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P1: Do you like someone to watch you j/o?

1. I very much enjoy having someone watch me jack off. They are usually jacking off or playing with my nipples, which I find very exciting. DS

2. Yes, I like someone to watch me j/o. As many as want to are welcome. I prefer young dudes, between 13 and 17 who are really horny. It's better yet if they are wearing tight pants so I can watch their cocks grow as mine gets more excited. I like to watch the dudes begin feeling themselves, then each other, then pull out their meat, stroke their own, stroke each other, and finally go at it, either fucking, sucking or jacking off on each other. MP

3. Only if they join me, usually one. NK

4. I used to have a man who would give me massages. He would lay me on my stomach and give me a back massage. He would be stripped to the waist. Then he would turn me over and massage my front. He would work on my chest until my tits were hard. He'd go into my armpits and I would lay there with my hands behind my head. Then he would play around with my pubic hair. He would grease his hand then with baby oil and work my hard cock up and down. I would usually rub his chest and he would work my cock until I'd cum. NR

5. Yes, two 18, 19, 20 year olds; they j/o and shoot biggest wads! RF

6. I always jerk off alone, and would like someone to watch me. VW

7. Yes, never more than one so far: a hustler or a friend watching films. DO

8. Not unless they are too. CO

9. At an orgy. EM

10. No. AC  NB

11. Only if I feel very comfortable with the person, so I wouldn't usually do it a first time. But when I get to know a person, and he's into his cock and likes me watching him, I can get off on having someone watching me jerking off. JO

12. Yes, several, and they're doing the same thing. JD

13. J/O with a small group is the real turn-on. I like to watch others J/O themselves and each other, while I jerk myself or somebody else does it. I like them to shoot on me, so that I can rub the cum into my chest and stomach hair and use it as a lubricant on my own cock. ST

14. Yes, I do like for others to watch my cock respond so sweetly, if they are also "into" the J/O scene with me. I want them to also be playing with their cocks. It will almost always inspire and stimulate my cock to be watched by another J/O lover or by others of the same mind. WB

15. Yes, male partner, jerking off also. AR

16. Yes, as many as want to. I am into baths and gang scenes with lots of raunchy activity to turn me on. They can be j/o themselves, fucking, sucking, getting sucked, rimmed or fucked, or just watching. I am not very inhibited. CC

17. Yes, any amount, all men, jacking off or just watching. BW

18. Yes, any number. JN

19. Yes, 2 or 3, J/O also, with me or others. MW

20. Yes, all guys jerking off. PS

21. Yes, I enjoy having a person watch me j/o. The more the better, but I have seldom had the chance with more than one other. They should be men about my own age (50's), and I much prefer a hairy body and a balding head, and the person should not be thin. I derive no pleasure from a young person, under 35: they are a turn-off for me. When a person watches me j/o, I hope he is enjoying himself as much as I am. TN

22. Yes, a crowd, friends or strangers who are also engaged in the same type of sexual activity. BM

23. I'm always alone, but I would like to be able to watch guys j/o and would like to j/o men if they would like me to play with their cocks. VG

24. OF COURSE! Any number can watch, from one to a dozen! The more the better. Friends or guys just getting together for the express purpose of jacking OFF together. And the best situation would be for the guys watching to be jacking themselves off at the same time. TD

25. Yes, have had only one person at a time watch me jack off, but would enjoy doing it for a group. It's usually with my lover watching; he jacks off too. CD

26. I like to have people watch me, but only one or two and they are also j/o'ing with me. KS

27. Yes, the more the merrier---anyone who is really fascinated by what a guy can get out of his own cock. I like them to be so turned on by watching me that they fondle and play with their own swollen cocks. BD

28. I really enjoy having other guys watch me j/o. The number is not important, but sometimes I really turn on when I can put on a special show for just one other guy. I enjoy it especially if they also j/o while watching me. SE

29. Yes. (written 6 times)

30. Yes, with a few buddies. MB

31. Others j/o (written 4 times)


P2: Do you like to watch someone J/O?

