than a minute (unusual). ST

4. If I am unusually sexed-up, my cock will quickly reach an orgasm with only a very few strokes, if I do not "hold it back." Probably ten or fifteen seconds. WB

5. Five minutes. AR

6. About two short strokes when turned on with a cock in my mouth and one in my ass at the same time. Being pissed on also makes it shorter. CC

7. Two minutes. PS

8. About one minute. BW

9. I remember once, years ago, I timed my j/o, from the time my prick was hard and I started to pump until I shot my load. It took 27 seconds. This was a long time ago and I certainly cannot match this now. If I tried and was excited, I could j/o in about 12 or 2 minutes. Oddly enough, the second time I j/o often is quicker. TN

10. After visual stimulation, about 5 seconds after touching it. BM

11. Split second. VG

12. Probably the fastest I've cum has been in about 3 to 5 minutes with good vibes and situation. TD

13. The fastest I've ever cum was about one minute. I had been eyeing this stud I was working with all day and had a hell of a time concealing my hard-on. As soon as I got in my car, I slipped out my cock and began stroking it, but I shot my load almost instantly. SE

14. Other short answers: 2 minutes or 30 strokes; 30 sec; 2 min; 1 min; 15 sec; 20 sec; 5 min; 2 min; 10 sec; 1 min; 5 sec; 5 min; 5 sec; 10 sec; 3-4 strokes; 1 min; 15 min; 3-4 min.


F8: The SLOWEST you've ever cum?

1. I was on vacation alone and didn't want to do anything one day, so I sat in a chair and tried jerking off with only one finger, moving very slowly, without tensing the muscle at the base of the cock. It took something like two hours for a completely new sensation. JO

2. One hour. JD

3. Hours and hours. ST

4. As I have indicated previously, I do "go" for prolonged J/O fun, and pleasure. I would say that I have made one continuous J/O playtime last, without permitting an orgasm, for at least an hour, maybe longer. That is one reason that I use a real nice J/O cream, to prevent my cock from becoming a bit sore after a prolonged playtime. As I also said previously, I do use a mouthful of saliva now and then to supplement the J/O cream, although the cream will last for as long as I desire it to, while as we all know our spit will dissipate real soon. When I was a young kid, our spit was all of the lubricating we knew about. WB

5. Two hours. AR

6. Slowest was after already having cum two times in succession, getting turned on again and being sucked for about 30 minutes. CC

7. One hour. PS   VG

8. About 12 hours. BW

9. Once this past winter I was sleeping in a room with a very attractive man (we were each in a twin bed). While he slept, I managed to jerk off nearly all night, admiring his hairy body. I held back from shooting no less than nine times during the evening and, needless to say, when my friend awoke, we didn't have to hold back a tenth time. TN

10. Two hours. BM

11. Probably no longer than about an hour or thereabouts. TD

12. The slowest I've ever cum was an extended session involving a letter written to a j/o buddy of mine. I started writing and stroking at the same time and two hours later had managed to complete both tasks without interruption. SE

13. 4-5 hrs. CD

14. 4 hrs. BD

15. 5 hrs. RZ

16. Other short answers: 3 hrs; 2 hrs; 2 hrs; about 5 hours when I have the time; 10-15 min; 2 hrs; 1 hr; 1 hr; 15-20 min; all evening; 4 hrs; 2 hrs; 3 hrs; 1.5 hrs.


F9: Does your cock feel best with little or much j/o?

