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V: Visual devices?

1. Visual things are very exciting to me, but I find visual devices, on the whole, strangely unexciting. I find my own penis or body, or someone else's body, much more exciting. DS

2. Any visual device is exciting when it shows a guy who really gets off on his own cock. I like to find the best slides or photos, or stop a movie at the best frame, and wallow in the feeling the other guy must be having right at the peak of his orgasm, and that brings me right to the peak of mine, and I feel somehow it's sharing with him, too. JO

3. Films, slides, and drawings turn me on, but not as much as a pulsating cock that I can touch with my mouth, hand, or ass. BW

4. Most j/o comes from reading about fucking or pictures of fucking, anything to do with fucking or eating pussy. Why? Because I like it, that's why. VG


V1: What's the most exciting thing a partner can do to turn you on visually?

1. Any cute dude with a big basket is visual aid enough for me. Better still, if he has a hard-on with no underwear so I can almost see the veins of his cock. Basically, just be a male! MP

2. When I am with a partner, a film before may be stimulating, but all I need is the person to be very happy. When I am alone, I enjoy j/o with pictures of young males in magazines, and some j/o novels. The younger the male, the more stimulated I am. Certain pictures get me off almost immediately. NK

3. Take off all his clothes; allow me to. NR

4. If my partners, male or female, undress and play with themselves, I get a great hard on. VW

5. Strip provocatively and play gently with his own nipples. DO

6. Get himself JUST on the edge of coming and teasing it more, playing with it more, making it even harder and closer to the edge. If he shows his feelings on his face by staring at his cock, concentrating on holding it at that edge, twisting his body and his cock around so that he and I can get the best view of it, and if he tells me what he's feeling and what he's doing with that cock so that I know how he's teasing it, working it up, getting it harder and harder, then I can tease my cock in the same way and we can both egg each other on so that we're ready to burst, and then tease it about five minutes more. JV

7. I would guess that the most exciting thing a person can do visually is to "get with it" in a very sex-loving way. Get nice and totally naked, and if a man, have a beautiful hard-on, and if a gal, have a wet dilated pussy, all sexed-up and WANTING a lovely J/O. Total nakedness is very important to me. As is the WANT and NEED for sexual satisfaction. UNinhibited play, UNinhibited talk, and UNinhibited actions. WB

8. Display a hard, throbbing cock, stroking his own and letting me see it without being coy or playful about hiding it. CC

9. Strip in a public place and J/O. PS

10. If he's uncut, spread his legs and lay backward in a standing position, jacking off all the while and never cum! Groan. Gyrate, etc. Or stand with a hard-on never touching it. I know some with great cocks that can do that. I know one guy with skin who always wears a cock belt and can keep the skin over his cockhead while he's hard for an hour while he J/Os other guys. He doesn't want it touched because he says it's so hot he would cum. AC

11. I love a nude male. I like to see the body stripped naked, especially standing in the room getting ready to go to bed. I get very excited when a man stands over me while I lay facing up on the floor. I love a cock hard and poised over my body. I can hardly wait for the piss to shoot out over me, or the cum to drip down upon me. TN

12. I find that I react very positively toward all forms of visual stimuli. Nearly any type of what would be considered "gay porno" is exciting to me. TD

13. Suck himself. CD

14. If my partner starts first by playing with his cock in his pants and then slowly unzips the fly, then strokes his stiff prick in his shorts without taking it out, then slowly he slides off his pants to reveal his equipment, by then I am really turned on. KS

15. Show a basket and his hand rubs his cock. RA

16. A very seductive, slow, sensual striptease which reveals a hard-on under tight levis. SE


V2: Do you use magazines, films, slides, drawings?

1. I use pictures and magazines of dudes---tight pants, sucking, cuming, jacking, fucking. I'm thinking about getting into movies, too, especially if I can find some dudes to share the experiences. MP

2. I use gay magazines for big beautiful cocks, which I love to see and desire to touch in any way, and porno magazines for women whose cunts I love to suck and clean. VW

3. Films. DO

4. All of them. EM

5. When I'm alone I like to spread photos all around me on the bed, and maybe get a favorite slide on a wall, too, and concentrate on the ones that turn me on most at the moment, maybe because of a body angle, or a facial expression, or a vein in a cock, or the way his fist or hand is holding his cock, or how the come is shooting out of it, or how it's splashed on his body already, and get myself all worked up until I just have to shoot. JO