1. I love to watch someone jack off, as many as possible with beautiful cocks that they enjoy. If a person has a beautiful cock but does not "get into it," it is not exciting for very long. (No pun intended.) DS

2. Yes, I love to watch others jack off, especially young boys. MP

3. Yes, lots. MW

4. VERY much, as many as possible. NK

5. I have and it's good. I've been the one to jack them off, lying next to them naked. NR

6. I would love to watch someone else jerk off, that is my aim in this letter. I certainly will jerk together and get the feel of someone's lovely smooth big cock. VW

7. Yes, as many as possible, anyone reasonably good looking j/oing too. DO

8. Yes, I like to watch myself j/o. NB

9. No. (written 3 times)

10. Yes. See U. fantasies. JO

11. Yes, several men doing the same thing. JD

12. Yes, very much. No limit on the number. I dearly love to see them reach a lovely J/O HIGH. WB

13. Yes, male partner, doing the same. AR

14. Love to watch a guy jacking off, but love it even better when the cock is in my mouth. The more the merrier! I am stroking my own cock, or sucking an asshole or a cock and watching (sometimes a little hard to do), but love to see cocks in action in any way. CC

15. Yes, any amount, all men, jacking off or just watching. BW

16. Yes, two or three others. While I J/O at the same time. Usually well-built funky guys who are only interested in themselves, when I am a disconnected observer. Or all are into one another and it's a "cross J/O" where everyone does another guy and never touches himself. AC

17. I love to watch men j/o. They may or may not realize I am watching, but I will get excited. Here again I prefer older men as above. Any activity is OK with me, even watching them urinate; or if not j/o, just to watch and stare at crotches of men I would like to have a session with. TN

18. Good God, YES! It's an endlessly exciting sight; it's something that I will NEVER get my fill of, and the more the better. Again, from one to a dozen. Always get an enormous charge out of watching total strangers beat their meat. What am I doing while I watch? The same thing: beating my meat! TD

19. As many as possible---they're jacking off, pissing on me, and coming on me. CD

20. I always like to watch others j/o, any number, and I hope that they start with the clothes on and strip while pumping their puds. KS

21. I groove on watching someone else j/o and can equally enjoy watching one or more at the same time as long as I can see each one shoot. Invariably I would also j/o while watching. SE

22. A few buddies. MB

23. Other short answers: How many? 1; 2; 50. What are they doing? J/O (written 4 times); J/O, what else?; orgy.


P3: How do you like them to shoot?

1. I love to watch people shoot on me while standing over me. Sometimes I've had people jack off into my foreskin, which is exciting also. DS

2. I like to see boys shoot, especially into my mouth. Of course, I go wild too when I see boys shoot into each other's mouths. No matter where a dude shoots it's enjoyable since I can share the feeling with them. MP

3. On themselves or in the air. NR

4. I'd like someone to shoot on me. VW

5. Since I like to watch, I want to see them shoot into the air onto themselves or onto me. But that's sad, because I also like to feel a shooting cock throb in my mouth and throat. JO

6. Yes, I do love for them to have a beautiful orgasm. As to where I like to see them shoot, whatever they desire. In the air, in my mouth, on themselves, or I do love, very much, to feel that nice warm gissm anywhere on my own body, especially on my own cock. WB

7. Yes, on me. AR

8. LOVE to see a cock shoot, but must admit that the very best if to have a cock shoot in MY mouth. If they shoot on me or on others, I want to be able to lick it off. CC

9. No, not until I do. BW

10. Yes, any of these. Prefer in my mouth. Sometimes I suggest it. It's a shame to waste it in the air, but if it lands on one of us, we can always lick it off. AC

11. Of course I like to watch them shoot, any way they like best. It is a thrill to see a load of cum shoot out of a prick. If I can get my mouth there, so much the better; if not, I like to lick up what I can: from their hands, prick, balls, or stomach. I love to rub cum on myself, especially my tits and under my balls. TN

12. Yes: air, mouth, face, hair, belly, tits, balls, cock, window pane, drinking glass, condom (and suck it out). BM

13. Good God, YES! The more the better! The most beautiful sight in all of life as far as I'm concerned is the sight of a cock being primed and eventually shooting out a load of cream! They can shoot it ANYWHERE! In the air, into a jock, into a rubber, into a container to be deposited in the freezer for later use, on themselves, on me, into my mouth SOMETIMES (depending on who it is!), in short, nearly anywhere! TD

14. I prefer it in my mouth or on my face or body, but any ejaculation is beautiful. BD

15. I really turn on to a stud who stands over me while I'm laying on my back and then have him shoot his hot load in my face. SE

16. Yes (written 8 times).

17. In the air (circled 6 times)

18. In your mouth (circled 7 times)

19. On themselves (circled 5 times)

20. On you (circled 8 times)


P4: Do you j/o with a group?

