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A1: What words during j/o turn you on?

1. Cock, penis, jacking off, masturbating. DS

2. Stoke it, pound it, give it to me, oh, yeah, etc. MP

3. I'm going to grab that wang (or dong, or dick) and drill the hell out of it. That's a beautiful rod, I'll yank on it and never let go. MW

4. Words said by partners do spur me on. Words of encouragement. NK

5. Jack it off. RF

6. Cock, prick, suck. VW

7. Pornographic words. EM

8. None. (written 2 times)

9. I'm so close; I'm gonna come; I'm ready to shoot; I can't stand it much longer; I'm coming; look out, here it comes;---and then the sounds people make as they actually shoot. JO

10. Yes. JD

11. I don't care. ST

12. Words, both mine as well as someone else's, turn me on. When I reach a lovely "high" during a lovely J/O, I frequently will find myself saying "sweet things" to my good-feeling cock. I do love to hear others saying "sweet things" too when they are really ENJOYING that heavenly FEEEEELLLINGGG, that a REAL J/O always gives to a real J/O lover. Any sexy words, whether naughty or sweet, are a "turn-on" to me. Yes, I dearly love a phone J/O, especially if it is reciprocated by as good buddy that is "into" the J/O scene a hundred percent. WB

13. Words turn me on, love to hear dirty talk, but best is other. CC

14. Jack off; beat it; shoot it. PS

15. Someone else's words turn me on most during j/o. Fuck, cum, and Baby turn me on most. BW

16. Sometimes. Usually other guy's words. Yeah, that's good, beat that cock, stroke that meat, ram that dick, pull that shaft, squeeze those balls, beat it beat it, lick it, rub it, etc. AC

17. Yes, mine and partner's, too. Dirty, hot words. BM

18. Yes, I like to talk to myself when I j/o, or when I am with someone. I, when alone, imagine what I want done to me: "suck me, suck my tits, put a finger up my ass, suck my ass," etc. If I am with someone, I ask them to do these things, or to "piss on me," or "piss up my arse," etc. TN

19. WILDLY! I particularly like being with a partner who is vocal and articulate! The more expressive and detailed the better! I like talking while jacking off, and I like my partner to be as vocal as possible. I have one j/o partner who can almost TALK me into dropping a second load just because he is so verbal. Anything that fits into the category of "dirty talk" is effective. The standard four-letter words are all great! Anything alluding to our activity, such as: jack off, beat off, beat your meat, masturbate, prick, cock, penis, sperm, juice, load, semen, wad, cream, man-juice, love-juice, gism, drop a load, pop your nuts, pull it off, fuck it out, cream it, pump it out, lose it, shoot it out, bust your nuts, drop it, spurt your load (or juice), balls, nuts, rocks, unload, mushroom head, glans, head shaft, rod, etc. TD

20. My own: talking myself into pissing right into my own mouth. Someone else's: telling me they love to watch me j/o, suck myself, and drink my own piss. CD

21. Yes, mine or others, describing cock action. RA

22. Any words which are suggestive of sex are a turn-on to me during j/o. Whether they are mine or others doesn't make much difference, but words and phrases like fuck, shit, and beat that cock seem to produce added pleasure. SE

23. Someone else's work better than my own. "Jack if off!" "Beat that fucker!" "Beat the shit out of it!" BD

24. Yours (circled 4 times).

25. Someone else's (circled 6 times).


A2: Do you j/o on the phone?

1. It can be exciting, but it is usually more for convenience than anything else. I like to watch, and until there are telephones where you can see the other person, I'd rather do it in person. DS

2. Yes, often with straight friends. I've never really had any phone jack off partners, would like some. MP

3. I think I could come talking on the phone, if someone is interesting enough talking about cock. VW

4. Partner might cum, but may be falsifying. DO

5. Sometimes. (written 2 times)

6. No. (written 5 times)

7. Yes, a friend, both cum, but not often, because of toll charges. CC

8. Seldom. PS

9. I used to j/o on the phone, but not in a long time. BW

10. Yes, occasionally with friends: yes. BM

11. Yes, I enjoy j/o by telephone. I have several phone buddies and we excite ourselves by telling what we would do if we were together. We try to cum together. TN

12. Yes, occasionally. It can be great fun with someone who is articulate and verbal, although I really prefer to jack off in person in order to take advantage of the visual pleasure in addition to the verbalization. Yes, I usually cum when into a telephone scene, and I presume that my partners do also. TD

13. Yes, with different friends every few months; always come. One friend in Baltimore can suck himself too, so we sometimes do that "over the phone." CD

14. Yes, with j/o buddies I know, once or twice a week, and they come. RA

15. I have a j/o buddy that calls me about twice a month and we jack off together. We describe in detail what we are doing and what we would do if we were together and then we both cum together. SE

16. I have a couple of buddies who call me and talk to me while we beat off, every couple of weeks or so. They come too. BD

17. Yes, anyone (written 2 times).


A3: What sounds do you j/o with?

1. I like to jack off with music, usually an exciting rhythmic jazz, or something like Ravel's "Bolero." something where you can connect with the music on a sort of submissive level. "The Rite of Spring," for example, is a very erotic piece of music, but as a piece of music it demands too much attention, just as vocal music tends to bring me to a reality level. I prefer instrumental music. Music also gives more space to be verbal, so you don't have to worry about the neighbors hearing you. DS

3. I use very soft music on radio, but I have had several sessions with classical music on record. NK

4. Radio music of classical nature. DO

5. None. (written 3 times)

6. Sometimes I think Indian sitar music gets into phrasing that goes on forever and seems to become a wave of sound that carries my cock to new fields of coming. JO

7. Music does nothing for me, nor do other sounds. WB

8. Sounds not important. CC

9. Yes to all of them. PS

10. Soft music sometimes. AC

11. Yes, radio: heavy classical music such as Tristan and Isolde Love Duet. BM

12. Not very much, but water sounds are stimulating. TN

13. Usually, yes. I really dig music as background, mainly rock, but occasionally classical. TD

14. A cassette of a guy doing himself. CD

15. Music, sometimes, if I like the rhythm. RA

16. Sometimes with music. Drums would be good; I've never tried that. BD


A4 (Q6 responses): Why is talking about j/o attractive to some and repulsive to others?