6. Magazines. JD

7. My cock is very easily "turned on," and any of these things of a porno nature are very nice. With real good porno stuff, my cock will again, as I said previously, WANT and NEED more than just one orgasm, even if it is a bit prolonged. It is when my cock is inspired and stimulated by watching others, or by real GOOD porno stuff, that more than just one orgasm is NECESSARY. WB

8. Drawings. PS

9. I use magazines. Good ones of nude guys with partial hard-ons. I've seen films, slides, etc, but they don't do anything for me. Color or B&W photos of body builders even clothed are my best stimulant. As long as the photos are good and the guys have very little clothing on. AC

10. Yes, I have magazines and films, all gay, but these are better for j/o alone then with others. I like to take pictures too, and I enjoy pictures of friends with whom I have had sessions. TN

11. Yes, ALL of them, with heavy emphasis on films, slides, photos, and drawings. This aspect of sexuality has always been extremely pleasing and exciting to me. I am especially fascinated by drawings, provided they are technically well done. The drawings by REX are a superb illustration. He is probably the greatest porn artist in this country (and possibly the world), and his stuff is an incredible turn on---on multiple levels, i.e., physical, intellectual, emotional, and metaphysical. He has no peers that I know of. TD

12. I use mags, drawings (by and of me and others) and especially films. I don't care for slides; my collection would probably be all films if I could afford it. I wish I could find some more films on autofellation and piss. CD

13. I use some mags but mostly films of young guys 16 to 23 years old. I like to watch them j/o because it makes me feel that I am there with them and I am feeling the same thing they are. KS

14. Magazines can be observed as long as I wish. RA

15. I use magazines, films, and slides in j/o fantasy. I especially enjoy them showing athletic studs in jock straps because of the absolute masculinity they exude. SE

16. All for a turn-on. MB

17. Magazines (circled 3 times).

18. Films (circled 3 times).

19. Slides (circled 2 times).

20. Drawings (circled 3 times).


V3 (Q2 responses): What's the BEST j/o material in books, movies, TV, magazines, other?

1. Like hot dirty all-male sex books, with all details set out. BM

2. No material really turns me on like watching my own cock head gradually get bigger and bigger as the sessions go on. Watching others jerk off is the best turn on, but when I'm alone for a good serious session, just watching myself is the best turn on for me. Most movies are a bore, only sucking and fucking with very little imagination used. I did see one movie once called "Born to Raise Hell" which was the turniest on movie I've had the privilege of seeing. It was mostly s/m, which turns me on more than anything outside myself. I love to read about torture in war times, etc. I always get a hard on. By the way, your original ad in the Advocate gave me a hard on. I had hopes I had at last found another as inventive as I at j/o. I think I did! DP

3. OK. MB

4. TV sports are good: baseball, tennis, swimming, gymnastics. I love to fantasize on the changing room after: sweat in armpits and between legs, going down on his balls, then between his legs, then forced to eat the sweat and shitty smell out of his ass. Then he'd plaster his sweaty sticky body against my back, fuck me with the sweat as lube, fucking hard and vicious and fast, then straddling my face (me on my knees), rubbing his cock, hot out of my ass, over my face, and finally forcing me to go down on it. Sometimes I fantasize there is shit, sometimes not. Then he pisses in my mouth, on my face, and over my body and cock while I come (not only in the fantasy!) NC

5. Others j/o'ing and other hard-core action shots; just nudes don't have it. As for TV, I haven't seen any j/o material on the tube. RJ

6. For me in books. VG

7. I don't exactly understand this particular question. I find some real good j/o material in books, also in movies and magazines. Anything pertaining to the lovely Art of Masturbation. The "scenes" that turn me on the most are as follows: scenes depicting another attractive guy DEEPLY in the lovely "throes" of a beautiful j/o orgy; two, or more, thoroughly ENJOYING that same scene. NO cruelty, or sadism, depicted, but ONLY the SWEETNESS, the LOVELINESS of those wonderful j/o feeellinggss-of-LOVE. As the throbbing cock (or cocks) respond with those HEAVENLY FEELINGS. WB