1. I have had threesomes, but have not really been part of a j/o group often. The fantasy is very exciting, however. DS

2. No, I don't jack off with a group---where I live it's impossible to get a group going because of the conservative nature of the area and recent witch hunts. I'd really enjoy a jack-off group. MP

3. No, but would like to. DO

4. No. (circled 6 times)

5. Yes, every other week, 6 in group for 2-3 hours. JD

6. Yes, whenever I have a chance. Where? Well, in a hotel, or motel room, in one of the guys' apartments, etc. The number will, of course, vary. Sometimes only one other will be present, and sometimes as many as four or five. How long? Well, if the group is especially sexed-up and uninhibited. my cock will WANT more than one orgasm. I can very easily have at least THREE GOOD ONES, if all in the group are really lovers of the J/O scene. WB

7. No, have never gotten enough people together for a strictly J/O session. AR

8. Not often with a group, but would love it if I could find such a group. CC

9. Since I have a lover I do not jack off with a group, but would like to privately. BW

10. No fixed group. I'd like to find one. It's sometimes "less involved" and more fun if you don't know any of the other guys. So I like the baths in every city I visit where guys can J/O together with no commitment. This enhances the "mystique." AC

11. I haven't but I would love a group situation, as often as possible, anywhere that is safe. The size of the group is not too important, but the makeup would be: they must be adult and responsible people and must love male sex in all its ways---that is, except hurting each other. TN

12. Not regularly. BM

13. Yes, occasionally, although I probably slightly prefer it to be on a one-to-one basis, but I really enjoy three-ways if the vibes are good and the guys in tune to each other. TD

14. Yes, about every few months. I'd love to belong to a group that met on a fairly regular basis though. I was once in a group of about 8, now I jack off with two or three other guys when we can all arrange to get together. We always go on for a couple of hours. BD

15. My pad, 2-4 guys, evening long. MB

16. 4 guys, 2-4 hours. RA

17. Yes (circled 2 times).


P5: Do you j/o with members of your own family?

1. I have never jacked off with members of my immediate family, though my brother has a large and beautiful penis that I am sure I would enjoy, but I have jacked off with a cousin of mine. I find this idea of jacking off with a brother or a twin very exciting. DS

2. I've never had brothers and few cousins, so the opportunity to do it with family hasn't been there. MP

3. I used to with my cousin. NR

4. No. (circled 6 times)

5. NO, absolutely NOT. WB

6. Have on occasion with my son, but have to limit it because of the hazard of getting caught. CC

7. Yes, nephew in a wine cellar. PS

8. No, but would like to with some of the young guys (15-30). AC

9. No, I am the only boy. TN

10. No, it never happened, but there were cousins that I would like to have jacked off with, as well as uncles (very much!). Also have always been fascinated by the father-son scene where the two have a long standing relationship where they both jack and suck each other off. The impact of a father drinking his son's sperm as well as the son taking his father's juice is incredibly fascinating. I've only personally known one guy who had this rare privilege. TD

11. I have never j/o'ed with anyone in my family, except I did it to my nephew while he was sleeping; he was 12 and nothing happened. KS


P6: How many cocks have you played with at one time?

1. I've played with three cocks at one time. Sucking the one in the middle and feeling the other two, stroking them until the moaning of the boy in the middle made them shoot in my face. MP

2. Six, it felt great at the baths. MW

3. Two or three. In the public toilets. It feels great to make someone cum. NK

4. 10-12. JN

5. Two; I was between them and we were all naked. It was heavenly. NR

6. In my younger life I played with my friend's cock and enjoyed it. VW

7. A few times, two. DO

8. Two, great. CO

9. Three, good. EM

10. One. NB

11. Four, felt great. JD

12. I think that perhaps I have participated at parties and maybe played with five cocks. I might say, that again I prefer quality rather than quantity. In other words, I prefer to concentrate on one other cock, with mine, at one time. Perhaps I should have said, not more than one other cock at one time. How did it feel? Itttt feeeeelllsss GREAT---I love ittttt. WB

12. Two, very exciting. AR

13. Four seems to be about my top limit, but I would love to play with more. Have often had two cocks in my mouth at one time and have on some occasions had both shoot off in my mouth (where it OUGHT to be!). But I have sucked off one cock, played with another two, one with each hand, and had one guy rubbing up against my face with another cock. Unfortunately, it is hard to physically get too many cocks at the same time. It feels tremendous. CC

14. Three: J/O two and suck one. PS

15. Five at one time, at the baths, sucking, fucking, etc; it felt fantastic. One in my mouth, one in my ass, and three to play with and jack off. BW