1. Some people don't have the imagination to masturbate properly: a little spit and a few pulls and it's all over---boring! So they don't like to talk about it; they think everyone's j/o is as boring as theirs is. But a lot of people have boring sex with one another---there is such a lack of imagination, especially among the hetero machos. DP

2. I dig it. MB

3. Because they think j/o is still juvenile and refuse to acknowledge the joy and pleasure available. Those who do talk, revel in the sensuousness, the versatility (can take 30 seconds or an hour), and the luxury of FEELING your body. NC

4. Degrees of appreciation and knowledge. Some people also consider talking about football, for example, repulsive. Differences and experiences are "what makes world go around" or are "spice of life" or whatever cliché you like. The point is, when everything and everyone thinks and acts alike, the world will be a dull place. RJ

5. If you enjoy j/o, it is fun to talk about it, and most men do. VG

6. Talking about j/o is inspiring, stimulating, and attractive to SOME because THEY are the lucky ones that are so aware of the heavenly FEELINGS that a lovely, ALL-OUT j/o orgy gives us in such precious abundance. Talking about it is repulsive to some individuals, either because they are too timid and falsely modest and do not have the nerve to show their REAL feelings about this subject, or, of course, there are others that just simply are NOT aware of the sweetness and loveliness of the PLEASURE of a beautiful j/o. WB

7. The former accepts the sexual function as a good thing like the function of eating as a good thing; the latter, for any of a number of reasons, does not so accept it. There is something niggardly about the latter. I like the attitude of the Wife of Bath. What is freely given (by nature or God) should be freely shared, if not with others, at least with oneself. WH

8. Couldn't tell ya. KS

9. I believe that to some, jerking off is a horrible idea as it states in the Bible "not to spill seed on the ground." To others, it is a normal part of sex and nothing to be ashamed of. NK


A5 (Q25 responses): If a book were published of these responses, would you buy it? Publisher?

1. Yes. Unfortunately no. DP

2. No. MB

3. Yes. Sorry, no. NC

4. How Much? No, I don't. RJ

5. Yes. NO. VG

6. I really think that I would buy one. I am sorry that I do not know of a publisher that would be reliable and honest. WB

7. Would be willing to buy it. Do not know anyone willing to publish such a book. JD

8. Yes, I would buy it. BN

9. Yes, because there are so FEW books for us to read! I love sections from Stekel's Auto-Erotism, even though the book's a generation old. P. 22: Children start the practice of onanism during the first few days after birth! I myself have observed erections occurring within a few hours after birth. P. 23: The onanistic spell usually begins with lively motions of the pelvic region; the legs are moved up and down; or the muscles are held tense, the thighs firmly pressed together; the breathing is hurried; the eyes are glassy and have a faraway look; the cheeks redden; and the orgasm is gone through in the midst of all sort of twitchings, or with outcries and sighs, the breathing is labored or stertoric, and the child may turn blue in the face. P. 26: The child finds himself immersed in a libidinous spree which is fairly continuous. Pleasurable innervations are roused around the genitalia, the mouth, the anus, over the whole dermal surface, and these are not yet perceived as either forbidden or sinful. It is an orgy of sensorial gratification such as the adult cannot forget. P. 37: I know a man who practices onanism first by conjuring up in his fancy a scene of orgy and without the accompaniment of friction. Then he sets his muscles in strong tension and thus brings on the orgasm. P. 46: The well known statement of Karl Kraus held true: "Coitus is but a weak surrogate for onanism." P. 133: I know fencers who masturbate with the aid of their muscles. They induce great tension in all the muscles of their body and thus achieve orgasm. P. 273: Every masturbator is Autotheos (Self-God), recognizing no authority over his gratification-sense. P. 280: I believe that the masturbation habit is bound to grow with the growth of culture. The only other book I could find is Masters' Sexual Self-Stimulation from 1967, TEN years old. P. 14: Yet not even one serious book-length work, or volume of collected scientific writings, about masturbation has been published in this country for almost two decades. P. 15: Who can estimate the ultimate value of breaking a barrier of silence? P. 104: Stekel states: "Everyone masturbates. No exception to this is permissible, once we know that onanism may be unconscious." P. 114: Fenichel thinks that " ... genital masturbation can be observed in infants." P. 120: As he progressed in his masturbation, the penis of the boys increased in size, till finally the whole field of his vision was filled with one huge, erect, pulsating penis, and then the patient would have a prolonged orgasm. P. 145: Masturbation is a universal phenomenon met in all classes of society and in all types of culture. P. 160: So the act of intercourse is, in a sense, an act of masturbation for her. P. 184: Stekel: We can always confirm this observation: human beings fall sick because they have stopped masturbating, and physicians then assert that they are sick because they masturbated. P. 188: In my opinion the advocates of onanism have surely brought much less harm into the world than those who condemn the practice. P. 194: I know gymnasts who masturbate with the help of their muscles. They put the muscles of the body into a state of extreme tension and in this way bring about an orgasm. P. 204: Freud terminated his presentation at the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society in 1912 as follows: "For we are all agreed on one thing, that the subject of masturbation is quite inexhaustible." P. 216: The very act of moving as close to the edge of this point as possible and still stay in control is the core of masturbation. P. 245: In certain Oriental sects, masturbation is in fact one means of effecting mystical union with the deity. P. 281: Goats sometimes take the penis into the mouth and produce actual orgasm, thus practicing autofellatio. P. 282: Rosse observed two elephants procuring erection by entwining their proboscides, the act being completed by one elephant opening his mouth and allowing the other to tickle the roof of it. P. 309: In many areas, an Arab boy who did not masturbate would be considered "queer" by his friends. JO

10. Absolutely not! WH

11. I would be more than willing to buy a book like this as long as it was the truth and not some B.S. by a writer. And I know someone who could published it and distribute it. KS

12. Yes. No, don't know any publisher for such a book. BD

13. Yes. No. NK


K1: Do you fantasize or do you concentrate on your own cock.