8. I get off on sections from Krafft-Ebing's Aberrations of Sexual Life: p. 104: I used to stand in front of the looking-glass and kiss my reflection. In that way I got an erection; at the same time it was the height of enjoyment for me to pose naked in front of the biggest available looking glass and look at my own member, which sometimes brought me to ejaculation without my even touching it. It was my highest enjoyment to see myself naked in the mirror and kiss myself, take hold of my own penis and watch myself masturbating in the mirror. My image was reflected back naked at me from all sides. I begin to make love to it, to twist its mustache, and kiss it, and thus get an erection and a discharge of semen. Often I dream of wanting to bathe, sitting on the seashore or by a pond and seeing my reflection; then I want to kiss the water, or the various parts of my body in the water. I press my member against the member reflected in the mirror, or between my thighs, and thence experience the most blessed feeling; only, the cold of the mirror has a slightly repellent effect. An even more pleasing effect is got by rubbing the member on my thighs. By so doing I particularly feel, from the warmth of my thighs, a tickling and an itching in the urethra, and immediately afterwards the discharge of semen takes place. P. 149: His highest delight consists in masturbating in good-looking men's handkerchiefs. For this reason he often abstracted handkerchiefs from his friends. P. 158: If anybody gave him snippets of silk he would hurry off to place them on his bare body, whereon he at once got an erection and often even an ejaculation. P. 163: If the lady presses with the house-shoe of one foot on my penis, so that the high heel rests more or less on the scrotal end of the penis, while the sole covers the major part of the rest, with the other foot on the abdomen, so that I can see and feel the foot sinking in, and when she shifts her weight from the one foot to the other, ejaculation ensues almost immediately. This is in the circumstances described a storm of delight for me, in the course of which the lady's whole weight must be borne straight onto the penis. The heel and then the sole of the shoe which is trampling me impedes the sperm's flowing through and thus considerably draws out the pleasurable excitation. P. 166: I find that a sudden prod at the extreme instant of sexual enjoyment is capable of heightening and prolonging the latter. My physical pleasure depends upon the circumstance that when the woman stands with all her weight upon my penis held between her foot and the yielding substratum of my own abdomen, the ejaculation and the orgasm last an extraordinarily long time. It is for this reason that I have the greatest preference for half shoes with high heels. The sperm has to be squeezed through two different obstacles---one due to the tight pressure of the heel on the root of the penis; the other due to the pressure by the ball of the foot, which laces the upper half together; between them there is only left free the piece under the vaulted sole of the shoe. The enjoyment is greatly heightened by urine retention, and for that reason I always try to keep back as much urine as possible. P. 168: It frequently happened that he took shoes from where they stood and laid the gland of his penis on the nails, whereon without a touch of support from his hands, ejaculation took place. P. 171: He made himself penis-coverings, suspensories, preferably out of soft black leather, and wore them all day. He feels his penis like a great leather Priapus in between his legs. JO

9. Imagination. Call to memory some cute kid, 13-35, seen on street, bicycling, mowing a lawn, playing ball, etc., and fantasize ways they would show interest in me and I in them. WH

10. Movies or a real person. KS

11. Books, movies, and fantasy. BD

12. Books and porno magazines. NK


V4 (Q24 responses): If you bought a j/o book, movie, or cassette, what would you want?

1. Masochism. DP

2. J/O. MB

3. All my fantasies: bondage, toilet stuff, discipline, young stuff, pain, sexy situations (gym, washroom, forest, van, boys' camp, locker room, deserted places). NC

4. I have, and I usually get what I'm looking for: a turn on leading to j/o. RJ

5. Fucking. VG

6. I would want to see ACTION shots, photos, pictures, etc., REAL ACTION. If a cassette, REAL sexed-up voices, actions, etc. If a book, REAL "nitty-gritty" sexy j/o stuff, illustrated by photos, pictures, etc., of the REAL action. WB

7. Guys jerking off together; guys shooting. JD

8. 13-28 of my choice---at whatever age. WH

9. Someone telling the truth instead of reading a script. KS

10. Young naked boys in action. NK

11. Piss and auto-fellatio---do you know any movies of such? CD


L1: What lubricants do you use on your cock in j/o?

1. I like to soap my cock up, sometimes I shoot into the sink this way; I used to shoot this way when I was a kid---shooting into the bathwater in the bathtub. However, I'm not really into liquids or lubricants. I find they numb my cock a little. I would rather use my own cock juice. I think circumcised people tend to be more into liquids and lubricants than uncircumcised people---the lubricant replacing the extra sensuality of the foreskin. I have played with egg whites on my cock and this feels similar to cock juice in many respects. DS

2. I've never used lubricants when stroking myself. However, others have used them on me and I have used them on them. MP

3. I use no lubricants generally. Occasionally in the shower I will use soap. NK

4. Ponds Cold Cream. JN

5. Vaseline. RF

6. Mineral oil. DO

7. Lanolin or KY. EM

8. None. (circled 3 times)

9. Baby Magic is great fun, but it's sort of hard to wash off afterwards. I find that most of the water-soluble lubricants aren't exciting enough, however. JO