1. The ideal space of time between orgasms seems to be about 4 days. Then, the orgasm is greatly desired, very sexy, and with most come. But it's hard to keep away for 4 days. JO

2. At least every other day. JD

3. Everything goes better with a lot of jacking. ST

4. My cock feels beat if I don't discipline myself and over-do a good thing. As I said previously, I love QUALITY more than QUANTITY. WB

5. Much J/O. Over a period of one day with now and then playing and jerking. AR

6. My cock feels best with medium amount of J/O---about once a day. CC

7. Much. PS

8. Feels better with occasional jack off, jack off fast, then fantasize, play, then jack off more, etc. BW

9. My cock feels better with much jerking off---the longer the J/O the better it feels. NK

10. I love sex with men; I love to j/o; what is too much? Honestly I cannot imagine too much, but I guess we do have our ups and downs and there are periods of more and less activity. My cock always feels best when I am in the mood to j/o. Time is usually the thing that stops my j/o. TN

11. Feels best without too much; better before first cum of the day. Best with no more than one cum per day. BM

12. Would love to have the vitality of my youth. VG

13. My cock feels best with the most activity, strong, heavy, and forceful. The ideal situation in life would probably be to be in an endless masturbation situation, with the cock being massaged continually, endlessly working up to an ejaculation! What could ever be greater? TD

14. Much as possible. (written 3 times)

15. Not too much. (written 2 times)

16. Gets too sore with more than 4 hours a day. CD

17. My cock feels best when I leave it alone for about 3 or 4 days. KS

18. An hour or two makes it feel super for the rest of the day. BD

19. The more I j/o the better it feels. RA

20. It likes the exercise. RJ

21. My cock feels best after a slow, teasing j/o session in which I maintain an erection and do not cause irritation. Ideal time for me seems to be about an hour. SE


F10 (Q18 responses): Can you shoot "on demand"?

1. Depends upon the circumstances. DP

2. Yes. MB

3. No; have to work up to it. If my tits are worked over ROUGHLY and my balls stretched to hurt, I can come 3-4 times in a row if the pain is kept up. NC

4. Never tried, but I doubt it; delays are possible, of course, but as for picking exact moment, I'm skeptical. RJ

5. No. VG

6. Possibly five to ten minutes. WB

7. I can shoot on demand in one minute if I'm really horny. JD

8. Yes, one minute on time. EL

9. Probably one minute as a general rule. WH

10. No. KS

11. More or less. BD

12. Ten minutes generally---one minute if extremely hot. NK


F11 (Q29 responses): Are you interested in breaking records?

1. I have always dreamed of j/o sessions with contests: hold off, quickest, repeats, increase in cock size. Shaving myself or others during a session, trying to get the longest instrument up the cock slit. To beat my cock until it's bloody or seeing someone else do this would be fantastic. I have had blood while beating off---it's a turn on, but if I'm anticipating getting sucked off later in the session, my cock is so sore that I don't enjoy the suck off. To stand in the woods where mosquitoes are thick and expose only my cock and get my cock bitten a hundred times so that it itches beyond endurance is a once-a-year j/o. It will stay swollen and hot for several days if I get enough bites. It's great to watch those little devils drink your blood and get fat and red and fly away and leave a little hump behind which will gradually swell up and itch. I have had as many as twenty mosquitoes on my cock at one time. Has to be the right time of season and the right time of day. I'd like to watch someone else do this with me. I have had strangers send me condoms full of cum from all over the country. I wear the condoms around my cock. I finally break them open and use the cum as shoot-off lubricant. A photo of the donor helps; the fantasy is delicious. I was so young when I had my first jerk-off that I can't remember when it was nor how old I was exactly. I used to teach every other little boy I could find how to j/o when I was a child. Some were frightened and others caught right on---probably had done it before anyhow. I used to j/o in school with my hand in my bottomless pants pocket. Eight j/os in one day is my record. One minute my shortest time; three days my longest time at concentrated j/o. I prefer j/o to any other method of cuming. Strange isn't it? Even the sound of my hand beating my swollen cock turns me on. Ever tie a string around your cock head and tie the other end of a branch of a tree blowing in the breeze? Good for a long session. DP

2. Yes. MB   RJ

3. No, NC  VG  WB  WH

4. I like to be in contests where each guy sees who can come in the shortest time, or come most often in a session. JD

5. I'm afraid not. I seem to be the average, seven inches and not too fancy. KS

6. Not necessarily. BD

7. I am looking for no records to break, just enjoyment. NK