1. Usually I become fascinated with my own cock. I love staring at it, playing with it, teasing, looking at its full redness. I find the same thing very fascinating in someone else---watching them watch and enjoy their cocks. DS

2. I fantasize, usually about young cute dudes with big cocks, long hair, round asses, and a willingness to share. MP

3. Both. MW (and written 3 times)

4. I fantasize on others. Sometimes on what I have just seen in a magazine or film, or read. Sometimes on previous sex sessions. NK

5. Own cock. (circled 5 times)

6. I concentrate on my own cock, but I do fantasize about holding a beautiful big black cock. VV

7. Fantasize about someone else. EM

8. Fantasize. JD

9. I fantasize and I also concentrate on my own good-feeling cock as much as I can, along with my fantasies. If looking at a pic of a lovely cock or reading about some sex-action, I will fantasize about what I am looking at or what I am reading, trying to put myself into the action, etc. I have a very vivid imagination and am able to make my fantasies very realistic to me and my throbbing cock. WB

9. Fantasize about other cocks, since my own equipment is not large. CC

10. Both; fantasize about being forced to J/O. PS

11. I am an exabishinist (sic), anything out in open air turns me on. I fantasize about the best-looking guy I can during j/o. BW

12. Usually concentrate on my own cock or other buddy's cock, or several buddies' nude bodies. AC

13. What really gets me going is thinking of eating a juicy, flowing, wet, lovely cunt; I fantasize about fucking and eating pussy. VG

14. Think of others' hot hard cocks, fucking and sucking. BM

15. I fantasize. I love to imagine a large, hairy, hunky man making me do things. I want to suck him off, lap his balls, suck his arse, and have him piss on me and in me. TN

16. I do both, really. Sometimes, depending on the situation and partner, I'll really fantasize on recent sexual experiences or occasionally on forthcoming partners. But usually I'm really into my own cock as well as my partners, concentrating on the action that is taking place at the time, being verbally expressive about the joy and excitement of what's happening at the moment. TD

17. Both. My fantasies are great. For instance, I might imagine that I'm tied to the floor and dozens of guys are standing over me drenching me with their steaming piss. Several are pissing in my mouth and I'm swallowing as fast as I can, filling myself with their intoxicating beverage. They oil up their bodies and start lying down on top of me and sliding around. I can feel their hairy bodies through the thick oil. They all start tonguing me all over. A few start coming, then with overwhelming shouts and groans the rest come all over me. I come without the aid of my hands (or mouth). CD

18. When I j/o I like to bring up memories of past sexual pleasures with other people. KS

19. Usually my own cock. RA

20. I usually fantasize while jerking off. This usually centers around a stud that I have seen but never had a j/o session with. I picture him, clad in levis and jock strap, straddling over me with a roaring hard-on, stoking his cock until he shoots his load on me. SE

21. I alternate between fantasies and concentrating on my own cock. I fantasize about watching guys jack off, about fucking and eating cunts, jacking off a stallion, about orgies of all kinds, about jacking off with young boys who are just learning how, about teaching them the ropes, etc. BD


K2: What turns you on?

1. Cock, nipples, mouth, lips, legs, hair. DS

2. Cock, balls, thatch hair, assholes, generally cute dudes. MP

3. Cock, balls, mouth. MW

4. Little soft boys' cocks, balls and assholes sometimes. At other times a beautiful hard cock and balls, or a lovely asshole just begging to be fucked. NK

5. Cock, balls, especially naked body and nipples. I also dig being able to run down someone's back and sides beginning with underarms. NR

6. Cock, balls, assholes, jockstraps. RF

7. Cocks, cock bump in a pair of pants. VW

8. Nipples and cocks. DO

9. Cock, balls, assholes. (circled 3 times)

10. The best way to J/O is to stand alone or with other people in front of mirrors and rub liniment or heat rub all over each other. The burning on your cockhead, balls, chest, and ass gets so fierce that you just have to shoot a big load over yourself to douse the fire. And if you don't know what it feels like to put a little bit of heatrub in your asshole just before cumming, you have not J/O-ed YET! ST

11. Cock especially, balls are great, ASSHOLES to be eaten out, and mouths. CC

12. All listed, and muscles. PS

13. All those things turn me on. I just think about my big cock in that ass or mouth and his big cock in my ass; I really get off on fucking. BW

14. Hard cock and balls turn me on. Especially uncut cocks and big balls or balls that hang loose. Nipples sometimes. Asses, buns, cheeks really turn me on, especially nice small tight shapely ass with big cock. The guy can be very short and slight, and if he has a tight small ass I really go for it. If not, I try to imagine all the cocks and small tight asses I've seen. AC

15. Seeing a hard cock can turn me on. Sex, male or female, turns me on. VG

16. All male sex, cock, balls, tits, assholes, mouths, ears, necks, eyes, ass cheeks, hair on belly, navels, toes, calves, thighs, you name it. BM

17. The whole body and all its parts turn me on. I love cocks, tits, assholes, mouths, hair, etc. TN

18. My heaviest turn ons are cock and sperm, followed by other parts of the male anatomy such as balls, tits, chest hair; sensitive and well-formed hands are extremely exciting. Hair on arms and legs, facial features, i.e., nice mouth, clear eyes, ANY type of facial hair. Cleanliness of body is of prime importance. TD

19. All on the list and strong, hairy, well-shaped buns and legs; also armpits and ears. CD

20. Cocks. KS

21. I'm turned on most by a beautiful stiff cock displayed in front of me while I jack off and finger fuck myself at the same time. SE

22. Cock and balls, above all. BD

23. Cock (circled 11 times).

24. Balls (circled 11 times).

25. Nipples (circled 7 times).

26. Assholes (circled 6 times).

27. Mouths (circled 3 times).


K3: Do you j/o for money?