10. Liniment, see K. ST

11. I almost always use a very good J/O lubricant that is sold as a cold cream, namely ALBOLENE cold cream. It is not expensive and can be obtained at any good cosmetic counter. I often supplement this with some nice warm saliva, applied at frequent intervals. One's saliva is very nice, and it has the advantage of having natural body heat, but for me saliva when used by itself dissipates much too quickly. But it is very satisfactory and SEXY when used as a supplement to a long-lasting lubricant. WB

12. No need for anything. Often spread the pre-cum "juice" over the head, cum from another cock is best. CC

13. I use Vaseline Intensive Care when J/O. BW

14. I use Vaseline Intensive Care and cocoa butter. I have tried Desitin Lotion, Vaseline, K-Y, saliva, honey, syrup, soap (gave a decent cum but nothing spectacular), and hair pomade. Also Alberto VO-5, Brylcream (not too bad), and Jac-Masters Jac-ream. Jac-ream is the best with the JacPak but I have not had good luck with the usual K-Y and Adthos. Too watery and the water dries during J/O. I could really use help on this because the lubricant sure helps the feeling on an uncut cock, but on a cut cock like mine it is VITAL! AC

15. I mostly used hand cream till I started eating my cum. Now I do it dry. I do not enjoy j/o as much, but I like to eat my cum. VG

16. Occasionally soap. BM

17. Occasionally I use baby oil or Vaseline and almost always spit on my fist or cock. I love a greased finger up my arse when I j/o. TN

18. Albolene, Brylcream, baby oil, mineral oil, Vaseline, Crisco, Bain de Soleil gel, Nestles hair-setting lotion, and occasionally talcum powder. TF

19. Spit mostly; baby oil, cooking oil, Vaseline Intensive Care. CD

20. Face creams and suntan lotions. KS

21. Crisco, soap, butter, vaseline, KY, and whipped cream, but I prefer Jac-ream. SE

22. Albolene, vaseline, spit, natural cock slime. BD

23. All (written 2 times).


L2: Do you freeze your cum over ice cream for a cum sundae?

1. Will try. CO

2. No.

3. Tried it, but didn't like it. JO

4. Never thought of these, thanks for the idea. TN

5. DO accumulate loads of cum in the freezer to use as a lube in later j/o sessions. TD


L3: Eat cum-sicles?

1. Tastes too good hot! MP

2. No.

3. Would loved to have a cum-sicle, how do I get one? CC


L4: Do you shoot into your own mouth?

1. I occasionally eat my own cum, but have never really enjoyed it as much as I thought I would. I think this is a matter of inhibition. Sometimes I would like to suck myself off, and I think if I did that I would enjoy the taste more than I do eating it out of my hand afterward. I do enjoy other people's cum very much if I enjoy them, their cock, and have enjoyed sucking them off. Sometimes I will keep it in my mouth afterward and roll it around for awhile. I can also be exciting to kiss someone afterward with a mouthful of cum, sharing it with them. DS

2. I don't shoot into my own mouth, but I often lick my hand. I love the taste of my own cum and that of others. MP

3. Sometimes other's cum. MW

4. Yes. (written 3 times)

5. No. (written 3 times)

6. Would like to, but I can't control it well enough to try without fearing I'll get it into my eyes, and it burns like a son-of-a-bitch! JO

7. Yes, quite frequently. In fact almost always when I am enjoying a lovely J/O all alone. I get into position, with my butt up against a wall or a heavy chair with my butt as high as I can get it, then let my legs fall back over my face or head, which puts my throbbing cock right above my wide open mouth. With several years' practice, I have become very adept at catching my own lovely CUM. YES, I dearly love the sexy taste of nice healthy cum, whether it is my own or a buddy's. WB

8. Yes, shoot into my own mouth by lying on back, bending over, and trying to hit my mouth. Yes, I like the taste of my own cum and LOVE, SIMPLY LOVE the taste of nearly all others' cum. Occasionally get a bitter tasting cum, but not often. Most cum is Ambrosia. CC

9. I saved my cum for 2-3 days in a jar once and ate it and really liked the flavor. Never could shoot into my mouth, but when I cum I eat it off my body wherever it falls. I really like the taste. I also really like the taste of others' cum, and that's why I like to suck a guy after J/O. AC

10. Would love it. I love the taste of me; like others' cum not as much as mine. VG

11. Yes; Yes; Usually, but it is sometimes bitter. BM

12. I love to place my cock over my mouth and pump off so I can eat my come, or I lick my fingers to get my cum. I love anyone's cum. TN

13. It has happened, but not on a routine or regular basis. Like the taste of my own come on occasion as well as others. It depends on the timing. Unfortunately my sex drive takes an abrupt nosedive after ejaculating, and it takes a bit of time before it starts to revive itself. Have always VERY MUCH liked the taste of my own pre-cum lube and would like to have it in even greater quantities than I produce now. TD

14. I've shot it in my breakfast coffee and on donuts for a delicious topping. SE

15. I like it on salad and in yogurt. Sometimes shoot in my mouth, or into the palm of my hand and lick it up. Love the taste of my own cum and of other's cum. BD

16. Own cum (circled 3 times).

17. Others' cum (circled 2 times); sometimes (written 2 times).


L5: Do you count pre-cum drops or after-cum drops?