16. Three at once was my limit. One in each hand and one in my mouth---a REAL turn-on. AC

17. On a few occasions I have been in a threesome: it was great. As I remember, we all sucked each other and j/o each other; we also rimmed and sometimes fucked up the arse, besides lots of kissing and caressing. TN

18. Two---one in each hand---while sucking and being sucked, great. BM

19. Hard to say! One only has two hands! Have been to orgies where there have been as many as forty guys, all jacking off together and much changing of partners and hands. TD

20. 3 or 4---at the baths, wow! CD

21. I have played with only two cocks at one time. Things got as bit confusing and I didn't enjoy it as much as with one cock. KS

22. 3 or 4---it felt very thrilling. BD

23. One (written 5 times).

24. Two (written 4 times).

25. Two or three (written 2 times).

26. Three (written 2 times).


P7: What's the most exciting thing you've done with someone else's cock in j/o?

1. It happened with a school buddy. I stroked him slowly until he was almost ready and then pushed my hand around the base and watched his cock throb until he couldn't stand it and then finger-fucked him till he shot. MP

2. I like to stand behind him, grab hold of his beautiful rod, place my rod between his legs near his nuts, and work my rod by thrusting, while I work his meat. MW

3. Lie there naked and play with it. NR

4. Let a friend lie on top of me and put his cock between my legs. VW

5. Tied his balls up in leather. EM

6. I "let myself GO" when I get carried away during a beautiful J/O orgy. I guess the most exciting thing was at a J/O party where there were a couple of gals present that were "into the J/O scene," and during the party one guy stuck his cock into one of the gals' cunts and I gently pulled it out, sucked the pussy juice from it, and then JACKED it to a lovely orgasm and received that stimulating juice in my own mouth while the gal jacked me off and received my J/O juice in her mouth. WB

7. Bang their cock in my face and have them rub their balls over my mouth, also rimming with the other one jerks off. AR

8. Real excitement is to have a cock sucked to readiness, then go down to balls, eat out asshole, and then work back up to cock, lick around head, tongue pisshole and have cock explode in mouth, and then keeping cock in my mouth while it goes down slowly, have a beautiful warm load of piss. That's what I call exciting, but not too many guys are into the piss aspect of the scene. Another excitement was having a guy ask me to bite his cock and balls HARD and I mean hard, it was like eating them. He loved it and shot a great big load, but most guys can't take that, so I never BITE UNLESS ASKED. CC

9. Lick a neat asshole while he fucks with my tits and jacks off. PS

10. The most exciting was with a "skin guy" (uncut) where I would pull his long foreskin down over his cock and close off the cock, then nibble on the skin, keeping the cock sheathed, and NEVER letting it back or loose. Uncuts fall into two categories on this: one group can't stand having their cocks sheathed and want it drawn back to "feel it." But it "turns on" lots of uncuts---particularly those with long loose overhanging skin---and drives them to a cum very very soon (within five minutes). So I know for these guys it's a great technique. AC

11. If j/o refers only to using the hand, then some of the more exciting times have been: In a darkened theatre it is a real thrill to j/o someone where silence is necessary, and it is delicious to feel a guy's cum run down your hand; or to j/o someone slowly pulling the foreskin off the head and then back over until they are trembling with pleasure. Of course if j/o includes sucking, fucking, and water sports, there are many other great times, but this will probably be in another section. TN

12. Shot cum into my mouth and sucked it out. BM

13. Being a totally dedicated jack-off freak, the most exciting thing I've ever done with another guy's cock is to grease it up and slowly masturbate it to climax. That's probably, without question, the greatest! TD

14. The most exciting thing for me now is to rim my lover while he sucks himself. CD

15. The best thing that I do with a cock is to have my partner rub his cock up and down on my chest while I stick my finger in his ass and j/o my own dick. KS

16. Rubbed it against my own cock and against my face. BD

17. The most exciting thing I did with someone else's cock was to jerk him off in a restaurant while we were seated at a table in a booth. We were both really turned on to each other, and so I just slipped my hand into his levis and proceeded to slowly stroke his while we were eating. SE

18. J/O it. MB


P8: Do you find it more exciting when you or someone else jacks off YOUR cock?