1. I have gotten paid for sex, but I don't remember that it was specifically for jacking off. I wasn't soliciting---the other person just wanted sex with me so badly that he wanted to pay and I took him up on it. DS

2. If I could get paid for jerking off, tell me where? VW

3. No. (written 8 times)

4. NO, absolutely NOT. WB

5. No, are there such paying audiences? Please write me location. CC

6. I would consider j/o for money, I love to be watched. BW

7. No, nobody ever asked me to. BD


K4: Do you use mirrors?

1. Yes. (written 7 times)

2. No. (written 2 times)

3. Yes, I often use a wall mirror at the foot of my bed. I love to watch my cock as it gives me those lovely feelings. I will sometimes stand in front of a long mirror, and admire my cock as I sweetly stroke itttt. It is stimulating to my cock to be watched, by myself or by others, if they are also J/O loves. I also dearly love a ceiling mirror when participating at an all-out sex party. On these occasions MORE than one orgasm is always necessary before my cock will calm down. WB

5. Yes, at times, to look at my own asshole. CC

5. Standing before mirrors. PS

6. I do stand in front of a mirror for j/o. BW

7. Yes, sometimes. Watch myself and a buddy J/O in mirror. It's different. Big full-length one. AC

8. Yes, to watch myself. VG

9. Yes, so I can see my balls bounce. BM

10. I love to use mirrors. I have them arranged so I can see myself in as many images as possible, or I allow whoever I am with to see what he is doing. TN

11. Yes, in any way possible. To jack off with a partner (as well as solo) while in front of mirrors can be enormously exciting. There can't be too many! TD

12. Yes, to watch the dildo disappearing up my asshole, or just to look at my ass, balls, and cock while I j/o. To watch my cock sliding into my own mouth. CD

13. Yes, standing over and beside, and a mirror by the bed for laying down and j/o. RA

14. I have mirrors at the foot of my bed and sometimes just sit and watch myself j/o. Occasionally I stand directly in front of the mirror and shoot my load into the glass. SE

15. Sometimes I like to jack off in front of a mirror and to shoot my cum onto the mirror. BD


K5: What hardware do you use?

1. I have used cockrings, but it is not of great importance to me. Sometimes, however, they can help prolong the erection and consequently the orgasm. DS

2. Cockrings, rubber bands. MW

3. I have a vibrator. NK

4. Kotex pads. RF

5. Sometimes J/O Companion, sometimes Accu-Jac, sometimes small vibrator, no cockrings. DO

6. Leather straps. EM

7. None. (written 7 times)

8. Accu-Jack. JD

9. Rubber bands at times, but they get caught in the cock hairs; dildo up my ass. CC

10. Leather straps, fruit. PS

11. Cockring. BW

12. I always use a cockring or cockbelt, sometimes a leather cockstrap; anything else gets in the way. I took some tablets once that were supposed to excite the cock to get bigger. Nothing happened. AC

13. Plastic cock (with vibrator and batteries) up my ass and watch it go in and out with mirror. BM

14. Not very much, although I love a dildo up my ass and in my mouth. I love to hose piss into my ass and into my mouth, and occasionally I put clothespins on my tits. I have several friends who like me to whip them with my hands or a belt, but I am not too fond of this approach. I have used cockrings but they "do nothing" for me. TN

15. Cockrings, both leather and metal and small link-chain, rubbers (condoms), leather cock sheath, and occasionally a leather body harness for exotic and bizarre effect. TD

16. Leather straps to wrap around my cock and balls, candles (lit) to drip hot wax on my nipples, balls, and cock; cucumbers, squash, bananas to stick up my ass and then eat. I made a dildo out of paraffin once. A snake-bite kit, on my nipples and asshole while I j/o or suck myself. CD

17. A vibrating dildo. KS

18. Cockring. RA

19. I occasionally use a leather, studded cockring, or a rubber. SE

20. Cockrings and leather straps usually; cocksheath once in a while. BD

21. Cockrings (circled 4 times).

22. Rubber bands (circled 4 times).

23. Leather straps (circled 5 times).

24. Matches (circled 2 times).

25. Steel cockrings (written 2 times).


K5: Do you ever eat or drink anything to make your cum taste different? Cock bigger?

1. This is not possible as far as I know. VG

2. No, like the way it tastes normal. BM

3. No; No, but I wish I could. TN

4. No. (written 6 times)

5. Honey, ice cream to make my cum sweeter. What can you eat to make your cock bigger? CD

6. No, just proper food for health. RA

7. Booze can make cum taste different. What else does? What can one eat that makes it bigger? BD

8. No, but I'd like suggestions. (written 2 times)


K6: Do you j/o by inserting things into your cock-slit?

1. Yes, pubic hair; it feel terrific. MW

2. No. (written 4 times)

3. Don't think that much changes the taste of cum. Would love to drink anything that would make my cock bigger, but do not think it possible. CC

4. Once I used a rectal tip syringe in my cock slit. It hurt at first as I slipped it in and out, but I vaselined it and it really turned me on. I shot after the tenth stroke. AC

5. I sometimes blow into my cock slit with a straw, but this doesn't do much for me. TN

6. I had one experience where a guy inserted a one-eighth inch catheter into my cock slit, and it was an incredible experience. I felt areas physically that I had never "felt" before! The urethral passage is a continuation of the main erogenous zone, and although it is extremely delicate and sensitive, it wasn't at all a painful experience. The catheter was inserted about 10 to 12 inches before being withdrawn, and the load that I shot after that was unusually large and heavy, and it was very, very beautiful! It hit my chin, a wild turn on, but not for everyday use. Maybe only once. TD

7. I tried a little ballpoint pen a few times but it burns and irritates so much I don't think I could get used to it. CD

8. I have inserted things into my cock slit but not for total j/o. RA

9. I've stuck swabs and glass rods and medicine droppers into my cockslit, but they tend to hurt. I do regularly stimulate my cockslit with the tip of my finger though. Feels great. BD

K7: Do you use vibrators?