1. I sometimes watch others as they pre-cum. Then I slowly lick their pre-cum. MP

2. No.

3. Yes, I think it's a way of telling how excited I am. If I can get up to 6 tiny puddles of pre-cum dotted around my stomach, I know that I've been excited for a long time. JO

4. No counting, flow is usually a steady drip. CC

5. Don't have any pre-cum, so this one I pass. I wish I did because it would make it easier to beat my cockhead. AC

6. Never counted, but lick it off my fingers. BM

7. No, I never counted the pre- and post-cum drops, but they taste good and are a good lubricant. TN

8. 5 or 6 pre-cum and 1 or 2 post-cum drops. They're clear, salty, and DELICIOUS. CD

9. I produce too much pre-cum to count the drops. BD


L6: Have you ever measured how much or how far you shoot?

1. I've shot as far as five feet after a real turn-on and tease by another dude in a hotel room. My cock can jerk as many as nine times, each time shooting more. MP

2. I used to jerk off and my cum would hit the ceiling and my cock really jerks. VW

3. No. (written 2 times)

4. I can easily shoot 8-10' (while standing) with the first two jerks. ST

5. Yes, have measured, no cock-jerks. CC

6. In my teens I would shoot about 1 teaspoon, and that was every time 2-3 times a day. Now, late 30s, I shoot about 2-3 cc, not a lot but stickier and long, connected like spaghetti. I used to shoot 1-2 feet in the air, now I shoot about 6 inches at most. It's easier to clean up but probably a sign of age. After I read this question I counted cock-jerks. It varies between 100 and 300 a session---depending on how "hot" I am and how much I am distracted. Long sessions about 1000-2000. AC

7. Yes, tablespoonful about; 6" straight up; usually 8-10 times. BM

8. I love to see if I can cum up over my face when I lie on my back. I have never measured the distance I can shoot. TN

9. Well, probably not actually measured SPECIFICALLY, although I'm always quite aware of the distance of the trajectory of my sperm as it is being shot out. A great deal depends on how turned on I am, the time-length between ejaculations, and how long a session I'm on. The longer the build-up time, the further the sperm is shot out at ejaculation. TD

10. No; 15-20 jerks. CD

11. Yes, about seven feet if I'm really jazzed. 5 or 6 jerks. KS

12. I've seen guys shoot six or eight feet---right up over their heads! I'd give anything to be able to do that, because nothing turns me on like watching a guy blast his cum that far. BD


L7 (2): What's the most cum you've ever seen at once?

17. It looked like a cupful! A young soldier with a big, thick prick knelt down and stuck it under the toilet partition for me to suck. I cupped his huge nuts and slowly bent my head toward that beauty, while feasting my eyes on the twitching, throbbing, veiny cock that I was just about to swallow. When I was only inches away from that pounding prickhead, he started to shoot. Huge gobs of thick, thick cum blatted out, hitting me across the face, all over my sweater, my cock and balls, my shorts and pants that were down around my feet, and, of course, all over the floor. It just kept shooting out. Blast after blast. I tasted it; I rubbed it all over me---used it as lube to jack myself off. It felt so great that I can't describe it. BD

18. A good load in baths. RL

19. Lots, and it felt great (written 2 times).


L7: What's the most cum you've ever seen at once?

1. The most cum I've seen was also one of the greatest turn-ons I've ever had. One day while driving I picked up a hitchhiker on a country road. He was blond, young, had long hair and about the tightest jeans I've ever seen. It was hot outside, so his shirt was open to reveal a smooth chest. When I got closer, I could see just how tight his pants were---I could see the outline of his pubic hair! After driving for awhile, I started to talk about how horny I was and started to rub my crotch. I told him that from rubbing I had given myself an erection---little did he know it was erect from the time I saw him! I told him that unless it went down I'd have to pull off the road and "cure" it---I didn't know how far to go with this dude. Finally I pulled out my cock and started stroking. He kept watching me. He told me he hadn't seen one that big before. He asked if he could touch it. When he did, he said he couldn't believe how hard it was. I told him to give it a few strokes---he did and I shot in his hand. I licked his hand clean and then he sat back in the seat. I noticed his pants looked wet. I asked him what happened. He said that when he started stroking my cock he felt his "go." I reached over and slid my hand into his pants---full of cum! I stopped the car and opened his fly. I've never seen so much cum! There were just mounds of thick ooze all over his pants, cock, balls, and what little pubic hair he had. I played with his cock and balls with my hand sliding in the cum. His cock was still dripping. The kid was 15 and HOT! I wiped him clean and as I was wiping, his cock was STILL dripping. Naturally, I got hard again and had to service myself. That was one of the best times I've ever had. MP