1. I find it more exciting when someone else jacks off my cock, probably because it's a different hand. MP

2. I like both, but it is a bit more exciting to have someone else's hand slowly slide up my leg, searching for my "snake," and "choke my chicken" until I explode like an atom bomb, spraying my cum over the universe. MW

3. It is always more exciting when someone else plays with my cock. NK

4. It's the same to me. I like doing my own. NR

5. I'll find it very exciting for someone to jerk my cock. VW

6. Someone else, if he does it right. DO

7. Like the feel of someone else. CO

8. I really don't feel very different about that. I do dearly LOVE for someone else to JACK my cock, although it is very difficult for me NOT to have a gushing orgasm, much too quickly, if someone else is "doing it" to me. When my cock erupts when someone else is jacking it, I do experience a different feeling from that when I do it myself. A sort of FREE and WILD FEEEEELLLINGGGG when someone else does it to me. WB

9. Yes, you can't control what's going to happen when someone else jacks off your cock. It's very exciting. AR

10. For me, when I jack off my own cock. Most people do not know the rhythm or hold the prick the way I enjoy it. CC

11. When someone else jacks me off, so I can jack them off. I get tired of jacking myself off. BW

12. Someone else. Because I don't know how to calculate the strokes in advance and the unexpected heightens the pleasure. AC

13. I love to have someone else jerk me off, just let him go ahead and make me cum. I feel sex with a man (men) should be fun for all, and reciprocal; I do not care for one-way sex. TN

14. Someone else, but I can give myself the best job. BM

15. I like it BOTH ways, for P9, too. They are both incredibly beautiful and endlessly exciting! I like to lie back and completely relax and have my cock jacked off for me, and I also very much like to do this very same thing to another guy! They're BOTH great! Whatever feels right! And they BOTH feel right to me! TD

16. Both. Although I enjoy using my own hands (both together), I like to feel others' techniques on my cock sometimes. CD

17. I always find it more exciting to have someone else j/o my cock for me. This allows me to concentrate on the sensation. KS

18. Because it is usually one of the most private of all human activities, it is therefore very thrilling to share by mutual j/o. BD

19. I prefer to jack off my own cock because I know just when to increase or decrease pressure, speed up or slow down, etc. SE

20. You (circled 3 times).

21. Someone else (circled 7 times).

22. You or someone else (circled 2 times).


P9: Do you find it more exciting when you or someone else jacks off HIS cock?

1. Although I thoroughly enjoy watching a dude pound his own meat, I can really get exciting if I do it for him, prolonging his pleasure/agony. Besides, I like to feel cock. MP

2. I like to j/o other cocks, each cock has its own personality, its own throbbing rhythm, its own beauty. I like very clean cocks, can't stand body odor which turns me off. MW

3. I love playing with others and prefer my hand to his. NK

4. I like to jack off someone else. Naked men excite me; I only like to jack someone off after I have stripped them. NR

5. I'll find it equally exciting jerking someone else's cock. I'll enjoy the wonderful feel of it, especially when it comes, because I know how to handle cock. VW

6. Either. (written 4 times).

7. Yes, I do dearly love to J/O another person's cock. It is on occasions like THAT, that my own cock will insist on several good orgasms during one session. And each one will be very sweet and GOOOOODDDD. WB

8. Yes, it feels good to have another cock in your hand. AR

9. I enjoy having a guy jack off his cock if I am going to get the load, otherwise I want to be able to jack him off. CC

10. I like to watch someone else jack off, but I'd rather jack them off myself. BW

11. When I jack off his cock it's more exciting, although I like to watch two others working together when they are hunky and interested only in one another. AC

12. I love to j/o another guy (or suck him off and be fucked by him), whatever is mutually agreeable. TN

13. Like to watch someone else do it to himself. BM

14. I would rather the other person jack himself off since I prefer to watch. CD

15. If I have a choice I prefer to j/o another's cock for them. If I derive pleasure from this, so do they; I like that. KS

16. It is very thrilling also to watch a guy jerk off. BD

17. I prefer to have the other party jack off his own cock because I find it difficult to maintain things the way they please him most, and I find it more fun to watch him. SE

18. I like to j/o another person. I like the feel of a cock in my hand. RA


P10: How does j/o compare with fucking and sucking?

1. I used to enjoy being fucked, I seldom do anymore. I love to suck, however, and I think jacking off and sucking are on an equal level. I suppose the best things, then, would be to alternate. DS

2. Jacking off takes longer than sucking (sometimes) and when jacking someone I can watch. However, I really enjoy a hot, wet mouth on my cock and I enjoy feeling a dude shoot down my throat. MP

3. I think j/o is the greatest sexual sensation a male could possibly have, much greater in intensity than fucking or sucking, though I don't know why. I have always felt this; I must have been born with my hand around my cock. MW

4. I find that j/o is very exciting if you do it with someone, but very unsatisfying by myself. All forms of sex with someone provide different but good relationships. NK