1. When I was a teenager I used to jack off with a vibrator. It doesn't seem to excite me as much now as it used to. I don't know why. DS

2. I have a vibrator which stimulates me. When I insert it in my ass I usually cum fast. NK

3. I have used a vacuum cleaner hose, putting my cock inside, and it does feel real good. VW

4. Vibrators and dildoes. EM

5. Vibrators. (circled 4 times)

6. No. (written 5 times)

7. Accu-Jack. JD

8. I have used vibrators, J/O gadgets like soft-rubber artificial vaginas, warm-water filled J/O gadgets, etc. I have found that these gadgets provide a variation, but that is about all. None that I have used or tried are any better than my own sensitive J/O loving hands. I believe that after one has used one's hands over a period of years to J/O, that maybe sexual nerves are cultivated in one's hands to go with the FEEL of a cock in the hands, because I also dearly LOVE the FEEL of those other nice cocks in my hands. WB

9. Have used a vibrator. CC

10. I use vibrators up my ass during j/o. BW

11. Tried a vibrator in Jac-Pack II but it doesn't work at all for me. Jac-Pak I with Jac Ream works so good that I can't hold it back more than 1/2 hour. AC

12. Have used vibrators up my ass. VG

13. I have enjoyed vibrators. I have a "fucking machine" and enjoy it. TN

14. Occasionally, but not really frequently. A good vibrator is the WAHL, which is a hand-held model with a suction cup that is placed over the glans (the cup really should be larger), and the sensations can be marvelous. I have tried the variable speed ACCU-JAC and thought that it was utterly incredible as a j/o machine. Only the high price keeps me from purchasing one! It is especially exciting when a "buddy T" is used, which enables two guys to use the machine simultaneously, each guy being relentlessly massaged and the sperm being extracted from both guys at the same time! It is stunningly beautiful to SEE, and breathtaking at the time of orgasm when each guy unloads into the clear plastic sleeve that has been milking him! Incredible! TD

15. Vibrator dildo; high-intensity lamp to heat up my balls; jac-pac. CD

16. Yes, a dildo. KS

17. No, prefer my hand. RA

18. The only j/o device which I have used is Jac-Pac from Jac-Masters. SE

19. Once in a while I use a vibrator---not often, though, because they make me cum too fast. I'd love to try the accujac sometimes. BD


K8: Do you j/o animals, or have animals j/o you?

1. Occasionally, dogs. JN

2. No. (written 8 times)

3. I used to have a dog who enjoyed licking up the cum afterwards. DO

4. Have jacked off male dogs, and have tried to have a female dog lick off my cock, but she was not interested. CC

5. Have tried dogs, but could not make them cum. Got balls into head of cock, but that's all. VG

6. Have J/Oed dogs. Had a dog who would lick my cock and get hard doing it. I'd rub his cock while he licked mine. Then we would both spritz our loads. If I shot before he did, he would lick my cream off and swallow it. BM

7. I have never j/o animals, but I would love to have a dog who I could j/o and who would like my cock and might even j/o on my body. TN

8. I can remember, as a kid, jacking off several dogs on different occasions. I would really like to be in a scene where HORSES were involved, as it must be incredible to jack off a horse. I know guys who have experienced it, and it's always appealed to me. TD


10. I jerk off my Dalmatian about three times a year. SE

11. I've jacked off dogs and cats and gotten a dog to lick my cock, balls, and asshole by rubbing bacon grease all over the area. Don't have access to a dog any more, but the idea still turns me on. Sometimes fantasize about sex-dogs. I'd like to be screwed up the ass by a Great Dane. I also fantasize about jacking off a stallion and feeling his cum blast all over my body. BD


K9: Do you use flavorings in j/o?

1. No. (written 9 times)

2. No, never. WB

3. Tried flavored cock grease once. Not as good a feeling as Jac-Ream or coconut butter, but OK. Sucking feels best, but that's not J/O. AC

4. No, cum tastes good. VG

5. Honey, mouthwash, chocolate. CD


K10: What smells turn you on?

1. Dried cum on my cock. Smells that turn me off are people with sweet colognes on their bodies. DS

2. The smell of a clean youth. MP

3. Brut cologne, Musk lotion, and a nice clean body that has been showered thoroughly. MW

4. Jock shorts, underwear, kotex. RF

5. The smell of a good cunt when I'm sucking is good and aromatic. VW

6. Smell of cum. CO

7. Any sexy smell or odor. (NO scat.) WR

8. Smell of rest room with good pissy odor, not pine disinfectant, smell of a nice sweaty asshole, not too clean; smell of cum. CC

9. Sweat, cock smell, smegma from uncuts. Not tobacco. AC

10. Pussy. VG

11. Sweaty ass crack and sweaty ball aroma, under arms and ass juice after fucking. BM

12. I love the smell of a cock, and a clean asshole is nice too. TN

13. Usually the ABSENCE of smell is the greater turn on for me. There is a distinct smell that boy-cock has, and I remember it well and with good thoughts. The smell of Ponds Cold Cream applied to a cock would be a turn on, as that was the very first lubricant that I used as an adolescent. TD

14. Piss, fresh sweat, my cock under the foreskin, clean assholes, Eau Sauvage, and Zizanie. CD

15. Sweat is a turn-on for me, especially if the stud is in a jockstrap. SE

16. Cum-stiff jocks, dirty underwear, raunchy sweaty nuts and fishy cockcheese, cunt! BD


K11: What feels turn you on?