2. The most cum I've ever seen was my friend's fucking a broad with his cum never seeming to stop, at least a half of a condom full. VW

3. Mine at a hot session. CO

4. Someone once showed me a bottle that he kept his come in, but it had sort of fallen apart, and it didn't look terribly sexy. When he asked if I wanted to drink it, I said no. JO

5. Handful. JD

6. Don't remember. WB

7. Most cum at once was in a guy's ass who had had about 6 or 7 loads fucked into him at a bath. He was resting and I began to rim him, when I discovered the loads up there, and I had him sit on my face and ate out every drop. It was glorious, and I basked in that experience for several days. Would love to have an unlimited number of cocks shoot in my mouth, but most I have had is about 7 spread out over several hours. I have tried glory holes, but most of them are dangerous and very time consuming. CC

8. Asshole full. PS

9. Once I saw a guy who was J/Oing others and didn't want his cock touched. He said he hadn't cum in a week and was saving it. After about an hour he couldn't hold back any more and shot all over the place---about two tablespoons. A real sight! AC

10. Six guys j/o'ed on me in a group j/o; felt great; added my own and then rubbed it all over. BM

11. I have never seen great quantities, but on a few occasions I have eaten five or eight loads during a session, usually as we j/o, suck, and rub together. I have also eaten delicious cum (my own) out of arseholes after I have fucked a guy---this is a real turn on. I have dreams of having cum sprayed all over me, but it hasn't happened yet. TN

12. Aside from great quantities of sperm that is shot out in multiple orgasms at a group session (which can be really considerable!), I have several friends who always seem to unload a vast amount of sperm individually, far more than average, and fantastically white and of HEAVY viscosity. Terribly beautiful to see! TD

13. My lover comes more than anyone I've ever seen. He usually comes the most when I fuck him while he jacks off. There must be a cupful; he drenches his chest and stomach, and I lick it off. CD

14. About ten full shots; friend of mine fucked me in the ass then shot his wad on my cock and balls. It felt hot and good. I came almost at once with a large amount of whizz. KS

15. Five of us would see who could produce the most cum in j/o and compare at the end of the week. VERY erotic. RA

16. The most cum I've ever seen was about 8 shots from my partner (maybe 4 tablespoons). We had been through a rather extended and particularly heavy j/o session when he suddenly stood up over me near my knees and proceeded to drench me in his hot juice. The sight of him just shooting again and again was absolutely super, which of course brought me off right away, which added about another tablespoon of joy juice to our now drenched bodies. It felt absolutely beautiful. SE


C1: Does any particular clothing turn you on in j/o?

1. On the whole, costumes and clothing do not turn me on. I do, however, find a sexy man is sexier in levis than in a suit. I prefer rough materials to soft ones: levis rather than silk. Jeans can contribute to anyone's sexiness. There have been times when I have been turned on to someone's ass and legs only to discover it was a very slim tightly-built girl who just happened to look terrific in jeans. DS

2. The clothing that turns me on is tight pants, preferably levis or jeans. The bigger the revealing bulge, the better. MP

3. A boy wearing jockey shorts or a tight jockstrap is very exciting. Also seeing someone in tight jeans will turn me on. NK

4. Jock straps. (written 3 times)

5. Torn clothing. JD

6. It can turn me on beforehand, but not while actually jerking off. JO

7. Clothing does nothing for me. WB

8. Yes, jocks and jockey shorts. AR

9. A jock strap well-fitting turns me on, but any cock will turn me on. CC

10. Jock straps and torn clothing. PS   BW

11. Women's used panties. VG

12. Tight slacks; levi's with hole in crotch or ass slit for fucking purposes; jockstraps and transparent jockey shorts. BM

13. I like any clothing that shows me how well-hung a guy is, or how hairy his chest is. Jock straps are OK, particularly in water sports, but they are not a special "turn on." TN