5. J/O is best of all. JN

6. It's good, I like sucking too. NR

7. It's better because you can see more. RF

8. Jerking off to me is a lot of times more enjoyable than a fuck, because I know how to handle it and fondle it to make myself come. Sucking is just a wonderful feeling, hard to beat. VW

9. Much, much better than fucking or sucking; I just don't care for sucking or fucking, or being sucked (except for a short while) or fucked. DO

10. Like both. CO

11. Fucking is better. EM

12. Sucking is best WITH j/o. NB

13. Since I read that Masters and Johnson found the most FELT orgasms are masturbatory, I agree that since each person knows his own cock best, he can produce the best orgasms controlling everything himself, so that's J/O and not fucking or sucking. JO

14. J/O is not as good as fucking. JD

15. J/O is by far the best. ST

16. A lovely J/O orgy is preferable to either fucking or sucking. Of course there are exceptions. But when enjoying a beautiful J/O orgy, one is able to regulate the tempo, the intensity, etc, which during a fucking or sucking orgy one cannot always do because of the partner's wants and desires, which I always like to respect. WB

17. I get a much better feeling when I J/O. AR

18. Personally it comes in this order: 1) sucking cock, 2) rimming assholes, 3) eating cum from a hot asshole, 4) sucking balls, 5) drinking piss, 6) jacking off. More pleasure to me to suck and rim than to jack off, but J/O has the distinct advantage that it is always there, never any farther away than my crotch. CC

19. Better. PS

20. I like it all. I feel much closer to the partner when we can get into more than J/O. BW

21. Frankly, I like a good suck best---mine or another that "fits" my throat, and after 10,000 (really sounds like a lot, but that's a CONSERVATIVE estimate) I ought to know my preferences. Next to sucking, J/O is best. I've fucked both women and men. Women tend toward "looseness." A loose guy is perfect, but I've only had two good ones in 20 years. So J/O is best---tried, true, and all around dependable! AC

22. J/O is good and so often is all that happens; fucking and sucking are good if not better, and all of these may be part of the session. The more the better. TN

23. All are great, depends on partners. BM

24. To my way of thinking, the j/o trip is absolutely the greatest thing we can do, and it is fabulously unique and individual in its difference from both sucking and fucking. The very fact that there are guys who band together just in their ONENESS in preferring to jack off, over everything else, says a great deal. No other form of sexual activity seems to create the same bond between guys as the love and need to jack off together! It's a very special, almost mystical, brotherhood that seems to exist between guys who like to masturbate together. The very existence of the J/O BUDDIES illustrates the point. TD

25. I love all three, depends on the mood I'm in. CD

26. I prefer to fuck or be sucked off than to j/o because there is so much more pleasure to be had in doing so. KS

27. Different, but just as exciting in its own way. BD

28. Fucking and sucking are both enjoyable to me, but most often I prefer a good j/o session simply because I can control more of the variables. SE

29. Prefer j/o because it last longer and is more satisfying. RAS

30. Jacking off is best of all. (written 3 times)


P11: Do you j/o with women?

1. I have never jacked off with a woman, but I think it would be an interesting and a valuable experience. I have fantasies of having relationships with women, but the fantasies are more in terms of tender sensual loving experiences, and going to new emotional places, than in terms of cock and cunt. I have fucked women, and it is exciting, and I have been sucked by women, but on the whole I have found that women can't give head worth shit. It is a whole area of myself that I would like to explore. DS

2. I never jack off with women. MP

3. I'd like to jerk off with a woman, but the feel of a smooth big cock is hard to beat. VW

4. No, but would like to. DO

5. No. (written 4 times)

6. A few times, but they weren't nearly as much fun to watch. JO

7. Yes, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I would say that I have no preference. The thing that counts is the sincerity and the love for, and the wants and needs of, the others involved. I dislike a giggling, silly-acting person that does not want to "let their hair down" and ENJOY ITTT TO THE FULLEST. I do not like so-called timidity or bashfulness. WB

8. No, what fun is that???? AR

9. There is no comparison with fucking a cunt and sucking a cock. Cock sucking is MUCH, MUCH more enjoyable. I have done both. I would rather work over a man than a woman any day. I prefer MEN and enjoy them much more. CC

10. Yes, but I prefer men. PS

11. I have jacked off with women; I prefer men because I get off on cocks. BW

12. No, only regular intercourse with women. That's what they were made for, and it FEELS best! AC

13. No, I have nothing to do with females nor have I ever. I have never had the slightest urge or desire toward females and there is absolutely no inclination that way. I could never care for a female as I care for men. TN

14. No way. TD

15. I don't j/o with women, I'd like to fuck them. I don't think women offer as much visual impact as a man cumming. It is easier to relate to a male cum scene as I have been there. KS

16. Yes, sometimes. Since they have nothing quite comparable to male genitalia, they are usually quite fascinated and thrilled to get a chance to jack a guy off. On the other hand, a guy usually does a much better job. It's hard to say which I prefer. BD

17. Yes, great, dig them both. MB


P12 (Q8 responses): Do you j/o with infants?