1. Feeling any part of a male's body turns me on. MP

2. I love to have my rod stroked, have the corona rubbed slowly, have the hand slowly caress my nuts ever so gently, then slowly rise to grip my rod, and with a fast, pumping motion jerk the hell out of my dick. I must be a bit masochistic---but only in that respect. I do not like somebody else to jerk me slowly---it must be with a tight grip, and strong, deliberate strokes. With that, I'll gush like a geyser in all directions. MW

3. By playing with my nipples a partner can turn me on. NK

4. Feeling my body and viewing naked males. I love nude pictures, especially ones showing a male starting clothed and a series until he is completely naked. NR

5. Balls, ass. RF

6. The feel of a good big prick in my hand, nice and smooth and ready for cum. VW

7. VERY gently fondling my nipples. DO

8. Feel my cock, balls and ass in bed. CO

9. The "FEEL" of my own body, and/or the FEEL of another nice body, all over the nice body of myself or of others. Gently rubbing and massaging the nipples, the butt-cheeks, and of course the cock and balls, also include all other parts of body. WB

10. Having cock felt up, having a nice hand on my buns. CC

11. I've tried dildos up the ass, and they are good for variation, except you can "lose control" easy if you're hot enough. AC

12. Feeling cock or pussy. VG

13. A finger along my inner thigh. BM

14. I love hands and tongues on my body almost anywhere. TN

15. The feel of another guy's hands on my cock is about the greatest turn on I could experience. Especially if the other guy is sensitive and knowledgeable about the art of masturbation. If my partner enjoys feeling my cock, massaging and milking it, then I am enormously turned on! There are certain guys who really have incredible techniques, as it is truly an art form! A commercial and knowledgeable masseur can perform miracles, starting with a general body massage and ending up in a session of forceful and heavy masturbation. The resulting orgasm can be SPECTACULAR! This is one form of sex that I have no objection to "paying" for. The fantasy trip of a commercial or "casual" situation resulting in a j/o session is a big turn on for me! TD

16. Silk sheets, hot piss and cum splattering on my body, my tongue on my balls. CD

17. Any kind of stimulation to my cock, but especially love to have someone suck my nuts and rim my asshole. BD


K12: What positions turn you on?

1. I'm turned on in all positions. Lately, I've found standing to the left of a boy when he has his cock sticking out of his fly while standing, and stroking him to watch him shoot, and then kiss him, is a real turn-on. MP

2. I like to straddle another person, either sitting or while he is lying on his back. If the person is sitting, I like to stand with my back to him, back up, and sit down straddling his legs, and let his hands come around to the front of my body, and sneak around to my rod, work on it, low gear to high gear. MW

3. None in particular. NR

4. I'd like a man standing in front of me, me sitting down, then I'd open his fly and play with his cock gently, then furiously, then get nude and jerk it off or suck it off. VW

5. Any sexy J/O position. WB

6. Lying down with a cock and balls hanging down in my face, asshole in my face. CC

7. Any positions. AC

8. Anything comfortable. VG

9. Lying on back with legs overhead and balls falling alongside cock. BM

10. I love side by side, or I love to have a guy sit on my chest. I love wildly to look up at a guy standing over me getting ready to piss on me. I like a 69 position, too. TN

11. Nearly all positions are exciting in one way or another! I seem to usually be lying down or in a semi-prone position at the moment of truth, but standing up can be beautiful, or kneeling with a friend also is great (facing one another). Whatever seems comfortable at the moment, and it must allow enough relaxation so that when the time of orgasm arrives, one can relax and flow with the tide. TD

12. In a shoulder stand against a corner so that I can shoot my cum or piss right into my mouth or all over my face. CD


K13 (Q13 responses): Do you use anal masturbation devices or vibrators?

1. Sometimes in the early part of a session I will use an anal device. I have come without touching my cock by using an anal device, not my favorite method of shooting. DP

2. No. MB

3. Anal devices yes! Greatly enhance my j/o. Work the dildo up slowly then sit on it to force the last part in. Pull it out, rub it on my face and body, and then second time JAM it in fast and hard. Not so much given to working it back and forth, as to just having the hardness in there for my ass to grab. Also really get off on giving myself an enema: my legs propped up against the wall and my cock pointing down at my face, until I come (ass overfull to the hurting point) in my face, then wait until I can piss on face and chest. Sometimes the pissing gets me hard again and I come again in that position (obviously in tub or on bathroom floor). NC

4. Occasionally, not regularly. RJ

5. Yes, but lose my erection. VG

6. Yes. WB   BN   NK

7. Have in the past, don't now. WH

8. I dig using dildos and other peoples' dicks as a turn-on in the ass. KS

9. Don't have a vibrator; sometimes stick a finger, a carrot, or a cucumber up my ass. BD

10. Yes, I have a dildo called "Man o' War" that's about 10" long and 8" in diameter. I used to cram 2 or 3 alabaster eggs up my ass and leave them there all day. CD


W1: Where do you usually j/o?

1. Usually in my apartment or my lover's; sometimes in subway restrooms, also outdoor. DS

2. In bed, in the car, etc. MP

3. At home, at the baths. MW

4. Usually at home in bed when I am alone, or when I am cruising the restrooms in stores or subways, etc. NK

5. All places. JN

6. At home; I have stripped while driving and j/o in my car. It's fun! NR

7. In bed. RF

8. On my sofa. VW

9. In bathroom. EM

10. On the bed, in the woods, on the beach at night. JD

11. Usually of an evening, after my day's work is finished, and I can relax and ENJOY it to the fullest. But sometimes I will wake up during the night and will have to bring my cock to an orgasm before I can relax and go back to sleep. This will happen only if and when I have been too busy to "take care" of my cock for too long a time. It is then that my cock will wake me up by tormenting for a J/O playtime. Also, sometimes after participating with others at a good sex party, my cock will torment me even after returning to my room, for a "good night" J/O before I am able to relax and get to sleep. At these times very little gissm is gushed, but definitely a climax is reached. WB

12. Usually in shower in mornings. CC

13. Any place I can, any time. PS

14. Anywhere and anytime available. BW

15. In bed, in baths, at office desk at home (when I'm supposed to be working), at the gay movies (in the lounge or basement), in the john, you name it. In car alone while driving, also while driving with a buddy. AC

16. Anywhere convenient. VG

17. Living room. BM

18. In bed in my own house, usually when going to bed or when I am awakening in the morning, but my best j/o are when I get horny and work at sex all day, holding back until a super orgasm comes about later in day. TN