14. Probably about the only garment that would be a turn on would be a jockstrap. Torn levis, of course, and non-pretentious clothing add to the preliminary image. TD

15. Loose cut-offs, pissed-in levis and jockstraps. CD

16. Other people's undershorts or gym shorts or bathing suits. KS

17. Jockstraps, levis, especially with no shirt. Swim trunks, briefs, boxer shorts. RA

18. Anything really butch turns me on, but jockey shorts, T-shirts, and levis are super. The ultimate turn-on for me is the jockstrap. New or used, clean or better still cum stained, I love it. I collect every one I can get my hands on and use them regularly during j/o. SE

19. Jockstraps, jockey shorts. BD

20. Briefs (written 2 times).

21. Yes (written 4 times).

22. Jockstraps (circled 6 times).

23. Torn clothing (circled 4 times).


C4: What materials?

1. Military fatigue uniforms as well as dress uniforms, and ANY leather garments. TD

2. No special materials. BM

3. Leather and silk. BD

4. Lubricated baggie, cotton underwear. CD

4. Leather (circled 4 times).

5. No (circled 4 times).


C5: Do you have a j/o costume?

1. My costume is skin. VW

2. No. (written 5 times)

3. A bit of leather once in a while. I think I would like rubber for water sports, but have never had the opportunity. TN

4. No, but all the possibilities mentioned in the questionnaire are filled with potential for heavy fantasy, I.E., rubber, leather, cotton, and fur. TD

5. Any athletic outfit will serve as a good j/o costume for me, but I especially enjoy my hockey and gymnastic outfits. SE


C2: Do you j/o clothed or in the nude?

1. I usually jack off in the nude. I like to play with my tits, I like to look at my legs, stroke them occasionally, and I like the sense of freedom it gives me. However, when I was a kid, I used to like to jack off in my pants with hands in my pockets, and I still find the idea of this very exciting. DS

2. I'll jack off myself and others either with clothing or in the nude. What counts is the sensation. MP

3. Nude. More exciting and easier to get to. Partners also nude, but sometimes starting in jeans or briefs. NK

4. Nude. I begin by running my hand over my body and usually strip. I like to work over my body from underarms and rub across my chest down to my hard cock, then play with my balls and j/o. NR

5. I jerk off completely nude, feeling the sensual feeling of nudity; I'd like my partner at first to have his clothes on so that I may open his fly and take out his gorgeous cock to play with, then to get nude. VW

6. Nude; like to see entire naked body and don't like the touch of clothes during j/o. DO

7. Both nude. (written 3 times)

8. I always J/O naked. ST

9. I almost always am in the nude. I like to make it worthwhile if I am going to enjoy a real nice, sweet, and lovely J/O. I always like for others to be in the nude also. I do keep my clothing on to some extent if and when I am watching a porno movie in a booth or theater, and my cock torments me until I just can't resist any longer. WB

10. Sometimes with a T-shirt or jockey shorts on. The same if my partner is into clothing. AR

11. Any way or both. Often while nude in shower. Partners can be any way, but I love full nudity best. CC

12. Both, whatever is convenient at the time. It doesn't matter about the partner. BW

13. Yes, I like the partner nude. More freedom and more to see and touch. AC

14. Depends on conditions. VG

15. Usually with shorts pulled down over cock and balls and with cock and balls nestled over the top of shorts. Holds balls out so they bounce more. Partners should be nude. BM

16. I like best to be nude, but I do enjoy reaching into my pants and playing with myself, especially if I have some juice to spread around my cock head. I like my partners bare assed. TN

17. Almost always completely in the nude. I prefer to SEE the beauty of the male nude and I prefer my partners in the nude also, or near-nude. Sometimes one garment, such as an open shirt or T-shirt, is appealing, but generally speaking, I prefer the scene to be in the nude. TD

18. I j/o in the nude, I like to feel free. My partner should also be nude. KS

19. Completely nude, and I like partners the same way. RA

20. I jack off both clothed and in the nude as the mood strikes me. If clothed, I prefer to do it in levis and enjoy watching a levi-clad stud beat off in front of me. SE

21. In the nude, because I like to be able to stimulate my whole body, play with my nipples, etc. I like my partners to be nude too. BD

22. Nude (circled 11 times).


C3: Do uniforms turn you on? NO. (written 3)

1. Silk could turn me on with its smoothness. VW

2. Yes, all of them, and leather. Why? PS

3. All uniforms turn me on. I really don't know, but anybody in a uniform does turn me on. Leather really turns me on. BW

4. Yes, military, especially tight white sailor suits which show body and cock and balls. BM

5. No, in fact uniforms are more of a "turn off." TN

6. Sometimes uniforms are a turn on at the fantasy level. Uniformed cop or military guys can be very erotic at the preliminary level. TD

7. Sailors. RA

8. Yes: soldiers, sailors, police, nurses (male nurses and interns), airline pilots. BD

9. Sailor's uniform looks horny. RL


S1: What stimulants do you like?