1. Never have, but would like one to watch me during a part of one of my long sessions. DO

2. No; do you? MB

3. No; I fantasize about boys 10-14, at camp, etc., playing with themselves---or when I see them riding bikes or with tight pants especially if no shirt). I want to be between their legs stroking thighs as they j/o. When I was 10 or so, an older (15) neighborhood guy used to j/o on me, and I'd love his cream spurting out on my chest and face. NC

4. Not usually. On one occasion I did, while holding a boy about 12 years in my left arm as I stood, but he was in no way a "partner." RJ

5. Would love to j/o with any young person, but too dangerous. I just wish I had had some one to guide me. VG

6. NO, I do NOT j/o with infants. I mean real INFANTS ... WB

7. What for? They don't respond unless you are in to baby scat, blaahhhhh! KS

8. I never have, but I'd love to. I understand that a baby gets great pleasure from dry cums. BD


P13 (Q21 responses): How would you entice a humpy stud into a hot j/o session with you?

1. Walk around with my swollen cock in my pants leg, dripping pre-cum juices. Depends on where I was. DP

2. J/o with him. MB

3. If the stud came to apartment, we'd have normal sex, only I'd get him to come on my face, even if he's been fucking for a while, while he straddled my face and I was sucking his balls. If I went down on him in a park or a car, I'd stop sucking just before he came and tell him how it really freaks me out for him to come by j/o in my mouth/face. Usually works. NC