19. Most often reclining on a couch with legs stretched out or resting on a coffee table. And often I'll just be lying on top of my bed if I am alone, or occasionally just sitting on the toilet. Also like to drop a load into the wash basin while standing in front of an extremely large bathroom mirror. TD

20. Usually in bed, but often in a chair, or on the floor, or in the tub: there I like to oil or lather up and slide around, pissing and coming all over myself. CD

21. Mostly in my own home, and when I travel I do it in my hotel room. KS

22. My home and others, movie houses, restrooms---whenever possible. RA

23. At home in my study. SE

24. In bed or seated on the john. BD

25. In bed, in bathroom, in living room, in front of fireplace, in car. RJ

26. Everywhere, as often as possible. MB

27. Home (written 4 times).

28. Baths (written 2 times).

29. Car (written 2 times).

30. Bed (written 6 times).

31. Sofa (written 2 times).

32. Bathroom (written 3 times).


W2: Where's the strangest place you ever did j/o?

1. In an alley on a really cold night. I came across two boys going at it, and I joined in. That's all we did was j/o, never touching each other. MP

2. In an elevator. MW

3. At work secretly in the bathroom. NK

4. Completely naked in an office where I worked. NR

5. In a toilet bowl with shit and piss. RF

6. In the Army in a slit trench with shells coming all around. VW

7. I love to jerk off in beautiful natural surroundings: like on top of Mt. Poipu on Kauai, on the top of Mt. Scenery on Saba, in the Olympic Rain Forest, in the woods on Bermuda, and other places close to lush tropical greenery where it's moist and quiet. JO

8. I suppose that that would be while riding a horse, or maybe underwater while swimming. WB

9. On the altar of a church. CC

10. In the restroom at my job. BW

11. In a public restroom at the basin in Potomac Park. Another guy liked the idea of "risk" because it was federally patrolled. I wouldn't do it now, but it was a real "turn-on." He stood tall enough to see the people out of the window and could be sure no one would come in without our knowing it. Then we both J/Oed each other until we were ready to cum and came in each other's mouths. Another place was the DC YMCA. I way in the restroom and saw an army guy on the commode across from the basin. The john was empty except for the two of us. I asked him if he liked sex, and he said "What kind of sex?" and I answered "Oh, to beat off and be sucked off." He said that he always liked that, and if we would watch each other J/O in the john, then we could go to his room for the sucking. So we J/Oed in the john for about 10 minutes. He had a great body and a monster of a cock, cut, but skin loose enough to slide good, and a great big head. What a solid hard 9" tool! When he was so hot he was groaning and really pumping his hips, we went to his room. Great! Just luck no one came into the john. AC

12. Porno movies and peep shows with glory holes. VG

13. At my office desk, with cock out underneath, and j/o'ed while pretending to work. BM

14. In a large bathtub in London; or once on the beach one night; or out in the yard, fucking and sucking until sunrise once. I fucked a truck driver standing up in a rest area once. TN

15. Probably the most unusual was while flying across the Atlantic one time. It was a night flight out of New York, and passengers were dozing and sleeping, and I was turned on by a seat-mate. I just felt the need to drop a load, and did so in the john with my sperm being shot into the toilet. Somehow it was very beautiful to see the sperm lying in gobs on the sides of the toilet, and I didn't flush it. TD

16. Out of a 20th-story dorm window in Pittsburgh onto the street below, trying to hit a car or pedestrian. CD

17. In the cockpit of my A4-E Skyhawk fighter while on a check flight. KS

18. A cornfield in Wisconsin. I was involved in a week-long meditation and simply had to j/o, so while out strolling the grounds of the retreat center I wandered out into the cornfield and proceeded to jack off. SE

19. On an airplane. BD

20. Probably on ski slopes in Colorado. I've j/o'd once at Keystone, in woods bordering "Spring Dipper"---also at Copper Mountain, in middle of some runs, edge of others, and, most recently (last May) at A-Basin. But I have also done it in swimming pools and adjoining dressing-shower rooms, under highway bridges, while on bicycle on long rides (more than 20 miles). There's a place accessible to public, because it's on highway and roads, where three counties join: Ida, SAC, and Crawford. So at night I have j/o'd with one foot in each of the first two, and shot into the other. But, perhaps the most unusual was once when the English Lutheran Church was in final construction stages, I j/o'd in the sanctuary area, behind the altar (an offering?). RJ


W3: Where would you like to cum but haven't yet?

1. In every cute dude's ass and mouth! Really! MP

2. Swimming pool. MW

3. It doesn't matter where, it matters who. NK

4. Outdoors, like in a park. DO

5. A friend described his fantasy of jerking off WHILE fist-fucking someone. I'd like to try. J

6. No particular place. WB

7. In your mouth. CC

8. On a freeway. PS

9. Everywhere. BW

10. On the dunes at Cape Cod/Provincetown, and on the Monterey Peninsula, or the beaches in California. AC

11. Before a movie camera. BM

12. Most of all in my own mouth; but there are lots of places I would like to go to: the baths, or belong to a regular "get together" group. TN

13. Really, no place that I can think of specifically. ANYPLACE one happens to shoot in becomes special and wonderful. TD

14. In my own ass. I've tried this a few times. I can get my cock-head in my ass but haven't been able to shoot up my ass as my cock gets too hard when I come and slips out. CD

15. Aboard a jet liner at about 37,000 feet. SE

16. In an airplane, also on top of Mount Elbert or Mount Royal, and perhaps while riding a ski lift. RJ


W4: Where is the most exciting?