1. I like to j/o after grass and poppers, occasionally beer or booze. I never try pills or hard drugs, and I do not plan to. DS

2. I like to jack off always. I don't drink---though I've gotten some teens drunk to make them let go! And I'm not into drugs. MP

3. Beer. (circled 9 times)

4. Booze. (circled 5 times)

5. Poppers. (circled 5 times)

6. Grass. (circled 4 times)

7. None. (written 3 times)

8. Sometimes I'll drink wine to get high, then smoke grass to get higher, then spread around porno to feel sexier, then bind the base of my cock to get harder, then get out a lubricant to feel sexier, then get into poppers, but then there's so much STUFF around I get the photos all sticky, the popper-case greasy, the joint wet, and the cock deflates and I'm left with a lot of stuff to put away that really didn't produce a super orgasm. JO

8. Hash. JD

9. Yes, after beer, booze, coke; No, to all others mentioned, as I do NOT "go in" for drugs of any kind. WB

10. Beer, booze, grass, hash, coke, speed, DMT, downers, uppers, heroin, mescaline ?, LSD, anything else, all yes. PS

11. Mild beer is good. Booze no stronger than wine. Hard liquor (1-2 drinks) dulls the sensation and makes it harder for me to cum unless I wait 1-2 hours and eat some hard food in the meantime. Poppers are great for me to suck other guys off because they make me "hungry" and "open" and relax my throat. But they keep me soft no matter what unless I get going into J/O BEFORE I use them. Grass never did anything for me. Never tried anything harder. AC

12. Water sports and beer go hand in hand. Booze is no help at all. I like to go at it sober whether I am alone or with somebody. TN

13. Grass and poppers I use regularly. Hash on very rare occasions. Years ago I experienced LSD several times and always found that a sexual experience while on acid was mind-blowing and unbelievably beautiful. It was something akin to being "born again" to jack off that way. TD

14. I never use the stuff. It detracts from the total effect. KS

15. Yes, after beer, booze, poppers, and grass. BD   RA

16. Hash (circled 3 times).


S2: What materials do you like?

1. I am very adventuresome when it comes to sex and jacking off, but honey or chocolate or yogurt or sour cream all sound very messy. Soup sounds as if it would be too hot, and if it were alphabet soup the image of hanging letters off my cock seems a bit perverse. I have played with piss a little, and that can be exciting. Shit turns me off entirely. Egg whites I have mentioned before. Sand or cement sound as if they might be a bit abrasive, but it can be invigorating having someone suck and off with a mouthful of beer. DS

2. Bathwater. RF

3. None. (written 3 times)

4. Yes to honey, beer, egg whites, piss, bathwater. No to all other mentioned. WB

5. Piss and shit; sometimes shit in my hand in the shower, coat my cock, and then jack off. CC

6. Beer, egg whites, bathwater, fruit, and anything else, yes. PS

7. I was a teenager and used to come in a jar of Vaseline. Never tried honey but it sound great. The only other thing I've cum with my cock in was the bath. It was great but took a long time. The water hot around cock and balls was a great sensation. AC

8. Depends, but mostly in hand. VG

9. I have never thought of most of these, but I have j/o while being pissed on and after I have pissed all over myself or someone else. I like to j/o with my own shit. This is a wild climax for me. I have j/o in the bathwater and have let streams of water jerk me off. I have tried the cantaloupe approach but with little success. I have used a vibrator, and up my ass with one, too. Also with others. The vacuum cleaner is of no use to me. I do like a dildo up my ass when I j/o and another in my mouth. TN

10. Actually no, but I'd be interested in trying honey, egg whites, warm melons, and possibly clay or mud. TD

11. Squash, after I've rammed it up my ass. I use rubbers sometimes: I like to piss in it after I've put it on. Holding it tight at the base, I j/o into the piss-filled rubber. Then I drink it!!! I occasionally like to stick a cube of ice up my ass. CD

12. I like to cum in a tub of warm soapy water. KS

13. Soup, beer, fruit, and in a jar to save for ice cream. RA

14. I have cum with my cock in piss, bathwater, and fruit. I've never tried honey or ice or the other things you mention. I don't usually have a waterfall handy. BD

15. Yes to all. MB