4. I'll take all the suggestions you have to offer! RJ

5. Never have. VG

6. By not being too pushy, but by gaining his confidence, respect, etc. WB

7. I love to jerk off in front of others, and I love to watch other guys jerk off. My lover and I often jerk off together and we often host circle jerks for 6 or 8 other guys. Sometimes these are mutual masturbation sessions, and sometimes we take turns giving solo demonstrations. With a lover or with friends who you know are avid masturbators, there is no problem in getting people to join in. With straight friends it is more difficult, and it requires planning for a time and place where masturbation is natural and appropriate. As an obvious example, I once went with a straight college friend to some X-rated flix. We stopped by my room afterward; I offered him the usual beer. I turned on the TV, but he kept talking about the movies so I knew he was pretty horny. I finally said, "I don't want to blow your mind, Dan, but I'm still so fucking horny from those flix that I just gotta jerk off. You mind?" He shrugged, pretending nonchalance. I went to the closet and grabbed a couple of wash cloths, one of which I casually tossed on the arm of his chair. I sat down and started to rub my crotch, and after a bit I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock and balls out and started working my hard penis. He gulped down his beer a bit nervously, and I was afraid he'd chicken out, but soon his cock was also out of his pants. I stroked my cock slowly as he got more and more excited. I waited until I could tell that he was about to cum, and we both let go our loads at the same time. "Man, I really needed that,' I said. "Me too," came from the other chair. I got up to get us a couple more beers while he wiped off his cum. As another example, I once went on a camping trip with a friend to a very remote place on a lake in Maine. We swam and sunned in the nude, of course, and it got to where we just didn't bother with clothes at all. We both crawled out of our sleeping bags on morning with tremendous hard-ons. I joked, "My Boy Scout leader used to say that the cure for a hard-on is as cold shower. maybe a cold swim will work." After a short swim my cock was still hard. So I said, "There's only one solution." I walked a short distance away, half shaded by a tree, and started to stroke my cock. I knew he was watching and was beginning to jerk off too. I shot my load and turned just as he was cuming. He looked very embarrassed, and I just said, "Wow! I really needed that." Later we talked and he said he had always had a hang-up about masturbation, but that being with me here in the woods it seemed like a natural thing to do. After that, like a kid with a new toy, he was jerking off all the time. Don't try to coax or pressure anyone to jerk off. Just show by your example how natural and fun it is. Sometimes it takes several times before the other guy loses his fear. Be natural. Be patient. Show that you really can enjoy yourself and your cock. I once had to drive from Los Angeles to Boston, and I called a "Ride Service" to see if I could find someone who could help drive. Everyone that called me seemed pretty strange or crazy in one way or another, so I finally set out alone. It was midsummer and blisteringly hot. The car kept overheating, so I finally had to stop at a service area near Barstow to have the radiator flushed out and the thermostat fixed. I went to the snack bar nearby for a coke. There was a young blond kid about 18 ahead of me in line. He had a tattered suitcase and a paper bag and wore nothing but a pair of faded cutoffs. Since we were the only people there, and since he looked very sad and dejected, I made some light conversation about the heat, etc. He said he had had about ten short rides so far from L.A. and in the process been ripped off twice for records and money and didn't know what to do. I asked him where he was heading and he said "Boston, if I ever get there." When I said I was going to Boston his eyes immediately lit up, but I said, "You know, I don't know you, and you don't know me. I'm as leery of picking up hitchhikers as you are of rides. Do you have a driver's license? Can you drive a four-speed stick-shift car?" Well, we talked for awhile, and I finally decided to chance the kid. Halfway to Salt Lake City, I asked him to drive and he did. But I noticed he took a pill before starting to drive. I thought nothing of it till we got to Salt Lake and it was my turn to drive. He said he was going to crash in the back seat, which was OK, but again he took another pill. I asked, "What are you taking?" It seemed that he was taking "uppers" to keep awake and some sort of "downers" to sleep. Somewhere in Wyoming we stopped for coffee and he took over again. I had not slept since L.A. and I was very tired. I said to Phil, "I've got to get some sleep, but I can almost never sleep in a car on the road." Immediately he offered me a "downer." "Nah," I said. "If you really want to know the truth, the best way I know how to relax and unwind and sleep is just to masturbate." So I did. Next time it was his turn to sleep he took another pill, and the next time it was my turn I just jerked off first. He didn't seem too shocked by it; in fact he kept turning his head and watching out of the corner of his eye. Finally after one of his turns to drive someplace east of Omaha, he said, "Maybe I'll try YOUR downer." He slipped down his cutoffs and started to masturbate. "Good," I said. "It may seem crazy, but it's a hell of a lot healthier for you than those fucking pills you've been popping." So it went all the way to Boston for both of us. Drive, jerk off, sleep. I thought that was the end of it. But one day, several weeks later, Phil stopped by to return a book he ha borrowed when we got to Boston. We had a nice talk and a beer and finally he said, "Let's masturbate." I was a little surprised since he does have a girl that he lives with, and I thought that jerking off on the road was just a passing thing. We did, but afterwards he said, "I've got to admit I still do "ups" a lot, too much maybe, but sex is better for relaxing than downs. I told Cindy about our trip back. She's kind of jealous she wasn't along. She'd like to come to a masturbation session sometime." That hasn't happened yet, but I imagine it will. The previous examples were in special circumstances and under perhaps unusual conditions. What if you're just at home with a guy that you'd like to jerk off with. The secret is still some planning. Manage to have a copy of Reich's The Function of the Orgasm and/or Jack Rosenberg's Total Orgasm. I think you should read and understand them yourself first so that when they become a topic of conversation you will be knowledgeable and be able to demonstrate for your friend what it's all about. By the way, I rather object to the term "jerk off" because it suggests something you do only with your penis. As the books above say, and as anyone into Reichian or bio-energetic work knows, a total orgasm involves the whole body. Total masturbation is a total body act as well. It's also good to have a book on Reflexology around. In essence this theory says there are places to put pressure on the soles of your feet that affect and have direct connection with every point of the body. Find the pressure point that affects sexual organs and show this to your friend. Show him how it affects your penis. Suggest he try it too. Even if he can't make it work, you're already pumping and he can't feel inferior so he'll pretend he's found the right pressure points. You're probably pretending too, but you've got what you want, haven't you? P.S. This is no scholarly discourse. This is no fantasy. All that I have written is true and this happened to me. There is much more, but it would take a book to say it all. SA

8. By feeling his and cumming in front of him. EL

9. Not interested in humpy studs unless "humpy stud" doesn't mean what comes to mind. WH

10. I think that I would start by getting a few drinks in him and then we could watch some super-hot porno flicks. I would then start on myself and do it real slow and sensual. After a while I would take my dick out and really start to play with it, and by then this guy is willing to go along with me or he is asleep. KS

11. Maybe by telling him about the fantasy I started for the last answer. Or by letting him see that I had a hard-on; by just asking outright, perhaps. BD

12. I don't know if I want a humpy stud for a j/o session. NK