1. Restrooms. MW

2. At a friend's house in his bed. He and I were both naked. He had let me take all his clothes off. He was an ex-Marine and really built. It was great. He laid there and let me work down his body with my tongue, until I jacked him off. NR

3. A john. EM

4. In baths with lots of appreciative people around. JO

5. The best "ones" I have had are in my large, upholstered chair with legs spread out, cock solidly erect and properly inspired. Sometimes watching my throbbing cock in a wall mirror, cock nicely greased with my J/O cream, and a nice mouthful of my spit once in a while, too. WB

6. In a gang bang or a circle jerk. CC

7. Machine shop. PS

8. In a porno movie. BW

9. Anywhere. AC

10. Wherever I am the hottest. VG

11. While three or four studs watch and J/O too. BM

12. The visions of mass sex are wild in my mind. TN

13. I really like to jack off out in the open and close to nature, especially at the beach. I frequent a nude beach and quite often if is possible to meet a partner while there and get into a heavy sexual scene that results in both guys jacking off together. It's really a beautiful way to go! I also dig getting into heavy j/o scenes while at porno movie houses! That to me is one of the most exciting of all things to happen. I can NEVER get enough of that scene, and the possibilities while in those surroundings are endlessly exciting. TD

14. While driving car. CD

15. In the middle of a high school locker room while everyone is taking a shower with hardons and beating their meat. KS

16. Outdoors in wooded areas. SE

17. Public places are probably more exciting than private places. RJ


W5: When do you find j/o most exciting?

1. I often wake up horny, and like to jack off in the morning. however, in another sense I like to jack off at night---it seems it is less connected with reality, or it creates its own reality and sense of time, jacking off at night. DS

2. When I sleep with someone, it can be very exciting waking up to some good j/o. NK

3. Nighttime. NR

4. Afternoons. RF

5. After baths. EM

6. Midnight and after baths. JD

7. Anytime that my cock is "in the mood" and I, too, am in the right mood and enough time has elapsed so that I don't think that I will be "over-indulging." Most of my real GOOD "ones" are of an evening, when I don't have other things to disrupt me. WB

8. Anytime. CC

9. All of them, as well as drinking. PS

10. Winter, and after baths. BW

11. Anywhere and anytime at all, but usually under bizarre conditions. The best was railroad station restroom at the Jersey shore. Only one or two stalls, and I go in to "check it out" commuting from New York. Sure enough it's deserted except for two young guys about 18 or so. Well-built, hard asses, and big cocks. Scared as hell but horny! I j/o the most eager of them. He groans. I go down on him hard with the other guy's cock in my hand and him pumping to J/O in my hand. The cock in my mouth comes first, then the one in my hand. I can't help it and cum in my pants without even jerking on my cock! Unbelievable but true! AC

12. Before bath. VG

13. Before bed or in toilet stall at work. BM

14. Anytime, but if I can build up a sex project it is better, save a lot of piss and shit and lay down in the bathtub, or set up mirrors, or j/o a bit all day long, but keep from cumming until after a lot of activities. TN

15. For me it usually happens in the evening, the last event of the day! To drop a load then is really great and paves the way for a sound and restful sleep. But I also dig it a lot the very first thing in the morning! What a beautiful way to start the day! Dropping a load that's been accumulating all during the night! Really, ANY time is good: night, day, mid-day, whenever the vibes are right and a good partner is available! TD

16. While driving car. CD

17. Midnight. KS

18. All four. RA

19. In the morning before getting out of bed. SE

10. It's always exciting: circumstances/partners/places make for excitement more than time. RJ


W6: Do you shoot into other people's foreskins?

1. If they have a foreskin and are turned on by someone shooting into it, I'll do it. MP

2. Yes. (written 5 times)

3. No. (written 3 times)

4. Yes, any good clean J/O fun-things are nice. WB

5. Haven't had the chance but would love to. CC

6. Never did but can't wait to do it! I'm lining up a couple of uncut guys for that as soon as I can. AC

7. Never did; sounds great. BM

8. I love foreskins and their manipulation, and I love to shoot into foreskins and have mine cummed up. TN

9. That has long been a fantasy of mine! When I was in high school, I used to know an uncut kid whose foreskin was already so roomy and voluptuous that we could place our cocks together (mouth to mouth), and he could pull his foreskin forward, completely encompassing my glans as well!! It was beautiful to come that way, and we did it countless times! I can still remember the glorious feeling of our two loads of sperm completely mingled together and contained within his hood! However, since reaching manhood, my glans became quite large, and I have never again encountered an uncut guy with a large enough foreskin to be able to do it again---unfortunately. But it is something I never forgot, and never stopped wanting to find someone able to do it with me. TD

10. No, but I'm going to have my lover who is circumcised come into my foreskin. CD

11. Yes! Whenever I get a chance. BD


W7: Where outdoors do you j/o?

1. Woods. MW   EM

2. In the woods completely nude. NR

3. In nature, see W2. JO

4. Woods, beach. JD

5. If I J/O out of doors, it must be in a total private place where eavesdroppers, window-peepers, etc., cannot be "entertained." WB

6. Not too much chance outdoors, where I live are too many people. CC

7. Behind buildings, in alleys, in parks, in the country. PS

8. I have j/o'ed in the park. BW

9. Anywhere but on camp trails, usually in tree thickets, by streams, or in the tent. AC

10. In woods. BM

11. Not often outdoors, but sometimes early on the beach, or out on my deck at night. TN

12. I guess I covered this: at the beach, or anywhere that is remote or wild. TD

13. Woods, car, beach. CD

14. In the trees of my back yard. KS

15. I've done it on my front porch after dark, in the swimming pool, but most often outdoors on my secluded patio. SE

16. In the woods, in caves, in my car. BD

17. Roadsides, forests, ski areas, under bridges, apartment balconies, pools. RJ

18. All sorts of places. JN


W8 (Q3 responses): If everyone j/o'd at the same time, would the whole world feel better?

1. Yes!!! Labor Day weekend. DP

2. No; no way. MB

3. A fantastic idea! If even 5% of world would, it could be wonderful. Times you set should recur periodically, like third Tuesday each month at 1 pm (Eastern time), or every Sunday between 8 and 9 am (Eastern time). RJ

4. Only interested in my pleasure at this time. VG

5. Yes, I would surely think so. WB

6. I can't imagine why it would. WH

7. September 4, 1979. KS

8. Hell, yes! How about right now? BD

9. I do not think so. NK